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SQRES Case Study NuAgePC Computer-Repair Company

SQRES: A Field Service Software Program That Acts As Your CRM It's more than just a Field Service Software Program. SQRES was originally created to help businesses manage their tasks. But, like any good design, its purpose has since evolved to meet customers' needs. In this case, our customers had been asking us to incorporate a customer relationship management (CRM) system into our Web Based Task Management App, SQRES. So, we listened and did just that. (For those of you who don't know, CRM is a model for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers). To help you understand what we mean when we say that we've incorporated a CRM system into our Online Task Management Software program, we'll give you a real-world example of how one of our customers is using SQRES. NuAgePC, a Miami-based computer repair company, was one of the first companies to adopt SQRES as its Field Service Software program. Our webbased app's work-order management system seems to suit them perfectly. Elliott Mason, owner and founder of NuAgePC, uses the timesheet feature in SQRES to determine how long he thinks it'll take one of his technicians to complete a task. He then emails an estimate to the customer, and once it's been approved, he dispatches one of his technicians to the job site. Each of his field-service technicians has the ability to access SQRES from their mobile device while they're visiting a job site. They can use our Field Service Software program to fill in their time sheet with the number of hours they've worked, the cost per hour and the task's description. And the best part is that SQRES automatically calculates the total amount owed by the customer so that these technicians don't have to. Once Elliott's field-service technicians complete their time sheet and click submit, they are given the option of emailing an invoice to the customer. That way, NuAgePC can obtain payment for their work right on the spot. But gets even better. If the field-service technicians finish at one job site but need to go to another, they can open up the SQRES work order that corresponds to their next assignment, and click on the Google Maps pin to map the route from their current location to their destination. How awesome is that?

NuAgePC Case Study: How the Field Service Software SQRES Improved their Business  
NuAgePC Case Study: How the Field Service Software SQRES Improved their Business  

Miami-based computer-repair company NuAgePC was one of the first to adopt SQRES as it's web based task management system. The company's pres...