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Midwest Region - 3rd Grade Type: Unit Plan

content) Product (how students show what they have learned)

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learning) Learning Profile (learning styles, intelligence &

about their state. Students will determine which elements they want to include in their newscast.

modality preferences, cultural background)

Unit Resources

Project Activities

Student Research Log will include the essential question, word web, guidelines for citing print and electronic resources, rubrics, and research reflection sheets.

Newscast (using iMovie)

Nonfiction Books - Westgate Library and AHML Web Sites - Pathfinder (Renee) World Book Online - Kids and Student versions

Brainstorm with class to determine the features to include in the newscast, such as: weather sports current events (tie to points of interest)

Unit Reflection

3rd Midwest Region Westgate  

UbD researach unit for 3rd grade - Midwest Region