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Midwest Region - 3rd Grade Type: Unit Plan

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Midwest Region - 3rd Grade Unit Dates:



4-25-11 to 4-25-11

3rd Grade Research

3rd Grade

Teachers: Renee Stein

Stage One - Desired Results Content Area Standards

Enduring Understandings

Essential Questions

Students will be able to explain the impact of the two world’s fairs on the development of Chicago.

Students will understand... •the states that make up the midwest region have similarities and differences. •each of the following characteristics: physical features, economic status, natural resources, major cities climate, historical &contemporary attractions.

Why would people choose to live in your Midwest state?

3rd Grade Learning Standards 7. explain how physical features influence life in the Midwest 8. identify economic activities in the Midwest 9. compare and contrast historic and contemporary Midwest 10. construct a time line for the history of the Midwest 11. identify natural resources from the Midwest 13. describe how technology has changed in the Midwest region 14. identify producers of goods and services in the Midwest



Students will know... •basic Midwest Unit vocabulary agriculture fertile crops

Students will be able to: •extract relevant information from print and electronic resources •paraphrase •cite sources

A "word web" will be used to provide guidance for research. Physical Features •climate •geographic features •Plains state or Great Lakes state Economy •agricultural or manufacturing •goods produced •types of jobs •natural resources Points of Attraction •recreation (sports, museums, major cities, etc) •landmarks •historic attractions

Midwest Region - 3rd Grade Type: Unit Plan crops manufacture industries export debts economy income

Page 2 of 3 Renee Stein •cite sources •explain and evaluate - physical features - economic activities - goods and services in the Midwest •presentation skills •public speaking skills •technology skills (iMovie)

•geography of the Midwest Region

Stage Two - Assessment Evidence Performance Task(s)/Assessment

Other Evidence

A rubric will be used to evaluate the newscast project.

Renee will use a rubric to evaluate students' notefacts and citations.

Teachers and LMC staff will conference with students periodically to check their notefacts for •relevant information •paraphrasing, and •citations.

Stage Three - Learning Plan Hook and Hold

Classroom Component

Before Research Sticky-Wiki: Students will indicate where they would like to live in the midwest by placing a sticky note on a map or chart. They should include their reason for selecting the state in their note.

Students have previously studied Illinois. Vocabulary on the Word-Web will be covered in the classroom.

After viewing the newscasts, students will have the opportunity to change the location of their sticky note including rationale for their change.

Classroom teachers will introduce the concept of what makes a desirable place to live using Illinois as an example. This will set the stage for what students should consider as they begin their research.

Differentiation Through:

Differentiation According to Student:


Readiness (relative standing to the learning goals)

Process (how students take in and make sense of the

Interest (passions, affinities, kinships that motivate

Differentiation Explanation

Each class will create a newscast to showcase information

Midwest Region - 3rd Grade Type: Unit Plan

content) Product (how students show what they have learned)

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learning) Learning Profile (learning styles, intelligence &

about their state. Students will determine which elements they want to include in their newscast.

modality preferences, cultural background)

Unit Resources

Project Activities

Student Research Log will include the essential question, word web, guidelines for citing print and electronic resources, rubrics, and research reflection sheets.

Newscast (using iMovie)

Nonfiction Books - Westgate Library and AHML Web Sites - Pathfinder (Renee) World Book Online - Kids and Student versions

Brainstorm with class to determine the features to include in the newscast, such as: weather sports current events (tie to points of interest)

Unit Reflection

3rd Midwest Region Westgate  

UbD researach unit for 3rd grade - Midwest Region

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