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We believe every single resource Involved in a project - be It a manager, an engineer or a technician plays a vital role In ItSsuccessful completion That is why we Inculcate the culture of good dec.sior making, right from managerial positions to the lower levels, and encourage our employees to take full ownership of their work To help our people keep up with the trends and technological advancements in the industry, employees at all levels are given training periodically to arm them with the latest of knowledge and skills Today our biggest asset is our team of highly qualified and dedicated people who deliver every task however small, with the highest degree of perfection


SJ Engineering Company ISled by people with vast experience and expertise In the field of plumbing While there ISa clear hierarchy to ensure smooth flow of work, the partners are directly Involved In every aspect of the project so that there ISzero likelihood for errors, delays and cost overruns

The organization structure and profiles of our senior resources are as follows


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