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Anxious I am But your presence,evokes „me“ Shall I dance ? I need no allure of yours to be unfolded by me Because I‘ve surrendered to the ice in your soul I ... am falling in love with a shadow tenderly ... breaking into pieces the other half , I left in a farewell to fathom such psych is to associate mourn & thrill how come the dearest causes the darkest times…? Not much to choose from So even if it might lack tact Act

Better off yet Dragging into the same difference / Once I remembered / Six years at that one place / Moving on and on and on along the lane / That always got me there / And made me / Remain and reserved Restless. people starving, staring, standing there / And passing by / So many more and still unsure. / But I dropped a line and mind at all / Once you were missing just a moment / Of saying what I wanted to Do take cool looks / Surprising and splendid and beautiful / Shall forget the voice returns / More empathic thaen erratic / Almost wanted back / as my instincts told me not to go / No turnaround or so / I smile When I versify my wonts like I did / Did I find it / So pleasant, to pleasant, to sullen / Too fine Relocation of my motive / Took a hike There is a better life I know that / sometimes / Even if I still wallow / It will remain my main distraction I‘m better off / Now, better yet / I‘m on / Tell me what do you think / is wrong I‘m better off / Though I can‘t reclaim my memories / and sigh... Goodbye I could not go on / It was not your fault / Was down on myself / You know I was being /Sincere to you / But true to me / Got the feeling / I was not Wanted to comply a concept / And I could not fulfill / Awareness lifts the burden / From my / shoulders / Although the load / Of being without / It makes me wheeze Were close and that was good / So I won‘t forget you / No indifference as I told / Grandiloquently professing / Lately confessing / Please pardon my progressing I go / I could not talk to you / I‘m sorry / And I‘m sorry / To come back to that again / In the twinkling of an eye / I‘d deny the lie Goodbye

Photos and pictures collected. Artwork by Tobias Eric Garbe Musicians participating directly or indirectly in this album: Mr Flo, Carolin Bölting, Ayda, Dan Nosheny, Daniel Kapunkt, Thorsten Krome, Matthias Höfkens, Johannes Bömken, Mario, Papa Schöttler, Bassti Jebing, Emanuel Passerschroer, Nils Teschlade and in the front there for I must be Peter Sebring. Very special thanks go to: God - being a concept or not, my family, Mr Flo, Carolin Bölting, and all the shiny people Special thanks go to the following and all their families in alphabetical order: Afra Bafra, Ahcdefga Nhefnefua, An na Z, Annika Paus, Andreas Bachler, Andreas Caninenberg, Anke Sondermann, Ann-Christin Vagedes, Annika Uphoff, Axel Re, Bassti Jebing, Bastian Paus, Benedikt Winkler, Benjamin Garcia, Bensen Hell, Berit Kratzert, Björn Buddhabrot, Bro Phil, Carolin Felgemacher, Carsten Cyrener, Chris Paus, Christian Böing, Christian Hund, Christian Lammers, Christian Müller, Christian Wienand, Christian Zehetmeier, Christiane Wilms, Christina Bleier, Clementine Terhorst, D-Movie Bocholt, Daniel Becker, Daniel Ehlting, Daniel Goldkuhle, Daniel Günther, Daniel Kapunkt, Daniel Paus, Dennis Hilty, Dennis Möllenbeck, Dominik Hoffmann, Doris Hoffmann, Dominik Hormann, Emanuel Passerschroer, Emanuel Straubel, Erika Summsebauer, Eva Flores, Ferdy Besselink, Florian Paus, Frank Orth, Frank Ruhnau, Gerrit Balsam, Gyros Gesen, Harm Klomps, Hendrik Thier, Holger Steuter, Imke Paus, Jannik Pa, Jennifer Tünte, Jenny Droste, Jessica Alvarez Manzano, Johannes Bömken, Jonathan Paus, Jörg Nehling, Jörn Weinrich, Jörn Wilting, Julia Steiner, Jürgen Fischdick, Ketziah Bocholt, Kiko Leh, Kind Der Liebe Spielbücher, Ksenija Vukovic, Kurt Poeplau, Lena Nöthling, Leon Paus, Lou Dynia, Lu Deing, Maja, Marc Heckers, Marc Nißing, Marc Schuurmann, Marcel Schaffeld, Margarete Grocholski, Marion Romhi, Markus Schmeink, Martin Püttmann, Martyna Notten, Melanie Heisterkamp, Michael Altrogge, Michael Haar, Michael Heuting, Michael Mono, Michael Oenning, Michael Scholten, Michael Ve, Michel Schmeinck, Mirjam Saborowski, Nicola Löhr, Nicole Stivan, Nils Teschlade, Peter Wolle, Petra Jansen, Phillip Küper, Rocco Ostermann, Rolf Stivan, Sabine Oenning, Samuel Paus, Sandra Garbe, Sandra Heitkamp, Sascha Ergezinger, Sascha Pöpping, Sebastian Grunden, Silke Willnich, Silvia Buss, Søren Langnarsson, Stefan Lachmann, Stefan Nissing, Stefan Weidemann, Stefanie Droste, Stefanie Tiemann, Stephen Parsons, Susanne Nehring, Thomas Kemper, Thomas Lohkamp-Schmitz, Thorsten Jungkamp, Thorsten Krome, Tim Hüfing, Tobias Kukovic, Tobias Rosa, Tobias Schalles, Tobias Wahl, Tobias Wiedall, Udo Rademacher, Ulf-Henning Eckers, Veit Dange, Victor Lustig, Volker Spaan, Yvonne Müller and to all the some- and nobody people.

SPUTNIK booklet