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Andrew & Cole Ocean wear is a brand presenting a new way of comfort and style for men with its innovative lining without the net. This allows you to do summer activities all day! Visit andrew-cole. com for eye-catching and comfortable swimwear.

With a unique “bowl” shaped design that allows the watch to sit lower and hug your wrist better than many mechanical watches, VERO Watches build, test, assemble, and warranty all watches in their workshop in Portland, Oregon USA. Built to last with 100% US case and dial production, Swiss movement, and French hands. Every watch comes with 3 straps and works great for any occasion. @verowatches VERO Watch Company

These vintage canvas duffle bags are available in tan, green and navy. They are just one of a verity of items Bugs Vintage have available ranging from traditional handmade razors, timeless men’s clothing and handmade leather goods.

The story of the branch is three years in the making and began with one very simple idea. We wanted to create a clean and simple device that held a tablet and meant we could watch hands (and stress) free. Since then, we have worked hard to overcome language, knowledge and geographical barriers to create our first consumer-ready product. It contains more than 70 uniquely designed and specially crafted parts that slot together to create a stylish accessory we love to call ‘branch’.

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The Iconic 209 Mare Beach Blazer re-writes the rules when it comes to men’s luxury beachwear thanks to its cashmere-like bamboo towel lining which allows you to go from beach to beach club without missing a beat. This summer stand out in a sea of turtle-printed swim shorts and conquer the beach in art-deco inspired luxury.

A premium vodka - KORPIMAAN KYYNEL® is making Finnish distilling heritage part of modern urban life. The name translates as ”tears of the wild forest” a euphemism for moonshine which was distilled for hundreds of years deep in the heart of the Finnish forest. The taste is smooth, the aroma is elegantly fresh yet malty with a hint of rye. Sip it alone or enjoy it with your favorite cocktail.

“Savoir-Faire”, Elegance, Luxurious and provocative are the key qualities to explore the Hotin French Riviera universe. The French Maison create and mystify incredible swimsuits, 100% Made in France, characterized by a high visual quality but also by the silver padlock, here to symbolize the chastity belt and to adorn each product.

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A masterclass in men’s luxury beard care. Seeking more, we were inspired to find and capture the elusive ourselves – the ultimate, the exquisite and the eternally memorable. We set out with passion, mindfulness and attention to detail. Partnering with artisans to blend fragrances and the purest natural oils for over a year – not only to create the finest, most alluring masculine elixirs but embodying them with timeless depth. Our beard oils are handcrafted in England, in small batches, to exacting standards. W:



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Our Weekender polo is one of our three button placket polo shirts in 100% cotton pique with colour on the cuff, hem and placket. The pique allows for a more breathable fabric allowing for a more comfortable wear. Which makes it ideal for relaxing weekends, a round of golf or for smart-casual wear.

What if you could have a watch with vintage design aesthetics but without the wallet-incinerating price tag? And - even better - designed by someone with vintage watch DNA in their blood? Watch collector extraordinaire Dan Henry has turned watchmaker with models that fuse cues from Breitling, Omega and other twentieth century classics with modern materials and accurate, high-quality movements.


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Square Mile - 124 - The Power Issue  

Square Mile Magazine - Issue 124 - The Power Issue

Square Mile - 124 - The Power Issue  

Square Mile Magazine - Issue 124 - The Power Issue