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a complete guide to the sport of squash in british columbia


The complete guide to squash in BC

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President’s Message List of Advertisers Board of Directors What is Squash BC? Squash BC Membership Information Doubles in BC Doubles Tournament Schedule The 2020 Fund The 2020 Fund Donors List Provincial Associations Member Clubs Out-of-Province Member Clubs BC Junior Open Championships BC Junior Squash Championships (Closed) 2010 Canadian Junior Nationals Top Juniors in BC Junior Tournament Schedule

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Squash BC Junior Development Programs BC Open Provincial Championships BC Closed Provincial Championships BC Honda Canadian Squash Championships 2010.2011 Calendar of Events Canadian Masters - BC Teams The Ranking System Top 100 Women in BC Top 100 Men in BC Squash BC’s Annual Awards BC Athlete Assistance Program Officiating Programs Certified Officials in BC Coaching in BC Certified Coaches in BC Squash BC’s Eyeguard Policy Jester’s Club of BC

COVER PHOTO of Steve Lawton and photo of Alana Miller and Latasha Khan (above) were taken by Chad Forbes


The Squash Book is published annually by the British Columbia Squash Racquets Association. Head Office: 4867 Ontario Street Vancouver, BC V5V 3H4 Telephone: 604-737.3084 Facsimile: 604-736-3527 Email: 2010 / 2011 Edition

Squash BC welcomes your comments and input. If you’re interested in getting involved in next year’s squash programs please contact us. Layout and design by Robert Pacey for Pacey + Pacey Design Table of Contents


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE WELCOME TO THE 2010/11 SQUASH SEASON! Welcome to another year of squash. I would like to take this time to introduce myself as your new President of Squash BC. I am an avid player of squash and have been on the board of Squash BC for the past 10 years – 4 years as a Vice President and 6 years as a Zone rep. I play at the beautiful beach front squash club in Tsawwassen – The Bayside Club. I look forward to serving you as the President, playing against you in Mark Robinson league play and meeting you at tournaments over the next couple of years. If you have any comments, suggestions about squash and/or Squash BC Soon we will announce I would like to hear from you. I can be reached at some new policy and procedures as well as some constitutional changes that

Last year there were a number of changes made will allow our organization to the policy and procedures and the constitution to better represent and serve of Squash BC. The most important was the new the membership. structure for the Executive of Squash BC. This new structure includes 5 vice presidents: communications, operations, technical, finance, player development. This structure will allow the Executive and the Executive Director, Kevin Kydd, to serve the membership better. I look forward to working with the new Executive: Dara Sklar (VP Communications), Jon Money (VP Operations), Tim Bale (VP Technical), Bill Vipond (VP Finance) and Greg Bunyan (VP Player Development). The executive has been working hard this summer getting ready for the new squash season. Soon we will announce some new policy and procedures as well as some constitutional changes that will allow our organization to better represent and serve the membership. We publish this handbook at the beginning of each squash season and send it to our members. This handy little book contains everything you wanted to know about Squash in BC but were afraid to ask. Why does Squash BC exist? Simply, it exists to provide services to squash players that cannot be achieved by individual clubs. We provide financial


Letter from the President

support to deserving athletes across the province at all levels of play. We arrange and conduct coaching and refereeing clinics so there is a consistent level of coaching and officiating across the province. We publish a tournament schedule, promote tournaments and provide online tournament registration services to clubs that could not afford to do it on their own. We do our best to add extra value to all our individual and club members. Why should I join Squash BC? The answer should be that you do so to show your support for the sport of squash and your provincial organization. This would be the answer that I would hope all of us would think of first. I am a realist though. Most of you join for the insurance, the excess medical coverage, because you play in a league that requires it and the other benefits that you get from membership. Many organizations, including our provincial government, measure our success and provide funding or support based on the number of paid-up members we have. Can you afford to support your favourite sport for 12 cents a day? Can you afford to support your favourite sport for only 12 cents a day?

For many members, we perform one vitally important service: we are the keeper of the provincial rankings. If there is one visible function of Squash BC, this is it. Nothing is more personal than your ranking. For many members, the ability to review their ranking points over the year provides them with tangible feedback on their performance over the course of the season. On behalf of the Executive of Squash BC and the Executive Director we would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable squash season.

Mark Robinson President, Squash BC

2010 / 2011 Edition

Letter from the President


SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR ADVERTISERS Advantage Sports Barclay Insurance Services BC Honda Dealer’s Association Buntain Insurance Dunlop Hay & Watson - Essop Mia Justin Stitches / Promosapien Karakal Manta World Sport Matthew D. Fahey (Westpoint Law Group) Mr Forbz Photography Playcon, The Recreation Company RB Squash Sales Squash Republic Clothing The 2020 Fund VRC - Vancouver Racquets Club If you would like to advertise in the next issue of The Squash Book please contact the offices of Squash BC: Telephone: (604) 737.3084 Email: Squash BC would like to thank and acknowledge the financial support of The Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.


Special Thanks to our Advertisers

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Executive President VP Finance VP Operations VP Player Development VP Technical VP Communications Past President

Mark Robinson Bill Vipond Jonathon Money Greg Bunyan Tim Bale Dara Sklar John Roche

Zone Representatives Zone 1 Kootenays Zone 2 Okanagan Zone 3 Fraser Valley Zone 4 Richmond/Burnaby/Delta Zone 5 Vancouver/Whistler Zone 6 Vancouver Island Zone 7 Prince Rupert Zone 8 Prince George Rep

Kevin Dorrius Phil Croteau Raghbir Badhan Vacant Robert Pacey Lee Clackson Joe Rektor Grant Emmond

Player Representatives Women’s Player Rep Men’s Player Rep

Lorrie Baildham Steve Lawton

Committees Coaching Chairperson Doubles Chairperson Junior Chairperson Officiating Chairperson

Stuart Dixon Marvin Mizinski Sandra Thompson Asif Hudani

2010 / 2011 Edition

Board of Directors


WHAT IS SQUASH BC? Should You Support Squash in BC? Most players in BC join Squash BC because they have to. Squash BC would like all members to think about what their membership really means to squash in BC. Many players in BC have “supported” squash over the years and have not realized it. While joining Squash BC gives you many benefits, the support your membership offers squash are many. Your membership helps support programs like coaching and officiating, both of which keep the game growing and in control. Your membership also helps support junior programs in BC. The juniors have made tremendous strides in the last few years with a new and improved development programs. Supporting the organization of squash is something most people don’t think about. Organizing the tournament, coaching and officiating schedule is a huge job. Taking care of all the reporting to funding agencies takes time. Keeping the web site, newsletter and this Squash Book going is an ongoing project. Most leagues in BC, which are generally organized by volunteers, have had their work load cut by a tremendous amount with the development of QuickDraws. Squash BC worked very closely with QuickDraws to develop all aspects of that program. There are many other behind the scenes activities which keep squash going in the province of BC that your membership supports. One of the more important aspects of what your membership does for squash in BC is, you are counted. In this age of data, numbers do the Being a member of Squash talking. Sponsors of tournaments, leagues, junior BC ensures that you are program all want to know their message is being seen counted and that’s good for by many. Builders of facilities want to know their courts will be used. Funding agencies want to make squash in BC. sure they are helping the most people for every dollar they give. They all ask, “How Many Members are There?” Just because you are not going to be playing league or tournaments this year doesn’t mean you should stop being a member. Your ongoing support of squash in BC will help the game to stay healthy and vibrant. For 12 cents a day, this can be accomplished. Here are a few benefits to membership • On Court Sports Accident Insurance while Playing In or Practicing For Sanctioned Events. • Eligible to play in Squash BC sanctioned leagues, Victoria, Comox, Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Prince George to name a few. • Online League Management System which shows schedules, results, players and league rankings. • Eligible to play in 50 Squash BC sanctioned tournaments at reduced fees 6

What is Squash BC?

SQUASH BC MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Up-to-the-Minute Provincial Rankings Online Calendar of Events Online Event Registration from the Calendar of Events Eligible to play on National and Provincial Teams and Receive Funding/Subsidies Junior Programs, Grassroots, Developing, High Performance, Canada Winter Games Junior Travel Subsidies for National Tournaments Subsidies to Coaches who Travel with Juniors to National Tournaments Eligible to Play in Events World Wide by Being a Member of Squash Canada Coaching Programs at Reduced Fees Subsidies for Coaches Travel for Upgrading Officiating Programs Subsidies for Official’s Travel for Upgrading Post Secondary Program Subsidies Website Bi-Weekly E-mail Newsletter Yearly Mail Out of “The Squash Book” Mail Outs to Clubs and Individuals with Calendar of Events, Event Entry Forms, “The Squash Book”, etc. 2020 Fund for the Future of Junior Programs and Coaching Skill Awards Program Instant Squash Program

Cost of Squash BC Individual Membership Individual Rate Total Cost Adult, 25 and Older $41.00 + HST $45.92 Student, 17 to 24 $20.00 + HST $21.00 Junior, Under 17 $15.00 + HST $15.75

Cost per Day $0.12 $0.06 $0.04

To sign up for Squash BC Membership, go to and click on “Squash BC Membership” at the drop down list at the top of the main page, then click “Quick Membership Sign-In” and have your Squash BC number handy. Clubs or leagues with 30 or more members are eligible for the Squash BC “Bulk Membership Rate”. Check with your club or league to see if they qualify for this benefit. Bulk Membership Rate Adult, 25 and Older $30.00 +GST Student, 17 to 24 $20.00 +GST Junior, Under 17 $15.00 +GST

2010 / 2011 Edition

Total Cost $31.50 $21.00 $15.75

Cost per Day $0.08 $0.06 $0.04

Membership Information



Another great year for Doubles Squash in BC! The year included 3 separate leagues that allowed anyone who plays doubles in the lower mainland to participate. I would like to thank the League Directors namely Cathy Covernton (Thursday Night Women’s League), Mike Leckie (Vancouver Open Men’s Doubles League), Lynn Broman and Rick Kochanski (City Doubles League). League champs included: • VLTBC “Lawn Toys” captain Tessa Brekuels, back to back winners. VLTBC winning again ... has a familiar ring to it!!! • Captain Mike Leckie’s team of misfits turned it around when the big money was on the line!!! • City League champs included Div 1 Vanlawn ... again (Hugh Woolley captain), Div 2 Evergreen (Les Kerluke captain), Div 3 Evergreen (Lynn Broman captain), Div 4 Evergreen (Mike Tooley captain) I would like to congratulate Steve Lawton, winner of the Men’s 50+ Canadians Doubles held in Toronto and then backed that feat up by winning the 50+ Canadian Singles held at Jericho. To my knowledge I don’t know if anyone has completed the double in the same season. Well done Steve. Congratulations to the 2010 BC Open Champions and thank you to Tournament Chair Jeff Boag and the Hollyburn Country Club. Men’s Open Justin Todd Mike Leckie

Ladies Open Tessa Breukels Alicia Haneine

Men’s Div 1 Will Stipout Scott Sibley

Mixed Open Vets 40+ Tessa Breukels Marvin Mizinski Mike Leckie Brian MacFarlane

Vets 50+ Les Kerluke Jamie Bleay

This coming season’s doubles schedule includes: • Vancouver City Doubles League, Women’s Thursday Night Doubles League and Doubles League and the Vancouver Open Men’s Doubles League • Vancouver ISDA Pro & Pro-Am Doubles is back ... November 12th to 14th • Pacific Coast Open Doubles Championships hosted at the Vancouver Racquets Club January 25th to 30th • A full schedule of local and coastal tournaments posted online at BC currently has close to 400 registered doubles players, if you have not tried the game you are truly missing out ...go on experience the mayhem ... you will love it!!!

Good squashing, Marvin Mizinski BC Doubles Chair


Doubles in British Columbia


Early Bird > VRC

October 23 - 25

Wrightson Cup > Multnomah Club, Portland

November 16 - 22

Western Canadians > Evergreen

December 01 - 05

Gamble 100 Doubles > VRC

2011 January 22 - 24

Pacific Coast Champs > University Club, San Francisco

Febuary 03 - 07

BC Jesters Doubles > VRC

March 13 - 15

Canadian Doubles Championships > TBD

27 - 29

BC Open Doubles > TBD

April 15 - 18

Canadian Doubles Championships > Toronto Cricket Club

May 10 - 16

BC Open Doubles > Hollyburn

14 - 16

Vancouver ISDA & Pro-Am > Hollyburn

July 13 - 18

Evergreen Summer Doubles > Evergreen

2010 / 2011 Edition

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Doubles Tournament Schedule


THE 2020 FUND OUR MISSION The 2020 Fund was initiated by Squash BC to help build the future of squash in our province by providing a reliable source of funding for junior development programs. As grants from external sources (government agencies etc.) become less and less predictable, it is important that we protect the future of squash in British Columbia by having our own dependable source of funding. OUR GOAL Our initial goal was to raise $200,000 by the year 2020 (hence the name) at which point the Fund would begin to make distributions to Squash BC for the support of junior development programs. At this size, the Fund will provide annual distributions of about $8,000 which amounts to approximately 25% of the Squash BC budget for junior development. Our ultimate goal is to continue to grow the Fund beyond the initial target so that, together with other funding sources, it provides the level of financial support needed to achieve the objective of having programs that successfully broaden the base of junior squash players and develop their long-term interest in the game. PROGRESS REPORT Thanks to the generosity of many members of the squash community, the Fund surpassed its initial $200,000 target in June 2010 and will distribute funds for the first time to support junior development programs in the 2010/2011 season.

TO DONATE The sport of squash has been a major influence in the lives of those who enjoy this wonderful game and, as evidenced by the strong support received so far, many of us want to put something back into it. The 2020 Fund offers the opportunity to do this by ensuring squash has a healthy future through well-funded development programs for juniors – the lifeblood of the game. There are many ways in which donations can be made. Please visit the 2020 Fund website (see below) for more details and a direct link to our online donation site. TAX RECEIPTS Tax receipts are available for donations of $25 or more. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Contact Squash BC for more info: Telephone: (604) 737-3084 Facsimile: (604) 736-3527 Email:

Check out our new website:


The 2020 Fund

CHAMPION DONORS ($10,000 +) Allan & Sue Brown Joyce & Tony Maycock Kenneth Cummane Foundation Diamond Donors ($5,000 - $9999.99) In Memory of Edward H. (Eddie) Gudewill In Memory of John Burris In Memory of Simon Chow Platinum Donors ($1000.00 - $4999.99) Ben Moxon Bob Hays Corina & Andrew Lynn Fouchard Family George Morfitt Graham Brown Hugh Woolley In Memory of Edward (Uncle Ed) Warner John Brown John Osburn Matt Fahey - Westpoint Law Group Murray Olson Pamela Bendall Paul Stevenson Russell Smith Shawn Patton Steve Maloon Susan & Kevin Kydd The Clackson Family The Gudewill Family The Moy Family Tim Bale Trevor Thom Gold Donors ($500.00 - $999.99) Abdul Shaik Barry Gilmore Ben Thomas Bill Crawford Blair MacLean Bruce Aitken 2010 / 2011 Edition

The 2020 Fund


Charles Smith Chris Harley Dave Cowan David Adams Deidre Smith/Steve Baker Dick Raymond Don & Mona Gunn Gavin Cooper Gerry Poulton Glenn Poier Greg Ashby & Louise Fogharty James McKenzie Joe Hattori John Roche Kwok Yik Leigh Skelton Marie-Claire Howard Michael Borden Neil & Lynn Johansen Neil Watson Rashid Aziz Robin Louis Roy Gutteridge Tim Saunders Tussy Berg Victor Berg Zul Tejpar Silver Donors ($100.00 - $499.99) Adam Radziminski Anne Hall Asif Hudani Barb Haddleton Betty J. Burris (In Memory of John Burris) Bill McCaugherty Bill Sheehan Bob Smart Brian Covernton (In Memory or “Uncle Ed” Warner) Brian O’Sullivan 12

The 2020 Fund

Brian Shepherd Brian Tattrie Brook Macey Brooke Siver Bruce Redpath Bruce Williams Bryan Robberts Chris Sherriff Christopher Molke Clayton Peterson Clint Hall Colin Leech-Porter Colin O’Connor Connie Hung Dara Sklar Darlene Monikman Darren Benning Dave Dawson David Clutton David Davies David Patterson Debra Kato Diana Hardie Doug MacDougall Dr. Michael Smith Eric Barclay Gavin Roy Geoffrey Higgins George Grant Geraint Khan Gordon Pybus Grant Gardner Ignacio Valenzuela Jamie Coutts Jane Cartmel Jason Skelton Jay Lundy Jennifer Blumberg Jim Rogers Jim Watson & Family Joan Hunter John Andrew John Furlong

John Toikka John Van Cuylenborg John Zaplatynsky Karen Lane Karyn Trombley Kelsey Parsons Larry Armstrong Laura Ramsay Lawrence Owen Les Jamieson Lionel Jinks Lorne Danielson Lorne Lillemo Lynn Buntain Mark Beaudoin Mark Fromberg Mark Koroll Martin Hosking Matt Saunders Melanie Jans Michael Murphy Michelle Smith Mike McIsaac Morey Walker Morley Jameson Murray Smith Nicola Willis P.K. Cheema Pat Paproski Patrick Au Patrick Dunn Perry Teperson Randy Shaw Richard Kochanski Rick Applegath Rob Spanier Robbin Burns Robbin Heppenstall Robert Pacey Robert Pearson Roger & Margot Gunn Roger Ovens Ronald Weber

Rory Touchet Shelley Engman Sherman Dahl Shirley DeBons Sian Campbell Sue Wastie Tam Lam Tammy & Scott Merriman The Blumberg Family The Jameson Family The Ridgeway Family The Tyrell Family The Vipond Family Tilly Enriquez Tony Duffield Tony Goodson Trish Leslie Wally Malinowski Winston Cabell CLUBS, TOURNAMENTS & BUSINESSES Diamond Donors ($5,000 - $9999.99) Arbutus High Game Bentall Centre Athletic Club Jericho Tennis Club Platinum Donors ($1000.00 - $4999.99) 2003 VanCity Canadian National Doubles 2009 Canadian National Doubles Championships

BC Closed (Arbutus) Hollyburn Country Club The Jesters Club United Way Victoria Squash Club Gold Donors ($500.00 - $999.99) Evergreen Squash Club F V Squash Association Haebler Construction Projects Hewitt Associates Okanagan Squash Assn. Smart Ins. Services Sport Central (BC Open) Vancouver Squash League Silver Donors ($100.00 - $499.99) Bayside (Parksville) Racquets Club Bentall Capital Limited Partnership

Bonsor Rec Complex FV Sports Physio Corp Ledcor International Day Masters Provincial Teams October Quest Tournament Roster’s Squash League Squamish Valley Squash Club Squash Republic Sunshine Coast Squash VLTBC Div. A2 Team 2001 VRC A1 Team (2001JB) Bronze Donors (Up to $99.99) Mountain High Multnomah Athletic Club PE Credit Union Prince George Squash Assn. SQBC Junior Development Vancouver Racquets Club


Squash BC would like to thank all of our generous donors for their support of this important intiative. Please visit Squash BC’s website for the complete list of donors:

2010 / 2011 Edition

The 2020 Fund


PROVINCIAL ASSOCIATIONS Squash Canada Squash Alberta Squash BC Saskatchewan Squash Squash Manitoba Squash Ontario Squash Newfoundland Northwest Territories Squash Nova Scotia Squash New Brunswick Squash Yukon Squash P.E.I. Squash Quebec

(613) 731-7385 (403) 270-7344 (604) 737-3084 (306) 782 3143 (204) 925-5661 (416) 426-7201 (867) 920-2224 (902) 450-5353 (867) 667-7071 (902) 566-0338 (514) 252-3o62

For web site addresses, please visit and click “LINKS”.


Provincial Associations

MEMBER CLUBS ZONE 1 Cranbrook Golden Nakusp Nelson Revelstoke

KOOTENAYS Cranbrook Squash Club Body Quest Health & Fitness Nakusp Squash Club Swingers Squash Club Revelstoke Racquet Den

ZONE 2 Kamloops Kelowna Penticton Salmon Arm Summerland Vernon

SOUTHERN INTERIOR Kamloops Squash Association 214 Monashee Place Global Fitness 1574 Harvey Avenue Penticton Racquets & Fitness Club 201 Okanagan Ave East Salmon Arm Community Centre 2550 NE 10 Ave Lakeshore Racquet Club 13607 S Lakeshore Dr Rosters Sports Club 2319 53rd Avenue

250-314-9600 250-860-6900 250-493-3488 250-832-4044 250-494-9733 250-549-0444

ZONE 3 Abbotsford Abbotsford Langley Langley Surrey

FRASER VALLEY Apollo Athletic Club Valley Racquet & Fitness Centre Fitness Unlimited Newlands Golf and Racquet Club Sandcastle Fitness Club

604-504-7560 604-859-1331 604-533-7071 604-534-3205 604-531-9906

ZONE 4 Burnaby Delta Richmond Richmond

BURNABY/RICHMOND/DELTA/COQUITLAM Bonsor Recreation 6550 Bonsor Street The Bayside Club 6788 Corbould Road River Club 11111 Horseshoe Way Sport Central 2611 Viscount Way

604-439-5507 604-943-0151 604-272-4400 604-278-8884

ZONE 5 N Vancouver N Vancouver N Vancouver Squamish Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver

VANCOUVER/NORTH SHORE/HOWESOUND Delbrook Recreation 600 West Queens Road Evergreen Squash Club 1802 Glenaire Dr. North Shore Winter Club 1325 E Keith Road Squamish Valley Squash Club 2458 Mamquam Road Arbutus Club 2001 Nanton Avenue Bentall Centre Athletic Club Bentall 4 Box 49271 Jericho Tennis Club 3837 Point Grey Road Terminal City Club 837 West Hastings

604-987-7529 604-985-8636 604-985-4135 604-898-9521 604-266-7166 604-689-4424 604-224-2348 604-681-4121

2010 / 2011 Edition

1607-6th St N 912 11th Ave. South 92 - 6th. Ave. NW 330 Baker Street Box 2398

3600 Townline Road 2814 Gladwin Road 20501 Logan Ave 21025 48th Ave 1938 152nd Street

250-426-5760 250-344-7876 250-265-3136 250-352-1818 250-837-3699

Member Clubs



Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club Vancouver Vancouver Racquets Club W Vancouver Hollyburn Country Club

1630 West 15th Avenue 4867 Ontario Street 950 Crosscreek Road

604-731-2191 604-874-0242 604-922-0161

Campbell River Sportsplex Comox Recreation Centre Lewis Centre/Comox Valley Squash Club Gold River Parks & Recreation Brentwood College Nanaimo Squash Club Bayside Racquets

2805 Homestead Rd. 1855 Noel Avenue

250-923-1924 250-339-2255

489 Old Island Highway 499 Muchalat Dr. 2735 Mt Baker Road 256 Wallace Street 240 Dogwood Street

250-338-5371 250-283-2202 250-743-5521 250-754-3123 250-248-8333

Shawnigan Lake School Cedar Hill Squash Club YMCA Victoria

1975 Renfrew Road 3220 Cedar Hill Road 880 Courtenay Street

250-743-5516 250-595-7121 250-386-7511

NORTH WEST BC Bulkley Valley Regional Pool

1316 Toronto Street


ZONE 8 NORTH EAST BC Prince George Prince George Golf & Curling Club Box 242 Prince George University of Northern B.C. 3333 University Way Williams Lake The Fitness North Athletic Club 312 North Broadway

250-563-0357 250-960-6356 250-392-4646

ZONE 6 Campbell River Comox Valley Courtenay Gold River Mill Bay Nanaimo Parksville Shawnigan Lake Victoria Victoria ZONE 7 Smithers



Member Clubs

OUT-OF-PROVINCE MEMBER CLUBS Calgary Winter Club World Health Sport Club Glencoe Club Royal Glenora Club Bankers Hall Club Body Quest Health & Racquet Club Bow Valley Club University of Calgary Body Basics Fitness Centre Heritage Square Fitness & Racquet Club World Health Centre Club Big C Athletic Club Olympic Club U.C. Berkeley Squash Club San Francisco Bay Club University Club Decathlon Club Pacific Athletic Club Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club Court Sports & Fitness Club Park Avenue Squash & Athletics Winnipeg Winter Club Multnomah Athletic Club River Place Athletic Club The Pro Sports Club Seattle Club Courthouse Athletic Club Gateway Athletic Club Harbour Square Athletic Club Seattle Athletic Club Spokane Club Soft Drop Squash Better Bodies Cross Training Centre

2010 / 2011 Edition www.roya[

4611, 14 Street NW 7222 Edgemont Blvd 636, 29 Avenue SW 11160 River Valley Rd 402, 315 8th Ave SW

Edmonton (780) 469-9296

4960 - 93rd Avenue 370, 250 - 6th Ave SW Campus Rec Rm 5569 - 47 Street

Calgary (403) 255-2168

85oo MacLeod Trail SE 10120 - 103rd Avenue 1381 Galaxy Way 524 Post Street 2301 Bancroft Way 150 Greenwich 800 Powell Street 3250 Central Express 200 Redwood Shores Pl

Winnipeg (204) 452-1450

275 Stradbrook Avenue

Winnipeg (204) 488-3025

1400 Taylor Avenue

Brandon (204) 727-7oi6 Salem, WA (206) 343-4692

853 - 10th Street 200 River Avenue PO Box 390 150 S W Montgomery 4455 148th Avenue NE 2020 Western 4132 Devonshire Ct NW 700 5th Avenue Spokane (5og) 838-8511 Seattle (2o6) 938-5596

160 W Dayton Northgate, 333 NE 97th St West 1002 Riverside Avenue c/o 9677 - 47th Avenue SW

Whitehorse (403) 633-5245

122 Industrial Road

Member Clubs



Advantage Sports



Champions Girls U19/17 Boys U19/17 Girls U15 Boys U15 Girls U13 Boys U13

2nd place Girls U19/17 Girls U15 Girls U13

Brynn Daniels Maris Clapperton Andrea Toth

2010 / 2011 Edition

The 2010 BC Junior Open was held at the Jericho Tennis Club on January 22-24.

Abbey Foster Michael Thompson Michele Garceau Matthew Toth Megan Picken Mihir Badhan

Boys U19/17 Boys U15 Boys U13

Morgan Latrimouille Harry Freeman Matthew Henderson

BC Junior Open Champions


BC JUNIOR SQUASH CHAMPIONSHIPS (CLOSED) The BC Junior Closed Provincial Championships were held at the Hollyburn Country Club. This was the eighth consecutive year that Hollyburn has hosted the event and as usual it was a great weekend of junior squash. Special thanks to Jeff Boag and his group of volunteers for their time and efforts in hosting this year’s Championships! This year’s event saw a change in format whereby all players were required to compete in their specific age category. The top two Provincially ranked Juniors in each age category were given the option of playing a second category. Congrats to all our Provincial Champions and to the Richmond Sports Club for winning the Club Challenge Trophy! Champions Girls U19/17 Boys U19/17 Girls U15 Boys U15 Girls U13 Boys U13 Girls U11 Boys U11

Abbey Foster Tyler Olsen Alexandr Toth Michael Thompson Megan Picken Matthew Toth Andrea Toth Ryan Picken

2nd place Girls U19/17 Nicole Bunyan Girls U15 Eliza Money Girls U13 Andrea Toth 2nd place Boys U19 Boys U15 Boys U13


BC Junior Closed Champions

Remington Hall Lucas Ravkov Gavin Maxwell

2010 CANADIAN JUNIOR SQUASH CHAMPIONSHIPS Thirty-four of BC’s top Junior squash players attended the 2010 Canadian Junior Squash Championships held at the Glencoe Club in Calgary, Alberta from April 22-25th. We currently have a very strong group of Juniors representing BC and this year’s excellent results at the Junior Nationals is evidence of this. For the second year in row, BC crowned a National Junior Champion with Michael Thompson winning the Boys Under 15 age category. Michael played very well throughout the tournament dropping only one game in five matches. Congratulations Michael, well done! Also in the Boys Under 15 age category, Lucas Ravkov earned a well deserved and solid 4th place finish. Rounding out the Boys Under 15 BC results, Damon Hall and Sam Ejtemai both finished in the 7/8 position. Matthew Toth, competing in his first Junior Nationals, placed third in the Boys Under 13 age category. This is a very good performance in a category with some strong young players. Well done Matthew! In the Boys Under 17 age category, Tyler Olson and Zac Leman placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Under normal circumstances this would be considered a strong showing but Tyler and Zac were seeded number one and number two. Both boys lost to the eventual tournament winner Josh Sekhar from Ontario, with Zac losing in the Semis and Tyler dropping the Finals. While both boys were disappointed with their respective outcomes they should hold their heads high as 2nd and 3rd are still very strong showings. The BC Girls also did very well at Junior Nationals. Alexandra Toth and Elizabeth Money placed 4th and 5th respectively in the Girls Under 15 age category. For both it was their first trip to Junior Nationals and these are great results! Well done Alex and Elisa! BC’s Under 17 Girls played well throughout the tournament with Abbey Foster, Nicole Bunyan, and Lindsay Seginson placing 3rd, 4th, and 6th respectively. Rachel Au and Brynn Daniels both also placed in the 7/8 positions in the Girls Under 17 category. This category within Canada is quite challenging with many strong players competing from different Provinces. These are great results and all five girls should be pleased with their efforts. Well done to all the BC players who made the trip to Calgary! Dave Leman Chair, Junior Development Committee, Squash BC

2010 / 2011 Edition

2010 Canadian Junior Nationals


SQUASH BC RANKINGS - TOP JUNIORS Top Ten Junior Girls Under 19 1 Abbey Foster-JER 2 Nicole Bunyan-VIC 3 Lindsay Seginson-VIC 4 Brynn Daniels-VIC 5 Rachel Au-VLT 6 Avril Cross-VIC 7 Elisa Money-VLT 8 Alexandra Toth-RSC 9 Kathryn Milligan-BAY 10 Kaitlyn Money-VLT

1338 1335 1290 1289 1265 1194 1098 1094 1059 993

Top Ten Junior Boys Under 19 1 Tyler Olson-VIC 2 Remington Hall-RSC 3 Zachary Leman-JER 4 Morgan Latremouille-BAY 5 Mackenzie Foster-EVE 6 Michael Thompson-JER 7 Rodrigo Lima-VIC 8 Alykhan Thobani-RIV 9 Graeme McCrea-CED 10 Arnie Clark-CAM

1785 1721 1705 1669 1663 1620 1511 1495 1437 1432

Top Ten Junior Girls Under 17 1 Abbey Foster-JER 2 Nicole Bunyan-VIC 3 Brynn Daniels-VIC 4 Avril Cross-VIC 5 Elisa Money-VLT 6 Alexandra Toth-RSC 7 Kathryn Milligan-BAY 8 Kaitlyn Money-VLT 9 Michele Garceau-EVE 10 Kendyl Smith-SCSA

1338 1335 1289 1194 1098 1094 1059 993 795 711

Top Ten Junior Boys Under 17 1 Tyler Olson-VIC 2 Zachary Leman-JER 3 Michael Thompson-JER 4 Alykhan Thobani-RIV 5 Lucas Ravkov-JER 6 Damon Hall-RSC 7 chris miles-VIC 8 Dorian Lewis-Willie-NAN 9 Justin McGaw-VIC 10 Sam Ejtemai-JER

1785 1705 1620 1495 1421 1354 1308 1298 1290 1280

Top Ten Junior Girls Under 15 1 Elisa Money-VLT 2 Alexandra Toth-RSC 3 Michele Garceau-EVE 4 Janel Gaube-VIC 5 Dylan Holbrook-BAY 6 Nitara Heywood-EVE 7 Megan Picken-JER 8 Andrea Toth-RSC 9 Lauren Ashikian-VRC 10 Shermaine Chua-EVE

1098 1094 795 703 617 604 590 579 566 549

Top Ten Junior Boys Under 15 1 Michael Thompson-JER 2 Lucas Ravkov-JER 3 Justin McGaw-VIC 4 Sam Ejtemai-JER 5 Matthew Toth-RSC 6 Harry Freeman-VLT 7 Tavish Lehman-JER 8 Mihir Badhan-RSC 9 Gavin Maxwell-CED 10 Matthew Henderson-CED

1620 1421 1290 1280 1155 1077 1004 994 929 803

Top Junior Girls Under 13 1 Megan Picken-JER 2 Andrea Toth-RSC 3 Lauren Ashikian-VRC 4 Destiny Lutz-VRC 5 Zoe Colclough-JER 6 Alisha Rahemtulla-EVE 7 Gabby Freeman-VLT

590 579 566 545 515 453 421

Top Ten Junior Boys Under 13 1 Matthew Toth-RSC 2 Mihir Badhan-RSC 3 Matthew Henderson-CED 4 Ryan Picken-JER 5 Rayaan Kurji-HOL 6 Jacob Collins-VRC 7 Sam Scivier-JER 8 Lucas Bruce-VLT 9 Spencer Lehman-JER 10 John Dempsey-JER

1155 994 803 727 704 632 627 618 617 611


Top Juniors in BC

JUNIOR TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE 2010 September 16 - 19 Shawnigan Lake Junior Open October 22 - 24

Shawnigan Lake School


Evergreen Junior Squash Tournament Evergreen Squash Club


November 19 – 20 Cedar Hill Junior B/Novice

Cedar Hill Squash Club, Victoria JJ

December 03 - 05 The VLTBC Junior Novice & B Squash Tournament

Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, Vancouver


2011 January 21 - 23

Jericho Tennis Club


BC Junior Open Championships

February 05-06 Bayside Junior B/Novice Tournament The Bayside Club, Delta JJ 18-20 BC Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships Cedar Hill Squash Club, Victoria JJ March 04 - 06

BC Junior Closed Championships


April 08 - 10 28 - 01

Pacific Coast Junior B/Novice Canadian Junior Nationals

Vancouver Racquets Club Calgary, AB

2010 / 2011 Edition


Junior Tournament Schedule

JJ Junior


SQUASH BC JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS Provincial High Performance Program The purpose of the Provincial High Performance Junior Squash Program is to provide the top junior squash players in each age category from U13 up, an opportunity to train and develop as both athletes and squash players within an integrated and sports science supported environment. The Program content will be delivered by a team of qualified Provincial Coaches working in conjunction with sport specialists from BC. The High Performance Program plans to work in Partnership with the various athlete’s coaches from around the Province. Provincial Developing Junior Program The Provincial Developing Junior Program has been designed to guide the committed and improving junior squash athlete through a program of skill and fitness development in a supportive, fun environment. Using the input of certified Coaches and a guiding group of parent coordinators, selected athletes will have their skill and fitness abilities assessed through participation in a series of Provincial Camps. Provincial Grassroots Junior Program The Provincial Grassroots Junior Program is being designed to guide clubs and schools through the starting and running of their grassroots programs. This is the first year the program has taken shape with the help of a committed volunteer group. Squash BC has purchased eyeguards to loan out to programs around the province. Squash BC will also be looking to go into a partnership to acquire other equipment to loan out to fledgling programs around the province. The Gudewill Travel Fund Program The Gudewill family has generously donated money over the years to help juniors travel to out of province junior tournaments. The amount athletes receive depends on how well they do at the 3 main national tournaments, Alberta Jesters, Canadian Junior Open and the Canadian Junior Closed. Their results are kept for all 3 with a win in the main round being worth 1 point, a win in the silver round worth 0.5 points and a win in the bronze worth 0.25. The athletes are then compared with one another and the funding is dispersed. Thank you to the Gudewill family. Canada Winter Games Team Squash BC, along with the other provinces and territories in Canada is involved in the Canada Winter Games, (CWG.) The squash team is a part of Team BC which will travel to Halifax in 2011. The team will consist of 4 boys and 4 girls, 2 of each playing in the U19 and U17 categories. The team is going into it’s second training year with several training camps and tournament athletes must attend. Last year athletes attended 3 camps and 3 tournaments along with all the other squash commitments. Go Team BC!


Junior Development Programs

Skill Awards Program The Skill Awards Program is a program designed by Squash Canada to help the development of squash athletes. The skills in this program are structured so that it takes the athlete from the basic racquet skills of a recreational junior to the advance strokes of a high performance junior. While it is intended to be a measuring stick for the junior athlete from the first time he or she picks up the racquet to his/her participation in junior tournaments, it can also be used for adults who are in the same situation. The Skill Awards kit can be ordered from the Squash BC office. External Sport Credentials Program Squash BC has entered into a program with the Sport Branch that is known as “The Ministry of Education External Sport Credentials Program.” The program, in a nutshell, is a junior can apply to the program in several different areas as either a coach or an athlete. Both programs will give you 4 credits for your high school graduation. A letter signed by your high school counselor is required. Post Secondary Institute Program The Post Secondary Institute Program has been developed throughout Canada as a program that will partner post secondary institutions with local clubs, provincial organizations, (Squash BC,) and Squash Canada. The program is primarily a grassroots initiative to promote squash to Post Secondary students as a life time sport. There are grants available from Squash Canada and Squash BC and outlines on how the programs can be set up. • For more information on all junior programs, please go to http://www.squashbc. com/juniors/index.htm • To see the annual report from the Junior Development Committee go to http://www. and click on 2009 AGM reports (page 9).

2010 / 2011 Edition

Junior Development Programs


The 2020 Fund is a Squash BC initiative created to help protect the future of amateur squash in British Columbia. We are raising funds so that we can ensure the continued growth of our game no matter what happens.


2020 Fund

BC OPEN PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS The 2009 BC Open Provincial Championships was held at the Sport Central. To view the draws and pictures go to

Category Men’s PSA Women’s Open Men’s Open Women’s A Men’s A Men’s B Women’s C Men’s C Women’s D Men’s D

2010 / 2011 Edition

Winner Laurence Delasaux (ENG) Carolyn Russell Josh Struthers (MB) Maegen Giltrow Michael Thompson Justin McGaw Tara Terins FungPiew Lim Michele Garceau Jack Matthews

Runner-up Siddharth Suchde (IND) Kelsey Souchereau (AB) Justin Todd Alexandra Toth Adam Derry Ian Wharton Elizabeth Wei Peter Cave Barbara Barley Terrence Wang

BC Open Champions


BC CLOSED PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS BC held the 2010 BC Closed Championships in the Comox Valley. The Comox Valley Squash Association did a great job of hosting the tournament, the food was non-stop and the atmosphere was incredibly welcoming. Matches were played at both the Lewis Recreation Centre in Courtney and the Comox Recreation Centre. Thanks to both those facilities for the use of their courts. Following are some pictures and a list of champions. To view draws go to:

Category Men’s Open Men’s 40+ Men’s 50+ Men’s 55+ Women’s A Men’s A Women’s B Men’s B Women’s C Men’s C Women’s D 28

Winner Justin Todd Barry Gifford Jamie Graham Steve Jacobs Diane Calder Brian McGaw Wendy Johstone Ian Kingswell Roberta Stevenson Zubin Driver Thiphawan Hardcastle

BC Closed Champions

Runner-up Remington Hall Jamie Graham Steve Jacobs Kevin Kydd Cathy Clackson Nick Simeoni Rae Walsh Andrew Ives Laurel Steed Ryan Kenning Paula Ives

BC HONDA 2010 CANADIAN SQUASH CHAMPIONSHIPS May 5th through the 8th saw squash players from all over Canada and the USA come to Vancouver to compete in the BC Honda 2010 Canadian Squash Championships. The BC Honda Championships were hosted at Jericho Tennis Club, Arbutus Club and Vancouver Racquets Club. The Jericho Tennis Club was the main club for the main round matches and all the social events. Of course there aren’t many better places to spend nice sunny days, than the Jericho Club. People from the snow laden climates of the rest of the country certainly enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the hospitality. BC players did very well in the BC Honda Championships. We came away with many national champions and runner-ups. Below is a list of those players. Of course we had a multitude of other players who did extremely well in the tournament but are far too many to list. Squash BC would like to thank the Jericho Tennis Club and the Jericho Team headed up by Jay Lundy and Shauna Flath for organizing, running and hosting a great event. We would also like to thank Robert Pacey for organizing and running the Companion Event for the men’s and women’s B, C, and D categories. Thanks also goes to the Arbutus Club and Vancouver Racquets Club for opening up their facilities so the BC Honda Championships could be a successful event. Of course a huge thanks goes to BC Honda for stepping up to the plate to sponsor the Championships. BC Honda went above and beyond to make this tournament something to remember. Let’s remember BC Honda next time we are out looking for a car. Congratulations to all the winners in the BC Honda 2010 Squash Championships. There were many wonderful performances during the championships. We would like to point out one performance. Steve Lawton won the 50+ Men’s Singles and he also won the 50+ Men’s Doubles title a couple weeks before. As far as we know, nobody has ever accomplished the feat of winning a national singles title and doubles title in the same year. Way to go Steve!

2010 / 2011 Edition

Canadian Squash Championships


1st Places Laura Ramsay Tessa Breukels Donna Pakulak Gerry Poulton Steve Lawton Andrew Lynn Winston Cabell Erik Zaremba Scott Valliere

2nd Places Vanessa Van Hove Anna Kirbyson Sue Hall Hamish Jackson Bob Finlay Rashid Aziz Simon Dorey Barry Gifford Stephen Roberts Cameron Bennitt

Women’s 60 Women’s 45 Women’s B Men’s 65 Men’s 50 Men’s 40 Men’s 35 Men’s 30 Men’s C

Women’s A Women’s B Women’s C Men’s 70 Men’s 60 Men’s 55 Men’s 50 Men’s 45 Men’s 40 Men’s B

Official website: For photos of the event visit: For more info on the Companion Event:



Canadian Squash Championships



11 – 12

16 - 19

21 - 26 24- 26

Early Bird Singles & Doubles Foundations Coaching Course (Old “Level 1”)


01 - 03 01 - 03 03 15 - 17 15 - 17 16 20 - 24 22 - 24 22 - 24 28 - 31 29 - 31


03 - 07 04 - 07 12 - 14 12 - 14 12 - 14 12 - 14 15 - 21 19 – 20 19 - 21 23 - 28


01 - 05 03 - 05 11 - 14


Pacific Rim Open Racketlon Tourn. Washington State Open Vancouver Corporate Teams Challenge Vancouver Island Open Bear’s Den Classic My First Squash Tournament Ever


Shawnigan Lake Junior Open Shawnigan Lake School Vancouver Racquets Club






Cedar Hill Squash Club, Victoria Seattle Athletic Club, Seattle

Bentall Centre Athletic Club Cedar Hill Squash Club, Victoria Revelstoke Racquet Den Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club Halloween Open Bentall Centre Athletic Club Evergreen Junior Squash Tournament Evergreen Squash Club Wrightson Cup Doubles Multnomah Club, Portland Fraser Valley Squash Championships Apollo Athletic Club, Abbotsford OctoberFest Squash Tournament iQuest Performance, Kelowna


BC Honda Dealers Open PSA Oregon Singles Championships Women’s Only Foundations Coaching Course Vancouver ISDA & Pro Am Doubles Campbell River Open Squash Tournament Nelson Fall Classic Western Canadian Doubles Cedar Hill Junior B/Novice Alberta Jesters Junior Open BC Open/PSA Championships


Gamble 100 Handicap Doubles Tournament The VLTBC Junior Novice & B Squash Tournament Canadian Junior Open

2010 / 2011 Edition




Jericho Tennis Club AAA Multnamah Athletic Club, Portland

Vancouver Hollyburn Country Club


Campbell River Sportsplex Swingers Squash Club Evergreen Squash Club Cedar Hill Squash Club, Victoria Glencoe Club, Calgary Sport Central, Richmond





Vancouver Racquets Club DD Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, Vancouver JJ White Oaks, Niagara on the Lake

2010/2011 Calendar of Events



17 - 21 US Junior Open







07 - 09 07 - 09 07 - 09 08 - 08 11 - 16 14 - 16 21 - 23 21 - 23


Intro to Competition Coaching Course (Old “Level 2”) Canadian Women’s Teams Championships Canadian Men’s Teams Championships Squash BC Annual Planning Meeting 2010 Comfort Inn Open Canadian Masters Team Championships BC Junior Open Championships Seattle Open

FEB EVENT 04 - 06 Nanaimo Open 04 - 06 Rose City Singles & Rosebud Champs 05 - 06 Bayside Junior B/Novice Tournament 10 – 18 Canada Winter Games 11 - 13 National Bank Financial Winter Carnival 12 Venti Smash: “For players in their 20s” 16 - 20 BC Jesters Doubles 18 - 20 BC Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships Junior JJ 18 - 20 Sea To Sky 23 - 27 BC Closed Squash Championships MAR

04 - 06 04 - 06 04 - 06 11 - 13 25 - 27



BC Junior Closed Championships Canadian Mixed Doubles Championships Canadian University Championships Nelson Bula Tula Easter Bunny Tournament

2010/2011 Calendar of Events



Calgary, AB Moncton, NB Vancouver Racquets Club Evergreen Squash Club


Burlington, ON Jericho Tennis Club Seattle Athletic Club

Masters JJ



The Bayside Club, Delta Halifax, NS

JJ Juniors

Nanaimo Squash Club Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland


Rosters Sports Club, Vernon AAA Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club A Vancouver Racquets Club DD Cedar Hill Squash Club, Victoria Squamish Valley Squash Club AA Arbutus Club AAAA VENUE


Hollyburn Country Club


Toronto, ON Toronto, ON Swingers Squash Club, Nelson Lewis Centre/Comox Valley Squash Club, Courtenay


25 - 27 30 - 03 31 - 03


01 - 03 06 - 10 08 - 10 08 - 10 15 - 17 28 - 01


04 - 07 20 - 23 28 - 28


11 - 11


15 - 17


03 - 07

BC Open & Mixed Doubles Championships Bonsor’s “King of the Courts” Racquets Tournament Comox Valley Easter Bunny Tournament

Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton


Bonsor Recreation Centre


Comox Valley Squash Club



Canadian Doubles Championships Pacific Coast Open Pacific Coast Junior B/Novice Alberta Open Lets Squash Leukemia Canadian Junior Nationals


Montreal Doubles Vancouver Racquets Club AAA Vancouver Racquets Club JJ The Royal Glenora, Edmonton River Club, Richmond AAA Calgary, AB Junior





Canadian National Squash Championships Clearly Contacts Whistler Open Squash BC AGM

Toronto, ON Meadow Park Sports Centre Vancouver Racquets Club








The Fifth High Game Tournament Evergreen Summer Doubles Tournament


Sun & Surf

Arbutus Club, Vancouver


Evergreen Squash Club, NV


Jericho Tennis Club, Vancouver



��������������� 2010 / 2011 Edition

2010/2011 Calendar of Events


CANADIAN MASTERS TEAMS The Canadian Master’s Team Championships were held in Saskatoon on January 15-17, 2010. BC sent two teams. Read more @

GOLD WINNERS TEAM BC “A” (L-R): Lorrie Baildham, Rashid Aziz, Laura Ramsay, Mark O’Neil, Deidre Smith, Garett Hennigan, Dave Hall.

TEAM BC (L-R): Rashid Aziz, Laura Ramsay, Bruce Matthews, Carol Richards, Mark O’Neil, Tessa Bruekels, Diedre Smith, Gerry Poulton, Garett Hennigan, Lorrie Baildhaim, Valerie Johnson, Paul Stevenson, Rick Ng and Dave Hall.


Canadian Masters Teams

THE RANKING SYSTEM - NEW POLICIES In 2007 Squash BC introduced a new points based ranking program for the members of Squash BC. Quick-Draws is a web based program which allows you to view your rankings right after the match has been entered. The program is integrated with a league organization program, box league program, ladder program and a tournament draw program which are also web based. When viewing your rankings you may click on your name and see all your wins, losses and points gained or lost for the last year. We at Squash BC are very excited about having this program on the web for all to view. It should take a lot of the mystery out of the rankings. Rankings are one of the most talked about subjects in the squash community. A good percentage of the calls to the Squash BC office used to be about rankings and these calls were usually passionate. “How do they work,” “what’s wrong with them,” and “why aren’t I ranked higher” were the major topics. A ranking system can be confusing, but only if you do not have the basic picture of how it works. Quick-Draws is a very transparent program and we will explain the program functions and policies below. Before you phone Squash BC to enquire about your ranking, there are a few things you should take into consideration. 1. This ranking system is not a reward system. It is to determine where a player will consistently play over a period of time. 2. There is not a conspiracy to keep your ranking low. The ranking program doesn’t care who you are, (man, woman, child or beast,). It uses the same mathematical algorithm to award or take points away for everybody. 3. You will remember the matches you won against higher ranked players, BUT you also need to remember those losses against lower ranked opponents!!! 4. Just because you beat somebody once does not mean you will be placed in front of that person. You must win on a consistent basis at a higher level to build up your points. Policies for the Ranking System: • To be on the Squash BC Ranking list, you MUST be a “PAID UP Member of Squash BC by October 31st of each year. • After joining Squash BC for the first time you must play in and win one sanctioned match to acquire initial ranking points. If you come from another province that uses Quick-Draws, those points will be used. • All Squash BC sanctioned event matches may be entered. These include tournaments and leagues. (To be a sanctioned event, a sanctioning form must be filled out by the organizer of those events and sent to Squash BC.) • Club Box Leagues, Ladders and Tournaments may be used for provincial ranking only if the club uses Quick-Draws to enter the results. • The first Defaulted Match of an event will be entered as a loss. If the defaulted player is supposed to move on to the next round, the next match will not be counted as a loss. • The player must notify the event organizer four (4) hours before the 2010 / 2011 Edition

The Ranking System


• •

• •

scheduled time of the match. Appeals of defaulted matches must be backed up and verified by Doctors, Lawyers, etc. (A note from your mother will not work.) When a Defaulted Match is entered, only the player who defaulted the match will lose points. Once a match has started, an “Injury on Court” will be entered as a loss of that match. If the injured player won any games, those games will be entered in the rankings. If the injured player is supposed to move on to another draw, the next match will not be entered. Make sure your matches are entered correctly on the draw sheets. You will lose points for “Inactivity.” (See web site for definition.) We enter match scores “IF” we receive them from event organizers. If we don’t receive the complete match scores, (i.e. 3-1 or 3-2,) the match will be entered as 3-0. Changing a game or match score must be verified by the event organizer or the person who entered the result e.g. the team captain. We will not change a result after three weeks of the match being played.

Sending in Results: • If the league or tournament you play in does not use the Quick Draws program, they will have to send their results by e-mail to Squash BC within one week of the last match. • We accept Excel draw sheets or a list of matches played in the correct order, with match scores, within one week of the last match. • It works best if both names are spelled correctly. If we don’t know how to spell the names, we can’t find that person in the database! Make sure your name is spelled correctly on the draw sheets. (i.e. Kidd vs Kydd:) DRAW SHEETS THAT ARE HAND WRITTEN AND FAXED/MAILED IN WILL NOT BE ENTERED. For a complete explanation on the ranking policies, please go to and click “Rankings” on the left side.


LAW GROUP �������



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The Ranking System

SQUASH BC RANKINGS - TOP 100 WOMEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 17 19 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 37 39 39 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

Carolyn Russell, JER Melanie Jans, VLT Lauren Wagner, EVE Emma Parke, JER Ashley Clackson, VIC Rebecca Fouchard, PRC Sarah Parsons, JER Karyn Trombley, RIV Alicia Haneine, EVE Abbey Foster, JER Nicole Bunyan, VIC Diana Hardie, EVE Lindsay Seginson, VIC Brynn Daniels, VIC Rachel Au, VLT Tessa Breukels, VLT Cathy Covernton, VLT Emilie Mackie, VRC Nicola Martin, JER Erika Dort of Victoria Lorrie Baildham, NAN Laura Ramsay, VLT Debi Grupe, DEN Kristie Campbell, VIC Lisa Norlander, EVE Vanessa Van Hove, VRC Deidre Baker, JER Bonnie Cooney, EVE Avril Cross, VIC Penelope Wedd, HOL Imogen Thompson, JER Cathy Brown, VLT Jacqui Smith, EVE Nicola Ahern, EVE Cindy Brown, VIC Cathy Clackson, VIC Melissa Troll, EVE Michelle R Smith, JER Natalie Williams, VIC Ashley Walker, EVE Valerie Johnson, HOL Thea Wilson-Scorgie, VRC Sharon Miller, VLT Allison Marr, VIC Penny Love, RIV Alexandra Giuffre, JER Maegen Giltrow, VRC Anne Crossley, BRC Frances Frost, HOL Brook Macey, VLT

2010 / 2011 Edition

1678 1612 1581 1563 1478 1454 1450 1385 1338 1338 1335 1326 1290 1289 1265 1252 1248 1248 1241 1241 1238 1227 1224 1219 1215 1212 1205 1203 1194 1192 1191 1188 1185 1175 1174 1169 1168 1168 1167 1167 1164 1162 1161 1154 1144 1141 1136 1132 1130 1121

51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 62 64 64 66 67 68 69 70 71 71 73 74 75 76 76 78 78 80 81 82 82 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 91 93 94 95 96 97 97 99 100

Jackie Touchet, RIV Diane Calder, CVX Daisy Duong, VRC Mary Ramsey, CAM Janice Saunders, RIV Lynn Johansen, HOL Kathy Robertson, CAM Annette Henwood, EVE Elisa Money, VLT Ivy Mak, BON Alexandra Toth, RSC Lenka Kudrna, ROS Liz Andrichuk, VRC Kelsey Parsons, VLT Nancy Mollenhauer, SMUS Carol Richards, JER Kim Spencer, IQP Diane Grady, EVE Kathryn Milligan, BAY Jennifer McKinley, VRC Cari Fraser, EVE Maureen Batt, VIC Ruth Castellino, VLT Sharon Hogg, BON Cathy Campbell, EVE Caitlin McKenzie, VIC Connie Engh, VLT Barb Wormald, BAY Julie Luciani, VRC Janet McElhaney, RIV Debbie Howorko, VRC Sue Tompkins, CVX Liana Schou, JER Stephanie Leong, VIC Jane Hay, CRC Lisa Gifford, SPC Judi Narduzzi, VRC Joanne Schroeder, VRC Man Lee Lam, EVE Shannon Seginson, VIC Josephine Guevara, RIV Tarrin McDonough, VRC Courtney Campbell, VIC Melissa Vanche, VRC Margaret Colbourne, BAY Dana Merritt, EVE Michelle Flemons, HOL Winnie Yu, VIC Debra Meyer, HOL Jane Cartmel, JER

1120 1119 1114 1113 1109 1107 1106 1103 1098 1095 1094 1086 1086 1085 1085 1084 1081 1063 1059 1056 1054 1054 1051 1049 1047 1045 1045 1044 1044 1041 1039 1037 1037 1036 1035 1033 1028 1027 1025 1023 1017 1017 1015 1013 1011 1008 1006 1006 1005 1004

Top 100 Women in BC


SQUASH BC RANKINGS - TOP 100 MEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 21 23 24 25 26 27 27 29 29 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 40 42 43 43 45 46 47 48 48 50 50 38

Viktor Berg, RIV Justin Todd, VLT Andrew Lynn, BEN Thomas Brinkman, JER Winston Cabell, JER Luke Vaggers, BEN Tyler Olson, VIC Jeff Boag, HOL Shakiru Matti, RSC Erik Zaremba, CED Jeff Robert Evans, RSC Sarfaraz Ahmed, VLT Mark Ridgeway, JER Jon De Souza, VRC Remington Hall, RSC Joe Forster, SPC Zachary Leman, JER Marc Kazimirski, ARB David Noone, BEN Jason Giuffre, JER Barry Gifford, SPC Matthew Balfour, EVE Grant Bergman, EVE Morgan Latremouille, BAY Mackenzie Foster, EVE Ross Lillis, BEN Husein Rahemtulla, BEN Ryan Haider, JER Matt Fahey, ARB Jarryd Senick, VIC Adam Radziminski, EVE Michael Leckie, VLT Steve Lawton, VRC Trevor Latimer, VRC Ben Uliana, CED Grant Stockwell, EVE Michael Thompson, JER Randall Town, VIC Aneal Galbaransingh, BEN Chris Harley, JER Imre Kovacs, ROS Geraint Khan, BEN Greg Cruickshank, ARB Andrew Braff, IQP Roger Hardy, JER David Hall, VRC Iain Butler, ROS Jody Evans, VLT Hamid Khosrowkiani, EVE Garett Hennigan, VRC Nigel Lucas, BEN Top 100 Men in BC

2071 1879 1875 1868 1855 1850 1785 1779 1776 1760 1755 1752 1733 1723 1721 1709 1705 1698 1675 1674 1672 1672 1671 1669 1663 1662 1661 1661 1660 1660 1653 1650 1649 1643 1634 1623 1620 1618 1612 1610 1610 1607 1605 1605 1601 1598 1597 1592 1592 1590 1590

52 53 53 55 55 55 58 59 59 59 62 62 64 65 66 67 68 69 69 71 72 73 73 75 76 77 78 78 80 81 82 83 84 84 86 87 88 89 90 91 91 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 160

Bruce Matthews, BAY Larry Armstrong, ARB Michael Revell, SPC Ken Smith, BEN Mark O’Neill, RIV Adam Derry, BEN Murray Bennetto, ROS Jamie Chicanot, CED Jamie Graham, CVX Mike Allan, SWG Brooke Siver, RAC Khaled Dossa, EVE Patrick McDonough, CED Greg Longster, JER Stephen Stinson, RSC Tim Saunders, BEN Brendon Hull, BEN Tim MacVinnie, BON Graham Brown, VRC Simon Dorey, EVE Dan Diachuk, VIC Colin O’Connor, BEN Eng Khoon Chua, NEW Jason Del Vicario, JER George Hadjipavlou, VRC Kevin Smith, QUA Evan Green, ARB Aly Kanji, BEN Rashid Aziz, JER Christopher Stinson, RSC David Small, VIC Aadam Tejpar, JER Matt Saunders, JER Kambiz Mondi, SPC Stanley Dee, VRC Jeremy Tymkiw, ROS Brian McGaw, VIC Stuart Akam, SPC Ben Block, HOL Jeffrey Mason, JER Tyler Perrault, ROS David Rutherford, NAN Nick Simeoni, CED Adam Viljoen, BON Graham Gilley, EVE Rick Hunter, HOL Lenny Moy, VLT Rodrigo Lima, VIC Steve Archer, EVE Robert Pacey, VRC

1586 1585 1585 1584 1584 1584 1581 1580 1580 1580 1579 1579 1577 1576 1575 1574 1573 1572 1572 1569 1568 1563 1563 1562 1554 1552 1551 1551 1547 1546 1544 1543 1542 1542 1541 1540 1539 1538 1536 1535 1535 1525 1518 1517 1516 1514 1512 1511 1504 1453

SQUASH BC’S ANNUAL AWARDS The 2010 BC Closed Championship was held in the Comox Valley February 25-28th. Every year at this time Squash BC usually awards various people throughout the province with deserving awards. This year, the awards presentations were spread out somewhat owing to the fact that many recipients could not make it to the Comox Valley. The Jack Larson Trophy is awarded for all round contribution to, and the development of squash in B.C. This award was presented to John Roche. Many of you will know John as the Past President of Squash BC. What many of you won’t know is that John has been volunteering for squash in BC for many years. He started out within his home club volunteering to help with tournaments. He then volunteered to be on the board and eventually to become the President of the Cedar Hill Squash Club. During this time he was asked to be the Zone 6 representative for Squash BC and from there he eventually became president. John was president for 3 years and has added tremendously to the organization throughout those years. He’s a very organized individual who can see through the maze of conflicting opinions and come up with a solution. He is truly a worthy recipient of the Jack Larson award. Thank you John. The John Burris Memorial Award is presented annually to a squash player who demonstrates sportsmanlike conduct both on and off the court and has a high level of play. This year the award was presented to Morgan Latremouille. Morgan is a fine young player who competes hard but is always fair. If there is even a hint that something is wrong with his play, he will call himself on it, an attribute much appreciated by his opponents and referee’s. Morgan’s smile and the fun he has on court is infectious. Opponents, (who can be rather surly at times,) very often will come of court after they have played Morgan with a smile. We can sure use more Morgan’s in the world, well done Morgan. The Ernie Rogers Bowl is awarded for the best record in national and international competition. This year Rashid Aziz was the recipient of this award. In 2009-10 Rashid was runner-up in Australia at the Masters World Championships, runner-up in the US Masters and he 2010 / 2011 Edition

Squash BC's Annual Awards


was third in the Canadian Nationals. Way to go Rashid. Rashid was also nominated for Sport BC’s Master Athlete of the year. He was one of three finalists but he was in tough company. Olga Kotelko, a 90 year old track star with only 3 or 4 world records charmed her way to the winner’s podium. The Presidents Plate is awarded for the best supporter of our game and our association, in a myriad of different ways. Robert Pacey has spent countless hours supporting the players of our game by cheering them on. He’s supported tournaments with his sponsorship and his unique ways to promote those tournaments. He’s been on the board of the Vancouver Squash League for many years and is now the league coordinator. Robert has served as Zone 5 rep on the Squash BC board for the last 4 years and has also been instrumental in bringing the 2020 Fund to the goal of $200,000.00. We all owe Robert a huge thank you for all the support he’s shown squash and all of us over the years. Thank you Robert. The Ken Cummane Award for the “Club Challenge Winner” goes to the club who donates the most to the 2020 Fund throughout the year. A club can raise funds using any legal method they wish. This year the award was won by the Bentall Centre Athletic Club. The Halloween Open raised and donated over $3,000 to the 2020 Fund. Squash BC would like to thank all the people who ran the Halloween Open and the Bentall Centre Athletic Club. On an annual basis, the Junior Development Committee of Squash BC presents the Massey Goolden Trophy and the Junior Service Award. The Massey Goolden Trophy is awarded to recognize junior players for achievement and sportsmanship. This year’s recipient was Morgan Latremouille. Morgan’s combination of on court demeanor and playing skill make him a worthy recipient of this year’s Massey Goolden Trophy. Well done Morgan! This year’s Junior Service Award recipient was Tim Saunders. Tim has, over many years, volunteered countless hours of his time towards Junior squash. Tim was the Chair of the Junior Development Committee for many years. He was also the driving force behind the creation of the West Coast Junior Team Championships and was the Vancouver League Junior Director for many years. Thanks Tim for all you have done for Junior squash in BC! Sport BC’s annual “Presidents’ Awards” promote and celebrate the spirit of volunteerism by giving member organizations an opportunity to acknowledge and thank an individual who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to their organization. Sport BC Presidents’ Award for squash 40

Squash BC's Annual Awards

went to Andrew Lynn. Andrew has been a fixture in BC squash for many years. Most of you will know him for his abilities on court, taking players out in a calm, collected manner. What most people don’t know is the work behind the scenes Andrew has done in the past 21 years. Andrew joined the board of Squash BC in 1988 as a zone rep for Richmond/Delta/Burnaby. He also served as a provincial coach both senior and junior. In the mid 90’s Andrew became a Coaching Course Facilitator for giving coaching courses. Andrew has taught many coaches in this province to coach squash. He is now a Master Course Facilitator which means he teaches coaches to teach coaches so they can teach you. Andrew is now a Level 4 coach and has coached national teams in various events around the world. Squash in BC is very lucky to have Andrew reside in our province. Andrew is seen here with his award and a borrowed Olympic Gold medal. They are heavy. This year Squash Canada started an award which is presented to people and or companies who have made significant contributions to squash at the provincial or territory level. The Squash Canada Certificate of Achievement Award was presented to Allan Brown who has been the chair of the 2020 Fund for the past 5 years and has led the way to achieving the goal of $200,000.00 in half the time that was originally projected. The juniors and future juniors of this province should be very thankful for Allan’s dedication to squash. Thank you Allan. (L) Squash BC’s President, Mark Robinson, and Squash Canada Achievement Award recipient, Allan Brown. For a description of the awards and a list of the recipients, index.htm

2010 / 2011 Edition

Squash BC's Annual Awards


BC ATHLETE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The BC Athlete Assistance Program is a Provincial Government Program in which athletes who have the potential and are working hard at earning a place on the National team are given bursaries. They must be truly dedicated to the sport, travel to compete and have the results to back up their capabilities. They must be coached by a minimum Level 3 coach and be 16 years of age and over. The amount that Squash BC receives from the government for this program is usually $6000.00 and it comes with a restriction that each athlete chosen can receive no less than $500.00. The following candidates were chosen for this program for the 2009-10 season.

Squash BC would like to thank the Sport Branch for the assistance we receive.


BC Athlete Assistance Program

OFFICIATING PROGRAMS The rules of squash are probably the most talked about subject in the game. If we were to think logically about this topic, we would come to the conclusion that 50% of our competitive players should be certified officials. 50% of the players in a match will have to referee the next match!!! Squash BC is part of a nation wide officiating program that has been set up and maintained for many years by Squash Canada and all member provinces like Squash BC. Part of your membership dues will go to the running of this program. Course conductors are constantly being trained. Officials are being assessed in all parts of Canada. New and old officials in the program have to be tracked so we know what level they are and what level of play they are qualified to do. Squash BC runs two types of officiating clinics throughout the year. The Mini Rules Clinic is for players who have no wish to become a certified official but know they have to learn the rules in order to play the game. This clinic runs for one to two hours, (depending on the questions asked,) and can usually be done in an evening session. It will cover most everything you will need to know in order to referee a game after you win and what you are entitled to as a player. The second type is the Certification Course. This is a bit longer process as there are a few more steps involved. The first part is a PowerPoint presentation to go through the various aspects of an official’s job. This will cover everything from the proper way of keeping score through how to decide strokes and lets. After this presentation there will be a 40 question written test and then a practical test where you will be assessed officiating a match. A Provincial Examiner will deliver all of these components to becoming a certified official. Theses steps do not have to be done on the same day but it makes it a lot easier if you do. The length of this course will be four to five hours and is usually done on a weekend. Once you’ve become certified, you will start out as a D4 official. The letter and the number in the designation are for the level of Referee and the level of Marker respectively. There are four basic levels in the officiating program and they are as follows: D1-D4 A novice official C1-C3 A competent official at the local level B1-B2 An experienced provincial official, capable of handling matches equivalent to the early rounds of a national championships. A1 A national official capable of handling matches at any level.

2010 / 2011 Edition

Officiating Programs


After your initial certification you will be able to move up the certification ladder by being observed by a qualified official. Depending on the level of certification you are, will depend on the level of match you will have to referee and the number of correct and difficult call you will have to make. You must have five assessments of the correct number and difficulty in order to go to the next level. A complete explanation of the officiating program can be viewed at Squash Canada’s web site:


Officiating Programs

CERTIFIED OFFICIALS IN BC For a full list of certified officials, please go to If you are not on this list and think you should be, please contact Kevin Kydd at Certified A1 Asif Hudani Gerald Poulton Rod Symington Certified B1 Tim Bale Larry Christiansen Kim Christiansen Courtenay Davies Stuart Dixon Phil Green Jamie Joseph Kevin Kydd Steve Lawton John Roche Brooke Siver Owen Smith Mike Tooley Certified C2 David Adams Larry Armstrong Tussy Berg Jeff Boag Cindy Brown Allan Brown Nicole Bunyan Winston Cabell David Driver Linda Dumont Shauna Flath John Fleury Joe Forster Barry Gifford 2010 / 2011 Edition

Mark Ingram Melanie Jans Andrew Lynn Brian Maclean Kelsey Parsons Carol Richards Kathy Robertson Carolyn Russell Abdul Shaikh Deidre Smith Murray Smith Dave Spittlehouse Ben Uliana Morey Walker Sue Wastie Sandra Zigman National/Provincial Examiners Gerald Poulton -NE Rod Symington - NE Andre Cabuche - PE Larry Christiansen - PE Stuart Dixon - PE Kevin Kydd - PE Steve Lawton - PE John Roche - PE Brooke Siver - PE Mike Tooley - PE

National Doubles Officials Ruth Castellino Brian Covernton Greg Desaulniers Glen McNeil Rip Peterman Bob Smart Provincial Doubles Officials Nigel Amon Gary Bombay Lynn Broman Cathy Covernton Steve Crowe Casper De Jong Rob Forrest Richard Freeman Alicia Haneine Diana Hardie Mark Heaney Adam Jinks Leslie Kerluke Charles Maddison Tim Martin Brian Meakin Marvin Mizinski Randy Mottus Patricia Penn Wade Porter Tony Quan Peter Tallman Geoff Williams Monty Wood

Certified Officials in BC


COACHING IN BC Squash BC has always maintained that every squash player deserves the best coach possible. We were one of the first sports to say coaches must be credible and certified at the level they are coaching. We have used the National Coaching Certification Program, (NCCP) as a cornerstone to achieving this goal. Coaching in BC and Canada is undergoing a change in the way coaches are taught how to coach and how they will be evaluated to become certified. Key to these changes is a shift in emphasis from “what a coach knows” to “what a coach can do.” In the new, competency-based system, training and certification programs are based on the clearly defined needs of participants. There are two streams of coaches, the Instruction Stream and the Competition Stream. The Instruction Stream is for volunteer coaches who want to help out with the local junior program. The Competition Stream is for coaches who wish to move on to coach higher level athletes or become a club professional. There are two courses coaches have to take to become certified. The first course most people take will be a weekend course that will go through the steps of teaching players how to play squash. These courses start with the basics of hitting forehands, backhands and simple strategy to advanced strokes and strategy. The other course is a theory course or a multi sport module. These courses are offered around the province at various times during the year at local colleges and recreation centres. The courses cover topics such as planning, nutrition, fitness training, ethics in sport, etc. You can take this course by correspondence if you can’t make a course in your area. (Once you pass a multi sport module you will be able to use it for other sports as well.) For more information and a schedule of the multi sport module, go to: After the first theory course or for coaches in the old system who want to upgrade to the next level, coaches must take and pass the online “Making Ethical Decisions” test on the Coaching Association of Canada’s web site. Go to the link on the right side of this page: The next step would to be evaluated giving instruction to a player at the appropriate level by a course facilitator and graded on your knowledge and ability to pass it on. After this you will be certified at this level and be able to move on to the next higher level. For complete information on the Coaching program in BC and Canada go to Squash Canada’s web site:


Coaching in BC

CERTIFIED COACHES IN BC Level 2/Competition and Higher Active Certified Coaches in BC. A full list of coaches can be found at If you are not on this list and think you should be, please contact Kevin Kydd at Certified Level 4/Master Coach Stuart Dixon Certified Level 3 David Adams Jeff Boag Winston Cabell Shauna Flath Joe Forster Barry Gifford Phil Green Melanie Jans Kevin Kydd Steve Lawton Andrew Lynn Abdul Shaikh Ben Uliana

Certified Level 2 or Competition Pat Au Sean Baker Viktor Berg Larry Christiansen Eng Khoon Chua David Clutton Winnie Cook Courtenay Davies Dan Diachuk Jeff Robert Evans John Fleury Rebecca Fouchard Lynn Johansen Denys Laporte Kelvin Ludbrook Shakiru Matti

Ted Moore Blake Olsen Mary Ramsey Tim Saunders Brooke Siver Karyn Trombley Sue Wastie Michael Yakubowich

Vancouver Racquets Club

2010 / 2011 Edition

Certified Coaches in BC


SQUASH BC’S EYEGUARD POLICY Squash BC follows the eyeguards policy set out by Squash Canada. Although neither Squash BC nor Squash Canada mandate the use of eyeguards for adults, we strongly recommend that every squash player in BC wear them. If you think playing with eyeguards hinders your game, try playing squash with one eye? Eyeguard Certification Policy That only protective eyewear appearing on the Squash Canada list of acceptable eyeguards meeting the ASTM designation F803 (Standard Specification for Eye Protectors for Use by Players of Racket Sports), shall be allowable at any Squash Canada/BC sanctioned event where the use of protective eyewear is mandatory. Junior Eyeguard Policy That all juniors who are members in good standing of Squash Canada/BC shall appropriately wear eyeguards which are on Squash Canada’s list of acceptable protective eyewear, in any Squash Canada/BC sanctioned events and on-court activities for which they receive funding from Squash Canada/BC, or activities where they are members of a Canadian/Provincial Team or Squad. Doubles Policy That it is strongly recommended that all players shall appropriately wear eyeguards, which are on Squash Canada’s list of acceptable protective eyewear, in any Squash Canada/BC sanctioned Doubles and Mixed Doubles Events. For a complete list of “Acceptable Protective Eyewear,” go to

Squash Republic says “ALWAYS WEAR YOUR GOGGLES!”


Squash BC's Eyeguard Policy

2010 / 2011 Edition

Playcon, The Recreation Company


JESTERS CLUB OF BC The Jesters were founded in England in 1929 by a schoolboy, Jock Burnett, who wished to encourage the playing of racquet sports. The Jesters in England play not just squash, but also tennis, real tennis, fives and racquets. There is an active fixture list in all these sports which are played against other clubs and schools. The Jesters is now a worldwide organization of over 3,000 members, most of whom are squash players. There are members in all Canadian provinces. Members are elected locally by the membership and candidates are selected on the basis of playing ability, sportsmanship and contribution to the game of squash. The BC Jesters meet on a social basis on a regular basis. We are actively involved with promoting junior squash, university play and host an annual doubles tournament. MEMBERS Dave Adams Bruce Alexander Larry Armstrong Robert Armstrong Rashid Aziz Fred Baker Tim Bale Eric Barclay Ian Beardmore Harry Bell-lrving Viktor Berg Bill Bowen Thomas Brinkman Lynn Broman Allan Brown Winston Cabell Keith Clark Gavin Cooper Brian Covernton Greg Desaulniers Neil Desaulniers Simon Dorey Rob Forrest Jim Geddes Barry Gifford David Goldsmith


Jesters Club of BC

Tony Goodson Phil Green Mike Greenwood Ryan Haider Chris Harley Joe Hattori Mark Heaney Asif Hudani John Hungerford Michael Jackson Steve Jacobs Bruce Jaffary Rahim Jessa Martin Kaffka Geraint Khan Tarek Khan Kevin Kydd Mike Leckie David Leman Andrew Lynn Doug MacDougall Scott MacInnis Ken Mackenrot Paul Marley Tim Martin Richard Martin Brian McGaw

lan McNeil Marvin Mizinski George Morfitt Rod Nicolls John Osburn Roger Ovens Robert Pacey Gerry Poulton Adam Radziminski John Roche Bruce Russell Joe Siegenberg Brooke Siver Bob Smart Russell Smith Paul Stevenson David Thom Ben Thomas Mark Thompson Henry Tregilias Ted Trevor-Smith Ron Weber Glen Williams Nigel Williams Hugh Woolley John Zaplatynsky

2010 / 2011 Edition

Dunlop Aerogel


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