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5000 floor lift Because 1000 floors is for wimps

Group • • • • •

Tim Crump, Nathan Davies, Josh Ellis, Emma Nicoll, Serena Durante

Define • We used the brief as supplied: • How the user selects the floor • How the floors are displayed to those in the lift

Research • We brainstormed and used examples from experience such as: • the Metro - defined stop solution • Buses - selective stop solution • We agreed the lift was more like the bus stopping at floors selected by the users

Red Herring • If the lift stops for 30 secs at each floor then it will take 8hrs 20 minutes • We kept going back to the brief - don’t concentrate on the lift system!!! • We agreed that 1000 floors was a red herring so went for 5000 floors

Primary research • 100% of Fashion Design students would use it if there was a mirror • 85% of Graphic Designer students would use it if the typography was nice • 95% of IMD students would use it if Joyce told them to…

Ititereratate • We started with looking at different input systems • Buttons • Sliders • Wheels • Decided on programmed card that tells the lift where you’re going and stops when you get there

Prototype • • • • • •

We sketched loads of ideas… Deciding on concierge to take details give out ticket Lift reads details Transports you to floor As it knows your personal information it give you entertainment/ work messages/ marketing information

Heuristics • • • • • •

Validity of system status Match user’s understanding of world User control and freedom Consistency and standards Error prevention Recognition rather than recall

Heuristics cont… • Flexibility and efficiency • Aesthetic and minimalist design • Help users recognise, diagnose and recover from errors • Help and documentation

1000 Floor Lift  

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