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A Flash of Light WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY Maggie Rodriguez

I’m dedicating this book to my friends and family —M. R.

Printed in CANADA Published by Squid Press Canada As part of an author workshop facilitated by Lesley Kelz SP_AIW0005 Copyright 2011 Maggie Rodriguez ISBN: 978-1-926887-15-9 All rights reserved. This work cannot be reproduced or copied in whole or in part.

A Flash of Light WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY Maggie Rodriguez

Once there lived a girl named Melissa. She looked out her window and saw a flash of light.

The next day she went to see what it was. It was a...

STAR!!!! It fell from outer space. “Hi, I’m a star I fell from outer space”, said the Star. “Then I’Il name you Spark”, Melissa said happily.

Together they walked home. Melissa didn’t bother holding his hand. It would be very very hot.

They crept in the house, hoping no one would notice Spark. Spark told Melissa that she could wish for anything she ever wanted. Suddenly a fire breathing dragon appeared.

She was having so much fun she never noticed that her friend was coming over this afternoon. DING-DONG!! As quick as possible she threw Spark in the fire place.

After that Melissa couldn’t find her dragon. 5 minutes later he came back with a tree in his mouth. He wanted to play fetch.

That night, there was another flash of light. It was Spark’s mother and she did not look happy.

In the night they gathered to watch Spark go to space. “Bye Spark”, Shouted Melissa. “Now what I’m I going to do with this dragon”, said Melissa, pointing at the dragon.

To Be Continued in Dragon Problems...

Not The End

About this Book Read my hilarious new book. When a girl sees a flash of light crash to earth but what could it be? The possiblities are endless. About the Author I’m 8 years old and have many ideas bubbling around in my head right now. My favourite type of book is a mystery or an adventure book. I thought of this book while thinking about all my ideas to combine into one and this is it! Enjoy!! Testimonials This little girl has a lot of big secrets. —Lesley I love that nobody holds hands with Spark! —Paul How many weeks of grounding does Melissa get for hiding a dragon and a star? —Alyssa

ISBN 978-1-926887-15-9

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Flash of Light