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What Might You Find in a Copy of Here’s a Sampling: • Entertaining and Historical News • Puzzles • Trivia • Cartoons & Humor • Kids Fun Page • Health Tips • Pet Care • Financial Guidance • Home Improvement • Golf/Tennis Tips • And More.


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The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read

Why Do People Read


• They’re intrigued by the interesting Trivia, that keeps them coming back. • They smile at the humor; it brightens their day. • They work the word games and puzzles; it gives them something relaxing to do during their coffee time, lunch break, bus or gondola ride, or while waiting at local businesses. • They enjoy the interesting and informative columns that inspire them. • They love the fun-to-read advertisements that tell them about the wonderful businesses seeking to meet their everyday needs and desires with exciting products and services. • They love Tidbits® because it IS NOT filled with the 3D’s: death, disaster and dysfunction. This unique blend is what hooks our readers and keeps them coming back for more week after week. Our readers love Tidbits® so much they take them home or back to the office and share them with others.

Imagine Your Ad Being Seen by People Who Enjoy Reading Tidbits® Every Week. Julie Melville - Owner/Publisher 970-319-1222

The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read

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• The best time to reach a prospective customer with your ad is while they are relaxed and having a good time. • Newspapers “inform” while Tidbits® “entertains.” • Tidbits® reaches people who are out in the marketplace with time on their hands and money in their pockets. • People read Tidbits® because they choose to, not because someone mailed it to them or threw it on their porch. • Your advertising and your business are associated with information that makes your customers feel good. • Tidbits® brings a new color to the valley news spectrum. • Tidbits® advertising is cost-effective print medium. Advertising in Tidbits® of the Roaring Fork Valley or Tidbits® of Glenwood Springs is very effective, affordable and easy. Tidbits® is distributed in locations throughout the valley and the Springs.

Start your advertising with... The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read Julie Melville - Owner/Publisher 970-319-1222

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Molly Gibson Mountain Chaley New York Pizza Orthopaedic Assoc. Parallel 15 Peaches Pitco Tire and Auto Repair Pitkin County Court House Pitkin County Library Poppycocks Prospector Red Mountain Grill Sammy’s Barber Sobra’s Mediterranean Tasters Tyrolean US Bank Vectra Bank Vision Source Wheeler Opera House Zanes Tavern


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Basalt Chamber Big O Tires Blue Creek Grill Clarks Market Cuvee Dr. Borcher’s Office El Korita Finishing Touch Grub Midland Bakery Midvalley Medical Riverside Grill Val’s Gourmet Willits General Store


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Bella Mia Breakfast in America City Market El Jebel Park n Ride El Jebowl Upper Crust Bakery Wendy’s


19th Street Diner Amtrack Chilis Chomps Daily Bread Doc Holliday’s Glenwood Canyon Brew Pub Glenwood Diner Health Food Store Jilibertos J.H. Chen Kaleidoscoops

Moe’s Quiznos Qdoba Rib City Russo’s Pizza Sacred Grounds Smoothie King Tequilas Village Inn Zheng


Rusty Canyon Rifle Chamber Base Camp Cowboy Calf A Creekbend Rib City Thai Chili Bistro Wing Nutz Bar and Grill Cafe on 4th

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The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read

We Offer More Than Your Ad in • Free graphic design of your ad. • 200 Free follow up marketing pieces - brochures, mailout cards • Collaboration with owner/manager to help solve marketing and advertising problems. • Follow up marketing tips to keep your business strong and moving forward - called Next Steps. What do you say/do after someone you know mentions that they saw your ad in Tidbits®? • WEBSITE exposure is priceless. Links, webpage, and online exposure through the website. • Small Business Coach - Julie is a trained Small Business Development consultant and certified in internet marketing. We will develop your marketing more thoroughly by 1. Create Hyperlinks from Tidbits to your website 2. Create certificates or marketing pieces to get your name out.

Ask yourself, “When was the last time I had this much support for my business success?” Julie Melville - Owner/Publisher 970-319-1222

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Let’s Talk About You! • What are your unique products/services? How do your prospective clients know what you offer them? • How do people know where to find you? • What do you do to make it possible for people to look you up? • What are some of your marketing and advertising problems? • Where is your placement to keep your name/brand in front of your customers? • Where can you get exposure to attract new customers? • How can you target a broadbased market? • What medium should you use? 1. Radio - smaller audiences in fragmented demographics. People are turning to satellite radio, making their own CD’s or on iPod. 2. TV - Have to be watching when the ad plays. 3. Print - Available 24/7 to those who pick it up • After your customer walks out the door, how do you stay in touch?

Your name and product/service need to be out there where it can be seen with frequency! Julie Melville - Owner/Publisher 970-319-1222

Tidbits Rocky Mountain Marketing Packet  

Marketing Information for Tidbits of the Rocky Mountains

Tidbits Rocky Mountain Marketing Packet  

Marketing Information for Tidbits of the Rocky Mountains