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A Few Basic Facts on Fax Machines

More People Are Starting to Own Fax Machines Until recently, it wasn’t that common for people to own their own fax machines.

However, new products like combination printers, scanners, and faxing machines are becoming more affordable.

These devices allow more households to own their own fax machines and that enables them to easily send business and personal faxes around the world.

There Are Two Types of Fax Machines There are two different types of fax machines: thermal, and plain paper.

Thermal fax machines use a roll of heat sensitive paper that doesn’t require ink. The data is printed with a heating mechanism.

Plain paper faxes are more commonly used and they use ink and toner. They also print faster and more legibly than thermal fax machines. However, they’re also more expensive and are also larger.

Automatic Phone Switches It used to be that you had to carefully coordinate your calls and faxes so they didn’t interfere with each other. However, there is now a fix for that.

Automatic fax/telephone switches are able to tell if an incoming call is a telephone call or a fax. However, if you’re on the phone, you still won’t be able to receive a fax. To solve this problem, you can simply use multiple phone lines. One for fax, and one for calls.

This method is especially recommended for businesses.

The First Fax Machines were Invented Before the Telephone The first fax machine was actually invented in 1842 by Alexander Bain, decades before the invention of the telephone.

The first faxes by AT&T took seven minutes to fax a single page.

To give some perspective, the first fax machine was invented in the year of the first Oregon Trail wagon train.

Sending a Fax Over the Internet Fax has continued to develop and the latest innovation is fax over the internet. Faxing over the internet works through email, and can be done through any device with wireless capabilities through SR Fax.

Internet faxing is fast, easy, and affordable. Plans from SR Fax start as low as $3.29 a month.

New Upgrades in Faxing You may remember the old, clunky faxes from the past, but recent models are sleek and space efficient.

Both businesses and individuals have started to buy machines that combine multiple office tools, including fax machines, to save space.

Also, internet faxing is becoming more popular because of the flexibility it offers to anyone who uses faxing on a regular basis.

Faxing is Still Useful Unlike pagers and other outdated tech, the fax has been around for decades and continues to be very useful.

Even e-mail wasn’t able to eradicate faxing. Instead, fax machines adapted and were integrated with newer technologies.

A prime example of this is fax-toemail services, which makes faxing easier than ever.

How Do You Fax?

The question is, “how do you fax?� Have you invested in a fax machine for your home or business, and have you considered the benefits and savings of internet faxing?

About Us SRFax 5338 Goring Street Burnaby, B.C. V5B 3A3 Canada Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Telephone Number: 1-604-713-8000

Toll Free Number: 1-866-697-7329 Fax Number: 1-604-713-6699 Toll Free Fax Number: 1-866-492-0362

SR Fax is a fax-to-email company located in British Columbia, Canada. They offer a wide selection of internet faxing plans for both your home and office.

A Few Basic Facts on Fax Machines | How much do you know about fax machines, and how has faxing changed over the years? Find out how the fax started an...

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