Fall Program Guide 2020

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children and youth



A ‘Bubble’ is defined as a GROUP OF 6 PEOPLE or less who are from the same household or social circle. (You are registering on behalf of the entire group). Each designated bubble activity will be 60 minutes long. We ask that you participate based on your own level of comfort, maintain physical distance and stay home if you are sick.

10-12y The Home Alone Program is designed to prepare children with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe when home alone for short periods of time. They will learn how to handle real life situations and practice problem solving.

SKATE SESSIONS (of six) See squamishlive.ca to register for select dates and times Reserve your spot for a Bubble Skate at squamishlive.ca. Skate sessions will gradually be phased in starting Oct 18. Registration opens at 8am three days prior to each Bubble Skate session. Pre-registration required for skaters, drop in attendance is not permitted. Spots must be reserved online prior to arrival. Participants 12 yrs and under must be accompanied by someone 16y+ on the ice. Max. 15 participants on the ice during each session to support public health protocols and the BC Restart Plan.

PING PONG ‘Bubble Activities’ See squamishlive.ca to register for select dates and times 13y+ Grab your bubble and come play ping pong! Limited paddles are available; we recommend bringing your own. At least one adult over the age of 16 must be part of the group.


Saturday Nov 7 43309 10am-12:30pm Instructor: Brennan Park Staff

$50 (1 session)

BABYSITTER TRAINING Must be 11 years of age by the end of the course in order to participate. 11-15y Calling all future babysitters. This course will provide students with emergency first aid, safety tips, and information on games suitable for all ages. Students must attend all classes and show a level of maturity to receive a certificate. Babysitter’s manual is included in the fee. 2 day course Saturdays Nov 14 and Nov 21 43312 10am-2pm Instructor: Brennan Park Staff

$70 (2 sessions)



1-2pm 2:15-3:15pm

$15 per bubble (of five) $15 per bubble (of five)

Participants must register for the full session, no drop in option currently available.



$15 per bubble (of five)

Floor hockey skills, drills, and fun! Each session includes a simple warm-up and a focus on fundamental movement skills and modified training activities. All equipment is provided and is disinfected before and after each use. Players need good running shoes and a full water bottle.

FAMILY BUBBLE ACTIVITY ‘Bubble Activities’ See squamishlive.ca to register for select dates and times 0-5y Come play and move your body in a safe, controlled environment. Participants will be able to book half of the gym for one hour of active play. Limited riding toys and equipment will be provided for you. Sunday

9-10am $15 per bubble (of six) 10:45-11:45am $15 per bubble (of six)


9-10am $15 per bubble (of six) 10:30-11:30am $15 per bubble (of six)

7-9y Monday 43349

Nov 2 - Dec 7 4-5pm

10-14y Monday Nov 2 - Dec 7 43351 5:30-6:30pm Instructor: Brennan Park Staff

$42 (6 sessions)

$42 (6 sessions)