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ruBy WArrington



hen my brother told me he was going to ditch


Mark Hedley Art dirEctor

Matthew Hasteley dEputy Editor

Jon Hawkins AssociAtE Editor

Cathy Adams suB Editors

Jack Arnott, Geoff St Louis sEnior dEsignEr

Lucy Phillips Junior dEsignEr

Bianca Stewart dEsign AssistAnt

Katie Phipps stAff WritEr

Matthew Huckle contriButors

Elio D’Anna, Nick Bayly, Lydia Bell, George Burdon, Tim Drummond, Olivia Godfrey, Tom Hoddell, Jeremy Langmead, Paul Johns, Richard Mackney, Alastair Mordey, Jancis Robinson, Tristan Rutherford, Nick Savage, Robin Swithinbank, Ruby Warrington, Saul Wordsworth VidEogrAphErs

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Michael Berrett, Lauren Neale, Alex Watson sAlEs MAnAgEr

Will Preston print AdVErtising

his job in the City to go and open a bar in Ibiza, I thought he was mad. Or, at the very least, drunk. I mean, why would you give up a six-figure salary in the world’s most exciting financial district to serve booze to a bunch of half-cut half-wits? But then I went out there. I saw his new ‘office’: a beautiful, sprawling terrace bar called Raco Verd (‘green corner’ in Catalan). And it all began to make sense. The bar’s entrance is marked by an ancient gnarled olive tree; it opens out to a sprawling terrace where magenta bougainvillea marches across overhead trellises offering dappled shade from the afternoon sun. The caipirinhas come fast and strong – so strong, I swear they’d be illegal in England. Once the sun goes down, live music strikes up and the chillout loungers become front-row seats for anything from blues to flamenco. Situated in a pretty town called San José, here you’ll find magnificent hill-side villas, a luxurious boutique hotel, and tapas that will have you salivating at first sniff. This was not Ibiza as I had understood it. There were no 18-30s parties; no watered-down shots; no England football shirts. This was real Ibiza. The clubbing is different to what I thought it would be, too. You know that local club that you went to every weekend when you were 17 because it was the only one that would let you in, and it smelt like an incontinent tramp. Well, imagine the polar opposite. If you’ve never been to Ibiza, this is the time. Strip away all your preconceptions and book your plane ticket now. We’re going to be out there this August Bank Holiday and we’d love you to join us. See more on p66. Oh, and if you make it to Raco Verd, ask for Sam and tell him I sent you. He’ll love me for that.

Jack Bennett, Lewis Evans, Roisin Green lEAd dEVElopEr

AJ Cerqueti

As editor of Pacha magazine, Ruby Warrington has lived the Ibiza high life to its full. She relocated to NYC last year, but is still a regular to the island. She was previously features editor at Sunday Times Style. In this issue she talks to world-famous techno DJ Richie Hawtin. [p78]

oliViA godfrEy One of Sky Sports News’ most recognised faces, Olivia Godfrey joins us this issue as our new sports columnist. Alongside her successful modelling career, Godfrey is a sports journalist and speaker. She regularly hosts football evenings, including the Football Legends’ Dinner. [p58]

toM hoddEll After 15 years working in advertising, Tom Hoddell finally put his degree in property management to good use managing villa developments in Ibiza. He made villas his business with Mi Casa Tu Casa Ibiza and shares his expertise and insights in this issue. [p68]

lydiA BEll Lydia Bell currently lives in Peckham, which is slightly at odds with her love for the pine-scented Balearic islands. She is a contributing editor at Harper’s Bazaar and is a widely published travel writer. In this issue she gives the lowdown on Ibiza’s high-class hotels. [p68]


Steve Cole, Claude Alabi, Charlene Smith cEo


Tim Slee chAirMAn

Tom Kelly OBE

Mark Hedley, Editor

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Cover feature Cover feature 66 THE #52 ##MON IBIZaINPROJEcT THE ROUGH #he previously We’re throwing untouchable two parties – Jamie and weDimon want has at you finally bothcome of them. unstuck. The first But stage surelyisifan one Vit entemquam all-day session on faccupt a London atatecus, rooftopium bar;ius voloresendit the second isaborestiae a VIP villa que partylaceaque in Ibiza.none nam you’re sitat. invited to join in the action… And


On the the ipad ipad On SEE DOWNLOAD FOR FREE #Vit entemquam faccupt If you enjoy the paper atatecus, ium iusSedit, version, download our app, imus, tem auditincto eliatem too. It’s full of sexy whizzes rerspit, vent magni re latas and flashy bangs. there’s simagnimin video, buttons, and all sorts. please enjoy it on us.


68 INsIDERs’ #52 ##MON INGUIDE THE ROUGH #im Lee Ibiza is sohas much technically more than died getting threeoff times, your each and face timeclubbing from a heart all night attack, into but the that early still VitOK, hours. entemquam that is a pretty faccupt large atatecus, part of ium it. ius voloresendit But for the otheraborestiae bits of yourque stay, laceaque we’ve none namthe selected sitat. best of the rest – as chosen by our panel of island experts. #52 ##MON IN THE ROUGH 78 ExclUsIVE: HawTIN by #avier Rolet mayRIcHIE be a Frenchman Ruby meets godfather birth, Warrington but his heart is in the good ol’ Blighty. of hisentemquam abstract, Thetechno. CEO ofBest the known Londonfor SVit minimal works under Plastikman, faccupt atatecus, iumthe iusalias voloresendit Richie Hawtin’s night at Space was sitat. the aborestiae que laceaque none nam talk of the island last year.


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through the telescope. 21 PhotograPh: Star trails Blue Mountains by ted Dobosz

the city index

The exchange


Things To do AfTer The CiTy


Saul Wordsworth

#55 Pet Psychologist

▽ You love animals. They love you. You understand them. You know when they need the loo, either before the event or just after. What is more you lost you sense of smell after a freak smiling accident. The stars are aligned. It’s time to Quit the Cit and start your new role as an animal psychologist. Well done, give me your paw, WHO’S A CLEVER BOY, THEN? Understanding the motivations of a naughty pet can be tricky. Only 13% of dogs and 8% of cats speak fluent English. Therefore, it is vital to learn new ways of communicating with our animal pals such as by text message or fax. Most dogs have fax machines in their kennels and like to catch up on correspondence after a hard day’s barking. Cats on the other hand prefer hand-written letters or a telegram. Curbing unfortunate pet tendencies can be gruelling work. If you’ve ever tried to teach a tortoise how to use a knife and fork you will know what an unforgiving task it can be, mainly because they’re headstrong little bastards. Far better to ease yourself in with a few simple cases of teaching old dogs new tricks. Remember to keep it simple, though. Some new tricks are too demanding even for dogs. Eg. sawing a woman in half. You may be able to cheer up a caterpillar at 20 paces but there remains one final skill that is central to your success as an animal behaviourist: the ability to casually charge extortionate rates to those with a disproportionate money-to-sense ratio. Pull this off and you’ll be away. Good luck, I wish you well. Just remember to be patient with the owls and tough with the otters. ■

london hedge funds

The party rolls on in Mayfair. According to TheCityUK, London’s share in the global hedge fund market hit 18% last year, almost double its share ten years ago. The capital also has the biggest slice of the hedge fund pie in Europe, with 85% of all assets.

b i l l g at e s

The Microsoft entrepreneur is once again the world’s richest man following a six year hiatus, according to the latest Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He’s now worth a whopping $72.6bn – surpassing the balance sheets of more than 100 countries.

jamie dimon

Jamie Dimon won a pyrrhic victory last month as he narrowly saw off a shareholder revolt over his twin jobs at JP Morgan. Only 32% of investors want him to split his roles as both chairman and CEO. Nice work, Jamie – why not give yourself another title as a reward?

nick buckles

The head of beleaguered G4S boss Nick Buckles has finally rolled, following last summer’s embarrassing Olympics debacle. Not to worry, Nick: we’re sure you’ll still be invited to Rio 2016. The modern pentathlon or Greco-Roman wrestling, anybody?


Naughty Bloomberg, which has been snooping on how its clients use their terminals. When one partner at Goldman Sachs stopped logging on, one Bloomberg staffer jumped at a possible exclusive that they’d left the bank. Instead? Grumbling from Goldmans.

PhotograPhy by MorgaN CrEEK INtErNatIoNaL / thE KoBaL CoLLECtIoN; ILLustratIoN of ‘Miles’ by Jamel akib


d av i d k a r p

The 26-year-old wunderkind last month sold social microblogging site Tumblr to the big guys at Yahoo! – netting him a handy $2.75m. Ever the cool kid, he signed off his corporate communiqué on the site with: “Fuck yeah, David.” Respect.



ECONOMICs 1 0 1 THE 30-sECONd THEOry Words

Edited by Donald Marron

WIN 2 HOlIdays

#03 ###

▽ The experience of the Great Depression of the 1930s and the impact of John Maynard Keynes’s work had a lasting influence on economic theory. As early as 1937, John Hicks, a Cambridge economist, tried to present a mathematical version of Keynes’ arguments, which then became the basis of the so-called ‘post-war synthesis’ of Keynesianism and classical economics. An MIT professor and Nobelist, Paul Samuelson was the most prominent ‘neo-Keynesian’. The gist of the synthesis was that, in the short term, markets could be imperfect and therefore did not always clear or adjust as predicted by the classical models. This was mainly due to the rigidity of wages and the distorting impact monopolies had on competition. The government

could, therefore, intervene in order to fix these imperfections. For example, the government might boost its spending in times of weakness, moving the economy towards full employment. But once this was done, there was no reason to discard the key idea that markets clear and arrive at equilibrium. Or that in the long run it was the expansion of productive capacity that determined an economy’s growth. If governments intervened correctly, then once any market imperfections were corrected, the invisible hand of the market would work its wonders once again. ■ For more, see 30-Second Economics, edited by Donald Marron, out now (Icon Books; £12.99) © Ivy Press Ltd.

Years ago, economists used to regard perfect competition as the ideal… Today, we realise that all the world is an exception to perfect competition. Were we to chop off the head of everyone who is an imperfect competitor, there would be few heads left. PAUL SAmUeLSon

FroM Escapism


▽ fancy spending four sun-drenched weeks in glorious coastal luxury this year? Of course you do. To mark the launch of our new sister title, Escapism – London’s free monthly travel magazine – Thomson Couples is offering one lucky couple four fabulous weeks of all-inclusive holidays. That’s two weeks in a luxury resort on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, and two weeks in Sorrento, with flights and transfers included. As Thomson hand-picks a range of adult-only resorts, you’re guaranteed a deliciously relaxing holiday with great food and dazzling entertainment. You’ll find Thomson Couples hotels in exotic locations throughout the world, and with most hotels mere steps from the beach, expect alfresco eating accompanied by glorious sunsets. The hotels themselves are contemporary and chic, often with a focus on sophisticated design, which makes them an idyllic place to while away a holiday. And as Thomson Couples hotels are reserved exclusively for adults, you can be sure of child-free tranquillity. Relaxation comes as standard with Thomson Couples – so sit back and learn how to fall in love again. To enter the competition, please visit: ■ For full T&Cs, see the website. For more info, visit





The exchange


If the preposterously macho but awkwardly named LaFerrari supercar [see page 90] is an F1 racer for the road, perhaps its timepiece tribute – the Hublot MP-05 – is an F1 car for the wrist. It isn’t, obviously – the idea of strapping a frighteningly complicated amalgam of carbon, titanium, high-octane hydrocarbons and tiny overpaid human in a heavily sponsored romper suit to your arm is patently ridiculous – but there are parallels that (almost) justify the comparison. For starters, there’s the way it looks. The 11 barrels arranged in row – good for a remarkable 50 days of power until it needs winding again – wouldn’t look out of place at the back of Señor Alonso’s daily transport.



Jon Hawkins

Then there’s the case, which carries the Ferrari logo and is formed from tough and light PVD titanium and carbon fibre, with a swoopy sapphire crystal designed to echo the form of the road-going LaFerrari. And when the watch finally runs out of power, there’s a tiny electronic winding drill a bit like the ones used by F1 pit crews to pop wheels on and off in fractions of a second. Only 50 of the watches are being made, and buyers of the £1m car will get priority. If you’re one of those lucky buggers, why not rebrand yourself as LaDave or LaRoger to show your allegiance to the LaFerrari cause? On second thoughts, maybe don’t. ■ For more information, see


▽ WE NEED YOU! Are you off on your jollies? Do you have a work trip coming up? Take a copy of square mile with you and not only could you find a photo of your mug gracing these very pages, but you’ll make it onto our online gallery, too. To top it all off, we’ll send you a bottle of top quality vodka for good measure. Each month, we pick our favourite photo from the bunch – and this issue we chose this pic of square mile reader Sue France. Sue left the sunny climes of the UK to take up a job at the Sydney Opera House – so, rather depressingly, this was snapped during her morning commute. (I’m sure she misses the Northern Line secretly, though.) Go on – get involved. You’ve got a mag in your hand now, after all – just remember to pack it… ■ Email us your photos and a description to, tweet us @square_mile #goingtheextramile; or post your images on our Facebook page, squaremileuk. The best photo each month, as chosen by the editor, will be published in the magazine – and the person who sent it in will win a bottle of Imperial Collection Gold vodka.


MORE PARTNER THAN MACHINE. THOMSON REUTERS EIKON. SEEK MORE. Technology that makes you speak in codes, that controls the information you receive, isn’t serving you. You’re serving it. We believe you deserve more from the technology you use. More from the tools you rely on. More from the people you work with. You deserve Thomson Reuters Eikon. The most comprehensive, intuitive, collaborative partner you’ve ever worked with. It keeps you a step ahead with the most up-to-the-minute, market-moving news. You’ll discover more opportunities, faster, with our natural language search tool, interactive charting functionality and connections to the world’s largest financial communities. And you’ll be able to seamlessly connect all your data to all your devices. Isn’t it time technology served you? EXPERIENCE IT @ THOMSONREUTERS.COM/SEEKMORE

©2013 Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters and the Kinesis logo are the trademarks of Thomson Reuters.


➤ National Maritime Museum ➤

star gazing


— By Jack Arnott —

MeantiMe and Space See more PICTUreS on oUr iPad aPP

square mile artwork in aSSociation with

What better place to hold an exhibition of awe-inspiring space images than next to Greenwich’s Royal Observatory? The National Maritime Museum plays host to

Visions of the Universe from 7 June to 15 September, charting the development of telescopy, photography, and our understanding of our place in the cosmos, from Galileo to, er, Figaro (oh-oh). This particular image shows the Orion

Nebula, as captured by Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope. Featuring more than 3,000 stars, the image contains one billion pixels at full resolution – not something you’d want to download over 3G. ■ For more info, see



➤ This month ➤

vinyl frontier — By Jack Arnott —

maTErial WOrld From the aluminium upper and lower chassis, to the superduralumin plate sandwiched in between, every material has been carefully chosen to eliminate noise and vibration from the record’s movement.

TWO TONE Up to two ‘tone arms’ can be fitted to the player’s base, allowing audiophiles to tweak and customise the sound to their heart’s (and ears’) desire.

analyst liKE a BUTTErFlY With a platter that floats on air (no, really), delivered by a silent pump, the Air Force One offers a frictionless spin, meaning minimal distortion when you, er, lay down your jams.

While other audio formats come and go, it seems there will always be a place in any self-respecting audiophile’s collection for vinyl. Devotees swear by the LP’s authentic sound and durability – and given that the first phonograph record was made around 120


years ago, who’s going to argue with them? Japanese audio experts TechDas have set about making the best turntable the world’s ever seen and, well, it’s hard to imagine one that could work any better. No expense has been spared in creating a system that allows

frictionless playback to living-room sound connoisseurs. It’s not cheap, but then neither’s vinyl. And it will certainly hold its value better than your MiniDisc player... ■ TechDas Air Force One, £70,000. For more information visit


COME FIND UTOPIA AT KJ WEST ONE K J W E S T O N E | 2 6 N E W C AV E N D I S H S T R E E T | L O N D O N | U K | W 1 G 8 T Y T: 0 2 0 7 4 8 6 8 2 6 2 | I N F O @ K J W E S T O N E . C O . U K | W W W. K J W E S T O N E . C O . U K


➤ This month ➤

TrusT Thingfunds here — By Paul — Johns, By Edward Thomson Lee — Reuters —


ne needn’t take too many steps in any

direction within the City to be reminded of its long, great history as a financial centre. Since the first century AD when it became a Roman settlement, it has been a fundamentally commercial place. And the Square Mile, as it’s colloquially known, is equally defined by the artefacts of past glories and declines, and the new order continuously built upon them. Two Cities – the ancient and the modern. The City today ranks as the world’s leading financial centre and has enjoyed prominence since the late 16th century, when the Royal Exchange was founded by Sir Thomas Gresham. Its location at the corner of Cornhill and Threadneedle remains to this day the very heart of banking. In recent years its prestige has been battered by the global financial crisis and scandals closer to home, but it still commands first among rivals New York, Hong Kong and


Singapore, and other increasingly competitive Asian, European and Canadian contenders. And trust will be a vitally important battleground upon which that position will be defended. Why trust? Because it is the most valuable asset the global financial community possesses, and is fundamental to its future. While much has been said on the subject of trust in the financial sector since 2008, rebuilding the global financial system requires a clear understanding of the measures and values of key constituencies and the events impacting the confidence with which the industry is regarded. Our recently launched Thomson Reuters TRust Index, a proprietary set of benchmarks of the state of trust in the global financial community – based on Thomson Reuters news, data and analytical capabilities – reveals a number of encouraging indications that trust in financial institutions is rebounding – as evidenced in positive media-sentiment, strong analyst-assessment and Q1 performance in an improving market economy, and tighter credit-spreads as a measure of counterparty confidence. But continued wariness by investors in the sector, and potential future vulnerabilities in the areas of controversy and governance, suggest that we are in the early stages of rebuilding trust in the industry. Trust has become a differentiating and competitive weapon for financial centres because decisions on where – and with whom – to do business are increasingly factoring it in. According to the most recent Long Finance Global Financial Centres Index (a survey of 2,300 finance professionals), two of the top five most important competitive factors for global financial centres are ‘business environment’ (rule of law and corruption concerns) and ‘reputation’. One might have expected last summer’s Libor incident to weaken the City’s premier position, but

❱❱ Trust has become a differentiating and competitive weapon for financial centres the fact that it was dealt with rapidly and seriously in London appears to have, in fact, had a positive effect on the City’s reputation. Among competing centres, London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore lead the top 10, but the rise of Canadian cities Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal into the top 20 show the power that reputational strength and the country’s performance during the financial crisis have for these centres’ potential. Trust is not a zero-sum game of winners and losers in the new globally connected ecosystem of financial institutions and centres. Indeed the crisis and subsequent scandals have shown that all constituents are affected by the loss of trust, and all are stakeholders in the strength and promise for economic recovery and market stability that its restoration is so essential to. But I’ve wandered far afield from the few steps within the Square Mile where I began. Since the 17th century the Latin motto of the City has been Domine dirige nos, or ‘Lord, direct (guide) us’. In the 21st century, the City must be guided by another ethos – to make the protection and restoration of trust its highest priority. This is the only way it can maintain that proud heritage of the two Cities – present-day pinnacle and ancestral home of global finance – against everstronger rivals for the crown. ■ Paul Johns (an Englishman) is a New York-based executive with the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters, which connects and powers the global financial community through industry leading solutions such as Thomson Reuters Eikon, Thomson Reuters Elektron and Thomson Reuters Accelus. To learn more about the Thomson Reuters TRust Index, visit


➤ This month ➤

over Thing The here line — By Alastair — Mordey, By Edward The Cabin Lee —Chiang Mai —


here have been suggestions in the

media recently – fuelled by comments made by former drugs tsar David Nutt – that bankers take an inordinate amount of cocaine. I’ve been trying (and mainly failing!) to point out that this is, at best, a generalisation and probably has little factual basis to it. But what do we actually know about drug abuse by occupation? There have been studies carried out on the prevalence of substance abuse by job occupation. Ironically (or predictably, some might say) journalists are near the top, as are other media types and performers, but there is no mention of bankers. The Butler Centre for Research in 2009 found that the highest rates of substance abuse among workers in the US were typically found in the food-service, construction, arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations. Does this mean that bankers don’t abuse cocaine (or alcohol or other drugs)? Of course not. But are lots of bankers likely to be cocaine addicts? Probably not. Bankers are actually less likely to be suffering the advanced stages of addiction, where frontal-lobe damage and impaired decision making become a serious problem, because they have high-functioning careers and a lot to lose, and they simply wouldn’t be able to perform if they were that impaired. They are, however, undoubtedly prone to drug abuse in similar numbers to other highly-driven people. The prevailing view now among medical bodies such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in the US Health Department is

❱❱ Bankers are easily bored, enjoy risk and seek big rewards – because they are wired that way 026

that addiction (which can manifest early as substance abuse) is a primary, chronic brain-disease in which sufferers have a deficiency in pleasure/reward chemicals in the brain, particularly dopamine. Such people will require greater stimulation, reward and pleasure than the ordinary person in order to feel balanced or ‘normal’ and consequently they seek dopamine reinforcers (boosters), which could be drugs; but equally could be sex, risk, gambling, high status, acquiring monetary rewards and so on. So it is now becoming clear that not all addicts will medicate themselves with drugs or alcohol.

self-awareness, participating in extreme sports improves our physical strength, and learning mindfulness and meditation techniques provide us with a more robust emotional state and quicker, clearer thinking. In therapy, we can train ourselves to think in a Socratic way by disputing our own negative thoughts, which arguably develops a more challenging, positive and effective way of living, because even in recovery – or especially in recovery – the need for reward continues. ■ For more information on drug rehabilitation, call 0808 189 0393 or visit

call for reinforcemenTs Bankers have many sources of dopamine reinforcement at their disposal in their environment, not just cocaine and alcohol. Many people working in the financial sectors are drawn to excessively overachieving, ultra-competitive environments, risk-taking and drug use. We would once have said this is their ‘personality type’, but we now know it probably has a neurobiological basis to it. Those bankers who are prone to substance-abuse or addiction will be medicating themselves with all sorts of highly rewarding activities, some of which are very constructive and good for society, and some of which are not. So the reality is probably just that these bankers, like other driven people, are easily bored, enjoy risk and seek big rewards because they are wired that way. On the upside, recovery from drug abuse and addiction for professionaltypes such as bankers is often embraced as an exciting adventure into a new and more rigorous lifestyle. Arguably, effective high-achievers become even more effective when living clean. For many (and you may even know some) recovery from abuse leads to a disciplined, even ascetic lifestyle, which can become the new drug. Doing in-depth psychological work builds

A SUB-ZERO IS JUST A REFRIGERATOR, LIKE A DIAMOND IS JUST A STONE Iconic design. Enduring quality. Superior performance 251 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2EP 0845 250 0010


Objectify Don’t minD if i Do…

hentsch Man shorts £80

When it comes to beachwear, if in doubt, be brave. (Otherwise they will smell your fear.) You can’t get much braver than Hentsch Man’s latest collection. Very Ibiza.

Boss leather Belt £75

You wear different trousers in the summer than the winter, right? So don’t forget to apply the same principle to your belts. This is worn brown belt which will go with linen trousers or a pair of smart shorts.

what they did after the city...

escape A rt i s t IntervIew by

Matt Huckle

#29 Judy Joo

▽ I worked for Morgan Stanley in NYC and San Francisco. I paid my dues on the two-year analyst programme, and then went on to sell fixed income derivatives to institutional clients. When I was on Wall Street we had a great time; I particularly enjoyed going to finedining restaurants with clients. I loved the fastpaced environment of the trading floor and the adrenaline that came with it. I was doing some soul searching – and just came to the decision I should do something that means more to me and that involves my passions – cooking was a natural choice. I love food and love to eat but I never thought my hobby would turn into what I have managed to accomplish today. The opportunity to become executive chef at Playboy Club London was something I just couldn’t turn down; internationally renowned, the brand is fun, empowering and luxurious. When we initially started work on The Dining Room at The Playboy Club London, we spent about two months working solidly – almost camping out in the kitchen to get everything ready for launch. It was tough but ultimately what I do now is far more rewarding and creative. ■ Find out more about The Dining Room at The Playboy Club London at


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Objectify Don’t minD if i Do…

AsPinAL of London W.2. hoLdALL £650

This is the perfect versatile carryall for a short break in Ibiza. Stylish enough to be seen on arrival at the most trendy beach club – and small enough to get away with as hand luggage.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, MeisterSinger has created a limited edition of 60 watches, replicating the single-hand clock on the northwest tower of Westminster Abbey. 01923 77 11 88;


Meistersinger WestMinster Abbey 60th AnniversAry CoronAtion WAtCh £1,953


watches my world style health & fitness extreme sport

. . . . .

034 045 048 057 063

pushing boundaries . 63 PhotograPh by Samo Vidic/red Bull Content Pool



Watch Omega

rules of attraction Magnetic fields can ruin your watch – and they’re increasingly hard to avoid. Omega might have found the perfect solution, says robin swithinbank


OK, let’s do some crowdsourcing. Ideas please, for making your mechanical wrist-watch better (laser beams and teleportation devices don’t count). I’m thinking of anything that would make that beautiful (but elegantly-flawed) timepiece on your wrist better suited to everyday life. Reasonable answers would include making it shock-resistant without cladding it in an inch of rubber, so that when you knock it off the sink it doesn’t herniate. Or giving it a power source that behaved like a lithium battery, so that it’s still running the Monday morning after the Friday evening you took if off to go canyoning over the weekend. Both good answers, but neither as absolutely necessary as making it antimagnetic. When a watch becomes magnetised, its moving parts stick together, wrecking its rate and, if things get really charged, stopping it altogether. Laptops, tablets and mobile phones all emit strong magnetic fields, so if you’ve been charging your phone overnight next to your watch for months on end, it may not be keeping good time. Now, I know, there are such things as antimagnetic watches. Rolex’s Milgauss and IWC’s Ingenieur are the traditional stars of the genre and they work on the principle of surrounding the movement in a Farraday cage, which means you can’t see the movement through the case back. But that’s a problem in this day and age. We like to see the movement – it reminds us what all the fuss is about. And this leads me to Omega’s Aqua Terra 15,000 Gauss [pictured], which contains arguably the most important watch innovation of 2013. Omega has used non-ferrous materials for the moving parts in its Calibre 8508, including silicon and a novel material called Nivagauss invented in-house. Because of this, it’s been able to dispense with an inner cage, give the watch a transparent-case back, and claim the watch is resistant to the kind of magnetic fields emitted by MRI scanners. The big news is that Omega is planning to roll the technology out across its range by 2017. This will make the watches a bit more expensive, but if it means they never need demagnetising, it’ll be worth every penny. ■ From £4,100;

watches Baselworld

Worth every second Many of the world’s biggest watch brands gather at the Baselworld fair in Switzerland each Spring. jon hawkins runs the rule over some of the stars of this year’s show, from the bold to the beautiful 1


classical 1 grand seiko 44gs £6,500 seiko celebrates 100 years of watchmaking this year, and as a present to itself (and us) the Japanese brand has faithfully recreated the 1967 44gs from its highend grand seiko arm. 2 patek philippe calatrava 5227g, £25,110 the iconic calatrava has been the gentleman’s dress watch for decades. patek philippe’s 2013 incarnation is more desirable than ever, with an officer’s-style hinged case-back and sinuous, fluted case sides.



3 hermès cape cod gmt, £4,650 every gentleman jet-setter should own a watch that displays the time in more than one country. hermès’s supremely elegant (mais bien sûr) cape cod gmt does just that, in consummate style. 4 breguet classique chronometrie, £28,900 Fusing classic style with a high-frequency precision movement, breguet’s classique chronometrie is an avant-garde work of horological art.






1 Blancpain fifty fathoms Bathyscaphe, £7,330 Blancpain’s fifty fathoms diving watch turns 60 this year. the new Bathyscaphe, with vintage styling but thoroughly modern silicon balance spring and ceramic bezel insert, is an appropriate tribute to a legend – above and below sea. 2 Breitling emergency ii, £12,040 if you’re liable to find yourself, say, stuck in the middle of an inhospitable jungle, marooned at sea or freshly ejected from your fighter jet, the giant new emergency ii is for you. it’s the first watch to feature a personal locator beacon; deploy the two antennae and help will soon be on its way.


3 Bremont alt1-B2, £4,295 in the pantheon of made-up careers for livening up staid dinner-party conversations, stealth Bomber pilot is right up there. for the ultimate prop to pass yourself off as a northrop grumman B2 helmsman, strap on Bremont’s new alt1-B2, borne out of the British brand’s collaboration with B2 squadron in missouri.

hAute horlogerie




1 graff mastergraff Ultra flat toUrBillon, from £120,000 Diamond powerhouse graff is a growing force in watchmaking, and the new mastergraff Ultra flat tourbillon helps explain why. Despite a depth of less than 7mm, graff has somehow managed to squeeze in a flying tourbillon; clever and handsome. 2 harry Winston opUx xiii, £226,000 each year harry Winston partners with a rising star of watchmaking to create a unique, horological tour de force. opus xiii was created with ludovic Ballouard, and features a dizzying display of disappearing and reappearing minutes and hours. 3 tag heUer carrera mikropenDUlUms in 2010, tag heuer created a brilliant but imperfect concept watch that used magnets instead of a spring at the heart of its time-regulating escapement. the brand has now ironed out the system’s teething problems, and the mikropendulums is the remarkable result.





Active 1 Perrelet turbine ChronograPh, £10,200 the turbine has a winding rotor on the dial, rather than hidden away on the underside of the watch. the new chronograph model integrates sub-dials without obscuring the spinning turbine. 2 omega SPeedmaSter ‘dark Side of the moon’, £7,590 omega’s ‘moonwatch’ is one of the most familiar timepieces on earth (and in space), but this all black, all ceramic Speedmaster still manages to be a bona fide headturner. intergalactic Pink floyd fans, form an orderly queue. 3 nomoS ahoi datum, £2,960 it might not look like a conventional sports watch, but the ahoi from emerging german brand nomos is sturdily built and waterproof up to 200m. With baby blue hands and a woven strap, it has quirky style to spare.



4 ChoPard SuPerfaSt ChronograPh, £10,440 Petrolheads will find plenty of familiar features on the Superfast Chronograph – from open-worked bridges in the style of cooling vents to dial markings that echo the rev-counters of classic sportscars.


La iPad Blanca

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water changes everything.


Accessories HAts

turning heads Only a certain kind of man can pull off wearing a hat. Give yourself a head start with one from this stylish foursome

PhotograPhs by David harrison

HATS OFF TO YOU: (From top to bottom) A narrowbrim trilby wool felt hat with brown petersham band from Stetson, £65,; Borsalino lightweight felt fedora that takes seven weeks to make from start to finish, £205,; artfully constructed from woven paper, this Paul Smith trilby features vintage-effect mottled patches, £50,; Borsalino plaid linen trilby hat ideal for tackling the sunshine with panache, £150,



stAH seirosseccA

gninrut sdaeh

morF( :UOY OT FFO STAH -worran A )mottob ot pot tah tlef loow yblirt mirb mahsretep nworb htiw ,56£ ,nostetS morf dnab ;ku.oc.yrrahdnakcidmot thgiewthgil onilasroB sekat taht arodef tlef ekam ot skeew neves ,hsinfi ot trats morf ;moc.retroprm ,502£ detcurtsnoc ylluftra ,repap nevow morf yblirt htimS luaP siht tceffe-egatniv serutaef ,05£ ,sehctap delttom onilasroB ;moc.retroprm tah yblirt nenil dialp eht gnilkcat rof laedi ,ehcanap htiw enihsnus moc.retroprm ,051£


nosirrah divaD yb shPargotohP

nac nam fo dnik niatrec a ylnO eviG .tah a gniraew ffo llup htiw trats daeh a flesruoy emosruof hsilyts siht morf eno

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My wolrd larry Hansen

Man on the Moon Hasselblad does more than just make cameras for Nasa. Dr Larry Hansen tells Cathy adams about its latest giant leaps


hen neil armstrong landed on the moon more than 40 years ago, it was a Hasselblad camera that captured the iconic image of him taking his first steps on its cratered surface. In fact, the first pictures the world ever saw of space were taken with a Hasselblad model. A lot has changed for the Swedish brand since 1969 – most significantly, the evolution to digital technology from film, changing the camera industry irreversibly. The eponymous brand was founded by the Hasselblad family in the 1800s. During the war the Swedish luxury-camera maker was mainly involved in making cameras for map-making and surveillance – it wasn’t until the late 1940s that the real camera business started, which kickstarted its exciting career in to orbit. Under the watch of Dr Larry Hansen, who joined from German camera-brand Carl Zeiss at the end of 2009, Hasselblad has recently launched the Lunar model – a luxury camera with the vintage appeal of the original 500C that eventually made it into space – and is eyeing a move into lighter compact cameras. Hansen talks to square mile about the famous Armstrong image, the digital revolution and the new Lunar camera.

on going into space One of our enthusiast amateur photographers was Walter Schirra, one of the first astronauts. He personally owned a Hasselblad, and then apparently smuggled it onto the spacecraft during a mission. The first picture from space was taken with Schirra’s Hasselblad. Nasa found the pictures interesting, the world found the pictures interesting, so Hasselblad started to make cameras for all the space missions – culminating in the biggest photo of Armstrong on the moon. Hasselblad had a relationship with Nasa after that; we still sell them cameras.

on the heritage

Aldrin and Armstrong didn’t want to take this heavy camera back to earth, so they left most if it up there

The space missions are a big part of our heritage, and we named the new camera Lunar to mark the 50th anniversary of the first time that a Hasselblad went up into space. In Sweden, we’re a very small company with a big iconic brand. Our heritage is part of our story and part of the appeal. We’re one of the

last remaining European camera groups as well as being historically significant.

on meeting BUZZ alDrin When I met Buzz Aldrin several years ago, I asked him how exactly he left the Hasselblad on the moon. The cameras were heavy – they had a back that held the film, as well as the optics. Aldrin and Armstrong didn’t want to take this heavy camera back to earth, so they took the back off and left all the optics and camera up there. Aldrin’s answer was that the space suits were too tight for them to do anything other than place them gently on the ground – even if they’d wanted to throw them into space they couldn’t have. So, you never know, they may still be there.

on neW Designs The new Lunar model has more in common with a high-end watch or car than a camera. Some of our suppliers also work with the car ➤



➤ industry. The maker of the leather grips on the Lunar is a manufacturer for Aston Martin, Ferrari and Maserati – it’s the first time they’ve ever made a component for a camera. The camera itself is made out of carbon fibre that is typically used in high-end cars, and the dials are titanium. It’s not really a camera – although it is a perfect picture-taking device.

ON THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION The biggest event in camera history was the change from analogue to digital. That had a massive impact on all camera manufacturers, including Hasselblad. Most were slow to recognise that digital was the way to go. Digital also brought about a huge change in the cameras themselves – nobody wanted a film camera any more. The analogue days are over. Film to digital had another effect – until

then our cameras were very light and small, but when we went to digital cameras the technology became more expensive and heavy.

ON THE GROwTH sTRATEGy We’ve always been in the market segment for super high-end film professionals. Right at the top, it is a market that doesn’t grow. Recently, we’ve had a lot of demand from customers who want a lighter, smaller camera. If you look at the market as a pyramid, there’s compact cameras and interchangeable lens cameras further down. We want to be at the top of each market segment, but at the same time have a very special product made with exotic materials. It’s still all about luxury. We’ve just made a compact camera, which is smaller, lighter, and more luxurious. I think it’ll be very strongly received. Our strategy is to have a full line of products by the end of this year.

We’ve had a lot of demand from customers who want a lighter, smaller camera. But it is still all about luxury 046

My favourite pictures taken with a Hasselblad are by Ansel Adams, who was a great photographer of landscapes; Richard Avedon; and Douglas Kirkland, who took pictures of Marilyn Monroe using a Hasselblad. I take pictures of animals in my spare time, so one animal photographer that I like is Londonbased Tim Flach. ■

The new Hasselblad Lunar will probably never go into space, but it was made to commemorate the famous 500C of 1957 – the first camera to go into orbit in October 1962. It’s the company’s first consumer snapper and, thanks to its personalisation options, there should be a model to suit every taste: whether you prefer a chassis made of natural Italian wood – olive or mahogany, undyed and with a waxless matt finish – Tuscan leather, bronze, titanium, or even carbon-fibre.

PhotograPh courtesy of NaSa and hasselblad


hasselblad lunar

Royal Exchange Jewellers specialise in fine jewellery and watches, we also buy and sell pre owned watches and can service all watch brands 020 7929 0100 | Royal Exchange Jewellers, 29A Royal Exchange, Threadneedle Street, London, EC3V 3LP

style mr Porter

TAN LINES You’ve made it to the Balearics in one piece, but you need to look the part, too. Mr Porter’s Jeremy Langmead picks a few of his Ibiza essentials Vilbrequin orange swim shorts £110

Liven up your getaway line-up with Vilebrequin’s vibrant orange swim-shorts. Cut for a streamlined mid-length fit, this reliable fast-drying pair makes stylish beach dressing a breeze. Team them with tortoiseshell sunglasses for a colour contrast that will show off your tan.



James Perse Jersey T-shirT £110

West Coast label James Perse is renowned for executing understated staples with a shot of subtle luxury. Constructed from unbeatably soft finecotton, this will make a refined addition to your holiday essentials.

BoTTega VeneTa TorToiseshell aViaTor sunglasses £260

Sunglasses can be the crucial finishing touch to achieving a polished Ibiza outfit. Skilfully handcrafted in Italy, Bottega Veneta’s tortoiseshell aviators are a smart, sophisticated option.

WanT les essenTiels de la Vie Bag £260

Asante Kente cloth is traditionally made in Eastern Africa, and the lower panel of this tote features a design based on the coloured material. Contrasted with a brown cottoncanvas top, this bag offers a bright and sophisticated option for carrying your essentials.

miansai BraceleT £55

Decked out with utilitarian-inspired metal hardware, this bright blue bracelet is the ultimate Ibiza accessory. Wear it on the beach, around the pool and at the club.

Quoddy BoaT shoes £275

Quoddy shoes have been handmade in Maine since 1909 and embody preppy, functional East Coast style. These suede boat shoes are a firstrate example of the brand’s dedication to quality; each pair is constructed by a single craftsman and entirely hand-sewn.

The ouTfiT Ibiza is famous for its contrasts: superclubs and hippy beaches, hedonism and escapism, electronic music and mystics. It’s extraordinary that one small island, only 40km long, can capture the imagination of the jet set and the easyJet-set who, over the past few years, have happily flocked there in ever greater numbers. More, perhaps, than any other vacation destination, you will see a hotchpotch of financiers and fashion designers, movie stars and business moguls, models and musicians come together on one democratic dance floor, stretch of sand, beach club or luggage carousel and feel as one. This is a stylish Ibiza look that will ensure you look the part, whether you’re enjoying lashings of luxury or roughing it on the rocks.



d’angiò comunicazione &


54, Maddox Street - Mayfair

Since 1914, the taste of elegance.








Style for him

{ SHARP NOTES } Edinburgh-born designer Patrick Grant makes suits for the world’s A-list. Here he provides a glimpse into own personal fashion style

on mY WrIst I have a 1970 Rolex Oyster Date – a present from my girlfriend. It’s beautiful and simple and I like the ritual of winding it every morning. And I have a few bright coloured classic Swatches – green, fuchsia – for wearing in the summer months.

In mY hand I always carry a pencil case with HB Berol Mirado pencils, a rubber, and a sharpener. When I travel ideas can pop into my head and I like to scribble notes. I have a Nokia Lumia 920 phone which does everything else.

on mY radar The Crafted showcase project has a lot of value, I believe. I think a return to industries which are small and artisanal is long overdue. It covers makers of everything from letterpress to furniture and Fair Isle jumpers, scattered across the whole of Britain.

In mY sIghts I’m about to start a new summer suit at Nortons: seven-ounce navy wool with a subtle relief check. It will be cut double-breasted, have a slim trouser, and a turnup.

In mY Past In mY Wardrobe I have a pair of bright green penny loafers from JM Weston that they let me make. They’re a pretty bold-looking shoe, sort of rave preppy, but I think they’re very cheerful.

It must be the Rolleiflex f2.8, the iconic medium format manual camera. Beloved of the great fashion photographers of the 1960s. Some of the greatest images of the 20th century were taken using one. Mine was stolen and I couldn’t afford to replace it.

on mY traVels on mY agenda

In mY dreams

on mY buCket lIst

A Bentley Continental GT. They are incredibly beautiful and still painstakingly hand built in Crewe. Or the Audio Note Ongaku amplifier. I’ve lusted after this for about 20 years now. A machine of real elegance, it is assembled by hand with giant military-grade vacuum tubes.

I’ve never really thought of myself as a ‘bagger’ but the thought of climbing all of the Scottish Munros, preferable on sunny days, is very appealing. I feel remarkably happy in the remote, high corners of Scotland. ■

I miss far more exhibitions than I make but I am determined not to miss Roy Lichtenstein at the Tate Modern. There was not enormous variety to his work but what he did was so utterly arresting that it should make a wander over the wobbly bridge worthwhile.

I’m off to IbIza thIs summer… What should I Wear? unleash your hedonistic side when dressing for Ibiza. the white isle encourages vibrant outfits suitable for all manner of chaotic days and nights out. Whether living it up under the sun on space terrace or shimmying under the neon lights at Pacha, it’s important to never lose your cool. Club looks should drift seamlessly from day to night. hi-top trainers work as a good transvenue shoe, keeping you comfy on the beach or dance floor. team these with a vibrant t-shirt and lightweight pair of shorts and get your wriggle on. make sure you stand out from the crowd by maximising your accessories. You can afford to go a bit wilder out there – embrace a colourful necklace and perhaps some wrist trinkets if you fancy channelling your inner hippy. You can even take a neon route here and you’ll be glowing underneath those uV rays. the golden rule for Ibiza is to make it look effortless so leave your stuffy 9-5 regalia at the airport.

I don’t go anywhere without a couple of paperbacks. They never break, and if kicked about and dropped in a pool, for instance, they develop a kind of soul. I’m currently ploughing my way through Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time series. In a week in Beijing, I zipped through three books.

Ask the boss

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Style For her

Making waves

Dressing like a force of nature in this beautiful, ostrich-feathered gown is the only way to make a big splash this summer, declares Cathy adams

The earrings paradiso earrings, adler: accessorise the Hokusai dress with these titanium, white gold, blue sapphire and diamond earrings.


sunaMis, wHile an impressive force of nature, are not usually to be reckoned with. But now, couture designer Nicholas Oakwell has decided to take on mother nature to create this beautiful gown. Inspired by the devastating force that is a tsunami, the Hokusai dress [pictured] was the signature gown at the London-based designer’s spring/ summer show at Claridge’s. A former milliner, Oakwell started his fashion line in 2011 and is now highly regarded for his understated, elegant pieces. His spring/summer collection was influenced by a recent trip to Japan. Featuring hand-woven and dyed silk with a graduated ostrich feather skirt to depict the crashing waves of a tsunami, the Hokusai dress is also a force to be reckoned with. ■

The braceleT black and wHite boa bracelet, nourbel le cavalier: set with black and white diamonds, the bracelet twists to the wearer’s every whim.

Price on application. For more information, visit

The ring paradiso ring, adler: Made from titanium, 18kt white gold and set with 164 sapphires and 52 diamonds, the paradiso ring matches the earrings.


Bespoke is a fashionable word

always read the label

10 Savile Row, London W1S 3PF • Tel: 020 7287 2941 • Fax: 020 7734 8794 Email: •

The collecTion Retail detail curated by The Royal Exchange. This month, we go smart and casual for two looks 054






1 CroCkett & Jones Granada loafer, £340 Stylish, casual and available in four colours.

2 Hermès Dressage Chronograph, £6,850 This elegant timepiece comes in silver and black.

3 tHeo fennell light Bulb Cufflinks, £3,500 These 18ct white gold ’links will light up any room.

4 sAGe BroWn fIne leAtHer Gladstone, £325 Classic holdall made from the highest-quality leather.

Crockett & Jones, 25 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LP; 020 7929 2111

Hermès, 12-13 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LL; 020 7626 7794

Theo Fennell, 4 The Courtyard, Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LQ; 020 7623 4380

Sage Brown Fine Leather, 31 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LP; 020 7283 2444


[ Casual ]

DIAMOND DUST RING TATEOSSIAN, £249: Made of sterling silver plated in 18ct rose gold, this glasswindowed ring sets sparking white diamond dust into a striking and fashionable design.



BACKES & STRAUSS AT THEO FENNELL, £25,800: With a Stainless Steel case lined with 124 5ct diamonds, this luxury timepiece really stands out from the crowd – and with an FM 200 movement it keeps perfect time, as well.





5 vilebrequin Classic Solid shorts, £115 A classy red offering from the swimwear experts.

6 HarryS of london SS13 driving Shoes, £295 Made from Kudu suede for top style and comfort.

7 vilebrequin Caracal Shirt, £170 Sharpen up for summer in this mosaic number.

8 SaGe broWn fine leatHer iPad Case, £149 Protect your tablet in style with this suede-lined case.

Vilebrequin, 22 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LP; 020 3206 1022

Harrys of London, 18 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LP; 020 7283 4643

Vilebrequin, 22 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LP; 020 3206 1022

Sage Brown, 31 The Royal Exchange; EC3V 3LP; 020 7283 2444

For the second year in a row this Royal Exchange chocolatier has scooped top prizes at the International Chocolate Awards, winning gold for his salted caramels and dark chocolate truffles.


LONDON BIKEATHON 2013 Sunday 15 September


Proudly supported by

Choose your challenge 26, 52 or 100 miles



{ fit parade }

Beats, bikes and extra bounce are the key ingredients for a good, hard workout. But remember to do it in style, says Geoff St LouiS



+ PUmA mobIUm ELITE, £85 + This innovative running shoe – the sole is designed to match a cat’s paw – adapts to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting, and offers increased spring. As if Usain Bolt needed any extra help in order to win…

eat smart WITH POD



+ bEATS by dr drE PowErbEATS, £120 + Teaming up with basketball superstar LeBron James, the hip-hop producerturned-headphones supremo expands his empire with the development of these desirable sports earphones. Ideal for street, gym or (basketball) court.

+ wILIEr CENTo1 Sr, £3,749 Seeking to maximise every ounce of a rider’s energy, the manufacturers have paid particular attention to airflow. The result is a road bike that is sure to be a hit with both professionals and the weekend, Lycra-clad speed freaks.

The ‘afternoon crash’ is easily avoided by choosing the right lunch. Pod’s nutritionist, Suzie Walker, recommends a balance of protein, fats, complex carbs, as well as vitamins and minerals, and the Moroccan Chicken Energy Pot (£4.50) is the perfect stay-awake solution for this. This sturdy pot is packed with a fatiguefighting combination of supergrains and protein. The medley of quinoa, barley and chickpeas produces slow-release energy throughout the day, while a Moroccanflavoured infusion of turmeric, paprika and cinnamon helps boost metabolism and defend immunity. Finally, juicy lean chicken (there’s a vegetarian version, too) prevents the post-lunch drowsiness, and engages an active mind and body. There’s even an option for added energy – just ask for a sprinkle of guarana. ■ Next month’s column: tackling joint pain…



HealtH & Fitness Olivia GOdFrey

{ SPORT SIREN } In her first Square Mile column, Sky Sports presenter Olivia GOdfrey gives us the low-down on her favourite two weeks of the tennis season


or some, it’s the longer days, for others


I know that summer has really arrived when the third Grand Slam of the season kicks off at the All England Tennis Club

lonely world of tennis – and, despite his loss in Australia, Andy Murray currently has it by the bucket-load. So yes, he also lost to Federer in last year’s Wimbledon final, and the nation wept alongside him. But just a couple of weeks later he took the Olympic Gold medal at Wimbledon against the same man – and there was a shift. He then went on to make British history by winning the US Open, and so far this season he has been doing very well. I, for one, will be rooting for him on Murray Mound. And then there was the one who got away last year – and in the most shocking of results. We all felt we’d woken up in a parallel universe the day Rafael Nadal got beaten (and by beaten I mean annihilated) by Lukas Rosol on Centre Court in the second round. Well, it emerged that in fact he had a left-knee injury and that ruled him out for the rest of the year. Since his return this season, he has already become the first player to win four titles in 2013 – and has reached the final in all six events he has played in since his return. Nadal has to be in contention to win his third Wimbledon title. Other than the top four, the man to watch is the 21 year-old up-and-coming Bulgarian star Grigor Dimitrov – or G-Force, as he is affectionately known (one to watch not just for his rugged good-looks). His favourite surfaces are hard court and grass, as proven when he won both the US Open and Wimbledon junior titles. He is already number 30 in the world, but the new kid on the block is right in the mix of things this season – having only dropped one set on his way to meeting (and eventually losing to) Andy Murray in the Brisbane International final. I definitely think he will be challenging the big boys on the circuit from now on. So, in my view, the 2013 Wimbledon title is anyone’s for the taking – and for us spectators it promises to be an enthralling two weeks. Let’s hope we are treated to some memorable battles – how lucky would we be to witness our very own Borg v McEnroe or Agassi v Ivanisevic – all in the comfort of our Panama hats, nursing a jug of Pimm’s while, of course, nibbling on some strawberries and cream? I look forward to seeing you there. ■ To book Olivia for speaking engagements, event hosting and brand endorsements, please contact Claire at Paragon Sports Management on 020 8334 0235.

photograph by ray tang/rex Features

it’s the smell of cut grass or a freshly lit barbecue. For me, I know that summer has really arrived when the third tennis Grand Slam of the season kicks off at the All England Tennis Club in SW19. As a presenter who is passionate about the sport, there is no better assignment than being sent to Wimbledon for two weeks of watching fantastic tennis, interviewing players and fans, while soaking up the unique atmosphere – and last year I was fortunate enough to do just that. The person I enjoyed interviewing most was Maria Sharapova. This is a girl who was thrust into the public spotlight in 2004 when she won Wimbledon, beating Serena Williams. A first Grand Slam at the age of just 17 and she had the world at her feet. Nine years later she is still right at the top of the women’s game. Some achievement. We chatted about the sport but both came alive when discussing fashion. Here is where we hit common ground. She is savvy, sophisticated and utterly charming. Last year, she went into the tournament as the World No 1 having won the French Open and completing her career Grand

Slam. Unfortunately, the top seed had her championship cut short by Sabine Lisicki in the fourth round. But given her unrelenting drive and ambition, I’m guessing that will only make her all the more determined this year. However, although I will always root for Brits Laura Robson and Heather Watson, in terms of the women’s game there really is only one person to beat. Serena Williams returns to Wimbledon as the defending champion and the Olympic gold medallist – after confirming in 2012 that she really is the best on grass. Having overcome minor injuries and illness, last year was monumental for Serena as the 14-time Grand Slam Champion achieved the Career Golden Slam when she thrashed Sharapova in the Olympic final. And then there are the warriors in the men’s game. In recent years, the top four have dominated the Grand Slam finals, and the same will be true at Wimbledon this year. Defending champion Roger Federer may have had a weak start to this tennis year (at least, by his standards) but he can never be written off. Last year alone he won six titles out of ten, silver in the London Olympics, and returned briefly to world number one before finishing in the top two for the ninth time in ten years. He holds the joint record of having won seven Wimbledon titles (with Pete Sampras) so this is a surface he loves and a venue in which he thrives. The current world number one – Novak Djokovic – is the bookies’ favourite to emerge as champion. He has already nabbed one Grand Slam so far this year, beating Andy Murray in the Australian Open final to become the first player in the Open era to win three straight Australian Open titles – so he should be feeling pretty confident. Confidence is an essential tool in the

 

                                                                                                         

               

                 

                 



SIX ON THE BEACH… Tim DrummonD’s outlines how the key to an Ibiza-ready body lies

in planning what you want to achieve and identifying obstacles


f you spend 30 minutes on this today, we guarantee the best ‘training’ session you have ever had; one that will transform your fat-loss results for ever. People often go to the gym with no idea why they are there or what they really want to achieve. ‘I want to get fit’ or ‘I want to lose weight’ is easier said than done. In order to sustain any health and fitness programme, our experience proves that you need to do more than just show up at the gym. The best workout you will ever do starts in your head, and not in the gym…

with our evaluation session, which involves no exercise whatsoever. Using the Bridge Model, which is a programme based on the secrets of self-success, we uncover exactly what it is that our clients want to achieve, and why. It’s very easy to say you want to lose weight, or get a six-pack, but why? You need to examine the difference the result is actually going to make on your life. If you want a six-pack in order to meet a hot woman and settle down, it’s likely to be more complex than simple vanity.

To achieve your health goals, you need to understand the deep-rooted reasons behind why you want to change. This isn’t a tree-hugging scam; it’s about being clever, and scientific. Top athletes and some of the most successful people in the world understand this, and so should you.

Where’s your head at? At Live Lean, whenever we take on a new client we start

BREAKFAST: Two slices of whole wheat seeded toast with two sliced hard-boiled egg whites (force yourself to bin the yolks) – this provides slow-release sugars (sustaining you for longer) with good quality protein ‘fuel’. ElEvEnSES: low-fat cottage cheese on nairn’s oatcake biscuits are a good source of protein, low in fat and, for you carb lovers, they are a fairly friendly little biscuit. lUnCH: You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to healthy places. I’ll leave it to you! 15:00 BOOST: Peanut butter is protein and energy rich, reduces lDl cholesterol, regulates blood sugar levels, contains heaps of iron and potassium, and is rich in antioxidants. A spoon is a great pick-me-up. SnACKS: Almonds are my favourite: they’re rich in monounsaturated (good) fats and dietary fibre, are overflowing with vitamin E, are gluten-free, and are teeming with vitamin B. A handful is enough.

Instead of going to the gym today, sit down with a piece of paper for 30 minutes and work out what your dreams, goals, ambitions and obstacles are. Examining your motivations will be far more beneficial than mindless gym sessions. When we do this with our clients, we have lost count of the number of times we’ve been told it was the best £125 and 90 minutes they’ve ever spent in their training history.

step one – Where you are? Simply thinking “I’m overweight” is not enough, your subconscious brain will not recognise this. You need to examine what the pain or pleasure is that is driving you. The pain is being fat; the pleasure is the thought of being lean. Write down where you are now, what you don’t like, and why you don’t like it. Delve deeper.

This is the important part. In your mind where would you be if there were no constraints and anything you desired was possible?

Be brave, picture this place. What benefits are these results going to bring? Examine your core values and envision how things could be.

step three – What’s stoppIng you? What stopped you in the past? What may stop you in the future? List all the things that may prevent you from achieving your goals. The most common excuse is time.

step four – self-Imposed or real? Next evaluate which are genuine obstacles and which are self-imposed. If lack of knowledge is what’s stopping you, simply find a personal trainer who can help you. But time is a selfimposed concept. You do have enough time; you just consider other things more important. Once you accept that it is self-imposed, you can figure out a way to get round it. ■ For more information visit

IllustratIon by Mark Boardman

step tWo – Where you Want to be?


By Faya NilssoN

For more info, see

start noW Why?


Harland Miller, 2011, Incurable Romantic

For more information contact Jennifer McCormick Tel: 020 7404 7667 | Mob:07834633321


see more PiCtUres on oUr iPad aPP

air miles Liverpudlian freerunner Ryan Doyle knows what it’s like to bounce back from a setback. In 2007 the 28-year-old athlete fell while attempting a trick from a 12ft jump during a competition – and broke his leg. A 33cm bar with 14 screws had to be installed in the core of his shin bone to give him any hope of competing again. Four years later, he announced his return to the sport by winning the very same competition he’d injured himself in – and hasn’t looked back. Pictured here in Baku, his city-scaling exploits have taken him around the world; which just goes to show, perseverance really does pay off. ■

HealtH & Fitness extreme

Leap of faith

Cuts and bruises go hand-in-hand with any extreme sport. But coming back from a broken leg to freerun is another matter entirely


Watch out for the relaunch. Coming soon to an Internet near you. is the social hub for the City. Log on to find out what’s on, when it’s happening, and why you’d be mad to miss out…


the ibiza project . 066 guide to the white isle . 068 richie hawtin . 078

electric avenue . 78


One City. One island. twO Parties. JOin us.

B a c a n a l

What is The Ibiza Project? It’s simple, really. Part I – we bring Ibiza to the you. Part II – we take you to Ibiza. If you’ve ever been to one of our square mile summer parties, you know that we don’t do things by half. And that’s why this year we’ve decided to take it to the next level with The Ibiza Project. Two awesome parties, two incredible locations: the first will be an all-day Ibiza-themed brunch at a London rooftop bar; the second will take you to the White Isle itself, for the coolest villa party the island will see this summer. Both events will be run in partnership with Bacanal, the invitation-only party powerhouse that has redefined the London social scene since March 2010. And we won’t be short on drink, either – we’ve teamed up with Belvedere to make sure we’re well stocked with the world’s first super-premium vodka. This is a unique chance to get involved in two of the most exciting parties of the season – and we want you there with us… PART I: IbIzA bRunch



+ Date: 15 June + time: 12:30pm to 19:30pm + Venue: upperwest, King’s Road

+ Date: 24 august + time: 5pm to 1am + Venue: Luxury villa in a secret location

With the launch of its new terrace, upperwest is the perfect location for the London stint of the ibiza Project. We’ll be hosting a party for our readers – and best of all, it’s free to attend.

this will be the ultimate villa party for more than 200 revellers. the exclusive event will be presided over by an international DJ hot from the clubs. naturally, all drinks are included.

square mile and Bacanal are offering two complimentary tickets to our VIP Villa Party in Ibiza on 24 August. The prize also includes flights for two to the White Isle. The only thing you’ll need to sort is your accommodation – check out our Ibiza guide over the following pages for some inspiration of where to stay and what else to do while you’re with us on the White Isle.

+ PRice: Free

+ PRice: £180 per ticket

to RegisteR FoR ticKets, go to

to RegisteR inteRest, go to :

To enTer, go To

066 ibizaproject


IbIza The




Guided by the LiGhts 068

Out Of this wOrld: space is an ibiza institution and no trip to the island is complete without a session there. sunday is the big one, but then, they don’t really do ‘small’ nights at space.


From the throbbing beats to the scorching beaches, we’re bringing you the best oF ibiza. welcome to la isla blanca – the party is on…

rand IBIza Is riding high. There are countless effusive descriptions appearing in the world’s media as La Isla Blanca grabs more and more attention. Of course, the island has been popular for decades, but recent guests are a more well-heeled bunch. And, remarkably, despite Spain’s property market suffering so terribly, Ibizan property prices are buoyant and the rental market is fizzing. So what’s so special about this Mediterranean paradise, and why all the fuss? Firstly, the island is perfectly proportioned. When you go on a summer holiday in the Med you normally only have three or four beaches in comfortable driving range of your villa. Ibiza has 85, all of different shapes and sizes sprinkled along its beautiful coast, and wherever you are staying on the island they are all within 40 minutes´ drive. The variety of beach is fantastic; from long, sandy and turquoise-watered to the snorkelling delights of small pebbly coves. Secondly, it has ‘island cool’. Yes, Ibiza has many of the world´s best clubs, which bring a sexy, youthful buzz to the island, but it also attracts Europe’s (and increasingly the world’s) understated cool crowd, many of which might never even walk inside the doors of a super club. Outside of Brit-dominated San Antonio, Ibiza has an intensely cosmopolitan vibe. The island has an inclusiveness that the Côte d’Azur lost a generation ago, and a laid-back attitude that you won’t find in Mallorca or Tuscany. The food in Ibiza is delicious and wildly varied. During the day the preferred eating location is, not surprisingly, the beach. Most beaches will have a lovely seafood restaurant or two; whether a local fish shack, super chic beach club or something in between. Come the evening, the harbour-side and inland restaurants come to life. But the biggest surprise for Ibiza firsttimers is just how beautiful and untouched most of the island is. With breathtaking bays and beaches, to pretty inland hills and farmland, 90% of the island is rustic and tranquil. While it gets busy in peak season, it simply never gets as jammed as mainland Med destinations, so the beauty is seldom lost.

Tom Hoddell, managing director, Mi Casa Tu Casa Ibiza; If we’ve got you in the mood to join us for The Ibiza Project, he’s your man for the island’s top villas. ➤


Online store Shop +44 (0)207 434 0605 Bespoke +44 (0)207 287 9645


Join us: Nikki BEAcH


Es Ram Eco REsoRt, FoRmEntERa When Jules Verne was looking for an ends-of-the-earth retreat for his peripatetic hero Hector, he chose the lighthouse at the end of La Mola on Ibiza’s baby-sister islet Formentera, where the cliffs stand sentinel to an expanse of glittering sea. Formentera has always remained a place of escape from the excesses of life in Ibiza, though these days you’ll find 24-hour beach parties here, too. Secluded in the brush of La Mola nature reserve, amid scented pine trees, down a milelong sandy road, Es Ram offers quiet rooms and independent villas for those who seek the Jules Verne version of the island. The interiors are elegant simplicity, with a pale palette and scrubbed timber furniture. Sounds of nature preside: wind, birds, and the waves crashing on the reef. Steps carved into the rocks reveal the beach. The sunsets (beheld from a rooftop chillout zone) are life affirming; the waters are bleu-marine. +39 118 185 270;

PhotograPh (top right) by adam Johnston

In 1998, Jack Penrod introduced the world to Nikki beach – a beach club concept that brought together entertainment, dining, music, fashion, film and art all under one roof. or no roof, in the case of the terraces. The inaugural Nikki beach launched in Miami, and there are now clubs in the hottest party towns across the world. This summer, Ibiza is being added to that list. Nikki beach Ibiza is located near Santa Eulalia on the island’s east coast. famed for its palmlined promenade, sandy beaches and exclusive marina, the area has a long-established reputation for offering a relaxed pace. The terrace restaurant, with menus inspired by Nikki beach’s locations around the world, will offer seafront dining, the finest champagne and a creative cocktail list.

While for many people an “echo of Ibiza” is something they feel in the back of their throat whenever they drink a tequila slammer, this powerful sportsboat will hopefully provide a more pleasant experience for its passengers. a Sessa S-32 fast cruiser, it’s perfect for speedy trips to hidden bays. It doesn’t scrimp on comfort, either, with an in-built sound and DVD system and soft, carpeted floor. For chartering this and other boats: +34 971 199715

I was sunbathing topless in Ibiza, and my friend wanted to eat at this café where everybody goes without putting on their tops or bottoms. He assured me, ‘No, it’s cool. Don’t dress up.’ I went into the cafe and sat down with him when all of a sudden I hear, ‘Brooke!’ It was my dentist. I just played it cool, but needless to say, I changed dentists.

Brooke Burke

Model and actress



UshUaia Ushuaia is the paragon of hightech hedonism in the Balearics. Borrowing a page from Miami’s party playbook, Ushuaia offers whatever you want, whenever you want it. At midday, you can either opt to convalesce beside the speakerequipped pool with a smoothie and a masseuse or reestablish yourself on the wagon, drinking Veuve and watching international DJs hit the decks from the comfort of your hotel room. Technology is the watchword here. Hotel guests make payments with biometric scanners and suites come equipped with DJ equipment and electric blackout curtains. Ushuaia was only opened in 2011 and the ownership are already opening a sister hotel this year, the Ushuaia Towers, a venue that is tipped to become one of the hottest VIP destinations in Europe.


Did you know?

IbIza Is the only place In the northern hemIsphere that would survIve after a nuclear dIsaster, thanks to the prevaIlIng wInds

San JoSé HillS

Join us:

Most of the best beaches are in the south of the island, so San José is a perfect spot to be able to access them – and the hills around San José have some great rental houses. San José is a pretty village with some great local bars and cafes, most notably Raco Verd, a beautiful bar that

serves up superb cocktails, and El Destino which offers some of the best tapas on the island. The village is also only 15 minutes’ drive from Ibiza town and the airport so you are never far from the action. Mi Casa Tu Casa Ibiza offers this stylish sixbedroom villa, GaGa Hills, near the pretty village of San Augustin and five minutes from San José. +34 680 564 445

Destino Hotel, talamanca

PhotograPh (top left) by roberto Castano; (bottom left) Pedro Quiros; adam Johnston

This summer, the debuting of Destino heralds Ibiza’s final move into the mainstream. This latest addition to the Pacha repertoire is a bells and whistles resort the likes of which hasn’t been seen here before, and final proof that those jolly little cherries have taken over the island. It combines a panoply of headline features: a wow-factor clifftop position atop Cap Martinet, a short distance from Ibiza Town, within clubbing distance of Mothership Pacha; 170 chic guestrooms drenched in natural light with inside-outside patios, including super-swish VIP pads; groovily spacious public spaces (the complex totals 50,000 sq m) where beach attendants lavish daytime clubbers lounging on opium beds with chilled towels; late-finishing breakfasts for late risers; four types of yoga; a 200-seat restaurant that includes Japanese, Mediterranean and Central American fare; a spa with a treatment menu that includes oxygen treatments; and its own underground club. Phew. For more info: +34 971 317 411;



Cream at Amnesia is one of the biggest nights. This August, Calvin Harris is headlining the club’s MixMag Terrace. Make it down on 1 August and you’ll catch Paul van Dyk in the main room, too.

SunglaSSeS We can’t all play the decks like Dutch super DJ Tiesto, but we sure can mince around in his sunglasses. Guess has just launched an exclusive range of blinged-up aviators, inspired by Tiesto’s party look. Available in four unisex styles, the classic aviator

shades have been given an Ibiza twist. And it doesn’t just stop at sunnies: the DJ has colloborated on a clothing range for the label, infused with his typical white isle style. What better to wear when watching the sun set outside Cafe Del Mar? Prices start from £90, and the glasses are available from Guess stores.

IbIza Gran Hotel, IbIza town A stone’s throw from Pacha, this Ibiza Town latter-day institution is catnip for clubbers, DJs and attendant groupies who wish to stagger directly from the dancefloor at Pacha to a marshmallow-soft bed plumped with pillow-menu accessories in a large room with a roomy terrace overlooking Dalt Vila. The service is international standard, the pool has a wave machine, the spa is lauded, the penthouses have plunge pools, the breakfast buffets are famously good (and the dining options various), and true hedonists are honoured with an on-site casino. The hotel has played a part in the realizing of Ibiza’s more aspirational ambitions: Cipriani opened last year in two floors of the east wing, bringing inside-outside fine dining and soigné décor. The hotel espouses a modern minimalism softened with generous amounts of modern art and sculpture: it’s a place for those who seek super service, the obvious contemporary luxuries and clubbing convenience over underthe-radar seclusion. Doubles from €200. +34 971 80 68 06;


Did you know?

Christopher Columbus was born and raised in ibiza


Geisha Geisha is a traditional ketch but with slick black sails. The 65ft motor sailer comes with its own skipper and first mate, so it doesn’t matter if you and your guests don’t know your port from

PhotograPh (top right) by Carlos Pastor; Inma Monte Picante

Join us:

your starboard; all you have to worry about is reclining on the cushioned sun-deck. We recommend a trip to Formentera for the day – it certainly beats taking the ferry, and you look a hell of a lot more glamorous when you arrive on the beach. +34 971 199 715


There’s something intrinsically debauched about Space. Perhaps it’s the location of the club in a giant car park, or its proximity to the airport, with 9am DJ sets punctuated by the roar of airliners, but if you really want to get dirty and behave in a way that you might regret back in Blighty, Space is the ideal candidate. Founded in 1989, the club has a vibrant history, evolving with the modern dance music scene in both Ibiza and abroad. The sprawling nightclub can accommodate thousands of sweaty bodies, with different rooms in accordance to different tastes, and also holds claim to the biggest and brashest opening and closing parties on the island.




Join us: 076

Founded on a barren plot of marshland to the east of Ibiza Town under Franco’s shadow in the 1970s, Pacha began as an enclave for hedonistas and outlaws to rebel against conservative social mores. Now, 40 years on, it has created its own legacy, having played an integral part in creating the massive creative economy that is electronic music. Many of today’s superstar DJs have launched their careers from its storied dancefloors, which are as full and vibrant as ever. comprising five different rooms with distinct personalities – including a restaurant and roof terrace – Pacha Ibiza not only plays by its own rules but creates them, and in doing so has become truly emblematic of clubbing culture.

Dizzee Rascal may well have extolled the virtues of a trip to the Blue Marlin in his 2009 song Holiday, but this year he will be playing at Ibiza Rocks on 28 August. Book your tickets at

Mirador de dalt Vila D’Alt Vila is the Unesco-protected old town, principally built in the 16th century (though first created by the Romans). Inside its thick walls, upmarket restaurants, shops and galleries throng the cobblestone streets. From its ramparts, the views are the best in Ibiza. Peaceful, colonial-cool 13-room Relais & Chateaux property Mirador de Dalt Vila is a 19th-century townhouse surrounded by the historic city walls. It’s full of Spanish antiques, paintings and sculptures, and lavished with marble, green onyx and semi-precious stone inlays, exuding a rather stately pedigree for an Ibienco bolthole. Food is a draw: creative Mediterranean dishes include fresh lobsters and suckling pig and an array of local meat from Juan José Ribas. A little art deco bar delights in serving cocktails till midnight, and the Spain-focused wine list from the dedicated Enoteca is decent. A small pool awaits for those sticky with summer heat. 0870 384 7888;

BeST FOR aUTheNTIc chaRm rACO VErd, SAn JOSé

raco Verd is a relaxed terrace bar in the centre of San José village. it’s a great option for a hungover breakfast, a light lunch,

or a full-on night out thanks to its live music performances. Open all year round, it serves up a genuine slice of ibizan charm – this is a bar that the locals make their local. The cocktails alone should be enough to keep you coming back.


This little beach with a great view of the renowned rock of Es Vedra is perfect for families, and the ideal spot for a seafood lunch. Parking can be a challenge so those in the know tend to get there early, but hang around till late and you’ll catch an unforgettable sunset. +34 971 187 894 SOUTH COAST: SES SAlinAS Situated at the South point of the island, Ses Salinas is a long sandy beach with stunning turquoise waters. it’s a hotspot for the trendy and gorgeous, so perfect for people watching. On the far left is Sa Trinxa, where dJs play throughout the day, and it’s renowned for its Balearic beats. There is also a small boutique selling

dresses and, more importantly, bikinis. For a laid-back and sophisticated lunch try the Jockey Club, which specialises in sun lounger service; its popularity means you’ll need to book in advance. +34 971 395 788 nOrTH-EAST COAST: ES FigUErAl Follow the road straight through San Carles as far as it will go and you’ll reach Es Figueral, a delightful beach that’s great for a day of sea and sand. Visit the golden garden for a tasty BBQ in the evening. FOrMEnTErA: SES illETES Ses illetes is Formentera’s famous beach, easily reachable by boat from ibiza town and San Antonio. Catch the ferry and hire bikes, or charter a boat for the day and get there under your own steam.


+ VILLAS By Tom Hoddell. Tom gave up life as an advertising executive in London to start up a property empire in Ibiza. Unlike so many, he actually made it work. See the proof at + CLUBS By Nick Savage. Nick has worked in Edinburgh, Greenland, Maine, Berlin, and New York – but he parties in Ibiza. He works for concierge service Innerplace, which is pretty handy for getting VIP access. See + HOTELS By Lydia Bell. Lydia is an Ibiza veteran, who, despite living in Peckham at present, longs for pine-scented Balearic summer days. She’s a lover of all things Iberian, and regularly writes about Ibiza.

PhotograPh (top right) by Naturewolrd / alamy

+ BEACHES By George Burdon. George splits his time between London, Ibiza and Verbier. Well, someone has to. He is the founding director of Dynamic Lives, a luxury travel operator – whether by sea or in snow. See more at




he BriTish-Canadian dJ Richie Hawtin

remembers his first gig in Ibiza as if it were yesterday – sadly, for all the wrong reasons. “It was 1994, and I’d been brought over by the promoters of Club UK and Tribal Gathering,” he recalls. “They’d taken a villa for the season, and were putting all their artists up there. But unfortunately there was no air conditioning, and not too much proper laundry going on. Two or three weeks in, it wasn’t a very appealing proposition.” To rub salt into the wound, he continues, “I was playing at Space, and half an hour into my set the owner asked them to ‘get this guy off and get the crowd dancing’.” Well and truly disenchanted with the fabled party paradise, Hawtin vowed never to return. But fast-forward almost two decades, and it’s funny how things turn out. Having witnessed what he describes as a decade of “evolution” on Ibiza (his own journey back to the island began when Sven Väth invited him to be a resident at Väth’s seminal Cocoon parties in 2001), last summer saw Hawtin back at Space, taking over the 6,000-capacity super club every Thursday with his own night, ENTER. And yet, “I was resistant about doing my own night at first because I didn’t want it to take over my life. It takes a lot of money and resources.” However, “I began to see it as an interesting creative project, and eventually I felt like my team was at the point where we could envisage something dramatically different from what was on the island already.” At 42, Hawtin is known as one of the pioneers of minimal techno, having founded his Berlin-based label Minus (M-nus) records in 1998. We meet in the bowels of New York’s Red Bull Music Academy, where he has just delivered a talk about his life in independent music. He is dressed head-to-toe in his signature black, the living embodiment of the understated, purist attitude of the German capital – the city he calls home for the majority of the year. The fact that ENTER., a night he describes as “an outward expression of everything I stand for both musically and aesthetically” (even the logo is a simple black ➤

We were envisaging something dramatically different from what was on the island already 078

Making An Entrance Richie hawtin’s club night ‘enteR.’ at space was the hottest ticket in ibiza last yeaR. in an exclusive inteRview, the woRld-Renowned dJ speaks to Ruby WaRRington about taking it to the next level this summeR – and how his fiRst pRoJect on the white isle was doomed to fail


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PhotograPh by Ibor ribnik

➤ dot), was arguably one of the biggest success stories on the island last year, is surely a testament to exactly how far Ibiza has come in recent years. “There’s so much more here now than kids on drugs listening to commercial dance music,” he confirms. He sites Cocoon as having been instrumental in making this shift. Known for its edgy sound (and legendary after parties), he says, “Sven showed that Ibiza could be about so much more than funky house with big vocal stabs. Don’t get me wrong – I love that sometimes!” Laughing as he says this, he smashes a few myths right there. “But now I want to offer even more in the way of musical depth and diversity.” His residents at ENTER. are people such as deep house and dub step producer Maya Jane Coles, Russian techno head Nina Kraviz and Spanish minimalist heavyweight Paco Osuna. This year he will also be programming a new room called The Cave (“more heavy, droney, experimental techno”), while a pre-party hosted in the venue’s sake bar will also welcome guests such as Disclosure, Jamie XX and Luciano. And yes, you read that right – Hawtin also installs a full-service Japanese sake bar as part of the ENTER. concept each week, another addition that’s completely unique to Ibiza and which represents another of his passions. Having discovered the drink on his trips

to play in Japan in the late 1990s where he became instantly infatuated with the culture, this mish-mash of ancient traditions and new technology: “I found that I really loved the buzz it gave me, which in turn became part of the energy of the gigs I played in Japan.” His taste for the fortified rice wine soon became “a bit of an obsession”, which even led to him taking a three-day sake sommelier course and developing a concept for a sake bar in Berlin. He also draws parallels between the sake industry and the world of independent music production. “It’s a small, very underground industry, with a very tight-knit community – just like in the techno world,” he explains. “And like every label has its unique sound, every brewery will have their specific way of doing things. We argue about the best synthesisers; they argue about the best rice.

There’s so much more here now than kids on drugs listening to commercial dance music

It’s a craft.” But best of all, Hawtin thinks he’s found the perfect drink for clubbers. “Clubbing is a sustained effort for me – especially in Ibiza, where I play five- or sixhour sets, and then go on to the after party. And there’s only so much hard liquor you can take!” Never a beer drinker (“and wine doesn’t work in clubs”), sake offers the perfect, clean “fuzzy-headed club feeling. We’ve all experimented with lots of different things, and what you get from it in return for what you get later on… is very appealing.” Speaking of after parties, Hawtin got seriously creative with his venues last summer – leading his band of merry revellers to ever more obscure beachfront locations to keep the beats going long into Friday morning, and even spinning off an iPad in the sea at Salinas beach on one inspired occasion (if you don’t believe us, the videos are on YouTube). Unlike some superstar DJs, who fly in on their jets for their weekly Ibiza residencies, he also took up residence at a house near the famous hippie beach for the three months ENTER. ran at Space. “Just turning up on the night, punching in and punching out… let’s just say that’s not how I roll,” he adds diplomatically. Rather, “to have a successful night, I need to be on the island, meeting people, being part of the promotion, going to other events and participating in the whole scene”. Which ➤



Turning up on the night, punching in and punching out… let’s just say that’s not how I roll

PhotograPh by Chelsea Lauren/WireImage/getty Images

➤ may mean checking out Luciano’s parties at the spectacular Miami-style beach hotel Ushuaia, cocktails at the Ocean Drive in the Marina, or simple fish suppers at locals’ favourite The Fish Shack. “If I’m not eating at El Chiringuito, you’ll find me there.” But it’s as much about really enjoying his summer. Ibiza has so much to offer. For sure it’s about crazy after parties and late-night clubbing, excess on every level, but it’s also about sitting on the beach drinking wine with your friends, taking a boat out to Formentera. It’s important for me to feel that, too, because it’s what my crowd are feeling, after all.” It also gives him the opportunity to invite his guest DJs out a day or two before their gig. “Typically a promoter will pay for two nights in a hotel – but we pay Wednesday, not Friday. That way they’re forced to have a dinner with me, and see a bit of the island. I even say come Tuesday, and take a boat out with us. We get inspired, friendships form… being in electronic music doesn’t begin and end for me,” he continues, remembering a question about how he balances his career with his life from one of the kids listening to his lecture earlier. “Maybe some people need to separate these things, but it’s not like that for us. It all bleeds into one. It’s not for everybody and it’s probably not very healthy. But if you have a strong head and good people around you, it can be incredibly rewarding.” After 25 years in the game, I like the idea of him kicking back in the sunshine with a glass of sake sangria (now there’s a thought) once in a while. Who’d have thought, given his first experiences of Ibiza, that he’s find that sweet spot here. As for his purist cronies in Berlin, has he managed to convince them too? “Even that crowd is slowly opening up to Ibiza,” he nods. “What we’re offering with ENTER. is a reason for the more serious music heads to come and see what’s going on here. That’s what the black dot symbolises – a point of entry, like a black hole.” He smiles, “It’s an invitation and a challenge to enter the world of Richie Hawtin.” ■ ENTER. is at Space every Thursday from 4 July26 September.


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TechnoloGy mosT WanTeD

Back in the Black If minimalist, black design is your cup of tea, look no further. jack arnott finds three elegant ways to splash your cash

apps Best for iBiza

ibiza street map Offering a fullyfeatured off-line map, this app will allow you to find your way from club to beach (and back to the club again) without using data.

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+ loeWe speaker 2Go, £269 For a first effort in the portable Bluetooth market, it’s fair to say German sound-experts Loewe have done a pretty good job. Offering unrivalled sound-quality and versatility in a neat, lightweight package, the 2go can keep going for eight battery-powered hours – perfect for a summer barbecue, or an all-night garden rave.

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Motors LaMborghini

Me, Myself & Oh My If you’re going to build yourself a car to celebrate your 50th birthday, it may as well be all about you, says Mark Hedley

see More PiCtUres on oUr iPad aPP



The egoisTA When I was a child I would endlessly draw pictures of cars. They had big wheels, bigger spoilers, and certainly no room for two kids and a dog. They were, also, crap. Unlike the Egoista, the latest creation from Lamborghini. Built as a celebration of the marque’s 50th anniversary, it shows there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet. This genuine one-off does have a lot in common with boyhood fantasies, though. First of all, an orange windshield. That’s just awesome. Second, look at those angles – like a stealth bomber has choked on a school protractor. And finally, the numbers – a 5.2-litre V10 producing 600bhp. Now, if they had taught that in maths, I might have listened a bit more. But the really important number here is one – as that’s the number of seats. This is officially the most self-obsessed car on the road. And as only one will ever be made, it couldn’t be more true to its name. ■



Motors Ferrari

In It to wIng It In the eternal battle between the Italian super marques, Mark Hedley says it’s Lamborghini 1 – Ferrari 1…


see More PiCtUres on oUr iPad aPP


The original supercar glory days were defined by two marques: Ferrari and Lamborghini. Back in the 1980s, it was the F40 versus the Countach. The former was faster, but the latter had winged doors. So, a tie, then. To this day, each marque takes its turn to make something more impressive and more outrageous than the last. Ferrari’s latest is this – the, er, La Ferrari. And while it’s never going to win much acclaim for the name, it is for its looks. – and its doors. This £1m stunner is also the first hybrid from the marque, and is capable of producing 963hp. For that, we can forgive pretty much anything – even the stupid name. ■

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Reviews K10

the belt and the beautiful

Given the choice, Mark Hedley would always prefer the human touch to dining rather than a conveyor belt. However, after a visit to the new outpost of City sashimi favourite K10, has he been converted?


’ve always been suspicious of any restaurant with a conveyor belt. A factory doesn’t have a maître d’ or linen table cloths, so why should a restaurant have moving parts? But I decided to put my prejudice aside and, despite the name (‘kaiten’ means conveyor belt), give the new branch of City sashimi favourite K10 a chance. And boy, am I glad I did. Since 2000, K10 has been a feature of the London Wall lunch scene – a favourite of JP Morganites in particular – and for years they’ve tried to keep it to themselves. Well, the game’s up. Now the second one has finally

A cacophony of smells and colours roll by tempting you to take just one more dish

opened in Broadgate – a handy crawl from Exchange Square. With an offering of more than 130 dishes, I quickly understood the need for the conveyor belt. And I have to say, I’m a total convert. A cacophony of smells and colours roll by tempting you to take just one more dish – it’s pretty dangerous stuff. Here we found some of the freshest sashimi I’ve had anywhere, let alone London. And a carpaccio of beef [pictured], with a crunchy potato shred, that I could have eaten all night. The kitchen will also prepare its staple hot dishes for you fresh – such as the succulent black cod, which nips at the heels of Nobu’s – or the manager’s favourite, chilli squid. Washed down with a bottle of light and refreshing (not to mention refreshingly wellpriced) riesling, K10 really does deserve a 10 out of 10. It may have taken 13 years to open a second restaurant, but they do say good things come to those who wait. ■ K10 Broadgate, 3 Appold Street, London EC2A 2AF. 020 7539 9209;;


Weber® BBQ Experience at Taste of London 20-23 June 2013 Regent’s Park Discover a delicious snapshot of London’s dining scene as 40 of London’s top restaurants gather in Regent’s Park for the 10th anniversary of Taste of London. Taste favourites and hot new restaurants alike will be joined by a boutique food & drink market, chef demos and foodie entertainment for this four day alfresco spectacular. A highlight of this years event will be the interactive Weber® BBQ experience.

The Weber® BBQ Challenge “The Professionals” The Weber® BBQ Experience will host the final of the Weber® BBQ Challenge “The Professionals” on Sunday 23rd June where a host of professional chefs from across the country will battle it out to win the prestigious title, all under the watchful eye of Tom Parker Bowles. Last year’s winner,

Henry Harris from top French restaurant Racine, Knightsbridge will be grilling for Britain to defend his much sought after title. For a great day out and an insight into the Weber® world of amazing barbecuing, make your way to Taste of London and get the summer off to a perfect start.

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London’s biggest outdoor food festival is inviting BBQ enthusiasts to go head-to-head to prove their grilling credentials in the Weber® BBQ Challenge ‘The Amateurs’, to become the 2013 BBQ Champion.

For the lucky finalists, cooking at such a prestigious event, alongside some of London’s top chef’s, will be an unforgettable experience.

Entries are now open. For a chance to battle it out over the BBQ at the show, visit w w w.ta stefest iva / london and tell us what makes you the ultimate BBQ champion. Ten finalists will battle it out live at the Weber® BBQ Experience at Taste of

Weber® hope that all the candidates will be inspired to take outdoor cooking to another level, showing that great barbecuing is so much more than burgers and sausages. The event will definitely be an opportunity to get involved in some inspirational and exceptional barbecue creativity.

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Wine Jancis Robinson


Better known as a holiday destination than a source of wines, the Canary Islands offer more than just sun, says Jancis Robinson


This nervy, exciting white offers masses of substance and a fresh, tangy personality 096

ecently, I have been asked to cover more

Spanish wine on these pages. Your wish is my command. Actually, Suertes del Marqués’s Vidonia 2011 Valle de la Orotava is far from a standard-issue Spanish wine. For a start, it is not grown on the Spanish mainland but on the Canary Island of Tenerife. I keep reading about the remodelling of the Canaries and how many smart restaurants and hip hotels have been springing up there, so it’s good to know there are fine wines to go with them. I feel a trip coming on… Of the Canary Island wines I have tasted so far, the whites have in general been better than the reds. Suertes del Marqués, Vidonia 2011 Valle de la Orotava was my favourite from a range of wines I tasted recently from Suertes del Marqués, an artisanal producer founded by Jonatan Garcia Lima with Roberto Santana as winemaker as recently as 2006 but based on very old, ungrafted vineyards.  It’s a very nervy, exciting white made mainly from century-old Listan Blanco (Palomino Fino) grapes grown on volcanic slopes in the north of the island. It was fermented in 500-litre used French casks, kept on the lees for 11 months and otherwise pretty much left alone. I suspect that this wine derives its undoubted quality from the distinctive soils it was grown on and the age of the vines. Palomino Fino does a great job providing the raw material for sherry in Andalucia but it is not an obvious choice for a table wine. The soils presumably add tension to this naturally rather low-acid grape variety. There is not that much nose but there is masses of substance and a fresh, tangy personality that increases with time, building on the finish. In fact, the most impressive aspect of this wine is how it opened out so convincingly in the glass. It has the same sort of uncompromising acidity, weight and dryness as a fine, slightly austere white burgundy and slightly reminded me of Le Soula Blanc – which is high praise indeed. ■

MEET THE MANAGER Luis simoes, Bar manager, The riTz

What makes the Rivoli bar one of the best hotel bars in London? First of all, as The ritz hotel’s bar it has a long history and excellent pedigree of service that is professional but friendly. additionally, the rivoli’s award-winning art deco design is sensational. The cocktail list is extensive and the drinks are original. We have a talented team of young, creative bartenders that are always thinking of new creations to ensure we give our clients new and memorable experiences. What are the expectations of your clientele? The ritz is a globally recognised benchmark in terms of quality and service, and the rivoli needs to perpetuate this. our clients are experienced, well-travelled and discerning so they are looking for outstanding service as well as new experiences and unique opportunities.   What are the most premium and exclusive spirits you serve in the Rivoli? While our entire range of spirits is of excellent quality, some of the more distinguished drinks we stock are imperial Collection Vodka in a Fabergé inspired egg, Bacardi 150th anniversary, Courvoisier L’essence, Dalmore 40 Years old, and glenfarclas 50 Years old. ■   ToP CoCKTaiL: PuriTY 45ml imperial Collection vodka 25ml Barrel-aged infusion of mandarine napoleon, Cocchi americano, Luxardo Two dashes of homemade ritz bitters Camomile emulsion

Suertes del Marqués, Vidonia 2011 Valle de la Orotava, £23.95. See more tasting notes at

Made in england

There is nothing so beautiful as a thing well made 0207 723 2925 99 Crawford Street, London w1H 2Hn

Travel SouTh africa

The Valley of The Sun With its friendly, buzzy vibe, fresh food and an unbeatable outdoor culture, Cape Town is a great place to take the family, says Robin Swithinbank



See more PICTUreS on oUr iPad aPP


t all started with a theory. Actually, that’s

not quite true. It all started with a fertilised egg. The point my wife fell pregnant with our first child nearly five years ago was also the point at which we realised the globetrotting days of our 20s were over and that we were now only one step away from caravanning in Cornwall. During that indulgent decade, we’d found ourselves in far-flung corners of the world as diverse as Sydney, Singapore and St Petersburg. Little drives your sense of ambition as much as travelling far beyond the boundaries of your ordinary existence. Anyway, since that moment – the egg one – we’ve done what every family with small children does: give up on long-haul holidays and start planning for retirement. Trips to the Lake District (it rained) and northern France (it rained) were interrupted by one brave adventure to Portugal (yep, it even managed to rain there), a second egg moment, and numerous conversations about how we could rekindle our wanderlust without having to sell our kids to an impotent pop star. Which is where the theory came in. Now, I’ve heard myriad folk say the best thing to do in this instance is to ship the kids off to granny and grandpa’s so you can pretend like you’re 25 again. Which is certainly one theory. But I quite like my children, and the idea of taking a break from a life of work during which time I never see them to take a holiday during which time I never see them just feels a bit skewy. A bit like getting Sky Sports and then only ever going down to the local pub in order to watch the football. On top of that, I want my children to experience the world too, and to do that, I have to take them with me when I go and see it. So it was a combination of these factors that lead the wife and I to plan a trip to South Africa and its sun-kissed tip, Cape Town. The theory went something like this. Cape Town is an 11-hour flight away – which, yes, is a hideously long time to be stuck on a plane with a three-and-a-half-year-old and a 22-month-old. But, the flight is overnight and the time difference, depending on when you head down there, is never more than two hours. Therefore, we calculated the little people would sleep on the plane and when we got there, there would be no jet lag and no getting up at 3 o’clock in the morning. And do you know what? To my great surprise, it actually worked. But, good though the theory was, it would have been nothing without the destination itself. Cape Town is brilliant.

Little drives ambition as much as travelling beyond the boundaries of ordinary existence Some of this has to do with its remarkable geography. The city is scattered over a large area and dominated by its most iconic site – Table Mountain. Roughly speaking, it has an east side and a west side, with developed areas running up both its Atlantic and Indian Ocean coasts. On the Atlantic side you get the sunsets and on the Indian side the sunrises – from which you take your pick. On both you get the crystal clear, but chilly, waters that come up from the Southern Ocean. We did a week on the Atlantic side first, staying in an apartment in the perfectly formed Camps Bay in the shadows of Table Mountain. Like pretty much any place in Cape Town, Camps Bay has a glorious sandy beach, and as everyone knows, that makes it a great place to take those for whom building a sandcastle is one of life’s big achievements. Our second week we split, with a couple of nights in a hotel in the Cape Winelands [see box] and four nights in a cottage in slightly ramshackle Simon’s Town, the last built-up area on the Indian Ocean side before you head into the nether regions of Table Mountain National Park and on to the Cape of Good Hope, or, as we described it to our unsuspecting three-year-old, the end of the world. Here, we saw wild ostriches, baboons and a sign that indicated that it was 9,623km to London, all of which we found as wonderfully weird as our children did. We hired a car – they drive on the left in South Africa, and we felt very safe on the roads, despite what the scare stories say – and headed this way and that, taking in the spinning cable car up Table Mountain, the lush botanical gardens of Kirstenbosch, the gentrified Victoria and Alfred waterfront and the African Penguin colony of Boulders Beach. Yes, they have penguins in South Africa. And bloomin’ hilarious they are, too. The rand is one of the few currencies in the world that refuses to blow the pound into the middle distance, so accommodation, eating out and particularly drink still felt good value, although not cheap-as-chips as they once might have done not so long ago. Eating out with family is also a doddle. In the UK, you’re hard-pressed to find a ➤



Franschhoek The stunning Franschhoek Valley is 50 miles north of Cape Town in the Cape Winelands. Franschhoek itself is a small town and one of the oldest in South Africa, having been populated first by the French Huguenots in the 17th century and later the Dutch – the name means ‘French corner’ in Dutch. Offering a bit of a breather from the bustle of the city, it’s a wine buff’s mecca, but also a great place to take the family. WHere TO STAy We spent two nights in one of the vast family villas at the five-star Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa [pictured] a couple of miles outside the town. Our villa had two bedrooms, each under beautiful thatched cathedral ceilings, a huge sitting-cum-dining room and a kitchen. One of the restaurants has a number of private areas outside – very romantic.

WHere TO Drink The Franschhoek Wine Tram is possibly the cleverest solution ever invented to the problem of how to take the whole family wine-tasting. The hop-on-hop-off Franschhoek Wine Tram stops at six of the town’s best wineries, including Haute Cabrière and Grande Provence. The latter has a German distribution centre from where you can ship a case of its magnificent wines to the Uk for €15.

On 11 of our 13 days (we’re British – we counted) there wasn’t a cloud in the sky ➤ restaurant with a good kids’ play area that isn’t a roadside carvery, but Capetonians are more kid-friendly. Take Dunes in Hout Bay, for example. The outdoor eating area is one big sand pit, complete with climbing frame and swings. We sipped lattes in the sun while my son became king of the castle. Win, win. Petrol is around a pound a litre, and selfcatering types might like to know that despite the name, Woolworths is the pick of the supermarkets. Oh, and a word of advice: you can only buy beer in liquor stores. The best bit about it all, though, was that our kids loved it. And, as parents will know, happy children usually means a happy holiday. Whether we were scrambling over rocks 3,000 feet up the mountain or chasing penguins across beaches, Cape Town kept throwing fun at us, as if it had a monopoly on the stuff and just had to prove it. We went in early March at


the end of the South African summer and on 11 of our 13 days (we’re British – we counted) there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Coming from the bleakest of British winters, that was like being let out of a dungeon after six months spent in solitary confinement. So the theory worked. It really did. Cape Town is the children’s entertainer that no longer lives with its mum. But do you know what? It would have been great – kids or no kids. It’s a warm, friendly, buzzy city with great food and an outdoor culture we can’t begin to emulate here. The only thing that sucked was getting home. People with kids. People without kids. Take my advice. Go. Go now. ■ For more info, see

What to see: Johann Rupert, south africa’s richest man, has amassed one of the world’s most spectacular collections of rare cars on his estate just outside Franschhoek. eighty of the 320-odd cars in his collection are on show at any one time in four temperaturecontrolled sheds.


13 .14 . 15 SEPTEMBER For the latest event news follow us on and Admission strictly by advance ticket only • For tickets or hospitality please call: +44 (0)1243 755055 or visit


Travel UK

Licence to kiLL… and to chiLL

Memorably used in the James Bond film Goldfinger, Stoke Park is home to fine dining, an award-winning spa and will soon be featuring an appearance from Novak Djokovic. jon hawkins gets carried away


stood starIng at the impossibly grand

entrance to Stoke Park – with its towering pillars, walls the colour of proper custard and domed cupola on top – when I heard a voice. “You are a clever and resourceful man, Mr Hawkins.” “Why thank you,” I reply. “Perhaps too clever…” Anyone familiar with the Buckinghamshire hotel’s famous cameo in 1964’s Goldfinger may, like me, have to shake themselves out

I’d need more than Oddjob’s resourceful caddying to turn me into a decent golfer

of a Bond-inspired reverie when they arrive. I’d happily have spent the weekend trading imaginary one-liners and raised eyebrows with Auric Goldfinger and Oddjob, but Stoke Park, and its expansive grounds, has more constructive and rewarding distractions. For lovers of sport, the country club – the first in the UK when it was founded in 1908 – has 13 tennis courts, a 27-hole championship golf course (the setting for Goldfinger’s infamous round) and a 4,500 sq ft gym. There’s an award-winning spa, too, and an indoor pool. I’d need more than Oddjob’s resourceful caddying to turn me into a decent golfer, but relaxing in the spa and lazily trying to belt balls around like Novak Djokovic (who appears at the Boodles tennis championship at Stoke Park later this month), I’m perfectly capable of. Which is fortunate, considering the real trump card in Stoke Park’s armoury is Humphry’s, the fine-dining restaurant, where

even the most restrained diner will find themselves giving in to chef Chris Wheeler’s innovative food. Roast supreme of duck was beautifully (and decadently) matched with seared foie gras and a lip-smacking blackberry jus, and a fillet of sea bass with samphire, clams and a mussel broth was like the sea distilled on a plate. (Without the pollution or boats.) There’s wit, too – Humphry’s Snickers is a deconstructed take on the classic chocolate bar; thankfully it’s more of a lovingly assembled tribute than an ironic sneer. We retired, plump and happy, to our palatial suite full of sumptuous, elegant furniture, and at the window we looked out across the golf course, where Bond and Goldfinger were about to tee-off. Actually, I may have been mistaken about the last bit. Must have been that postprandial Martini… ■ Stoke Park, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, SL2 4PG. For more information, visit



Travel SuperyachT

Carry on Cruising

Following her 2012 refit, Heavenly Daze looks better than ever. TrisTin ruTherford gets the lowdown on the gentleman’s yacht THE yaCHT Heavenly Daze

specs LenGTH YArd CABInS GueSTS SuMMer PrICe


32m Feadship Four up to nine Mediterranean From $43,000 per week

When Heavenly Daze was launched in 1972, she was the quintessential gentleman’s yacht. She emerged from a total refit in 2012 leaner, greener and more stylish than ever before. She still evokes the spirit of Grace Kelly and the essence of Gianni Agnelli, but with an added dash of contemporary élan. So, ideal for cruising around the coast of Ibiza this summer, if you’re planning on joining square mile for The Ibiza Project. Heavenly Daze’s latest accoutrements are best seen below deck. Pad across the teak flooring to the owner’s cabin, VIP suite and two twins to find crisp white linen and mood lighting. Other refinements include a top-deck BBQ allowing guests to grill their catch. Her six crew can teach willing cadets to sail or to utilise any of the water sports. ■ For chartering Heavenly Daze, see


celebrate good times There’s nothing more beautiful and life-affirming than a celebration with your closest friends and family – where best to do it than in the heart of luxury with Banyan Tree organised by Red Savannah

Your private island escape Where better to retreat with your friends than your very own island in the Maldives? Banyan Tree Madivaru [centre right] is the epitome of barefoot luxury. You and up to ten friends can have all six tented villas that stretch out across the golden sands on this Indian Ocean island. Sit back and prepare to be looked after 24/7 by your villa hosts. Out for the day? Dive some of the Maldives’ thrilling reefs.

individual plunge pools. A sophisticated urban retreat for discerning couples. Banyan Tree Madivaru: Five nights from £4,998 per person* on full board. Angsana Balaclava Mauritius: Seven nights from £4,523 per person* on half board. Banyan Tree Thailand: Seven nights from £2,405 per person* staying two nights at Banyan Tree Bangkok and five nights at Banyan Tree Phuket. Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund: One night

tropical beach villa

from £225 per room*. Flights and transfers not included.

Ideal for both a getaway with friends or a romantic tête-à-tête, the Imperial Villa at Angsana Balaclava Mauritius [top right] is luxury at its best. Expect a chef, an infinity pool and a stunning private deck on the beach: perfect for catching up with friends in a gorgeous setting as the sun goes down.

*Book with luxury tour operator Red Savannah.

familY celebration Mix beach and culture with Banyan Tree in Thailand. Immerse yourself at Banyan Tree Bangkok – don’t miss dining at Vertigo at the top! [above] – and find peace and sunshine at family-friendly Banyan Tree Phuket. There’s plenty to keep you amused: go elephant trekking or kayaking with the kids.

venice of the east Located in the ideal gateway city to explore China, Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund [bottom right] tops the list for the most elegant accommodation in this cosmopolitan city. Set in chic downtown, each room has a view over the Huangpu river and most suites have

Prices subject to availability, based on two people sharing and including international flights, airport transfers and some meals. Terms and conditions apply.

special offer Book a holiday to a Banyan Tree or Angsana resort in 2013 with Red Savannah to win a twin gift box of Pol Roger Champagne. Visit or call 01242 787 800 for more information.

pol roger

The Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill 2000 is an homage to the champagne’s enduring friendship with the former premier. A signature Pol Roger vintage, it will complement any special celebration perfectly.


DESIGNSA LE SAVE UP TO 30% The BoConcept Design Sale is on! Enjoy great savings on sofas, extendable dining tables, bedroom furniture and accessories. And save up to 50% on ex-display furniture. Visit our store or go to Sale ends 28.07.2013.

BoConcept TCR 路 158 Tottenham Court Road 路 London W1T 7NH 路 0207 388 2447 路 Call or Email us for a Free copy of our Design Catalogue and ask us about our Free Interior Design Service Sale ends 28.07.2013, see in store for terms and conditions


golf Beam me up…

THE PlayEr

Adam Scott’s victory in last month’s US Masters was notable for many reasons. On a personal level, it marked a huge turnaround in the fortunes of the 32-year-old Australian, following the dark days that must surely have followed the horrific meltdown he suffered at the Open last July, having let a four-shot lead slip agonisingly through his grasp over Lytham’s last four holes. On a national level, victory at Augusta also sparked dancing in the streets of Adelaide – well, maybe in the road where his mum and dad live – as it was the first time that an Australian had won the tournament in its history, ending a barren run of 77 years. It also marked a watershed on the equipment front, as Scott became the first player to conquer Augusta with the help of a broomstick putter. With the pace of the greens slowed down by rain, Scott was able to draw on the broomstick’s powers of accuracy to average just 1.67 putts per hole. With four of the last six Majors now having been won by players using anchored long-handled putters, golf’s governing bodies are now set on a collision course with the PGA Tour, which has so far refused to support a proposed ban on anchoring. The debate looks sure to rumble on for a few more months, and while it does, players like Scott will continue to wield these ungainly tools. So while Scott’s achievement will be widely lauded in many quarters, there will be others who say that he achieved his biggest triumph with the help of a morally dubious piece of equipment, which, if it ultimately becomes a banned club, will take a little of the shine off the victory. Equipment issues aside, Scott’s major success was long overdue, and the quietly-spoken Aussie – which almost sounds like a contradiction in terms – was a popular champion from inside and outside the ropes. ■ – Nick Bayly

PhotograPh by allstar Picture Library / alamy



London Qualifiers at Aspers Casino Final Table in Casino de Monte-Carlo 5 Star Luxury Hotel Stay For Final Fly Out To Final On Private Jet For more info visit:


THE CoursE THE KiT TAylormAde dAddy long legs puTTer

A prince Among links

Golf breaks start from £119pp for one night’s B&B, with dinner and two rounds of golf.

It’s almost getting to that time of year when a golfing man’s thoughts turn to the links. Although free-draining coastal courses come into their own over the winter months, when some inland layouts turn into swampy bogs, it’s the long summer days when links golf truly comes into its own. With fairways that let the ball roll forever, and the greens cut low and fast, there’s little to beat a balmy summer’s day on the links with a gentle off-shore breeze and, of course, some good friends to play with. Kent is blessed with some stunning examples of links golf, from the two celebrated Royals – St George’s and Cinque Ports – to less celebrated layouts such as North Foreland, Littlestone and Prince’s. While the former pair are certainly worth their lofty status, and should be must-plays on anyone’s golfing bucket list, I strongly recommend tacking on the other three to any extended golf-trip to the Garden of England. Prince’s, like its next-door neighbour St George’s (the two courses are separated by nothing more than a wire fence), has a long and established relationship with the Open Championship, having hosted

the tournament in 1932, and is a Final Qualifying venue for whenever the Open is held over the aforementioned fence. Sharing the same stretch of natural links land as its rival, Prince’s 27 holes combine to create a magnificent day’s golf, with the three loops of nine – the Shore, Dunes and Himalayas – offering a superb challenge. Holes head off in all directions, ensuring that the wind is helping and hindering in equal measure, whichever way it is blowing. While the 6,680-yard Shore/ Dunes is the recognised 18-hole layout, the Himalayas makes for a very tasty starter before you move on to the main course. After a hard day on the fairways, you’ll definitely feel like putting your feet up, and there’s no better place to stay than at Prince’s recently-opened Lodge, which is The Ritz of all dormy houses. Featuring 38 en-suite bedrooms, including a mix of family rooms, suites and two-bedroom apartments – all with kitchens, sitting rooms and golf bag storage facilities – the lodge is also home to a superb restaurant, the Brasserie on the Bay. Here, two AA Rosettewinning chef Michael Fowler focuses on serving traditional Kentish produce with a modern twist, alongside more traditional fare.

Joining the trend for putters to double up as branding irons (in the cattle-wrangling sense of the word) is TaylorMade’s new £129 Daddy Long Legs. An extension of the brand’s popular Spider range, which was launched five years ago, the Daddy Long Legs takes the fashion for extreme-weighted design to a new level. Claimed to offer the stability, feel and performance of an anchored putter, but offering a standardlength shaft, the DLL features a 16-piece clubhead made from eight different materials, a Pure Roll face insert, and a 15-inch grip that weighs 130g – almost twice the weight of a standard grip. This weightdistribution moves the balance point of the club closer to the player’s hands, which makes it easier to control the clubhead and square it at impact. The extra-long grip, which is available in 35 to 38-inch lengths, also allows players to choke down, and thus take full advantage of the counter-weighted design.



Golf Column

Doing things the flight way

Once the preserve of royalty and film stars, private jets are almost as important as a decent caddy for the modern-day golf professional. Nick Bayly reports on the sport’s latest must-have accessory


vEr sincE prizE-monEy levels started to match the GDPs of small South American countries, professional golfers have been members of the jet set, but it seems that private airplanes and helicopters are becoming almost as common as blacked-out BMWs at tour venues on the PGA and European Tours, as cash-rich golfers zip around the world to boost their bank balances. Once the preserve of jockeys chasing rides at evening meetings, no self-respecting, highranking golfer would dream of consulting EasyJet’s Friday-night schedule should they be looking to miss the cut (not on purpose I hasten to add, a pro would never, ever do that). No, they would have the pilot of their Gulfstream on standby at the nearest airport waiting for ‘the call’ from the player’s agent. It’s no overstatement to say that the private jet has completely changed the playing schedules – and private lives – of modern golfprofessionals. With the Lear fully-loaded, they can nip in and out of far-off countries like a Pringle-wearing SWAT team, playing the US, European and Asian Tours in between naps at 50,000ft, before arriving home to read the kids a bedtime story. No longer restricted by the schedules of commercial carriers, the topflight pro can come and go as he pleases. I recall Fred Funk flying from Pinehurst to New York midway through the US Open in 2005 in order to attend his son’s graduation. First-off in the morning, and last-off for the following days’ round, he didn’t miss a thing. Another flying first was achieved a couple of years ago, when triple major-winner Padraig Harrington hired a helicopter to take him in and out of the Irish Open on a daily basis. Rather than drive the 60-mile journey across country through Ireland’s wiggly backroads, he preferred the 16-minute commute by air. It’s not more courtesy cars that are needed on Tour these days – it’s helipads. Meanwhile, wonderboy Rory MclIroy wasted no time in joining the jet set when he turned pro in 2007, hiring a private plane to whisk him around the world from his Belfast base, before he jumped ship and moved to 110

Florida. Rumour has it that he once kindly offered to give fellow Irishman Shane Lowery a lift to The London Club for the European Open in 2009, but was turned down as the low-ranking Lowery didn’t think it would look good to rock up in a private jet for his very first game as a professional. It was a wise decision, as he shot 78 in the first round and missed the cut by miles. While few pros go as far as Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke did, and buy their own planes – a decision that ended up costing them £15m when it was time to sell the 10-seater

While you may not end up playing like a pro, you’ll certainly arrive at the course like one

Challenger – most opt for fractional ownership or use pre-paid loyalty cards which allow a certain number of air miles each year. And it’s not just the pros that are getting in on the golf-and-private flying caper. An increasing number of operators are offering private jet and helicopter trips for golfing tourists. With so many of the world’s great courses located in extremely awkward places, having a chopper that can park up on the driving range, or a jet that can touch down on a local airstrip, is the only way to travel for the time-pressured executive who has a passion for far-flung links. So the next time you think about a boys’ golf trip to Valderamma, or a weekend with the lads in St Andrews, don’t automatically log on to BA or Ryanair’s website looking for a commercial flight to Malaga or Edinburgh – you might be better off going private. And while you may not end up playing like a pro when you reach your final destination, you’ll certainly arrive at the course like one. ■

Gastronomic tour of France A ONCE IN A LIFETIME Experience Elegance Star – one of Britains’ leading concierge companies – has organised what is certainly “The Once In A Lifetime Ultimate Tour”. The event is limited to 15 participating vehicles which must be “interesting” – that is either a classic car, a modern supercar or luxury car. The Tour starts in Kent on August 31st and finishes in Monte Carlo after breakfast on 7th September. • Accommodation and gourmet dinner at 4* Eastwell Manor in Kent • Champagne reception in Reims hosted by Mumm. • Accommodation and black tie gourmet dinner at 4* Chateau Crayères in Reims. • Accommodation at the 4* Grand Hotel de la Reine in Nancy. • Gourmet dinner in the award winning “Le Capu” restaurant in Nancy. • Lunch in the museum housing the “Schlumpf Collection” in Mulhouse. • Accommodation and gourmet dinner at Chateau Saulon and the 5* Villa Florentine in Lyon. • Accommodation and in the 4* Cloitre Saint Louis hotel in Avignon. • Black tie gourmet dinner in the historic “Grand Tinel” in the Popes Palace in Avignon. • Accommodation and in the 5* Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. • Guided tour of the Hotel de Paris wine cellars with tasting of fine wines. • Black tie dinner in a private dining room in the wine cellars of the Hotel de Paris. • Lunch en route each day. • Participant identification passes. • A £1,700 donation to our charity partner – The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. • Return Dover/Calais ferry ticket with Club Class Lounge and priority boarding. • Tour identification plates (similar to traditional “Rally Plates”). • A satnav device pre-programmed with the lunch halts and overnight stops, a set of fully marked up maps to show you the recommended route plus a “road book” with route instructions to follow if you don’t like reading maps. • An “info book” with a description of the areas you will drive through. • Support from the Elegance Star event team en route and at every lunch and overnight stop. • An experienced mechanic in a “chase vehicle” to provide roadside support. • Emergency breakdown cover to return your vehicle to England in the case of breakdown or accident. • An event photographer to provide a visual record of your “adventure” • An “emergency get you there service”. If you break down or you have an accident a hire car will be provided to let you finish the tour. • Luggage service. Participants with very limited luggage space can have one bag or case per car each morning and delivered it to the next overnight stop.

For further details contact Elegance Star on +44 (0) 1256 345555 • Email:

Your reward for all the late nights in the office.



All good technologies answer a problem, they give a solution that both delights and inspires everyday living. That’s why we design technology installations for homes and offices, that quite simply, make them better places to be. We actually make technology beautiful. With our extensive experience and collaboration with leading Architects and Interior designers, we have delivered some of the most striking and sophisticated technology installations in the world. You can probably tell we are passionate about bringing innovation home – contact us now to discuss how we can make your audio-visual aspirations a reality and deliver your dream home automation solution.

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Smartcomm are accredited suppliers of Crestron, the leading manufacturer of home automation systems


interior design investment isle of man the pad

. . . .

119 123 124 126

fit for a royal . 126

Daily promotions on inspirational home style Visit

New River Gardens, stunning waterside apartments now available at Woodberry Park, N4.

New River Gardens consists of 152 individually designed private studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses all with outdoor space, fronting onto open water, with stunning views towards the City and Canary Wharf. Benefits include a residents’ only gym, swimming pool and spa with 24 hour concierge services along with private landscaped gardens.

Waters Edge - Last few remaining 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses from £785,000. New River Gardens - 2 and 3 bedroom apartments from £450,000. Sales & Marketing Suite open daily 10:00am to 6:00pm Riverside Apartments, Woodberry Grove, London N4 2SB

The Berkeley Group’s contribution to local life goes way beyond new homes

Call 020 8985 9918 for more information

At Woodberry Park we have regenerated, revitalised and reconnected an entire neighbourhood.

Our Vision. Your Future.

Proud to be a member of the Berkeley Group of companies

Computer Generated Image depicts Woodberry Park. *All journey times are approximate. Source

New River Gardens is the latest phase of our hugely successful Woodberry Park development. Close to the trendy areas of Finsbury Park, Islington and Stoke Newington, Woodberry Park is within walking distance to Manor House underground station providing Zone 2 connections (Piccadilly Line) to Covent Garden in 16 minutes* and the City in 19 minutes*.


see more PicTures on our iPAd APP


House AcHicA

GettinG the Green liGht 2

Looking to give your home a new look? Then try an old one: 1970s retro greens are back with a vengeance…



Green, with envy 1. Anglepoise Silver Type 1228 with Green Shade, £120 2. Seletti Pantone Wall Store, Macaw Green, £35 3. Lavazza A Modo Mio Extra Coffee Machine, Green, £95 4. Content by Conran Matador armchair, from £749 5. Premier Metal Barstool, Green £55 6. Morphy Richards Accents Traditional Kettle, Oasis Green, £40 For these and more discounts on top home and lifestyle brands, see






It’s all wood

icons The TV Jim Nature Portable televisioN by PhiliPPe starck (1994): this humble sawdust and woodpowder tv design turned a lot of heads.

A house where you can have all the joys of hugging a tree without stepping outside… what more can you ask for, says JACk ARnoTT

The POsTbOx F tyPe Postbox by DaviD mellor DesigN (1966): With its modern shape, this postbox upset traditionalists smitten with the old circular design: only 200 were made.

The Chair lar armchair by charles eames (1948): originally intended as a low-cost alternative to traditional chairs, these fibreglass seats are now highly soughtafter collectors’ items.

The tree’s supposed to be there. This Belgian “bernheimbeuk” house design by Ghent studio Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu has found a unique way of incorporating the local flora and fauna into a practical concept. The house is built around one central, tree-shaped pillar and, as you can see, an actual, real-life tree has been allowed

to sprout through the balcony roof. There’s a lot to be said for making a home fit in with its surroundings, but in this case, you might need to prepare yourself to become better acquainted with the neighbourhood woodlice community. ■


eP, you’ve seeN it right. Don’t worry.

For more info, see: Wood Architecture Now! Vol. 2 (Taschen, £34.99)




PRIME MOVERS There’s never been a better time to invest in London property. But where to start? Real estate experts Janine Stone are here to help


he prime London markets have seen an extraordinary influx of wealthy individuals during the last few years from the emerging markets, from troubled regions, and from the Eurozone, as well as those who look to London as a commercial and social nexus. The relative value and security of the property market has seen these individuals buy up both luxury residential and commercial property as a safe and valuable asset, acting both privately and through funds. As a result, the market is seeing demand outstripping supply. This situation has led to the prime, central London market becoming flat as prices increase and the same individuals bank their real estate as investment assets. But at the same time, many individuals and institutions are beginning to look at these assets afresh to see how they can make the most of a market that is seeing rising demand from more international buyers. Of course, one option is to sell with the relative price increase to capitalise on this opportunity, but with the

likelihood of the market continuing its strong performance, another option for investors is to become developers, and to look to increase the value of their property before sale.

Shape The fuTure of your properTy porTfoLio It is with this in mind that Janine Stone decided to develop its Private Office to act as an outsourced development arm to both private investors and institutions. “Investors know the exceptional returns that developments like these can bring,” says Dominic Parker, director of the Private Office. “They might not have the time to appoint and manage all the professionals needed as a developer; many may not understand the complexities, policies and regulations that govern real estate developments in this country and so they look to work with an organisation such as us to bring all the professionals together under one roof.” Janine Stone has been working with private clients for more than 25 years in the

UK, and internationally, and has more than 50 full-time professionals across the disciplines of architecture and planning, interior design and construction management, from quantity surveyors and contracts managers to project and site managers. “We don’t act like many developers and outsource the different professions,” says Parker. “We have the expertise in-house. This means our clients have absolute clarity and transparency in their costs, but our teams are practised at working together and know what information each division needs from another, so the speed of project is increased and the room for error significantly reduced.” Of course, cost management is absolutely key in developing for investment, as is finding the right property to develop and knowing how to develop it. “We work with an exclusive group of property acquisition agents who review any properties in conjunction with our architects and designers,” continues Parker. “The agents that we have chosen are not only able to find exceptional properties, both those on the market and those that are more discreetly for sale, but they are also outstanding negotiators.”

maximiSing aSSeTS in prime Time “While much attention is focused on central London, we often direct our clients to look at opportunities in other luxury regions,” says architectural director Chris Gaylord, who works alongside Parker. “Particularly those in the regions of Surrey and Berkshire, where luxury homes on private estates are reaching up to £1,000 per square foot at sale.” As generation two and three of the international market in London realise the proximity of these regions to Knightsbridge and Mayfair, demand for luxury houses in the areas is increasing and supply of quality is again in short demand. Once a client has chosen a property, the Janine Stone Private Office can move into action with a range of integrated services that include seeking planning, redesigning interiors, and managing the entire construction process, delivering the finished product that the investor expects. Parker concludes: “Ultimately, we see the Private Office as offering a departure point for clients who own real estate and who have ambitions to create the best returns for their investments, as well as for those new to the market who have an appetite to take advantage of the current opportunities in the prime UK markets.” ■ For more information, call 020 7627 5300 or email;



On the Market

market report Isle of man

A mAn of meAns

Hampton Court: An elegant Georgian residence with lodge and outbuildings approached along a private tree-lined driveway. It boasts imposing castellated elevations enjoying sea views and complete privacy and stands in grounds extending to around 20 acres. Hampton Court is a five minute drive from the financial district of Douglas and 10 minutes to the airport and schools.

Offering an excellent quality of life and a direct link to London City Airport, the Isle of Man could be the perfect place for you to relocate


he Isle of Man is located in the middle of the Irish Sea between England and Ireland and is easily accessed from 19 different departure points around the UK. The most significant of these links is British Airways’ daily route from Ronaldsway Airport to London City Airport, which gives island residents a direct link to Canary Wharf in a little more than 100 minutes. Residents with private planes can fly in and out of Ronaldsway Airport without having to enter the main terminal or, alternatively, those without can utilise the services of a private jet company based on the island. The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency and its independence offers direct access for businesses and individuals to the government, meaning decisions can be expedited with the minimum of delay and complication. The island’s strap line is "Freedom to Flourish" – and with this mindset the Isle of Man government has over recent years diversified the island’s core activities and in doing so has attracted new and emerging high-quality sectors to its shores including space commerce, gaming, e-business, and ship and super-yacht management. These sectors 124

have changed the demographic of island residents considerably over recent years, creating a younger, more dynamic population. These new residents are also being attracted to the island by the excellent quality of life and the range of diverse activities which abound. These include the annual TT and Manx Grand Prix motorcycling races, the Manx Rally, vintage hill climbs and speedboat racing, along with a myriad of self-propelled sporting activities such as fell running, kayaking and diving. Cycling is a major island interest and can be enjoyed either across outstanding mountain biking tracks or along some of the most challenging road cycling environments in the UK, which have produced the likes of the Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh, the Olympic Team Pursuit gold medallist. There are no Boris bikes here. Relocating families will find the Isle of Man’s low crime rates and safe streets the ideal environment in which to raise children. King William’s College and its feeder school The Buchan School in Castletown offer a high standard of private education, nurturing schoolchildren from nursery school age through to school leaving age. ■ For info: 01624 645 555;

Llamedos: Distinguished by groundbreaking original design and cuttingedge technology, married with the finest materials and craftsmanship this contemporary masterpiece offers just under 11,000 sq ft of accommodation spread over three floors and set in approximately two acres of woodland.

Kennaa: Arguably the finest equestrian centre on the Isle of Man, this outstanding modern house with superb leisure facilities enjoys spectacular views along with a series of chalets and cottages. Extensive outdoor and indoor arenas offering in all about 90 acres.

HUF HAUS delivers… Zero carbon without compromise. “HUF HAUS is proud to have received its first BRE approved Code6 Certificate“ Georg Huf +44 1932 586 550 +44 1932 588 775



a novel experience Once a grace and favour house for Royal underlings, this Gothic-style stately home on the fringe of tranquil Regent’s Park has a history as interesting as its beautiful, central location, as CATHy ADAms finds out


egent’s paRk easily takes the title of most erudite of the London parks. Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway winds along the Broad Walk, while Irish author Elizabeth Bowen opens two of her novels with a chapter set entirely in the outer circle of the park. Oh, and it has an open-air theatre. No surprise, then, that St Katharine’s Precinct on the outer circle of Regent’s Park has quite a noteworthy history, too. The stately home dates back to 1826, and was designed in Gothic style. Prior to returning to private hands in 1948, it spent 125 years as a grace and favour residence for senior clerics and members of the Royal family. The Grade II-listed building, hidden behind a gravel driveway and landscaped lawns in the central London park, is now back on the market after 25 years, thanks to a refurbishment by luxury developer Oakmayne Bespoke. It’s the ideal London home for those looking for a marriage between the old and the new with a great history to boot. Set over five floors, St Katharine’s Precinct boasts traditional high ceilings and a basement wine cellar as well as the mod cons of a sauna and steam room. And, of course, no stately home would be without an entertainment room and a bar – decked out in luxurious American walnut wood. Unparalleled views over the eastern sprawl of Regent’s Park come as standard from many rooms of the 6,100 sq ft of this NW1 stately home. While the house retains the peace of its Royal Park setting, St Katharine’s Precinct is only a short walk from St John’s Wood and the bustle of the West End, just a short stroll along the Broad Walk. Just as Virginia Woolf would have wanted, no doubt. ■

Fit For a King: Double doors open out onto the private rear gardens of St Katharine's Precinct, as well as the formal gardens. But who needs privacy when literary history is to be found in nearby regent's Park?


13.75m, 020 3043 3600;


Unparalleled views over the eastern sprawl of Regent’s Park come as standard from many rooms

For further information call Mark Howorth on 020 7336 8560 or visit For further information call Mark Howorth on 020 020 7336 8560 8560 orvisit visit Forfurther furtherinformation information call call Mark Mark Howorth Howorth on For on 020 7336 7336 8560 or or Follow us on: Follow us on: Follow us on: Follow us on:

Follow us on:

For further information call Mark Howorth on 020 7336 8560 or visit

Architecture Interior design Build Project Management Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Interiordesign design Interior Interior design Interior design Build Build Build Build ProjectManagement Management Project ProjectManagement Management Project



Riverside Riverside Riverside 1, 1, 1, 2 22 & && 3 33 Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Apartments Apartments Apartments


REDEFINING THE LUXURY OF YOUTH The Only Swiss Anti-Aging THE Marine Cell Therapy Supplement the World™ REDEFINING LUXURY OF In YOUTH Celergen Cell Therapy is a potent transformative treatmentSupplement which triggers The Only Swiss Anti-Aging Marine Cell Therapy Inthe thestimulation, World™ rejuvenation and renewal of our cells. This renewal and healing process is critical for helping keep the body’sCell tissues and organs optimal health. Celergen Therapy is a in potent transformative treatment which triggers the stimulation, rejuvenation and renewal of our cells. This renewal and healing process is critical for helping keep the body’s tissues and organs in optimal health.


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A partner of ASTON MARTIN RACING, the world class famous brand, producing and selling mobile phone accessories (Case, Earphone, Headphone, Speakers) branded Aston Martin Racing T: 86-755-82352821 E: •

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And she’s buying a

Stairway toHeaven

Custom flatweave stair runner from


...the best floorshow in town! NOTTING HILL


2b Chepstow Road London W2 5BH T: 0207 221 1260 F: 0207 221 1166

8 Greys Road Oxon RG9 1RY T: 0149 141 2850 F: 0149 141 2851

E: W:

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LONDON TAXIDERMY Antique and Contemporary Natural History

Buying, Selling & Hiring Taxidermy and Natural History for 20 years Showroom open by appointment • Tel: 0203 2744014 or 07770 880960


New book by Alexis Turner, Founder of London Taxidermy

+ To advertise in this section please call Lewis or Roisin on 020 7819 9999 A GREAT WAY TO FIGHT POVERTY FROM CARE INTERNATIONAL UK AND THE CO-OPERATIVE



LEND How can you change Aminatou’s life without giving her anything?

By lending her the funds she needs to grow a sustainable business. Here’s how it works. Visit and choose an entrepreneur to support. Then, you can lend as little as £15, and when their business grows, they’ll pay you back.

Tradition, tailored for your lifestyle. Outstanding, powerful and striking iconic Defender editions to suit every adventure,

Lendwithcare is a great new way of helping people living in poverty transform their lives. It comes from poverty fighting charity, CARE International UK, in association with The Co-operative.

Invest in Aminatou in West Africa Invest in an entrepreneur like Aminatou Aminatou lives in Benin, West Africa with her four children. She wants to buy more stock for her small store selling plastic kitchen utensils and shoes. Giving a loan to an entrepreneur like Aminatou is the best way to help the whole family improve their future. They get 100% of the money you lend to invest in their business.

taste and lifestyle. Work with our team to create your own unique Icon loaded with style, speed and performance. Delivering excellence worldwide. Defender Icon – driven to excess!

Original Tyrolean music & DJ’s special giant OKTOBERFEST beer bavarian sausage & other delicious food!

Admission Free! (Saturday’s £5)



Lend £15 today and help change an entrepreneur’s life. T: 01733 380687

Go to CARE International, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP

Charity Number: 292506


BEEutRifulG- HIR eidies Bea

Book now

best seats go first! 2 Weeks September Kennington Park 1 Week October Southwark Park

This year 3 Weekends and 2 sites. First 2 at Kennington Park 19-22 Sept and 26-29 Sept (Oval Tube), then we move to Southwark Park from 3-6 Oct (Bermondsey Tube). Open Thur-Fri 16.00-23:00pm, Sat 12.00-23:00pm and Sunday family lunch from 12.00-19:00pm. Join the party of the year in a 3,300 seater tent. Make a food package/seat reservation and see more on


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D. R. Harris’s Windsor Deodorant Stick is the ultimate in luxurious everyday essentials. Fragranced with citrus overtones followed by warm, leathery notes with hints of black pepper and vetyver, this is the perfect way to start your day. This deodorant is alcohol-free making it ideal for sensitive skin. Available online and their stores at 29 St. James’s Street and 52 Piccadilly. T: 020 7930 3915 E: W:

A FOUR-DAY PARTY LIKE NO OTHER… The Secret Garden Party is YOUR party. It is a moment in the year when you can connect to your creative powers, explore your wildest fantasies and meet thousands of people who all want to meet you. This summer’s art and expression theme is ‘superstition’. 25th – 28th July 2013 Photo: Jenna Foxton

Tickets available via:

HEATHER STOWELL JEWELLERY The perfect match for double cuffs, British jewellery designer Heather Stowell Incorporates beautiful vintage mother of pearl buttons into hand made settings using Rose Gold or Sterling Silver transforming them into contemporary unique cufflinks and bespoke ladies jewellery. T: 01638 739 197 E: W:

Keith Huckfield Photography

In a visual culture the perfect image is invaluable and a bad one worthless. Modern businesses cannot afford to neglect their visual presence; the right images will set you apart from the crowd. A versatile photographer with 10 years experience, offering a bespoke service to suit your every photographic need. T: 07875 559 886 E: W:


Check out French boudoir lingerie collection ‘Lady E’ featured on the French Affaires website. It’s just one of the best sellers available from a full range of stylish lingerie collections, hot off the catwalk from all around the world. French Affaires’ brands are hand-picked to give a superior fit, beautiful designs and the most sumptuous fabrics. If you’re not sure what to select, we have a guide for men, gift vouchers available and a gift wrap service. Receive 10% off with promotional code: SQC. T: 07428 734587 E: W:


CHIC & SEXY LUXURY LINGERIE offers luxury and designer lingerie with seductive appeal. Designer labels: Diki, Jane Woolrich, Liliana Casanova and Sonata Lingerie. T: 0843 2890623 E: W:

LEIGH GATLAND - PERSONAL TRAINER Based at Gymbox - Bank. Whatever your goal, let me help you achieve it! • Strength and Conditioning • Aesthetics • Body Sculpting • Barefoot Running Coach. Why not try my introduction to personal training - 4 sessions for £100. For a free consultation contact Leigh on: T: 07960483555 E:

DOES SOmEONE SPECIAL IN YOUR LIFE NEED SOmE mE mE mE TImE? With over 50 different mobile and beauty treatments to indulge in, their highly qualified therapists will transform the way you feel about yourself. And since Spa by Car comes to you, the only time you lift a finger is to have your nails polished. Be completely pampered at home by Spa By Car. Buy a gift voucher now! T: 0207 209 2396 E: W:

PARTY, WEDDING OR EVENT?? Use Picture Box London. You organise the event. We will inject the fun! Our portable HD photo/video booths are a unique way to capture the spirit of any party, wedding, promotion or event. It can also be utilised as the best marketing tool ever created! T: 07801 838 315 or 07946 781 512 E:

Talland Beach coTTages TALLAND BAYBay BEACH COTTAGES Thetwo twodetached detached cottages are situated in The cottages are situated in private private and sheltered gardens and sheltered gardens adjacent to adjacent the beach to in the beach in Talland is a unspoilt refreshingly Talland Bay. TallandBay. is aTalland refreshingly unspoilt coastal hamlet which lies midway coastal hamlet which lies midway beween Looe beween Looe Polperro in an area of and Polperro in and an area of outstanding natural outstanding natural beauty and perfect beauty and is the perfect location forisathe traditional location for a traditional beach holiday, for beach holiday, forwalking the beautiful coastal walking pathsattractions. and for paths andthe for beautiful visiting thecoastal area’s many visiting area’s many attractions. T: 01503the 264300 T: 01503 264300 E: E: W:


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Discover life of Riley’s stylish and elegant leather collection. Make storage a stylish focal point.

Beautifully sculpted engagement and wedding ring sets by award-winning designer goldsmith liz tyler.

a classic range of leather trunks, boxes and jewellery organisers. ideal to buy as gifts.

to view collections in gold and platinum set with fine diamonds and fabulous coloured gemstones visit:

t: 01799 551871 E: W:

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the Metal House is one of the market leaders in home and office accessories. We offer stylish, modern and contemporary products to suit all homes and businesses. Professionally designed products with sustainable quality only make it onto our shelves. new product ranges are always being developed by our highly skilled team.

at Harrington & thomas we offer classic shirts in exquisite fabrics that will fit just right and last for years to come. Order easily online using our fuss-free fit or Ellie will visit your office in london at no extra cost. Prices from £60 - £85 including all personalised detailing.

t: 01453 298312 E: W:

t: 07872 985467 E: W:



art2arts is an online art gallery showcasing the work of artists all over the UK.

With a unique building system for conservatories and sunrooms We are a market leading, family owned business which has pioneered a building system that enables superb quality from only a 2 day build programme.

We currently display over 6000 original works of art in a variety of styles and media. all art is sent direct from the artist with Free UK Delivery. t: 023 92699 990 E: W:


at Cameron Gardens we create beautiful, innovative yet funtional gardens. From contemporary, cutting-edge courtyards or roof terraces, perfect for sophisticated al fresco dining, to vibrant, practical family gardens, our designs are guaranteed to enhance your lifestyle. We provide dynamic design, expert planting advice and slick project management. Our inspiration is making your wildest ideas come alive. t: 0208 969 3399 E: W:

NIChoLsoN & GRIFFIN Established in 1990, nicholson & Griffin’s four locations have been providing the City and Canary Wharf proffesionals with quality hairdressing. a team of highly skilled hairdressers and barbers deliver bespoke services ranging from hot towel shaving to cuts, colours and creative styling. W: E: Leadenhall is Ladies & Gents

We also manufacture and install aluminium bi-folding doors. t: 0800 731 5772 W:

NELsoN & FoRBEs this majestic solid bronze Cheetah on Branch (£325, limited edition of 250 castings) measures 14cm high and is one of an exclusive range of sculpture by artist Jonathan sanders , hand cast in England by nelson & Forbes. Each sculpture is presented in an elegant hand made gift box with a signed certificate and makes an unusual gift. all work is available for immediate delivery worldwide. Please call for brochure. t: 01442 256290 W:

Quote SQ452 for a 15% discount on all orders before 1 July


at Chris Kerr we create hand cut bespoke suits for our clients. We are tailors of the strictest savile Row tradition but based in soho for the more informal approach. We have over 6000 fabrics to choose from and can accommodate any style preference you may have. t: 0207 437 3727 E: W:


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One of the top five fashion schools in the United States


Is stress destroying your life?

Located in Kent, Ohio with study away campuses in NYC and Florence, Italy; partnerships in Paris, Hong Kong, London and more B.A./B.F.A. and B.S. degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising Work stress can undermine your quality of life, destroy your relationships, and seriously undermine your health.

While a certain amount of stress helps you focus and provides you with a challenge, high levels of stress ultimately undermine your productivity and so make it more difficult to reach the goals you are working so hard to achieve. Problems in your personal life can add to the stress you are experiencing. Conflict with colleagues and bosses can create a state of high anxiety. While some may say they thrive on stress, internal organs suffer from long term exposure to stress hormones. Difficulty in switching off after leaving work, and being unable to determine your identity as separate from your work persona, are signs that work has an inappropriately high profile in your life. I am offering a six week group workshop, with the option to extend for a further six weeks, and the focus will be the stress you experience in your working life. I can also offer individual sessions on a short term basis, or longer term analysis for those struggling with more entrenched issues. John Colverson is a Jungian psychoanalyst, an experienced psychotherapist, and a registered member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. He has been in private practice since 1996. Tel: 07957 318423 Email:

Bespoke, Personalise, Restore Car Interior Specialists

Using only the finest hides and materials available • Bespoke embroidery and embossing a speciality • Part retrims to full retrims Sports, Prestige and Classic or Vintage Cars Private and trade enquiries welcome Collection and delivery available to our workshop in Leicester Proud to display examples of our work at • Tel: 0116 2692607 • Email:

Classic Car Services Ltd Unit 2, Rear of 10 Silverdale Drive, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8NG






CIty hIghlIghts Words

June bug: (Clockwise from top main) One of the remodelled Ingenieur collection from IWC; everything you’ll need to become a carving master; high-octaine polo action at MInT polo; Michel Roux Jr doing what he does best at Taste of London

Laura Barnett

bnp parIbas tennIs ClassIC The Hurlingham Club, 18-22 June

Watch Andy Murray warm up for Wimbledon and discover the best-kept secret in tennis. The BNP Paribas Tennis Classic offers world class tennis with VIP hospitality in an exclusive intimate setting without the crowds. Set in the grounds of The Hurlingham Club, the event showcases some of the top ATP and WTA players and ultimate tennis legends.

IWC pop-up exhIbItIon

MInt polo In the park

Selfridges, 24 June

The Hurlingham Club, 7-9 June

IWC Schaffhausen is hosting a threeweek pop-up exhibition in The Watch Gallery at Selfridges Wonder Room later this month. The exhibition celebrates the completely remodelled 2013 Ingenieur watch collection, as well as the new engineering partnership with Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team.

For the fifth consecutive year, Hurlingham Park in Fulham will play host to one of the most hotly anticipated sporting and social events in London’s calendar. On the field, teams from around the globe will compete to be crowned champions of MINT Polo in the Park 2013. And off the field enjoy a wide range of good food and drink.

beef up father’s Day

taste of lonDon

Corrigan’s Mayfair, 22 June

Regent’s Park, 20-23 June

Teach your dad to be more effective with knives. Wait, hold on a second, that didn’t sound right. This is a carving masterclass for budding butchers. Learn about the different cuts of meat, cooking the perfect roast and how to hone your carving skills. Next time he grandly steps in to carve Sunday lunch he’ll be an old pro.

Discover a delicious snapshot of London’s restaurant scene as Taste of London returns to Regent’s Park this June. Savour dishes from 40 of London’s hottest restaurants, see world-class chefs live on stage and explore fine food and wine from top producers. If you consider yourself a foodie then this is a must-visit event.

aegon ChaMpIonshIps The Queen’s Club, 10-16 June

The Aegon Championships, with its global audience, is recognised as one of the top 10 tennis events in the world. Held in the run up to Wimbledon, the Championships are consistently supported by the best singles and doubles players of the men’s game.




See more photoS oN



At Square Up Media we love a good knees up, so the launch of our new magazine Escapism seemed like a perfect time to throw a party. A new magazine you ask? That’s right, Escapism is the UK’s biggest independent travel magazine with a circulation

of 105,000 copies. It features leading travel writing and photography, and covers a wide spectrum of budgets and locations. So, next time you’re looking to get away pick yourself up a copy of Escapism magazine.






Morton’s Club, 28 berkeley square

baFta, 195 PiCCadilly The New Music Supper Club has been developed to allow music lovers to see tomorrow’s big acts in the most exclusive venues of today. The aim is to provide sophisticated musical experiences while retaining the thrill and ambience of being at a live gig.

For those who like the weird and wonderful, Morton’s in Wonderland would have suited you perfectly. The unique experience featured a full programme of events throughout the day including performers, live food-demonstrations, music, cocktails and, well, a few surprises.

The Small Cap Awards, which is supported by the London Stock Exchange plc, ISDX, and square mile, took place this April to celebrate success in the UK small and micro-cap community. Guest speaker Luke Johnson spoke at the event, highlighting the importance of small cap companies.




eight bank, 1 Change alley




MR PORTER An evening with mr porter @ eight moorgAte

PhotograPhs (Escapism & Mr Porter) by Chris o’Donovan

We invited our readers to an exclusive style evening with Mr Porter. Hosted at Eight Moorgate private members’ club, guests had the opportunity to see the latest collections, get measured up by a Savile Row tailor, and ask Mr Porter’s experts for sartorial advice.

Mr Porter is the global online retail destination for men’s style. One thing is for sure: because of this event, you’re going to be seeing many more well dressed bankers lining the streets of the City now. For more information and shopping, see

See more photoS oN




Richard Mackney’s Financial Encyclopedia


From Citypedia, the financial encyclopedia A tax (from the Latin ‘tix’ meaning ‘small, blood-sucking parasite’) is a financial charge or levy paid by any individual or legal entity without a decent accountant. [1] It is not a voluntary payment except in cases where the individual or legal entity has recently enjoyed an expensive dinner with the head of the Inland Revenue. [2] According to the most recent popularity poll, taxation in UK was rated in joint 432nd place along with ‘haemorrhoids’ and ‘Jeremy Clarkson’. [3]

History Early taxation is referenced in the Bible in the Book of Deductables, 47:24: ‘And the Lord, in pursuance of many billions of unpaid shekels said unto the Vodafonies, What is your occupation? And they said unto the Lord, Thy humble servants sell bulk text and landline packages, with costly handsets. And the Lord said, Oh don’t worry about it then’. Later, a revolutionary tax system was introduced during the Empire of Arcadia by the popular mass retailer, Philip the Green of Monaco – known by the authorities as ‘Phil Your Boots’ – which involved hiding the bulk of his earnings underneath his wife. In 1203, King John introduced a controversial tax on all men and women not called John, while in 1572 the first tax was established on internet search engines. Income tax in the UK has changed over the years. The highest rate of tax peaked at around 90% through the late 1960s and early 1970s when many high earners were forced to play drums for Genesis. [4]

The Tax Year


Tax collection Tax collection is performed in the UK by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, a government agency known commonly as ‘the tax man’ or ‘those bastards’. HMRC prides itself on its vigorous vetting of staff and, as of March 2009, has only employed people over 12 years old and who can use cutlery. In recent years, HMRC has seen a significant backlog of almost 7.5 million cases. However, in January 2011, the agency issued a statement that the backlog was now being cleared by ‘an elite team including Janet from next door and Mr Ahmed who comes round with the sandwiches’. [6]

Exemptions Many companies and individuals are exempt from UK taxation including: • Most charities • Large online retailers, global telecoms firms, and major American coffee chains • People called Rupert • All registered Romanian pickpockets • Those builders who did your kitchen

Tax avoidance

“Whatcha gonna do?”: Popular entertainer Jimmy Carr is one of a number of high-profile British celebrities who has helped to support the economy of the Channel Islands.

Types of tax Income tax: an arbitrary percentage of income taken from employees’ salaries at the end of the month when they are tired. Personal income tax works on a Transfer Whatever Amount is Taxable (TWAT) basis. Corporation tax: voluntary system of contribution that typically involves major firms taking the head of HMRC out for a long lunch and subsequently making a payment of 0.00003% of revenues via a dodgy man with a funny moustache. Syntax: revenue-raising scheme introduced by Tony Blair’s government in 2004 to stop John Prescott saying anything. Joe Le Taxi: tax on French cab drivers who sing creepy songs to young girls.

References 1. ‘36% of Britons now dangerously thick’, Daily Mail, 6 February 2010 2. ‘What’s £7bn between friends?’ asks HMRC boss from yacht in Bahamas, The Wednesday Backhander, 10 June 2012

Tax avoidance is the legal usage of the tax regime to one’s own advantage and generally fits into one of three main systems: • Onshore: the bulk of revenues collected by government • Offshore: any income held on a raft or lilo at least 100m from the coast • Unsure: tax deducted from people too thick, rich or lazy to sort out their finances

3. ‘Next Top Gear series to be presented by rectal swelling’, You & Your Piles, December 2012 4. No Talent Required – The Life & Times Of Phil Collins’s Bank Account, Non-Dom Press, 1996 5. ‘Exhausted sole trader recovered from underneath gigantic pile of tissues’ The Economist - RightHanders Special, May 2008 6. ‘Drooling moron with hairy palms put in charge of HMRC’, The Windowlicker, November 2011

PhotograPh by getty Images

The tax year is sometimes called ‘The Fiscal Year’ but is better known by most multinational companies as ‘The Gap Year’. The end of the tax year is 31 March, a time when the residents of The Channel Islands traditionally hang out bunting and

hold street parties to celebrate the arrival of Jimmy Carr’s income. For self-employed workers, the deadline for filing tax is the end of January, a month of creative euphemism in which huge numbers of taxi receipts are forged, sizeable pub bills are filed as ‘client meetings’, holidays abroad are filed as ‘business travel’ and jazz mags and dirty films become ‘essential business hardware’. [5]

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