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8 of the hottest interior trends to adopt for your dream home

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10 industrial

raw appeal

It’s more than meets the eye with the industrial style. We unravel what lies behind that moody facade text Fidz Azmin

10 ideal homes


ack in the 18th century, industrial spaces were built with function, efficiency and safety in mind. These constructions comprising warehouses, factories and barns typically boast expansive open-plan interiors to house as many machines and men as possible, unadorned facades that kept fire hazards to a minimum, and huge bare windows for taking advantage of natural light. This was the era that heavily influenced the industrial style that we love today. Now these buildings have found new life as homes, hotels, and even event venues – proudly flaunting their roughhewn appearance as an homage to history. But is it all steel and stones with the industrial design? Let’s take a look at the traits that give its personality such an appeal.

soften the impact

Design by Free Space Intent

Those who crave creature comforts, take comfort. Soft furnishings such as throws, cushion covers and rugs made of natural fabrics belong in this space too. So do aged leather loungers and sumptuous fabric sofas. With padded pieces though, stick to frills-free lines. Then break the tension with the warmth of wood, and welcome in an abundance of light – both natural and man-made – to offset a rough interior even more.

Photo by Danish Design

tip Large-scale leafy plants act like green sculptures in your industrial world – a natural alternative to artworks.


12 industrial


Image courtesy of Carl Hansen & Son

Decorative pieces with assertive forms and timeworn appeal give this style its signature swagger. This includes finds from garage sales such as vintage road signs and typewriters to discarded pulleys, bolts and gears salvaged from factories.

cavernous spaces

12 ideal homes

Image courtesy of 2by2 Store

Embrace the exposed

In an industrial abode, the very bones that hold the space together are left in plain sight. A far cry from other more conservative looks, this style is the only that has the courage to bare what most choose to conceal. Likewise, dare to leave your windows uncovered, liberally line your ceilings with conduit pipes, and embrace the roughness of raw brick walls and cement screed floors.

This look takes clues from industrial structures that are abound with space. And while not everyone gets to enjoy the luxury of a wide open, high-ceilinged dwelling, homeowners can give their apartments the illusion of spaciousness by employing an open-plan layout. Unsure of how to delineate the different zones within that long expanse of floor area? Strategically place furniture such as floor lamps and bookshelves or furnishings like rugs to separate without blocking the visual flow.

Image courtesy of Lime Lace

Image courtesy of Journey East

Rock and roll

This look loves humble materials. The bare components of a building – that’s bricks, wood and metal – are celebrated in an industrial world, endowing the look its appealingly unassuming quality. Stay on track with the style’s rustic appeal by picking metals with a kiss of patina as well as those with matte and hammered finishes. This element’s cool exterior also contrasts brilliantly against the rugged vibe of masonry materials and distressed wood. So, make these your go-to ingredients for a rockin’ interior.

Very versatile

Who would have thought the industrial interior could be so versatile? It runs the gamut from a minimal and modern take to a more elaborate appearance with vintage vibes. Even upscale homes want a piece of the pie by incorporating features such as metal lighting, wall coverings with a concrete-like look, as well as antique furniture like beaten luggage cases and leather couches.

Image courtesy of Journey East

Colour kingdom

It’s not all gloom in the industrial realm. Hues with cool undertones hit the mark as well as monochromatic neutrals such as black, white and grey. Even if you want to stick to a darker palette, consider unexpected shades like plum and moss for a touch of the regal. Add a dose of contrast with saturated hues – for example, turquoise or tangerine – in the form of decorative objects, not so much big-ticket ones.


18 eclectic

in the mix Show off your personal style with an eclectic interior t e x t J o l e n e L i m u co

tip An eclectic home is all about personalisation, so show off your favourite photos, prints and collectibles!

18 ideal homes


he eclectic design style is probably the most forgiving because there are no rules to play by. It simply reflects the tastes and preferences of its inhabitants. But one thing that probably makes an eclectic home stand out from other interior styles is its penchant for colour and prints. If you’ve always wanted a unique home that truly reflects your personality, then an eclectic home is for you. This is where you can mix and match your favourite furniture, accessories and colours and get away with it – almost. However, it is so easy to go overboard with this style. Here are some tips and ideas to help you curate your very own eclectic home.

Image by Bureaux

Healthy greens

The lived-in and cosy look of the eclectic style celebrates three-dimensional textures. And an easy way to replicate the look of the trendy Jungalow style is to prop plenty of plants around your interiors. Plants of various sizes and shapes can breathe life literally and figuratively into your space, all while giving it a certain kind of warmth.

tapestry of textures

Design by Dan's Workshop

Design by Poetus

With an eclectic home, you are allowed to include interesting textures and patterns into your space. But tread lightly or the effect would be a clash of disorienting styles. Choose one area of your home to highlight – like a wall – and lay on some interesting textural details. To keep things from becoming too overwhelming, stick to a palette in the same colour family.


22 eclectic

get the look

a diverse bunch Get creative with a mix of prints, colours and textures for an eclectic abode t e xt J o l e n e L i m u co

Layer on the soft furnishings for an ultra cosy vibe. And don’t by shy to pick and choose your favourite hues, shapes and finishes for a unique look that reflects your personal tastes. Meizai Combine sofa, Gubi Beetle chair and Globe West Como coffee table, POA at Norsu Interiors

22 ideal homes







Make a fuzz Create a warm and cosy space that’s all you with these comforting picks. 1 Rustic leather pouf, $280 at Make Room 2 TÅNUM flatwoven rug, $19.90 at IKEA 3 Herbs and spices print, $48.50 at Papermash 4 Triangle pom plush cushion, $19.90 at HipVan 5 Notre Monde round tray table set, $490 at Ethnicraft Online 6 North sofa, from $3,163 at Kuhl Home 7 Jolie table lamp, $499 at Crate & Barrel 8 Genna pillow, $119.95 at Crate & Barrel  9 Adra vase, $89.95 at Crate & Barrel 10 Alveo wall lamp, $755 at Kuhl Home






26 monochrome

black, white and chic Stunning and timeless, monochrome interiors never go out of style

Design by Icon Interior

t e xt sta n l e y l i m


ecorating with black and white might seem boring or even restrictive to some homeowners, but nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, choosing a monochrome interior for your home is an effective way of ensuring that it will stay perennially chic. If you prefer a simpler approach to your home’s colours, here are a couple of handy tips that will help you pull off a monochrome palette with ease.

26 ideal homes


Image courtesy of Kuhl Home

Purely monochrome interiors can come off as intimidating at times, so be sure to soften the look with cosy textures or soft furnishings.

Flaunt those curves

In the case of monochrome interiors, having an overabundance of clean lines and sharp angles can result in an excessively spartan look. Strike a balance with furnishings that possess flowing curves for a softer touch.

Accentuate with accessories

Photo by Wong Weiliang

There’s no arguing that a mostly-white interior can appear overly clinical, so don’t forget to accessorise your home with interesting pieces. Striped throws, patterned rugs and furniture pieces with distinctive outlines can bring a blank canvas to life.


28 monochrome

Make a statement

Design by

grey area Black and white may be the defining hues of monochrome-themed homes but shades of grey can serve as a suitable substitute for either colour. Introduce a touch of cosiness with greys, or use them to bridge the gap between opposites. If you are not a monochrome purist, adding subtle splashes of colour is an acceptable option of creating visual interest as well.

Design by Mesh Werk Studio

Design by The orange cube

Aside from bringing in a variety of different shapes, patterns and textures, statement lights also offer another way to break up the monotony of a strictly monochrome interior. Warm cove lights installed around a TV feature wall or as part of a ceiling structure add depth to the theme by defining their outlines with a glamourous, welcoming touch.

Adequate illumination is a must in communal spaces due to their functional purpose. Decorative mirrors offer an elegant solution by bouncing both natural and artificial light onto surrounding walls to create a less gloomy appearance.

28 ideal homes

Design by Wool Woof

MIRROR mastery

lively layers

Leveraging on different textures is an efficient way of compensating for the lack of colour in a monochrome interior. Bring in raw wood tones to give a black-and-white space some warmth. Similarly, cement screed surfaces bring in an industrial touch that is both earthy and striking.

tip Glass partitions allow natural light to enter and illuminate darker rooms that make heavy use of black.


34 vintage

time travellers Charming its way back into our hearts and homes is the ever characterful vintage style

Photo: DelightFULL

t e xt D i s a Ta n

34 ideal homes


Neon brights

Image courtesy of Dulux

ow did the vintage fervour all start? It takes us back to the ‘40s where the mid-century modern style appeared amidst a post-war America. The fresh aesthetic of pared-down forms, contemporary details and natural wood furniture has been highlighted prominently in the wildly popular TV show Mad Men and people can’t get enough of its functional comfort and enduring designs. Having never gone out of production is living testimony of the iconic Eames Lounge Chair’s staying power. Pop Art also appeared during the '50s and became an international phenomenon. Works from artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein still have a strong following today. Aside from influences from these vintage legends, reliving local nostalgia is a big thing too. Think Peranakan tiles, enamel mugs, Singer sewing machines and everything that harks back to our childhood memories.

One way to make a grand entrance is with colour, and the vintage style will never disappoint in this area. Loud, psychedelic hues are its middle name and you can play up the look with matching colour accents or tone things down with dashing Mad Men-inspired furnishings.

contemporary classics

Image courtesy of Dulux

Mixing old and new furnishings is a good way to create a varied, eclectic style. For this Frenchstyle boudoir, the rattan bed with intricately-carved embellishments pairs well with the modern seethrough plastic bedside table.


36 vintage

old-school lovin’

It’s definitely challenging to go full-fledged with the vintage style in this modern era where most of the materials are probably defunct. Try diversifying the look with a modern-vintage take instead. This bungalow does this old-meets-new style well with a contemporary backdrop accented by Peranakan tiles, window frames and doors, ventilation blocks and brick walls.

Design by Project File

Design by Free Space Intent

Let the good times roll

A cosy corner like this beckons some lazy lounging and contemplation as well; about the good old days! It’s not just the vintage armchair with its typical curved wooden armrests and floral cushion covers that make good on the nostalgic theme but the overall setting. The dual-toned wall treatment of teal-coloured paint and woodgrained laminated covering add to the vintage style as well.

36 ideal homes

Design by Hue Concept

Quirky focus

A statement wall of oldtimey treats? Yes please! These favourite snacks are quintessential to our local culture and also lends to the fact that more lifestyle shop retailers are coming up with quirky products of the genre. Great as talking points, these local nostalgic accents will add a dash of fun and whimsy to a space.

diner magic

Image courtesy of Tapeten und Uhren

How can we talk about the vintage look without covering the bustling diner style? The chequered black-and-white patterns and touches of red make for an interesting contrast with the clean-cut furnishings. Since the chequered patterns are bold enough, it’s best to tone the rest of the setting down.

tip Cement screed goes well with bright red accents or even nostalgic furnishings. Exposed brick walls are also another great alternative for a neutral backdrop.

Image courtesy of dulux

Palette pleasers

Nailing the vintage style is this living room with a fetching palette of olive greens and mustard yellows. Not only do the colours conjure a cosy, nostalgic vibe, the exposed brick wall serves as a neutral yet fitting backdrop to take us back to the past.


46 resort

get the look

holiday mode Escape the hustle and bustle of the daily grind with these resort chic essentials t e xt D i s a Ta n

Sturdy and simply alluring, this accent table brings an exotic flavour to the space. Teton Trunk, $799 at Crate & Barrel

46 ideal homes






Hot tropics


Textures, prints and forms inspired by Mother Earth.


1 Marquise rug, $1,480 at BlĂĽfink 2 Teak coaster set, $60 at Ethnicraft Online 3 Bodhi leaf on stand, $89.95 at Crate & Barrel 4 Kitty MacCall Tropicalia pouf, $500 at BlĂĽfink 5 HK Living rattan bar stool, $419 at Make Room 6 Water Drop Chatter vase, $30 at oh!eaf 7 Commune x k.blu cushions, from $79.90 at Commune 8 Cayson bedside table, $359 at Castlery 9 Sunset Patina bowl, $249.95 at Crate & Barrel 10 HK Living wicker hanging lamp, $229 at Make Room






50 colour

mood enhancers If used properly, colour can impart your home with your desired ambience

Image courtesy of IKEA

t e x t J o l e n e L i m u co


ave your ever stepped into a room and feel calm almost instantly? A space’s ambience that makes us feel uplifted or soothed can be attributed to its colour scheme. Blue and green tones tend to impart a room with a relaxed vibe, while vibrant hues like red and orange have a tendency to inject energy into a space. But it is easy to go overboard with using colour when decorating. Here are our tips on how to tastefully incorporate colours into your home.

50 ideal homes

tip Warm colours, such reds, oranges and yellows can add vibrancy to a space and bring upon a sense of liveliness. On the other hand, cool colours, like blues, greens and purples can bring about a sense of calm.

Pop of colour

Design by IDID

If you are intimidated by using large swathes of colour, start small. On a neutral background, add colorful accessories like cushions, art works and accent tables. This will instantly add a touch of dynamism to a space.

cheer up

Image courtesy of Kuhl Home

Bright colours like red and yellow are energising hues perfect for a space like the kitchen – this is a high-activity area where you prepare meals, after all. Ideal spots to introduce cheery colours include the backsplash or island counter. To keep it all in good taste, complement the pops of colour with natural surfaces.

Jewel toned furnishings can add class and sophistication to your living room. To create that timeless, mid-century vibe, pair rich tones with equally luxe materials like marble and copper, and keep the rest of the space minimal.

Design by Free Space Intent

Treasured piece


52 colour

stay cool

Image courtesy of Hubsch

Cool tones can make one feel instantly at ease. But why stick to a single hue when you can pair them with colours in the same family for a unique feature? Complete the restful scene with nature-inspired finishes like woodgrains and stone for that relaxed resort vibe.

Design by Fuse Concept

chair swaps

If your existing dining room is a low-key blend of neutral tones and streamlined Scandinavian furnishings, you can easily update it with a series of brightly hued chairs. This quick fix is effortless and transformative.

Make a statement

Design by Fuse Concept

Who says that a sofa in a deep colour is too much? Soften the rest of the living room by using understated furnishings and materials. This way, your statement piece is allowed to shine.

Image courtesy of Muuto

coastal sense

52 ideal homes

Recreate the breezy, Mediterranean vibe by outfitting your kitchen cabinets in a sea-inspired shade. While this may not work with all colours, this refreshing hue – similar to Pantone’s Island Paradise – is easy on the eyes and pairs wonderfully well with neutral walls and floors. Another bonus is that a bright tint like this can visually enlarge a small space.

soft spot Thanks to their low-key nature, pastels can blend into just about any interior style. Start with a few key pieces – like the sofa and rug – then complement them with light-hued neutrals. Try not to go overboard with accessorising – it’s best to keep it simple and subtle.

Image courtesy of Muuto

tip You can use a colour as a dominant background in a room; just remember to tone it down by complementing it with a neutral hue, like white, grey or brown.


76 inside look

Personal havens As the people behind the beautiful homes that grace the pages of SquareRooms and IdealHomes, interior designers possess an impeccable sense of style. But how does this sensibility apply to their personal and work spaces? We shine the spotlight on some of Singapore’s most talented designers and the stylish interiors that they live and work in t e x t sta n l e y l i m


Bachelor’s pad

We speak to: Chris Huang from Bowerman Interior Planner ( | Where: Chris’ home at Circuit Road Design process:

“I have a personal philosophy that interior design is a gradual step-by-step process that cannot be rushed. Personally, I find it important to meet my clients face-to-face to understand their needs, budget and their personal tastes before drawing up proposals and timelines. Thereafter, the project will gradually take shape as we implement improvements along the way.” My favourite part of the space:

“It might be a rather odd choice, but the bathroom is my favourite space at home. To be specific, I like how it brings together different fittings and design elements, even though the overall size (of the bathroom) is small.”

76 ideal homes

The concept:

Stylish simply does not cut it when it comes to describing the look of Chris’ open-concept apartment. A unique blend of tranquil luxe and industrial functionality, the entire space is a physical manifestation of Chris’ creativity. Inspired by the subtle hues of a traditional tu zhuang Chinese garment – hung prominently in the dining area – the entire apartment was given an equally restrained palette of blue, black and grey to create a laidback atmosphere. Chris also made the decision to incorporate a number of polished surfaces as they would create a distinctive visual contrast with the apartment’s predominant background of rustic cement textures.


1. Master bedroom & dining area

Concrete-lookalike wallpaper used for the dining area’s rear wall create a stunning backdrop for the oriental garb that is Chris’ muse for the apartment’s design. For consistency, similar-looking laminates were utilised for a cabinet structure that wraps round a corridor window. As a finishing touch, Chris made use of a limited edition rug from Joss & Main to anchor the space. Meanwhile, a monochrome palette lends the adjacent bedroom a distinctive character. In particular, the choice of dark grey wallpaper helps to create a cosy setting in the bedroom, while visually distinguishing it from the dining area next door. 2. Kitchen & work corner

As a private chef for hire, the multi-talented Chris created a highly-functional cooking space that would serve his food preparation needs. Apart from a sleek induction cooker and a ceiling-mounted hood, Chris also installed a stylish marble countertop, which comes with a Nano Seal barrier coating for protection. By extending the counter, Chris set aside a small corner in the kitchen to serve as his personal work space. Despite its compact size, the space comes equipped with a trio of pendant lamps and an adjustable stool. Below, an underhung cabinet provides storage for a printer as well as Chris’ documents.

Space planners Kevin Chan (left) and Chris Huang (right) from Bowerman Interior Planner


78 inside look


3. Master bedroom & wardrobe

The master bedroom, in Chris’ words, resembles a “goldfish tank” as it is fronted by a series of clear glass panels, which were installed after demolishing the surrounding walls. Chris also created a false horizontal column to frame up the bedroom and give it a more symmetrical appearance. In terms of decor, the bedroom comes equipped with a rustic bench that was constructed from an old ceiling beam, along with a fascinating pulley lamp. Outside, the wardrobe features a trio of louvered doors, which conceal storage cabinets that Chris refurbished and repurposed from a Malaysian restaurant. 4. Bathroom fittings

When it came to outfitting the apartment’s bathroom, Chris overcame space limitations by situating the WC and shower area in the same zone. Other than affixing an overhead rain shower fixture, Chris also created a box structure to house the WC’s cistern and PVC pipes. Textural variations can be found in the rough surfaces of a granite “mushroom” wall in the shower area and glossy black tiles that cover the rest of the bathroom’s walls. As part of the makeover, rectangular homogeneous floor tiles were chosen to create the illusion of an elongated space. 5. Bathroom counter


78 ideal homes

Keeping to the apartment’s neutral colour scheme, the bathroom makes use of a monochrome palette to create the impression of a cosy and serene space. Touches of luxe can be found in the form of a classy white marble top with soft, wispy grey veins and a mirrored door that works around the challenge of fitting a vanity mirror in a tight space.


project showcase Minimo & Minimology


2-bedroom Executive Condominium unit SIZE

Approx. 800 square feet HOME TO

2 adults LOCATION

Boon Keng Road RENO PERIOD

2 months DESIGNER

Elden Lim and team from Minimo & Minimology


A fresh take Energetic colours and clean aesthetics come together to create a visually arresting interior that is full of warmth


hen it comes to creating attention-grabbing homes, colours are can create fantastic points of focus within any room. Such is the case in this two-bedroom EC studio apartment and its minimalist interior, albeit one that is accentuated by a myriad of different hues and textures. From the communal living areas to the private sanctum that is the owners’ bedroom, each space is characterised by a distinctive charm that communicates their occupants’ unique sense of style.



1 TV co n s o l e

2 L iv in g & d in in g

3 study

To add some variety to the stretch of plain wall behind the TV console, thin wooden strips were inserted into a floor-to-ceiling recess to create a vertical feature that puts emphasis on the apartment’s high ceilings. For added visual contrast, dark grey laminates were chosen for a wall-hung TV console that shows off a sleek outline with its rounded corners. Meanwhile, artificial grass and rattan furniture in the balcony serve a similar purpose in breaking up the monotony of an otherwise stark space.

Adjoining each other, both the living room’s and dining area’s design make use of vibrant decor to offset the clean profile of their surroundings, which comprise of light-grey walls as well as a beautiful marble floor. A blue-green fabric sofa and an accompanying pair of chestnut cushions add a pop of colour, whereas a cow hide rug brings muchneeded warmth. The same applies for the dining room with its trio of cosy bottle-shaped pendant lights and homely light oak furniture.

As avid readers, the owners requested for a cosy nook where they could escape into the pages of their favourite novels and their wish was fulfilled with a study that comes with a carpented bay window platform. Interesting add-ons, such as a pair of red-green weave stools and a zebra print rug create visual appeal within the room. The platform also hides a pullout bed, which allows the study to double as a guest room.


“At first glance, the appearance of this apartment might be simple but look closer and you’ll find plenty of fine, detailed surfaces. However, what’s most interesting is how vertical structures were employed to subtly draw attention to the apartment’s high ceiling.” - Elden Lim, Minimo & Minimology


4 m a ste r b e d r o o m Just like the study and the communal areas, a similar aesthetic can be found in the master bedroom whereby a mix of textiles and bold fittings is used to offset a simple background of light wooden surfaces and soothing neutrals. For instance, the inclusion of shaggy bedding and a pair of human figure table lamps adds a quirky charm to the restrained surroundings.

5 va n i ty Featuring a lengthy frame that houses a tall mirror, a tall customised vanity draws attention to the room’s height in a similar fashion to the living room’s feature wall. A Caesarstone countertop as well as a pair of lights were also included as part of the vanity’s construction, making it a truly personalised bedroom installation.

96 ideal homes

tip Tall decorative features, floor-toceiling curtains and other lengthy fittings are useful in drawing the eye upwards.


project showcase Minimo & Minimology


4-bedroom Executive Condominium unit SIZE

Approx. 1,800 square feet HOME TO

2 adults LOCATION

Tampines Central 7 RENO PERIOD

3 months DESIGNER

Elden Lim and team from Minimo & Minimology


Inspired luxury Taking a page from a luxury hotel, this four-bedroom penthouse shows off a magnificent interior that conveys stylish refinement with flair



hen it comes to emulating the luxurious look of high-end hotels, things are seldom straightforward. Other than the overt need to bring together a variety of impactful decorative elements, there is also the challenge of ensuring that the resulting interior is both stylish and cohesive. Regardless, residential design veteran Elden Lim and his team from Minimo & Minimology succeeded in bringing their clients’ desired space to life by creating the perfect balance of splendour and charm in this hotel-inspired four-bedroom penthouse.



“As the owners wanted a classy interior with an open concept, we proposed the creation of several open structures and suspended fixtures to create the perception of an unrestricted space.” - Elden Lim, Minimo & Minimology

1 l i vi n g r o o m Giving off a cosy yet stylish vibe, the living room is a sight to behold with its eye-catching combination of refined textures and eclectic furnishings. For example, a dramatically-veined stone coffee table conveys a decidedly cool charm, which stands out against the brown layers of a faux animal skin rug. On the other hand, a curved sofa generates interest with its unique frame.

98 ideal homes

2 study

3 k itch e n

Located at the dining area’s rear, the study possesses its own unique facade that makes use of a see-through “glasshouse” structure. A suspended desk was also created as part of the study’s design, with one side of the fixture embedded within the facade’s glass frames. Once again, in order to draw attention to the apartment’s height, the shelves were extended upwards to maximise available vertical space.

Separated into two zones by a full-height sliding door, the kitchen features a simple layout for easy navigation between its wet and dry areas. To accommodate the owner’s request for a preparation island, the design team shifted the kitchen space backwards into the yard area by removing an existing storeroom and bathroom. Finally, wood-effect ceramic floor tiles were chosen to create a more unified visual profile with the other living spaces.


4 M a ste r be d room

5 M a ste r e n su ite

Featuring a straightforward layout, the master bedroom was designed as a private space meant for rest and relaxation. Clean lines characterise the furnishings found within the master bedroom, as seen by the uncomplicated outlines of the headboard and its accompanying side tables. As a final touch, a creamy shade of off white was chosen for the bedroom’s wall to bring out a contrast with the reddish-brown mahogany floor.

Numerous modifications were made to the en-suite bathroom to create an efficient layout. To accommodate the bathroom vanity on one side and a storage shelf on the other, the design team reworked the original entrance to give it a more centralised appearance. New surfaces, such as a black granite vanity as well as an overlay of homogeneous tiles, were installed to create a bathroom that is both practical and sophisticated.

tip Make use of stone finishes, such as marble and granite, to create nature-inspired spaces that are both classy and simple on the eye.


Minimo & Minimology

Minomo & Minimology is a Singapore-based residential interior design consultancy headed by Elden Lim, who has more that six years of experience in designing living spaces. Driven by a passion for design, the studio believes that the best homes are born when they are created with the needs of their occupants in mind.

7 Gambas Crescent, #05-19 Ark@Gambas, Singapore 757087 tel: 6635 2221 email: web: facebook:



ROOMY REVAMP A major makeover transforms a simple flat into a modern abode that is spacious and welcoming









124 ideal homes


ome to two design-savvy occupants, this five-room apartment was given a complete facelift by the evercapable Brim Design team across a period of ten weeks. In line with the client brief for a clean, expansive home that is centred on comfort, the team transformed the interior into a beautiful abode by modifying existing structures and installing new ones to open it up.

1 LI V I N G R O O M As frequent hosts, the homeowners specifically requested for a living room that is conducive for entertaining friends and family. This wish was fulfilled by adopting an open-plan scheme to create a bright and welcoming communal area. To facilitate easy interaction, a pair of sofas were also set up to face each other in the hall’s centre.


2 M A STE R BE D ROOM In order to create a capacious resting zone, the design team merged two original bedrooms into one. The ensuing master bedroom – which comes with its own walk-in wardrobe and en-suite bathroom – is nothing short of impressive. Additional storage include a pair of wall recesses and a pair of bedside tables. 3


3 M A STE R E N SUITE Outfitted in neutral tiles in various shapes and sizes, the master en suite is an oasis of calm with its soothing palette of grey and white. Customised fittings, such as an underhung vanity cabinet that incorporates a toilet roll holder, help save space and reduce visual clutter.

“For a more open feel, we opted to hack away partition walls to create a more seamless connection between rooms. With that, the homeowners can see into different spaces regardless of where they are in the apartment.”

4 DUAL E N TRA N CE As a way of ensuring privacy while keeping to the apartment’s open-concept theme, a pivoting door system was installed to connect the master bedroom and the adjoining communal living spaces in a near-seamless manner.

- Design team, Brim Design 125











PERANAKAN PERFECTION Inspired by traditional Peranakan homes, this bachelor’s pad is an impressive blend of history and natural greenery

126 ideal homes



Paying homage to the past, the apartment’s living room takes on a distinctive Peranakan aesthetic that is conveyed through a combination of Straits-inspired details, including monochrome tiles, stained wooden surfaces and geometric patterns. Floral tile features similarly enhance the space's traditional look.

Breathe life into a home by bringing plenty of greenery and natural materials indoors for an nature-inspired look.


right hues, old-school fittings and abundant greenery characterise the visually arresting look of this condominium apartment that draws inspiration from the Peranakan shophouses of yesteryear. In line with its diverse selection of decor choices, an assortment of textures and materials were also introduced to create a stunning visual profile like no other.

2 INDOOR GARDEN Aside from bringing natural and artificial greenery indoors, the garden was also outfitted to serve as a dining area and a personal relaxation corner. For visual interest, the zone employs different flooring types, such as mosaic pieces, monochrome tiles and artificial turf.





Separating the living room from the dining area is a custom-made sliding door made from a combination of transparent and multi-coloured glass. Complementing the picnic-style dining set is an abundance of plants and classic colonial-era motifs, like patterned tiles and frame wainscoting, that contribute to the zone's nostalgic charm.

Despite taking on a more luxurious appearance, the master bedroom retains key elements of the overall design for visual consistency. Woody elements can be found in the form of solid timber pieces, which were painted in white and arranged to create decorative cornice frames.

“We really had our homework cut out for us when coming up with the initial design for this project. This is because we had to carefully study and replicate a variety of traditional elements to accurately create a Peranakan-style interior.” - Design team, Brim Design




knock on wood Wood Culture’s range of engineered timber and vinyl flooring are perfect for adding a sense of warmth to your interiors


ith homeowners taking to Scandinavian and industrial-style interiors in recent years, it comes as no surprise that natural materials have become the preferred choice when renovating. Whether it is to add a touch of warmth to a space or a sense of edginess, wood is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing option for flooring and other interior surfaces. However, as homeowners lead busy lives, many are not keen to commit to the maintenance of natural materials. With advanced technology, though, there has been an increasing amount of nature-inspired surfaces that exude the look and feel of natural materials but are highly durable and easy-to-maintain. One of these is engineered timber available at Wood Culture. A product made up of a core of plywood and a top layer of hardwood veneer, the material maintains the authenticity and beauty of natural wood all while providing structural stability. This allows engineered hardwood flooring to withstand many years of wear.

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Other than engineered timber, a popular option for flooring is vinyl. A resilient material available in many different colours, patterns and textures, vinyl mimics the look and feel of natural wood planks minus the maintenance. Two quality vinyl brands are available at Wood Culture, one of which is BerryAlloc from Belgium. It’s PureLoc series of vinyl is composed of six layers, which include a UV layer/ PU coating, a 0.3mm wear layer, print film, multilayer base on virgin PVC, fiberglass and another multilayer base on virgin PVC. Coming in a wide selection of natural colours and textures, this series is perfect of busy households as the material is waterresistant, anti-static, anti-slip and quiet. The Belgian brand also offers the DreamClick Pro Collection that offers maximum durability. This collection of vinyl flooring comes equipped with a unique High Impact polystyrene click frame for easy installation. It also features a durable acoustic-dampening bottom coating made of PVC that suppresses sounds and ensures that the material sounds like real wood, making it

ideal for zones with high foot traffic and even commercial spaces. Other than BerryAlloc, Wood Culture carries its own brand of vinyl flooring. The company’s home brand includes the 3000 series of vinyl made from polyurethane resin that features micro beveled edges and a realistic appearance. Available is a gamut of tones and textures from cool Willow Oak to warm Cherry Oak, this collection is made with longer planks measuring 1,220mm by 180mm to create an illusion of wider space. A subsidiary of Hafary, Wood Culture is Singapore’s expert in solid hardwood, engineered timber, and laminated and vinyl flooring. If you’re looking for stylish, natural-looking solutions for your flooring, come here for some inspiration.


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The collection also includes the Betonsil Duet range that combines concrete and ashwood for a unique and striking flooring material. With its irregular textures and range of light, mid and warm tones, this ultra-modern tile is perfect for any zone in the home, from the kitchen to the bedroom. For a stone-like finishing for your interior surfaces, the Waterfall collection from Lea Ceramiche offers realistic representation of slate, an ancient and natural stone. With its iridescence typically seen in sedimentary rock and irregular variations in texture and colour, this tile collection is perfect for imbuing your spaces – be it the bedroom or bathroom – with a spa-like quality. Whether it is the warmth of woodgrains or textural uniqueness of stone, the right surface material has the ability to transform your home’s ambience. With so many options available at Hafary, your ideal space can be easily realised.


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here is no doubt that wood-derived and wood-lookalike materials are great choices to imbue a sense of cosiness to your space. But a material that is more practical for utilitarian zones like the kitchen and bathroom is porcelain tiles. The Betonsil tile collection from Italian brand Terratinta Ceramiche available at Hafary is ideal for urban homes looking to include natural elements without the high maintenance. With its beautiful grains, ashwood is perfect for minimalist and elegant abodes. Terratinta Ceramiche’s Betonsil Ashwood tiles exude a smooth and matte finish, making them versatile for just about any space.


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Add plants to breathe new life into your interiors

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Whether it is the minimalist style or the eclectic style, plants make for perfect complements. Use them to add colour, shape and texture into your space – you’d be amazed at how including a lush plant or two can instantly breathe some personality and life into your home. Not only that, greens can help purify the air and contribute to a calm and relaxing ambience.

Idealhomes Vol 9 2017  

The SquareRooms team is proud to present the latest edition of IdealHomes! Packed with beautiful interior inspo and fabulous finds, this is...

Idealhomes Vol 9 2017  

The SquareRooms team is proud to present the latest edition of IdealHomes! Packed with beautiful interior inspo and fabulous finds, this is...