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Back2Square1 October 2011

A Newsletter

Education is the


passport to the future,

Page 1: 2011 Communications Job and Internship Fair.

for tomorrow belongs to

Page 2: Pageant Review

those who prepare for it

Page 3: Purging Clean? Speak Up


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. Malcolm X

Save the Dates: Breast Cancer Awareness Date: 10/24 7pm-Blackburn Ballroom

Career Fair Date: 10/26 all day Blackburn

Rags to Rich es Date: 10/26, 6:00-8pm Quad

Community Service: DC Central Kitchen Date: 10/27 5:00-8pm (4pm meet)

S.O.C Organization Photos Date: 10/29 Saturday @10a.m.

2011 Communications Job and Internship Fair Every year, schools like Georgetown and American visit Howard University for the Communications Job and Internship Fair. Howard University School of Communications takes pride in hosting this event every year. What is the Fair about? Here are a few things to

Grad School, anyone?

think about as you go into the Fair!

Internships Media networks like Fox, MTV and ABC will be in house looking for students to intern during the semesters and even during the summer.

Possible employers There will be media companies in house looking

to employ graduating seniors. They will be taking and reviewing resumes. Collaborate with Mrs. Dudley, in the Academic Advisement Office, to find other ways to better market yourself to these media companies who could also be possible employers. Even if you are not graduating, job

We will graduate rom Howard University into a competitive job market. A bachelor’s degree may not be enough. A graduate degree? Hmmmm….Now, there’s something to think about… Pros: § Better chances of career diversity § Usually Higher salary Cons: § More school § Losing On-the-job experience § More money spent on education

opportunities are still available.

First and Last Rule: NETWORK Networking, defined, is simply communicating with the people in your field about your field. The exchange of a business card or information is the start of great potential. At we continue to earn grades from Howard, it’s ironic that your opportunities in your field will almost 80% of the time come from WHO you know. If you know the right people, the possibilities are endless. You won’t know if you don’t ask. So, FRESHMAN, go to the Communications Job and Internship Fair. You never know until you just ASK. 2

SOC pageant sets Pageant Week Ablaze. Mr. and Miss School of C had been kidnapped. The main “suspects” were the contestants of the 2011 Howard University School of Karlton Smith, Atlanta, GA

Vice President of the School of Communications

§ Major: Broadcast

as “detectives”. Suspects pleaded their cases with

Dominique James, Dallas, TX § Junior § Major: Telecommunications His Platform:

The MATRICULATION: Boys matriculating to Men through the use of arts 2.

Law & Order scene featuring the President and

§ Sophomore



Communications Pageant. The event began with a

Her Platform:

talents, including singing, dancing, spoken word, acting, and even a rendition of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” on an electric violin. Pageant Coordinator Leah Hackney said, “My favorite part of the pageant was actually the rehearsals…you can’t sit down and have a conversation with all the contestants from the audience like I had the chance to.” At the culmination of the event, Allen Reynolds and Jazsmin Watson-Booth took their last walk as Mr. and Miss School of Communications. At the announcement of the new SOC royalty, the crowd fell into a hush. It

Loving the Me I See:

was soon after announced that Karlton Smith and

talking the issue of

Dominique James were the new Mr. and Miss

Colorism in the media.

School of Communications for the 2011-2012 year. 3

Purging Clean? Speak Up Hip-Hop HURRAY! With all of the angry parent phone calls to the Administration Building… …angry students threating to TAKE OVER the A-building BLACK PANTHER style… The PURGE DATE was finally removed! The students WIN this time…right? Speak up…

Aaliyah Baaith, Legal Communications It’s not the PURGE DATE; it’s the idea of being purged: to purge means to remove FILTH. They didn’t inform us about the recent tuition increase until a month before school started.

Daniel Cokes, Legal Communications Mr. Howard University It shows students coming to the realization of the power of student government, a power that is often untapped. It’s a WIN-WIN because of the stipulation that the money is expected to be paid by the end of the semester. Set the precedent not to purge students up-front. The purge date being lifted is a new possibility.

Taylor C. Mitchell, Telecom Management It was a great compromise. Last year, a friend that was close to me got purged with short notice. It’s a way of saying Howard really cares and its not just about the money. …all students want is more time. That’s the best gift when you’re in a position for getting purged.


1 2

Students Drill Leadership About New Building


ommunications students The students were told that the cost of the new building could be offset by alumni contribution.

and faculty members gathered in Screening Room West on Tuesday for Crack the Cube: A Town Hall Meeting. One of the main issues for students was to drill the leadership about the new building for the “School of C”. Among the faculty and staff present at the event represented the Annenberg Honors Program and all of the four departments in the School of Communications. Dean Dates and Dean Ford were also in attendance. The question on many students’ minds, however, was about the new building for the School of Communications—a building that has been promised and promoted for the past few years. At Crack the Cube: A Town Hall Meeting, Dean Dates explained that there has been much fundraising and that there is a blueprint for the new building, even though improvements of the C.B. Powell continue.

Alicia Paige Thompson, a senior Speech-Language Pathology major, raised the concern about a new office for the Annenberg Honors Program. The answer was that the resource center on the first floor will be available to the honors Students. Mr. Crenshaw, a contractor for Capital Asset Management, came towards the end of the meeting to explain that construction is still a few years away, students and alumni of the school should continue to give and contribute to the building fund. He said, “You may be a student for now, but you’ll be an alumnus for life.” *************************************** ~ Contributed by: Taylor Rae Collins-Headley Broadcast Journalism major

“I asked if the tuition would sky rocket after all the many renovations were done. I was not expecting the answer I received.” said Danielle Pearman, junior, Telecommunications Management major.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Class of 2014


WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! The Square One Administration prides itself on being visible and accessible to the student body. Come by our offices. We want to know what other ways we can better serve you and your needs in the School of Communications.

Come by our office. Pick up your Council shirt. The first Monday of every month is when you can Rep Your Council by wearing your council shirt. Or just come by the office to say “Hi!” We are always in the office and would love to see your face. OR just shoot us an email.

Contact us by Department Or Visit the Office Student Advocacy: Public Relations:

The Office: C118F Howard University School of Communications 525 Bryant Street NW Washington, DC, 20059

October 2011 Newsletter  

Howard University School of Communications

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