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Save Time and Money and Improve your Sports Club

One easy to use system to administrate and improve everything in your club Save Time on Membership Management Easy management of memberships and member payments Accounting and bookkeeping software, including free support Make your team captains’ jobs a lot easier Automatic update of all rankings

Automatic update of all rankings Lively website with user interaction Easy sign ups for trainings Free promotion of your club

Advantages for Your Members Easy booking of a coach Automatic check-in through mobile App for iOS and Android More active players following an improved fit

Innovative Technology to the Rescue Court lights are turned on and off automatically Avoid cheating and empty courts through an automatic member check-in Booking system made as simple as ever A system that can be used by everyone - Free support

Peter Gade: “I’m very happy to be part of the Sportyfriends team. I believe that Sportyfriends can make a huge difference in the way we experience to be part of a sports club community”.

Save Time and Energy for the Work in Your Sports Club Sportyfriends offers a unique platform tailored specifically for racket sports clubs. In essence, we gather all the assignments of your club in one place making your job easier, more effective and more profitable. In the following pages, we explain you how.

The Sportyfriends Team Our team consists of dedicated sports people and IT specialists. We have handled all possible tasks in various racket sports clubs within the past 20 years developing a deep understanding of the multifaceted tasks you face when working at a racket sports club. Based on this experience, we have developed a unique platform with the single purpose of helping you solve the tasks at your club.


All of Your Assignments Gathered in One Place Avoid the hassle of having to use a variety of different tools and websites in order to carry out the tasks of your club. Sportyfriends gathers all in one place saving you time and securing an easy overview at all times. With a club profile at Sportyfriends you are able to handle the following tasks at your racket sports club: Membership Management Financial Management Club Website


Court Booking System Organization of Trainings and Coaches Club Rankings

Effortless and Effective Membership Management The intuitive user interface of Sportyfriends provides you with an easy and effective tool for managing memberships at your club. Thus, you no longer have to charge payments from members manually as the payment process is automatized through Sportyfriends; Your members handle payments by themselves - off course with a friendly reminder as the payment deadline approaches. Sportyfriends enable your members to handle their membership status through their own personal profile. All in all, this reduces the administrative burden significantly for your club.


User-friendly Financial Management with “Billy” The time consuming task as a cashier is made a whole lot easier with Sportyfriends’ integrated accounting software from “Billy”. This Danish software offers an easy-to-use interface for the accounting and bookkeeping at your club providing you with an easy overview and always up-to-date statistics of your memberships. You even get free support seven days a week both for an easy and secure transfer of your club’s data in the startup phase but also for all future needs.


Get a More Lively and Easily Updateable Website Even without the slightest IT knowledge you can create and update a new website tailored for your needs specifically - with more relevant content engaging both existing and new members. As opposed to most websites of racket sports clubs, a website created with Sportyfriends encourages interaction between your club and its members. All users with admin rights (typically board members and other devotees) are allowed to post news and create events, while the members through their user profile may comment on the posts and join/leave the events. In other words, your website will be much more lively and up-to-date through the user-generated content presenting your club far more attractively to both current and new members.



Quick Court Booking on App Available for both iOS and Android, the Sportyfriends App allows your members to book courts quickly and easily whenever they want. The app includes automatic check in upon arrival at the sports centre as well as a feature suggesting the user to cancel his booking one hour before it starts in case the user’s geographical location is too far from the centre. Potential new members may also book a trial lesson through the app saving you time arranging the trial lessons over e-mail or phone. Last but not least, the app helps to improve the occupancy rate of your courts. Thus, the innovative ‘Quick Match’ feature assists a member to finding a new partner at short notice in case of a late cancellation.



Organization of Trainings and Coaches Organizing training sessions is carried out easily. For instance, you may create a weekly training session for juniors or elite players every Wednesday during the season in less than two minutes. For each training session the members register themselves if they attend or not making potential free spots available for others as the deadline for a training session is approaching. Hence, the coach always knows whom and how many players that will attend the session facilitating the planning and structuring of each training. Sportyfriends also allows the coach to upload the programme for each training session beforehand. Moreover, the coach may upload video material, either of the players or instructional material. Applying his own personal calendar, the coach always has an overview of his trainings, both individual and team sessions, as well as his notes for each training. In addition, the coach may publish his calendar presenting available coaching lessons for potential customers to book.


Automatic Update of Rankings Avoid the time consuming task of manually updating your club rankings. Instead, the players register the results of their matches themselves and Sportyfriends takes care of the automatic update of the ranking. You may choose between three of the most common ranking formats: Pyramid Ladder Pointsystem As an admin of the ranking you may adapt it to your club’s specific needs, for instance allowing your team captains and members to watch the latest edition at any time.


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Our fair prices Your price depends on how many members your club have and if you just want to have the new club website with all the smart features or you also want to include booking system and advanced member administration: Members 1-99 100-299 300-599 600-999 1000+

Clubsite 30 € 40 €. 55 € 70 € 90 €

Booking system 30 € . 40 € . 55 € 70 € 90 €

All prices are ex. vat.

It is very easy to get started and set up your club. Transaction fees are 1%. Fees to payment provider are held by the club.




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Information brochure about Sportyfriends club administration system for sports clubs.


Information brochure about Sportyfriends club administration system for sports clubs.