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There are many places which needs proper continuous surveillance, thus it becomes quite important to use cameras that help you in spying without even getting noticed. You can get the spying devices, cameras online at Spy Shop Europe at modest prices. The website offers you an array of products which can be beneficial at different places. Different products such as PV-900 HD and PV-tm 10 and many more are supplied by the company. These smart, innovative and revolutionary products are manufactured by one of the leading safety product manufacturer i.e. Lawmate. The PV-tm10 is a regular looking device comprising of a clock and a thermometer. It is purely a DVR camera which has the recording capacity of up to 32 GB on a SD card. The camera is placed in the low light corner and is almost undetectable without the use of magnifying glass. This kind of highly secret camera is ideal for keeping the safety of your home. It can also be used at corporate offices and other places as well without letting people know about it. The main features of this particular camera are as follows: 1. The camera can secretly be placed inside a room 2. All the functions buttons are covered inside the top cover 3. Supported with long lasting battery life 4. Capable of generating high video resolution 5. Captures images and videos along with audio 6. Comprise of PIR sensor Designed and developed with all the above mentioned smart and latest features, the camera is best suited for many places. The body structure of the camera is very stylish and is also very lite weighted. The buttons provides you with simple and quick functioning of the device. So, if you also want to make your surroundings, house, and office safe from the miscreants and keep an eye on the activities, just visit Spy Shop Europe online and purchase one camera enabled device.

PV-TM 10: A Device to Capture Activities Secretly!