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singlehood june 2010

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on how she overcame anxiety and shyness to emerge as a leader in her workplace

Quiet time getting boring?

Spice it up! the debate continues...

abstinence v. purity

PLUS: Career Girl says good-bye to college and hello to the career world

in this issue june 2010

on the cover 8 Emily Wood: on how she overcame anxiety to emerge as a leader in her workplace 15 The debate continues: abstinence v. purity 14 Quiet time getting boring? Spice it up! 7 Your complete guide to budgeting

and check out... 4 Editor’s Letter Stephany Reihing, Editor-In-Chief chats about what she cannot live without.

6 College Girl Amber Yake ends her year-long column with a bittersweet ending to college but a hopeful outlook on her future

singlehood “I can’t shake this nagging feeling that the best four years of my life are over.” -Amber Yake, “Diary of a Single Girl” columnist, page 2


12 Your Health How important is handwashing? Are the myths about teeth-whitener true? How many days a week is sufficient for exercise? All these questions and more will be answered.

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editor's letter

can't live without Aside from the basics, like food and water, what is essential to life?

I consider myself a pretty simple girl. I've lasted over an entire

Stephany Reihing Stephany Reihing Editor-In-Chief


year without cable television. For an entire year, I survived on only the basic channels - and rabbit ears. I went for a long time without a laptop, when my previous one's power cord stopped working. I don't have a car and my mom and I have spent a good part of the last two years struggling financially. But we have survived. Money and stuff are things that make life easier - and maybe more enjoyable. Sure, it would be nice to power up the boat on a Saturday and cruise down the Intercoastal. It would be nice to hit the mall on a Sunday afternoon and fill up my wardrobe. It would be nice to not have to worry if we have to, once again, swallow our pride and request a cash advance. But I cannot live without my family. My family is my biggest source of pride and inspiration. When I'm having a bad day, they lift me up. When I have great news to share, they are the first to offer congratulations and praise for me. When I'm struggling with an issue, I know I talk to any of them and get their immediate feedback - and the truth. And everyone in my family has something different to offer. When I need to discuss religion and God, my grandparents are the ones I turn to. They have so much knowledge and wisdom that I know I can ask them a question and they can give me the truth. If I need a pick-me-up, my brother is the best person to go to. Not only do I think he hung the stars, but I consider him one of my closest friends. If I need to shoot the breeze and have some fun, my cousins are perfect. They are all 7+ years younger than me but they are amazing people. And if I need a shoulder to cry on, a problem to solve, or an issue to discuss, my mom is the one I go to. I know I can come to her with any problem and she'll give me honest but loving answers. She is so wise (and I know she doesn't think so) and such a good support system for me. I honestly couldn't survive without my mother. She is my heart, my passion, and my life. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without her. I also can't live without God. Yes, he's at the end of this column. Does this signify His place in my life? Most definitely not. God is definitely first in my life. Every Sunday when I go to church, it just reaffirms how much I need God in my life and I need to have His presence fill my days - not just my Sundays. I belong at church. God makes me feel beautiful and worthy. He gave up so much for me and continues to forgive me when I don't deserve it. It's a scary concept to think about life without my Soulmate. I know these people will one day leave my life, with the exception of God. I know there may come a time when a hubsnad and children begin to take on their roles. But they will always be the ones who are there for me and they will always be the ones who I know I can count on. They make me feel whole. s

bible verse of the month "We know that our old life died with Christ on the cross so that our sinful selves would have no power over us and we would not be slaves to sin. Anyone who has died is made free from sin's control." -Romans 6:6-7

melody carlson’s 86 bloomberg place

four girls. one house. and one unforgettable year!

{diary of a single girl} by: amber yake

from college to career

month 12

Amber talks about her last month of college and the myriad of feelings that encompass her as she sets out to graduate the summers, when I would be done doing homework all hours of the night and most of my weekend, when I could become a ‘real adult’.

I remember the day so clearly: My mother was crying when they left and I was telling her to quit being so dramatic. I was only three hours away after all. When her and my father pulled away and left me standing on the front step of my new dormitory I felt ready. I was embarking on a new journey, in a new town and it was going to be great. It wasn’t until I walked into the quiet house, that only hours before had been filled with my mother bustling around cleaning and putting things away, that the feelings of loneliness washed over me.

The Ending Point

The Starting Point The day I’d been pining after for the last three years was finally here. I was on my own, no parents or curfews to answer to anymore. It was both exciting and frightening. Four years later, I have just finished my Journalism degree and it takes my breath away that the time has gone by so quickly. I feel as if I blinked and it’s over. In four years I have attended two different colleges, moved 12 hours away from home, made countless friends and a few best friends, partied a lot, wrote at least five research papers that were over 3,000 words, spent countless nights cramming for exams and had some of the best times of my life. Over the years, and especially in the last six months, I have often wondered when it would be over. When I could finally start making money and not living on pennies during the school year while working two jobs and saving every cent in

{stay tuned} 6

And now it’s over and I’m kind of sad about it. Scratch that, I’m really sad about it. Don’t get me wrong; I’m ridiculously excited to embark on the next journey of my life. I have plans to travel around Europe for three weeks and then I will be working 30 hours a week as an Account Assistant at a marketing and PR agency. I’ll actually be using the degree that I have worked so hard for. But, I can’t shake this nagging feeling that the best four years of my life are over and I’m going to fall into this routine of get-up go to work, come home, eat supper, go on the computer/watch TV, go to bed and repeat. How will my life stay interesting and fun? What will happen to the spontaneous weeknights spent dancing until 3:00 AM at the bar and the random road trips on the weekends with friends? I don’t want to get in a rut is what I’m saying. So despite all the exciting and monumental transitions that are currently happening in my life, when saying goodbye to one of my best friends who is moving across the country and when handing in the very last research paper I will ever lose sleep over, I can’t help feeling startling similar to that girl I was four years ago. Lonely and uncertain about what is to come. But excited about the opportunities that abound.

Next month, we introduce Kimberly, a grade-school teacher who will be documenting her challenge of breaking out of her comfort zone and spending a year in Africa as a missionary.


{college & career}

tips to

making a budget


Track your spending for one month

Before you can set a budget, you have to figure out what your expenses are. Spend a month just tracking your spending and categorizing what you’re spending money on (i.e., food, gas, shopping, entertainment, etc.)

2. 3.

Make your budget

Once you figure out what you’re spending money on, sit down and make a budget. Use your tracking sheet from the previous month for reference as you figure out how much money you spend on your bills and entertainment.

Make a decision about your budget

Could you change your phone plan to something cheaper? Do you need to spend $100 a week on entertainment? Figure out what expenses could be reduced. There may also be expenses you could totally get rid of. Be honest about this.


Consider the structure

How are you going to pay your bills? Monthly? Biweekly? Make a plan on how you’re going to pay your bills. Many companies even have automatic withdrawel where the money is taken out of your account.


Take your budget seriously

After you’ve made your budget, tweaked it, and set up your plan, stick to it! The most important part of this budget is to keep it and be true to it. Making a budget is key to ensuring financial freedom for yourself. 7


I didn’t want to be afraid anymore


Emily Wood struggled with anxiety problems for years until she finally decided she had enough.

and confident. She is beautiful and skinny. Women envy her looks. Guys gawk. But take a quick peek at her eyes and you’ll see her fear. Take a longer look at her face, and you’ll see nervous twitches. Her anxiety problems started when she was in college, through two very volatile romantic relationships. Both utterly destroyed the woman she was becoming, creating just a remnant of who she really was. It didn’t help that her relationship with her

mother was struggling big time. While they had never gotten along in the first place, things got even more heated between the two of them when her parents got divorced. After both of her relationships ended, Emily was left with loneliness. She didn’t have a mother to lean on or even a friend. She had gotten so wrapped up in these relationships that she had deserted her friends. It wasn’t until she felt the love of a Savior that she finally began to emerge from this cocoon of worthlessness.


Looking at her, she looks self-assured


Growing up English

Emily grew up in a small town in Hertfordshire, England. She lived near family, including both sets of grandparents. She had neighborhood friends and had no qualms about performing in front of friends or family members. In fact, her friends and her would often perform talent shows for their parents. “I remember doing a Spice Girls show one year, and all the neighbors brought their chairs out in front of my Nan’s house and watched us,” Emily laughs. She went on vacations all the time to the surrounding countries and they would often visit the old cathedrals, ruins, and churches. “Sadly, as a kid, I didn’t appreciate it, but now it’s one of the biggest things I miss.” Her life was good. She was happy and content. Anxiety wasn’t an issue for her. But as Emily began to grow up and explore the world around her, things changed.

Her relationship with her mother

Emily never had a good relationship with her mother but as she grew up and became her own person, their relationship turned unstable. She always felt, deep down in her heart, that her brother was her mother’s favorite child. She tried everything she could do garner her mom’s attention to no avail. “In my last few years still living at home, I remember going to bed just crying every night because the only


communication she would have with me would be through a list of chores on the kitchen whiteboard, or yelling at me for not doing them because I was in school and working part-time.” Emily moved out to live on her own when she was 19 and things soon got a whole lot worse.

The divorce

Her parents divorced in 2006, when Emily was 19. The divorce was ugly and her dad was thrown out of the house with just the clothes on his back and his car. After Emily tried to help him out money-wise, her mother stopped speaking to her. Since this time, Emily has tried to reconnect with her but she has not been successful. And this is where Emily’s story of anxiety starts. When her mother refused to give her the love and attention she craved. She turned to boys to get the love she needed.

Her first bad relationship

Emily was 20-years-old when she met Owen. He was being certified to teach English as a Second Language and was making plans to visit Taiwan before they had met. She thought it would be fun for them to take this trip together. She began to take a class to certify her to teach in Taiwan. A few weeks later, Owen quit his job and booked a two-week trip to Taiwan.

Once there, he e-mailed Emily to tell her he had found an apartment and wasn’t coming back. “I was heartbroken, and ended up feeling pretty low.”

Her second bad relationship

A year later, Emily began dating Corbin. At the beginning, things were great. Corbin was the life of the party. He made her laugh and for the first time in a long time, she felt special. But then things took a turn for the worse. Corbin began using drugs which caused him to become extremely angry for no reason at all. “It was really frightening one day things would be fine, the next he would be this monster who’d shout and scream at me.” During one party, after screaming and shoving Emily down a street, he was arrested. While this would probably be the final straw for most people, Emily’s self-esteem by that time

was so low, she went down to the police station and begged for Corbin to be let out. “I guess I’d been made to feel so worthless that he was all I had.” Corbin did get out of jail. And Emily stayed with him for another three months. Their relationship struggled immensely and he got worse and worse. During Christmastime, Emily had to get her tonsils out. It was a painful time for her both emotionally and physically. She wanted Corbin’s sympathy and he couldn’t give it to her. Instead, he yelled at her for being a weak person. His family lived nearby and all he wanted to do was to spend Christmas with them, leaving Emily alone and in pain. All she wanted was for Corbin to stay with her and take care of her. In the end, he ended up leaving for good.

All she knew was that she was


Emily’s anxiety worsens

Those two relationships caused Emily’s self-esteem to

plummet immensely. She was left completely alone. She was too scared to go anywhere or do anything. Risk-taking was not in her vocabulary. She didn’t know who she was anymore. All she knew was that she was worthless. All she could think about was the fact that she was special enough to stay with. “If these jerks didn’t want to be with me, then I must be a bad person to be with. My self esteem was trodden into the ground and I felt like I had nothing to offer the world.”

The decision to stop

Things did end up getting better for Emily after God placed some special people in her life. She met David, a friend who showed her a new world of Christianity.Through the way he lived his life, Emily began to experience true faith for the first time. She learned that God wanted her to live life abundantly, not one filled with fear and sadness. “I decided one day about a year ago I didn’t want to be afraid any more.” The decision to stop living a life consumed with worry was an easy one to make, but a hard one to implement. It took baby steps every day that soon grew into the bigger picture of leaving this life of anxiety. And then she began working at a job that completely changed her life.

The job

As her fear lessened, the need to make a difference fueled her. She wanted to find a job where she felt purpose. She began working as an administrator for a health-care company. Unfortunately, it was for a cosmetic surgery clinic and it was against everything she believed in. So she quit. A month later, she ended up in the job she has now. The job has been the catalyst to help her break out from her anxiety, push through the fear, and emerge victorious. Throughout the months, she has risen from the ranks, from a

receptionist to marketing liaison. At first, she was content in her circumstances to simply sit by and be the receptionist. It was a great job in a faith-based company. But there was something inside of her, begging to get out. So she approached her boss to ask if she could teach a workshop once a week. For years, she had been stuck behind her anxiety. She was fearful for even getting together with friends, much less teaching in front of adults. Her boss agreed. And she did it. She taught her first session and it was terrifying for her. She stepped in front of her anxiety and took a leap of faith. Her first session went great and she got some really great feedback from the people she taught. After looking at the comment cards, she skipped back to her office. She couldn’t wait to do it all over again. “The fear versus the chance to inspire people. And ultimately, that’s more important to me.”

The future is bright

Emily has found success. And it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of faith and a lot of courage. But it was all worth it. What’s next for Emily? “Learning to drive!” She doesn’t have her license and has been too scared to try again, after a terrible time to learning during the dead of winter as a 17-year-old. It has never crossed her mind to learn to drive. But after overcoming her fear of life, she knew this is just another step she needs to take to living that abundant life God has called her to. And she can’t wait to keep going. _______ STEPHANY REIHING is the editor for SINGLEHOOD magazine.

her life quote Life is 10%% percent of what happens to you and 90% percent how you react to it. - John Maxwell, author 11

{your health}

It can’t be said enough If you’ve been dealing with a cold for a long amount of time, look around you. The reason is probably hiding on your bathroom sink. Recently, researchers at the University of Virginia scoped out the homes of cold sufferers and the answer they received wasn’t anything mind-blowing: germs were found on 42 percent of household items - everything from a TV remote to light switches. While we know to wash our hands and keep our homes clean, it’s those little everyday things that we seem to overlook. “Viruses can live up to two days outside of the body,” says study author J. Owens Hendley, M.D. “If they get on your hands and then you rub your nose or eyes, they can make you sick.”Invest in a bottle of disinfect and make sure to hit those areas where you use your hands at least once a week. And it’s always important to remember to wash your hands to avoid spreading germs. Throw on some regular soap and wash with water. Say good-bye to germs!

add this to your diet

47% This is the number of women who said they would hire a personal trainer if money was no object. Personal trainers are gaining popularity thanks to shows like The Biggest Loser. (Who wouldn’t want to have Jillian Michaels to straighten you out?) Personal trainers are trained in the best ways to burn the most fat and offer challenging exercises, Trainers also show you the correct way to use equipment. If you’re willing to splurge, try going half and half with a friend. Not only will you both be reaping the benefits of a training session, you’ll do it together!

Crystal Light has introduced a new addition to their sweetener family: Crystal Light Pure Fitness On-The-Go Drink Mix. A typical package yields seven little powder sticks to add to your water to give it a little kick. Just take your average 16.9oz bottle of water, pour in a packet, shake it up, and you have yourself some delicious, flavored water. The difference from Crystal Light’s other sweeteners is that this one does not include artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives. It is simply whole goodness by itself! Another added benefit to this new product is that it gives you added electrolytes when used while working out. I will be the first to admit that I can get sick of tasteless water and sometimes, I need something extra to give my water that kick to help me drink it. This product does that and more! It’s available at most groceries and drugstores.


>>> try this

Have an iPhone or an iTouch? Runkeeper is a new tool to use to map out your runs and keep track of your miles, calories and pace. The best part? It’s free!

teeth whiteners The truth is, teeth whiteners are perfectly safe to use. There are no harmful effects to using these products, although the myth still exists. In the past, people have been wary about using teeth whiteners because they are said to make teeth more sensitive. Not so, cites a study in the Journal of Endodontics. Scientists found that the active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, has no signifcant effect on tooth enamel. An important point to remember is to not leave strips on for longer than recommended, as this raises your risk of gum disease. Also, it’s wise to consult with your dentist beforehand to get their advice and to look for products that have the American Dental Association’s seal.

editor’s pick Jillian Michaels is one tough trainer on The Biggest Loser and she holds nothing back in this workout DVD. She promises to help you lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days (combined with a healthy diet) and she does her best to hold true to that statement with three tough workouts. While you could do this workout a few days a week coupled with the exercise you already do, this is also good for a 30-day challenge where you advanced to a different level every 10 days. You’ll need a pair of hand weights but will still reap the benefits of a good workout without the weights.

ask a trainer Q: What’s better on the body? Working out seven days a week, or taking a “rest day” from exercise? A: It depends on how hard you are working out. It’s generally a good idea to take a rest day between strength-training sessions. This gives the muscles a day to relax and repair. It even helps them to build up more quickly! As far as cardio goes, your body does not really need a rest day. It’s heart-healthy to keep your heart rate up and pumping above normal capacity seven days a week. It’s a good idea to mix up your cardio workouts from high intensity and low intensity. On days you would consider “rest days”, do some light yoga or a 3-mile walk in a park. This is enough to keep your blood going but not enough to be too strenuous on your body. There will be times that you might suffer from workout pain and health issues. It is generally agreed upon that you should not work out if you are feeling ill. This will just increase the time it takes for you to get better. (Sorry, but period cramps don’t count! Workout out while having cramps will actually make their intensity lessen.) Working out while exhausted is never a good idea. You won’t be working out at your full speed and your workout effect won’t be as great. Keep your heart rate up, every day of the week! _____ LAURIE REIHING is a Weight Watchers Lifetime member and, after dropping 80 lbs, ran her first half-marathon in December. 15

{purity page} by: stephany reihing

abstinence v. purity


urity is one of the biggest guiding forces behind this magazine. We want single women in their twenties to know that the purity battle is one we all face but giving in to the temptation is not an option. We want all of our subscribers to know the joy that comes in the waiting. Go into any Christian bookstore and you’ll find book after book related to sexual purity. We’re all humans and we all struggle with it. And now we’re struggling with it even more since we see our friends hooking up with guys they just meet, Christian couples co-habitating before marriage, and the very essence of purity destroyed. It can be very confusing! With all the hoopla behind purity, what exactly is it? Is it just “saving ourselves for our future husbands”? What happens when we get married? Does purity go away? Purity can sometime seem like a vague concept that sounds good in reality but is very hard to put into practice. Purity isn’t saving your virginity for marriage. That’s a personal decision. And plenty of people make this decision,


based on morals, religion, and choice. I feel that saving oneself for marriage has become a game for some people. A game of how far can I go to do everything but lose my virginity? Girls want to be “different” so they play coy about saving theirselves. That’s not purity. That’s abstinence. Purity involves more than just the physical body. It involves the emotions and mental processes as well. What you put in your mind is probably the most important aspect of purity, more so than what you do with your body. I have seen this so much in my own life. When I read secular novels glorifying casual sex and worldly possessions, watch television shows and movies with racy humor, and listen to music with messages of one-night stands and partying, it becomes so much harder for me to remain pure. I stop reading my Bible as much, rely on myself more than God, and my mind begins to accept these actions as OK. The battle on my body seems to be waged even harder and I struggle with finding my place in God again. Purity means being pure in body, mind, and spirit. It’s not an easy process and not something I have mastered. But I have found that to be pure, we have to live pure. It means getting rid of books and music and TV shows that glorify impure behavior. It means to set ourselves apart from the world. It means to stop compromising and looking for gray areas. I don’t want to have a mediocre relationship with God. All too often, I see people (and I’m also guilty for doing the

same) putting God in a box and not fully living the free life He designed for us. We don’t realize how much more God desires for us. I want to be a girl who lives my life solely for God’s approval. I want to be a girl whose life shines with Christ’s light. I want to be the girl who has “it” - and I want that “it” to be Jesus Christ. God has called us to live life abundantly. And sometimes, this pure life we lead makes us question how abundant we are living our life. He has an amazing love story that He wants to share with you one day, with His timing. We’re not yet ready to begin the love story but as long as we keep our focus and gaze upon Christ, everything else will fall into place. I encourage you to pray about what you define purity as. Do you feel it is the same as abstinence? It’s important for you to figure out your definition of purity. It will help you understand boy-girl relationships, modesty, and your own thought prcoesses. It’s when you get rid of the junk of the world from your mind and put in all the glory God has for you, you’ll begin to see a change in the way you view your purity. It will no longer be about trying to remain a virgin but about living as clean a life as you can for your Heavely Father. A battle has been waged on my body. A battle I can choose to let God win, or let the enemy win. A battle that will never be complete. I choose God. Every time. __________ STEPHANY REIHING is the editor for SINGLEHOOD. She lives in Florida is still waiting on her love story to begin.

purity involves more than just the physical body.

{bible study} by: stephany reihing



have never been someone who journals a lot. When I was younger, I would buy adorable journal after adorable journal in the hopes that I would fill the pages with my deepest thoughts and fears and hopes and dreams. And I would. For about a month. And then I would get bored with journaling and stop. But journaling is important. We need to have a place to dump what we are feeling down on paper (or screen) to sort through what we’re dealing with. This applies to both our personal life and our spiritual life. A vital part to any Christian walk is journaling. When we read our Bible, we need to have a place to write down what we’re thinking during the reading and how we think it applies to our life. Reading our Bible is important. But if we only read our Bible and don’t do anything else with what we have read, what does that do for us? Our reading stays in the Bible and we leave no time to apply. Think about it. Let’s say you read your Bible at 6:00 a.m. and maybe say a short prayer for God to help you through the day. And that’s all your quiet time consists of. Throughout the rest of the day, is there any part of you that’s going to be thinking about what you’ve read? Probably not. You haven’t worked through the passages. You haven’t written (or typed) down what you thought of the reading, how this has altered your thinking, and how you can apply it in your daily life? It’s time to take charge of your quiet time. Don’t leave what you’ve read in the Good Book. Set aside some extra time to

write down your thoughts. You don’t need a fancy journal or a blog set up to do this. All you need is some paper, a pen, your Bible, and your thoughts. What has journaling done for me? Words cannot express the magnitude of how journaling has impacted my prayer life. Before I started journaling, I would read my passage for the day, think about what it meant to me in my head, and then say a prayer. It wasn’t anything special and didn’t impact my faith at all. And then I bought a journal – yes, an adorable one! – and began writing down my thoughts. When I started, I would only fill a few lines of a page. I would write down what I think the passage meant to me. But I never went deeper. Slowly, God began to work with me. He began to shape and form me more into His likeness. He began to show me ways I could search for deeper meaning in each passage. He began to show me how even the smallest Proverb could apply to anything I would face that day. And He began to show me how impactful journaling can be. So I’m a big believer in journaling. It has strengthened my faith and caused me to search for deeper meaning in what I’m reading. It’s a tool every Christian s h o u l d implement.

a vital part of any christian walk is journaling

For those of you who are journaling already, you can probably relate to how it has impacted your walk with God. But for those of you who are journaling and haven’t seen a big change in your walk, maybe it’s time to see how you are journaling. Journaling has to mean something. It has to add impact to your life. When you journal, it should be about furthering your walk with Christ. After reading your Bible passage for the day, it’s time to journal. But what do you journal? You journal about your thoughts on what you read, you journal about how it impacts your faith, you journal about how you are going to take what you read today and apply it to your daily life. Your challenge this month is to start journaling. It doesn’t have to be anything major and you don’t have to write a page every day. Just begin to write down what you thought about what you read, even if it’s only a few sentences. It will impact your faith. __________ STEPHANY REIHING is the editor for SINGLEHOOD. She lives in Florida is still waiting on her love story to begin.

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A magazine project for my Magazine Design class. It's an 18-page magazine, centered around Christian values. It's target audience is twenty-...

Magazine Final  

A magazine project for my Magazine Design class. It's an 18-page magazine, centered around Christian values. It's target audience is twenty-...