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SEP 2016

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punggol spec ia l

punggol spec ia l

Neighbourhood to watch Vibrant waterways, sustainable designs and smart features – we round up the exciting developments and upcoming projects that make a home in Punggol so sought-after Text Lee Kai Lin Photos Wilson Pang (unless otherwise stated)

60 SEP


’s hard to imagine the lively, advanced and next-generation town of Punggol as the fishing village it once was. But those days are long over with major overhauls transforming Punggol into the sustainable waterfront town it was promised to be. In 2012, the town received seven new waterfront districts: Punggol Point, Canal, Waterway East, Waterway West, Crescent, Matilda and Northshore. Since then, multiple milestones have helped

place the northeastern town on the map for Singaporeans – from the unveiling of Punggol Waterway Park and the buzzedabout Coney Island to the opening of Waterway Point. But Punggol’s development is not yet complete – there are phases it has yet to embark on, from the expansion of its industrial cluster to the upcoming launches of hotly anticipated housing projects. Here are some of the district’s most notable current features, as well as developments to look out for in the next few years.

The picturesque Punggol Waterway Park meanders through the heart of the town, connecting facilities via paths for the convenience of residents.

Treelodge@Punggol has been developed with eco-friendly features.

The new Punggol Visitor Centre will serve as a shared community space for residents.

RESIDENTIAL Treelodge@Punggol



The Treelodge@Punggol precinct doesn’t just feature rarely seen loft units, it is also developed with environmentally friendly features. By simulating conditions such as solar and wind energy per unit area, the blocks in the precinct are oriented to maximise wind flow, allowing for natural ventilation. Punggol Northshore

Not only is Punggol's Singapore’s youngest HDB town, it is also slated to be the country's first eco-town


Slated for completion in 2020, Punggol Northshore will be Singapore's first smartenabled public housing district. Features such as sensor-controlled lighting will characterise public spaces, while homes will come with a range of digital facilities like data ports and additional power, allowing for owners to easily install other smart technology. The Punggol Northshore zone will also boast solar-ready roofs, a smart waste conveyance system as well as car park management technology that can control the number of lots for visitors during peak and non-peak hours, ensuring residents have sufficient lots. The first batch of smart homes launched for sale are Northshore Residences I and II, expected to be completed in 2020. They will be situated along Punggol Way, next to Samudera LRT station.

62 SEP

green town

View of Punggol Waterway Park and Waterway Point Shopping Mall.


When the HDB constructed Punggol Plaza in 2004, it was one of the last neighbourhood centres it built as part of housing estates. Now more than 10 years on, HDB is bringing back neighbourhood centres – a move in response to discussions with residents. With a focus on community spaces, Oasis Terraces will be one-stop destination for residents to meet their amenity needs.

Image courtesy of HDB

punggol spec ia l


alk W nt oi punggol P ol Jetty park gg n u

Pu ng go lP

Punggol Point 2

coney island r om ena d

eN atu re W alk

Samudera Teck Lee

punggol waterway park Nibong


Kadaloor Oasis


Punggol Station

PUNGGOL central

Situated next to the Oasis LRT station at Punggol Waterway, it will have 18,000 square metres of retail space, a community plaza, a rooftop community garden, as well as the Punggol Polyclinic – one of Singapore’s largest. The Oasis Terraces neighbourhood centre is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

When completed, Oasis Terraces will house a polyclinic, childcare centres, a community plaza and a wide range of shopping and dining facilities.

Images courtesy of Serie + Mply Architects

Punggol Visitor Centre

To be completed earlier will be the Punggol Visitor Centre – a three-storey complex in Punggol Town Plaza set to open later this year. The centre will not only be a shared community space, but also serve as a site for residents and visitors to learn more about the development of the waterfront town. A first of its kind, the centre will have an interactive 3D scale model of Punggol Town on the ground floor, allowing the public to have a firsthand experience of key public housing developments, transportation, and the greenery and water bodies in the town.

Rive rside Walk





Punggol Pro men ade


Sam Kee

96,000 the total number of homes in Punggol upon completion of its development

SEP 63

punggol spec ia l

origins of its name The word “Punggol” in Malay means “hurling sticks at the branches of fruit trees to bring them down to the ground” – referencing the town’s history as a fruit-growing district.

WORK AND EDUCATION The Creative Cluster

Punggol’s Creative Cluster looks set to be the next big phase of development. This is all part of a larger plan to grow Singapore’s northern region, where a new economic corridor will come into formation. The Creative Cluster will also see the introduction of new jobs and opportunities. One highlight is the relocation of the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), as it shifts from its interim campus in Dover Road to a permanent home in Punggol. Here, it will be integrated with the new Punggol Downtown and the upcoming Northshore District. With a conscious push for its students to have a close symbiotic relationship with industry partners, SIT will convert their boulevards into vehicle-free zones for pedestrians to enjoy easy access to the creative industry cluster, which will be built by JTC Corporation across the road.

The newly opened SAFRA Punggol is nestled in scenic Punggol Waterway Park.

PARKS AND RECREATION Punggol Waterway Park

Already a favourite among runners and cyclists, Punggol Waterway Park, located along Sentul Crescent, is surrounded by plenty of water features and green spaces. Built around the section of Punggol Waterway, the park is also known as the “Venice of Punggol”. It boasts the first man-made waterway designed as part of the landscape feature in HDB estates. Other scenic nature spots in Punggol include Punggol Beach and the 2.4km Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, which stretches between Punggol Point Walk and Riverside Walk. Punggol Regional Sports Centre

By 2019, Punggol will also have its own Regional Sports Centre. Catering to a larger range of competitive

64 SEP

eastern and western parts of the island. Travelling time from Punggol to Pasir Ris, for instance, will be reduced from 40 minutes by bus today to 15 minutes via the CRL. Facilitating cycling as a green, alternative mode of transport, developments of the Punggol Eco-Town Cycling Network are also underway. When completed in the first quarter of next year, cyclists will be able to access a safe, continuous and extensive 8.8km network of cycling paths around the neighbourhood. The North South Expressway (NSE) to be completed by 2020 will significantly reduce journey times from the North-East to the CBD, while the Punggol Semi-Expressway will increase east-west connectivity within the region.

sports, the centre will be integrated with Punggol’s waterways, and co-located with the SAFRA clubhouse launched earlier this year. Old Punggol Road

Running through the Punggol Downtown area, the 1.5km Old Punggol Road will be pedestrianised and transformed into a heritage space, complete with a vibrant Market Village boasting dining and leisure facilities where the public can relax and enjoy.

TRANSPORT Further in the future, Punggol will stand to benefit much as the Thomson Line (TSL) is gradually extended from the CBD to Punggol North. The extension will be completed by 2030, and coupled with the Cross Island Line (CRL), will make Punggol more accessible to the

Punggol Promenade Nature Walk connects residents to peaceful spots and coastal look-out points.

SEP 65


punggol spec ia l

An Edge of

sophistication A harmonious combination of natural and industrial elements make for a functional yet cosy home Text Lim Jia Ying PHOTOs IDID Pte Ltd

66 SEP


hile some Singaporeans choose to pull out all the stops for their home, the young homeowners occupying this home in Punggol Drive decided to go the functional route. Rugged with polished furnishings complemented by light and dark wood features blend harmoniously here to create a modern yet comfortable abode. “As young newlyweds, the owners preferred a contemporary design that was both humble and highly functional,” says the project’s designer Wynn Neo from IDID, a Singapore-based interior design firm. “On account of the clients’ request, we decided to create an industrialstyle interior with accompanying elements from modern design.”

Living room (above)

Mid-century style furniture in muted colours and wooden surfaces blend well with the cement walls, creating a cosy atmosphere in the living area. dining area (opposite page)

The conjoined kitchen-and-dining area is furnished with a table, bench and chairs that complement the adjacent kitchen counter.


5-Room BTO uni t size

1,500 sqf budget

$50K reno period

4 weeks

Punggol Drive

SEP 67


Lester sofa from Castlery O v e r a ll

The industrial theme serves the young homeowners well as it is at once functional and stylish. An expansive open-plan interior integrates the living, dining and cooking zones. Thanks to the apartment’s broad structure, this layout was achieved without any hacking down of walls. Bare ceilings paired with black accoutrements create a sense of space and structure.

68 SEP

SEP 69


open sesame (below)

A key feature in this home is its expansive open plan that allows the home to appear visually spacious. Clear sliding doors were installed to separate the dry and wet kitchens, effectively contributing to a seamless look while keeping cooking fumes contained.

70 SEP

The industrial theme is evident from the moment one steps through the door. An expansive open-plan interior integrates the living, dining and kitchen spaces. Thanks to the apartment’s broad structure, this layout was achieved without any hacking. Bare ceilings, cement screed walls and utilitarian track lights also contribute to the apartment’s stripped-down vibe. Yet, there is more to this home than meets the eye. Beyond its simple appearance, contrasting details balance out to create a homely, refined atmosphere. Rough cement walls are juxtaposed against glossy, crystal-polished flooring. Meanwhile black matte elements, such

as the pendant lights and ceiling fans, smartly outline the white background. Besides jazzing up the interior, various furnishings also carry a functional purpose. The full-length mirror by the entrance doubles as a concealed door that hides an electric box and shoe storage space. In similar fashion, the crystal polishing of the floor tiles makes for easy maintenance, as it prevents dirt from collecting in between grouting. Woody elements, a distinctive trait of industrial interiors, are featured extensively in the central living zone. Here, a custom bookshelf made of solid plywood stands sentinel over a plush

Dry kitchen (above)

The underlying contrast of the flat’s decor is reinforced through the kitchen’s jet black table top cladding and light wooden laminates. Home gym (right)

Built-in gym equipment and a practical full-length mirror allow the owners to work out in the comfort of their home.

SEP 71


Wet kitchen (right)

Warm backlights that trail along the galley-style counters provide a glowing sheen to the elongated wet kitchen. Master suite (below)

Consisting of a study and bedroom, the master suite is a scene of calm. Minimal furnishings and rich timber accents imbue the space with a quiet yet luxurious quality.

reading chair. Meanwhile, a mid-century style sofa completes the entertainment space, along with a metal-framed walnut coffee table and TV console. Located behind the living room sofa is a fitness corner – another of the owners’ key requests. Black pull up bars and push up handles consistent with the track lights were installed, along with a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Close by, the conjoined kitchen-and-dining area features a table, a bench and chairs in a dark wood finish. In contrast, the kitchen cabinets keep the uniformity of the overarching design with their woodgrained laminates. “The clients were inspired by the expanded kitchens found in condominiums and wanted a similar, bar counter layout for their home,” explains Wynn.

72 SEP

Following this request, the dry kitchen was connected to the dining space via an extended bar counter, in addition to a series of stacked cupboards framing a built-in microwave, oven and refrigerator. Besides adding structure with their bold outlines, clear sliding doors in black aluminium frames serve to separate the dry kitchen from its wet counterpart. Meanwhile, the wet kitchen’s galley-style arrangement maximises usable space and accentuates its elongated structure. While bold, stripped down elements take centrestage in the rest of the flat, the bedroom is decidedly serene. Away from the buzz of activity of the living area, the study and master bedroom were combined to create a spacious suite for open relaxation.

Certain installations in the master bedroom, like its ivory walls and black track lights, once again evoke the flat’s monochromatic theme. However, timbered components are the real stars here, as they make for an elegant, beach resort atmosphere. Honey-hued parquet flooring is paired with sleek wooden furnishings, such as the desk, bed frame and venetian blinds, to deliver an upscale feel. Clearly as this home’s design attests balance is key in developing a unique style without compromising functionality. Soft, refined materials can be deftly paired with avant-garde fittings for an edge of sophistication.

M AT E R I A L S K itch e n cabin e ts Woodgrained laminates

M ast e r b e droom floor Parquet

SEP 73



3-bedroom Executive C ondo size

1,180 sqf budget

$24K reno period

3 months

Punggol Drive

punggol spec ia l


Mystique The classic combination of black and white lends a striking touch and quiet sophistication to this home Text Ho Li Yen PHOTOs Distinct Identity


a landscape that is being dominated by Scandinavian- and industrial-themed homes, dark hues are being pushed aside in favour of lighter, warmer tones. However, black-and-white themed homes are coming back in vogue, and we can see why. Widely regarded as a chic colour palette, these shades add a touch of elegance to spaces all while imbuing it with a sense of contemporary timelessness. This sexy home of a stylish couple uses copious amounts of white, which is enhanced with black tones. The result is a space that is flooded in natural light and artistic flair. To

92 SEP

keep things cohesive and polished, the zones are mostly decked out in furnishings of varying monochromatic shades. “We wanted a clean and bright space,” explains Jean Tan the homeowner of the swanky three-bedroom condominium. “Our last home had a darker theme, with grey and black walls. With this home, the black-and-white concept allows us to enlarge the space visually with natural light bouncing off the walls and white cabinets.” The couple engaged the team at interior design firm Distinct Identity to help them realise their gorgeous space. Subtle designs elements can be spied throughout the 1,118-square foot apartment. A black archway serves as a subtle

Eames DAR molded armchair, retailing at XTRA Living room

Commissioned from an Australian artist, the print hanging on the living room wall is a stunning centrepiece. White track lights create a gallery-like vibe and draws attention to the art piece when switched on. Proposed by the designer, the black archway is a subtle partition, segregating the dining area and living room neatly.

Dining area

An angular ceiling light was deliberately chosen to introduce industrial elements to the space. The divider stretches across the shared space and connects to the feature wall – a simple illusion to create depth and width. Lights were cleverly hidden within the structure and can be activated to enhance the ambience.

SEP 93


Living room

A coffee table was substituted with two hexagonal tables to maximise floor space. Glossy white cabinets blend into the surrounding walls and provide hidden storage. As selfproclaimed movie buffs, the couple installed a floor lamp to create ambient lighting for movie nights.

94 SEP

partition, dividing the living and dining areas without being obtrusive. It starts from the door, stretches across the length of the communal areas and extends across the ceiling. It’s a clever deception to elongate the breadth and width of the rooms. More lights have been hidden within the smart structure and is used to create a cosy ambience. The homeowners’ love for geometric patterns are visible in their choice of furnishings – the volley of prints on their throw pillows, the wallpaper selection for their bedroom and even in the hexagonal tables that act as coffee tables. “We were inspired by several design magazines,” Jean shares, “Plus, modern homes have done away with the traditional coffee

tables in favour of smaller surfaces – it helps to maximise the floor space.” Rows of cabinets in white glossy laminates were fitted throughout the house, keeping it clutter-free. Due to its iridescent sheen, the furnishings provide visual interest and magnify the setting. “The developer had provided us with one walk-in wardrobe, which my husband is using,” says Jean. “But I needed more storage space for my collection of clothes and accessories so we decided to introduce another walk-in wardrobe.” Crafted from the same material as the cabinets, the sleek wardrobe is paired with black track lighting, floor-length curtains and a plush rug to evoke a boutique vibe. Jean tailored the

Bedroom (left)

A statement geometric wallpaper from Goodrich covers one of the walls. Instead of having a traditional bedhead, the bed was customised to include a workstation at the side. The workspace is essential as the homeowners take turns using it for work. Walk-in Wardrobe (below)

To store her collection of clothes and shoes, Jean decided to run with the idea of having a walk-in wardrobe. As such, her interior designer converted one of the doors to house a mirror and vanity. A plush rug, black track lights and floor-length curtains were added to enclose and create a private space for her. These fittings were intentionally chosen to evoke a boutique-like appearance.

closet to include a mirror and vanity behind one of the doors. Moving onwards to the bedroom, the conventional bed has been given a facelift – instead of sporting a bedframe, the bed has been constructed to include a miniature table that serves as a workstation for the inhabitants. “We take turns with the space. One of us will be working while the other relaxes on the bed,” Jean shares. “It’s purely a lifestyle need.” Cool and edgy, this home is a medley of timeless hues and trendy fittings. The end product is a space that speaks volumes about the owners’ characters and personalities – bold, artistic and contemporary.


L i v i n g R oom cabi n e ts Glossy white laminates

B e droom W all Geometric wallpaper

SEP 95

SquareRooms Punggol Special  
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