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Healthcare Information Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Technology is Hot!

Fall 2011 $6.95


Book Review

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March/April 2012

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The Risk Issue

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Way of the Wilder

by Christophe Karne Frost

Squire marketing and news services

Cover photo by Daniel Siboni

Demons Are Not Your Friends by Michael C.S. Wilson

When Smart People Do Dumb Things

Wanting More Meaning

by Shawn Murphy

by Tracy Saville

Do the Work You’re Meant To Do

Tara Gentile: Profitable Actualization

by Brian Silverthorn

by Lori Anderson

Before the Vision

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Career Outlook:

Cyber Security and

Jobs for Vets

$6.95 $6.95

unity’s Magazine

The STEM Comm

F. Amos General James of the

Commandant Marine Corps Member of the Staff Joint Chiefs of


Lieutenant Genera s Willie J. William Director, Staff Marine Corps


arge:a the acStrohnge r Americ Building

Impeccable design. Proven experience. Winning attitude.

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The 7-Step Battl

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Goals That Matte

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Edition 2010


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Squire Marketing and News Services • (269) 591-7854 •


akthroughod: Zero To Bree-Te sted Meth




Squire is

Your Design Wingman

Since launching in 2011, Squire has designed more than 3,000 pages of editorial and marketing collateral for clients of all sizes. That’s all we do. We’re not a big graphic design firm with a thousand specialties; we focus on what we do best. With a team of U.S.-based professional designers—each with at least 10 years’ experience in their field—we pride ourselves on building partnerships with our clients and being available to them 24/7, 365 days a year. We work on the latest software, use the latest technology and keep abreast of the current best practices in magazine, catalog and corporate design. Whether you need a design firm to handle everything from initial design ideas to a fully realized end product, or just someone to “fill the gaps,” Squire is available to help. We are 100 percent committed to all of our clients, regardless of the size of their budget or level of need.

About Our Principal Bryan Clapper has a diverse background in graphic design and publication management, having risen through the ranks of two different national publishing companies, eventually becoming the publisher and vice president of a seven-title operation before deciding to strike out on his own. Having previously been a client of an outsourced design firm, Bryan knows from experience what it takes to build a relationship that makes an outsourced art team operate like they’re just down the hall from their clients. A native of St. Paul, Minn., Bryan has lived in Belgium, the United Kingdom, North Dakota and Indiana. He now lives in southwest Michigan with his wife, Jessie, and office cat, Alton.

GettingOrganized MAGAZINE



Gardens of the WINTER 2012 • VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1


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A global cardiovascular alliance project

July/August 2012











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ARBITRON Urban PD Clinic




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Display until September 15, 2012

Magazine Design Magazine design requires a special set of skills. The design must be crisp and readerfocused, but also engaging enough to keep readers on the page. In the United States, readers spend an average of 42 minutes with a single issue of a magazine, a statistic that gives magazines an edge when attracting advertisers. Good magazine design ensures that your title won’t be set aside for one that you don’t have a financial interest in. Squire can handle a little bit of a product’s design or the whole thing. If you want to provide just the text and photos, we can design the advertisements and pull it all together. If your inhouse composing staff has already built the ads, or if your customers have supplied them, we can simply flow the content around the ads and make sure that every page shines.


The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Reopens

Aligning Industry, Government, and Philanthropy

Summer 2012

What Would Today’s


History to Fresh Infusions

What Our Clients Say: “Bryan and the team at Squire are professionals of the highest caliber. Not only is the quality of their work outstanding, but they are great to work with.” —Adam Longaker Managing Partner The Publishing Firm One Heart Magazine

“Since the launch of our digital magazine we’ve received nothing less than the highest compliments on the look and feel of the magazine. Squire has a tremendous talent to create something from nothing with very little direction for ad and editorial design. A true professional who gets the big picture.” —Rich Borell Publisher Silicon Valley Local Magazine

“We just can’t say enough about Squire… truly exceptional designer, professional, and craftsman. Sold—we will hire Squire again and again!” —Tracy Saville Publisher Leading Possibilties Magazine

“It is a real pleasure to work with such a professional designer and a business-minded person. I would highly recommend Squire for anyone who is looking for design work done by a professional, responsible and affordable company.” —Dave Ratner, Dean & Tyler LLC

Marketing and Catalog Design Squire designs advertisements and marketing materials for clients across the country, from small to large ads in magazines and newspapers to complete marketing collateral packages for corporations. We offer per-ad or per-page rates for publishers, package rates for identity kits for corporations, and the flexibility to turn advertisements around in as little as 24 hours. Unlike off-shore advertising design companies, Squire’s designers are all U.S.-based with at least 10 years of professional print design experience, and work during East Coast business hours.

Finally, an organizer you won’t want to hide behind the door. With contemporary prints and hand-selected colors that blend with any décor, our stylish organizers can be used for so much more than shoes. Organize your kichen, kids’ rooms, craft room, laundry room and more.

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ORGANIZE in style

In the art of entertaining, little can rival the aromatic, colorful presentation of


Let Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme Catering bring a Taste of Spain to your next event with paëlla cooked right in front of you and your guests.

What’s on your

Career Menu?

Check out the career menu designed to help you bridge your transition from college to the workplace. It’s never too early to begin planning. In fact, the earlier you start planning for you first job, the better it will be for you.



soup & salad: Networking and Mentors

It is often said, “It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know.” That is only partly true; you do need to know something, but whom you know is also very important. That’s why, when you attend one of our events, you have access to professionals ranging in experience from the entry level to the executive ranks. And we encourage you to network with them, and to mentorship relationships. 1. develop Heavy-duty

SCAN THE stitched Handle CODE TO with 9 p.m. heavy-duty Friday, Feb. 17, 2012 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012 SEE IT IN Networking Reception Meet the Winners D-ring for casual 10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18,ACTION 2012 walks BEYA Gala Closing Reception

2. Heavy-duty no-pull D-Ring to stop dog from Dessert: Role Models pulling



We give you a glimpse into what the working world is like through the stories of men and women who have been 3. inVelcro patch oncases each your place, in some only a few years ago. The accomplishments of these individuals and their stories are tools side (2) that will bring clarity to your goals, inspire you to complete your studies and remain beacons for success for years to come.

4. Venues: Two heavy-duty pulling Sides: D-rings for exercise 7:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 18,or sport Resume Writing Workshop 5.


2012 Job Interviews HBCU Engineering Deans’ Scholarships Heavy-duty easy-release buckle Breakfast Prizes and Giveaways Inter-Collegiate Networking and adjustable girth strap 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012 BEYA Awards Gala

Many handlers prefer using a harness instead of a collar. With a harness, pressure is diverted away from the dog’s throat and onto the chest and shoulders, thereby avoiding accidental choking or neck injuries. Also, dogs who slip out of their collars will find escaping harnesses to be nearly impossible.

Premium Products for Medium, Large and Extra-Large Breeds

Besides safety benefits, a harness is great for training and exercising your pet.

6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4, 2011 Student Leadership and Scholarship Awards Dinner CCG-JULT Poster Competition Presentations

Main Course: Career Opportunities and Information If you’ve chosen wisely, you’ve prepared yourself for the ultimate goal – to land your first job or internship. Your goal may simply be to prepare your toolkit for the future. The main course will give you access to relevant information presented in our seminars and workshops to shore up your career plan.




Ever wondered about the kids who set the grade curve in your calculus class? We’ve asked them to share their stories with you. Their candor about their triumphs and even failures before success is a great pick-me-up that sets the tone for your experience at the conference.

dogs, find pulling to be a fun and rewarding form of exercise for their pets. The back D-rings make attaching a dog to a cart or children’s sled possible, and the harness construction DT Universal is both a no-pull and pulling harness. The D-ring on the front chest strap stops a dog from pulling makes pulling comfortable and safe for the pet. Please note: for competition on walks, while the two D-rings on the back straps evenly distribute weight if a dog is intentionally pulling weight-pull, DT Pull, a specialized carting harness is recommended; DT for exercise or sport. The additional ring on the handle is convenient for casual walks with a dog that is neither Universal is for amateur pulling and daily exercising. pulling or in need of correction from pulling. Ease of Use and Care The No-Pull Correction When a dog pulls while the leash is attached to chest DT Universal has two convenient buckles: one on the girth strap D-ring, the dog will turn himself toward the handler because he will not physically be allowed to walk and another on the chest strap between the dog’s legs; straight. Depending on the dog’s learning curve and adjust the girth and chest the owner’s will to train, the dog should become strap for a perfect fit. This accustomed to walking without pulling even when neoprene nylon harness the leash is not placed on the front chest ring. is machine washable; we recommend letting Pulling for Exercise air dry. Many owners of working breeds and other energetic


10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012 BEYA Career Fair & Expo Select From 15+ Workshops and Seminars

Get Started Today! 2012 BEYA STEM Global Competitiveness Conference A Multicultural Event

Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, PA

On-Campus Contact: Name: Email: Phone:

February 16-18, 2012 For additional information or to register visit

Conference Contact:

Kayenecha Daugherty (410) 244-7101 Ext. 116

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In 2010, of the 21 students attending one of our events from Jackson State University, 17 were offered jobs on the spot!

Case Study

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La Vista

La Vista

Congressman Ben Ray Luján Champions Renewable Energy

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Shares His Views from the Top

La Communidad

La Communidad

Hispanics Making Breakthroughs in Health IT

HACU President Appointed to Homeland Security Academic Advisory Council

Technologia del Mundo


Dealing with the Emerging Technologies Divide

Fall 2011 $6.95

Career Outlook Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Healthcare Information Technology is Hot!

Career Outlook: Cyber Security and Jobs for Vets

Technologia del Mundo


Civil Engineers Widen the Panama Canal: A Project that Affects Ports all over the World

Spring 2012 $6.95

Book Review

Career Outlook Hispanic Presence in Nation’s Computer Science Ph.D. Programs Grows

Book Review

The Browning of America: Latinos in the United States

The Diversity Index: Alarming Truth About Diversity in Corporate America


moSt aDmIrED

companies for

minority technology geeks



NEw prIorIty,



hISpaNIc DoctorS

40 uNDEr 40



President and ceo, latinos in information sciences and technology Association (listA)

$6.95 $6.95

General James F. Amos


rISINg StarS in stem

The STEM Community’s Magazine




Commandant of the Marine Corps Member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Lieutenant General Willie J. Williams Director, Marine Corps Staff


the charge:


Zero To Breakthrough:

Building a Stronger America

Through Leadership & Innovation

The 7-Step Battle-Tested Method

for Accomplishing Goals That Matter

America’s Other Heroes: Top Executives in the Senior Executive Service


a e Tod Phon

Senior Vice President Cisco Systems


USBE&IT Homeland Security, Government and Defense Edition 2010

ll sse Ru se ther of ell s e C J Fa y’s



in the


lmost a hundred commissioned officers are featured in USBE&IT magazine’s Top Blacks in the Military roll call. They may be in different services and on different paths, but all have one thing in common: exciting and rewarding careers in the United States Armed Forces. Many enlisted first and then trained to be officers; others started ahead of the game and went straight into the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). After graduating from college and completing the ROTC program, each member who entered active duty was awarded an officer rank. Depending on what type of military jobs piqued their interest, different branches of the U.S. armed forces allowed them to pursue the careers and the experience they were looking for.

Top Hispanic Women in Technology

In this Homeland Security and Defense issue of USBE&IT magazine, we bring you the latest chapter in the careers of officers in aviation, armor, infantry, military intelligence, and civilian life. Less than one-half of one percent of commissioned officers in the American military make it into the top echelon.





Career Communications Group Baltimore, Md. U.S. Black Engineer & I.T. magazine, Women of Color magazine and Hispanic Engineer and I.T. magazine For more than 20 years, Career Communications Group has been the leading voice of minorities in the science, technology engineering and math fields through their three magazine titles. For the last year, Squire has handled all editorial design duties for CCG’s titles, U.S. Black Engineer & I.T., Women of Color magazine and Hispanic Engineer and Information Technology magazine, as well as marketing design for the company’s annual conferences.

HISPANIC ENGINEER & Information Technology | 2012


BLaCk EngInEEr OF ThE YEar AwArd winners

Black Engineer of the Year


David L. Steward

Founder and Chairman of the Board World Wide Technology Inc.

avid L. Steward is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of World Wide Technology Inc. (WWT), an awardwinning systems integrator and one of the largest minorityowned businesses in the United States. Steward is an exemplary leader, climbing to the top with sheer tenacity and building his business on the best American values.

USBE&it i Winter 2012 9

siness Owners sing Women Bu agazine Showca Atlanta’s #1 M e of Robert Lee In Remembranc

Kathy Addison

We Support

Thomas, Jr.


Coldwell Bankererties Premier Prop

a Spark Plug

Let’s Do Business!

St. Augustine, FL


Leading Ladies in

Atlantea Busin ss 2012 elebrating

Women Business Owners IN






ice Hometown Serv ections nn Co e id w ld Wor

s r e h s i l b u Custom PTurn to Squire

riety of ublishers in a va p m o st cu l ra rs’ support for seve regional visito n d ig an es g d in g et in k o g on ience siness mar Squire provides abundant exper rofit, small-bu d -p an n o s n le u g ed in h d u sc duction ject. specialties, incl rates, flexible pro for your next pro e er iv it tn et ar p p m l co ea h id ire is the guides. Wit publishing, Squ m o st cu f o s ea in all ar





Hebron, Kentucky

on Welcome to Hebr

So, You Want to me? Stay in Your Ho

Great Hair to Wear!

History of the Department


Anniversary 1937-2012

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About Your Hair!

Let Us Help You… From Fine to Fabulous!

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• 2012 One Love Gospel Cruise • Philadelphia Gospel Music Conference

2012 What Would Today’s



feels good about


Preserving Our Roots

&GOSpel HiStORy


ew to the music scene, R&B singer Chrystian has already attracted the attention of and worked with many prominent and award-winning producers including Oak (Mario), popular Soundclick producer, Vybe Beatz, and The Jackie Boyz, who have worked with Jennifer Lopez, Cee-Lo and Mann, and wrote the platinum-selling song “Eenie Meenie,” performed by Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber. In May, 2010, Chrystian won the opportunity through to fly to Los Angeles and work with platinum-selling, Grammy-winning production duo Midi Mafia, best known for their work on 50-Cent’s #1 single “21 Ques- Midi Mafia tions” and Fantasia Barrino’s “When I See U,” the third song from her self-titled album Fantasia. Since working with him in the studio, Midi Mafia have continued to mentor him and have described him as “the total package.”

“The total package.”


Hometown: Columbus, OH In 2011, Chrystian was signed to the growing record label NZBeersa distributed through Sony Red. First Single Off Debut Album: ‘Go’ Featuring Lil Twist Debut album, Genesis: Scheduled

for release in 2013.

have been compared Chrystian’s incredible vocal abilities Ne-Yo. with Usher, Chris Brown and talent as a singer, songwriter, Chrystian is a multi-faceted & dancing since 1st and dancer, who has been singing grade. More info @ on the Radio Single Available at www.frequen One DDS Music Server

RADIO CONTACT: Wayman Jones,



By Tanya LaNice


with my imagination when it comes to writing and some is very personal. I just couldn’t do it any other way this time.

tell myself to take it a lot more seriously when it comes to writing and what you want the world to see.

Your song “Daughters” is a deep testimony. How is your relationship with your kids? How did you spend Father’s Day this year? It’s great but could be better. I need to spend more time with them. It’s always business going on. Music takes me everywhere and it’s a crazy life. I’m honestly tired of it and ready to be with them more. I spent the day before Father’s Day with my son and Father’s Day I spent with my daughter.

Life Is Good has gone to number 1 already overseas. You have a strong fan base – especially in NY. Do you sense that your fans are always anxiously waiting to hear from you? No. You never know. People grow up and some grow out of rap music as a whole. I don’t expect anything. I know there are still people around that are going to like my stuff. I never know how many people it can potentially reach. I feel like a new artist and I want to slow grind and build myself back up. Once you’re at the top there’s nowhere to go but down. So I’d like to stay in a great place and challenge myself and have it hard for me every time - that way it’s honest and you see what I’m made of.

Would you encourage your kids to follow in your footsteps musically? I wouldn’t encourage anything other than something I think is going to be positive. If they want to do Hip Hop, then they want to do Hip Hop. I want to encourage them to follow their dreams. I wouldn’t limit that to doing one specific thing.

“In a way, I’m a purist when it comes to my music. I stand up for it. I think that mostly stands out.”

Your current outlook captures a sense of growth. I heard you say that you have a realistic understanding that all that you’ve experienced was simply LIFE. How did you get to that point? I think I was just born not feeling like I was better than anybody else, but not worse than anyone either. I never had jealousy in me, not to the point where it hindered me. I was always the voice of reason around my crew. When people wanted to do crazy stuff and commit crazy crimes, I was the one that didn’t have the rage and anger. I felt like the way I feel am now. I always just stayed chill, especially in a crazy business where people are fake. I just stayed me. I have no problem with that. I don’t have to act like something I’m not. I never felt like that was a skill I had to work on. I felt like all I had to do was be me and work hard to accomplish what I wanted to do. All the other stuff doesn’t matter.

You have a lot of women that love and follow you. What’s it like to get that kind of attention and be one of the hottest “bad boys” in the game? It’s like anything else. Lots of people have lots of attention from females, especially in this industry. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m grateful.


as is back and has momentously positioned his feet on Hip Hop ground with the release of his 10th solo CD, “Life Is Good”. A perfected collaboration of beats, mixes and genuine lyrics infiltrate this project as he deals with his past, present and future. Nas has truly evolved and taken a stance that declares prolific maturity with a raw yet truthful outlook on life. He is in his prime as an artist and he’s boldly taking the craft of Hip Hop to another level.

Looking back on your past relationships, would you ever consider getting married again? If so, what attributes do you look for and prefer in a woman? I look at Dr. King and Coretta Scott King, President Barack and Michelle Obama. Married people amaze me. I love the ones that stick together. I am a family guy but I had bad times. I would love to be married again. I like the subtle things. I like smart women, strong women. That’s what I really like.

It’s been 18 years since the release of your debut project Illmatic. You’ve evolved from declaring “Life’s a B*tch” on your first release to now declaring “Life Is Good.” Talk about the peaks and the pits during the past 18 years. It’s really so much I can start with. So much I can get into. It’s like a book. I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m happy to be alive and happy to be here. My passion for music is still here. All the things that happened to me, happened around me, all the things I made happen, and even all the things that didn’t happen - I just appreciate life. Why did you get so personal on this CD with “Bye Baby” and other tracks? I always like to do things that are about me being creative

What makes you happy? Seeing others happy. Making accomplishments. My children. Love. Food. My favorite food is grilled seafood.

What would the Nas today now say to the young Nas of yesteryear? I would tell the young Nas don’t worry about anything. Everything’s gonna be good. Keep doing what you’re doing. I would tell the young me to do it better because so many people are now listening and will be listening to your material forever because once you release material, it’s out there forever. I would

What’s next for Nas? I basically have reached a place that I haven’t seen done in Rap and I’m just trying to take it all in and see which way God will direct me. I’m going to enjoy entertaining with this album - see where it takes me and ride the waves. There are so many different interesting things happening today with technology and everything. I’m just looking at the future and walking with it. FREQUENCYNEWS.COM AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012 25


Divine Dozen

The 2

by Tanya LaNice

012 was a great year in the Gospel Music world with fresh, anointed music dominating the airways for many artists. They toured, worked special events, made TV and radio station appearances and had their music in great demand! Although so many more can be included in this list, we are taking a look at 12 of Gospel’s hottest acts for 2012. Take a look…

Byron Cage This Grand Rapids, Michigan native has truly tapped into the power of Praise and Worship with the 2012 release of his CD, Memoirs of a Worshipper

Music is your passion and your life. What would you say has been the loudest and most consistent message you have sent through your music over the years? In a way, I’m a purist when it comes to my music. I stand up for it. I think that mostly stands out.

Your daughter’s mother, Carmen, wrote an alleged tell-all book with some pretty unnerving statements. Were you ever upset about the book? I was disappointed but I wasn’t surprised. It went along with her character as a person. Some people just don’t get it. They don’t appreciate life and don’t appreciate God. They’re selfish and angry. Born that way and gonna die that way. It’s a shame that some people are alive but really will not have lived one day in their life.

Dorinda Clark Cole Charles Jenkins While Pastoring thousands at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, he found time to produce and score big with his #1 hit single “Awesome”.

She’s relevant, personable, and her singing and preaching are touching hearts from ages 9 to 99. Dr. Cole’s latest release, “I Survived”, is a must have CD.

JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise

Kierra Sheard She’s a rock star for Jesus and with her own style and radical ministry, KiKi is turning the hearts of youth all over the world to Christ!

James Fortune & FIYA He overcame the odds and has become a Gospel favorite – proving that the power and favor of God is real in his life…and through his music.

Always delivering a message of hope and victory, JJ Hairston’s ministry and music is reaching the masses from generation to generation.

Mary Mary When it comes to blessings, Mary Mary is telling everyone to “Go Get It!” Talented and energetic, their ministry seems to be reinvented with each CD release.

Fred Hammond Earnest Pugh Audiences are hearing him hit octave ranges like never before as he tours singing his hits “I Need Your Glory” and “Rain On Us”

His music is smooth and real – just like his personality. He has a celebrated ministry declaring love and reconciliation between man and Christ…and man and woman.

Karen Clark Sheard With a powerful ministry and incomparable vocals, First Lady Sheard truly owns the rights to her untouchable signature runs and unbelievable echoes….echoes… echoes.

Tamela Mann Pure worship pours from the pure heart of this vocal powerhouse. Her smash single “Take Me To The King” has become a personal ballad of Christians across the nation.

VaShawn Mitchell He entered everyone’s hearts and homes with this single “Nobody Greater” and he’s back with a brand new CD released in 2012 called ’Created 4 This’


Radio One New York, N.Y. The Frequency News Frequency Inspirational Frequency News and Frequency Inspirational are the official magazines of Radio One, one of the largest radio networks in the country, with more than 53 stations and a stake in the TVOne cable network. Squire provides complete editorial design services for both titles, as well as advertising design for record labels who advertise on Radio One’s new media channels. In this capacity, Squire has designed ads for some of the industry’s top talent, including 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Nicki Minaj and others.

Case Study life & leisure










Emerging Designers

Mary &Moe

From A&E’s Storage WarS: texaS

Upcycling TrAsh in To cAsh


Disney Presents the lion King tour Disney is known for their over the top productions and they are most famous for the musical The Lion King. In the first year, the Lion King won six Tony Awards including: Best Direction, Best Choreography, Best Scenic, Costume, and Lighting Design, and of course, the all esteemed Best Musical. The musical follows the story of Simba through the trials and tribulations of growing up. The show does have a dark plot to it, with characters finding themselves in peril. Disney wants their musicals to appeal to everyone. While watching a Disney production it is hard to figure out exactly who the target audience is. In some scenes there are extremely graphic deaths on stage and in other scenes, the characters make jokes geared towards a younger audience. Aside from the broad demographic, the creative team did a stunning job with the show. This is one of the few shows with a full cast. Most of the time, when a Broadway show goes on tour, the production reduces the cast, which reduces the size of the cast in the musical numbers and makes the musical less exciting. In most Disney musicals, Disney has taken every step to avoid this. I was particularly excited the learn that Disney kept the tradition of the musical Lion King and cast children in children’s roles, like Young Nala

thE coMPlEtE Dallas

and Young Simba, and Disney also cast native Africans in the show. When you hear someone speak of this particular musical, you will find them talking about the amazing puppets in the show. Similar to the Avenue Q effect, a puppet on Broadway sounds like a bad idea. That is, until you see the show. During the opening number I found the puppets endearing, but distracting. As the show progressed, I found myself noticing the puppet/actor separation less and I found that I was beginning to treat the puppet/actor as one character. At the end of the show, I could completely understand the use of the puppets in the show, and think without the puppets, the show would have been less exciting. All of the hype about this musical since the Broadway debut is much deserved. Any flaws of the show are easily forgiven during the performance. I would absolutely recommend this show to any adults or young adults. Disney Presents The Lion King is part of the Broadway Across America series. The cost of a tickets ranges from $25 to $125. To find out when Disney Presents The Lion King will be showing in your area go to lng

Texas 2928 n Henderson ave Dallas, tX 75206


the gypsy Wagon has something for every taste and every price range. the store features a selection from local artists and designers. on a rotating basics, the selection changes, this keeps the items new and encourages their patrons to shop locally. Many of the designers work with sustainable, recycled and local materials. if you are located outside of the Dallas area, you can shop online!

i could not pick just one store as a splurge because there were two stores that represent an investment in the future of the Dallas fashion scene. The first choice is a small boutique, with a small selection of the highest quality. the other store is large and is dedicated to finding anything and everything that the upscale shopper wants and desires.

Wagon The Gypsy


to men and women that want something special. With selections from designers like alexander McQueen to viktor and rolf, this store has nothing but the best of the best for their customers. the t room in Forty Five ten is a special experience where customers are wined and dined while they shop.

forty five ten 4510 McKinney avenue Dallas, tX 75205

Forty five ten is an upscale boutique that caters

TEXAs shoppinG

shane hill


lng’s gUiDE To

Author of Alabama Tailgate

Living Neo Green Columbus, Ohio Living Neo Green is a national digital magazine focused on eco-friendly living, fashion and food. Distributed on the iPad, Amazon Fire and through the Web, Living Neo Green contains page after page of useful, practical tips for readers seeking to live a more “green” life. Squire provides editorial design services and prepares the product for use on digital platforms.


shops that have something for everyone


the best place in town to find that one-of-akind look

going grEEn

shops to satisfy your eco-friendly needs

21 21

images courtesy of Disney

ShoPPing gUidE

the gypsy Wagon


Where to go to support local designers


Where to go when you do not have a budget


Where to go when you are on a budget


getting local

fashion local geTTing

Mary & Moe


he hit reality series on A&E Storage Wars: Texas is a reality show based in Texas. Where the cameras follow cast members as they bid on abandoned storage units, located all over the state. Cast members bring their own money and come to the auctions with hopes of uncovering hidden treasures, buried deep in a storage unit. Walt Cade, the auctioneer opens each show in the second season with a narration about the town, a little history, and sometimes a good joke. Then, Wade stands on the back of the pickup truck and states the rules of the auction for the crowd. “You get five minutes to look around. There will be no stepping inside, no reaching inside, and no kicking the boxes. There will be no dash for cash.” Walt asks the crowd if they are ready. You hear a cheer, and they are off. Viewers can watch the drama unfold as cast members bid, plot, and plan against each other to win a storage unit or to runup the price of a storage unit. Walt starts the bid off at the lowest price as war breaks out amongst the bidders. The price of the storage unit can soar if the right items are in site. Before you know it, the bid is going once, going twice, it’s sold to the highest bidder. Cast members with the highest bid take possession of the storage unit. It is a gamble as they rummage through the rebel to find items they can resale for a profit. When they find antiques or rare items, cast members can double, triple or earn back 10xs their initial investment. In Mary and Moe’s case, they have a unique partnership to turn trash in to cash. We caught up with Mary and Moe in Dallas at Moe’s gallery, the River Regency. We talked about their early years, their galleries, and their partnership to transform trash in to cash on Storage Wars: Texas.

UPcycling trasH in to casH

By Benita Williams

Hair/Make-Up by Amy May Photography by Mark Herron Wardrobe Styling by Lindsay Weatherread Styling Assisted by Juan Lerma

pink checker shirt and turquoise pocket square by sebastian’s Closet

Mary: The Deanna Gown by Edgar Gomez, $4,500




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the name given to the valley, which means, nown for its majestic rock By staff Writer “among them are killers.” In the mid 1800’s formations and wide-open European explorers and gold miners settled in the Yosemite Valley. As tales of the wildflower meadows, Yosemite spread, famous artist such as Ansel Yosemite of grandeur miles square National Park covers 1,169 Adams and Thomas Hill, in addition to other writers and North in waterfall tallest the to home is and artists took up their pens and paintbrushes to sell their work in the park. Today, visitors can still find remnants of mining America, Yosemite Falls. towns outside the park and there is always a resident artist


The Yosemite Valley was first settled by the Ahwahneechee tribe. This Native American tribe inspired

or photographer on-site. Here is a list of our favorite places in Yosemite National Park.

Where to stay camping and rVs

95% of yosemite is wilderness. there are numerous campsites scattered all over the park. Some campsites are on a first come, first served basis, others campsites requires a reservation. rv camps and riding trails are a common theme for the national parks. visit http://www. for more information.

it takes a village

one step above tent camping is well... a bigger tent. curry village offers 427 canvas tents that mingle the best of the outdoors and essential comforts of home for $115 a night. the tents have a basic wood frame, some have heating units, electrical lights, beds with linens, but, no plumbing. the rate is for couples, and there are additional charges that range from $6$12 for additional adults and children. if you do not want to camp, the curry village also offers motel style rooms and cabins, with rates that range up to $200 a night. you can make reservations online at


yosemite lodge yosemite lodge at the Falls launched their campaign to increase the eco-friendliness of their accommodations. in 2010 they proudly opened two deluxe rooms for the eco-friendly traveler. Upon request, you can book one of their green rooms. availability is limited, so make your reservations early. rates vary based on the type of room, visit for reservations and additional information.

intriguing and historical

The Ahwahnee Hotel is a magnificent resort that comes with a lengthy history. During World War ii it functioned as a naval hospital for two years. Queen elizabeth, Judy garland, and

several presidents all paid visits to see the art Deco design and a collection of the traditional native american Motifs. the luxury hotel offers views of the Half Dome, glacier Point, and yosemite Falls. the hotel is highly rated and includes room options from cottages to suites. Book online at www.

photos by h smyth



JUSt for MEn

shops to make the boys happy

Case Study SUMMER 2012

silicon valleylocal Your Silicon Valley Connection


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John A. Sobrato

and The Art of Making a Difference

The Bay area’s Weekend Idea and recommendaTIon socIal medIa WeBsITe WInTer 2012

Meet Jed York

Your Resource for

CEO of the San Francisco 49ers



Weekend Ideas sIlIcon Valley/PenInsula edITIon

Silicon Valley


IcIng on the cake





WInter 2012 EaT OUT & EnjOy…bOn appETiT!

Silicon Valley Local Magazine, Peninsula Local Magazine, Finally Friday, Bay Area Bridal Guide, Silicon Valley Dining Out, Silicon Valley Professionals San Jose, Calif. Squire has been the editorial and advertising designer of record for this six-title group since the launch of its first title, Silicon Valley Local Magazine, in late 2011. The digital-only titles, read mostly through their respective websites, include local stories, advertisements, entertainment guides, columns from local politicians and business magnates, and interviews with CEOs of major corporations, the owner of the San Francisco 49ers, Silicon Valley technology stars and others.

“A true professional who gets the big picture.” —Rich Borell, Publisher, Silicon Valley Local, Peninsula Local, Finally Friday, Bay Area Bridal Guide, Silicon Valley Dining Out and Silicon Valley Professionals


A Bay Area Tradition

foR nEw LovERs



hen the email came, reading, “Do you want to take a Tesla for the day?” my first thought was, “does anyone ever

say no?” But there it was: A soon-to-be on-sale Model S sedan. All black, all electric, all the hopes of the electric vehicle market riding on (and in) its smooth leather interior. You probably already know what the Model S looks like, but here’s how it rides: Terrific. It’s a sports sedan, after all, that (in the top of the line model I got to try) will cost you about $110,000. It’s as comfortable, fast, tight, and exotic as anything else on the road today. But before you decide between the Tesla and that BMW, Audi, Jaguar, or Porsche, remember this: The Model S never has to get gas. Think about that. As fast as anything you could want. You’ll get stares everywhere you go. The giant iPad-like screen on the dashboard is awesome. And you’ll never get gas again. In fact, the top of the line mode will let you go more than 300 miles between charges. The electric engine is as smooth as anything out there. In fact, because electric energy is always ready to go, your acceleration is instant in the Tesla. Not a gradual ramping up; you hit the pedal, and you’re off. It’s a cool feeling. Now, admittedly, the Model S is not for most of us. It’s too expensive. I loved the day I spent with it, and getting back into my little hybrid hatchback

If you are plotting your honeymoon, don’t default to the standard options. The key to having a great honeymoon to remember is figuring out what location is going to best suit your needs.


Discover the special gift of wellness and peace in your life. Welcome to Immune Matrix, an alternative medical clinic, where we are passionate about optimizing one’s health!

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Symptoms and conditions caused by toxicity include: Fatigue Insomnia Headaches and Migraines Arthritis Skin Eruptions Immune Disorders Depression Muscle and Joint Aches Allergies Frequent Colds

• • • • • •

Sinusitis and other infections Slow wound healing Constipation Nerve Disorders Circulatory Disturbances Memory and Attention Difficulties • Menstrual Disorders and Infertility • Tumors

Immune Matrix LLC

920 Hillview Ct. Ste. 140 Milpitas, CA (408) 262-6900

afterwards was a little heartbreaking. But that goes for all performance cars in that price range. They’ll always be great, but far too expensive. What the Model S promises is a future for electric cars. Not just rare sports cars for well-heeled drivers, but for families everywhere. If you’re like me, you love cars, you love technology, but you also love the idea of a future without gas stations. It’s coming. Fast. Scott Budman is an Emmy award-winning reporter, covering business and technology for NBC Bay Area News. He is also the host of the weekly NBC show, “TechNow,” and can be heard doing business updates every afternoon on KNBR radio. You can find Scott on Twitter: @scottbudman

#1 Town & Country Village Palo Alto (650) 323-1555

Call us now for a toxicity check-up! • • • • • • • • • •


By Scott Budman

fter the wedding comes the honeymoon, and if you are planning out your honeymoon, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, think about the timing. While a honeymoon is intended to help you relax after the wedding, some people do poorly with travel after stress. Make sure that you time your honeymoon for a time that pleases you. Explore your options, and think about what you like. For example, are you a couple that loves to rough it? If so, you’ll find that camping in a national park like Yellowstone might be perfect. On the other hand, if you want something more homey, what about escaping to a private but luxurious cabin in Maine? If you are more interested in urban fun, why not consider a large city, like New York, Chicago or San Diego? The most important thing is to choose a location that works for you. Budget carefully for your honeymoon. A wedding is a fairly expensive proposition no matter what, so make sure that your honeymoon does not leave your wallet flat. However, remember that honeymoons can take any shape you wish, so don’t be afraid to dream big! Some people mitigate the cost of their honeymoon by putting things that they need for it on the wedding registry.

Scott Budman

My Date With a Tesla

1. Save time. Don’t spend hours searching for the price, hotel or adventure you want. A travel consultant can review multiple airline, hotel and car availability simultaneously and quickly help you zero in on what you really want from your travel experience.

with 5 offices on the west coast and more than 150 employees, gather current and diverse travel feedback on a daily basis. Their consultants tap into this consistent flow of first-hand knowledge to give you reliable advice and appropriate recommendations for each aspect of your trip. Each consultant’s personal contacts 2. Avoid information overload. With so much both domestically and internationally provide real benefits for you - access to places not usuinformation available it’s difficult not to beally available to the general public, no waiting come confused and overwhelmed. A good consultant will pinpoint the best products and in entrance lines, private car & driver, or the determine true bargains, and what really quali- outstanding experience of afternoon tea at the real Downton Abbey with the wife of the curfies as extra value for you. rent Earl! 3. More for your Money. You can’t VIP your5. Avoid problems. The services of a Travel self. Travel companies book airline seats, Consultant include monitoring your travel arcruises, hotels, tours, sightseeing, private guides and more all year long. They work with rangements and resolving any issues. so you wholesalers and are members of travel consor- can relax. They will be your advocate before, tiums. This means they can access an upgrade, during and after your trip .Your Travel consulincluded breakfast or other benefit and include tant can help you understand if there is a difference between a Beach View or Beach Front it at reduced or no cost to you. They will inroom. They’ll check that the museum is open variably be able to get more for you than you the day of your visit, and they’ll book you to can get for yourself. the Portland Maine, you wanted and not the 4. Get First-hand knowledge & Personal con- Portland Oregon you almost booked yourself. They’ll know when you need a visa and can nections. Good travel consultants have expehelp you get one. A real Travel Consultant is rienced a variety of destination and products plus they get reviews each time a client returns priceless. They’re passionate about travel. Just contact Peak Travel and see for yourself! from a trip. Travel agencies like Peak Travel





ranberries have become more than just a sauce HAMBALLS: for the Thanksgiving table. You can find them as 1-1/2 pounds of ground ham a complimenting ingredient in cookies, yogurt, salads, 1-1/2 cups bread crumbs energy bars, cereals, cakes, breads, and main dishes 2 eggs with chicken, pork, turkey, or ham. Here are some 1/2 cup milk basic facts for including these tangy, red beauties in Mix and form into balls. your food. Cranberries can be included in recipes without SAUCE: adding a lot of extra calories. They do, though, add 3/4 cup brown sugar dietary fiber, vitamin C and potassium. 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar The distinctive tartness of cranberries can be 1/4 cup water remedied with sugar, although not so much that it takes 1 can sliced pineapples 1/4 cup juice from pineapples away from their natural flavor. Their tanginess can also 1 cup whole cranberry sauce be appreciated without sugar when cooked with other fruits such as oranges, bananas, or apples that add Place pineapple slices on bottom of natural sweetness. pan. Add ham balls. Mix the remaining When cranberries are cooked, their ingredients together and pour on top of hamballs. Bake approximately one hour skins burst and release the fruit. at 325 degrees. Usually cranberries do not need to be thickened because their Whether frozen, canned, whole berries, high pectin content causes or sauce, cranberries can be the star of them to thicken and gel when a recipe. These red beauties can make they have cooled. even a mundane day feel like a holiday any time of the year. Don’t make the mistake of By S. Snider saving cranberries only for the holidays. Use them liberally all year long. Begin by trying this delicious recipe for hamballs glazed with cranberry sauce.

Fostering a love of Science

BART to San Jose Will Soon Be a Reality By Ken Yeager Santa Clara County Supervisor, District Four


s the incoming chair of the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board of Directors, I am happy to announce that BART to San José will soon be a reality, perhaps even sooner than we had hoped. At its December meeting, VTA awarded a $772 million contract to the joint venture firm of Skanska-ShimmickHerzog to build a 10-mile stretch of railway from Ken Yeager the Santa Clara/Alameda border to Berryessa. Under the current timeline, the Berryessa line is slated to go into service in 2018. However, the winning bid for the project came in $77 million under cost estimates and two years ahead of schedule. Skanska-Shimmick-Herzog brings over 150 years experience to the project. Their recent projects include building the AirTrain JFK Light Rail System, the Los Angeles MTA Eastside Light Rail extension, and the World Trade Center PATH Transportation Hub reconstruction. They have also constructed many subway and train stations, including a number of area BART stations. This project will also infuse jobs

into the local economy. Nearly 5,500 jobs will be created during the construction of the line, track, systems and station elements of the Berryessa Extension. An additional 4,000 indirect jobs will be created due to activities related to this contract. Furthermore, 3,800 jobs will be created to support construction of the station campus areas, access roadways, parking structures and transit centers. VTA is now seeking a $900 million federal grant for the Berryessa Extension Project from the Federal New Starts funding program and anticipates receipt of it early next year. Construction on the Berryessa line is scheduled to begin in March. The Berryessa project is one of three phases that brings BART into Santa Clara County. Construction is already underway that will extend BART 5.4 miles from its current endpoint in Fremont to the Warm Springs area at the Santa Clara County/Alameda County border. The Warm Springs project is slated to finish in 2015. When future funding is secured, a final project will add another 6 miles of track. A 5.1 milelong subway tunnel will be built through downtown San José, and the line will end in the City of Santa Clara near the Caltrain Station.

By Jennifer Cullenbine Founder and Executive Director, Family Giving Tree



This spring I had the privilege to witness a 5th grade science fair for the first time; at least I don’t remember ever participating in one. What I noticed was that 5th graders are pretty smart; however, children from low-income families have many barriers to success in the classroom. It was all too obvious which of the budding young scientists and engineers’ projects came from homes WITH resources and Jennifer Cullenbine which did NOT. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are critical areas of study for children to be prepared for jobs in the “knowledge economy”, but thousands of low-income children in the Bay Area face a barrier to even start school with the basic supplies to learn. How can we engage our kids in STEM education or related careers if they don’t have pencils, paper or a calculator? The experience of a math teacher in one of our local schools highlights the issue: “I teach math to middle-school students. I have

spent two summers taking STEM classes to improve my teaching skills in these areas. However, the reality at my school means at least 85% of my students begin the year with no supplies. How do you teach geometry or algebra readiness to students without a calculator, protractor, compass, graph paper, ruler or mechanical pencil? They cannot fully participate in the classroom, and they have no way to do homework. This is discouraging to the students, and creates an atmosphere of frustration in the classroom.” This science fair experience really helped me visualize how critical it is that ALL our children go to school prepared to learn, and it is a lesson not lost on others in our community. One energetic kindergartener showed that this summer when she thought up the idea to hold a party in her backyard to help children who are less fortunate than herself. She asked each guest to bring a backpack or school supplies, which could be given to a student in need. Then on a sunny Sunday afternoon all of her guests - including some generous fireman - showed up and stuffed backpacks. This clever child’s name is Safra, and with the help of her mother, Holly, they threw a really big bash and collected over 300 backpacks! You can see more about this “Party with a Purpose” here (http://, and gain inspiration for other creative ways to contribute to furthering STEM education.

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The Real

Ritual of Tea

Caffeine Story



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Tea Time with Children

The Lost Garden of Pedong

Pinterest A Tea Lover’s Virtual Pinboard

Tea Syrups Sweet Simplicity

Keep it Cool

First Harvest 2012

Tips for Steeping Green Tea

Display until May 15, 2012

Azores: Over the Rainbow


Keep It Cool Tips for brewing green tea By Dan Bolton Editor


reparing tea is not that complicated, but it requires attention to detail. In general blacks can take a bruising but preparing greens takes precision and control. When tea is picked, the leaves and buds are green, alive with goodness and full of oily juices that contain complex aromatic and water-soluable compounds such as catechins, which haved a bitter flavor, and theaflavins, which are sweet, add balance and decrease astringency. Done correctly, drying enhances and traps desirable flavors within the leaves which are rolled to protect their shape. Tea can be dried using steam (Japanese style), tossed by hand in hot iron pans (Chinese style), left to wither slowly in the sun, cooked in wood-fired, coal- or gasheated furnaces and even UV withered and micro-waved in industrial sized ovens. Greens should be steeped only a short time (under four minutes) in good quality water at low temperatures. Steep Japanese style (steamed) green teas in 160- to 180-degree water. Chinese style (baked) greens are best when steeped between 180- and 185-degrees. Decant immediately. Loose leaf tea can be infused multiple times by increasing the steep time by one minute for up to four infusions. Do not increase temperature. Scorching greens is so common many people think green tea is bitter by nature. It is sweet. That is why it is so important to extract only the flavorful components. When held against a light the green tea liquor should appear bright and clear and uniformly translucent, its character and bouquet evident. You’ll know you succeeded with that first sweet taste.

Herbals Spring 2012

Teaware Trends

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By Michelle Rabin, Ph.D. Contributing Editor

l Rioftua tea Tea Magazine



March/April 2012


he ritual seems universal. If you confess that you’re not feeling well, chances are that beverage will be a cup of tea. We all find tea physically soothing and emotionally comforting; perhaps that’s where the association of health and ritual began. Our mothers and grandmothers certainly weren’t privy to scientific research confirming the health benefits of tea, but through folklore had discovered its healing qualities. Science has not fully explained why the ancient ritual of tea is a calming influence. Public concerns about health, obesity and stress do not fully account for tea’s new-found popularity. I believe tea has a broader and deeper meaning to many of us. In a world that appears to be spinning out of control, most of us are searching for ways to reduce stress and bring peace and comfort back into our lives. We might not be able to improve the fiscal problems that are wreaking havoc around the world, or reduce the rate of global warming, but we can embrace a practice that holds a promise of comfort, health and inspiration. Jesse Jacobs, the founder of Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco and a prolific writer on the benefits of ritual says “The simple act of brewing, sipping, and savoring tea leaves in a cup elevates you above the chaos in life today. Filling you with flavor, calm, and vitality, the tea ritual is a vehicle for both inner peace and health, and interpersonal connection and happiness.” “This basic infusion of water and leaves connect the drinker from the moment to the artisan farmer thousands of miles away. And to the sun, soil, rain and wind that helped grow those very leaves. This simple experience allows the drinker to pause for just a moment, and to listen to their heartbeat. To perceive their surroundings and their life and to savor it all,” says Jacobs.



Walk into a friend’s home and you will likely be offered a beverage.



March/April 2012

Tea Magazine





























is tea really healing? Civilizations over millennia have used tea to treat illness in the body, mind and spirit. Science is slowly catching up to the intuitive wisdom of healers around the world and actively investigating the profound health benefits of medicinal plants and herbs.

Impossible Journey to India T

It’s not uncommon to pick up a magazine weekly and read about a recent scientific finding confirming the remarkable properties of a given botanical. The beloved Camellia sinensis is the current media darling, demonstrating great promise in protecting us from disease and improving our health. This September the Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human Health will bring researchers from all corners of the globe to Washington, D.C. to share insights into their latest research. They will present compelling evidence that tea nourishes and protects our bodies, aids digestion, reduces cholesterol, even fights cavities.

March/April 2012

Tea Magazine


he Tibetan high plains held a treasure so essential that Imperial China annually shipped their prized tea 1,460 miles from Ya’an in Sichuan Province to Lhasa, crossing 78 mountains of 9,800 feet or greater height and requiring 15 rope suspension bridges and 10 iron-chain suspension bridges. The trail traversed 51 rivers often swollen from sudden rains that spawned mudslides in the steep sided mountains which swallowed entire caravans. In winter there was blinding snow, hailstorms in spring and summer monsoons. Sunny days in the desert regions topped 140 degrees. Poisonous snakes, leeches, biting insects and bandits compounded the perils on this first leg of the journey which ended at the junction of the southern trail near Mangkam, Tibet. The southern route begins in the tea city of Pu’er in Southern China’s Yunnan Province. The route crosses the Hengduan Mountain Range and deep canyons formed by the Jinsha, which becomes the Yangtze River and the Lancang which becomes the Mekong River with stops in Dali, Lijiang and zhongdian (known in movies as Shangri La) before departing China at Deqen. Once the two legs are joined the Tea and Horse Caravan Road continued

ITEM Media, Inc. Philadelphia, Penn. Tea Magazine redesign Tea Magazine has been published continuously since 1994, but needed a major overhaul when ITEM Media bought the title in late 2011. ITEM contracted with Squire to implement a cover-to-cover redesign, bringing in elements of popular consumer titles, a more vibrant reader experience and a modern look and feel that would help it compete with other magazine titles in its new distribution locations, including Whole Foods. As part of its design duties, Squire produced editorial designs, custom map illustrations and some advertisements for Tea Magazine before turning the redesigned title—complete with a style guide—back over to the publisher’s in-house composing staff.

Gravestone of Leslie ranger (18591933) inscribed: superintendent of the doars tea Company, damsang tea estate. across Qinghai, the highest plateau in the world, ending in northern India. The prize was horses. Twenty thousand of the sturdy Tibetan war horses a year traveled from the capital Lhasa to China. In

the 11th Century Jürchens (later known as Manchus) conquered most of China and set up the Jin (CE 1115-1234) Dynasty as the Northern Song Dynasty fled south to re-establish itself as the Southern Song Dynasty (CE 1127-1279). Defense depended on the ability to muster cavalry in a failed attempt to resist the Mongols, themselves superior horsemen. Trade in horses peaked during the Ming Dynasty (CE 1368-1644) and continued through the modern Qing Dynasty ending in 1911. The horses didn’t come cheap. One half of the entire production of 30,000,000 jin (roughly 15 million kilograms) of Sichuan tea originating in Ya’an (modern Yazhou) was exported annually to Tibet during the Northern Song (CE 960-1127) Dynasty. This was strong, powdered tea compressed into bricks that were scored. The uniformity of the yellow tea bricks permitted it to be traded as a form of currency along the route. Tea originating in Pu’er was also compressed, but unlike the northern tea Pu-erh was composted in a bacteriological fermentation that enhanced its potency while reducing its bulk. The teas from Yunnan were made into discs and wrapped in paper with a center hole in which ropes were passed so the bundles can be slung over a horse much like saddle bags.

March/April 2012

Tea Magazine


New Products Compiled by Jobina Miller,

wellness teas ORGANIC INDIA


A new line of Wellness Teas combines Tulsi (Holy Basil) with other herbs to address specific health concerns. Organic India’s new line four Wellness Teas contain Tulsi (Holy Basil) blended with other herbs that offer distinct benefits. Tulsi Cleanse blends Krishna Tulsi, Turmeric, Ginger, Bhumyamalaki, Katuki and Kalmegh in an effective daily liver and kidney cleanser. Tulsi Lax blends Rama Tulsi, Fennel, Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Senna to create an effective herbal laxative. Tulsi Sleep is a blend of Krishna and Vana Tulsi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Chamomile, Cardamom, Peppermint and Shankpushpi. By providing the deep, restorative energy needed for healthy sleep, Tulsi Sleep promotes a calm, restful slumber. Tulsi Tummy combines Vana, Krishna and Rama Tulsi as well as Ginger, Cinnamon and other calming herbs for effective digestive support. This delicious and effective blend of healing herbs supports soothes and settles the stomach and digestive system. $4.99/18 TEABAGS

Consumer tins of Japanese Loose Leaf tea AIYA AMERICA


Organic Matcha Infused Sencha is a blend of organic Japanese Sencha tea leaves and organic Matcha green tea, giving you the best of both worlds. The refreshing taste of Sencha is enhanced with the health-giving properties of organic Matcha green tea. Organic Matcha Infused Genmaicha includes sought after ingredients. Organically grown Sencha, toasted brown rice, and organic Matcha are blended to create this lightly refreshing and distinctly nutty Genmaicha flavor. The organic Matcha enhances the resilience in the green appearance. $21.80/80 GRAM TIN

white Coffee/dessert tea TEABEAN


Once baked and ground, the White Coffee beans are infused with a rich, aromatic blend of teas and spices, creating the perfect balance of sweet, caffeinated White Coffee and mouthwatering, healthy tea. To brew this unique blend, simply use a tea strainer. The White Coffee/Dessert Tea is white coffee beans infused with a warm, soothing blend of black tea, caramel, pear and chocolate bits. What are White Coffee beans? They are coffee beans which have been baked rather than roasted. $11.99/4 Oz

Fennel Pollen tea Cookies BOTANICAL BAKERY


Botanical Bakery tea cookies were named The 2010 World Tea Expo’s “Best New Product.” Garden-inspired flavors — Lavender, Cardamom, Lemon Thyme, Cinnamon Basil, Ginger Squared, Fennel Pollen, and Peppermint Cacao — celebrate the coming of spring. These artisanal cookies are hand-crafted in Napa and are produced with fresh herbs and spices, not just a tincture or artificial flavoring, as leaves, flowers, stems, seeds, roots or pollen are incorporated straight into the dough. Each flavor is expertly paired with tea, wine, and coffee to awaken the taste buds for a refreshing pairing experience. The cookies are made with unbleached flour made from a premium blend of organic hard red wheat, European style organic sweet cream butter from Straus Organic Creamery and organic pure cane sugar. Since Botanical Bakery believes that cookie lovers appreciate adventurous products and have an educated palate, they carefully select the most aromatic culinary herbs and spices to create unique flavors. $12.50/6.5 Oz

Marketers: Tea Magazine welcomes new product submissions in these categories: tea and tea blends; tisanes, tea-juice fusions, medicinal and botanical teas, yerba mate, guayusa, tulsi and kombucha. Also welcome are products served with tea such as baked goods like scones and tea crackers along with sweeteners and flavors. Brewing equipment and gadgets, such as scales and timers used in the preparation of tea are featured along with teapots, specialized utensils, glassware, cozies, cups, mugs, porcelain and china. Let us know as soon as your product is available in stores. Include the MSRP (suggested retail price) in your emailed release and attach a link or high-resolution color photo. Address to Jobina Miller, Deadline for print editions is one month prior to release date. All new products meeting the requirements above will be displayed on Due to limited space, only a few will appear in print.


Tea Magazine

March/April 2012

“Bryan and his team at Squire were an unbelievable experience to work with. The creativity, attention to detail and responsiveness was excellent.”

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—Ed Suyak, Managing Partner, The Publishing Firm


A world of difference

A global cardiovascular alliance project

Dr. Shanthi Mendis, senior advisor and coordinator of the global Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention and Management program for the World Health Organization, talks about the group’s role in fighting heart disease around the globe.

story begins on page 30

Aligning Industry, Government, and Philanthropy


The Publishing Firm Tampa, Fla. One Heart Magazine The Publishing Firm turned to Squire Marketing and News Services for principal graphic design when faced with launching the official magazine for one of the world’s largest cardiovascular charitable foundations. One Heart Magazine, a 118-page custom publication for Heartbeat International Foundation Inc. was published globally in digital and print formats on World Heart Day, Sept. 29, and highlights the work of HBI and its allies. HBI has a global footprint of 24 counties and has saved more than 11,000 lives by providing cardiac devices and all related professional and medical services by doctors and hospitals at no charge to patients in need. The custom publication attracted advertising support from Medtronic, Eli Lilly, Biotronik, Philips and Toshiba Medical.



By Trudie Lobban






rrhythmia Alliance (A-A), The Heart Rhythm Charity, is a coalition of patients, caregivers, patient groups, independent medical professionals, medical groups, charitable organizations, and industry members. While maintaining their independence, members work together under the A-A umbrella to promote the following: • Timely and effective diagnosis • Access to appropriate treatment for cardiac arrhythmias • Ongoing patient support • Improved quality of life for all those affected A-A is led by Trudie Lobban MBE, who is also the founder and CEO of Russell Brown raised awareness of the importance of people checking their pulse at an event the Atrial Fibrillation Association, in Parliament as part of World Heart Rhythm Week. Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS), and The Blackouts achievements since then are outlined below: Trust. Lobban founded STARS in 1993, • In 2006, A-A organized the U.K.’s inaugural Heart following her youngest daughter’s diagnosis of Reflex Anoxic Rhythm Congress, which is now an annual conference Seizures. combining scientific sessions for medical professionals, Following ten years of campaigning and mobilizing with advocacy and educational sessions for patients and experts to improve the management of syncope, Lobban carers. The 2010 conference saw over 3,000 delegates and approached other organizations working to improve the many international speakers—the largest exhibition to date. care of patients with cardiac arrhythmias. In the autumn Notably, HRC now hosts an international roundtable meeting of 2003, a handful of arrhythmia patient groups in the of representatives from existing and prospective member United Kingdom began a grassroots campaign to persuade countries to discuss best practices and future collaboration. Parliament to establish guidelines for the treatment of • In 2007 Lobban co-founded, with Professor A. John arrhythmias. At that time, although 700,000 people had Camm, the Atrial Fibrillation Association (AFA), following cardiac arrhythmias, and 100,000 people per year died of demand from patients and clinicians worldwide. AFA has arrhythmia government no were there arrest, cardiac sudden expanded rapidly, and membership has increased by 200% guidelines, as well as a shortage of health professionals in the last year alone. trained to diagnose and treat arrhythmias. Many people • 2008 saw the launch of World Heart Rhythm Week, about learn to turn to where know not did with arrhythmias the international development of Arrhythmia Awareness treatments, or for hope and encouragement that they could Week, which calls on supporters across the globe to promote achieve a good quality of life. The campaign succeeded our message. This event has grown considerably, and last beyond all expectations, leading to a vital change in health year drew support from over 200 organizations. policy that resulted in the inclusion of an additional chapter • 2009-2010 saw the rapid growth of the international in the National Service Framework for heart disease organization. Initially established in the United Kingdom specifically covering arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. but now developing internationally, the Arrhythmia Alliance The U.K.’s first Arrhythmia Awareness Week, held in sources, collates and reflects views and data collected from June 2004, was a coordinated campaign to ensure that members, bringing beneficial perspectives to the fore to the voices of patients would be heard whenever decisions ensure that change is led by the people for the people. To were being made on the development and implementation extend the advantages of collaboration between patients and of arrhythmia care services. The Arrhythmia Alliance was physicians, A-A has assisted in the establishment of multiple launched soon after, in 2005; some of its most considerable ONE HEART MAGAZINE 71

of Health and of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education; with the five Regional Health Authorities; with the University of the West Indies, the University of Trinidad and Tobago, and the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago; the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association; and with Heartbeat International. The partnership’s goal is to develop sustainable approaches to continued expansion and advancement of public sector cardiovascular care in Trinidad and Tobago. This seems to be an effective model to jumpstart development of needed specialty services in developing healthcare systems.

A jump start for Trinidad and Tobago Johns Hopkins Cardiology partners to help public-sector cardiovascular services in the Caribbean island nation By W. Lowell Maughan, MD, MBA

Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering Johns Hopkins University

Medical Director, Trinidad and Tobago Health Sciences Cardiovascular Services Initiative


he incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular diseases are high in Trinidad and Tobago, and public sector cardiovascular services are significantly underdeveloped. To address this need, the Government contracted with Johns Hopkins International to increase capacity and access to cardiovascular services through education and training. Over 70 faculty and staff from the Johns Hopkins University Cardiology Division are providing nearly continuous onsite training in Trinidad and Tobago. Physician training includes CME lectures, day-long basic instruction in the common diseases, quarterly conferences on best practices, and a fulltime 24-month Cardiology Fellowship. Ancillary staff training includes inpatient and outpatient cardiovascular nursing courses and a full-time 14-month echocardiogram sonography course, as well as cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology technologist training. The budget also provides funding for the equipment and cardiovascular management expertise necessary to implement new services. Johns Hopkins has partnered with Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministries



rinidad and Tobago is a two-island nation with a population of about 1.3 million. Its stable government has provided

leadership and fostered the development of natural resources that have allowed the country to advance its public services and infrastructure. A significant proportion of the population has a genetic predisposition toward diabetes and hypertension. This, combined with the average citizen’s penchant for a lifestyle more typical of developed countries, has led to a high incidence of cardiovascular diseases. This has resulted in an inordinate number of premature deaths and cases of serious longterm disability. The population’s healthcare is served by a two-part system: the public health sector delivers 87% of health services, and the private health sector, which plays a vital role in providing services not readily available through the government program. Patients flow freely between these two sectors, with specific services at any given time determined largely by the ability to pay and timely access. The Ministry of Health determines health policies and priorities and funds five Regional Health Authorities charged with implementing those policies and delivering care. Public healthcare



“Bryan (Squire’s principal) is incredibly talented, creative, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Bryan and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Case Study GettingOrganized




—Stacey Anderson, Publisher, Getting Organized Magazine

Eliminating the

By Stephanie Calahan




steps to

our desktop and frankly any other horizontal surface are the hardest places to keep clear. Bills to pay, to-do lists, event invites, magazines you have been meaning to read, orders you need to fill, and the list goes on and on.

organizing your

Often, we keep things “out” - either spread around or stacked - on our desk and other surfaces because we don’t want to forget to do something that we have deemed important or don’t want to forget.


Today I’ll share 3 tricks that have worked for me and my clients.



Paper Pile Elimination Trick No. 1

h i n k V ER B.

Rather than think ing of your papers in terms of a topic or a list of things that you need to do, think in terms of “next action.” You may have many things that ultimately need to happen with a particular piece of paper, but by only think ing of the next action, you can eliminate over whelm and process and eliminate your paper faster. ( If there is no action necessar y, sk ip to trick #3)

there’s an app for that


Ask “What is the Next Action?”

Once you have determined the next action, either write it directly on the paper, or attach a sticky note to the page with the next action you need to take. If you know the information, also write down how and when you will best perform that action. By writing down the action you need to take, you will save yourself loads of time later when you pick up the paper again! Why rethink about an action over and over when you can decide once and move on?



C 8



Example: I was work ing with a client the other day and we were going through his paper work. He picked up a piece of paper that contained a name and phone number of a contact. He told me that his next action was to make a phone call to that person for a project they were work ing on together. I then asked him if he had ever y thing he needed to make the call successf ul. No. He didn’t. He had to do some quick research f irst. So, the next action was not the phone call, it was the research.

GettingOrganized | Fall 2011


When we have lots of stuff around us, we feel more secure. Somehow it’s as if we can survive the apocalyptic winter, or at least an earthquake or economic recession, either on a global level or just in our own lives. New habit: Learn to combat fears with information. What’s the worst-case scenario? What could you do in that case even without the items around you? Do you have people you could rely on? Can you learn skills that don’t require clutter? Could you live without? Try it for a little while and see.


GettingOrganized | Spring 2012

By Leo Babauto

other accessories. Buying these things—shopping— is an activity that fills us with more self-worth, or at least staves off the feelings of inadequacy in the short term. New habit: Learn that you don’t need external objects to be attractive or good enough. Learn to love yourself as you are, without self improvement. Most people aren’t judging you, and if they are, they are not good for you. You will have to find this path for yourself, but many find themselves while doing the things they love, meditation or therapy.


Photo albums, mementos, gifts from loved ones, yearbooks and other school memorabilia, souvenirs, books, trophies, plaques, framed photos, sometimes old clothes…these objects hold emotions and memories from the past. They represent good times, perhaps better times, perhaps love from someone special, past glory, and shared experiences. New habit: Learn to live in the present. Let the past go, like an old friend who has come to visit and has now left. You can always revisit this old friend later, but there’s no need to hold on to her. Let her live her life, and you live yours. You don’t need objects to represent memories and good times and glory, because those objects aren’t those good times or glory. Those objects aren’t the love that they represent. Live new good times. Make new love.

Spring 2012 | GettingOrganized


Winter 2012 | GettingOrganized



nspiration often comes from seeing others successfully tackle the task. Examples of

well organized spaces can come from fellow readers and do-it-yourselfers. When we came across photographer Heather Espana’s fantastic office, we knew it was a must-share.


GettingOrganized | Winter 2012


tour the

picture perfect

office TAKE YOUR




reasons done yet you’re not

Getting Organized Magazine Seattle, Wash.

Clothes, jewelry, shoes and handbags make women feel pretty, feel attractive, feel good enough as a woman. Men rely on clothes, gadgets, hats and



CLUTTER ACTS LIKE A CRUTCH FOR MANY OF US. These crutches are convenient, because they save us from having to cope with the tough things in our lives we would rather avoid. Some of us have relied on these crutches since childhood, and our culture has programmed many of the habits we have formed around clutter and its use as a diversion from what we actually need to deal with. When forced to look at clutter for what it is, a crutch, some people become angry. That’s OK. Anger is an appropriate response—resisting with anger is the first step toward discovering what the clutter has been hiding. What are we to do when we discover these crutches? We can’t just toss them out and think we’re done. We have to find new ways of dealing with our emotions and the world.

GettingOrganized MAGAZINE

In 2011, Squire helped professional organizer Stacey Anderson launch her first magazine title, Getting Organized, which is quickly establishing itself among consumer home titles. Squire provides all editorial design and art direction for the title, as well as media kit design and ongoing consultations on content and revenue opportunities.

The nitty-gritty We believe in fair, consistent pricing for all of our clients, with no hidden fees. For a custom quote, please email or call (269) 591-7854. • Editorial design fees (per page): $39-45, depending on volume • Advertising design fees (per ad): $45-95, depending on size of ads • Turnaround speed: 10-15 pages per business day • Payment terms: For first-time clients, balance due prior to delivery of final

files; Net 15 for established clients • Software used: Adobe Creative Suite 5 (and previous versions), Quark Xpress 8 • Related services: Media kits, start-up consulting, redesigns, illustrations

Magazine design pricing Core services Base price (per page)*

Up to 39 pages $45

40-47 $43

48-63 $41

64+ $39

Additional services Top editing (additional per page)*

Up to 39 pages $5

40-47 $4

48-63 $3

64+ $2

* Prices include advanced design and layout, and assume that advertisements have been created and provided to Squire. For design fees that include advertisement creation, see the “Advertising design pricing” below.

* As part of our basic design, we will make efforts to correct obvious typos. Top editing includes detailed checks for spelling, grammar and AP or Chicago style adherence.

Advertisement design pricing Advertisement orders can be turned in with the rest of the product or on their own. Clients own all rights to ads that Squire creates and can use them indefinitely at no additional charge. Core services Base price (per ad) Combined with other services*

Quarter page Half page $45 $55 $25 $35

Full page $75 $55

Double-truck $95 $75

48-63 $70

64+ $65

151-500 $16 $11

500+ $12 $7

* Clients are never charged twice for pages with advertisements on them. No additional editorial design fees are charged for full-page ads, or for pages that are completely filled with pre-made or Squire-designed ads.

Catalog design pricing Core services Base price (per page)*

Up to 39 pages $80

40-47 $75

* Prices include advanced design and layout of up to 12 products per page, including image preparation and clipping (if needed). For more than 12 products per page there will be an additional fee of $2.50 per product.

Addtional services Product photography (per product)* Combined with catalog design*

Up to 50 products 51-150 $20 $18 $15 $13

* Products can be photographed in our studio (shipping charges will be added) or on-site at your location (travel charges will be added for locations greater than 200 miles from Chicago).

Art usage policies Clients may provide all art needed for magazine pages, or may ask Squire to research and purchase stock art on their behalf. We subscribe to several stock art services, and provide these as needed at no additional cost (except for products with circulation of more than 200,000, as our providers’ per-image costs are higher in those cases). We can also coordinate with photographers on clients’ behalf for an art-direction fee of 15 percent.

Squire marketing and news services (269) 591-7854

Squire Marketing and News Services

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