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SPY CAMERA A hidden camera or spy camera is a device which is used to record people activities (sometimes voice) without their knowledge. Spy cameras are mostly used for surveillance activities. They are occasionally used for household activities. They are known as hidden camera because they are not visible to subject who is being filmed .They are either wired cameras or wireless cameras. They are used in industrial areas for surveillance. There are different types of spy cameras exist. Some cameras are designed exclusively for certain environment but most of them are designed to suit every environment. There are various spy cameras available in the market which are built inside the pens, fans, television, switch boards, flower pots, wall clock etc. Spy cameras are used for safety, protection and even investigation. They are frequently used in business environment to provide evidence of theft and misconduct. Security officers used spy cameras to monitor activities and scenarios. The use of hidden cameras raises personal private issues and cause violation of rights.

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