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Overall Categories You Should Focus on  Leverage ASO for cheaper user acquisition - The more organic installs you earn from App Store visibility, the less you'll have to pay in advertising to meet your growth goals.  Optimize your onboarding flow for a better retention rate - Most users won't even return to the app after the first day, so it's crucial to hook new users right away.  Send messages on each channel - Push notifications are one of the best channels for mobile apps; they've been shown to increase user retention. The best way to engage users is to reach out with in-app messages, emails, and persistent App Inbox messages in addition to push notifications.  Track retention by defining a critical event that users must trigger - A more practical metric is to track how many users have completed onboarding and triggered a key event, like playing a round of a game or making a purchase.

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Marketing Strategies for New Apps  Social Media Marketing - Keep an open on new social sites to future proof you from changes in the social paradigm.  App Review Submission - Review Submission will help you to get more target audience as It will provide your app with the initial publicity and lots of app users easily get to know about your app.

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Marketing Strategies for New Apps  App Store Optimisation (ASO) - ASO is use to optimise your app in app store. when someone is interested in your app, he/she will download and install it. It plays vital role to show your app on top in app store and essay to attract targeted media.  Keyword Analysis for ASO - Keyword must be relevant with app. keyword should have low competition and large search volume. The ASO consultancy help to analysis your app keywords.

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Marketing Strategies for New Apps  Safe Landing Page - Safe Landing Page include all information must be available regarding your app (like app download link for app store and play store, little describe about app, positive effects etc..). Helpful to attract user for download and install your app.  CPI (Cost Per Install) - It is a service to your app which is very important to improve installs of your app as you must need to pay for per install and get a good results to increases your app installs. Helpful to improve your rating and reviews. IPhone Apps Development Company in Florida

Marketing Strategies for New Apps  PR(Press Release ) and Articles Write articles related to your app in targeted media. Press release writing and distribution service for app marketing helps your app get instant and valuable attention.  Make a story - Viral a story about your app in social media before few days of lunching date. Its made crazy and exited to get your app. viral app story with press release which is a big part to generate lead.

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Strategies divided into individual tactics • Use relevant keywords in your app's description to improve App Store search rankings. • A/B test different versions of your onboarding flow to determine the optimal number of screens for account registration. • Send push notifications to users who fall dormant — and if they don't open the message, follow up in a week with an email. • When evaluating a new user acquisition method, compare cohorts based on in-app purchases completed rather than simply time spent in-app.

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