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Lawmate manufactures some of the best and high quality gadgets that can be used in surveillance. There are many places, organizations where cover surveillance is very important and is necessary as well. In such places, devices capable of performing covert surveillance play a prominent role. You can find the devices online at Spy Shop Europe. If you also want to place the normal looking devices enabled with covert surveillance chips, cameras, audio and video recorders, just visit Spy Shop Europe. You can find the best Lawmate devices online at one place at best price. When it comes to recording both audio and video, the device with the name of PVtm 10 is an ultimate solution. This device is a new cover DVR device that is enabled with hidden camera. The camera is placed under the alarm clock and a thermometer and is undetectable with the naked eyes. It is a normal looking device which looks like a clock and thermometer. Actually, it is a functional DVR camera with recording capacity up to 32 GB on SD card. The camera is fully covert and can also be used at your home other than institutions, and organizations. Other than this regular looking cover device, Lawmate also manufactures cover devices in the form of mobile phones. The device Pv-900 HD is a phone like device which is actually a mini digital audio/ video recorder. This particular device is also enabled with hidden camera.

The outer design replicates a normal looking cell phone and all the buttons are concealed under the outer case. You can use the buttons inside it by pushing the combination of keys. You can record the video and audio with just a simple click. You are also provided with the pre-event recording option in the new HD version of the device. The device records the video with high resolution which offers a high quality of the video. Visit Spy Shop Europe for viewing more covert devices online.

Perform Covert Surveillance Successfully with Pv-tm10!