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RITISH CRAFTSMEN DON’T come much more British or indeed craftsman-like than Viscount David Linley. Despite being 15th in line to the throne, ‘just-call-meDavid’ decided from an early age he wanted to make things for a living. This is an admirable ambition for anyone, let alone a member of the royal family. Given our Best of British theme, he is the perfect subject for this issue’s ‘My World’ profile [p41]. Here he explains the philosophies he has painstakingly followed: “Is it unique? Is it the best of its type? Is it something that really epitomises what’s greatest about the inventiveness of the British designer or British maker?” Not a bad set of criteria to aspire to. And it’s companies like Linley that will help Britain to fulfil Ledbury Research’s prediction that the UK luxury market will double in size over the next five years. This issue, I asked the square mile team to pick out their favourite British companies that also live up to these lofty ideals. Some of the choices are hundreds of years old, others started in the last couple of years, but they have one thing in common: they’re all exemplary representations of the British Isles [p68]. Speaking of representing, cover star Stuart Broad will be integral to England’s onslaught against the Aussies this summer [p62]. The man is a sickeningly talented cricketer – and, as his army of female fans will attest, he’s pretty easy on the eyes, too. Cricket has always had a place in the City’s heart. A colleague of mine used to work for JP Morgan, where apparently the only time the TV sets were switched from Bloomberg to BBC was when the Ashes was on. I suspect this summer will be no different. But if you can tear yourself away, take a moment to log on to the new-look If you’re after a distraction from work, I reckon we have something a bit better than the cricket…

AJ Cerqueti

Oliver Pickup is an awardwinning freelance journalist and editor who has written sports features and match reports for national newspapers and dozens of internationally distributed magazines. In our cover feature, he meets cricket idol, Stuart Broad [p62]

CHRISTIAN STADLER Christian Stadler is an associate professor at Warwick Business School and the author of Enduring Success: What We Can Learn From Outstanding Corporations. In his first column for us, he tells us why finance companies can actually be better off with a boring boss. [p24]

PILAR GODINO Pilar Godino is a leadership coach with a career spanning across 20 years. She has worked with major organisations such as Accenture, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Heineken, ING, the EU and various NGOs. Here she explains how influence is the key to effective leadership. [p26]

JACK ARNOTT Last year, Jack Arnott chucked in his job to chase his dream, which mostly consisted of sitting at home writing about videogames. His work has appeared in the Guardian, the Independent, and, er, Eurogamer. This issue, he writes about high-end British hifi among other topics. [p81]


Steve Cole, Claude Alabi, Charlene Smith CEO



Tom Kelly OBE

Mark Hedley, Editor

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62 THE BROAD STROKES COVER FEATURE England cricketer Stuart Broad talks fans, following in his father’s footsteps, and how he plans to control that fiery temper of his. Broad will take to the pitch again this month to fight for the Ashes. Let’s just hope The Enforcer can live up to his nickname. Although, given the current state of the Australian team, even his B-game should do the job.


68 THE GREATEST BRITS From 200-year-old jewellers, to a 50-yearold whisky, from multimillion pound superyachts to the world’s fastest cars, British craftsmen are responsible for some of the greatest creations in the luxury industry. This issue, the square mile team highlights its picks of an impressive crop.









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W H E R E D O U. S. N A V Y TEST PILOTS GO FOR THEIR WATCHES? THAT’S RIGHT, HENLEY-ON-THAMES . So let’s get this straight. The US Navy Test Pilot School, home to some of the world’s crack aviators, gets its watches from Henley-on-Thames? The home of cream teas, rowing and cute waterfowl? Actually, it’s not as daft as it might sound. Because Henley is also the home of a company called Bremont.

The result is a chronometer with an adjustable 24-hour hand, that can display local time anywhere in the world, together with Universal Coordinated Time (the standardized time zone used by the military). Built by hand in our workshop, the mechanical movement undergoes an arduous testing process (something it has in common with its wearers) and is 99.998% accurate.

And, over the last ten years, we have developed watches for more than forty different squadrons, both here and in America.

The case is made from a stainless steel that’s seven times harder than anything you’ll find in conventional watches. (We bombard our steel with electrons to toughen it up.)

The US Navy asked us to design a timepiece for the elite pilots who train at their school in Patuxent River, Maryland.

Then we add not one, but nine layers of anti-reflective coating to the sapphire crystal for maximum clarity and hardness.

People who cross time zones about as frequently as the rest of us cross the street.

Some might call all this excessive. But it’s just the way we do things here in Henley-on-Thames.

Bremont Boutique 29 South Audley St London W1K 2PE

0203 394 2680

The question is, how do you get your hands on one of these fine watches? Well, if you’re between the ages of 17 and 34, and an American citizen, you can of course apply to join the US Navy. But if for any reason that proves problematic, you’ll be pleased to hear we manufacture a version for civilians, the Bremont World Timer ALT1-WT. For this, you need only apply within at your nearest Bremont retailer.

Facebook/testedbeyondendurance Twitter/bremontwatchcom


24/06/2013 17:40



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Call off the search for the City’s highest-paid spin doctor! He’s been found... at a state-backed bank. Lloyds’ director of corporate affairs Matt Young could be in line for a £1.3m annual payout – if he hits his targets – according to the Evening Standard.



WORDS Saul Wordsworth

#56 MONK

For more see



The ex-Santander exec has been appointed the first ever chief operating officer of the Bank of England. Both Hogg and incoming governor Mark Carney studied at Oxford and then Harvard, but didn’t know each other. Shame – imagine the games of beer pong!


Former UBS and Citigroup trader Tom Hayes may soon be trading lunches at 1 Lombard Street for prison food. The ex-trader could literally be going down this month as he became the first Brit to be charged in the ongoing investigation into Libor-rigging.


Poor Stephen Hester. He is due to step down from the top job at RBS later this year – and somewhat begrudgingly, following pressure from the Treasury. The bank’s finance director Nathan Bostock is now odds-on to take the reins. All we can say is bon courage...


The government is at war with everybody in the banking industry, again – but this time, the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards is pushing for jail terms for bankers taking excessive risks. Looks like the City limits could be widened to Pentonville.

PHOTOGRAPH (Monk) TEH ENG KOON/AFP/Getty Images; ILLUSTRATION of ‘Miles’ by Jamel Akib

▽ YOU’VE DONE IT ALL : money, cars, sex in the cupboard at Nobu. But you’re worn out, washed out and world weary. How much fun can one man take without rupturing his duodenum? There has to be more than this – and I’m not taking about a purchasing an island off Guam. Look outside and consider others. It’s time to shave off most of your hair and join the monks. A monk’s day begins at the ungodly hour of 4am when they all congregate in the middle of the monastery and chant: ‘Hey, hey we’re the monks’ for half an hour. After that it’s milky tea and three hours of Nintendo. If you’re keen on this whole monky thing – and you said you were – you’re going to have to take the four vows of monastic life: poverty, chastity, obedience and no shouting at Mario Cart. The communal life means pledging your allegiance to a higher being, which leaves little room for tiptronic gearing, Spurs or Veuve Clicquot. Your duties include all the biggies: contemplation, cogitation, chatting in Latin, monk admin and not doing any of the sex. If you think this is going to prove difficult please say so now. You can’t join the monks and do a little bit of the sex when you’re feeling monk-sexy. It’s all or nothing with the sex. I appreciate this could be a deal-breaker. Have a think and get back to me. I’d hate to be accused of sexism, especially with the court case pending. Therefore, please note that similar roles are available for ladies in the form of nunism. Nuns are just monks with better habits (forgive me). ■


Hedgie Michael Hintze finally got his pat on the back as he was knighted in the Queen’s birthday honours this year. The CQS founder – worth around £1bn – is also known for his Tory party donations and his friendship with ‘adviser’ Adam Werrity.



ECONOMICS 1 0 1 THE 30-SECOND THEORY WORDS Edited by Donald Marron


▽ BEFORE WW1, VIENNA was one of the most important places for economic theory. Some of the most important marginalists, such as Carl Menger and Eugen von BöhmBawerk, taught at the University of Vienna. But the most famous of the Austrian School are Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek. Between the first and second world wars, and after the second world war, they argued that socialism either ruled out rational calculation altogether (Mises) or that it could only be an inferior system to capitalism, because it was far less efficient (Hayek). Their argument was that only individuals have the ability to determine their own costs and benefits, because these are entirely subjective. This means that the most efficient way of organising economic activity is to allow the market to spontaneously co-ordinate between

the preferences of the myriad consumers in society. Prices then perform the most important role in an economy, because they reflect all the disparate information in the economy. But this can only be achieved by a laissez-faire approach. In socialism, the state intervenes to set prices, but because it cannot possibly possess all the information regarding costs and preferences available in society, it will inevitably make a mess of the job. The Austrians are the strongest opponents of government intervention and are considered the fathers of right-wing libertarianism. ■ For more, see 30-Second Economics, edited by Donald Marron, out now (Icon Books; £12.99) © Ivy Press Ltd.

The economic problem of society… to put it briefly, is a problem of the utilisation of knowledge not given to anyone in its totality. FRIEDRICH VON HAYEK

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WORDS Mike Gibson

The new Cooltouch from Brit manufacturer Halo proves that something designed with safety in mind can still be cool – quite literally. Created by British design guru John Tomalin-Reeves – the creative brains behind the British Airways lounge at Heathrow’s T5 – this innovative barbecue prioritises safe-operating temperatures while increasing efficiency in cooking. It’s a sexy machine, too: all rust-proof steel and hand-polished curves. It’s partbarbecue, part-UFO, with a design that retains heat and enables the coals to stay hotter for longer. It can also be customised to the colour of your choice. And buying one will show your patriotic side as the

entire workforce behind it, from design to manufacture, is British. According to Tomalin-Reeves, his family was the inspiration behind the design: “I have been to family barbecues where the cook will put a circle of chairs around the barbecue to stop young children getting close,” he says. The Cooltouch, on the other hand, does the opposite: “It puts the family at the heart of the cooking process.” It’s a most impressive specimen – and a welcome rebuttal to the old maxim, ‘if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen’. Or garden, in this case. ■ For more information on the Halo Cooltouch: 020 7195 4321;


▽ ARE YOU OFF to America? Or perhaps Antigua? Or even Anglesey? Ok, not Anglesey. But if you’re visiting somewhere interesting, take a copy of square mile with you, snap a corking photo and ping it over to us. Your beautiful features could then grace these very pages and our online gallery. As a liquid thank you, we’ll shower you with literally one bottle of vodka. It’s damn good stuff, too. Each month, we choose our favourite photo to publish – and this issue the winner was Michelle Zenner, who works for British design company Dyson. Here she’s supporting our New York vs London issue. But it looks like her heart lies in the Windy City. ■ Email us your photos and a description to, tweet us @square_mile #goingtheextramile; or post your images on our Facebook page, squaremileuk. The best photo each month will be published – and the person who sent it in will win a bottle of Imperial Collection Gold.


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W W W. TA N N E R K RO L L E . C O. U K


➤ Square Mile – Asahi Artwork ➤



— By Kathryn Murray-Bruce —

When you think of cartography, do you conjure up an image of an old man poring over dusty maps? Think again. Stephen Walter’s London Subterranea fuses the art of cartography with cartooning, along with the kind of facts that would make you very popular at your next pub quiz. Based on the Tube network, Walter showcases the city’s hidden square mile ARTWORK IN ASSOCIATION WITH

underground history – charting everything from buried rivers to government tunnels, and even the sites of unsolved murders. Walter’s work overwhelms the senses with a wash of visual and textual information, underpinned by the trademark Tube colours. Akin to his 2008 work, The Island, Stephen describes his maps as “a critique

and a celebration of place, and the stories, histories and perceptions that inhabit them”. If these were the maps we’d studied at school, it certainly would have made geography class more interesting. ■ Stephen’s cartography is currently being exhibited at Anthropocene at the Londonewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch (3-28 July).



➤ This month ➤

TOP TABLE — By Jack Arnott —

DOWN THE SPOUT The legs of the table “seem to pour from the horizontal in an intense vortex of water frozen in time,” say Hadid’s studio. They’re also hollow at the top, so make sure you don’t drop any loose change down there.

ANALYST FROZEN ASSET Made from a clear acrylic resin, the table – which looks like it could be formed entirely of ice – follows Hadid’s recent focus on glaciers as inspiration for her interior design.



Is there anything Iraqi-born Brit Zaha Hadid can’t do? Most people would be content with being a world-renowned architect, the kind of person who likes to use her spare time breaking down barriers for women in the industry, pausing only to pick up the odd award or be

honoured by the Queen (she’s Dame Zaha to you and me). And yet it comes as little surprise that, in turning her design focus from macro to micro, she’s created yet another masterpiece. Creating the illusion of a whirlpool frozen in time, the Liquid

Glacial Table, commissioned by David Gill Galleries, has been nominated for a Design Museum Designs of the Year – and, as an added bonus, you could probably spill a gin and tonic over it and no one would notice. It certainly gets our vote. ■ For info:


➤ This month ➤

SAFE HANDS — By Christian Stadler —


HICHEVER SIDE OF the divide people

fall on when looking at Margaret Thatcher as prime minister – and some fall pretty hard – most agree that she was a powerful leader. She was strong at winning most, if not all, of her political battles and inspiring the utmost devotion from her followers. Most companies dream of such a charismatic leader. If they could find their own version of Steve Jobs or Richard Branson then profits would soon be soaring, right? Wrong. My research into century-old European companies found that strong, charismatic leaders were thin on the ground. Instead companies like Royal Dutch Shell and Lafarge have lasted so long and built such huge growth because they were built on the exact opposite to those inspiring leaders – moderation. Precisely, the style of leader that has helped these companies thrive is what I call ‘intelligent conservatism’. It might sound boring, but it is a safe bet and some of the big changes these companies have implemented have been inspired by ‘intelligent conservative’ leaders. Charisma is eye-catching, headlinegrabbing and exciting, but it is not always effective. Six out of the 18 winners of Germany’s Manager of the Year award went on to make huge strategic mistakes that badly damaged their companies. The understated, intelligent conservative leader doesn’t make such big mistakes. The problem with charismatic leaders is just that – charisma. They are strong and persuasive leaders, so pointing out that they are sometimes wrong is just too difficult for management teams to do. Take the example of Dick Fuld. Known as the ‘Gorilla’ on Wall Street, Fuld was a powerful and persuasive



Charismatic leaders are often seen as the catalyst for change for companies, but we found it was already-established leaders who made the big sweeping changes. Sir John Bond was in charge of HSBC when the bank turned itself into a global financial powerhouse, while John Loudon oversaw a complete transformation of Royal Dutch Shell’s business model in the 1950s and 1960s to ensure decades of success. Both men came through the ranks and were able to implement sweeping change because of their longstanding knowledge of the firms. Far from stunting innovation and growth, their homespun experience allowed them to see where the company needed to go next, expanding its horizons. There is a time and place for the sort of charisma displayed by Lady Thatcher, but maybe it is best left to the world of politics – the boardroom prefers a different type of conservatism. ■ Christian Stadler is an associate professor in Strategic Management at University of Warwick Business School.


Charisma is eye-catching, headline-grabbing and exciting, but it is not always effective

character as chief executive of Lehman Brothers. But he led them into the sub-prime mortgage mire that eventually saw the bank collapse. This aptly demonstrates the model of what happens with charismatic leaders. If the company is heading in the right direction they will get you there faster, but if they are heading in the wrong direction they generally won’t turn back and will get there faster as well. The intelligent conservative would turn back, or might not have taken such risks in the first place. Intelligent conservatives listen: they don’t just take on board advice, they take it in. They take their time, because listening takes time and they make sure that everybody involved has had their say before the intelligent conservative comes to a decision, one that is usually right and usually has the backing of the whole management team, because they are all involved. They learn from their staff, trust their experts and back them. At GlaxoSmithKline, I found that top executives keenly listened to their scientists when the company decided to move from being a milk-powder producer to a drug company in the 1920s. It is now part of the fourth biggest pharmaceutical firm in the world. At Lafarge, a French manufacturer of building materials, I discovered documents showing managers learning from their staff as early as 1833. Léon Pavin de Lafarge, the second leader of the young corporation, spent considerable time at the plant to learn more about production from his workers, an example that was followed by his successors. The second hallmark of an intelligent conservative leader is that they know the organisation inside out, often having risen through the ranks and gaining firsthand knowledge of how its many departments and operations work. In the study, we found that 97 per cent of the chief executives at Europe’s 100-year-old companies had been promoted from within.


➤ This month ➤

LISTEN THING & HERE LEARN — — By By Pilar Edward Godino Lee — —


NFLUENCING PEOPLE ISN’T all about ‘me, me, me’: that would be manipulation and it would only bring short-term gain. Influencing is about engaging people to follow your vision or plan, for a common or a greater gain, which will be long-term and bring you recognition as a leader. Much of the pressure at work today is created by the superhero syndrome of having to do it all by yourself, in order to show you are better than the rest and build your career. This pressure could be released or even avoided by finding time to talk to peers outside meeting rooms and creating collaborative and generative relationships with them. Understanding the way others think, listening to them, and showing that you are making the effort to see things from their perspective, is actually the most effective way to get them to listen to you. 1. KNOW THE ORGANISATION YOU WORK FOR Ask yourself, is the general ambience of your organisation: aggressive, where survival is key and the tendency is for each person to fight for themselves; competitive, where although collaboration is obviously important, there are still silos and a mix of attitudes towards how to achieve goals; or generative, where team co-operation and collaboration between different departments is encouraged?


3. BE AT EASE The more at ease you are the stronger your position to influence others.


4. ENGAGE BROAD THINKING Before working on influencing peers, look beyond short gain, and beyond self gain. Think about the knock-on effect on the following you want: the clearer your goal or vision, the broader and more specific the benefits for them; be prepared to let their imagination soar as far as is needed to engage their ownership.

5. CHECK YOUR CHEMISTRY Make a list of the people you want to engage to reach your goal, or whose favour you need, and check the effort required in your relationship with each of them. If they are easy to communicate with, seem to want the same things and co-operation is effortless, these are supplementary peers – very useful for brain-storming. However, if they are people you seem not to get along with, where every conversation seems to lead to frustration and makes the gap between you bigger with every attempt, these peers are complementary and may be necessary for success if they can offer something that you cannot.

frustrating, you need to start treating them differently if you want to reap the benefits.

7. SEE THROUGH THEIR EYES First of all, you need to be aware that they find you every bit as annoying as you find them. They think you get in their way as much as you think that of them. You just see things from opposite spectrums, so in order to establish influence, a deeper appreciation and respect for their side is necessary. Whether you think they are lost in detail or in following rules, or conversely think they are too succinct and straight to the point, if you want to influence them the first step is to recognise the importance of their role in your endeavour.

8. BUILD BRIDGES Learn their language and use it, however arduous it might seem. It will help them to open up and collaborate more fully. If they are to follow you in a mission, they need to know you will cater for their concerns, which for them (and also for you) are vital for success. For instance, if you talk about what you want and they only know what they don’t want, you need to reassure them that there will be no danger of what they don’t want happening.

9. LISTEN INTENTLY In any kind of negotiation, it is essential to know the desire (or ‘win points’) and the fears (or ‘lose points’) of the people you want to influence. Observe and know the things they value most, the things they want most, and the thing they dread the most. These are motivators (like the carrot and stick), and once you know these you can build bridges.

6. ASSESS YOUR INFLUENCE You already have a mutual influence relationship with the people you get along with, where you spark off each other; so focus your energy on those whose idea of life and preferences are different, and who can appear as having a tendency to object and get in the way of what you want. Although encounters with such people usually require effort and can be tiring and

10. FIND THE WIN-WIN Talk beyond your own gain and take them to a common gain or a gain greater than ‘you and me’. The greater the vision, the more they will want to follow. Basically, if you want to influence your peers you need to invest in your relationship with them. This means energy and time – quality time. ■ Pilar Godino’s new book The Business Alchemist is out now (£12.99; Hay House).


Tune into how the organisation you work for suits you. For instance, if it is an aggressive type, are you comfortable with the fighting and having to look over your shoulder? Or if you work for a generative type organisation, is that the right fit for you? Can you give your best or do you need more battles?

Checking your energy levels is a good guide to know whether working for this type of organisation recharges or drains your batteries. If fitting in takes too much effort, choices need to be made.

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Handmade using production methods that have barely changed since launching in 1969, these tortoiseshell sunglasses from Londonbased Cutler & Gross are perfect for finishing off a retro look this summer.


For jubilant reds and royal blues, you can’t get much better than Richard James. This red silk number originates from the same mill that produces Papal robes.



Matt Huckle


▽ I WORKED for Goldman Sachs for nine and a half years where I traded convertible bonds. When I first started, I was trading Japan, and in the winter we actually started at 5:30am. So, I developed something of a skill for early mornings and bizarrely, even though I haven’t been in the City for quite a while now, I still get up at pretty much that time. I realised that I had a lot of enthusiasm for the job when I started after university but a number of years later I just felt that, while I’d had a great time, it wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I felt there were things to do that were more important. We’ve grown our economies, we’ve grown our personal wealth but at the same time we’re not happier – and I wanted to change that. I decided I wasn’t going to go into politics and try and change things that way. I just wanted to share the information that I’d picked up with people around me. I started to teach a course, initially to see if people enjoyed the material and if I enjoyed teaching. It went well and developed from there. Eventually my company, Your Daily Bread, was formed. I do miss the lively banter of the trading desk a little bit from time to time but I don’t miss anything else about the City. ■ For more information:





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TICKET TO SLIDE . 59 PHOTOGRAPH by Cameron Baird/Red Bull Content Pool



ZEPPELIN DREAMS What do luxury timepieces have in common with airships? ROBIN SWITHINBANK has the answer

PRIME TIME Some things in life simply can’t be explained. Like why, when I get to a Victoria Line platform, a train is always arriving, but when I get to a Piccadilly Line platform, a train is always leaving. Or why we don’t travel by Zeppelin any more. Yes, alright. Hindenburg. That could put you off. But that accident was avoidable – a US ban on the sale of helium meant the Germans had to cut corners and filled the ill-fated LZ 129 with flammable hydrogen instead. And before you tell me airships are too slow, two words – cruise ship. Travel by Zeppelin, like getting on a boat for a week, is not about getting from A to B as fast as possible. Taking in the world from 4,000ft on an around-the-world airship voyage is on my bucket list, somewhere between learning to drive a rally car and starring in a romantic comedy as Eva Mendes’ brooding British love interest. The outmoded argument doesn’t pass muster, either. Mechanical wristwatches, as I’ve said before in this column, are outmoded too. But we’re agreed that doesn’t matter – we still buy barrowfuls of the things every year. And that’s my point. No one’s trying to sell me a balloon ticket, but drilled armies of marketeers are telling me I need a mechanical watch. Think how good we could make Zeppelins nowadays – they’d be floating temples of opulence, and safer than crossing the road. Anyway, there’s a good reason for bringing this up. While researching the sumptuous Girard-Perregaux you see to your left, I discovered that Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin used the brand’s chronographs to time his trial flights in the early 20th century. Had I not got distracted, what I’d intended to say was that after a fallow period, Girard-Perregaux is on a roll. Proof it’s back comes in the form of this year’s 1966 Column-Wheel Chronograph, one of the most perfectly proportioned watches I’ve seen. The brand has fitted it with a shiny new in-house hand-wound calibre, which is an exquisite piece of engineering with a ‘jumping 30-minute counter’ and a 58-hour power reserve. Coated in 40mm of glossy pink gold, it’s a masterful thing. And just the sort of watch to have on your wrist as you glide zephyr-like past the Statue of Liberty after a two-day transatlantic voyage from London. For when the time comes, this, people, is your Zeppelin watch. ■ £26,900;


PEGGING IT: (clockwise from top) Alexander McQueen large printed modal scarf, £445,; Smythson belt, £195, smythson. com; Drakes polka-dot pocket square, £50,; Ted Baker Sibar high top in blue, £85, office.; Turnbull & Asser houndstooth check silk tie, £95,; Drakes bicycle-print cotton pocket square, £45,; Cherchbi Norwich satchel, £345, cherchbi.; Ettinger Brogue billfold in nut, £174 and TT Billfold in tan, £154,








Quintessential British style comes in all different shapes and sizes, colours and creeds. Here are a few to get you in a patriotic mood 039

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THE ROYAL DAVE He’s the Queen’s nephew – and his furniture range is certainly fit for royalty. MARK HEDLEY meets Viscount Linley


AVID ALBERT CHARLES Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley. Not a bad name to have on your business card, is it? But ask him, and he’ll tell you he prefers just David. You might think that the Queen’s favourite nephew would be a little stiff upper-lipped, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. David is actually an extremely approachable, affable man – a man who just happens to be 15th in the line of succession to the British throne. As founder of Linley and chairman of Christie’s, he’s also the consummate Mayfair man. So much so that when choosing locations for Linley, one store on Albemarle Street wasn’t enough, so he opened another one two streets over in the Burlington Arcade. You’d have thought having two locations so close together might be overkill, but David disagrees: “Despite their proximity, the stores serve totally different clients. For example, Burlington receives a lot of Chinese tourists, whereas Albemarle is visited more by locals who work in the area.” But it’s being seen in Mayfair in the first place that’s the real key for a brand like Linley. He explains: “It’s about continuously trying to reassure people that they’re right in their hopes and right in their aspirations.”

Furniture engages with people in so many different ways – my contribution is to enable it to engage in a fun way

DESIGN FOR LIFE There’s no doubt that, for most people, Linley’s flagship products are aspirational. The Riviera desk we’re sitting beside, for example, weighs in just shy of £50,000. But given that it takes three craftsmen 420 hours to create it, the price tag is not as surprising as you first think. Frankly, I never thought I could get excited about a desk. However, once I saw the Riviera [pictured overleaf] in the flesh, I quickly changed my mind. The high-gloss finish features a Santos rosewood top and inlaid sycamore pinstripe – like it had been sliced straight off the deck of a Perini Navi yacht. The sides and front are constructed with inlaid ziricote, complemented by nickel handles inset with red leather. It’s simply a work of art. But, as the old adage goes, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Alongside the standard drawers, there are three ingenious hidden compartments. (I could tell you where, but then I’d have to kill you.) “Going back ten or 15 years ago, I came up with the idea of producing what would be Ken Adam’s [the designer for the original Bond

sets] design for James Bond’s desk, were he were alive today,” explains David. “So we then put ourselves in the mind of every schoolboy and designed something with cocktail shakers inside, built-in paper shredders, and ice coming out of the bottom. It was just a circle of mad boys sitting around a kitchen table after work one night with a couple of beers.” Although the ice never happened, the Bond-inspired desk did – and it has existed in one form or another in Linley’s line-up ever since. As David sees it, this playfulness is a core part of Linley’s fundamentals: “Furniture engages with people in a three-dimensional way, a two-dimensional way, a mental way, an emotional way – and my contribution is to enable it to engage in a fun way.” The Riviera desk is the latest embodiment of this. Bond would certainly be impressed with those hidden drawers, which are triggered by secret buttons. It’s all very Q. As it happens, the first piece of carpentry David ever exhibited was a desk: “In a sense, you could actually take Linley in terms of its ➤



During a recession, it’s very important that whatever we do, we excel at it even better – it has to be exemplary ➤ very absolute beginnings back to that.” Still a student at the time, the piece was exhibited at Worcester Cathedral and written up in The Times with the laconic description ‘Linley: Table’. Although David still owns the piece to this day, he sold many of his other early works to pay his way through college. In fact, the business had far humbler beginnings than you might imagine. His mother and grandmother bought him his first tools, and then the business started in earnest when he created a cooperative with three friends who all injected £1,000 each. “We’ve been consistently under-invested ever since.” Possibly true. At least, that was until late 2011, when Mayfair yacht-broker Jamie Edmiston took a controlling stake in the company and since then it hasn’t looked back. The investment was not the only reason Linley has navigated the financial crisis so well. David explains: “During a recession, it’s very important that whatever we do, we excel at it even better – it has to be exemplary. So we work four or five times harder, like a bee picking up pollen, going around finding work. In an upward market, the customer has so much choice, but when you come to a downward market, only something that is true luxury will survive.”

BESPOKESMAN The concept of true luxury is particularly embodied by Linley’s bespoke arm. What separates a piece of furniture that comes from Linley and a piece of furniture from somewhere else is not just its quality, but its flexibility: colour, size and style can all be in the clients’ hands. “What we can contribute is to extract from you your character, your sense of style, and your needs,” says David. The only real limits to Linley’s creations are the imaginations of its clients. (Well, that and the laws of physics.) After the interview, David is jetting off to New York to give a lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art about David Roentgen. You may be forgiven if you’re not aware of the 18th-century German cabinetmaker. I don’t even know how to pronounce his name. But that’s kind of the point. “There’s no reason you might have heard of him. But if you now – like me – find him to be extraordinary, we’ll have achieved something.” Roentgen was not only a master of marquetry, he was also a pioneer in the construction of secret drawers and mechanical fittings. For Linley, looking to the past is a crucial part of the creative process: “We are modern furniture designers and makers, but we are one of the few that look back at history.” Of course, inspiration doesn’t just come from looking back. As a man who travels the world, David often takes his designers to see places to inspire them. “I am very privileged in the things that I see and where I go and what I feel and am inspired by. I’m trying to create that same ambience in the design studio.”

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE With more than 100 different craftsmen – from saddlers to frame-makers – Linley has an impressive stable of artisans to draw upon. But


when it comes to the design, he isn’t afraid to bring in other creative talent to help take the company in new directions. One of the longest-lasting collaborations is with Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens. The arrangement came about serendipitously: they’re neighbours in Chelsea. But the meeting of minds came about over dinner at Tom’s Kitchen: “Tom put a line in the sand and raised the standard in London for all restaurants. Others may deny it – but he did.” After dinner, the two men got talking and the end result was a lasting friendship and a range of kitchenwear [pictured left] that any professional chef would be proud of. More recently, Linley has been diversifying its aesthetic by bringing in contemporary designers. The first of these new collaborative partnerships is with Rolf Sachs, a much more sculptural and unorthodox designer than Linley would normally approach. “His particular sense of design, his mischievousness and creativity, is something I really admire,” David says. The Sachs line has already paid off: “It’s really lifted the shop; it brings in a whole different clientele.” The other young designer to be brought on is Alex Hull – “a creative genius” – and the resulting Equus table is one of Linley’s most striking pieces. Blending advanced composite work with traditional cabinetmaking, David explains, “It’s another step up for us.” Whether working on the interior of a £200,000 Bentley Flying Spur or the marquetry of a £30 drinks coaster, Linley’s focus on quality is resolutely unwavering. “My basic principles are: is it the best of its type? Is it the very best that you can buy? Is it unique? Is it something that really epitomises what’s greatest about the inventiveness of the British designer or British maker?” If the answer is yes, it’s probably Linley. ■

Destined to create the world’s most beautiful bathrooms

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TWEED IS GOOD Smart, casual, smart-casual – tweed does it all. Mr Porter style guru JEREMY LANGMEAD takes a look at this most versatile of British fabrics ▼ RICHARD JAMES BLAZER, £645

Richard James favours clean, slim silhouettes and bright flashes of colour that run throughout the collection. The precision cut of this Harris tweed blazer gives the heritage fabric a modern feel.





Originally devised to provide drainage when walking, the perforations on brogues soon caught on as a decorative motif. Today they are the go-to shoe for any occasion and we particularly like this leather longwing design.

A childhood hobby of making leather goods gave Bill Amberg an excellent grounding in craftsmanship. This two-tone iPad sleeve is beautifully constructed and features a secured fastening to protect your tablet.



Paul Smith always finds a way to make basic items more interesting. Slim-fitting with fine black and white lines, this piece features a contrasting navy back panel.

Few garments are more versatile than a pair of black denim jeans. The moody hue and rugged fabric allows you to dress them up or down, and Burberry Brit’s slim fit jeans will work around the clock.


This ‘200 Series’ wristwatch features a Swiss-made movement with black and red hands. The contrast of the brushed rose goldplated case and brown leather strap ensure a sophisticated finish.

THE OUTFIT Given the relaxed nature of modern dress-codes, men’s clothes must be versatile, and few items are as useful as the tweed jacket. Need to dress up for a client meeting? Put on a tweed jacket, a shirt and tie, a pair of grey wool trousers and some brown suede shoes. Going on a date? Put on a tweed jacket, a white T-shirt, a pair of slim jeans and some desert boots. Going for a walk in the country? Put on a tweed jacket, a flannel shirt, corduroy trousers and a pair of Wellingtons. A robust tweed jacket can go almost anywhere; it is a British design classic. This well-cut option [pictured opposite] by contemporary Savile Row tailor Richard James will streamline and elongate the torso, flattering any figure. Its blue colour retains a hint of formality while revealing an imaginative approach to dressing. Wear with black jeans and a neutral shirt, and throw on a knitted tie to smarten it up if necessary.



d’angiò comunicazione &


54, Maddox Street - Mayfair

Since 1914, the taste of elegance.









{ SHARP NOTES } The Chic Geek style blogger MARCUS JAYE gives us the lowdown on vintage watches, up-and-coming designers and his love of Japan I’m currently wearing a special Timex for J Crew watch with a navy blue military strap. I also have an early 1960s Rolex OysterPerpetual Date watch with a black face. I prefer older watches because they are usually smaller and more elegant.

IN MY HAND I always have a smartphone as I’m addicted to Twitter. I use the camera on it as a record of anything interesting I see.

ON MY RADAR I like Alan Taylor, he’s a young Irish designer making beautiful clothes from quality fabrics. He showed his work for the first time as part of MAN during London Collections: Men.

IN MY SIGHTS There’s a really beautiful blue jacquard suit from Jigsaw Menswear that I like. The jacquard gives it an added structure and texture and I think the time is right to return to single-breasted suits and away from doublebreasted blazers and separates.

IN MY WARDROBE I’m loving a navy fine-knit wool cardigan I just got from Reiss. During our summers, you need a warmer layer and this looks great when worn like a waistcoat under a suit. Navy also goes with just about everything.

From 31 July-1 September, the Saatchi Gallery is hosting HUGO:RED NEVER FOLLOWS, a pop-up exhibition celebrating 20 years of the HUGO brand.


Tom Ford has got a collection of slim, jewelcoloured tuxedo jackets for AW13. Ideally I would like a bit of a Justin Timberlake makeover to go with it!

IN MY PAST I had a taupe-coloured hooded mackintosh that I loved which sadly, owing to its natural rubber coating, perished.

ON MY AGENDA I really want to see the new bar GONG at the Shangri-La at the Shard. It’s on the 52nd floor, with a pool. You can’t seem to have a drink without an epic view these days in London.


IS THERE AN ART TO DRESSING FOR EXHIBITIONS? Summer in London brings a host of diverse exhibitions to its eclectic mix of galleries. The perfect escape from those unfortunate and sporadic July downpours, one should nevertheless always be elegantly dressed. Noteworthy exhibit of the moment is the Bowie exhibition at the V&A, but avoid getting too swept up in the spirit of electrifying make-up and flared trouser suits. Instead go retro art-chic by donning a tweed blazer with a pocket square and neck tie. A simple open-collared check shirt helps play the look down and escape appearing too formal. Team this with canvas trainers and corduroy trousers and you’ll be throwing yourself into the spirit of culture – ready to take any exhibition on with confident composure.


Definitely my Tumi suitcase. I don’t think you really appreciate a decent suitcase until you’ve had one. All the sections in the case are cleverly designed to maximise space and you can pull it along with your little finger.


ON MY BUCKET LIST I really want to go to Japan during cherry blossom season. I would like to see the modern side of Tokyo and the ancient side of Kyoto. ■ For more information and advice on style, see or follow Marcus Jaye on Twitter @thechicgeekcouk




QUEEN OF THE BRAS When it comes to classic design, quintessential British brand Rigby & Peller has it all sewn up, says CATHY ADAMS


O LINGERIE BRAND is as British as Rigby &

Peller. Famously the bespoke underwear maker for the Royal Family, the company was founded in 1939 before being granted the Royal Warrant in 1960. Since then, the company has remained scrupulously discreet about its job providing the Queen’s smalls. But the company, now the gold standard in women’s lingerie, had more humble beginnings. As the legend goes, founder Gita Peller fled her native Hungary with samples of her work in her suitcase. She was taken in by Bertha Rigby, and their work was to kickstart a British institution. Aside from fitting the Queen for more than 50 years, Rigby & Peller has dressed countless red carpet stars, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson notable fans of the international lingerie brand. Rigby & Peller is renowned for its ‘madeto-measure’ service, and also stocks brands made outside our shores, such as this collection from Spanish lingerie designer Andres Sarda, made from rare Leavers lace. ■

Andres Sarda Alba bra, £120; Andres Sarda Alba briefs, £67.95. For more information, see

Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson are notable fans of the Rigby & Peller brand 048

THE RING AURUM OF JERSEY’S ‘GAIA’ RING: This ring from the family-run jeweller is handcrafted in 18ct white gold with sapphires and diamonds.

THE WATCH SOLANGE AZAGURYPARTRIDGE ‘ROUNDS’ WATCH: Set with an 18ct blackened gold dial, the London designer’s timepiece also has an 18ct yellow gold strap.

THE EARRINGS GARRARD TUDOR ROSE 18CT WHITE GOLD EARRINGS: The world’s oldest jeweller chose the Tudor Rose for its latest heirloom.

Royal Exchange Jewellers specialise in fine jewellery and watches, we also buy and sell pre owned watches and can service all watch brands 020 7929 0100 | Royal Exchange Jewellers, 29A Royal Exchange, Threadneedle Street, London, EC3V 3LP

THE COLLECTION Retail detail curated by The Royal Exchange. This month, creations from British designers 050






1 LINKS Nodding Silver Bulldog, £130 Do we like the look of this model canine? Oh, yes...

2 THEO FENNELL Astronaut cufflinks, £9,850 Space out with this white gold and enamel pairing.

3 PENHALIGON’S Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette, £110 Gin-based fragrance for a sophisticated smell.

4 SAGE BROWN Teacher’s Bridle Folder, £265 Envelope folder made from highest-quality leather.

Links of London, 6 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LL; 020 3691 1177

Theo Fennell, 4 The Courtyard, Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LQ; 020 7623 4380

Penhaligon’s, 4 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LL; 020 7623 3131

Sage Brown Fine Leather, 31 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LP; 020 7283 2444


EARRINGS BOODLES EMPEROR EARRINGS, £POA This pair from Boodles’ iconic Wonderland collection feature 3.68ct of yellow and 3.46ct of white roundbrilliant cut diamonds.


CORONET EARRINGS, £1,450: These striking 18ct earrings are miniature amethyst crowns – as such, they make a perfect present for any princesses out there.





DIAMOND DUST EARRINGS, £295: Precious and sparkling genuine white-diamond dust is captured under glass windows in this elegant pair, delivering high-end, luxury quality within a stunning highfashion design.

5 JO MALONE Osmanthus Blossom Cologne, £38 Apricot and leather notes distinctively combined.

6 SEARLE & CO Gents Gold Wristwatch, £1,225 British design, Swiss movement. All class.

7 SMYTHSON Watch Roll, £325 Padded suede finished in black full-grain leather.

8 TATEOSSIAN London Eye Cufflinks, £325 Celebrate the landmark in silver and diamond.

Jo Malone, 24 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LP; 0870 1925 131

Searle and Co Jewellers, 1 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LL; 020 7626 2456

Smythson, 7 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LL; 020 7621 1037

Tateossian, 1/4 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LL; 020 7283 3434


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In case you hadn’t already noticed, it’s Ashes season – so what better time to head to the nets with some new kit. By JACK ARNOTT



+ AYRTEK Raw Helmet, £199.99 + You needn’t give a toss about facing the full toss with this carbon-fibre headgear – complete with the sort of titanium grille that Hannibal Lecter would be proud of. Ayrtek also claims to have beaten helmetwobble thanks to a special chin-strap.



+ SLAZENGER V100 TAS Ultimate, £375 + Described as ‘the ultimate bat’ thanks to its revolutionary ‘edge technology’, the V100 guarantees a six with every hit.*


+ ADIDAS Adizero Tempo S, £108 + One of the lightest pairs of sunnies out there, they certainly won’t slow you down when you’re springing for a catch – or sprinting to the head of the tea queue.

*It in no way actually guarantees this.

The lifestyle and eating habits of modernday living strongly contribute to joint aches and pains – most commonly caused by inflammation. Pod’s Sunshine Beef Stew contains many anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as omega-3 and omega-6 from grass-fed British beef. The luxurious sauce is delicately infused with garlic, cinnamon, ginger and fresh onions: all of which are foods proven to control inflammation around the joints. The beef is served over fibre-packed mixed rice to aid digestion. A side salad of edamame beans, Pod pickle, carrot, chilli, peas and fresh herbs offers an abundance of antioxidants to fight free radicals, helping to limit joint damage. Use your diet choices wisely; they form the basis of health and vitality so you can lead a more fulfilled life. Sunshine Beef Stew from £4.99. In next month’s column: sinus relief.


Made to Measure Triathlon Camps Improve you performance training in Cape Verde

Expert Swim Instruction with Underwater Video Analysis

Motorbike Led Cycling to Assess Biking Skills

You know exactly why Saville Row suits feel superb, they’re hand made to fit you to perfection. So if you want to get the best from your winter training camp it makes sense to follow the same principle and have a program tailored to fit you perfectly. winter training camps in Cape Verde, where temperatures vary between 24C and 30C year round, are designed to fit your unique requirements, so you train at the right level and pace, with a focus on technique, ensuring you return to the UK a fitter, faster and better all-round athlete.

Slow Motion Analysis of Your Running Technique

The Camp Gives You: - 1-2-1 Coaching of a Bespoke program. - Open water swim acclimatisation and pool based video analysis. - Individual speed tests in the water, on the bike and on foot. - Accompanied rides to pace, analyse and advise on the move. - Slow motion video run analysis. You can decide: - When the camp starts and finishes. - If you prefer to train alone or if you bring others. - The accommodation option that suits you. - Are family or a partner joining you for a holiday? - If you prefer a Multi-Sport or Single Sport focus. - Whether you prepare for Sprint, Olympic or Ironman distances or concentrate on form And You Go Away With: - A structured plan for the season and the skills to fulfill that plan. - Achievable goals for your upcoming major targets. 020 8421 8866



{ SPORT SIREN } Sky Sports presenter OLIVIA GODFREY talks the best of summer sports and the mountain that cycling and the Tour de France have had to climb


PHOTOGRAPH by Warren Little/Getty Images

HIS IS SUCH an exciting time to be working at Sky Sports. Every time I present Good Morning Sports Fans on Sky Sports News there seems to be a new manager installed or a big player signed or linked with one of our Premier League clubs. The Ashes series is in full flow, complete with a whole new dedicated channel (Sky Sports Ashes HD). Alex Payne and the rugby team are doing a great job Down Under with the Lions, while some of the golf in Europe and America has been spectacular. However, there is a real buzz in the office about something a little bit different. The Tour de France – a race plagued by decades of drug scandals. Its most famous rider, and seven-time winner, was stripped of his titles and the scale of the systematic doping in the sport fully exposed. Cycling has really been on its knees. And yet, somehow, through all the drama and scandals, the Tour de France retains its fascination and mystique. I felt fairly disillusioned reading Tyler Hamilton’s book The Secret Race; the testimonies against Lance Armstrong, plus his revelations with Oprah, and the number of other disgraced former Tour winners (Riis, Landis, Pantani, Ullrich – the list goes on). Yet

I continue to view the Tour as one of the great events of the sporting calendar. It still has a special magic about it and is certainly one of the most dramatic spectacles of the year. I also firmly believe cycling has cleaned up its act in recent years and now has some of the most effective drug testing in sport. The buzz around the office is because Team Sky has a great chance of winning the yellow jersey again. I remember Dave Brailsford being laughed out of town when he made the promise in an interview on Sky Sports News to win the Tour de France with a British rider within five years of launching Team Sky. Three years later, Sir Bradley Wiggins rode on to the Champs-Élysées in yellow to fulfil Brailsford’s promise and become the first British rider to win cycling’s premier prize – pretty impressive. Sadly, injury has denied Wiggo the chance to defend his title, but it’s the man that stood one place below him on the podium in Paris who is leading Team Sky’s challenge this year. Chris Froome has had a magnificent season and warmed up for the Tour in perfect fashion with victory in the Critérium du Dauphiné. After his Dauphiné victory, Froome listed the six names he fears most in the race: the Spaniards Alberto Contador, Alejandro Valverde and Joaquim Rodríguez, Cadel Evans of Australia, the young American Tejay van Garderen, and the Colombian Nairo Quintana. The biggest threat is surely Alberto Contador. Unlike Froome, he’s been there and done it in three-week grand tours and is sure to peak for the big race in France. While it is fascinating to see who wins – and I really hope it’s one of the Team Sky boys – the thing I love most about the Tour is its dramatic scenery. As a keen skier (and qualified ski instructor, ahem) I enjoy seeing them wind

Somehow, through all the drama and scandals, the Tour de France retains its fascination and mystique

their way through the Alps and Pyrenees, admiring the stunning vistas and familiar ski resorts looking totally unfamiliar in their summer guise. The French television directors must be under particular instruction to show off what their country has on offer. Look out for stunning shots of countryside, mountains and the quintessentially French hamlets that come to a standstill as 180 riders fly by. To celebrate the 100th edition of the Tour, organisers have chosen a truly breathtaking route to take in some of France’s most iconic and memorable landmarks, including finishes in Saint-Malo, Mont Saint-Michel and the legendary ascent up Mont Ventoux. However, if you watch one day’s racing, make sure it is stage 18 – the ‘Queen stage’ – in late July. Now I love the ski slopes of Alpe d’Huez, but you’ve got to wonder how on earth the cyclists get up there. It is hard enough in a 4x4. Cycling’s most famous climb is 13.8km long with an average gradient of 7.9%, with those legendary 21 hairpin bends. Brutal. Worst of all, in the 2013 race the peloton will have to climb it twice. Really brutal. It will be brilliant to watch. All part of a spectacular three weeks in a sport that has been badly tarnished but continues to intrigue.

GAME ON Chelsea, too, have their own mountain to climb if they are to win the 2013/14 Barclays Premier League. They finished 14 points behind Manchester United last season, yet Chelsea are almost the bookies’ favourites to win. And that is down to one man – José Mourinho. However, Mourinho is just one part of what is shaping up to be a mouth-watering Premier League season. There are big stories and sub-plots galore. New managers at both Manchester clubs, Arsène Wenger spending big money at Arsenal (finally), and new recruits at Liverpool and Tottenham, too. The Premier League fixtures are out and excitement is already building. You can guarantee a lot will still happen on and off the pitch between now and 17 August – it is all part of this super-duper summer of sport. ■ To book Olivia for speaking engagements, event hosting and brand endorsements, please contact Claire at Paragon Sports Management on 020 8334 0235.


FEATURING: Cooling Posture Zones

The ultimate memory foam mattress NEW FROM



Supportive V-Max Cells DEEP SLEEP



USE CODE SM200 Ends 31 August 2013

Joel Jameson Pro Ironman Triathlete

Loved by Olympic Athletes SPORT V-MAX 90cm x 190cm x 20cm

135cm x 190cm x 20cm

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£199 RRP £399

Single Double King Superking



£299 RRP £499

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GET HENCH OR DIE TRYING Health coach and personal trainer PHIL HAWKSWORTH on the four steps you need to take to add significant muscle mass to your frame


ECOMING AN ADONIS takes time. I’m talking a good six months minimum to add a T-shirt size (assuming you don’t want to get fat). You can get ripped in 6-12 weeks but to add a couple of kilos of muscle will take long-term commitment. You may have to forgo crafting your abs for a time and keep the end goal in mind. CAN I HAVE TWO MEALS, PLEASE? You need to eat often and a lot. Sometimes it is plain uncomfortable but you need to get the calories down. Everyone has different ratios that suit them based on genetics, training volume, life stress, body fat and more. However, as a general rule, carbohydrates are the best food for both facilitating weight gain and stoking your appetite. Of course, you need to eat lots of protein too, that is after all what muscle is made of. Try shakes if you struggle

force-feeding yourself. The recommendation would be to eat a moderate-to-high-carb, high-protein diet and check the scales every two weeks. Aim to gain around half a kilo every fortnight. Anything significantly more than this and you are probably getting fat.

DON’T GET FAT Apart from fat not being a good look, it is actually detrimental to gaining muscle. Being fatter than you need to be will have a negative impact on your testosterone, insulin and growth hormone levels – the three key hormones for packing on muscle mass. Plus, you are going to have to lose it all again at the end, which is a dangerous game to play. You can very easily lose some of the muscle mass you just grafted under the bar for months to gain if you try to get cut too quickly. The best option is to increase your caloric intake by 500 calories at a time and see how you get on. If you’re not gaining half a kilo every two weeks add another 500 in until you are.

TENSION TRUMPS WEIGHT Forget how much you are lifting while in the gym. Focus instead on maximum tension in the muscle. Watch some pro bodybuilders training on YouTube and notice how they focus on squeezing the working muscle as hard as possible on every single rep. You could lift the same weight for the same number of sets and reps and get a completely different outcome based on the quality of each rep. If you cannot feel a muscle working, it probably isn’t growing. The ‘mind-muscle’ connection is fundamental to effectively growing. ILLUSTRATION by Mark Boardman

SLOOOOW DOWN An easy way to increase muscular tension is to use controlled tempos and pauses within a rep. Slow down the lowering phase, anything from three-to-four seconds on smaller exercises up to six-to-ten seconds on large exercises such as pull-ups or

ASK MATT ROBERTS… FITNESS ADVICE: RUNNING I want to try and get into a routine with my exercise but every time I plan to go for a run it’s raining and I don’t end up going. Is there anything I could do at home that would make up for it? There are lots of things you could do at home that will give you just as good a cardio workout as running, if not better. I would do a short circuit made up of body weight exercises eg squats, press-ups, lunges, planks and burpies. Do ten reps of each with little or no rest in between and repeat about four to five times. You’ll soon be sweating and working hard. I can’t seem to get my hydration right when running, either I don’t drink enough beforehand and feel thirsty half-way round, or drink too much and get a stitch. Any advice? Hydration is key to feeling great and energised when undertaking any exercise. The first step is to aim to be hydrated all the time so your base level is consistently good. Timing water intake before exercise is very individual so trial and error is often the only way you will find out what works best for you. However, as a starting point, try drinking 500ml half an hour before your run. This should boost your hydration levels but will leave enough time for the water to settle so as not to make you feel sick or get stitch. Other than running, what else can I do outside on my own that will help me get in shape? There are so many great outdoor activities you can do that are both fun and great for your body. Outdoor swimming in a lido or freshwater lake, kayaking down the canals, cycling round Hampstead Heath or windsurfing in one of the many reservoirs in London are but a handful of sports you could try to liven up your exercise routine this year. For more info, visit

squats. Expect to use around 75% of the usual weight for an equivalent number of reps at this tempo. Pausing mid-rep also creates a lot of tension within a muscle, this can be at a disadvantageous position, such as the bottom of a squat or bench press, or somewhere in the middle. One example is to lower a chin-up slowly from the top until your elbow is at 90 degrees. Hold for two seconds and continue to lower. Pause on the way back up, too. ■ For more advice on getting fit and getting hench, see and






GOING DOWN Many of us will have fond memories of a simpler time when weekends were spent glued to our mountain bikes – and bruises and scratches served as badges of honour in the playground the next Monday morning. For Aaron Gwin, world-champion downhill mountainbiker, such a lifestyle is much more than a mere memory. The 25-year-old California native first got going on two wheels when he was four, and taking in stints in BMX and Motocross racing, he’s never really stopped since. When it comes to rapid, crossterrain descent, he’s considered the best in the world. Just spare a thought for the teachers that must have once reproached him. “When I grow up, I just want to ride my bike all day...” ■ Aaron Gwin takes part in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup on 27 July in Andorra.


RIDE OF HIS LIFE Most people give up mountain biking when the falls really start to hurt. But Aaron Gwin isn’t most people

059 T h e vo i c e o f T h e C i T y


RELOADED is relaunching this month. It is everything that’s great about working in the City. In other words, everything but work…



THE ENFORCER . 62 PHOTOGRAPH by David Harrison



ENFO 062




TUART BROAD IS blushing a vivid scarlet.

For the first time in our lengthy interview, England cricket’s chief aggressor is stumped. As the quick bowler is being repositioned for square mile’s cover shoot, a playful snipe from the slips enquiring about his rumoured assignations with The Saturdays’ singer Mollie King, whose previous boyfriend was British model David Gandy, has rendered him momentarily flustered. A wolfish grin curls on his lips before he regains his cool and replies: “You read the gossip pages, then?” With his statuesque physique, sky-blue eyes, flaxen hair and charming bonhomie, it’s easy to see why Broad is venerated like a pop star by a legion of female admirers. He is regularly sent postcards from fans telling him about their holidays – “quite interesting, really” – and on Twitter there are two appreciation accounts following his every tweet and turn: @TheBroadettes8 (1,500 followers and counting) and @Broady4evafans. Gamely, he even agreed to meet the founder of The Broadettes, a 20-something Canadian called Jay Geeganage, at the Oval last summer. “She was overcome by nerves,” smiles Broad. I suppose he gets that a lot. Those who don’t become giddy when talking to the 6ft 6in Broad would find him to be charismatic and urbane, with an epicurean enthusiasm for food, wine, fast cars and luxury timepieces. “I have a weakness for watches,” he reveals. “I buy them for myself as treats, when I think I deserve it. I’ve been given a £35,000 ➤




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PHOTOGRAPHY by David Harrison

➤ gold watch by my sponsors, Jean-Mairet & Gillman, and I bought a Franck Muller when we won the Ashes in 2009, but I’ve always dreamt of having an Audemars.” After turning 27 last month and recovering from his New Zealand injury scare, Broad is in the prime of his cricketing life. And with Australia visiting this summer, England need their paceman running like clockwork as they attempt to retain the precious Ashes urn. Earlier in his career he earned the moniker ‘The Enforcer’, thanks to his rough-house bowling tactics, and even now he admits he finds it hard to shy away from confrontation. “It’s a competitive mindset I’ve always had, even at school,” he says. “As soon as I cross the white line I change. That nickname – ‘The Enforcer’ – was coined by the media, and it was a time when I was thrown the ball to try and rough batsmen up. I like to have that string to my bow. I’d like to think that I’m more of a line and length bowler now, but there will still be occasions when I’m tossed the ball and told: ‘Right, let’s hit this guy on the head for 20 minutes.’ “I’m not a verbal bowler, but I think you always have to have a presence: stand tall and look the batsman in the eye, let him know you are coming for him. A look can be more dangerous than a word.” Sometimes Broad’s aggression has boiled over, and twice it has cost him half of his match fee. He claims to be able to control himself now, though, with the guidance of England team psychologist Mark Bawden. “Up to the age of about 24 I had a few disciplinary issues where I got a bit too hotheaded,” he continues. “So now I work with Mark on what I call a ‘warrior’ mode. “On a graph you have one side where you are not in the battle enough, you are not fired up enough and not bowling well enough. In warrior mode, in the middle, you are perfect. You find the right emotional level and you are in the batsman’s face but in full control. And then there is the other side where your emotions have taken over from logic.” England supporters will hope that the Nottinghamshire bowler can harness and master his inner warrior against Australia, from the moment the five-Test Ashes series begins on 10 July at his home ground, Trent Bridge. One of sport’s most-celebrated battles, the loosely biennial contest has been fought between England and the Baggy Greens since 1882, and for Broad the Ashes punctuates his life more than most. Indeed, it’s in his blood. “Six months after I was born my old man went Down Under and won there,” he says proudly. His father, Chris, opened the batting

for England in 25 Tests, and during that 19861987 campaign he was at the very pinnacle of his powers. In the five matches, he managed 487 runs and was named man of the series. Following that defeat, Australia enjoyed an 18-year dominance over England until 2005. A year later, Broad Jr made his international debut for the Twenty20 team – which he now captains and with whom he won the World Cup in 2010 – aged just 20. His Test debut followed in late 2007, but it was a spell of bowling in the 2009 Ashes that catapulted him to cricketing stardom. On the second day in the decisive fifth Test at the Oval, Broad took five wickets for 37 runs and

I think you always have to have a presence: stand tall and look the batsman in the eye

was later named man of the match, following England’s victory. Looking back at the game which launched his international career he says now: “It’s scary that it was four years ago. I remember the next morning, walking down the players’ steps, I was asked to sign the front page of a newspaper that had a picture of me on it. It was pretty special.” In August 2010, Broad knocked a century on the hallowed Lord’s wicket – a feat that his father never achieved. “It was a great feeling to score a ton at that special ground, but it was more that I surpassed my dad’s best-ever score for England, 162,” he smiles, remembering his 169 against Pakistan. Later that year, England travelled Down Under and managed to win their first series there since the heroics of Chris Broad and his teammates 24 years before. For the younger Broad it was deeply disappointing, though, as he was forced to withdraw from the tour following a stomach-muscle tear after only two Tests. And that was after he became Peter Siddle’s final hat-trick victim in the opening clash at The Gabba in Brisbane. Recalling the intensity, Broad says: “There were 42,000 people and the ground was shaking, bouncing. ➤



➤ There was a kind of tribal element to it, as though they were shouting ‘kill, kill, kill’. I showed weakness to be intimated by their attempts to disintegrate me mentally, and it provided a learning curve. I’ve never slumped to that mindset since.” The agony of flying back to England prematurely, shortly afterwards, was the nadir of his career. “While bowling in Adelaide I felt this inner explosion – I could hardly breathe. I walked off, and lifted my shirt off and there was blood underneath the skin. That was the only time I’ve ever cried in sport,” he admits. “My emotions completely overwhelmed me. Test match losses are pretty painful – five days is a long time to work your arse off only to get nothing. But injuries are the lowest point as a sportsman.” Broad used his recuperation time well, however, teaching himself how to cook. He believes that in a special England cricket team edition of Come Dine With Me he would wow the others. “I’d start with prawn cocktail and salmon sashimi, and accompany it with a lovely glass of Cloudy Bay,” he enthuses, hinting at his oenological leanings. Indeed, he’s partial to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, recommends Meerlust Rubicon from Stellenbosch, and – showing a thoughtful benevolence – he sets down a decent bottle every year for England teammate Matthew Prior’s four-year-old boy Jonathan, his godson. “I’d then serve up a slow-cooked lamb shank with a pinot noir, followed by a hot chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream,” he continues, before adding with a twinkle: “And then I’d bring out a selection of teas before smashing it all out of the way and plonking a big bottle of Jägermeister on the table. That would win some votes, I reckon.” Prior, the team’s wicketkeeper, would certainly not win any culinary awards, according to Broad. “Once I went round to his house and I was waiting 40 minutes before he handed me oven-cooked cheese on toast, as he couldn’t find the switch for the grill,” he recalls. “It tasted horrible, too. But it just goes to show what can happen to men who are away from home for ages.” The team can be abroad for up to ten weeks at a time, so hobbies and interests are important to ward off homesickness and ennui. Some read – captain Alastair Cook “gets through a lot of books” – others play music. For instance, Joe Root (whose team sobriquet is ‘Wireless’, as in router) is a mean ukelele player while Graeme Swann used to take his guitar away. The competitive edge


Test match losses are pretty painful – but injuries are the lowest point as a sportsman which has elevated Broad and the rest of the England team to international level is always present, as evidenced by the tense atmosphere during poker games and Jonathan Trott’s behaviour on the Xbox. “He is completely ruthless,” says Broad. “He takes great pleasure in absolutely destroying opponents. It’s a bit like the way he bats – he won’t give it up for anything. I’ve been in his room winning 2-0 in a football game after 50 minutes and he will turn it off and tell me to get out.” While away, if Broad is ever missing his life in the UK he goes for dinner with his elder sister, Gemma – the team’s performance analyst. “She was in the England set-up before me,” he says, “and there are no niggles.” In fact he credits his sibling for helping improve his bowling in the recent series in New Zealand, the fruits of which were shown at Lord’s in late May when he was named man of the match after managing best-ever Test figures of seven for 44 to win the game against the Black Caps. “I was struggling a little bit with my alignment, so I got Gemma to look up my wickets for the past three years. I had them rolling on my iPad, and I could see my position at the crease changing,” Broad continues. “From there I worked out a technical issue, which has helped me bowl better since.” When asked what he would be if he were not a cricketer Broad quickly answers: “A Top Gear presenter. Well, I would like to be a Formula One driver – I’m absolutely fascinated by all the analysis, and I’ve been to a few Grands Prix and met Sebastian Vettel through Red Bull [a sponsor] – but I think I’m too tall, and perhaps not as fearless as those guys.” His ideal car? “It’s got to be a 1963 Aston Martin DB5 – like the one seen in Skyfall,” Broad grins, those blue eyes sparkling. If England’s Enforcer revs up his engine to burn off the Aussies this summer, perhaps he will even treat himself to that dream Audemars watch he has coveted for so long. He certainly won’t be blushing then. Stuart Broad is a cricket ambassador for Investec. The specialist bank and asset manager is title sponsor of test cricket in England. Visit

cricket or follow @investeccricket.



Britain in



A :J

ASTON MARTIN Inspired by the 1959 Le Mans 24 hourwinning DBR1, Aston Martin’s wild CC100 Speedster Concept is both a gaze into the future and a nod to the past of James Bond’s favourite car maker. Built to celebrate the great marque’s centenary, the CC100 is powered by Aston’s venerable 6.0-litre V12, which launches the car from 0-60mph in four seconds and then on to a limited top speed of 180mph. Winding back the years, Aston Martin’s greatest 1950s pilot – a certain Sir Stirling Moss – was back in a DBR1 at the fabled Nürburgring for the new car’s unveiling. It’s his kind of motor: fast, beautiful and uncompromising. Here’s hoping they take the CC100 from concept to reality.

ASPREY The storied British jeweller has been in its current location at 167 Bond St since 1847, and has held a royal warrant for every monarch since (and including) Queen Victoria. Asprey went back to the archives for its Daisy Collection, including this wonderfully elegant Daisy Heritage ring (£6,500), with pale amethyst petals and a pavé diamond centre, set in 18ct white gold. Surely the ultimate way to say it with flowers.

Did you know?


PRINCESS Since the first Saxons started building warships in the 6th century, Britain has always taken pride in its seafaring prowess. Even the Titanic pretty much evened out its shortcomings with a great film. Luxury-yacht maker Princess maintains this fine tradition with its £13.7m 40M model, which received accolades at the esteemed 2013 World Superyacht Awards. Weighing in at 395 tons – making it the largest composite motor yacht ever built the UK – the vessel has twin MTU diesel engines packing 7,000 horsepower, enough to propel the 40M to 22 knots. This represents an estimated 6,999 horsepower and 21-knot improvement on its middle-age forebears. That’s progress.




THE BALVENIE 50 YEAR OLD, £20,000 You can’t have a feature on the best of British without including a whisky. And they don’t come much older, rarer or more desirable than this single malt from The Balvenie. It was originally casked in September 1962 by industry legend David Stewart and bottled by the same man exactly 50 years later. Only 88 bottles will be sold, each one in a handcrafted box comprising 49 distinct rings of seven different Scottish woods. It’s as ornate as it is beautiful – doubtless a fair reflection of the whisky it houses. Available from Selfridges. For info:

Up-and-coming British company Lucas Hugh makes high fashion and athletic wear that leaves the lines between workout gear and smart casual attire well and truly blurred. Masterminded by former swimwear designer Anjhe Mules, its unique combination of supportive sport fabrics and elegant style is a ringing endorsement for British ingenuity and personality. Lucas Hugh can count Gwyneth Paltrow and Sienna Miller among its growing list of followers and plans on launching a menswear collection in the not too distant future. Fitness freaks: watch this space.

BREMONT There was a time when British watchmakers made sure the Swiss didn’t have the horological world all to themselves. Those days are long gone, of course, but Henley-based Bremont is doing its bit to put Britain back on the map. The brand’s aviation-inspired watches (including the U-2 Blue, left) are designed, assembled and finished in the UK. In June the brand, founded by brothers Nick and Giles English, won HSBC’s Global Connections competition to find the country’s most innovative companies.

Savile Row is the most iconic address in the world for menswear. With skilled cutters and tailors, multiple fittings and often months of work, a bespoke suit is the ultimate sartorial experience. Savile Row bespoke has become a culture and standard by which all other men’s tailoring is measured Jason Basmajian



“The best kept secret in London� From bespoke dinners and lavish cocktail receptions, to charity fundraisers and corporate receptions, the Mall Galleries offers friendly, flexible and exclusive evening event hire, all set against a background of contemporary art. With 500sq metres spread over three galleries, we offer a stylish and versatile setting in a Grade I listed Regency Terrace in the heart of Central London.

To discuss your event, contact

Olivia Ladbrooke-Chartres 020 7930 6844


McLAREN P1 The battle of the hybrid hypercars is upon us. In the British corner, enter the stunning McLaren P1, lined up against the LaFerrari of Italy and Germany’s Porsche 918. The P1 weighs in with a twin assault: an electric motor paired with a 3.8-litre twinturbo V8 good for 903hp, and there’s a hydraulic suspension system and front and rear wings for when the going gets twisty. McLaren claims no true production car will keep up round a track, and we can’t wait to find out if it’s right.


British craftsmanship is a part of British heritage. It’s something, as a nation, we have always prided ourselves on. We need to nurture the industry. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. We must encourage the younger generations to continue working in these bespoke industries William Asprey



Nick Hart’s tailoring brand is the product of a life-long obsession with men’s style and fashion. With reference points ranging from American icons like Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis to David Bowie, Spencer Hart’s monochromatic style borrows heavily from the US while staying true to its British roots. Hart opened his first store on Savile Row in 2002, followed by a flagship store in a former bank on nearby Brook St nine years later. Of the signature Spencer Hart look, he says: “I love the idea of the man who’s always on the back foot, spending too much time on his appearance and chasing women.” For more information;

NAIM UNITIQUTE 2, £1150 Ever at the forefront of audio technology, British manufacturer Naim has turned heads with the upcoming release of its new all-in-one hifi, the UnitiQute 2. A favourite among audiophiles, Naim made its name in high-end components, and its allin-one systems promise serious quality across the board. The UnitiQute 2 plays a huge range of audio formats, including WAV, AIFF and lossless, and includes DAB radio. Let’s not forget the trump card, though – you can stream music across several rooms via Wi-Fi (aptly named ‘Party Mode’), with no echoes or delay between sources. Er, party on! For more information;

ANDERSON & SHEPPARD Have a browse through the Savile Row tailor’s order archives and you’ll get some idea of the calibre of its clients. The names and measurements of Laurence Olivier, Rudolph Valentino, Marlene Dietrich and the Prince of Wales (albeit the latter under a pseudonym) are all stored away in Anderson & Sheppard’s leatherbound measure books, but the tailor is also one of the more progressive on the Row; you can keep up to speed on staff blog ‘The Notebook’.

FIELD CANDY Picture a pile of blue and green polyester thrown together to resemble a small spaceship, and you’ve just imagined precisely the trend British tent manufacturer Field Candy wants to buck. Its new range of two-man tents employs a classic A-frame structure, made with condensationresistant cotton adorned with offkilter outer sheets. No multiple zipped entrances and not a ‘porch’ in sight. Carry On Camping proved that no one does raunchy camping humour quite like the British – and the aptly-named Get a Room tent is guaranteed to turn heads. Oo, matron.

GRAFF MASTERGRAFF ULTRA FLAT TOURBILLON Mayfair-based Graff might be best known for its diamonds, but the jewellery house has been an increasingly active player in the world of high-end horology since it started making watches in 2009. The MasterGraff Ultra Flat Tourbillon is exactly as the name suggests: the brand’s flagship MasterGraff timepiece in a super-slim case (it’s less than 7mm thick) that somehow squeezes a flying tourbillon inside thanks to a sophisticated system of tiny, ceramic ball bearings. As in all Graff watches, the crown is tipped with a diamond, but the signature triangular stone at 12 o’clock is jade instead of emerald so it fits in the slimline case. For more information;




BOODLES Since 1798 Boodles has proved itself to be one of Britain’s leading fine jewellers. Owned by the Wainwright family, the business has flourished through six generations of British heritage. From making watches for the Admiralty and Air Ministry during World War II, to crafting the silver stand for HRH Princess Elizabeth’s wedding cake and featuring in the V&A’s permanent jewellery collection, Boodles has never lost its national prestige. These vintage lace earrings embody the sophistication of the brand, with smooth lines and round brilliantcut diamonds set in timeless platinum. The brilliance of the stones is a perfect match for the refined artistry of the design; as true now as it has been throughout the last 200 years. For more information;

Backes & Strauss is known globally as the oldest diamond dealer in the world and a true British icon. After spreading its wings into luxury watches with the help of Swiss maestro Franck Muller, Backes & Strauss created three collections epitomising the brand’s classic London style – the Berkeley, the Piccadilly and the Regent. Taking its inspiration from architecture, including work done for the Prince Regent in 1811, this Piccadilly Renaissance watch – in royal blue, naturally – is encrusted with 137 diamonds and set in 18-carat white gold, with a jewel in the crown to top it off. The Piccadilly’s a right royal gem.

BENTLEY The old Bentley Flying Spur often lived in the shadow of its sleeker and sexier Continental GT sibling, but not any more. The Flying Spur has been given a serious makeover inside and out, and with 616bhp it’s the most powerful Bentley saloon ever. A pinched waistline and sharper front end have given the car the aggressive looks to match a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds and a wholly ungentlemanly (but deeply impressive) top speed of 200mph. For the best view in the house, we recommend a backseat perch while the driver takes care of the hard work. There’s no more stylish place to loaf.

British craftsmanship – especially jewellery – is an unsung hero. There is no question that London houses some of the most gifted and creative jewellery craftsmen in the world Michael Wainwright MD, BOODLES



TANNER KROLLE Founder Frederick Krolle was a secondgeneration master saddler who, in the mid-1850s, spotted a demand for handcrafted luggage with the rise of rail travel and steam shipping. Originally created from a 1930s archive design for the Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie, the £1,100 Enigma briefcase now features a two-code locking system developed in partnership with an Italian safe manufacturer. The case is crafted from calf leather stamped with a scratch-resistant deer print, and has room to store a laptop. Just don’t forget the code if you’re going to be needing it…


British luxury craftsmanship has played a huge part in us getting away with prefixing Britain with Great. Rightly or wrongly, nations are judged by the sophistication of their finest products Marc Hare

Perhaps the best known of the Savile Row tailors (the address at No 1 helps, obviously), Gieves & Hawkes has a long history of working with midnight blue evening-wear. Style pioneer, royal badboy and Gieves customer the Duke of Windsor (briefly Edward VIII) thought the colour looked better than black at night, and you can follow in his sartorial footsteps with this shawlcollared navy dinner jacket (£1,695) from the tailor’s new collection. It’s a stylish change from the usual ‘any colour as long as it’s black’ eveningwear colour palette.

MR HARE Mr Hare is, unsurprisingly, the creation of a man called Hare – Marc, to be specific. The surf-loving Londoner came up with the concept for his shoe brand in 2008, and less than a year later Mr Hare shoes went on sale at Mayfair’s Dover Street Market. Mr Hares are designed by the founder and handmade in Empoli in Italy, and cover a broad spectrum of styles from sandals and trainers to dressier pieces like these double monk strap shoes in high-shine midnight blue. They’ll look just as good with a business suit as they will with jeans, though we’d probably draw the line at board shorts. For more information, visit




250 years of excellence

EST 1990



family run business for over 20 years, with the aim of bringing

the finest quality hi-fi and audio/ visual products to the most exclusive customers with a discerning taste. We work directly with architects, interior designers and end users to make sure our equipment and installations meet and exceed their expectations.

We Provide The Following Services  The Full & Latest Range Of Bang &

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terms & conditions apply)

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Nothing beats a bit of solid British design. JACK ARNOTT runs the rule over three audio separates that could complement any set-up


+ ROKSAN OXYGENE, £3,000 Offering Bluetooth connectivity and touch-sensitive controls, the Oxygene combines cutting-edge


LONDON COFFEE GUIDE Starbucks is fine and all, but nothing beats a really posh cuppa. This app will guide you to one of 130 independent cafés across London.

technology with the highest-quality audio reproduction. Add in the fact that it’s a pretty sleek-looking number, and you’ve got yourself a great addition to any set-up.

CRAFT BEER LONDON You’re going to need a stiff drink or two to calm yourself down after all those coffees. This guide app lists the best Camra pubs throughout the capital.


+ SME 20/3, £6,472 At 75lb, Scale Model Engineering’s huge 20/3 model is a serious audio heavyweight – offering only the highest


+ LINN AKUBARIK, £15,600 Combining a whole host of technical improvements and technological

quality of parts and manufacture for an unrivalled long-play experience. If you love vinyl – and don’t plan on carrying it around to DJ with – this is the turntable for you.

BURGERAPP You’re drunk, twitching from caffeine overload – use this to find one of London’s best burgers on the way home. Repeat these three steps tomorrow.

developments from audio expert Linn’s previous range, this stylish panelled speaker offers a genuine and flawless audio experience.








Sailing the high seas is exciting, but would you quit your job to do it professionally? MATT HUCKLE speaks to one man who did just that


VER GET A nagging feeling that there are more challenges out there for you? That perhaps sitting behind your desk and collecting your monthly pay cheque isn’t the be all and end all? You could get involved in community projects, take an evening class, or, you know, quit your job and become a sailor. That last option is exactly what Ed Hill did last year, leaving a job as a sales consultant to pursue a career in professional sailing. It may appear a huge step to take, but Hill makes it sound almost casual: “It had always been in the back of my head. I thought if I don’t do this now it’s never going to happen – and I didn’t want to look back in 20 years’ time and think ‘what if I’d had a go?’” When I speak to him, he has just finished the first leg of the Solitaire du Figaro, a gruelling 1,938-mile solo race down the Atlantic coast of Europe. He’s part of a small but growing group of British competitors who are making an impact on a scene traditionally dominated by the French. Hill first leant to sail at the age of 12 in the Shadwell Basin, so at least he knew his bowlines from his clove hitches. “I started a bit later than a lot of the other sailors, but I was still doing well,” Hill explains. “I got involved in the youth squads and did a few world championships in a dinghy.” But it wasn’t until much later that Hill took sailing seriously as a possible career. “I did one race with a guy who was involved with the Artemis Offshore Academy and it kind of stoked the fire and made me interested in it in the back of my head. Then it just seemed like such a logical step to go through with it.” The Artemis Offshore Academy has its own tough

I really didn’t want to look back in 20 years’ time and think “What if I’d just had a go?”

selection of trials to undergo and goals to reach. Getting involved in it is something Hill believes will help him move forward. “It gives you confidence to think you can do well on the international scene.” When Hill decided to take the plunge and become a sailor, the initial decision was easy: “You just think, ‘this is it, I’m going to do this,’ and that’s that. It’s once you’re committed that things get harder.” “There were some pretty big sacrifices, actually. I had to move to France for about six months,” Hill says, adding that he has been lucky with his fiancée’s support. “I think she found it pretty tough, but she’s been really great. In fact, if she hadn’t been so supportive then maybe I wouldn’t have done this.” By far the toughest element Hill says he faces is repaying the faith of his backers. “When results haven’t gone your way and so many people have given so much support, it’s harder not performing for them.” The other downside has been the drop in income. But while it’s been a strain logistically, Hill says he enjoys the rewards of the challenges more than he misses the money. “I have to reduce life’s little pleasures a bit, going out for less dinners and all the rest of it. I have a lot of friends working in the City who get paid very well for the hard work they do. But for me it’s a very different reward: I enjoy being challenged.” ■ For more info:




We have teamed up with Artemis Offshore Academy to offer you the ultimate in team-building days: match racing on the Solent aboard two 33ft Figaro yachts for you and seven colleagues



EAM BUILDING: a torturous affair involving

THIS UNIQUE PACKAGE CONSISTS OF A DAY’S London | Dubai | COMPETITIVE Hong Kong | Lisbon | Bangkok | Istanbul | Jakarta | Caribbean MATCH competitive world of solo and short-handed Los Angeles NewEIGHT York | PEOPLE Chicago | San Francisco sailing. Recently, five Artemis solo sailors, RACING| FOR 084

PHOTOGRAPH by Artemis Offshore Academy/Mark Lloyd

known as the ‘Famous Five’, competed in a repeatedly falling backwards into a predominantly French fleet in the gruelling EYES ON THE PRIZE colleague’s outstretched arms followed Solitaire du Figaro. So by training in the by an ancient VHS tape about respect in the Academy, you’ll be sailing in the wake of greats. One day of match racing with Artemis workplace? Nope. That’s not the way we roll. This is a team-building day that genuinely Offshore Academy on board two identical Figaro Bénéteau II one-design keelboats. Instead, we have teamed up with the deserves the time out of the office. Once you’re • Race day to be taken on an agreed Artemis Offshore Academy to offer you a in Southampton, the team will take care of the date in September 2013. bonding session you’ll never forget. The prize rest so you can just enjoy the day. Best of all, • The winner can invite seven other consists of a day’s competitive match racing there’s not a VHS or ‘trust exercise’ in sight. budding sailors to join in the experience 8300 for eight people. After someCOLLECTION top tips and a • Two teams of up to four on each boat CHRONOGRAPH training session from a professional skipper, HOW TO ENTER • Wet weather gear and life jackets will MODEL 8300-24 your two teams of four will take to the Solent Go to and answer the be provided Meet at Ocean Village, Southampton in 33ft Figaro Artemis yachts to battle it out simple question for your chance to win. ■ 09:30 – Continental breakfast, on the high seas. (Just try not to turn it into an introductions and boat allocation all-out naval battle, OK? There are no prizes 10:30 – Morning training, lunch on board •• for sinking the other team’s boat.) 13:00 – The contest begins: Three or four Available Online or at Leading Stockists Worldwide No experience is required, but a sense of races during the afternoon (depending on adventure and strong sea legs are handy. email: weather) The Artemis Offshore Academy was set 16:30 – Boats return to the dock followed by a prize-giving with drinks. up in 2010 to bring up-and-coming British Full T&Cs can be found online. sailing talent through the ranks into the highly


CHRONOGRAPH MODEL 8300-24 Available Available Online or Online at Leading or at Leading Stockists Stockists Worldwide Worldwide

Available Online or at Leading Stockists Worldwide email: email: email:

London London | Dubai || Hong DubaiKong | Hong | Lisbon Kong | | Lisbon Bangkok | Bangkok | Istanbul | Istanbul | Jakarta| Jakarta | Caribbean | Caribbean London | Dubai | Hong Kong | Lisbon | Bangkok | Istanbul | Jakarta | Caribbean

Los Angeles Los Angeles | New York | New | Chicago York | Chicago | San Francisco | San Francisco Los Angeles | New York | Chicago | San Francisco




Luxury, speed and serious size – this superyacht really has it all, writes TRISTAN RUTHERFORD




55m Benetti 6 Up to 12 Mediterranean From €235,000 per week

Altitude’s supersized sundeck offers a vast outdoor playground, and can provide the venue for alfresco breakfasts, open-air cinema screenings and disco dancing under the stars. The yacht offers the luxuries of a far larger vessel as she is utterly bespoke. In-built stabilisers mean this Italian-constructed leviathan surges through squalls without spilling the spumante. Dynamic positioning lets her hover over a dive site as snorkellers duck beneath the waves. Such is her power that guests may sip evening digestivi in Capri, then wake up safely moored off a sandy Sardinian beach. First impressions of Altitude take in her endless open spaces. What guests won’t witness are her state-of-the-art crew quarters. The ship’s team of 14 are just as happy serving cocktails as mixologists on deck, judging in a kayak race, or acting as chaperones for a teenage trip into St Tropez. ■ To charter Altitude, see












After 52 years of waiting, the Jaguar F-Type is finally here. Despite its British roots, MARK HEDLEY finds its spiritual home in Umbria


3ltr V6















SSISI LOOKS OVER the rolling Umbrian

countryside like a priest oversees his flock. The ancient stone buildings of this picture-perfect Perugian town seem to grow out of the hillside as if they were mushrooms on a fallen tree. It’s fitting, therefore, that this place should be the home of the patron saint of nature, St Francis. Whether visiting the town’s centre in the shade of the Basilica of San Francesco, taking in the views from the Rocca Maggiore fortress, or driving up through the winding, cedar-lined roads, it looks beautiful from every angle. Not

dissimilar, then, to the car I was driving. The Jaguar F-Type is one of the prettiest cars on the road today. Or ever, perhaps. As the spiritual (not to mention the alphabetical) successor to the E-Type, it had a lot to live up to. This was not a task that Jaguar took lightly. That it’s taken 52 years since the E-Type was created is surely testament to this. With more than 250 designers working on the project, resources weren’t in short supply, either. Unlike the old days of Ford ownership, Jaguar now has the budgets it deserves. The money along with the wait have been worth it. ➤



➤ With its long, bulging bonnet and pert rear haunch, the F-Type’s profile is immediately evocative of Jag’s most elegant creations. The gaping, mouth-like grille, slender tail-lights, and centre-set exhausts all salute the E-Type’s most enduring style statements. As the company’s founding father Sir William Lyons said: “Jaguars have to look fast even when they’re standing still.” The secrets to achieving this lie in the proportions and lines – they both need to point to one thing: agility. Inside, you’ll find a consciously driverfocused layout. Everything is directed towards you – it’s selfish, almost. As with all Jags of late, it also feels like you’re in a design museum as much as a sports car. This is exaggerated further by that start-up sequence, where lights flare, dials turn, and the air vents rise out of the dash like a monster woken from its sleep. The other famous quote from Sir Lyons is that “the car is the closest thing man will ever create to something that’s alive”. He’d certainly be proud of the F-Type. And although I’m not sure what he’d have made of the fighter-jet gear selector or the bronze Start/Stop button, I loved them. There’s a lot to love about the F-Type: a folding roof that comes down in just 12 seconds

It’s like someone has let off a box of fireworks in the back seat. Except there is no back seat 090

even if you’re travelling at 30mph; a 10-speaker 770W Meridian surround-sound system that will take your head off; and Bridge of Weir leather upholstery that’s easily soft enough for you to curl-up on and take a nap. But what you’ll love above all else is the noise. And this is where the Italians come in. In looking to perfect the exhaust note, Jaguar enrolled the help of Ducati. After all, nothing sounds more aggressive than the rabid howl of a 1199 Panigale at 10,000rpm. With Ducati’s aid, Jaguar has harnessed this and adapted it to make the most out of its engine’s every bark and snarl. Whether you elect for the 3.0-litre V6 or the 5.0-litre V8, the results are the same: a spine-tingling snap, crackle and pop. It’s like someone has let off a box of Standard fireworks in the back seat. Except that there is no back seat. And instead of a box of Standard fireworks, it’s the entire New Year’s Day celebration stock for Times Square. There is a button on the dash with the outline of two exhaust pipes. This is the ‘my-car’s-louderthan-your-car’ button, and it goes some way to encourage a driving style that is, let’s just say, less than economical. I often found myself driving the F-Type in such a manner. The 380bhp on a supercharged tap might have had something to do with that, of course. A 0-60mph time of 4.8 seconds from a three-litre engine is pretty punchy for sure. The V8 version takes that time down to 4.2 seconds – but the V6S we were driving is considered the more well-rounded (read: sane) option. It’s an accomplished package – one that must be making the likes of Porsche and BMW more than a little nervous.

Putting the F-Type through its paces was never going to be a chore. But the combination of the car and the countryside was intoxicating. Umbria has all the charm of Tuscany but without the crushing crowds or inflated prices. Known as the ‘green heart of Italy’, it is to Rome what Kent is to London. Here, it is vineyards and olive groves that define the landscape. Those, and the rollercoaster roads. Driving through the meandering mountain lanes between Assisi and Urbani, it did feel a little like the end scene from The Italian Job (without the sliding-off-the-edge-of-a-cliff bit). Through every twist and turn the Jaguar stuck with the countryside as if it was growing out of it. My conclusion: the F-Type may have a British passport, but it holidays in Umbria. St Francis of Assisi was venerated with many titles – he was even hailed the patron saint of animals. Given how much the F-Type felt at home in his old manor, I guess that extends to Jaguars, too. ■

WHERE TO STAY: One thing that Umbria is not short on is historic buildings. Few places in the world do such a good job of fusing this history with modern hospitality as Nun Assisi Relais and Spa Museum. This 13th-century former convent is the best boutique hotel in the region.

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VROOM WITH A VIEW: The views from The London Helicopter make the vistas at the Shard look a little pedestrian



Working in the City confers more than a few privileges – among them big buildings with great views. CATHY ADAMS takes things one step further with a spin along the Thames with The London Helicopter


THINK HE’S GOING to propose up there,”

murmurs the pilot and managing director of The London Helicopter, Chris Mann, gesturing to his latest passenger. “His girlfriend is over from the US for the weekend. Keep your eye on her finger when they get back!” Popping the question is no biggie in the yellow rotorcraft, stationed at Battersea heliport. There was, apparently, another happy couple booked in just a few weeks before, Chris tells me, as I watch today’s lovebirds zip up and away over the curve of the Thames. And on their return, it’s the woman’s left hand I’m eyeing as I walk out towards the aircraft, ready to take my first ever chopper flight. I’m a mild aviophobic, but I’m surpirsed at just how smooth it is; you almost forget you’re cruising 2,000ft above terra firma, with just the tips of some of London’s most famous buildings poking out to remind you how high you really are. Once we bank sharply out of SW11, we ascend at a rapid pace, watching West London and the river roll away underneath. The flight-path typically goes west

The tips of London’s most famous buildings poke out to remind you how high you really are

before heading east over the City skyscrapers – so you hit leafy Barnes before taking a turn around to wind down the river to Greenwich. While a typical journey from Battersea to the City could take anything from 20 minutes to an hour on the ground, it’s a little under five minutes in the helicopter – posing the question, why doesn’t everyone travel this way? It’s guaranteed to impress colleagues plus shave time off the commute. Parking would be a slight issue, admittedly. The chopper has to fly low so as not to interfere with any Heathrow air traffic, but is all the more thrilling for it. A gentle juddering descent back down to the heliport is finished by a quick bump on the tarmac. The heli-pad is stationed just opposite Chelsea Harbour – and anybody can book online and get lift-off, for the princely sum of £199 for 20 minutes. Oh, and the couple? He didn’t pop the question judging by her bare hand. Guess he just liked lording it over his banker mates. I know I did. ■ 020 7887 2626;



GO WITH THE PHO Vietnam is developing its South Central Coast into a burgeoning tourist location that offers world-class golf, Unesco sites, and an awful lot of pho, says LAURA MILLAR




Y FIRST IMPRESSION of Vietnam is a

blurred one. It’s from the window of a cab, as I’m driven at heart-attack inducing speeds into the core of the country’s capital. By the time we have left Noi Ba airport behind and joined Hanoi’s spaghetti-like highways, I’m getting used to the hordes of motorcycles and scooters which buzz past like angry mosquitos. That is until I’m deposited by the side of a street in the elegant Old Quarter and have to negotiate crossing the road in front of the never-ending onslaught. The brief but intense adrenalin surge this dice with death induces is easily soothed by a bottle of chilled Tiger beer and a comforting bowl of the national chilli and lime-infused noodle broth, pho. I have never felt the healing qualities of a bowl of soup more. The streets teem with a mix of locals and tourists, and the atmosphere is one of constant chaotic energy. It’s exhilarating, but my ultimate destination promises to be somewhat calmer. The largely coastal drive from Da Nang to Lang Co Bay takes around 45 minutes, at a considerably less hair-raising velocity. We pass clusters of international hotel chains, including the recently built Hyatt Regency and Crowne Plaza, evidence of the booming economy in this part of the world. Vietnam has been picking itself up largely successfully since its 20 years of war ended in 1975, and tourism is becoming increasingly important. I’m heading for Banyan Tree Lang Co (the South East Asian eco-themed company’s first in Vietnam), one of two properties to be constructed on the newly-opened Laguna resort in Lang Co Bay. The Bay is frequently recognised as one of the world’s most beautiful, but it’s not until I wake up the next morning that I can appreciate why. It’s a 10km stretch of wild, natural beach which fringes the impressively looming, lushly forested mountain range of Truong Son. Locals in the know have been coming here for years, but now Banyan Tree is hoping its beautifully situated new resort will attract more visitors from overseas. If you were to be locked inside the hotel for a week, you wouldn’t find much to grumble about. The villa accommodation (there are 49 in total, 17 of which face the beach; the other 32 fringe a small lagoon) is spacious and not only features a bath big enough for two, but a decent-sized private pool, terraced deck and its own Jacuzzi. There are four excellent restaurants on site, ranging from the Thaithemed Saffron, to the international cuisine of the Watercourt (this is where breakfast is held, and it offers one of the best ranges of foods to start the day that I’ve ever seen, including the ubiquitous pho – I had it every morning).

There is a serene and luxurious spa, but if relaxation isn’t quite your thing, adrenalin junkies are spoiled for choice. All activities are arranged at Banyan Tree’s sister resort, Angsana, which is a few minutes’ walk (or a short boat-ride along the canal that links the two) away. Not only can you tee off on an 18hole championship golf course, designed by Sir Nick Faldo, but you can go wakeboarding, parasailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, mountain biking, or just stick to tennis, archery or fishing. The latter is particularly entertaining if you are invited to do so with a local fisherman. He will have the patience, and balance, needed to stay out for hours on a tiny boat that you could never hope to achieve. The real appeal of this resort’s location is that it is situated almost equidistant from three stunning Unesco heritage sites. My Son is a gathering of abandoned Hindu temples which date from the 4th century, and is a 50 minute drive away. But I was more taken by the ancient cities of Hue and Hoi An. The mountain range reigning over Lang Co gives a hint of what the untamed interior of the country is really like (Banyan Tree spent four years clearing jungle so it could build here), and it’s every bit as tranquil as you could hope for. The 70-minute drive to Hue is my first experience of the countryside, and our car flashes past patchworks of electric-green rice paddies, with women bent over, up to their knees in water, wearing the characteristic conical straw hats on their heads, as they harvest the plants. Occasional water buffalo mooch moodily along with ploughs as they help till the crops, next to stretches of vibrant pink lotus flowers blooming on the surface of the water. Out to sea are fishermen, guiding their circular coracle bamboo-boats with long poles, as they hunt for the catch of the day. Passing through small villages, rice grains are drying in the sunshine, spread out on the sides of the road before being packed into sacks. The approach to the Imperial City of Hue is over a bridge, which crosses the charmingly named Perfume River, separating the north and south sides of this former national c apital which was ruled, from 1802 until 1945, by the Nguyen dynasty. After that, the last emperor, ➤

Water buffalo mooch moodily alongside stretches of vibrant pink lotus flowers 095


➤ Bao Dai, abdicated, and a communist government was established in Hanoi. But there have been some colourful characters in the Royal family’s past, such as the emperor Minh Mang, who ruled until 1841. Legend has it that he fathered 142 children to more than 40 wives (exact records are, understandably, hazy), sleeping with up to five wives a night – the Hugh Hefner of his day. Several of the imposing buildings of the Imperial City still exist, largely untouched (though many were damaged by the war). A walled fortress and opulent palace, surrounded by a moat, the City was home to the royal family and an army of advisors, servants, men and ladies in waiting, and, interestingly, eunuchs, who regularly put on performances in the citadel’s red and gold theatre. It’s a fascinating place to while away a couple of hours, and when in Hue, a visit to the elegant 17th-century Thien Mu Pagoda is also worth your time. In sharp contrast, on the way back to the bridge is a small fenced-off piece of land, on which sit a dozen or so abandoned US army tanks and fighter jets, ever-present remnants of what the Vietnamese call the American War. There are further reminders on the onehour drive, the next day, to Hoi An; we pass an old American military base, and a hidden network of tunnels where the Viet Cong used to camp. But the city of Hoi An plunges you back even further in time to the 15th century, when it first became a trading port. What’s left of the Ancient City is three square kilometres of winding streets, flanked by preserved homes, stores and boutiques, connected to the more modern part of the town by a picturesque bridge. This is one place to flex your shopping muscles; you can buy beautiful hand-painted artworks, embroideries, silks, sandalwood carvings, or simply stagger back to your hotel under a veritable lorry load of lanterns (um, guilty as charged). The small town is awash in these lanterns. From the main bridge that takes you towards the Ancient City, to the frontages of bars, restaurants and the stalls which sell them, as dusk starts to fall, Hoi An becomes a magical, twinkling fairy-land. Oval and globe shaped, in colours from jade green to violet, dark orange,

Legend has it that ruler Minh Mang fathered 142 children to 40 wives, but exact numbers are hazy 096

GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM: The accommodation on offer at Banyan Tree and Angsana is the best you’ll find in Vietnam. Think baths big enough for two, private pools, and terraced decks

sky blue, neon pink, printed with blossoms and birds, their reflections dance on the surface of the river that runs through the city. If you’re feeling particularly romantic, you can buy a small paper-lantern with a lit candle inside, and float it on the water after making a wish. I wished for one last, hearty bowl of pho, (and world peace, obviously) before my flight back to London the next day. Wallet depleted of dong (no sniggering at the back; that’s what the currency is called), my next stop is a final dinner. Banyan Tree’s ethics are not just limited to nature preservation and hiring locals wherever possible, but investing time and money in NGOs, such as Know One, Teach One, a local initiative which trains underprivileged young people in hospitality.

It has a restaurant in Hoi An called Seedlings, that solely employs trainees. Like pretty much all the Vietnamese people I encountered on my trip, the staff are friendly, smiley and keen to please. It goes without saying, pho is on the menu, and since it’s my last chance to sample it, all I can do is make it last as long as possible. But all good things come to an end, and it’s with the utmost reluctance that I board the plane back home. You can imagine my joy, however, when I found out what was being served on the in-flight meal… ■ A week’s stay at the Banyan Tree starts from £1,805 per person, including flights with Vietnam Airlines ( and B&B accommodation. Book through Western & Oriental on or call 020 7666 1234.

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Summer is Dubai With sunny beaches, exclusive hotels, luxurious spas, fabulous shopping, endless activities and enchanting Arabian history – Dubai is the perfect family holiday choice. This summer, kids stay, eat and play free with fantastic special offers across many of Dubai’s world class hotels and attractions. Discover more with Destinology.

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LIVE THE HIGH LIFE DOWN UNDER Having emerged relatively unscathed by the downturn, Australia has become a go-to destination for many City folk. ANTONIA METHUEN looks beyond the sunshine to see what Sydney has to offer 098



F COURSE, WE all know the old joke about going to work in Australia. The highflying banker turns up at the immigration desk at Sydney Airport and the official takes a long hard look at his working visa and then says: “I just have just one question, sir, before we approve your application to live and work in Australia. Do you have a criminal record?” “Oh,” replies our friend from Goldman Sachs, looking rather perplexed. “I didn’t know you still needed one.” The old gags about crims are, of course, grossly unfair. A population of just 23 million has managed to create one of the world’s largest economies, and, according to the UN’s Human Development Index, it’s the second best place in the world to live (after Norway). The problem is, though – and there’s no way to get around it – Australia is a bloody long way away. Even with the delights of Singapore Airlines’ huge bed, the silverservice food and wine menu in Business Class and all the L’Occitane and Givenchy I could smear on my body, it’s still a bit of an ordeal. If you have to do it, do it with Singapore Airlines – its Business Class menu is widely considered the best on that route [see p102]. Regardless, whichever way you slice your fillet mignon, and however many glasses of burgundy you down, Australia is the destination that puts the ‘long’ into ‘long haul’. Which I guess is why they were so keen on sending criminals there in the first place. (Sorry.) The geographical distance has, in some ways, proved to be Australia’s biggest advantage. Although the country’s reliance on Chinese and Asian markets is now causing concern, the problems felt across the rest of the world barely dented its economy in 20082009. As the US and Europe were groaning under the weight of double and (almost) tripledip recessions, our friends down under were still kicking back on their yachts with a cold tinny, wondering what all the fuss was about. Australia is unsurprisingly a go-to destination for the banker on-the-move as Sydney has become the natural Asian-Pacific home to many of the big boys in financial services: Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, HSBC, AXA, ABN Amro and Citibank, for starters.

If you’re going to live on the edge of the world, you may as well have the best possible time

FEELING BLUE: the ultra modern Taj BLUE is a boutique hotel in the heart of a luxury marina located in the unlikely named Woolloomooloo

Despite the harsh visa controls (they aren’t going to open up their home-grown paradise to just any old newcomers, you know) most find the transition is made easy by the powers-that-be: if you’re a high earner, and can help make the per capita income of the rest of the nation increase yet further – they are currently fifth in the world – then you’re in. Overall, prices are very similar to London – if you’re being paid in Australian Dollars this is less of a problem – though, if you are being paid in sterling, Sydney can be eyewateringly expensive. But once there, you’ve got everything that you could want right on your doorstep. Great weather (for most of the year), great restaurants and bars, and a level of sports fanaticism that will certainly make most western males feel truly at home. If you’re going to live and work on the edge of the world, you may as well have the best time possible while you’re there. And if you’re living there for a tour of duty at the expense of your employer, well, why not live every day like you’re waking up in paradise? Work-life balance is something Australians are rightly very proud of. Houses are big and modern – even the ‘old’ ones (although frankly, most of us have got older underwear than most Australian ‘historical’ sites): Rose Bay, Mosman, Double Bay, Milsons Point (home to Nicole Kidman), Point Piper and Woollahra (and try saying that to a cabbie on a Friday night) are the most affluent areas. The likes of Russell Crowe have pads in the more recently developed Finger Wharf at Wooloomooloo in the city, where the modern Taj BLUE hotel resides. Originally a wharf for wool and wheat, by the 1950s the main building had become largely redundant. Now the area boasts some of Sydney’s hottest restaurants such as Otto Ristorante – arguably the best Italian in the city. The BLUE hotel (and yes, they do insist ➤



➤ on the capital letters) was a former warehouse and has retained the large, open feel with a reception area which is more like a vast living room. BLUE [pictured above] is a happy marriage of old and new, and the space opens upwards to reveal the timber and iron sub-structure and soaring ceiling. The central Water Bar, designed by Kate Young, was full of funky and fashionable Sydneyistas when we popped in for a drink after dinner one evening. There are 100 slickly-


styled rooms – where the bed is king – and the view from many rooms are just heavenly. For those opting for classic sumptuousness, though, try the of Four Seasons Sydney [pictured inset]. For starters, it has the biggest heated open-air pool in Sydney. Its concierge – considered by insiders as one of the best in the city – can arrange everything from a private excursion in a sea-plane up to Palm Beach, where they film Home & Away, to day trips to the stunning Blue Mountains (about an hour away) or even the Hunter Valley for a spot of wine tasting and dinner under the stars. The Park Hyatt has undergone a recent refurbishment which has been extremely wellreceived. This landmark hotel now has three rooftop suites with “nearly” 360-degree views of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, and Harbour Bridge, as well as the city’s largest suite which measures 3,767 square feet, and has a terrace chocked with sun loungers and day beds. Art in the hotel nods to Sydney’s past with images of the Rocks from some of Australia’s best artists and photographers. The pursuit of the body beautiful is certainly an obsession for many Sydney residents – so be prepared to swim, jog, sail, hike, bat or kick your way through the year. But in return for maximum output you can enjoy some quality re-tox – as you will find the best wines are kept back for the locals. Many restaurants (even the

very high end ones) are happy to offer BYO – a strange concept for Londoners who are firmly in the grasp of the restaurant sommelier gods – but for Aussies this is perfectly acceptable. Competition for the top accolades in the restaurant world is hot. Quay is currently considered the best. Gastro bad-boy Justin Hemmes, who runs the family’s Merivale Group, is Sydney’s answer to Mark Hix (with a tan) and runs two popular establishments, est. and Mr Wongs. However, Sydney is still very ’burb-based. Each area will have its favourite haunt, and this is much of the fun of Sydney’s vibrant foodie scene – it’s the unearthing of those hidden gems such as Pendolino in the city, Toko in Surry Hills, Double Bay’s Pelicano and Mrs Sippy, or our favourite, Catalina, an old-school great in Rose Bay. Australia may not be for everyone, but many of those who make the journey soon find it hard to leave. Just so long as you can get past immigration. Who knows, you might even be willing to sign up for the long-haul? Just like those first-timers 200 years ago… ■ Singapore Airlines fly four times daily from London Heathrow and daily from Manchester to Sydney (via Singapore). Return business class fares start from £4,435 per person when flying from London Heathrow and from £4,410 per person when flying from Manchester. For more information, please visit

Come on you Whites or perhaps you prefer reds? Ladies and gentlemen, please join us at Fulham Football Club. Should you care for a glass of something before the match, we can certainly recommend some lovely whites. Welcome to the Best of Both Worlds.

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WELCOME TO THE DINE-HIGH CLUB We’ve all heard the jokes about airline food, but in-flight cuisine has become a key battleground in the business class market. ANTONIA METHUEN has a taste of what Singapore Airlines has to offer


ESERVING A TABLE in the Business Class

cabin on the Singapore Airlines London to Sydney route is a feat that takes a little more temporal and logistical commitment than, say, lunch at Scott’s. However, in terms of commitment to the fine-dining experience, ‘Book the Cook’ in Business Class has proved to be a 35,000ft dining experience that puts most skyline restaurants to shame. As the quality of airline food and drink service has increasingly become the battleground for first and business class airline customers, so passengers are now expected, nay encouraged, to take what they eat and drink in a pressurised airplane cabin as seriously as they do at their favoured haunts nearer to the ground. Indeed, the quality of inflight dining can make or break the reputation of a long-haul flight’s premium offers. Hermann Freidanck has been head of food and beverages at Singapore Airlines since 1998. He oversees the creation of 50,000 meals every day – running the service for what is essentially one of the busiest restaurants in


the world. A global culinary panel, based in Singapore, has to accommodate an array of global tastes and trends in food and comprises award-winning chefs from India, Singapore, USA, Australia, China and Japan. For my meal leaving London, following the obligatory glass (or three) of champagne, I settled down to my dinner – or perhaps it was lunch? Time was, after all, becoming a fluid and ever changing concept. After a fresh and appetising salad to start, with well-dressed crunchy leaves, I decided that, as we were still somewhere over Europe, I would stick to the pork medallions in red onion marmalade with broccoli and potato-celery croquettes. Pork can become dried-out at the best of times, but this was a satisfyingly juicy feast. Combined with a rather punchy Montrachet, I was nodding gently in front of Will Smith’s latest blockbuster within minutes. The chefs at Singapore Airlines advise across a staggering menu selection that has nearly 2,500 different dishes. From the Western traveller with their predilection for

salt, to the Asian customer who prefers soya and chillies, everyone is accommodated. However, it’s the in-flight cooking and storing processes that ultimately affect what is on offer on each flight. “Mild foods don’t work,” says Hermann. “Fragile fish falls apart.” Above all, variety and seasonality is essential. There’s also a wine list offering more than 27 different labels in the air at any one time. Hermann explains the logistics: “Bordeaux needs to be pre-ordered ten years in advance. Sauvignon blanc will only keep for one and a half years and wine is selected annually in October.” The biggest impact on wine is the effect that arid air in the cabin has on passengers’ taste buds. Food and wine have to be very distinctive for diners to recognise what would normally be familiar tastes. With so many challenges and such high expectations, running one of the biggest restaurants and cellars in the world is no mean feat. And thank goodness for Montrachet – it really does go with everything. ■ For more information, see

Set in an unrivalled location with exceptional views, overlooking the Ria Formosa’s tidal lagoon and the Atlantic sea, the iconic Hotel Quinta do Lago is the ultimate Algarve experience for leisure or golfing. A member of the Leading Hotels of the World since 1988, it is one of the most prestigious five-star luxury hotels in Portugal, with seven magnificent 18 hole golf courses just minutes from the hotel, walking access from the hotel’s lush gardens to a golden sandy beach, just across a beautiful wooden bridge, and many relaxing walks along the natural park’s trails, where many different birds can be observed. Dining in the hotel’s Brisa do Mar restaurant is an experience on its own, with a mesmerizing sunset as a backdrop that perfectly complements the fresh flavours of the traditional Algarvian cuisine, carefully prepared by chef Gerhard Pölzl. Experience a unique hotel and exclusive service, in an atmosphere of tranquillity and natural beauty.




Unfussy, unpretentious, and food that’s simply exquisite. In Richard Corrigan’s cooking, JON HAWKINS finds a chef who just ‘gets’ him



ICHARD CORRIGAN IS my kind of chef. His menus are of the no-messing, list-ofingredients type (which I like); his food is sophisticated and elegant without even a dollop of flamboyant affectation (which I love); and he wears a Breguet on his wrist (which tells me, if it weren’t already obvious from his restaurant’s effortlessly stylish Mayfair swagger, the man’s got taste). He’s also got his name above the door, which is as potent a statement of intent as you’ll find: “Like me, like my restaurant,” it says. And I do like Corrigan’s Mayfair. A lot. Whether or not you will too is likely to hinge on how you feel about seafood. Of 11 starters on the menu when we visit, I can find only two that don’t contain fish or shellfish, and I choose one of them. Not intentionally, I should add – I opt for a duck egg resting on peas, broad beans and nettle, because I can’t resist the flavour of those little green morsels once I’ve sliced open the egg and given them a rich, glossy coating of orange yolk. And also because I’m not too cool to steal from my fiancée’s seafood cocktail with lobster, crab and prawns – a sort of ultimate 104

expression of that 1970s dinner-party staple, with an evolved marie-rose sauce shot through with brandy, crisp gem lettuce and a clear tomato gel at the bottom. It’s so good it almost makes me regret my shunning of seafood (almost, but not quite). My main course (land-based again, I’m afraid) is deeply flavoursome and surprisingly light middle-white pork with myrtle, spiced carrots and a soft, delicately fragranced black pudding so good it should be fed to those who claim they can’t bear the stuff; I’m utterly convinced it would convert them. But I’m made absolutely certain Richard Corrigan is a chef after my own heart when the dessert arrives: crumble-topped rhubarb soufflé with ginger custard and honey ice cream; a mouth-watering trilogy that sets my ticker aflutter even now. How the light-as-a-feather soufflé bears the weight of the crumble I’ll never know, but it does, until I break into it and drop the custard and ice cream into the middle: food heaven. Like I say, the man’s got taste… ■ 28 Upper Grosvenor Street, W1K 7EH; 020 7499 9943;

I make no apologies for highlighting yet another great Spanish wine in this column. Spain is the wine world’s most exciting source of value today. And, as I have been saying for decades, garnacha (grenache) is its undervalued treasure, its most planted grape variety but one that can make great, rich wine that can be enjoyed young. I firmly believe that Spaniards have tended to overvalue their tempranillo and undervalue their garnacha – much of which is in the form of venerable bushvines capable of producing concentrated fruit with great character. The Salvaje del Moncayo, La Garnacha 2011 VdT Ribera del Queiles is quite a mouthful – in name and taste. Garnacha is perhaps the most familiar of the many words that make up its name, currently on sale at Majestic in the UK for £9.99 at full price but £7.99 if two bottles are bought. I love its funky label, but I love the wine even more. It has the richness and sweetness of garnacha but, crucially, has real freshness on the finish. This is not one of those dried-fruit wines made up from grapes that lacked juice and acidity; it is a delightful mouthful – and is ‘only’ 13.5%, which is relatively low for a fully mature example of this grape variety. ■

An alternative investment without the bitter after taste. Call us now on +44(0)20 3236 7861 0100 9595 to discuss this exciting investment opportunity or opportunity or visit visit our our website website

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For a great corporate hospitality opportunity, entertain your clients and take a team in the WPGA International Challenge Pro Am on 25th September 2013.

• C onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 • Two AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant • Covered driving range, snooker and squash • Free high speed WiFi • Free car parking • Technogym gymnasium, pool, sanarium and steam room • Decleor health and beauty therapies, Rasoul and Hammam

For details please call 01206 265827 or 262836 or email

For a great corporate hospitality opportunity, entertain your clients and take a team in the WPGA International Challenge Pro Am on 25th September 2013.

• C onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 • Two AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant • Covered driving range, snooker and squash • Free high speed WiFi • Free car parking • Technogym gymnasium, pool, sanarium and steam room • Decleor health and beauty therapies, Rasoul and Hammam

Two championship golf courses Two championship golf courses Two championship golf in stunning Constablecourses Country... stunningConstable Constable Country... in in stunning Country...

… and only an hour from London … and only an hour from London

… and only an hour from London

Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ

On the Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour from London, this is the perfect venue for corporate golf days, conferences and team building events. Stoke by Nayland is renowned for regularly hosting international televised events including the PGA Seniors Championship and European Challenge Tour and is home to the Lee Westwood Golf School. Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary tranquillity which are the hallmarks of Stoke by Nayland. • Two championship 18 hole courses • AA 4 star 80 bedroom hotel • Luxury self-catered Country Lodges • Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and superb facilities, Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa is East Anglia’s premier destination for golf, leisure and business.

With its idyllic setting in a designated Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ

On the Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour from London, this is the perfect venue for corporate golf days, conferences and team building events. Stoke by Nayland is renowned for regularly hosting international televised events including the PGA Seniors Championship and European Challenge Tour and is home to the Lee Westwood Golf School. Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary tranquillity which are the hallmarks of Stoke by Nayland. • Two championship 18 hole courses • AA 4 star 80 bedroom hotel • Luxury self-catered Country Lodges • Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300

With its idyllic setting in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and superb facilities, Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa is East Anglia’s premier destination for golf, leisure and business.

• Conference and banqueting suites for up to 450 • Conference and banqueting suites for up to 450 With itsin idyllic setting in a designated With its idyllic setting a designated onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 • Conference and banqueting suites for up to 450 • •• C C Conference and banqueting suites for up to 450 onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 With With its idyllic its idyllic setting setting in a in designated a designated With its idyllic setting in a designated • Two AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant C onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 • onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 Tonference and banqueting suites for up to 450 wo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant With its idyllicsetting setting in designated Area of Outstanding Natural •Beauty, With itsof idyllic in aadesignated wo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant Area Outstanding Natural Beauty, Two AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant • •• T C T Two AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant wo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant its idyllic setting in aBeauty, designated • Covered driving range, Area Area of Outstanding of Outstanding Natural Natural Beauty, Area ofWith Outstanding Natural Beauty, wo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant • T Cwo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant wo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant and superb facilities, Stoke by Nayland overed driving range, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Area ofsuperb Outstanding Natural Beauty, overed driving range, snooker and squash and facilities, Stoke by Nayland • Covered driving range, • •• C T C overed driving range, C overed driving range, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, andand superb superb facilities, facilities, Stoke Stoke by&by Nayland snooker and squash and superb facilities, Stoke byNayland Nayland overed driving range, Hotel, Golf Spa is East Anglia’ssnooker premier ••• snooker Covered driving range, overed driving range, snooker and C C • squash Fsquash ree high speed WiFi and and squash snooker and squash and superb facilities, Stoke by Nayland and superb facilities, Stoke by Nayland and superb facilities, Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa is East Anglia’s premier snooker and squash and •• snooker F Fsnooker ree high speed WiFi and squash destination for premier golf, leisure and business. Hotel, Hotel, Golf Golf & Spa & Spa is East is East Anglia’s Anglia’s premier Hotel, Golf & Spa is East Anglia’s premier • squash Free car parking ree high speed WiFi • F ree high speed WiFi • F ree high speed WiFi • F ree high speed WiFi Hotel, Golf &is Spa is Anglia’s East Anglia’s premier • F Free high speed WiFi Hotel, Golf &Spa Spa East Anglia’s premier Hotel, Golf & is East premier destination for golf, leisure and business. ree high speed WiFi • Free car parking • Technogym gymnasium, F Cree high speed WiFi On theleisure Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour• from destination destination forfor golf, golf, leisure and business. business. destination for golf, leisure and business. Free car parking onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 • •• Free car parking Free car parking destination for golf, leisure and business. Free car parking With its idyllic setting in aand designated destination for golf, leisure and business. pool, sanarium and Free car parking London, this an is the perfect venue for corporate••• Free car parking destination for golf, leisure and business. T echnogym gymnasium, On the Suffolk/Essex border, just hour from Free car parking onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 echnogym gymnasium, On the Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour from With its setting in ajusthour designated • events. Technogym gymnasium, • •• T T C echnogym gymnasium, steam room TTpool, echnogym gymnasium, wo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant OnArea the On the Suffolk/Essex border, border, just just an hour an from from echnogym gymnasium, OnSuffolk/Essex the Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour from Onidyllic the Suffolk/Essex border, anBeauty, hour from golf days, conferences and team building of Outstanding Natural sanarium and • pool, Tpool, echnogym gymnasium, On the Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour from London, this is the perfect venue for corporate pool, sanarium and pool, sanarium • echnogym gymnasium, T wo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant pool, sanarium sanarium and and London, this is the perfect venue for corporate sanarium and • Dand ecleor health and On the Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour from London, this is venue the perfect venue corporatefor regularly hosting Stoke byfor Nayland isforrenowned London, London, thisof this isthis the isisperfect the perfect venue corporate for London, the perfect venue forcorporate corporate Area Outstanding Natural Beauty, • steam steam Covered driving range, steam room pool, sanarium and London, this is the perfect venue for corporate golf days, conferences and team building events. room room and superb facilities, Stoke by Nayland beauty therapies, Rasoul steam steam room room pool, sanarium and steam room golf days, conferences and team building events. golf days, conferences and team building events. international televised events including the PGA Seniors London, thisconferences is thefacilities, perfect venue for corporate • C overed driving range, golf golf days, conferences and and team team building building events. events. golfdays, days, conferences and team building events. snooker and squash steam room and superb Stoke by Nayland • D ecleor health and and Hammam golf days, conferences and team building events. Stoke by Nayland is renowned for regularly hosting • D ecleor health and Stoke by Nayland is renowned for regularly hosting Championship and European Challenge Tour and is • D ecleor health and steam room Stoke by Nayland is renowned for regularly hosting snooker and squash • D•ecleor health and D ecleor health and Hotel, Golf Spa is East Anglia’s premier golf days, conferences and team building events. Stoke Stoke by Nayland by Nayland is&renowned isisrenowned for regularly for regularly hosting hosting Stoke by Nayland renowned for regularly hosting ••• Dbeauty therapies, Rasoul Fecleor health and ree high speed WiFi beauty therapies, Rasoul D ecleor health and international televised including the PGA Seniors beauty therapies, Rasoul Stoke byGolf Nayland is renowned forAnglia’s regularly hosting home toevents the Lee Westwood Golf School. international televised events including the PGA Seniors beauty therapies, Rasoul Hotel, &is events Spa isincluding East premier beauty therapies, Rasoul international televised events including thehosting PGA Seniors beauty therapies, Rasoul • D ecleor health and international international televised televised events including the PGA the PGA Seniors Seniors international televised events including the PGA Seniors F ree high speed WiFi Stoke by Nayland renowned for regularly and Hammam and Hammam destination for golf, leisure and business. beauty therapies, Rasoul Championship and European Challenge Tour and is • and Free car parking international televised events the PGA Seniors Championship and European Challenge Tour and is and HammamFor a great corporate hospitality opportunity, Come andincluding enjoy the award-winning excellent and Hammam Hammam and Hammam Championship and European Challenge Tour and is cuisine, beauty therapies, Rasoul destination for golf, leisure and business. Championship Championship and and European European Challenge Challenge Tour Tour and and isand isis Championship and European Challenge Tour international televised events including the PGA Seniors • Free car parking home to the Lee Westwood Golf School. and Hammam service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary Championship and European Challenge Tour and is

home to the Lee Westwood Golf School. Championship and European Challenge Tour and is Tand echnogym gymnasium, On the Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour from home toLee theWestwood Lee Westwood Golf School. Hammamentertain your clients and take a team in the home home tothe the toto the Lee Westwood Golf Golf School. School. home the Lee Westwood Golf School. Championship and European Challenge and is of Stoke by•• Nayland. Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent tranquillity which areTour the hallmarks T echnogym gymnasium, On Suffolk/Essex border, just an hour from For asanarium great corporate opportunity, home to the Lee Westwood Golf School. pool, and WPGA hospitality International Challenge Pro Am Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent London, this is the perfect venue for corporate Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary For a great corporate hospitality opportunity, home toand the Lee Westwood Golf School. Come Come and enjoy enjoy the award-winning the award-winning cuisine, cuisine, excellent excellent Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent pool, sanarium and • Two championship 18 hole courses London, this is the perfect venue for corporate entertain your clients and take a team in the For For a great a great corporate corporate hospitality hospitality opportunity, opportunity, For a great corporate hospitality opportunity, steam room on 25th September 2013. Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary golf days, conferences and team building events. tranquillity which are the hallmarks of Stoke by Nayland. service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary For a great corporate hospitality opportunity, steam room entertain your clients and take team in the service, service, breathtaking breathtaking surroundings surroundings and and extraordinary extraordinary •and AA 4 star 80 bedroom hotel service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary WPGA International Challenge Am golf days, conferences team building events. Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent entertain your clients and take a team in the your your clients clients and and take take aPro team aa team in the in the entertain your clients and take a team in the tranquillity which are the hallmarks of Stoke by Nayland. For a great corporate hospitality opportunity, •entertain Dentertain ecleor health and service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary Stoke bywhich Nayland isthe renowned for regularly hosting • which Two championship 18 hole courses For details please call 01206 265827 or 262836 tranquillity which are the hallmarks of Stoke by Nayland. • L uxury self-catered Country Lodges entertain your clients and take a team in the tranquillity tranquillity are are hallmarks the hallmarks of Stoke of Stoke by Nayland. by Nayland. tranquillity which are the hallmarks of Stoke by Nayland. • Decleor health and WPGA International Challenge Pro Am on 25th September 2013. Stoke by Nayland is renowned for regularly hosting service, breathtaking surroundings and extraordinary beauty therapies, Rasoul WPGA WPGA International International Challenge Challenge Pro Pro Am Am WPGA International Challenge Pro Am tranquillity which are the hallmarks of Stoke by Nayland. • A A 4 star 80 bedroom hotel or email entertain your clients and take a team in international televised events including the PGA Seniors •• T Two championship 18 hole courses • C orporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 beauty therapies, Rasoul wo championship 18 hole courses WPGA International Challenge Pro Am the televised including the by PGA Seniors • tranquillity Two championship 18 hole courses •international on 25th September 2013. • T Two championship 18 hole courses wo championship 18 hole courses which are theevents hallmarks of Stoke Nayland. For Hammam details please call 01206 265827 or 262836 on 25th September 2013. and • Luxury self-catered Country Lodges on on 25th 25th September September 2013. 2013. on 25th September 2013. Championship and European Challenge Tour and is T wo championship 18 hole courses •Championship A A 4 star 80 bedroom hotel WPGA International Challenge and Hammam A 4 star 80 bedroom hotel 25th September 2013. Pro Am and European Challenge Tour and is • • A•A 4 star 80 bedroom hotel A A AA 4 star 80 bedroom hotel A 4 star 80 bedroom hotel or emailon • Lee Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 T••• wo championship 18 hole courses Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ For details please call 01206 265827 or 262836 home to the Westwood Golf School. A A 4 star 80 bedroom hotel Luxury self-catered Country Lodges For details please call 01206 265827 or 262836 on call 25th September 2013. to the Lee Westwood Golf School. ForFor details details please please call 01206 01206 265827 265827 or 262836 or 262836 uxury self-catered Country Lodges For details please call 01206 265827 or 262836 • • Luxury self-catered Country Lodges •home L L Luxury self-catered Country Lodges •• A 4 star 80 bedroom hotel uxury self-catered Country Lodges For details please call 01206 265827 or 262836 A or email L uxury self-catered Country Lodges •Come C orporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 Come and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent or email or email or email • C orporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 or email Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ and enjoy the award-winning cuisine, excellent For a great corporate hospitality opportunity, • • Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 • L• uxury self-catered Country Lodges C Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 orporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 For details please call 01206 265827 or For a great corporate hospitality opportunity, or email • Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 service, breathtaking surroundings service, breathtaking surroundingsand andextraordinary extraordinary entertain your clientsand andtake takea ateam team the entertain your clients inin the or email •tranquillity Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 which are the hallmarks ofofStoke by Nayland. Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ tranquillity which are the hallmarks Stoke by Nayland. Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ WPGAInternational InternationalChallenge ChallengePro Pro Am WPGA Am • Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ • Two championship 18 hole courses Two championship 18 hole courses on 25th September 2013. on 25th September 2013. Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ • • AA 4 star 80 bedroom hotel AA 4 star 80 bedroom hotel For details detailsplease pleasecall call01206 01206265827 265827oror 262836 For 262836 • • Luxury self-catered Country Lodges Luxury self-catered Country Lodges oremail or • • Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300




With all the excitement that seems to come with the Rory McIlroy publicity machine these days, it’s easy to forget that there’s another chap from Northern Ireland who, judged on recent performances, is also pretty good at golf. Of course, we’re referring to Graeme ‘Big Mac’ McDowell, or ‘GMac’, as he is known on Tour. The 34-year-old from Portrush is quietly going about his business in the most proficient of manners this year. Wins in America (the World Challenge and the RBC Heritage) and Europe (Volvo World Match Play) have taken the Ryder Cup hero to a lofty seventh in the world rankings. And while missed cuts in the C• onference and banqueting suites for up to 450 Conference and banqueting suites for up to 450 US Masters, the Players’ Championship, T•wo AA Rosette Lakes Restaurant Two AA Rosette Lakes Restaurantand our own PGA Championship will rankle, McDowell can sleep soundly at C• overed driving range, Covered driving range, night knowing that he has already put the snooker snooker andand squash squash Major issue to bed following his victory in the US Open at Pebble Beach in 2010. F•ree high speed WiFi Free high speed WiFi What’s so refreshing about McDowell, Free car parking • Free car parking especially for those of us who have been forced to watch a generation of sour-faced T•echnogym gymnasium, Technogym gymnasium, grumps treading the fairways, is that he pool, pool, sanarium sanarium andand genuinely looks as if he’s having fun on and off the golf course. Although he has a steam steam room room tremendous work ethic, he doesn’t regard D• ecleor health and Decleor health and it as work, and as long he maintains that healthy point of view, the lad will beauty therapies, Rasoul beauty therapies, Rasoul continue to do well. andand Hammam Hammam The launch of a restaurant in Orlando, where he now lives, only adds to the feeling that McDowell has got his head screwed on right. Possessing a penchant for fine wine and fine food, he says he set up Nona Blue because he couldn’t find a decent place to eat. And he’s certainly put his stamp on a menu that features plenty of tastes from home – including oysters and Guinness, as well as his own take on one of America’s favourite comfort-food staples – GMac & Cheese. The one thing you won’t find on the menu is a Big Mac – thank heavens for that. ■

• With With itsits idyllic idyllic setting setting in in a designated a designated • Area Area of of Outstanding Outstanding Natural Natural Beauty, Beauty, and and superb superb facilities, facilities, Stoke Stoke byby Nayland Nayland • Hotel, Hotel, Golf Golf & Spa & Spa is East is East Anglia’s Anglia’s premier premier • destination destination forfor golf, golf, leisure leisure and and business. business. •


• OnOn thethe Suffolk/Essex Suffolk/Essex border, border, justjust an hour an hour from from London, London, thisthis is the is the perfect perfect venue venue for for corporate corporate golfgolf days, days, conferences conferences andand team team building building events. events. • Stoke Stoke by Nayland by Nayland is renowned is renowned for for regularly regularly hosting hosting international international televised televised events events including including thethe PGA PGA Seniors Seniors Championship Championship andand European European Challenge Challenge Tour Tour andand is is home home to the to the LeeLee Westwood Westwood GolfGolf School. School. Come Come andand enjoy enjoy thethe award-winning award-winning cuisine, cuisine, excellent excellent service, service, breathtaking breathtaking surroundings surroundings andand extraordinary extraordinary tranquillity tranquillity which which areare thethe hallmarks hallmarks of Stoke of Stoke by Nayland. by Nayland. • T•wo championship 18 hole courses Two championship 18 hole courses • A• A 4 star 80 bedroom hotel AA 4 star 80 bedroom hotel • L•uxury self-catered Country Lodges Luxury self-catered Country Lodges • C• orporate and society golf – catering for up to 300 Corporate and society golf – catering for up to 300

ForFor a great a great corporate corporate hospitality hospitality opportunity, opportunity, entertain entertain your your clients clients and and take take a team a team in in thethe WPGA WPGA International International Challenge Challenge ProPro AmAm onon 25th 25th September September 2013. 2013.

ForFor details details please please callcall 01206 01206 265827 265827 or or 262836 262836 or or email email

Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ Keepers Lane • Leavenheath • Colchester • CO6 4PZ




LAS COLINAS IS CALLING Although only open since 2010, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is already making a name for itself as the place to play on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Located 20 miles away from the sporting metropolis of La Manga, Las Colinas is a world away when it comes to its ambience and atmosphere, with its hidden valley location making it the perfect destination for a getaway-from-it-all golf break. Its centrepiece is the Cabell Robinsondesigned 18-hole championship course, which carves its way around the bottom of a canyon filled with orange and lemon trees and surrounded by hills. With stunning views of the Costa Blanca coastline, the 7,000-yard layout features six lakes, generous fairways and fast greens. The five par-threes are particularly fun to play, while on the closing stretch of six holes, only the 17th is free of water. As a host venue for the European Tour Qualifying School, other golf facilities at the

Troon-managed resort are top notch, and include a Tour-standard driving range and a superb short game practice area. Accommodation is to be found in a range of luxury apartments and villas, which form part of an exclusive 800-acre residential community built around the course. The air-conditioned properties are high spec, with marble bathrooms, fitted kitchens, wifi and satellite TV (with those all-important English channels), and outdoor terraces. Some villas have pools, but all guests have access to a large pool at the clubhouse. On the dining front, there is a choice of restaurants, from the UNiK Café for informal Mediterranean-style dining, to the Japanesethemed Enso sushi bar for more sophisticated evenings out. Other facilities include three tennis courts, a gym, a falconry school, and a kids’ playground, while the resort also boasts its own private, infinity-pool-featuring beach club, which is just a short hop on a free shuttle to the coast at Campoamor.

Purr along the fairways with the must-have accessory for any golfer who appreciates German engineering – the Pure powered trolley. If Audi’s infamous advertising slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ was ever applied to such an item, then Pure’s new range of push and power trolleys would fit the tagline perfectly. With its entry-level push trolley starting at £599, rising to a giddy £3,490 for its carbon-fibre power trolley, the Pure range is unashamedly aimed at the very top end of the market. Pure is a strippeddown Formula 1 car of a trolley, where all the bells and whistles are on the inside. They can be pimped up with coloured wheel trims, leather upholstery and etched monograms, but at its heart is a precision-engineered motor which is housed within the tubular casing of the axle, which hums into action with the confident press of a steel button. For those whot appreciate the finer things in life, and take pleasure from good design, the Pure experience could be right up your fairway.

Green fees: €64-€90 (low/high season). For more information, see




THE RISE OF THE ARMCHAIR REF Armed with a Sky HD box and a passing knowledge of the Rules of Golf, it turns out that we’re all qualified tournament officials now. NICK BAYLY laments the rise of trial by television


HERE’S NO QUESTION that TV has been good for golf – bringing tournaments from all over the world to our screens, and helping to grow the game at all levels. However, I don’t think that John Logie Baird, or the person who invented high-definition screen technology, ever envisaged in their wildest fantasies that their invention would be used to create a generation of armchair golf rules officials. The television camera – and more specifically, the high-definition, slow motion camera – has brought a new tyranny to the game. The omnipotent lens can now spot the infinitesimal movement of a dimple from a thousand paces, and when prompted by a busybody viewer at home, or someone with a vested financial interest in the result, wreaks havoc on the game on an almost weekly basis. Tiger Woods, whose incorrect drop at April’s US Masters was spotted by nobody but a retired rules-official watching the game at home, is just the latest in an increasingly long list of players to have fallen foul of the trial-by-TV mentality that has gripped the professional game in recent years. Golf’s rules makers have been caught completely off-guard by the advent of this new technology, and in the face of irrefutable evidence – which is often brought to light hours, if not days, after the offence has taken place – is penalising players with alarming regularity and making decent, honourable professionals look like cheats. The trouble first started back in 2011, when Padraig Harrington was disqualified from the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship when a slowmotion replay revealed that his ball moved after he replaced his marker on the 18th green.


Harrington knew the rule, but did not realise his ball had moved. It should have been a twoshot penalty, but because the infringement was discovered after the round – it was phoned in by a viewer later that evening – he was disqualified for signing an incorrect card. If every player has to ask to see an action replay of every shot they play before they play the next one, we could be in for some very long rounds in the future. The rule is designed to protect against cheating, the knowing movement of a ball to gain an advantage, not when a ball gets inadvertently blown by a puff of wind, or a moving leaf. Common sense needs to prevail, and it needs to start by banning the involvement of outside agencies in rules decisions (ie TV viewers) and let everyone get on with playing the game. Golf at all levels has prided itself on being self-policing, and when that is taken out of the hands of players, it leaves too many grey

areas. We all know players at club level that deliberately and quite blatantly cheat, but they quickly get found out, lose playing partners, and are held up to public ridicule. However, tour pros that are completely unaware of minor infringements do not deserve to be treated in quite the same manner. Imagine if every shot you ever played was under the same sort of scrutiny. Would you even be able to pull back the clubhead, let alone play the game? I don’t suppose these self-appointed sofa-based officials would enjoy their golf very much if they were DQ’d every week, and even less so if it came courtesy of an over-zealous dog walker or a greenkeeper dashing up to the clubhouse to report an infringement of Rule 18-2(a). My message to ‘armchair referees’ is to do us all a favour, step away from the TV, and go and do something less boring instead. ■ For Nick Bayly’s golf blog go to

PHOTOGRAPH by Warren Little/Getty Images

Sadly, in recent years, a new, trial-by-TV mentality has gripped the professional game

TEE’D OFF: Padraig Harrington was penalised in 2011 after someone watching at home spotted an infringement and phoned it in

After the umpteenth year, the self-made man rested.

DESIGNSA LE SAVE UP TO 30% The BoConcept Design Sale is on! Enjoy great savings on sofas, extendable dining tables, bedroom furniture and accessories. And save up to 50% on ex-display furniture. Visit our store or go to Sale ends 28.07.2013.

BoConcept TCR 路 158 Tottenham Court Road 路 London W1T 7NH 路 0207 388 2447 路 Call or Email us for a Free copy of our Design Catalogue and ask us about our Free Interior Design Service Sale ends 28.07.2013, see in store for terms and conditions



. . . .

119 123 124 126



All good technologies answer a problem, they give a solution that both delights and inspires everyday living. That’s why we design technology installations for homes and offices, that quite simply, make them better places to be. We actually make technology beautiful. With our extensive experience and collaboration with leading Architects and Interior designers, we have delivered some of the most striking and sophisticated technology installations in the world. You can probably tell we are passionate about bringing innovation home – contact us now to discuss how we can make your audio-visual aspirations a reality and deliver your dream home automation solution.

Smartcomm are accredited suppliers of Crestron, the leading manufacturer of home automation systems


Call us on: +44(0)1494 471 912 Email:

Have you woken up to the Isle of Man? Have you woken up to the Isle of Man? • A Competitive and Co-operative Working Environment • Flexible, Dynamic Regulation • A Competitive and•Co-operative Working Environment A Clear and Simple Tax Regime • Flexible, Dynamic • Superb Quality Regulation of Life • A Clear and Simple Tax Regime • Superb To Quality of Life Giving You Freedom Flourish

Giving You Freedom To Flourish • A Competitive and Co-operative Working Environment • Flexible, Dynamic Regulation • A Competitive and Co-operative Working Environment A ClearDynamic and Simple Tax Regime ••Flexible, Regulation • A Clear and •Simple TaxQuality Regime of Life Superb • Superb Quality of Life

Giving You Freedom To Flourish

Giving You Freedom To Flourish

Black Grace Cowley Ltd | 51Victoria Street | Douglas | IM1 2LD Tel: (01624) 645555 | Black Grace Cowley Ltd | 51Victoria Street | Douglas | IM1 2LD Tel: (01624) 645555 |








RED OR BLACK? The choice is yours. Whichever way you go, any of these stylish items are a safe bet for freshening up your pad




SITTING PRETTY 1. Dualit 2 Slide toaster, in red, £110 2. Content by Conran Wave Tallboy, £999 3. Muuto More the Merrier candlestick, £90 4. Muuto Mhy pendant lamp, £100 5. Content by Conran Glove chair, from £1,599 6. Dualit 1.5l Kettle, £70 7. Content by Conran Matador armchair, from £749 8. NgispeN Berlage chair in black, £559 For these and more discounts on top home and lifestyle brands, see


e g n lds o a b A h Fie k c x cuet t ge ge As E s s s u t te bou boaneladneld r r Fo k A kcAh cFhi Fi ge a P t s sx xe uuet n s ut

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r Fort a P at

e g n lds o a b A h Fie k c x cue As E t rtes ut nges r o o a ld Ab h Fie Pa t F ut

xccue E An enchanting new development t rtes r o in the heart of the quintessential Pa t F a




Looking Looking Looking Looking good! good! good! good!

An enchanting An enchanting new new development English village of Norton Stdevelopment An enchanting new development inheart the heart of the quintessential inheart the ofquintessential the quintessential in the ofmiles the Philip, just eight from the English village of Norton English village of Norton St English village of Norton StSt beautiful city of Bath in miles from Philip, just eight the Philip, just eight milesmiles fromfrom the the Philip, just eight Somerset. beautiful city of Bath in beautiful city of Bath in in beautiful city of Bath Somerset. Somerset. Somerset.

Fortescue Fields is an exquisite Fortescue Fields is an exquisite collection of collection both attached and both attached and Fortescue Fields isofan Fortescue Fields isexquisite an exquisite An enchanting new development detached, two, three, four and detached, two, three, four and and collection of both attached and collection of both attached in the heart of the quintessential An enchanting development five bedroom homes allnew of which five detached, bedroom homes all ofofwhich two, three, four and detached, two, three, four and English village Norton St in the heart of the quintessential have been individually designed havefive been designed bedroom homes all of which fiveindividually bedroom homes all of which Philip, just eight miles from theSt English village of Norton with the result that no two homes Philip, just eight beautiful city of Bath inmiles from the withhave thehave result that no two homes beenare individually designed been individually designed the same. beautiful city of Bath in Somerset. withsame. the result thatSomerset. no with the result thattwo no homes two homes are the are the Prices from £500,000 to £1.65M aresame. the same.

FortescueFortescue Fields isFields an exquisite is an exquisite

Prices from £500,000 £1.65M of both attached collectioncollection ofto both attached and and

Looking Looking good! good!

Fully furnished showhomes open Prices from £500,000 £1.65M Prices from £500,000 tofour £1.65M detached, two, three, four and detached, two,to three, and

every day from 10.00amhomes to 5.00pm five bedroom all of which

bedroom homes all of which Fully furnishedfive showhomes open have been individually designed FullyFully furnished open have showhomes beenwith individually designed furnished showhomes open result that no two homes every day fromwith 10.00am tothethat 5.00pm the result no two homes are theto same. every day from 10.00am 5.00pm

everyTelephone day from 10.00am to 5.00pm 01373 834805 are the same. Prices from £500,000 to £1.65M

Prices from £500,000showhomes to £1.65Mopen Fully furnished Telephone 01373 834805 Telephone 01373 834805 Telephone 01373 834805 FORTESCUE FIELDS, STREET, NORTON ST. PHILIP, BATH, BA2 7LH every day from 10.00am to HIGH 5.00pm Fully furnished showhomes open



FORTESCUE FIELDS, HIGH STREET, NORTON ST. PHILIP, BATH, BA2 7LH Prices correct at time of going to press. Photographs of the interior of plot 41 and views at Fortescue Fields

Prices correct at time of going to press. Photographs of the interior of plot 41 and views at Fortescue Fields

Prices Prices correctcorrect at timeatoftime going press. Photographs of the interior of plot of 41plot and41 views Fortescue Fields Fields of to going to press. Photographs of the interior and at views at Fortescue

Prices correct at time of going to press. Photographs of the interior of plot 41 and views at Fortescue Fields Prices correct at time of going to press. Photographs of the interior of plot 41 and views at Fortescue Fields




OUTDOOR THE DAY BED KETTAL LANDSCAPE DOUBLE LOUNGER All of Kettal’s products are designed for permanent outdoor use. This double day bed can be personalised with blinds, curtains, panels, and ceilings. [£4,545]

A British design collective is capturing imaginations with its latest creations – including this spherical light installation, says JACK ARNOTT

THE CHAIR KETTAL MAIA EGG SWING This elegant egg swing was hailed as one of the most representative designs of our century by Spanish designer Javier Mariscal. [£3,736]

THE SOFA KETTAL BITTA TWO-SEATER SOFA The dense braiding on this two-seater outdoor sofa still lets the air through, and is reminiscent of the braiding of moooring ropes. [£3,908]


AN YOU GUESS what it is yet? This

interactivity of the piece is only revealed upclose, as a small porthole offers the viewer a window into a refracted, mesmerising world. Following commissions from a veritable who’s who of British grandee establishments – Selfridges, the BBC and The Shard to name but a few – Haberdashery has rapidly become the new hot property on the interior design scene. Bright sparks. ■

STOCKISTS: Kettal, 567 King’s Road, SW6 2EB; 020 7371 5170

striking, corpuscular LED pattern is the work of east London design collective Haberdashery, whose latest creations are a series of ghostly light sculptures. Part blood cell, part demonic spirograph, this red and black composition possesses an ominous energy, at once still and yet flickering with life. Made from a variety of coloured bulbs and polished stainless steel, the

For more info, go to


Futro_Innov-FP1 Futro_Innov-FP1 2.indd 2.indd 1 1

t: t:0845 07549929 0845680 6809055 9055 m: m:07549 929055 055 t: 0845 680 9055 m: 07549 929 055 t: 0845 680 9055 m: 07549 929 055




Home Home Cinema Cinema Entertainment Entertainment

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We We implement implement Apple Apple based based systems systems such such as as Savant Savant and and Lutron Lutron technology technology for for automating automating your your home home and and multi-room multi-room audio-video, audio-video, which which can can be be controlled controlled via via iOS iOS devices devices at at home, home, work work or or away. away. So So why why not not give give us us aa call call to to arrange arrange aa demonstration of what home automation can do for you? demonstration of what home automation can do for you? www.futro-systems.com10/12/2012 w: w: w:

t: t: 0845 0845 680 680 9055 9055

Automated Automated Lighting Lighting Control Control

e: e: e: e:

HD HD Video Video & & Audio Audio Distribution Distribution

Control Control Systems Systems Home Cinema Entertainment Home Cinema Entertainment Home Cinema Entertainment Home Cinema Entertainment Installation Services Installation Services Control Systems Control Systems Control Systems Control Climate Control Climate Systems Control Integration Integration Installation Services Installation Services Installation Services Installation Services Climate Control Integration w: Climate Control Integration Climate Control Integration Climate Control Integration Pre-Wire Pre-Wire Specification Specification

Security Security Monitoring Monitoring Integration Integration Automated Window Treatments Automated Window Treatments Automated Window Treatments Automated Treatments Telecoms Data Telecoms & & Window Data Networks Networks Security Monitoring Integration Security Monitoring Integration Security Monitoring Integration Security Monitoring Integration Digital Media Servers Digital Content Content Media Servers Telecoms & Data Networks Telecoms & Data Networks Telecoms & Data Networks Telecoms & Data Networks Digital Content Media Servers e: Digital Content Media Servers Digital Content Media Servers Digital Content Media Servers

System System Design Design & & Consultation Consultation

Pre-Wire Pre-Wire Specification Specification System Design & Consultation System Design & Consultation System Design & Consultation System Design & Consultation HD & Distribution HD Video Video & Audio Audio Distribution Pre-Wire Specification Pre-Wire Specification Pre-Wire Specification Pre-Wire Specification Automated Lighting Automated Lighting Control Control HD Video & Audio Distribution HD Video & Audio Distribution HD Video & Audio Distribution HD Video & Audio Distribution Automated Lighting Control t:Automated 0845 680Lighting 9055 Control m: 07549 929 055 Automated Lighting Control Automated Lighting Control

Futro Futro are are integrators integrators of of technology technology within within the the fabric fabric of of the the modern modern home. home. We design, engineer, supply and program to our clients We design, engineer, supply and program to our clients requirements. requirements. Whether Whether it it is is aa single single room room or or whole whole house, house, controlling controlling entertainment entertainment systems, systems, or automation at the click of a button, Futro provide a or automation at the click of a button, Futro provide a bespoke bespoke service. service.

Futro_Innov-FP1 2.indd 1 Futro_Innov-FP1 2.indd 1 Futro_Innov-FP1 2.indd 1

Futro are integrators of technology within the fabric of the modern home. We design, engineer, supply and program to our clients requirements. Whether it is a single room or whole house, controlling entertainment systems, or automation at theofclick of a button, Futrothe provide service. home. Futro are integrators technology within fabrica bespoke of the modern WeFutro design, engineer, and program tofabric our clients requirements. are integrators ofsupply technology within the modern home. We implement Apple based systems such as the Savant andof Lutron technology for Futro are integrators of technology within the fabric of the modern home. Whether it isintegrators ayour single room or whole controlling entertainment systems, We design, engineer, supply andhouse, program tofabric ourwhich clients requirements. automating home and multi-room audio-video, canmodern be controlled Futro are of technology within the of the home. design, engineer, supply and house, program to our clients service. requirements. orWe automation thehome, click of button, Futro provide a entertainment bespoke Whether it is aat single room ora whole controlling systems,a via iOS devices at work orand away. So why notour give us a callrequirements. to arrange We design, engineer, supply program to clients Whether it is a single room or whole house, controlling entertainment systems, or automation at the click of a button, Futro provide a bespoke service. of what home automation can do for you? Whether it is aApple single room or house, controlling systems, Wedemonstration systems such as Savant Lutron technology for orimplement automation at thebased click of awhole button, Futro provideand a entertainment bespoke service. or automation at the click of a button, Futro provide a bespoke service. We implement systems such as Savant and Lutron for automating your Apple homebased and multi-room audio-video, which cantechnology be controlled We implement Apple based suchaudio-video, as Savant and Lutron technology for home and systems multi-room which be viaautomating iOSimplement devicesyour atApple home, work or away. So as why not give us acan call to controlled arrangefora We based systems such Savant and Lutron technology automating your home and multi-room audio-video, which can be controlled via iOS devices home, work or away. So why not usWindow acan callbe toTreatments arrange a demonstration ofatwhat home automation can doAutomated forgive you? System Design & automating your home and multi-room audio-video, which controlled System Design & Consultation Consultation Automated Window Treatments via iOS devices at home, work or away. So why not give us a call to arrange a demonstration forgive you? via iOS devices of at what home,home workautomation or away. Socan whydo demonstration of what home automation can donot for you?us a call to arrange a demonstration of what home automation can do for you?

Digital Digital Content Content Media Media Servers Servers

Integrated. Automated. Not complicated. Integrated. Automated. Not complicated. complicated. Integrated. Automated. Not Integrated. Integrated. Automated. Automated. Not Not complicated. complicated.

m: m: 07549 07549 929 929 055 055

Installation Installation Services Services Telecoms Telecoms & & Data Data Networks Networks

Climate Climate Control Control Integration Integration

Control Control Systems Systems Security Security Monitoring Monitoring Integration Integration

Engineered Engineered Engineered

Home Home Cinema Cinema Entertainment Entertainment

automation automation automation

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home home home


Automated Automated Window Window Treatments Treatments






Integrated. Automated. Not complicated.


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10/12/2012 11:39 10/12/2012 11:39

ON TOP OF THE WORLD Penthouse 133 atop new development Kew Bridge is the best of both worlds: a relaxing riverside haven away from the bustle of central London but with stunning views of the city, says CATHY ADAMS

Futro_Innov-FP1 2.indd 1 Futro_Innov-FP1 2.indd 1


ALL OFF THE search for the most luxurious riverside penthouse – it’s been found, seven miles south west of Charing Cross at the Kew Bridge development. London developer St George has just launched Penthouse 133 at the pinnacle of the new development, which at more than 4,000 sq ft offers uninterrupted views of the curving River Thames, central London and the City skyline. With a price tag of £2,950,000, it’s one of the plushest penthouses on the market. The penthouse, on the eighth floor, boasts landscaped terraces and a roof garden [pictured] overlooking the Grade II-listed Kew Bridge and the verdant surroundings of one of London’s prettiest neighbourhoods. The interior spaces – decorated in silvers and textured greys with accents of green to create a timeless, natural vibe – have been dressed by interior designer Helen Turkington,

and emphasise the urban loft living aspect. On the banks of the quieter section of the River Thames and set within landscaped gardens, the Kew Bridge development is the ideal halfway house for those who lead a busy working life further East, but also want to escape to the laid-back calm of a more tranquil and historical setting. Despite all the local attractions, there’s a lot to keep residents inside Penthouse 133. The development benefits from a 24-hour concierge, a private residents’ health and fitness suite, and gated underground parking. The apartment is equally high spec: there are Miele appliances in bespoke designer kitchens, Villeroy & Boch freestanding baths, bespoke leather wardrobes, wooden flooring, underfloor heating, and an integrated sound system and wifi throughout. The picturesque surroundings of Kew and


The penthouse offers breathtaking views up and down the Thames and of the changing city skyline its 300-acre Royal Botantic Gardens – with the world’s largest collection of plants – are on the doorstep. Other than its gardens, Kew has many royal connections: through the years, Tudor, Stuart and Georgian monarchs have maintained relations with the area, and more recently, the Queen celebrated her 80th birthday at Kew Palace. As they say, if it’s good enough for the Queen… ■ 020 8995 6669;




THE BIRTHPLACE OF ART The modern interior of this expansive studio house hides a long chronicle of London’s artistic and royal heritage. LOLA ODUBA discovers the history born around (and even underneath) this noteworthy property


HE PLUSH SURROUNDINGS of Chelsea, South Kensington and Belgravia are the mainstay of glitterati and, understandably, provide the addresses of some of the world’s most exclusive properties. The Victoria & Albert Museum is the area’s cultural epicentre – and embodies rich, historic culture. Not dissimilar, then, to the nearby studios in Sydney Close. You see, this impressive collection of buildings was home to the workings of sculptor Joseph Boehm, neoclassicist Poynter, and painter and graphic artist Whistler. Sir Alfred Gilbert even sculpted his famed Eros on the studio grounds. This particular studio property even comes with its own slice of royal heritage: it was allegedly built on the site of Henry VIII’s stables, and from 1850 was used by Baron Carlo Marochetti – championed by Queen Victoria as her favourite sculptor – who cast the bronze lions at the base of Nelson’s Column alongside Edwin Landseer. What lies here today is a characterful and unique Grade-II listed studio house. Bathed with light, its two double-height rooms are overlooked by spacious and immaculately presented gallery bedrooms. Jonathan Reed of Studio Reed implemented a complete refurbishment, carefully modernising the studio without losing the sense of history and surroundings. The result is that highly sought combination of contemporary and classic. This unusual home includes a cellar, which also comes with its own compelling history: it was in this subterranean cavern that the Suffragettes operated a secret press. One thing’s for sure, if you bought this home there’d be no shortage of anecdotes to roll out for your house-warming party. ■ £3.5m. Contact Savills on 020 7730 0822;

•• EASELY DOES IT: Jonathan Reed's interior design programme maintains the artistic heritage of the house with its tasteful styling


What lies here today is a characterful and unique Grade-II listed studio house bathed with light

Penthouse Living at Dickens Yard The Penthouses at Dickens Yard take blue–sky thinking to the next level, with private rooftop gardens offering panoramic views, wraparound terraces and sun rooms; designed, landscaped and planted to create a secret oasis ideal for al fresco dining, relaxing and entertaining. Dickens Yard offers the ultimate in contemporary living, with a 24–hour concierge service and a private residents’ spa*. Set in the heart of Ealing town centre, blending fashionable homes with boutique shops and eateries, and only moments from Ealing Broadway Station - providing excellent connections to the City, the West End, Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station.


Sales & marketing Suite & Show Apartments monday to Friday 10am - 8pm Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm 2 New Broadway, Ealing, London W5 2XA

Call: 0800 046 7593 for more information

Proud to be a member of the Berkeley Group of companies

*Available on completion of Skyline apartments. Prices correct at time of going to press. Computer generated image is indicative only



LUXURY BY THE LAKESIDE The Cotswolds means twee villages, souvenir shops and throngs of tourists, right? Wrong. MARK HEDLEY on how the Lakes by Yoo development is hoping to change perceptions of one of Britain’s most beautiful areas


HE WIND RUSTLES through the trees. Swallows trill overhead. A swan glides across a golden-green shoreline. Honestly, I could be in a Disney movie. The lake I’m on has even been filled with trout so, theoretically, it should be an easy job to catch a few for tonight’s barbecue. Of course, that would require me to have an ounce of angling ability – a skill on which they don’t exactly specialise in the City. I’m a guest at the Lakes by Yoo, an idyllic estate of luxurious second-homes in the Cotswolds. This is not your stereotypical chocolate-box Cotswolds village rammed with tourists and full to the rafters with Ye Olde Sweetie shops. Thanks to the 24-hour security and ultra-modern houses, this is still the Cotswolds – just not as you know it. Purchasing a house here is more about buying a lifestyle rather than simply bricks and mortar. (Or timber and glass, in this case.) There are 650 acres of land to play about in, six clear-water lakes to splash about in, and a state-of-the-art spa and pool to relax in. Whether you want to mountain bike, canoe, or just lay back and be pampered to within an inch of your life, it’s a world away from the City – but just 90 minutes in the car. The design teams boasts Philippe Starck and Jade Jagger – and celebrity owners include Elle Macpherson. Lakeside views, row-boat landings, hot tubs, and exterior fireplaces are all on the extensive options list. There’s also a concierge and housekeeping service available – and even a chap who’ll teach you how to fish. Shame I never found him. ■ Prices from £775,000. To try before you buy, sign up for a four-day Retreats package. Starting at £1,500 these packages enable you to stay and experience the estate first hand. 01367 725 0066;


Whether you want to play or relax, it’s a world away from London – but just 90 minutes in the car 126

Luxury E1 Apartments next to the Square Mile

Now from ÂŁ730,000

Call: +44 (0)20 3302 3115

Daily promotions on inspirational home style Visit

+ To advertise in this section please call Paul or Roisin on 020 7819 9999

Original Tyrolean music & DJ’s special giant OKTOBERFEST beer bavarian sausage & other delicious food!

Admission Free! (Saturday’s £5)




BEEutRifulG- HIR eidies Bea

Book now

best seats go first! 2 Weeks September Kennington Park 1 Week October Southwark Park

This year 3 Weekends and 2 sites. First 2 at Kennington Park 19-22 Sept and 26-29 Sept (Oval Tube), then we move to Southwark Park from 3-6 Oct (Bermondsey Tube). Open Thur-Fri 16.00-23:00pm, Sat 12.00-23:00pm and Sunday family lunch from 12.00-19:00pm. Join the party of the year in a 3,300 seater tent. Make a food package/seat reservation and see more on

+ To advertise in this section please call Paul or Roisin on 020 7819 9999

Please visit our showroom at Art Rebellion, 171 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2NH.

Where Art Has No Boundaries

Tel: 020 8668 0007

Single and double seaters, Mini Bars, Mini Beds and Mini Cinemas created by UK Pop Artist George Ioannou.

Mini Car Furniture

Tailor made iconic furniture created to your requirements

TRAIN WITH A TEAM MATE Purchase a course of 25 or 50 personal training sessions to use at any of the London clubs and share the cost with a friend or colleague. For more information visit or call 0207 626 0888

+ To advertise in this section please call Paul or Roisin on 020 7819 9999

Is stress destroying your life?

'The Heart of Kent' Work stress can undermine your quality of life, destroy your relationships, and seriously undermine your health.

Incredible event, exhibition, conference and meeting space set in the heart of Kent.

visit or call 01622 630975

While a certain amount of stress helps you focus and provides you with a challenge, high levels of stress ultimately undermine your productivity and so make it more difficult to reach the goals you are working so hard to achieve. Problems in your personal life can add to the stress you are experiencing. Conflict with colleagues and bosses can create a state of high anxiety. While some may say they thrive on stress, internal organs suffer from long term exposure to stress hormones. Difficulty in switching off after leaving work, and being unable to determine your identity as separate from your work persona, are signs that work has an inappropriately high profile in your life. I am offering a six week group workshop, with the option to extend for a further six weeks, and the focus will be the stress you experience in your working life. I can also offer individual sessions on a short term basis, or longer term analysis for those struggling with more entrenched issues. John Colverson is a Jungian psychoanalyst, an experienced psychotherapist, and a registered member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. He has been in private practice since 1996. Tel: 07957 318423 Email:

+ To advertise in this section please call Paul or Roisin on 020 7819 9999

One of the top five fashion schools in the United States


Located in Kent, Ohio with study away campuses in NYC and Florence, Italy; partnerships in Paris, Hong Kong, London and more

Challenge Yourself Run the Marathon des Sables for Hope for Children The Marathon des Sables is ranked by the Discovery Channel as the toughest footrace on earth. It is 6 days and 254km of adventure in the Sahara desert. Only the toughest and bravest competitors take on this challenge!

B.A./B.F.A. and B.S. degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising

By competing in the ‘Marathon of the Sands‘ for Hope for Children, you will be pushing yourself to the limit whilst raising vital funds to help children in Africa, Asia and the UK. This year alone HOPE has supported over 70,000 children and with your help we can do so much more. To find out more visit:

5210_Noreen Denzail_1/4pg Ad:Layout 1 25/06/2013 14:44 Page 1 Registered charity number 1041258

Fine Art Iconic Portraits Contemporary glamour & style for any boardroom, reception or club.


Email: connect with us:




+ To advertise in this section please call Paul or Roisin on 020 7819 9999

A FOUR-DAY PARTY LIKE NO OTHER… The Secret Garden Party is YOUR party. It is a moment in the year when you can connect to your creative powers, explore your wildest fantasies and meet thousands of people who all want to meet you. This summer’s art and expression theme is ‘superstition’. 25th – 28th July 2013 Photo: Jenna Foxton

Tickets available via:

CHIC & SEXY LUXURY LINGERIE offers luxury and designer lingerie with seductive appeal. Designer labels: Diki, Jane Woolrich, Liliana Casanova and Sonata Lingerie. T: 0843 2890623 E: W:


D. R. Harris’s Windsor Deodorant Stick is the ultimate in luxurious everyday essentials. Fragranced with citrus overtones followed by warm, leathery notes with hints of black pepper and vetyver, this is the perfect way to start your day. This deodorant is alcohol-free making it ideal for sensitive skin. Available online and their stores at 29 St. James’s Street and 52 Piccadilly. T: 020 7930 3915 E: W:


At Chris Kerr we create hand cut bespoke suits for our clients. We are tailors of the strictest Savile Row tradition but based in Soho for the more informal approach. We have over 6000 fabrics to choose from and can accommodate any style preference you may have. T: 0207 437 3727 E: W:


Cricket Stools designed by Pierre Ospina are a quirky furniture series proudly celebrating Britishness in the domestic environment. Made by hand in England from original cricket bats, stumps and bails the series include a diverse range of stools, side tables, coffee tables and shelves produced bespoke on demand or in limited edition and one-off pieces. From £150. For more information or to acquire contact: E: W:

This delightful solid bronze Flying Hare II (£240, limited edition of 250 castings) measures 14cm high and is one of an exclusive range of sculpture by artist Sue Maclaurin, hand cast in England by Nelson & Forbes. Each sculpture is presented in an elegant hand made gift box with a signed certificate and makes an wonderful gift. All work is available for immediate delivery worldwide. Please call to order or for brochure. Quote SQ776 for a 15% discount on all T: 01442 256290 orders before 1 Aug W:



Established in 1990, Nicholson & Griffin’s four locations have been providing the City and Canary Wharf proffesionals with quality hairdressing. A team of highly skilled hairdressers and barbers deliver bespoke services ranging from hot towel shaving to cuts, colours and creative styling. W: E: Leadenhall is Ladies & Gents

FLATULENCE FILTERING UNDERWEAR Shreddies award winning flatulence filtering underwear filters the smell of all unpleasant odours using activated carbon cloth (also used in chemical warfare suits). Shreddies is a stylish, underwear brand designed for everybody who wants to be odour free. 20% discount available to Square Mile readers, enter code SQM1 at the checkout. T: 01509 610610 E: W:



Based at Gymbox - Bank. Whatever your goal, let me help you achieve it! • Strength and Conditioning • Aesthetics • Body Sculpting • Barefoot Running Coach. Why not try my introduction to personal training - 4 sessions for £100. For a free consultation contact Leigh on: T: 07960483555 E:

PARTY, WEDDING OR EVENT?? Use Picture Box London. You organise the event. We will inject the fun! Our portable HD photo/video booths are a unique way to capture the spirit of any party, wedding, promotion or event. It can also be utilised as the best marketing tool ever created! T: 07801 838 315 or 07946 781 512 E:


+ to advertise in this section please call Paul or Roisin on 020 7819 9999

P4 by NORWOOD Highly detailed spyder or Coupe in road or race specification. Production limited to three per year. Ferrari 575 V12 engine. Hand crafted aircraft aluminum body, modern brakes, suspension and drivetrain. the P575 inspired by the Ferrari 330 P4.

£325,000 excluding delivery & options

By offering a wide range of vintage inspired furniture, accessories and lighting and with many of our globally sourced pieces being hand made, Uniche sets the standard for industrial luxe. From large statemant pieces to smaller accents, let us help you create the perfect look.

For more information contact: t: +44 020 8133 0317 E: W:

t: 01886 884091 E: W:



English City stone supply hand crafted Yorkstone and Portland stone throughout the UK. We are london’s most experienced fitters of stone steps and our in-house teams carry out all works associated with the renovation of your steps. Our unique waterproofing system ensures that your house remains damp free. t: 020 8673 8785 W: E:

MENRAD OPTICS the Davidoff brand represents a passion for all things beautiful and for taking pleasure in life. the sunglasses offer elegant understatement, iconic design and premium components combined with perfect craftmanship.



Manufactured and sold by Menrad Optics ltd. For more information call: t: 01635 32123 E:


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Fleur of England is the ultimate in luxury designer lingerie. Discover unique and beautiful British designs, using the most luxurious silk and fine lace. Give the perfect romantic gift. Until sept 30th receive an introductory 20% OFF with the code SQUAREUP in the promotion field at the basket. Ultra discrete packaging is available.



art2arts is an online art gallery showcasing the work of artists all over the UK. We currently display over 6000 original works of art in a variety of styles and media. all art is sent direct from the artist with Free UK Delivery. t: 023 92699 990 E: W:

Visit t: 0117 924 4177 E: W:

the Metal House is one of the market leaders in home and office accessories. We offer stylish, modern and contemporary products to suit all homes and businesses. Professionally designed products with sustainable quality only make it onto our shelves. new product ranges are always being developed by our highly skilled team. t: 01453 298312 E: W:



Find your nearest stockist at: @weberbarbecues /webergrillsuk




Your City needs you! Become the square mile scout |

goes live




WE’RE GOING TO load up with what we’re calling ‘Experiences.’ These are the things that widen eyes when they’re retold on a Monday morning, like firing a machine gun or driving across a frozen lake. They’re the things that when someone else does them, you Google them. And will have a library of them. Sound good? Well, just wait… You see, we need your help. Wait, scratch that. Your City needs your help. We want someone to scout ahead and test out all of our Experiences for free to make sure they’re up to scratch – that they reach the lofty standards of the Square Mile. We’ll call on you just a couple of times a month to get stuck into something exhilarating. Did you think we’re going to spend a day white water rafting or driving tanks ourselves? (Actually that sounds quite good, why are we letting readers do this again? – Ed) No, instead we’ll be operating a support role; filming the action from the sidelines so other people can really get a feel for how

fun these events are. Plus, we might wind up with a viral video if everything goes wrong and you’re run over by a tank or something. Think you can handle it? Want to be picked? All you have to do to enter is create an Instagram or Vine video about why you should be chosen and Tweet it to @squaremile_com by 22 July with #SquareMileScout. Creativity is encouraged. Don’t do Twitter? Email experiences@ The winner will be announced at the end of the month at the launch party. Good luck. scout THE SEARCH IS ON…

What we want? A reader with an adventurous spirit to become the square mile Scout and test some unbelievable experiences – for free! How do you enroll? Send us a short video via Twitter @squaremile_com or email it to

This month, we are relaunching – the beating social heart of the City. It’s essentially everything that’s good about working in the Square Mile without the work bit. We curate the best events, gatherings and general revelry – and wrap them up in a neat online package for your perusal. Bored of going to the same local on a Friday night? Check out Want to get healthy but need something more exciting than a spinning class? See Fancy driving a tank for the day? You guessed it – come to If you take a minute to register online, the square mile experience goes to the next level. You’ll get priority access to our events; oneclick entrance to our big-prize competitions; and our weekly newsletter of exclusive offers straight to your inbox. All of this, and you’ll get a free 12-month subscription to square mile and our digital iPad version. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to now.


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Summer in the City |

Truck Stop Food Market



TRUCK STOP RISE AND SUNSHINE: (clockwise from top left) Volleyball is a tough spectator sport; buffoonery at the Chap Olympiad; the BP Portrait Award; The Hurlingham Club PHOTOGRAPHS by (volleyball) Ryan Pierse/Getty Images; (BP Portrait Award) ‘The Uncertain Time’ by John Devane; (Truck Stop) Thomas Bowles



Bedford Square Gardens, 13 July

Wood Wharf, 8-19 July

The Chap Olympiad is sporting only in the

The fifth annual Beach Volleyball

sense of fair play and good form, not athletic

Championships for Action For Kids will be

prowess. Panache is the order of the day

hosted at Wood Wharf, where 160 tonnes

here. Expect to see a lot of tweed and some of

of sand will be brought on site to transform

the most impressive moustaches since 1970.

the waterfront area into two beach volleyball

courts and a sitting volleyball court.

While we don’t necessarily suggest celebrating America’s Independence Day it seems fitting to do something with at least a slight nod to the good old U.S. of A. on 4 July. So, a convoy of trucks rolling into Wood Wharf, next to Canary Wharf, all serving great food sounds perfect for the occasion. There’ll be a bookable ‘Roadside Diner’; a Taco Shack; a keg party and smoke BBQ pit; and a huge Rotary Bar serving festival-style, pint-sized cocktails and London’s best craft beer. And it’s not just food and drink on offer, either. Truck Stop also brings great entertainment including live bluegrass bands, honky tonk DJs and an exhibition of classic American cars. This Truck Stop offers a bit more than food, fuel and a bathroom break.

BP PORTRAIT AWARD National Portrait Gallery, June-September


The BP Portrait Award showcases 55 of

Hurlingham Club, 12 July

the most outstanding and innovative new

While Bacanal is famous for its wild brunch

portraits from around the world. The

parties, it also knows how to do elegant very

exhibition features a variety of styles and

well, too. The Masquerade Ball will be full

approaches to the contemporary painted

of live performances and DJ sets as well as

portrait. From informal and personal studies

an exclusive fashion show by Gnossem. If

of friends and family to revealing paintings

last year’s event is anything to go by, this

of famous faces, it’s art with heart.

is a date you won’t want to miss.

Wood Wharf, 4-5 July

WHAT’S ON IN THE CITY The events on this page are just a small taste of what’s going on in the City; we’ve got a lot more on our website Scan the QR code to be taken to our events page and get stuck in.



Blancpain Race Weekend |


SILVERSTONE To see more images from the Blancpain Race Weekend, check out the gallery pages on by scanning this‌

The Blancpain Endurance Series rolled into Silverstone last month, with a grid packed with some of the most evocative names in motorsport. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens battled it out on the famous circuit, and Blancpain CEO Marc Hayek was in the thick

of the action behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 sponsored by the iconic watch brand. The race was supported by the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo series, complete with a raucous grid of 20 Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeos.


Headline NSPCC goes her# Nam, Gherkin ea qua Challenge asdUte |


30 ST MARY AXE We can’t imagine too many of you have taken it upon yourselves to walk up the stairs of the Gherkin, let alone run up them. There’s a perfectly good lift, after all. But on 22 and 23 June, 500 NSPCC supporters raced up 38 floors of the Gherkin with the aim


of raising £150k for the charity. The fastest time to the top was an impressive 4min 18secs set by elite stair runner, Matthias Jahn of Germany. square mile’s own Paul Cassel finished the race with a time of 13mins. RACE TO THE TOP

Want to see a bit more of the action? Scan in the QR code on your phone and you’ll be taken to the full gallery online.


Ibiza Project Part I: Ibiza Brunch |



THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE Things look better in motion, so if you want to see the Ibiza Brunch at its finest check out our highlight video by using the QR code.

Part UditiI dolorumqui of the Ibiza demporrupit Project started with autempo a bang ssequatisima on Saturdaycorem 15 June at, Upper West siminvendae. on King’s Road with aenimagnati party hosted distem by Bacanal. liaspis nem quas While moluptat the weather et, quos may aspersp not have been ernatistrum what you’d sanitaspitae find on the volore White Isle, doluptatia the sun secatur did make aut inctur enoughsanda of an sit appearance es anis aut eum to allow ex earit the revelry porions

to equate spill out veliciis ontoutthe moroof omnimi, terrace. sunt arcidus If youeum missed ut quis out on sin the est party ut lam then aut que don’t dolo worry, te pre, thisoccatus was justetthe appetiser ommodit, for omnimint, the maincoriat. event. For Part Cus II of volo theetIbiza ut etProject ut pre, we’re heading quos dunto out beatibus to Ibiza to poruntem have the party sectotatin of a lifetime. et reped See maxime moreetat: porrundantet quia pliquiaecturIq /ibizaproject

SUBDECK GOS.CO HER# Ut a doluptur, sincia dolla conecessi doluptatur? Qui doluptat eiuntem porporio


Bacanal Great Gatsby Brunch |


IL BOTTACCIO Over recent months there have been an awful lot of tie-ins with the Great Gatsby, from the good to the, er, slightly more forced. But if there is a perfect fit for the novel it’s with the party powerhouse Bacanal. Its Great Gatsby brunch gave partygoers the opportunity to


don their finest 1920s-style clobber and dance away the afternoon in a haze of sprayed champagne and live entertainment. Gatsby would have been proud. There is a Bacanal party every month, each with a different theme. See more:

PARTY LIKE IT’S 1929 Bacanal parties are as exclusive as they are raucous. See more of the action or sign up for the next event on


square mile Battle of the Agencies |


HELIOT AT THE THE HIPPODROME The inaugural square mile Battle of the Agencies pitted London’s top advertising companies against one another in a zealously fought pub quiz. The event was hosted by Sky Sports’ Olivia Godfrey and her glamorous assistant Tim Slee, CEO of Square Up Media.

The teams were Arena Media, Havas, Hills Balfour, Maxus, Mindshare, Starcom, Think Media, and YOUmedia. Congratulations to the overall winners, Starcom – and commiserations to the wooden spooners Arena Media. We’re looking forward to the next one!




Richard Mackney’s Financial Encyclopedia


From Citypedia, the financial encyclopedia A debt is an obligation owed by one party, usually known as a ‘debtor’, to a second party, usually known as a ‘Dad’[1]. A debt is most commonly created when a creditor agrees to lend a sum of assets to a debtor after a series of lies in a pub[2]. In recent years there has been criticism over excessive rates of interest charged by some organisations, which have been accused of exploiting the financial ignorance of vulnerable people. These organisations are known collectively as ‘banks’[3].

History of debt Historians have traced the first recordable evidence of debt to around 4,000BC and the Nordic warlord Masterkard, who conquered the north with unusually high rates of interest. Engravings from the period also show the evil Norse god Wõngá, who, according to legend, would encourage thick people to live beyond their means.

Payment The re-payment of a debt is usually denominated as a sum of money in units of currency but can sometimes be denominated in terms of goods or services such as the donation of a bodily organ or the unrestricted use of one’s wife at weekends, Thursday evenings and bank holidays[4].

Common types of debt NATIONAL DEBT The UK national debt currently stands at around £1.38 trillion, nearly 90% of total GDP. According to revised estimate[5], the debt will be completely cleared by the year 2162, which will also see the broadcast of the 42 billionth episode of A Question of Sport.



MORTGAGE A mortgage is a loan secured by property to enable home ownership. Since 2007, mortgages have only been made available by banks using the following formula: M = (p + wd) x m f-off Where: M is the mortgage p is the money you’ve managed to crowbar out of your parents wd is the weedy deposit you’ve tried to scrape together m is the mood we’re in when you speak to us f-off is the response we’re going to give you

PAYDAY LOAN A payday loan is a short-term, unsecured loan typically made to people who are unable to understand percentages. Payday loans commonly display the APR in a font visible only to nits and fleas and rely on the consumer having no comprehension of maths, numbers, time, or reality, and often result in the debtor being forced to appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Debt collection Unpaid debts are commonly recovered using a debt collection agency. In the UK, these agencies are licensed and regulated by a man called Frank who runs the betting shop next to the chippy in Lewisham. In the first instance, the company or individual owed the debt will issue a series of increasingly threatening letters. These will be followed by a menacing letter from a company based overseas with a completely made-up name. This is then usually followed by a visit in the early hours of the morning by a pair of tattooed men with no necks called Reg or Barry. They will normally discuss various debt consolidation solutions before pulling your head off and feeding your battered carcass to pigs.

STOP. HAMMER TIME: Many organisations now employ the services of debt collection agencies who will suggest helpful methods of repayment before battering you to death with a crow bar and/or other hard objects.

Problems that can arise from debt Every year, millions of consumers get into financial trouble because they buy things they can’t afford. This usually happens owing to greed, ignorance, stupidity, or seeing things on the internet late at night. Spiralling household debt prompted the government to take radical action in publishing a tiny pamphlet outlining some of the warning signs to look out for: • The letters you receive are mostly printed in block capitals and red ink • A high-pitched siren goes off every time you try to buy things • You are renting your wife out to the man across the road • You have sold your children to a man in the Philippines • You have asked the IMF for a bailout

References 1. ‘When will these little shitters get out of my house and earn a living?’ demands exasperated Duke of Edinburgh’, North Windsor Bigot, 4 November 2010 2. ‘No, seriously Dave, I’ll definitely get it back to you by the last week of March, or certainly early April, well no later than June or July’, Slug & Lettuce, table 16, last Wednesday 3. ‘Government urges public to look out for people sitting behind desks offering to help’, Daily Mail Terror Special, 11 September 2012 4. ‘Rupert Murdoch says next wife will be pay-perview’, Sunday Times, Alimony Special, 16 June 2013 5. ‘Office for National Statistics admits to guessing calculations using lucky seaweed’, Fun With Fingers, February 2012


Credit cards are an example of unsecured consumer debt. Research shows that people with credit card debt are more likely to

take risks and forgo medical care, though research also shows they are able to cut incredibly neat lines of cocaine.

Square Mile, 81, Best of British  

Square Mile Magazine, Issue 81, Best of British

Square Mile, 81, Best of British  

Square Mile Magazine, Issue 81, Best of British