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Chic furniture for every kind of homeowner

NOV 2016

ISSUE 139 S$5.50/RM10

Heartland hotspot: Why a property in Sengkang is so sought-after


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shades of



Celebrate the approach of cooler weather with these serene hues Text & coordination Ho Li Yen

1. Drop chair in stone grey $580 at Meraki Decoration 2. Circle lamp in smoke grey $249 at Stylodeco 3. Normann Copenhagen swing vases from $75 each at Naiise 4. Monstera Deliciosa cushion $95 at BoConcept 5. Nomad Home Perry armchair $750 at Originals 6. Gold and marble jewellery stand $79.85 at Amara 7. 4th Dimension table clock $229 at Naiise 8. Fargo sofa $4,381 at BoConcept 9. Abella jar $65 at Originals 10. Randy soft leather sandals $129 at TopShop 11. Pleated wool mini dress $373 at Marc By Marc Jacobs








26 NOV

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Find the right shades for you and your home with this 2-minute quiz START HERE

Do you like entertaining at home?



Family time trumps over “me” time. Agree?



Do you enjoy checking out new cafes?


Do your friends say you laugh easily?


yes no



Newspaper over websites anytime. Agree? yes


42 NOV

Do you prefer emails over phone calls?


Do you prefer classic tunes over the latest hits?



Do you like the outdoors?



You prefer shades like grey and khaki. Agree?





Does clutter make you feel uneasy? yes



Do people feel you have an original fashion sense? yes


Image courtesy of Dulux

Colour Codes A detailed look at what your results say about you and your perfect colour palette

Trendsetting You have a taste for either timeless trends or the hottest fads. You embrace raw and vintage furnishings, and you tend to go for clean-cut designer pieces. That said, you would like Scandinavian, minimalist and boutique hotel-inspired styles.

Your Best Colour Palette

Pantone Airy Blue

Pantone Rose Quartz

Images courtesy of (top to bottom) Bemz, Hafary, Arete Culture, Danetti

Traditional You have an appreciation for culture and history. Therefore, you tend to respect tried-and-tested interior styles that already work. When decorating, you only add decorative pieces that mean something to you, like treasured family portraits, vacation keepsakes or limited edition furnishings. You tend to go

LAID-BACK While there is a certain flair in your decorating style, you do not usually follow things through because creating a picture of perfection takes too long and too much effort. You would and should mostly stick to modern Scandinavian, modern resort and cottage country interior styles; these are styles that don’t require too much time or planning and are quite easy to replicate.

Your Best Colour Palette

Pantone Spicy Mustard

Pantone Sharkskin

Individualistic for straightforward styles like modern contemporary and mid-century modern. Your Best Colour Palette

Pantone Iced Coffee

Pantone Lilac Grey

You are fearless when it comes to expressing your individualism. It can be a pattern overload, lots of graphic prints and posters, or bold tones that usually intimidate most homeowners. You love eclectic decor such as the bohoinspired “jungalow” look or a mix of strong styles like industrial, Baroque, vintage and Oriental. Your Best Colour Palette

Pantone Aurora Red

Pantone Kale

NOV 43




Chroma class



Unapologetically bold and beautiful, the hottest hues for interiors are all about making a grand statement TEXT & COORDINATION Ho Li Yen


6 10

Bac k to Basic s

No home is ever quite complete without a smattering of trendy pastels.

9 8 7 1 Lueur lamp, $212.90 at Naiise 2 House Doctor tea towel, $18 at Journey East 3 Siemon & Salazar barrel vase, $1,528 at Vanilla Home 4 Water vase, $145 at BoConcept 5 Velvet cushion, $95 at BoConcept 6 House Doctor Walker chair, $450 at Journey East 7 Bosa ‘Cut’ by Studio Minotti centrepieces, from $218 each at Vanilla Home 8 New Norm mini bottle, $50 at Grafunkt 9 Abella jar, $55 at Originals 10 Gebruder Thonet Vienna Targa sofa, from $5,730 at Space Furniture

44 NOV





9 5

Nat ura l Beaut y


Nothing perks up the mood more than nature’s best and brightest colour.



1 Yellow bowl, $9.95 at Crate & Barrel 2 Poliform Bali armchair by Carlo Colombo, from $2,535 at Space Furniture 3 FL/Y ceiling light, $306 at Amara 4 Lattice rectangle cushion, $38.70 at HipVan 5 Vibrance mug, $53 at Amara 6 Sound Piece mini speaker, $134 at Happy Plugs 7 Joe Cariati footed bowls and apothecary jars, from $324 each at Vanilla Home 8 Amber hand-tufted rug, $590 at Departures & Arrivals 9 Lemon silk cushion, $161 at Amara

NOV 45


Wall hangings Display your favourite prints of the moment with this nifty idea: clip them to trouser hangers and simply hang them up! We particularly like that we can change out the images effortlessly when the mood strikes. Featuring Zeeren chair, $179, from Etch & Bolts.

50 NOV

S i m p ly c r at e Sure, crates are great for storage but why hide them away when you can repurpose them into a rustic side table-cum-magazine rack? We gave this old wine crate a new coat of white paint before placing a stack of our favourite reads inside. Featuring Julien barstool, $189, and Madam Moony table lamp, $140, from Etch & Bolts.

Fold it up This conversation starter of a vase is rather simple to make – all it takes is sturdy fabric like felt, a sewing kit and some patience. Cut the fabric into a hexagon. Then cut all six corners of the fabric from the edge to about 4 to 5-cm in (make sure you leave some space in the middle of the hexagon for the base). Once that’s done, sew the edges of three alternate panels together. Repeat the sewing with the remaining three panels. You should get a layered petal effect. Insert a small glass before placing your plant or flowers in. Featuring gemstone terrarium, $69, and Miss Swirl concrete tray, $90, from Etch & Bolts.

NOV 51



colours Our pick of the most stylish accessories for the different personalities in your home Styling Yong Woei Na ART DIRECTION Neo Aik Sing Photography Wong Weiliang

From left Muuto Visu bar stool, $813 from Lifestorey. Dark grey Hue mugs, $8.95 each, Acacia servers $15.95, Lunea melamine platter, $27.95, Silo canisters, from $15.95 each, all from Crate & Barrel. Small vase with wooden stand, $76 and natural wood vase, $105, both from Lifestorey. Other accessories, stylist’s own. Featuring (on wall) Espalier SCX 1172D laminates, Lucio Ercolano DXP 1360K laminates and (on table) Lava Slate DXN 5310X laminates, all from Lamitak.

52 NOV

Host with the most Create a convivial and elegant table setting with these chic yet versatile tableware.

NOV 53

Image courtesy of Ferm Living


Dapper Paper

We suss out the trendiest wallpapers that are sure make any space pop Text Ho Li Yen

56 NOV


S e aso n

Make your walls the centrepiece in any room by adding some tactile interest! Here are the top 5 wallpaper patterns:


3D Brick Designs

The brick wall you see in most cafe-inspired or industrialthemed homes may not always be fashioned from the real deal. Heavy and unyielding, the raw materials may be substituted for its fuss-free cousin – the three-dimensional brick wallpaper.

Image courtesy of The Wall Story

Using wallpaper is an easy way to introduce pops of colour and energy to your home and there is no better way to do that than to utilise pretty petals. Floral designs are not always about femininity, there are some that take on bold hues. But even the most delicate of these wallcoverings are sure to inject a breath of fresh air to your space.

Image courtesy of Debbie McKeegan


Floral patterns

[Wallpapers are] simple to apply and remove. Because of the easy installation, homeowners get more freedom to go outside of their comfort zone and attempt new concepts – retiring styles and introducing new designs are almost effortless. George Ong, Business Development Director at The Wall Story

NOV 57

sengKang Special

A neighbourhood


From a humble fishing village to a modern neighbourhood, we identify the key developments that make Sengkang a thriving residential district today Text Stanley Lim

62 NOV

Image courtesy of PUB Image courtesy of URA


ention Sengkang to any Singaporean, and the image of a serene suburb with a growing community of young families comes to mind. However, few are aware of its past life as Jalan Kangkar. Closely situated to Singapore’s North-Eastern coast, this quiet neighbourhood once consisted of only a fishing port as well as several rubber, pepper and pineapple plantations. Since then, Sengkang has undergone a gradual metamorphosis into a modern town that is home to approximately 186,500 residents. Plans to modernise the area kicked off in 1994, with the very first residential blocks and a dedicated Light Rail Transport (LRT) network seeing completion three years later. Still, traces of Sengkang’s humble beginnings can be found in all of its seven subzones. District names such as Rivervale, Compassvale, Anchorvale and Fernvale hark back to Sengkang’s rural past, while a distinct nautical theme can be found within the architecture of Sengkang Town Centre, Sengkang West and Lorong Halus North.

b r e at h i n g s pac e (above)

Sengkang Floating Wetland is an oasis for residents to retreat to. C e n t r a l l o c at i o n (left)

Compassvale Mast is conveniently located near Sengkang MRT Station and Compass One mall.

What is “Seng Kang”? The town’s name is a reference to the Chinese words for “prosperous harbour”

NOV 63


sengKang Special

heartland oasis

With its practical solutions and personal touches, this love nest in Sengkang is a deserving winner of this year’s SquareRooms Home Search Text Jolene Limuco PHOTOs Wong Weiliang Art direction and styling Neo Aik Sing

66 NOV


One of the most practical solutions in the living space is the L-shaped TV console-cum-bay window seating that provides multiple uses – it is a storage solution, display platform and seating. The tactile feature wall was patiently laid out by Raja with hand-cut solid oak panels procured from an independent woodworker.


5 room BTO unit l o c a t i o n Compassvale Compassvale Drive Mast budget

50K Home to


Winner of

h me search 2016 H om e o w n e r s R a j a a n d I d ay u (right)

The champions of this year’s SquareRooms Home Search were surprised to see their home win. Says Idayu, “Our goal when we joined the contest was to see if we can have our home featured in the magazine but we didn’t expect to win.” Raja adds, “We thought that we’d feel a sense of satisfaction seeing our home in a magazine but to win Home Search is a bonus.” On dining table: White vase, wooden bowl and mug from Crate & Barrel. Copper cactus, marble box and artificial plants from Egg3. Dining a r e a (opposite page)

The built up bar counter is a special request from the couple as it is not only used as a dining table. It also works as a prep island and crafting station. Idayu likes to practise her brush lettering here. Drawers built into the counter provide additional storage while a power source installed here allows for easy access when the family organises steamboat dinners or use kitchen gadgets when baking. The vinyl flooring in this zone was purchased from Wood Culture and laid out in a herringbone pattern. On dining table: Rattan placemat and pitcher from Crate & Barrel. On metal grille and sidetable: Lightbulb planter and geometric glass from Egg3. Kiwi bird from Crate & Barrel.


hen Sengkang residents Raja Mohd Fairuz and Idayu Dewi wanted to renovate their new home, they decided to design it themselves. After all, Raja, an architecture lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic possesses all the know-how and design sense. “It just made sense that we designed our home, since I am an architect by training,” he quips. The time and effort that he and his wife put in paid off as they have been crowned the SquareRooms Home Search 2016 winners. Simple, quietly chic and thoughtfully furnished,

68 NOV

their five-room BTO flat is a prime example of a truly liveable home. Before beginning the design process, the couple had a clear idea of what they wanted and had already started gathering inspiration from magazines, books and websites. Raja then came up with the design drafts and renderings. All they had to do was to hire a design and build contractor to execute their ideas. It was a chance encounter at their void deck that brought them together with Team Interior Design. Their fifth-floor BTO unit at Compassvale Mast is a lofty space thanks to its soothing

NOV 69


sengKang Special

Pegboard Wall

Instead of sporting typical shelves or cabinets, this abode features a pegboard wall, giving its homeowners the freedom to construct and deconstruct their shelves to suit their whims. For an alternative display method, a string can be used to link two pegs together, and family photos clipped on.


4 room BTO unit Compassvale l o c a t i o n Mast Compassvale Drive budget

40K Home to



The careful regard and intricate detailing on this residence’s walls make for one stunning makeover Text Ho Li Yen PHOTOs Meshwerk Studio & Mark Chen

90 NOV


ith its gritty textures and raw finishes, the industrial style is fast becoming popular, if not a mainstay in the Singapore interior design scene. However, aside from the ubiquitous Scandi-industrial takes, it is highly unlikely that a residence will sport other unique fusions, making this fourroom BTO flat quite a rare find. An imaginative blend of traditional prints and modern fittings, this flat stands out thanks to its fancy walls. While incorporating that many textures, prints and patterns may be unconventional, Landren Lim, the founder of interior design studio Meshwerk and the designer who oversaw this project, artfully styled the spaces with a practised air. Each

corner takes on a characteristic print or pattern without being too overwhelming. Instead, astute choices in the colour palette and recurring blue hues work to keep the look cohesive. At the front of the apartment, a splendid wall takes centrestage. Covered from floor to ceiling in a combination of patterned and woodgrained tiles, the feature wall is the first of many bold structures in the home. Plus, the woodgrained tiles employed assume slate colours, creating a smooth transition from living room to the cement screed walls of the dining area. “Though the homeowners opted for an industrial concept, which features dark colours and harsher elements, they wanted to keep it

F e at u r e Wa l l + TV Console

Stretching from floor to ceiling is a striking feature wall made from a combination of vibrantlyhued Peranakan tiles and Italian woodgrained tiles. Assuming an understated hue, the woodgrained tiles complement its cement screed counterpart that flows from the dining zone to kitchen. To build on the home’s antique appeal, a television console is made with natural veneer and paired with a few porcelain vases.

NOV 91


Ottawa chair from BoConcept Dining Area + Lights

Hints of blue pepper the recycled wood wall in a recurring fashion, which complements the hues employed in the kitchen island and backsplash nicely. Track lights were used in place of other installations to complete the vintage vibes and to complement the Peranakan tiles and cement screed walls. With its wood and wire covering, the vintage hanging lights used resemble chicken coops.

92 NOV

Entryway wall

Pegboard Living Room

In accordance with the overarching theme and vintage aesthetic, billowy curtains were vetoed in favour of the austere venetian blinds. The pegboard installation extended the wall surface in the living room. To capitalise on that added advantage, the homeowners purchased a bigger sofa.

bright and airy,” says Landren. “To keep the living and dining zones well lit, we demolished a wall between both spaces and introduced an open concept kitchen.” Clad in a myriad of textures, the striking walls surrounding the dining area glam up the otherwise pristine space. Aside from an orthodox dark cement screed wall, recycled wood was used too. The applied recycled wood takes on different stain finishes, including a splash of blue, to tie in with the tiles employed on the kitchen island and backsplash. But that’s not all, a nifty pegboard wall was worked

into the zone, allowing the homeowners to customise their display areas to suit their fancy. “I adore bold colours and intricate patterns,” reveals Nurul Raudha Roslani, the owner of this three-bedroom abode. She spotted vintage ceramic tiles in kampong homes while on a trip to Malaysia and was inspired to adopt them in her flat. She adds, “The kampong concept is very special to me, and it influenced my choices in furnishings – from the dining lights that resemble chicken coops to the other wooden elements around the home.”

NOV 93


sengKang Special


5 room BTO unit Anchorvale l o c a t i o n Cove Anchorvale Crescent reno period

7 weeks Home to

96 NOV

Living Room

Instead of white, the homeowners opted for a soft cream to act as the base coat on the living room wall. The shade works to enhance the cosy ambience while keeping the space airy. The dry wall partition complements the beam and works with the brick-like panels to create an eye-catching, recessed feature wall. Black PVC piping and track lights likens itself to the exposed pipes commonly found in industrial homes.



Infused with Scandi-industrial elements, a smattering of contemporary pieces introduces a new twist to this cosy home Text Ho Li Yen PHOTOs Takeji Design & Pan Shao Xiang


ocated a stone’s throw away from the quaint Sengkang Riverside Park lies this cosy home for two. Decked out in furnishings that take their cues from the clean Nordic palette and rugged industrial elements, this home is a comfortable haven that meets the needs of the homeowners to a tee. Save for the trademark wood-effect furniture and white walls, the employ of geometric prints and striking display units introduces a contemporary twist to this five-room flat. In the living room, track lights with black PVC piping run across the length of the ceiling, emulating the exposed pipes that industrial homes love to flaunt. To further enhance the industrial feel and provide a focal point in the space, monochrome pendant lights were affixed in the dining area.

NOV 97


in with

the Bold Give your interiors a facelift with Formica’s fashionably glamorous laminates collection


ost wardrobes contain at least a pair of jeans but have you ever considered incorporating the deep blue washed colour and denim texture into your interiors? It will make for a pretty and rather daring statement in your home. Enter Formica Group’s new collection of high pressure laminates. This “BOLD Redefined” compendium taps into current design trends, offering architects, interior designers and design-savvy homeowners a truly stylish range that has never been seen before. Fomica’s three new textures – Truewood, Prismatic and Jeans – were developed in consideration of their two novel design concepts: “Refined Spiritualism” and “Materialism Memory”.

“Materialism Memory” focuses on the idea of reused and recycled real objects that can spark memories. The use of denim and wood-effect textures are especially prominent in this concept. Undisputedly the signature product in this stellar line-up is the 9271JN Reclaimed Denim Fibre. Having utilised real reclaimed fibre in its production process, each sheet of the reclaimed denim fibre laminate boasts a distinctive design unlike other superficial printed denim design counterparts. “Refined Spiritualism” incorporates earth-toned colours and natural textures – take for instance Prismatic which

takes its cues from gems. The laminate plays with light, creating a new look via motion. On the other hand, the Truewood texture offers a realistic wood-like effect by emulating the slits and valleys, growth rings, knots and ribbon grains present in old forest heartwood. With an impressive range of innovative and trendsetting applications, these laminates are set to give interiors an edge. Formica Singapore 502 Sims Avenue tel: 6514 1313

NOV 107

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