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Girl number one

has ! saddest eyes her s#l $ done

and every day %e c&es

Girl number two

wears a ca' all day her emptiness grew

and for freedom %e pray

Girl number )ree

was wra*ed and b#nd %e c&ed like ! sea

and in her sorrow %e +o,ed

Girl number f#r

gave ! king mo- pleasure %e everyone ignore

but her sadness y# can measure

Girl number five

t&ed to -ay -rong

%e wanted to feel alive and to no one belong

Girl number six

was empty inside

%e had no t&cks

and w#ld never be a b&de

Girl number seven

was saddest of all

her s#l went to heaven

and now %e watches o)er fall.

by Stefanía Fanney Björgvinsdó.ir

slaves of the moon