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Technology has made a great impact on every sphere of life. Making the life easier is one aspect of technology. On the other hand, it has also enabled people to enjoy and lead a happy, safe and secure life. Most of times, people need to do surveillance of their homes, offices, warehouses, government office and other prominent places. In such a situation, the surveillance products come into scene. There are various companies that manufacture high class and quality surveillance products. Among many, Lawmate is a company that manufactures high quality surveillance products. The products manufactured by the company are professional equipment for covert surveillance and counter surveillance. With the high quality of products, the company has gained lot of significance in various fields such as police law enforcement forces, army forces, government secret and special services to private sector through investigation agencies, security and VIP protection agencies. The company develops various forms of equipment that are reliable to use while investigating or doing secret surveillance. One very preferred product which is mostly used in recording audio and video secretly is PV-900EVO. This gadget is a covert mini digital audio and video recorder with built in hidden camera. The buttons are covered under the outer cover of the device. The best thing

about this particular device is that recording can be performed when the cell phone seems turned off or in standby mode. The new HD version of this device includes pre-event recording option with 1280X960 resolutions. It comes with integrated microphone and audio recording. Above all, the device also has a guarantee of 12 months.

Opt for Lawmate’s PV-900HD for High Quality Recording!  

The finest thing about this specific device is that recording can be accomplished when the cell phone appears turned off or in standby mode.