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Spy Shop Europe is well known name in the field of security gadgets and appliances. The company’s offering PV-1000 Touch 5 is one of the best offering. This device which is a DVR has a 500GB SATA HDD. Technologically advanced and outstanding in performance, the device is already garnering attention in its market. Read this piece of information to know more about the device.

This device is capable of providing flawless recording material on the DVR. It has 5" screen which helps in easy review of any recorded video and user friendly touch screen commands. Few characteristics of this device include: •

Robust built

Corrosion resistant

Tamper proof

Resistant to temperature fluctuations

Easy user interface

Easy to handle and maintain

Durable in performance

This custom built device is at par with the industry leading quality frameworks and quality guidelines. Each of the part has been meticulously designed developed keeping in mind the international design standards. All the aspects including end user’s perspective have been kept in mind while developing it. You can even go for PV-500EVO2 which is another master piece by the company. In order to get full view of these products you can visit the website. As a matter of fact, you can even purchase the product online. Apart from this, you can take a look at the various products being offered by the company. Take a trip through the website and decide on what you are looking for.

Get The Best Of Surveillance Gadgets By Spy Shop Europe  

In the field of security gadgets and appliances, the company’s offering PV-1000 Touch 5 is one of the best offering. Technologically advance...

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