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Is All You Need To Know. For its engineering strength. For its fabrication excellence. For its quality process that really means business. For its field service based solely on how to best help its customers. Yuba has put together a winning team. One that is fully committed to meet your heat transfer needs. Now and into the future for as far as any of us can see. Yuba Heat Transfer is a fully integrated company committed to providing advanced engineering design, the highest quality fabrication, and turnkey field service second to none, for virtually any heat transfer need. You can trust Yuba’s commitment to serve your heat transfer needs. . . anywhere in the world. . .as it has been since 1928.


Engineering The Strength Behind The Commitment. Yuba’s engineering staff is the strength and the foundation of the entire organization. The engineering concepts upon which Yuba’s products are manufactured make the difference in meeting your needs for maximum performance. At Yuba, engineering is clearly more than just the application of sound design principles. Customer needs, both long- and shortterm, must take priority over all other considerations at the outset of your project. Yuba engineers are, first and foremost, very inquisitive. They must gather enough information to be sure they understand your needs. And then interpret those needs into design considerations, either within the standard ASME code or to special codes, that produce the precise heat exchange equipment you need.

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Engineering Is Continuous.

Yuba engineers are involved with your project long after the design has been completed. They follow fabrication from beginning to end and frequently are involved in manufacturing decisions. And they accept no compromise that will create a negative impact on your project, or how it may perform to fulfill your needs. When fabrication is completed they will review all of the quality processes and testing procedures to make sure that your heat transfer equipment meets or exceeds the criteria to which it was designed and fabricated. Yuba has committed significant resources to engineering, including long-term R&D activities that have produced many award winning engineering projects and patents. Which means your heat transfer equipment from Yuba has been engineered to 2

be the best it can be.


Field Service Is Heavy On Serving You. Yuba consistently provides the highest level of field service. The emphasis in field service is always based on how Yuba can help its customers achieve their goals and meet their operational priorities. Yuba’s field services include:

• Testing and analysis of your heat transfer equipment

• Tube plugging, removal, replacement and repair

• Preventative maintenance for any type of heat

transfer equipment • Long- or short-term inspection programs for your heat transfer equipment • Installation of new or retrofit of any type of heat transfer equipment

And the list could go on. Yuba’s field service personnel are widely experienced with every type of heat transfer equipment. And in every type of maintenance, repair, installation or retrofit situation for any industry. When you need on-site assistance with your heat transfer equipment call Yuba Field Services. They will understand your needs. . .and your equipment. . .and solve your problems quickly and expertly.



Quality Process Means Business.

Yuba’s reputation for engineering and fabricating the highest quality heat transfer products and systems continually results in repeat sales. Every quality check during the fabrication of your heat transfer equipment is performed on the most up-to-date equipment available by QC technicians who are highly skilled at their craft. Every quality check will always be performed on the required equipment by either in-house technicians or independent contractors. Yuba’s customers have the assurance that the technicians who perform the quality checks on their heat transfer equipment will be the best available and use only state-of-the-art equipment and procedures.

Yuba’s quality process utilizes:

• Radiographic examination

• Die-penetrant testing

• Ultrasonic verification

• Magnetic particle testing

• Hydrostatic testing, and

• Chemical and metallographic sampling

Yuba’s quality process has met the exacting standards required for ISO-9001 Certification. Now, in addition to Yuba’s customers knowing that its products meet their highest expectations, they are assured that Yuba’s quality process has been certified to the most exacting international standards. Yuba means business about quality.


Fabrication Focuses The Commitment.

Yuba’s fabrication procedures, facilities and equipment are second to none. They are truly state-of-the-art. Many companies have the appropriate equipment and facilities in which to fabricate quality heat transfer equipment. What makes Yuba different? Yuba’s commitment. . .that every heat transfer system it fabricates will be the best that it can be within the design criteria. Yuba’s unique application of flow-based concepts in its manufacturing process translates into a significant competitive advantage. Encompassing approximately 225,000 sq. ft., Yuba’s facilities were purpose-built for the fabrication of heat transfer equipment. Every function, from the indoor storage of plate steel to final assembly, testing and delivery, was the result of meticulous planning. The result? One of the most efficient fabrication facilities in the world.


Transportation More efficient fabrication leads to clear customer benefits including: • More competitive pricing • Reduced cycle times • Total quality control • Complete coordination and communication on every aspect of your project. Yuba’s strategic locations in Tulsa, OK and Baton Rouge, LA provide access to convenient transportation for any location in the world. Transportation options in both locations include truck, rail, air and barge. Customers may take their pick of transportation modes to meet their economic or delivery priorities.


Commitment Put Yuba to the test. And you will find their commitment to their customers is much deeper and more encompassing than can ever be expressed on paper.


Yuba’s Commitment.

Yuba Heat Transfer is a fully integrated company committed to providing advanced engineering design, the highest quality fabrication, and turnkey field service second to none, for virtually any heat transfer need. Yuba’s expertise enables complete economic and feasibility studies to be performed on any heat transfer design scenario that meets its customers’ needs. And fulfill those needs with heat transfer systems that meet the most demanding performance requirements. Yuba’s commitment to quality is total and it permeates the entire organization. From meeting the numerous code requirements throughout the entire engineering, design and fabrication effort, to the continuing quality review process dictated by the rigorous ISO-9001 certification standards. Plus, Yuba’s financial strength is measured as a division of Connell Limited Partnership, with sales in excess of $1 billion. You can trust Yuba’s commitment to serve your heat transfer needs. . .anywhere in the world. . .as it has been since 1928.

2121 NORTH 161 EAST AVENUE TULSA, OKLAHOMA 74116 UNITED STATES 918 234 6000 In the interest of technological progress, all products are subject to design and/or material change without notice. Š2009 SPX Cooling Heat Transfer, Inc. Printed in USA | YUBA-09

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Yuba Heat Transfer is a fully integrated company committed to providing advanced engineering design, the highest quality fabrication, and tu...