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Welcome to the Student Radio Awards 2011! Congratulations to all of you nominated, and well done on everyone else coming along to show support. What you’ve created at your respective student radio stations all around the UK has been amazing and of a really high quality. Those of you who are nominated are a true testament to that. The imagination, organisation and dedication that goes into reading, producing, presenting and then brining to life your radio shows take an enormous amount of effort and talent. So tonight is a huge ‘big up’ to you all for being great! Scott and I are looking forward being your hosts tonight, and we’ve decided to throw Huw to the lions, so he’s in the crowd with you - catch him to say hi. BBC Radio 1 is once again very pleased to be a major supporter of the Awards, now in it’s 16th year. A big thanks goes to Andy Parfitt, Ben Cooper, Neil Sloan and Jocelin Stainer all of whom have put in lots of work to make tonight possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank and welcome all the other radio groups, stations, and companies who have been part of supporting this years Awards. We would like to thank our other supporters throughout the BBC, for understanding that student radio is something that we all as an industry need to stand up and support. I would like to make a special thanks to the SRA Executive and officers for working tirelessly behind the scenes, and to all of you who decided to enter in the first place. Without your entries, over 100 judges would have had an easy summer! Thanks to them for spending their own free time to listen and comment. Finally a big thanks to those who helped put the production of this evening together - Chris North, John Lawley and others at Wise Buddah and the team at Solent Productions. Tonight starts the first of my three years as Chair of the Awards, and I’m hugely grateful to the SRA for giving me the opportunity to take up the role. I look forward to closely working with many of you in the future. I’m such a fan of the passion and talent that’s in student radio and I’m sure that you will never disappoint. Have a raving, raucous and wonderful night! Annie.

The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011

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Noms Parties

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This Years Nominations


How ASRA works

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The Student Radio Conference 2010


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The Kevin Greening Award


Thank You


Scott Mills

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Annie Mac

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Huw Stephens

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Anton Powers

Emma B


Scott Mills

Steve Lamacq Mistajam Pete Donaldson

Kyle Wilkinson Thom Palser Events Officer Membership & Communications Officer The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011 Fred Bradley Chair of the SRA

Lee Sevenoaks Development Officer

Laurence Moreton Marketing Officer


North West & North Wales

The I Love Student Radio Day, ‘North West and North Wales Edition’ started down in the deep and dimly lit chambers of Manchester’s Club Academy. Our first speaker, was John Ryan, Editor of BBC Manchester, who kicked off the day by telling us what was actually going on in MediaCity UK and how many people we had to battle off for a job. The next speaker we had was Alex James, who presents In:Demand for Bauer Media, he spoke about presenting in commercial radio. The rest of the day included talks on production, speech radio and demos from other top industry speakers including Chris Stevens from GMG, Jo Meek from Wise Buddah, Mel Harris from Sparklab productions and Jo Good from 6music. It was a great day for people in the NW to meet the speakers, but also each other. We had students from Liverpool, Chester, Salford and Lancaster to join the Manchester ranks of radio enthusiasts- what a good start to the first ever I Love Student Radio Day! The evening was hosted by Adam Catterall, King of the North, was there to read out the nominations at 8pm to a crowd of eager and excited students. The windows nearly burst with the cheers for our two nominations, one for Ben Arnold in Best Specilaist Music Programming and the other for James Robinson in Best Male- a massive well done to both of those chaps. As the announcements came to a close, the boat pulled into MediaCity UK. With the lights of the buildings of some of the UK’s biggest and best media companies beaming down on us, it was hard to not get excited about the future of radio in the North West. But for now, we’ll just have to remain excited for the awards in November- bring them on!


Cardiff played host to the ILSR day for Wales and the South West of England, which saw a good turnout this year, including one Ruth Jones! The training day was held in the main building of the city’s prestigious University, featuring speakers from across the region to give advice and support to everyone involved in student radio. The speakers included Danielle, who talked about creating a decent radio demo with support from The Pips, Emma Gilliam, who discussed good interview eitquette and how to get into broadcast journalism, and Steve Austin, who gave a good insight into production for radio - a particular highlight came when he revealed that BBC Wales will be setting up a work experience scheme with Xpress Radio in Cardiff. The evening was just as eventful, with the attendees being treated to seeing a recording of “What’s The Story?”, a topical news panel show produced by Dave Cribb, with Dan Mitchell and Ruth Jones as guests - the latter of which ended up reading out the nominations for the Student Radio Awards later in the evening! With many attendees seeing fit to catch the last trains home, the day was seen off with a few pints of beer and calls to repeat it soon. A good time was had by all and all that is left is to wait for the Student Radio Awards!


The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011

Midlands The programme for the day was filled with speakers providing a selection of insight for the budding

talent of tomorrow. Stafford FM’s Ray Crowther came in to represent community radio. He gave an informative insight into what it’s like to set up your own radio station, based on his wealth of experience. BBC Radio Stoke employees; Qasa Alom, Rob Adcock and Scott Thomas, as well as former Staffs Uni student and UTV freelancer Gaz Ryder, provided tales of personal trial and error and a helpful insight on how they each found their place in the industry. Joining us to give a round up of radio’s history was Mike Owen, founder of multimedia company- ‘Mike Owen Media’. He talked about his experiences working in the different areas of radio over the years. Finishing up in the current day, explaining how his company provides radio output for some of the biggest events in the country. As the hopefuls joined us at the nominations party, the buzz in the room eluded anticipation. Adam Wilbourn (BRMB, Awards Judge and Multiple Student Radio Award Winner) joined the party to present the nominations, his energy added to the tension as each station found out how they placed. It was definitely a bit disappointing for some and others were clearly over the moon. Overall the day was a success and I wish the best of luck to all nominated.

South East The event started at 11am in Brighton at ‘Komedia’. The first speaker ‘Gav’ from ‘The Pips’ spent the

first hour formally chatting about the best ways to submit, produce and create a demo. Then at 1.30pm Andy the legend took the stage to chat about his life experience with radio and generally giving us all an education. Nick Bright, from BBC Radio 1xtra, spoke passionately about his journey into radio, this particularly captured our attentions as he had only recently graduated from university. All three speakers were fantastic and spent the next half an hour chatting to the students. Moving onto the next secluded and mature venue ‘Kuba’ it was the start of a good night chatting, drinking, laughing and partying. 8pm came around quite quickly and by then itching to know the results. After reading the results there was mixed emotions from everyone, after that there were celebratory drinks all around. Everyone by then was quite tired and eager to keep partying but commitments meant that they all had to go around 9.30pm. A massive thank you to all of the students that came down to the training day and evening event. Thank you to ‘Komedia’ and ‘Kuba’ for having us, you were very professional and did a lot to help me make it a success. Another thank you to the speakers, Gav, Andy and Nick, you made it the perfect training day! A special thank you to my sponsor for the evening Mr Michael Stringer of Flip-It!

Yorkshire & North East

The Yorkshire and North East Training day was a great day for the students of stations in the region, held at Click Teesside. Greg McInally (From Napier University 10 years ago) gave the students a great speech on the workload and typical days of a breakfast producer at Real Radio. His vast knowledge base was clearly on show and was a passionate speaker. The next Speakers were Marie Gardiner and Mark Black from Sun FM. Their different approach was very fresh and the speech captivated the student audience. Click Teesside gave us a great speech on how they run, including a great show of the technical side. Towards the evening the anticipation was tangible while the nominations were read out. With roars of appreciation when a station present was nominated and respectful applause when the station was not nominated in a category. The night went very well and a few surprised screams when people got nominated when not expecting it. The Yorkshire and North East has been well represented and good luck to all nominated individuals and stations from the region. A big thank you goes to Lee Sevenoaks, Dominic Dunn and Rachael Devine for all their help they gave in the lead up. Thank You also to John McInally , Marie Gardiner and Mark Black for taking time out to speak to the Students who turned up.

London & East Anglia

The London and East Anglia I Love Student Radio Day was in Camden this year. It had an enormous turn out of 200 attendees from all over the region and they enjoyed a Training Event in the day time and a Nominations Party in the evening. The training event featured speakers from all over the industry including Mark Crossley (Absolute Radio), Maddi Lown (BBC R1 Newsbeat), Verity Geere (SKY News and Magic), Emma Stephens (BBC Radio 1xtra), Jacob Rickard (Freelance) and many more. The talks focussing on Radio Production, Presentation and Journalism. Lock 17 in Camden sponsored the event and the Nominations Party was held in the canal side Market Bar. People flocked to the party which was hosted by Jon Hillcock and Vicki Blight to drink, socialise and celebrate/commiserate. Smoke Radio clawed the most nominations from the London and East Anglia region, but there was also a large number of URN-ers and LSR-ers cheering, an almost multi-cultural Nominations Party. A massive thanks has to go to Lock 17 in Camden for sponsoring the event, as well as Wise Buddha, ASRA, everyone that helped out and made the event possible, Photography by Ila Desai and everyone that came and enjoyed themselves. The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011



PPL, founded in 1934, is the music licensing company which, on behalf of 47,500 performers and 6,300 record companies, licenses the use of recorded music in the UK. This enables TV and radio stations, online streaming services and hundreds of thousands of shops, pubs and others using music in their business to obtain a licence comprising millions of recordings. As a music industry service, the company does not retain any profit for itself. The costs of collecting, processing and distributing the licence fees are taken from the gross revenues that the company collects which are distributed and paid to all PPL’s record company and performer members. These include featured artists as well as session musicians, ranging from orchestral players to percussionists and to singers. In addition, the company collects international performance rights income for 80% of its members and this revenue stream is currently the fastest growing area of the company. PPL now has representation in 28 different countries around the world, which has resulted in 52 separate contracts with similar organisations, representing a further 2,000 overseas record companies and 21,000 performers for the collection of income generated by their respective rights in the UK. For further information please visit


Jonny Chambers 107 Spark FM Tom Watts Fly FM Natalie Holiday Smoke Radio

Ian Thursfield RamAir Aislinn Hayes IC Radio Lissie Day

Elections Night URN Leeds Day of Action Varsity Rugby 2011 KCL Radio

Summer Party URN Click-a-thon Click Teeside The Hidden Broadcast

Scott McGerty Interviews Wretch 32 107 Spark FM Gary Pounder Interviews Gary Powell Smoke FM Rusko in the Studio Forge Radio

Stu Manton with Greg Davies URN Kieran and Ness Meet Greg Davies Fly FM Luke Cooper Milbank Protest Interview URF

Push Framework Xtreme Radio 1431AM IRIS - Interchangeable Radio Playout System Insanity Radio 1287AM Radio Presenters Dashboard 1350AM GU2

Outside Broadcast Software Surge Station Manager Xtreme Radio 1431AM Facebook Application Surge

URN URN Radio Sonar Radio Sonar 1350AM GU2 1350AM GU2

107 Spark FM 107 Spark FM 1449AM URB 1449AM URB

Buzz Demolition 2010 1449AM URB York 60 URY Nineteen: Now or Never?

The Pulse URN Trent Talk Fly FM From our own Leeds Correspondent

The More Beautiful Game URY The Zombie and You 107 Spark FM The Prince and Humberside URY

In the Stalls URY 2UP Smoke Radio Slapdashery Smoke Radio

The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011

Asian Invasion with Yasser John Cadigan - The World Music Show Smoke Radio Carlos Slazenger’s Audio VOX Radio

Barnie’s Playhouse The Cat 1251 French Toast Smoke Radio Dance Revolution 107 Spark FM

Luke and Ed Xpress Radio The Two Bens Radio Show LUSH Radio The Chalk and Charles Show URY

Pete and Pearsé Fly FM Ollie and Liam URN The Sean & Martyn Show Xpress Radio

Xpression FM Xpression FM 1449AM URB 1449AM URB Demon FM Demon FM

Xpress Radio BIRSt 1350AM GU2 1350AM GU2 Radio Sonar Radio Sonar

Pete Allison Fly FM James Robinson Fuse FM Samuel Darcy LCR

Martyn Littlewood Fly FM Sean Thorne Xpress Radio Jon Jackson Demon FM

Cheeka Eyers URN Erica Dancer Demon FM Jade Worsley Fly FM

Michelle Owen Xtreme Radio 1431am Sarah Harrison 107 Spark FM Tamsin Grainger Xpress Radio

URY URY Xpress Radio Xpress Radio


The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011


At the beginning of each year professionals from across the radio industry dedicate their time to judging the Student Radio Awards. This year there were 536 entries, the process took about two months and over one hundred and thirty judges were involved. The Association of Student Radio Alumni (ASRA) co-ordinates the judging process on behalf of the SRA. This ensures impartiality and brings an extensive set of contacts from across the industry. Thank you to the committee who spent the summer getting in touch with professionals from commercial radio stations, BBC radio stations, independent production companies and student radio alumni to invite them to judge the Awards. Thank you to this year’s judging co-ordinators: Tim Dye, Sarah Ghost, Jonathan Pascoe and Abi Willey. They planned the judging of each category to make sure all entries were considered by at least two judges and that no judge was tasked with listening to an unmanageable amount of entries. The online judging system was made available thanks to the SRA’s Web Officer, Scott Robinson, who built the site and managed it throughout the judging process. Thank you to the eleven judges who also took on the role of chairing a category this year. They were responsible for briefing their category’s judges and working with them to reach a decision. And finally, thank you to all of the judges involved. They have dedicated their time to listening to all 536 entries, documented their feedback and made the difficult decision of who to award at this year’s ceremony. Thanks to them this year has seen an unprecedented level of judging feedback that will enable students to learn, improve, and continue to deliver outstanding radio for the future.

Sarah Ghost ASRA Demon FM Sarah got involved with student radio at Demon FM (De Montfort University) as a presenter, producer, newsreader, events coordinator and general Station Manager’s bitch. She was elected as Secretary at the SRA Bath Conference 2008 and quickly became an SRA stalwart, redefining her role to become Membership & Communications Officer, wielding an iron fist of organisation over her fellow officers, and refusing to leave the SRA for three years. Sarah works full-time as a Communications Officer for a London university, is a member of the ASRA Committee, and continues to harass the current SRA Executive.

Abi Willey ITN Productions LCR My radio career didn’t really take off after LCR so I had a go at organising events at The Radio Academy before trying out website editing at KISS & Magic 105.4. That went really well, so I moved to integrated marketing agency Big, to create and develop digital platforms for all sorts of other brands.

Jonathan Pascoe ITN Productions Jonathan Pascoe is a Radio, TV and Online Producer, currently working at ITN Productions. Having spent over 10 years in radio, working in Kent, Sussex (at Juice and URF), Manchester then London on Heart Breakfast with Jamie and Harriet for 5 years, he made the move to TV and online broadcasting in 2010. As part of the Entertainment and News team and ITNP, Jonathan looks after guest booking and planning for shows on 4Music, ITV2, Channel 5, 5USA, 5* and online through their various partners and channels. He recently began producing a weekly show about all things Glee called The Gleekly for Sky, presented by Will Best.

Tim Dye BBC Audio & Music 1449AM URB Tim got involved with student radio at 1449AM URB (Bath University) initially intending to just do a show once a week, but ended up becoming Head of Marketing and then the Station Manager. Instead of getting out of student radio when he graduated, Tim was elected to become Marketing Officer for the Student Radio Association (SRA) and then the Chair of the SRA the following year. After three years working at BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 2, he is now on a three month attachment at BBC Audio & Music HQ working on a variety of projects.

The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011


Abi Willey Fuse Digital

Adam Bowie Head of Strategy & Planning Absolute Radio

Adam Catterall Presenter & Voice Over Artist

Adam Heyhurst Visual and TV Producer BBC Radio 1

Adam Wilbourne Presenter Orion Media


Alex Duffy Breakfast Presenter The Pulse

Alex Kenning Radio Producer Somethin’ Else

Ali Rezakhani Freelance

Over entries from

56 different

student radio stations.

Ally McCrae Presenter BBC Introducing Scotland

Amy Gladwell Broadcast Journalist BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat

Andrea Day Communications & Training Manager Traffliclink

Andrea Fox Breakfast Presenter Juice Brighton

Andrew Bailey News Editor Absolute Radio

Andrew Wright CEO Wright Communicators

Anna Cookson Presenter & Producer Freelance

Annabel Port Presenter Absolute Radio

Annie Mac Presenter BBC Radio 1

Beccy Huxtable Assistant Producer Scott Mills BBC Radio 1

Becky Anderson Asisstant Producer Westwood BBC Radio 1Xtra

Ben Cooper Acting Controller BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Asian Network & BBC Switch

Ben McGrail Presenter BBC Somerset

Ben Mundy Broadcast Journalist BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat

Ben Toone BBC Radio 4


Chris Buckley Chris Doidge Chloe Straw Deputy Programme (TBC) Producer Controller Bite Yer Legs Signalsupported Radio by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011 The Student Radio Awards

Chris North Joint Managing Director & Head of Talent Wise Buddah Creative

Chris Sawyer (TBC)

Chris Stevens Group Production Director GMG Radio

Claire Thomas Executive Producer BBC Introducing

Clara Raven Live Music and Events BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra

Colin Murray Presenter BBC Radio 5Live

Dari Samuels Producer Mistajam BBC Radio 1Xtra

Dave Cribb Comedy Producer BBC 5Live

Dave Sherwood Head of Music UTV Local Radio

David Garrido Presenter and Reporter Sky Sports News

David Lloyd Programme & Marketing Director Orion Media

Dellessa James Producer BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra

Denis Nowlan Network Manager BBC Radio 4

Elliott Spiteri Talksport

Emma Newman Producer Absolute Radio

Fergus Dudley Editor Radio 2, 6Music & Asian Network

Fiona Hanlon Assistant Producer BBC Radio 1

Gaby O’Donnell Deputy Editor BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat

Gareth Gwynn Comedy Writer BBC Radio 4

Gemma Cairney Presenter BBC Radio 1Xtra

Geoff Lloyd Presenter Absolute Radio

Georgina Potts (TBC)

Greg James Presenter BBC Radio 1

Harriett Jennings Features Editor & Station Controller This is DIY

Heather Davies Producer TDC

Helen Grimes Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC Radio Devon

Helena Antoniades Producer BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra

Howard Banks Producer BRMB

Huw Stephens Presenter BBC Radio 1

Iain Sawbridge Head of Marketing BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra


Ian Brannan Head of Presentation Real Radio

Ian Chaloner Assistant Producer BBC Radio 1

James Bursey Producer for Nick Grimshaw BBC Radio 1

James Clark Producer BBC Radio 1

James Cridland Managing Director Media UK

James Forster Assistant Producer BBC Radio 1Xtra

James Lloyd Freelance Presenter BBC and Hallam FM

James Stodd Senior Producer BBC Radio Xtrails BBC Creative Marketing

James Walshe Programme Director Kerrang and Q Radio

Jamie Laundon Systems Integration Specialist RCS

Jen Long Presenter BBC Introducing Wales

Jimmy Buckland Director of Strategy UTV Media

Jo Meek Producer Wise Buddah

Jocelin Stainer Executive Producer BBC Radio 1Xtra

Joff Hopkins Group Music Scheduler and Network Presenter Tindle Radio

John Lawley Talent Manager Wise Buddah

John Plunkett (TBC)

John Ryan Managing Editor BBC Manchester

John Simons Group Programme Director GMG Radio

Jon Holmes Presenter & Performer BBC 6Music & Radio 4

Jonathan Pascoe Producer ITN Productions

Jonathan Savage BBC London

Justin Kings Head of News Bauer Media North East & Cumbria

Kasey Clarke Producer BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra

Kate Arkless Gray Editor Audioboo

Katie Lamborn (TBC)

Laura Tannenbaum Brand Manager Absolute Radio

Lee Price Head of Station Sound Absolute Radio

Liz Brace Creative Writer & Producer Talksport

Louise Pepper BBC London TV & Radio


Lynsey Hooper Freelance Football Reporter & Presenter

Madeline Lown Broadcast Journalist BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat

Mark Crossley Presenter Absolute Radio

Mark Grinnell Editor BBC Devon

Mark Lockett Producer Talksport

Mark Matthews Programme Director Real Radio

Mark Ryan Executive Producer and Presenter Amazing Radio

Marsha Shandur Freelance

Matt Deegan Creative Director Folder Media

Matt Jamison Programme Director Amazing Radio

Matt Willis Assistant Producer Above the Title

Matthew Schofield Morning News Presenter BBC London

Mistajam Presenter BBC Radio 1Xtra

Neil Sloan (TBC)

Nick Humfrey Technical Architect for Music and Radio Online BBC

Nicky Birch Radio Development Somethin’ Else

Nicky Edwards BBC Radio 5Live

Paul Fairclough Deputy Programme Controller Signal Radio

Paul Plant Director of Jingles & Imaging Music Wise Buddah

Pete Donaldson Presenter Absolute Radio

Peter Gee Head of Creative Talksport


Nick Jeffrey Radio Interference Analyst BBC

Nicky Ness Controller BFBS Radio

Over judges from across the media, radio and education industries.

Paul Thomas Paul Sylvester Paul Rodgers Producer Head of Presentation Editor BBC Radio 1 Absolute Radio BBC 6Music The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011


Over an amazing Phil Smith Producer Shaun Keavney BBC 6Music

Rachel Houghton Real Radio

Rhys Hughes Executive Producer Chris Moyles, Fearne Cotton & Dev BBC Radio 1


hours of audio in total. Rod McKenzie Editor

Richard Banks Content Producer BBC 6Music & Radio 2

Ricky Marshall Assistant Producer Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs BBC Radio 2

Rowan Collinson Producer Somethin’ Else

Sam Bailey Music Events Editor BBC Audio & Music Interactive

Sam Gregory Executive Producer Round 2 Creative

Samanthi Presenter This Morning

Sarah Ghost Communications Officer London South Bank University

Scott Mills Presenter BBC Radio 1

Simon Green Breakfast Producer Tower, Wire and Wish FM

Simon Long Deputy Programme Director KISS

Sophie Law Deputy Programme Director Jack FM and Glide FM

Sophie Miller Technical Broadcast Assistant BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat

Steve Harris Presenter BBC Radio Solent

Steve Lamacq Presenter BBC 6Music

Talia Kraines Entertainment Liaison Bauer Media

Tim Dye BBC Audio & Music Interactive

Tim Johns Broadcast Assistant & Station Sound Producer BBC Lincolnshire

Vicki Blight Presenter Absolute Radio

Will Jackson (TBC)

BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1Xtra News and Revealed on BBC Switch

Tony Moorey Tulip Mazumdar Tom Green Content Director Presenter Executive Producer Absolute Radio BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat Somethin’ Else The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011


During the Easter holidays in 2011, over 40 student stations arrived at The University of Hertfordshire for a 3 day conference with some of the biggest names in the radio industry taking part in talks, practical sessions and just as importantly, if not more, drinking sessions! Around 350 people attended the biggest conference the Student Radio Association has held to date, with fantastic events throughout including the ‘I Love Student Radio Awards’, ‘Voice of the Awards’ and ‘Demo Factor’.

The conference was hosted by Crush Radio volunteers (the orange crew) who gained invaluable experience and knowledge from the event. Some also went onto find work placements and jobs from the contacts they made through hosting the conference and working with the industry professionals that attended the event. The National Student Radio Conference 2011 was a massive success, here is what some of you guys said on twitter about your time at herts:

The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011


For those who may not know, every year at the student radio conference a new voice is chosen to record all the announcements for tonights now legendary awards ceremony. Former winners and runners up have gone on to become professional voice over artistes working with stations such as BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra. This year auditionees had to impress judges Matt Fisher (Station Sound Producer, BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio 1Xtra), John Lawley (Talent Manager, Wise Buddah Voice Over Agency) and Matt Wilkinson (Presenter, Heart FM and the voice of Blockbuster).

Ryan Arnold

is currently in his final year studying Radio Production at De Montfort University in Leicester and played a big role at Demon FM both presenting and producing shows for the station. He’s also a Ben Townsend ran URN from 2008 professional DJ and plays weekly - 2010 during which time he produced residencies at some of the biggest a complete overhaul of their station clubs in Leicester. sound, from beds and news themes, to IDs and ‘Ntros’.

Congratulations to the winners, Hollie Clarke and Ryan Arnold, who’s voices will be delighting our auditory senses with the ceremony announcements this evening. As well as recording the audio for tonight their prize includes the chance to record their very own personalised professional voice Since then he has worked at BBC Radio reel produced by Wise Buddah and a further voice 5 live; on jingle packages for stations in Canada and Ireland; and spoken at audition with BBC Radio 1. the Student Radio Conference 2011, Thanks to the judges for their time and support Lambeth College and on the podcast and to Crush Radio for making the trip to Hatfield series ‘The Earshot Creative Review’ so much fun. Ben Townsend and his excellent about his work at student radio. compositions for tonights Awards theme and of course Wise Buddah Studios for their time, patience He is now a freelance radio imaging and music producer who has worked most and as ever, fast turn around. recently, with Wise Buddah Jingles and Enjoy your Evening, Music Imaging, and on station sound at John Lawley BBC Radio 1. To find out more about the Wise Buddah Voice Over Agency please visit:

Hollie Clarke

is a former station Manager of Shock Radio and has been heavily involved with Student Radio for three years. While she admits that she absolutely loved it unfortunately she’s now graduated but is really excited to be the voice of the awards this evening.

Kevin was one of the very best at his craft. Where ever he was asked to present a radio show he was always able to instill his uniquely entertaining and dry sense of humour into even the tightest of radio formats. Whether it was a commercial music format during his time at Smooth Radio and XFM or a more speech based format whilst presenting the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show and various shows across BBC Radio 5 Live; he took a delight in perfecting the production and preparation of each and every small element of his show. It was this attention to detail and absolute focus on the output and that made his style of broadcasting seem effortless. Whether it was the ‘Joke du jour’, ’60 second cinema’ or one of the characters he created such as ‘Major Hold-Ups’, the punch line had to entertain, and always did. Tonight the fourth Kevin Greening Award will be presented to a very worthy winner; a piece of radio that follows Kevin’s own radio philosophy and which highlights the spirit and creativity of all

those who have ever been involved with Student Radio. Kevin started off in radio at a student station and during his professional career always took an active role in its promotion, especially during his tenure as Chair of these awards. He was a genuinely warm and generous person and it’s a testament to his adaptability as a presenter that so many stations were eager to employ him. It was an absolute honour and privilege to have managed such a driven and inspirational broadcaster. Chris North Joint MD and Head of Talent Wise Buddah

Everything about tonight would not have been possible without the support, guidance and job-endangering dedication of some of the people below. There is simply not enough room to properly mention everyone, but we want you all to know that we truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us this year - even if it meant giving Kyle a hi-five when he was feeling stressed out! Thankyou, from the bottom of our hearts! The level of support we receive from the professional industry constantly surprises us and it’s only thanks to all our sponsors that we can put on such a fantastic event tonight. A huge “cheers” must go to each of them for their continuing to support and dedication to student radio. A special thanks must go to BBC Radio 1. As headline sponsors they have helped us our every step along the way. We’d like to take this moment to mention former Controller, Andy Parfitt who has always been a fantastic supporter of student radio. During his time at BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra he managed to raise the profile of student radio throughout the industry, proving its importance and standing. Andy, thank you. This year at Radio 1 we’d like to thank Jocelin Stainer who has been a fantastic liaison between the SRA and Yalding House. We would also like thanks our co-headline sponsors, PPL, for their continued support of the Awards. But there’s more! I’d like to recognize other areas of the BBC for helping with this year’s awards: Radio 4, Five Live and 6Music, who have all been brilliant sponsors!

University photographers (make sure you smile for them)! Thanks to Kenny and Lorna from IndigO2 for allowing us to hassle them for the fourth year running. The SRA Executive also deserve a huge thank you for their tireless efforts in coordinating this year’s awards, particularly our events officer, Kyle Wilkinson. Special thanks also go to Matt Hurst, who deals with the SRA’s finances and makes sure we don’t go bankrupt, Thom Palser, our membership and communications officer, Laurence Moreton our marketing officer for securing a lot of support for external companies and radio groups. Lee Sevenoaks, and his team of regional officers for arranging last month’s regional nominations and our first ever I Love Student Radio Day events. Finally we must thank you - the up and comers - for making tonight the reason we all get together, celebrate and get excited about the future of the industry! You’re awesome! Cheers! Fred Bradley -Chair | Student Radio Association

We are particularly pleased this year to be able to include sponsors from right across the radio industry. Special thanks must go to Paul Sylvester of Absolute Radio, James Rea and Chris Stevens from GMG Radio, and Ric Blaxhill of Bauer Media. A massive thank you must to go all of this years judges (over 100 of them!). These people dedicate a huge amount of their valuable personal time to make the awards possible - all because they enjoy encouraging new talent, and supporting student radio. We would like to thank our Head Judges Tim Dye, Sarah Ghost, Abi Willey and Jonathan Pascoe, who have had the hard task of marshaling judges up and down the country. Special thanks must go to Sarah Ghost who once again has gone above and beyond the required workload and been a huge help to the SRA Executive over the past few months. Thanks also to Annie Mac, Chair of the Awards, and our hosts tonight, Scott Mills, and Huw Stephens. This is Annie’s first year as Chair of the Awards, we hope that she’ll love it, and will continue to help support student radio in the coming years. Thanks also to John Lawley and everyone at Wise Buddah for putting together the majority of tonight’s audio and videos, especially to Ben Townsend for creating our soundtrack for this evening. Thanks to Scott Robinson (also our Web Officer), who tonight is running our live stream, live blogging and social media output, and to Adam Edworthy for our amazing awards graphics. Also Kenny England who is the SRA’s super designer, who had the huge job of putting together this very thing you hold in your hands! I’d also like to thank Solent Productions for being brilliant in filming the awards, and always picking up on new suggestions to improve their output for us and to the London South Bank The Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and PPL 2011


SRA Awards rough 2  
SRA Awards rough 2  

SRA Awards rough 2