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CHAMP AT THE BIT — By Michael Hudson, CEO, Bitstocks —



be the future of finance. It’s an open source, digital currency that is not printed by world banks or governments and therefore isn’t controlled or directly influenced by any central authority. Instead, bitcoins are created by thousands (potentially millions) of people connecting computers around the globe running specialist software that solves mathematical equations. These algorithms offer bitcoin users predictable and measurable outcomes such as a pre-determined currency supply and a controlled, predictable rate of issuance. As a result of its self-regulating, pre-determined and incorruptible supply, it’s possible to accurately predict the Bitcoin economy’s money supply 10, 20 or 100 years from now. In traditional currency systems, consumers and investors don’t have a say in economic policy or in its underlying mechanics. We trust banks to protect our money, and governments to protect our banks. However, as a result of this skewed concentration of power wielded by these few institutions, consumers and everyday investors are largely at risk to circumstances entirely out of their control. Bitcoin is fundamentally different and as a result it’s disrupting

the world of finance as we know it. For a technology to be called ‘disruptive’, it first creates a new market that disturbs the existing one and then replaces the technology that preceded it. Bitcoin not only fits this description when being solely considered as a currency but also in various models where centralised trust is in place. The fact that Bitcoin can disrupt the largest, most powerful interconnected marketplace in the world (money, banking and finance) makes it arguably the most promising investment opportunity of our generation. At Bitstocks, we believe that Bitcoin will essentially transform the way we see money and the way in which we conduct our daily lives. The team at Bitstocks wants to assist this movement by making the process of acquiring, storing and profiting from bitcoins as simple as possible. We really pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of security and protection for our clients and their holdings with us, enabling anyone to invest in Bitcoins with confidence and transparency. Our strength as a company is derived from our unique services in the Bitcoin space. We are the first company in the UK to offer an investment advisory services into bitcoins by educating investors on a product they may not have had the opportunity to invest in owing to its complexity and scarcity. All a potential investor needs to do is pick up the phone, speak to one of our portfolio managers to find out more about bitcoin, and how investing in it can benefit them financially.

MICHAEL HUDSON Michael has extensive experience in technology, finance and business, having set up his first business at the age of just 17, selling highly modified computers online. He has spent the last seven years focusing on the world of finance. He only works in industries he’s passionate about, so it was natural that he saw the true value and opportunity behind Bitcoin and the benefits it can deliver, both from a technological and financial perspective.

Investments, or income from them, can go down as well as up. For more info, see:



We also offer a low-cost execution only service to clients. This service is geared towards the over-the-counter market (OTC) for high net worth clients who want to execute large trades outside of exchanges to avoid exchange ‘slippage’. By using our industry contacts we can make it easier to access high quantity of coins at a fixed price. All our clients benefit from our industry-leading security practices which ensure that their holdings are secure, traceable and safely stored offline. We feel 2015 will be a solid year for growth in Bitcoin. Currently there are 8 million active wallets, forecasted to reach 12 million by year end, representing a 50% increase in user base. 82,000 merchants globally currently accept bitcoin with a forecast of 140,000 by the end of 2015, representing a 70% increase. So, as you can probably tell, I’m genuinely excited and passionate about Bitcoin and every member of the team at Bitstocks is equally as passionate about it as I am, we look forward to sharing this passion with our clients in 2015 and, indeed, the years to come. ■

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Square Mile, Issue 99, The Motors Special  

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Square Mile, Issue 99, The Motors Special  

Square Mile Magazine, Issue 99, The Motors Special