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Top Blacks


in the

miliTary A

lmost a hundred commissioned officers are featured in USBE&IT magazine’s Top Blacks in the Military roll call. They may be in different services and on different paths, but all have one thing in common: exciting and rewarding careers in the United States Armed Forces. Many enlisted first and then trained to be officers; others started ahead of the game and went straight into the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). After graduating from college and completing the ROTC program, each member who entered active duty was awarded an officer rank. Depending on what type of military jobs piqued their interest, different branches of the U.S. armed forces allowed them to pursue the careers and the experience they were looking for. In this Homeland Security and Defense issue of USBE&IT magazine, we bring you the latest chapter in the careers of officers in aviation, armor, infantry, military intelligence, and civilian life. Less than one-half of one percent of commissioned officers in the American military make it into the top echelon.



2011 And the winners are...

RADIO CATEGORIES Social Network PPM Player of

Stand up FReQ

Who has the tightest social network game?

the Year FReQ

FReQ of All Trades

Programming peer you think deserves acknowledgment as being the most consistent in conquering PPM.

Programmer who despite the economy has not lost their sense of humor.

Who has stood out from the crowd by raising their hand to accept more unpaid responsibilities, demonstrates the best attitude and efficiency for programming multiple stations.

Colby “Colb” Tyner OM, Radio One Cleveland Runner Up: Vernon Kelson, WERQ

Terri Thomas PD, KROI, WQNC, KBXX Runner Up: Colby “Colb” Tyner, Radio One Cleveland

Neke Howse PD, WKYS-FM 93.9 Runner Up: Nate Bell, K-87.5/Foxy 107/104 Raleigh/Durham

Hurricane Dave OM, Radio One ATL, PD-WQHT Runner Up: Jeff ‘UZI’ Anderson, Operations Manager, Radio One Richmond

I Wouldn’t Be a FReQ Without You

Mouth Almighty FReQ

FReQ-iest GM

Show Me the Money FReQ

FReQ Programmer

Most Valuable teammate APD, MD or your own assistant (open to ALL) who without their willingness to do the most repetitive and mundane tasks you wouldn’t have time to be FReQie

Dionne Burkett Lewis APD/MD, WKYS Runner Up: Robyn Symone, MD/On-Air, WZAK


On-air personality of the Year who REALLY has some interesting stuff to say in-between the songs

EZ Street WKYS Runner Up: Mizz Shyneka Richardson, WHTA

Runs a tight ship, gets results and most importantly keeps corporate off your back and therefore is most deserving of GM of the Year

Radio Sales person of the Year, without them there would be no FReQ’s

Jeff Wilson RVP - Cincinnati/Cleveland Runner Up: Tim Davies VP/GM, Radio One ATL

Haig Meguerditchian Dir. of Nat’l Sales, Clev/Col/Cinn Runner Up: Karl Whittingham Account Manager, Cleveland

label categories Local FReQ Top 3 Regional Record Label Reps

They should be the people you don’t mind FReQ’n with

Laronn Harris Mid-West, Atlantic Records

Damon Lott Mid-Atlantic, J Records

Keinon Johnson National Director Urban Promotions, Interscope

FReQ for Life


Gets FreQie all over the country. This is the Label Executive who despite telling them the same thing you told their regional rep, he or she comes to town anyway.

Label that is most consistent with staff support, creativity, integrated marketing ideas…and had some hits too!

Azim Rashid SVP Atlantic Special Ops Runner Up: Shadow Stokes, Interscope

Interscope Records Runner Up: Atlantic Records

Best FReQ’n Collabo Radio One/Label integrated Promotion of the Year

That one Individual hot or not, employed or currently seeking employment that you always pick up the phone for! Larry Khan Runner Up: Pam Jones

Best National FReQ

Interscope Anti-Bullying Mindless Behavior

Runner Up: Diggy Simons delivers tickets to listeners house

artist categories

You FReQ’n Blow My Mind

Grown Up FReQ

Inspirational FReQ

URBAN Artist of the Year!

URBAN Adult UAC Artist of the Year

Inspirational Artist of the Year

Chris Brown

Jill Scott

Kirk Franklin

Runner Up: J Cole

Runner Up: Charlie Wilson

Runner Up: Mary Mary

Comeback FReQ Artist Comeback of the Year

What are you FReQ’n Doing Here? Cross-over Artist of the Year

Kelly Rowland Runner Up: Chris Brown

Ceelo Green Runner Up: Kirk Franklin


DECEMBER 2011 17

Career Outlook: Cyber Security and Jobs for Vets

The STEM Community’s Magazine

$6.95 $6.95

General James F. Amos Lieutenant General Willie J. Williams Director, Marine Corps Staff

Commandant of the Marine Corps Member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


the charge: Building a Stronger America

Through Leadership & Innovation

America’s Other Heroes: Top Executives in the Senior Executive Service


Zero To Breakthrough:

The 7-Step Battle-Tested Method

for Accomplishing Goals That Matter

ll e s us f R e er o ll s s Je Fath y’s Ce a e Tod Phon


tour the

picture perfect

office TAKE YOUR




reasons you’re not done yet

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Singing Sensation Antonia Lawrence Writes New Song to Uplift Women

A Singer Antonia Lawrence wants to celebrate the strength of women. “I want to remind women how amazing they are,” Antonia says. “When we understand our worth, we’re unstoppable. “ Her new song, “The Power of a Woman”, is an anthem for women. No matter what struggles they’re facing, women can play the song and think, “Yes, I have the power and the strength and I’m going to make it!” She was inspired by incredible women she’s met who overcame obstacles to find success. In fact, Antonia is one of those women who struggled through a difficult time and found her own power again. This is what helped her get through the pain of a divorce and losing her home to foreclosure. Antonia felt angry, rejected, alone, and her selfworth was at an all-time low.

“The songs on pretending that everyGet to Know my new CD are like Antonia Lawrence... thing’s okay or letting a journal of my life others define them. Hometown: Born in during that time,” “When people Manchester, England, by wa y of Jamaica and Canada she notes. “I put to are authentic, that’s music the things when they’re strong Antonia’s ideal client: Anyon e I learned about looking for a singer to bring and can make a difinspiration to their events, life through my ference,” she says. “If conferences and churches struggle. I came to people go through What Antonia loves about sing ing: understand God’s The opportunity life putting on a show to love and the value encourage, inspire and make for others, they’ll be peo ple sm ile through the of allowing others stuck and never grow power of music to heal and to help or change.” me. I also realized Antonia speaks from that when we understand who we personal experience when she says, are and the abilities we’ve been “Women have been given the strength given, there’s nothing we can’t do to be authentic.” or overcome.” The single, “The Power of a WomHer song is part of a powerful new an” can be purchased or downloaded CD entitled, Authentic, which will be re- on her website leased in the spring of 2012. She hopes People interested in booking an ento challenge people to be real instead of gagement can call 404-769-2003.

An attitude of gratitude by Tanya LaNice


ithout having to think hard, everyone has something to be thankful for. In the spirit of the Holiday season, Frequency News reached out to some familiar talent and posed the following question:

“When considering all that you are thankful for, share with us what immediately comes to mind that makes you fill with gratitude.” + Kevin LeVar, Gospel singer

“What I am most thankful for is the fact that over 2000 years ago... Jesus paid a debt He didn’t owe, because I owed a debt I couldn’t pay. He forgave me so even when I don’t feel like I forgive others. This causes me to be filled with gratitude...”



+ Tyka Nelson Gospel artist, composer, author, and younger sister of musical phenom, Prince “John 3:16 - I am Thankful for God’s Love. Luke 10:12 - This is one of the simplest yet for me one of the most complex commandments. Loving God was easy due to the way I was raised. But loving others on purpose, was a little bit harder so now each day I try to see who I can bless, not always with money but with a kind word or a smile. However loving myself was a challenge. Early on I learned to hate myself and couldn’t understand why God had created something so ugly. Suicidal thoughts plagued me and I was literally self-destructing. Psalm 139:13-18 - God’s Love allowed me to see what he saw. Romans 5:5 - I am Grateful for the Love of God through his Holy Spirit which lives in me. I believe if we Love wholeheartedly inside and out we are fulfilling one of the major reasons for being on this planet and I can now finally say I’m glad I am here.”

A UNITED FRONT Teaming up to fight CVD around the world

By Dr. Benedict S. Maniscalco


hroughout the last several decades, infectious and communicable diseases have dominated the world’s health problems and consumed the time, talent, and financial support of governmental and non-governmental agencies, and organizations, as well as the attention of foundations, charities, and philanthropists. Billions of dollars from all sources have been marshaled to fight the ravages of HIV- AIDS, tuberculosis, polio, and other such diseases. Although we have not eradicated these diseases, we have made great strides in controlling them by deploying those dollars in programs of education, prevention, and therapeutic solutions. In response to calls issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other leading international organizations concerned with the health of the world’s populations, a concentrated effort by governmental and non-governmental organizations to fight these diseases

remains under way. The challenges in the struggle against communicable diseases remain significant but the achievements we have made on that front have been substantial and confirm our belief that we can make similarly successful inroads against non-communicable diseases, now the leading cause of mortality and morbidity globally. The new Goliath is cardiovascular disease, which is now the world’s most common noncommunicable disease and the leading cause of death worldwide. Our challenge is to harness resources, both tangible and intangible, to address the enormous burden that cardiovascular disease places on the people of all nations, particularly in developing countries with limited resources. This, of course, is a battle that many organizations have waged for years. Most such organizations have focused their efforts on a particular aspect of cardiovascular care. The fine work and generous philanthropy of these organizations has been a blessing to countless people, but the scale of the challenge ONE HEART MAGAZINE


ONE HEART MAGAZINE A global cardiovascular alliance project

Aligning Industry, Government, and Philanthropy

picture perfect office I

nspiration often comes from seeing others successfully tackle the task. Examples of well organized spaces can come from fellow

readers and do-it-yourselfers. When we came across photographer Heather Espana’s fantastic office, we knew it was a must-share.


GettingOrganized | Winter 2012

Winter 2012 | GettingOrganized







Rotar y Interna tion joins H BI’s effo al Clubs rts and pacem expand ake s 25 worl r banks to dwide.

Sixten pacem aker ba establis nks he South A d and operati ng in merica , the C and As arribea ia. n

HBIWW s doctors tarts program from pa to bring cemake around r banks the wo rld to a continu nnual ing edu cation worksh op.

Oct. 18 , 1984 :H Interna tional W eartbeat orld W and op id erates at the W e starts in Lake atson C land, F linic lorida.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

“ —Dr. Henry D. McIntosh





HBI Making ‘poor’ hearts Beat Better Since 1984, Heartbeat International has provided more than 9,000 pacemakers to those in need around the world







The fam ily banks g of HBI pacem rows to a 34 in 2 ker countrie 3 s with th e newe Argenti st bank na and s in Kenya.

Sept. 1 5, 199 2: and M aniscalc Drs. Mcintosh o agre and op e to mo era ve Heart In te HBI to St. Joseph stitute in ’s Tampa, Florida . Off-sho re establis storage facilit y he Jamaic d in Montego a to ho Bay, use needed at a pa pacemakers u cemake n r bank. til Nov. 3 0, Florida 1993: HBI be comes corpora a tion. HBI mo ves to n ew fac ilities. Arnold Zohn P acema in Chen ker B gd training u, China ope ank n center to train s HBI from th physicia e Sichu an pro ns vince.

continues on page 22

Sixten pacem aker ba establis nks he South A d and operati ng in merica , the C and As arribea ia. n


eartbeat International was founded in 1984 and continues to focus its mission on Making “Poor” Hearts Beat Better by providing free pacemakers around the world to those in need. Upon completing his medical studies and returning to his native Guatemala, Dr. Gederico Alfaro watched a 17-year-old patient die under his care because of the family’s financial inability to purchase a pacemaker. That day, the young cardiologist vowed to bring the life-saving technology of pacemakers to economically disadvantaged patients. According to the World Health Organization heart disease will be the number one cause of death in the developing world by 2010.

As president of the Club Rotario Guatemala de la Asuncion Rotary Club, Dr. Alfaro established the first Pacemaker Bank in 1977 with the help of the Rotary Club, a philanthropic partner. Local recipients were provided with refurbished pacemakers and pro bono implant surgery. After a Rotary Club presentation in Guatemala, the innovative Dr. Henry McIntosh, a former professor of Dr. Alfaro’s, insisted the program be implemented internationally. This partnership allowed for the creation and exponential success of Heartbeat International. Dr. McIntosh sought to create international franchises of physicians, hospitals and local Rotary Clubs, united in the fight against heart disease. Intermedics joined the cause as a philanthropic partner and became the first manufacturer to donate new cardiac pacemakers. Rotary International matched their contributions with “leads,” necessary wires, for the donated pacemakers, and covered shipping costs. With the help of Dr. McIntosh and generous donors, Heartbeat International was given life. The partnering of Dr. McIntosh and Dr. Alfaro clinched Heartbeat International’s permanent contribution to the global medical community. After attending medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. McIntosh served as a professor and chief of cardiology at Duke Medical Center. Baylor College recruited him to establish and head their medical department until 1977. It was during this time that Dr. Alfaro was one of his students. As president of the American College of Cardiology in 1974 and 1975, the Florida native continued to be an influential and innovative cardiologist, physician and philanthropist.











rrhythmia Alliance (A-A), The Heart Rhythm Charity, is a coalition of patients, carers, patient groups, independent medical professionals, medical groups, charitable organizations and industry. Whilst maintaining their independence, members work together under the A-A umbrella to promote: Timely and effective diagnosis; Access to appropriate treatment for cardiac arrhythmias; Ongoing patient support; Improved quality of life for all those affected. A-A is led by Trudie Lobban MBE, who is also the founder and CEO of the Atrial Fibrillation Association and Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures (STARS), The Blackouts Trust. Trudie founded STARS in 1993, following her youngest daughter’s diagnosis of Reflex Anoxic Seizures. Following ten years’ campaigning and mobilising experts to improve the management of syncope, Trudie approached other organisations working to improve the care of patients with cardiac arrhythmias. In the autumn of 2003, a handful of arrhythmia patient groups in the UK began a grassroots campaign to persuade Parliament to establish guidelines for the treatment of arrhythmias. At that time, although 700,000 people had cardiac arrhythmias, and 100,000 people per year died of sudden cardiac arrest, there were no government arrhythmia guidelines, a shortage of health

professionals trained to diagnose and treat arrhythmias, and many people with arrhythmias did not know where to turn to learn about treatments, or for hope and encouragement that they could achieve a good quality of life. The campaign succeeded beyond all expectations. It led to a vital change in health policy, resulting in the inclusion of an additional chapter in the National Service Framework for heart disease, specifically covering arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. The UK’s first Arrhythmia Awareness Week was held in June 2004; a coordinated campaign to ensure that the voices of patients would be heard whenever decisions were being made on the development and implementation of arrhythmia care services. Following this event Arrhythmia Alliance was launched in 2005. Achievements since launch have been vast, and outlined below are some of our most considerable. In 2006, A-A organised the UK’s inaugural Heart Rhythm Congress, which is now an annual conference combining scientific sessions for medical professionals with advocacy and educational sessions for patients and carers. Last year’s conference saw over 3,000 delegates, many international speakers and the largest exhibition to date. Notably, HRC now hosts an international roundtable meeting of representatives from existing and prospective member countries, to discuss best practice and future collaboration. continues on page 81 ONE HEART MAGAZINE


leadingpossibilities leading possibilities the art & science of extraordinary

November/December 2011

The Risk Issue

Way of the Wilde Demons Are Not Your Friends

by Christopher Karne Frost Cover photo by Daniel Siboni

by Michael C.S. Wilson

Wanting More Meaning

by Shawn Murphy

Do the Work You’re Meant To Do by Brian Silverthorn

When Smart People Do Dumb Things by Tracy Saville

Tara Gentile: Profitable Actualization

by Lori Anderson

Before the Vision

by Susan Bainbridge The BIG Party 2011 • Kathryn Mattingly Fiction Short • Priscilla Daniels Extraordinary Art • Bob Habian in the Foothills • Terry Moore Poet Urban Laureate in the Making • In and Out for 2012

leadingpossibilities possibilities the art & science of extraordinary

September 2011

The Delgadonian Principle by Christopher Karne Frost

Brain Science of Change by Tracy Saville

Intuitively Stirred by Lori Anderson

Focus on What Matters by Tim Saville

The Power of “Vision” by Dr. W. Bradford Swift

A Great Place to Find Change On Lonn Friend: Who is This Dude? Resources for change and leadership • Mike’s World • Shawn Murphy o n O p t i m i s m • P u t D o w n Yo u r E x c r e m e n t • S h a y W h e a t o n C h a n g e F u e l





Meet Rafi—a man on a mission Learn how meditation benefits more than your mind Behold the healing power of touch in oncology massage


Cancer survivor finds hope in Flamenco Belly dance competition:

Meet the performers!

Exercise: A powerful new prescription in the fight against cancer

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