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Gamecock Nation celebrates tradition Basketball opens practice!

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Spurs & Feathers

October 15, 2014

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South Carolina student-athletes from several different sports read to students at Rosewood Elementary School on Friday, Oct. 10. Student-athletes from eight different Gamecock teams were on hand along with members of the Dodie Academic Enrichment Center staff. In addition to reading the books, the student-athletes spent time speaking with the youngsters, answering a wide variety of questions. Olivia Hassler of track and field is pictured above. Patrick Harrington of Gamecock baseball is pictured below. On the bottom left is Elem Ibiam of South Carolina women’s basketball. Jemekia Wilson of track and field is pictured on the bottom right.

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October 15, 2014

Gamecocks not shy about ultimate goal in 2014-15 season by kyle heck Reporter

When a team returns all five starters from the previous season expectations are sure to be high. However, when a team returns five starters along with bringing in the No. 2 recruiting class expectations will be through the roof. That’s the position that South Carolina women’s basketball finds itself in. Almost guaranteed to be ranked in the top-3 when the official preseason polls come out, the Gamecocks are coming off of a 29-5, 14-2 SEC season where they won the SEC regular-season title and made it to the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen. The words “national championship” were thrown around a lot after the first practice of the season on Tuesday, Oct. 7 and head coach Dawn Staley said that goal is not something that they’re going to back away from. “I think it’s out there that we’re one of the top teams in the country and we have All Gamecock basketball to play to that coverage sponsored by part,” Staley Yesterdays said. “If the

players are saying it, they believe in that - you have to go with that. I’m not going to shy away from what the ultimate goal is and that’s to win a national championship. I think we have all the key ingredients to do that and we just can’t let the coaches get in the way.” “Our goal is definitely nothing short of a national championship and I think we have to put that in our minds and keep feeding ourselves that we don’t want to settle for anything less than that, so that’s the main goal, that’s what we know we can accomplish this year,” senior forward Aleighsa Welch said. “It all starts right here. It all starts at practice.” While the goals by the team are undoubtedly lofty they have the talent to get the job done. They return the SEC player of the year (junior guard Tiffany Mitchell) and the SEC freshman and co-sixth player of the year (center Alaina Coates). That’s not even mentioning the freshman class that includes two of the top 10 players in the country. 6-5 G/F A’ja Wilson was the No. 1 player in the country coming out of high school and is expected to play an important role in the Gamecocks’ upcoming season. Wilson has the size and ability to be an elite post-up player as well as having the ball-handling and shooting skills to play on the perimeter and drive the ball to the basket. 6-4 Forward Jatarie White, the No. 7 player in the country coming out of high school, is

out here. It’s been a lot of fun today (Oct. 7).” For Staley, it was the first time that she’s been able to see her players in a month as she had been out of the country helping Team USA win another gold medal. “It was great to get back in the swing of things,” Staley said. “It was good to see them; it was good to see how they progressed over the past month and they weren’t disappointing.” photo by allen sharpe While the Gamecocks had a successful 201314 season in many regards they fell short in also expected to contribute a lot of minutes this both the SEC and NCAA Tournaments of what they felt they were capable of accomplishing. season. After a 19-point win over Georgia in its 2014 The main problem for Staley this season will be trying to find playing time for all of her tal- SEC Tournament opener, South Carolina lost by 10 to Kentucky, a team that they had swept ented players and that was evident in the first in the regular-season, in the SEC semifinals. practice of the year. Then after opening the NCAA Tournament “It doesn’t seem like everybody is getting with wins over Cal State Northridge and Orenough reps because we have a lot of bodies and a lot of people that will play intricate roles egon State, the Gamecocks were upset in the Sweet Sixteen by North Carolina. in our success,” Staley said. “We’re just try“Last season was kind of a letdown,” Mitchell ing to figure out ways, as coaches, to be a little said. “We had an expectation to go further than more efficient in getting the reps that they’ll need in order for them to make the transition a what we did, so it does fuel (us) because we know we added more pieces. We know what lot easier.” The team was eager to officially get the 2014- we can do this season and we don’t want a season like last year.” 15 season underway after a long offseason. Wilson said she kept a countdown on her phone South Carolina will host Coker for an exhibition at Colonial Life Arena at 3 p.m. on Sunday, to the first day of practice. “I couldn’t wait to get through class,” Wilson Nov. 2. The Gamecocks open their regularsaid. “I was sitting in class thinking that this is season on Saturday, Nov. 15 against Southern California. the first day of practice and I can’t wait to get

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October 15, 2014

Gamecocks open year looking to build on foundation by brian hand

The first two years of the Frank Martin era for South Carolina men’s basketball have truly been a rebuilding process. The Gamecocks and Martin are hoping that some of the lessons they have learned from the past two seasons along with some of their successes like beating Kentucky last year will lead perfectly to the growth of Gamecock basketball to the level they desire, which is competing for SEC championships. In fact, Martin feels the foundation is in place for future success. “I try to keep my thumb on their (players) pulse and the pulse of our team,” the thirdyear head coach noted at his first official press conference of the 2014-15 season on Monday, Oct. 6. “Are we working? The first thing I’m always paying attention to is are we working? Are we accepting responsibility? Are we doing our jobs? I put unbelievable pressure on everyone in our organization to do that every day and in essence they turn around and by them doing that they put pressure on me to do my job every day. “We set a school-record in team GPA (last year). You don’t do that because you take easy classes. You do that because guys actually make a commitment to embrace all of their responsibilities. I’m pretty sure - we didn’t set a record - but we did the most community service hours men’s basketball has done in the summer here. It takes time. That means our guys have to embrace going out and doing those things and not just show up and stand there and not be fun to be around because when that happens nobody else asks you to come back and get around their people. From a basketball standpoint, I can’t ask them to do more than what they’ve done (from) Scott Greenawalt (strength and conditioning coach), the numbers from their bodies to athletically to all the different things that we challenge our guys that we challenge to improve at from a strength, agility standpoint - through the roof. Body weights - whether it’s down or up. Their body composition is drastically changed,” Martin continued. Martin continuously utilized the example of sophomore guard Sindarius Thornwell, who despite a freshman All-SEC season last year enters this year more ready for the grind of college basketball with Martin relaying his body going All Gamecock basketball into this year coverage sponsored by is night and Yesterdays day from the

photo by jenny dilworth

same point as last year. “There’s no shortcuts in anything that we’ve done,” Martin commented. “That’s what I keep my pulse on so we’re more prepared to handle the difficult moments of a season. I understand our players better, I think they understand us better and we’re excited. If you don’t want to deal with problems then you might as well stay in your house and don’t ever step outside. We’re ready to step outside. We’re ready to take on the challenges the season brings out. From day one our staff has been preaching what we want to be about, what we want our players to do. We give our players a vision and we listen to their vision and then we try to connect with them. I’m pretty simple. I can’t make people do things they don’t want to do. I’m not good at that, but if you tell me you want to do this and those are your words then it’s my job to hold you accountable to achieve those goals and those dreams and that’s what I try to do. “I know what our players tell me and I know what I hold them accountable to move forward and to achieve dreams and to achieve success (it) takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of people dealing with failure and helping each other through difficult times to continue move forward. It’s not always a big party in there. There’s difficult moments in that locker room, but it’s like everything else. You stick together in difficult moments … when you are going through a difficult moment we all go back and we lean on our work ethic. Have we put in work for what we’re do-

ing? If you are then you don’t quit. You fight your tail off to live another day, to get better the next day and that’s what our guys have built up there … by the end of the year (last year) things started coming around and we won some games and it gave us confidence that winning is okay and I think that carried into the offseason. The guys have been great this offseason. They really have,” Martin expounded. Senior guard Tyrone Johnson agreed with his coach, relaying “guys worked on their game and got stronger - mentally and physically,” Johnson said. “We came into summer workouts wanting to have an edge this season. Myself and Sin (Thornwell) went overseas and had a good experience over there, but overall as a team we all came back faster, stronger and in better shape.” Martin and his staff as always have a clear plan of what these next few weeks will look like for his team as they prepare to take on the 2014-15 season. “As you get closer to the season then you start worrying more about games. Understand this: running plays doesn’t help you win a game … you’ve got to have a foundation about how you’re going to play so the harder the moments the stronger your foundation. You don’t rely on any play to win. As you get into the season you start tweaking for matchups. What matchup do you want to take advantage? How within your structure are you going to gain that advantage that you’re trying to find? That’s what you build as the

season goes on, but you’re always relying on your basics. Who you are offensively and who you are defensively? “For the next two weeks we’re going to put in all our offense and then Oct. 20 I think if my mind serves me right we start putting in all our defense and then the whole goal is to have all our foundation in place in practice before we play our first real game,” Martin elaborated. Martin realizes that if the Gamecocks are to be successful on the hardwood in the upcoming year then one of the big reasons will be the closeness of the team. “Obviously I can’t be specific about recruit names and all of that stuff. I can’t give you specifics as to what weekend because I don’t want you to think I’m inferring anything, but in my conversations with recruits that have been on campus officially and unofficially with those young folks the one common denominator in every conversation I’ve had is how impressed they are with the culture, the camaraderie, the guys in our locker room. “At the end of the day, we coaches get credit for recruiting. What do we do? We sell facilities, we sell schedules, we sell the Dodie (Anderson Academic EnrichmentCenter). Players want to play if they get along with the players that are in your locker room. When they get around those guys those players are going to tell those recruits this staff is awesome or they are going to say ‘dude, go play somewhere else. I made the mistake, I can’t get out of here right now. Do what you got to do.’ Our guys are representing us in an unbelievable way and that’s a whole lot of fun,” Martin said. South Carolina will host Benedict for an exhibition at the Colonial Life Arena at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 26. The first regularseason contest of the year for the Gamecocks is at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 14 against North Florida.

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October 15, 2014

South Carolina Gamecocks


football Schedule 08/28/14 ..........vs. #21 Texas A&M # ........... Columbia, S.C. ..................... L, 52-28 09/06/14 ..........vs. East Carolina .................. Columbia, S.C. ....................W, 33-23 09/13/14 ..........vs. #6 Georgia # ................... Columbia, S.C. ....................W, 38-35 09/20/14 Vanderbilt # ...................... Nashville, Tenn. ..................W, 48-34 09/27/14 ..........vs. Missouri # ......................... Columbia, S.C. ..................... L, 21-20 10/04/14 Kentucky # ........................ Lexington, Ky. ...................... L, 45-38 10/18/14 ..........vs. Furman ............................. Columbia, S.C. ...................... 12 p.m. 10/25/14 Auburn # ........................... Auburn, Ala. .................................TBA 11/01/14 ..........vs. Tennessee # ..................... Columbia, S.C. .............................TBA 11/15/14 Florida # ............................. Gainesville, Fla. ...........................TBA 11/22/14 ..........vs. South Alabama .............. Columbia, S.C. .............................TBA 11/29/14 Clemson ............................ Clemson, S.C. ...............................TBA

Standings SEC East




3-1 148

87 5-1 259 108 W4



2-1 92

81 5-1 219 112 W3


2-2 94

111 3-2 159 111 L1 54 4-2 173 137 L1


1-1 21

South Carolina

2-3 172 187 3-3 205 210 L2


0-2 41

45 3-3 168 115 W1


0-4 61

150 2-5 123 238 W1

SEC West



Ole Miss

3-0 99

40 6-0 214 71 W6

Mississippi State

3-0 120

83 6-0 251 120 W6



2-1 73

57 5-1 199 92 W1


2-1 109

66 5-1 233 110 L1

Texas A&M

2-2 138 139 5-2 307 158 L2


1-2 66

102 5-2 244 133 W1


0-3 62

94 3-3 236 143 L2

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October 15, 2014

South Carolina Gamecocks

Recruiting Round-up South Carolina is one of the top two schools vying for 2016 WR Bryan Edwards of Conway. Edwards took his sole visit thus far this fall to USC for the Missouri game and enjoyed his time in Columbia. “Overall, it was a good experience and I like getting up there to USC,” Edwards said. “It was a wild game and the fan base was great. I like the coaches up there. Everette Sands is really easy to talk to and I like hanging out with him. I love their coaches and their fan base and I like the big city life.” The Gamecocks and Clemson lead for Edwards because “they’re the two schools recruiting me the hardest.” His next visit to Clemson will come at the end of the season when USC travels to the Upstate. Next up for Edwards will be the LSUAlabama match up. Edwards has a top group of Clemson, USC, Georgia, “and either LSU or North Carolina.” He does not have a leader. USC was the first school to offer 2016 DB James Valdez of Lake Marion and he visited for the Georgia and Missouri games. “It’s always great being at Carolina. They were the first to offer me and that means a lot to me. I’m not taking it lightly. Carolina is showing me a lot of love and I love it there.” His other offers are from NC State, North Carolina and Tennessee with interest coming from Clemson, Georgia, Wake Forest, Phil Kornblut Virginia and Oregon. Contributing He does not have any Writer favorites. USC line coach Shawn Elliott contacted OL

YOUR UNDER ARMOUR HEADQUARTERS! 620 Huger St., Columbia, SC Website: Facebook: Todd and Moore Sporting Goods something on one of the ESPN outlets. Ole Miss and committed to USC at the end of 6-6 Jacob Evans of Baton Rouge, LA has September according to the Naples Daily News. taken official visits to USC, Tulane, Cincinnati Coffers also considered Notre Dame, Vanderand Auburn and is considering a final official bilt, Florida and East Carolina according to Pervisit to LSU, though he’s up in the air about that Coffers batted .280 last season right now. Evans is planning to make his deciin 24 games, with 13 RBIs and 18 runs scored. sion within the next two weeks and all four of Here’s the scouting report the schools he’s visited are still on his board. “I on Coffers: don’t have a favorite,” he said. “I’m still open. Medium athletic build, good present strength It’s hard. They (visits) were all fun and I got to with room for more. Athletic and versatile deknow a lot of people at each school.” Evans said fensive player, ran 6.77 at the PG Junior Nationhe will base his decision on “my relationship al Showcase and shows very good arm strength. with the coaches, the opportunity to play and Young catching actions but the tools are there playing style. I’m a bigger guard and I can rewith more repetitions and coaching, plays the bound and push so I’m looking for an uptempo outfield and could probably play infield as well. offense.” Evans said once he makes his decision Right handed hitter, spread stance with a big leg he will hold an announcement at his school. raise and high hand load, foot tends to get down USC target 7-0 Rozelle Nix of Pensacola JC, late, stays balanced and creates strength in his FL has set an official visit to Pitt October 24th. swing, good hand path to the ball and makes USC has offered junior PG Markelle Fultz of consistent hard line drive contact, has the hitting Dematha High in Hyattsville, MD. tools to develop, especially as a primary catcher. Baseball News: Excellent student. Junior catcher and outfielder Mark Coffers Coffers is USC’s 11th commitment for the (6-0 180) of Naples, FL de-committed from 2016 class.

By Phil Kornblut

Parker Boudreaux (6-5 281) of Orlando about two weeks ago. “He really wants me to come in for a visit,” Boudreaux said. “He’s going to check out some film this week.” USC has not yet offered. Some of Boudreaux’s other offers include Clemson, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Kentucky, Miami, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Penn State and West Virginia. He’ll start to narrow his list after the season. He does not have favorites or a timetable on a decision. Boudreaux has visited Clemson, Miami, Florida, Auburn, NC State, East Carolina, Marshall, Georgia, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech. OL John Simpson of Fort Dorchester picked up an offer from Clemson last Saturday while he was on campus for an unofficial visit. He also has an offer from USC. Basketball News: The third official visit for 6-5 Tevin Mack of Dreher took place over the weekend when he went to Clemson. Mack also has been to Georgia and VCU. USC coach Frank Martin watched Mack work out last Wednesday. Mack took his official visit to Connecticut this past weekend and he wraps up his visits at USC after that. He doesn’t have a timetable for a decision which he ultimately will reveal on Twitter rather than having a formal announcement. 6-6 PJ Dozier of Spring Valley was at North Carolina last weekend for his second official visit. He’s also been to Michigan. Dozier will go to Georgetown on October 17th, USC on the 24th and Louisville on the 31st. Dozier remains open with no true leader according to his father. As for how they will handle the announcement, Perry Dozier said they are considering doing

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October 15, 2014

Previewing the Furman football team by kyle Heck Reporter

Blazejowski got his first career start in the Paladins’ last game against FCS No. 3 Coastal CaroNext up for South Carolina is lina and performed well. The Furman University, an in-state Florida native completed 12-of-18 FCS program out of Greenville passes for 127 yards and a touchthat should be the Gamecocks’ down, while rushing for another first “break” in the schedule this 81 yards and another touchdown season. in the 37-31 double-overtime loss Both teams will be coming off a to the Chanticleers. bye week when they meet on SatBecause the offense had its best urday and both will carry losing game of the season against Coastal streaks into the matchup. Carolina under Blazejowski it is South Carolina (3-3, 2-3 SEC) likely that he will make the start has lost its last two games, while against the Gamecocks. the Paladins (2-4, 1-1 SoCon) The Paladins have a balanced are mired in a four-game losing rushing attack with four players streak. that have registered at least 140 The Furman offense has strugyards on the ground this year. gled all season long, averaging just Both Blazejowski and Woodruff under 17 points per game. Redhave the ability to run out of the shirt freshman quarterback Dillon pocket as well. Woodruff is the teams’ leading Junior Jordan Snelling leads the passer with 707 yards through the team in receiving with 25 catches air to go with three touchdowns for 345 yards and two touchdowns. and three interceptions. As a team, Furman has just six However, true freshman P.J. passing touchdowns on the season.

photo by jenny dilworth

The Paladin defense was impressive through the first four games of the season, but back-to-back poor outings against Coastal Carolina and Western Carolina have

brought them back down to earth. Still, the defense is allowing just under 304 yards per game and has forced eight turnovers in six games.

Junior linebacker Cory Magwood is the defensive leader with 73 tackles, which is better than 12 per game. Senior defensive end Gary Wilkins has 35 tackles to go along with a team-high nine tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks. The Georgia native also has four pass defections, two forced fumbles and an interception return for a touchdown. Wilkins was just named the SoCon player of the month. This will be the first meeting between the two teams since 2010 when the Gamecocks took a 38-19 decision at Williams-Brice Stadium. Before that, the two teams hadn’t played since 1982 when Furman pulled off the 28-23 upset in Columbia. The Gamecocks are hoping they’ll be able to get back on track against a Furman team that will undoubtedly be playing hard and looking for the program-changing upset on national television.

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October 15, 2014

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October 15, 2014

On his first day as South Carolina associate makes perfect sense. head coach, Chad Holbrook received a laptop, a *** university-issued credit card, and a set of instrucThe text couldn’t have come at a better time. tions from head coach Ray Tanner. Wingo was padding through the terminal at “Go find me a second baseman,” Tanner told Los Angeles International Airport, en route him. “My current one is not good enough.” to the plane that would carry him home. That Tanner was referring to a light-hitting junior weekend, his parent club, the Los Angeles Dodgwho only batted .211 in his first two seasons at ers, informed him that they were releasing him. South Carolina. His spectacular glove kept him The Dodgers took him in the 11th round of the in the lineup, but his shaky bat kept tempting 2011 Major League Baseball Draft after a senior Tanner to pull him. His overcaffeinated person- season in which he batted .338 and led the Gameality occasionally tested his patience, too. cocks to their second straight national title. Holbrook failed in his assignment. Not because But patience wears thin for 25 year-olds in Ahe found a better player, but because the original ball. Wingo appeared in five games with Class-A player succeeded in spite of them. Advanced Rancho Cucamonga in 2014, batting Scott Wingo, a second baseman from Green1-for-11 before the Dodgers offed him on April ville, S.C., finished his career as one of the 12. Gamecocks’ most celebrated players. He was the On the walk to his gate at LAX, Wingo’s cell heart and soul of a pair of national championship phone vibrated. It was a text message from Holteams, a scrappy dirt-dog who wowed fans with brook, who had just heard about his release. He his defense and clutch hitting. He capped his already had an offer waiting for him. career by making 1st Team All-SEC as a senior, “He reached out and said, ‘hey, you come finish and earning Most Outstanding Player at the 2011 your school and help us out next year.’ I thought College World Series. that was really special,” Wingo said. Now Wingo, 25, is back in Columbia as the He and Holbrook worked out the details over Gamecocks’ newest student assistant coach. In the next few months. Wingo packed his belongaddition to coaching, he’s taking the final four ings and headed to Columbia, a place where he courses he needs to complete his degree in Recarved out one of the most beloved careers in tailing. Gamecock history. “I enjoy it. I love seeing these guys in these first Even if it took awhile for him to get there. couple scrimmages succeed. When they do well, *** you feel good about yourself,” Wingo said, relaxWingo was undaunted by his early struggles at ing in a seat at Carolina Stadium before a recent USC. practice. “I was relentless. I was going to figure out how “Scott’s a joy. He was a joy as a player and to hit. That’s what I thought,” he said. now he’s a joy as a coach. The kid has grown His coaches had reason to think otherwise. In up and matured quite a bit. He wanted to be the his first two seasons at South Carolina, the 5’11,” best player he could be when he 175-pounder looked like a slap hitter played here. Now he wants to be at best, an offensive black hole at the best coach,” said Holbrook. worst. But Wingo and Holbrook both As a freshman, Wingo batted acknowledge the irony. At South .230 in 43 starts at second base. He Carolina, he played with an engot worse as a sophomore – in 61 ergy that bordered on manic. He games, he only mustered a .196 avercharmed fans with his happy-goage with 17 RBI. Among the Gamelucky, sometimes scatterbrained cocks’ everyday players, he had the press conferences. He led teamlowest batting average by 95 points. mates in a goofy, barking, “I The numbers didn’t escape the Andy Demetra bet you won’t get crunk” chant scrutiny of his head coach. Inside the Chart during pregame huddles. On a “Coach Tanner was as hard on team full of characters, he was by Wingo as he was any player on our far the biggest. team,” says Holbrook. He also was a player who, to be diplomatic, His low production didn’t make it easier for the could drive his own coaches nuts. Tanner fastraight-laced Tanner to put up with his bouncy mously kicked him out of a two-a-day practice personality, either. So Wingo worked like mad to the weekend before the Gamecocks’ NCAA shake his weak-hitting reputation. At least three Tournament opener in 2010. times a week, Holbrook would leave his office Now that player wants to be a coach himself? after midnight to the pings of an aluminum bat But to the people who know Scott Wingo, rattling the walls of the indoor batting cages. there’s more to him than the irreverent persona “Every time it was Wingo,” Holbrook said. he projected as a player. They paint a picture of a Strength and conditioning coach Billy Anderman with a fierce work ethic, someone who was son says Wingo didn’t buy in to his weight trainextremely dedicated to learning his craft and ating program as an underclassman. That changed. tacking his weaknesses. His greatest struggles “He used to drive Billy Anderson crazy beas a player, they say, could become his greatest cause he could never get him out of the weight strengths as a coach. His story, not his personal- room,” said former teammate Whit Merrifield. ity, will make him an asset in the dugout. He always had an innate ability to connect To hear them tell it, the idea of Scott Wingo with players in the clubhouse (“he could befriend – folk hero, free spirit, fan favorite – as a coach a shark,” Merrifield said). But two years and

91 starts still hadn’t assured Wingo his future at USC. At Tanner’s urging, Holbrook signed Adrian Morales, a junior-college standout from Hialeah, Fla., hoping he would challenge Wingo for his starting job at second base. Holbrook told Wingo as much on the first day of practice his junior year. “It fueled him. It motivated him,” Holbrook said. “After the fall, we said nope. Morales has to go to third, because Wingo just played his rear end off.” Wingo continued the turnaround into the Spring, where he batted .247 and made SEC AllDefensive. Holbrook says he became a better student of the game, analyzing what pitchers do and positioning himself better defensively. During his first two seasons, whenever Tanner pinch-hit for him in the late innings, Wingo would mentally re-insert himself, studying the at-bat from the dugout, still believing he played his best with the game on the line. That belief paid off on the biggest stage. During Game 2 of the Gamecocks’ 2010 College World Series matchup against UCLA, Wingo drew a nervy walk to begin the bottom of the 11th inning. Moments later, he crossed home with the Gamecocks’ first national title, an image that will forever be etched in South Carolina history. The ascendance continued his senior year. Teammates voted him captain. Despite the introduction of new bats that dramatically reduced power, his batting average climbed nearly 100 points to .338. He earned a second straight nod to the SEC All-Defensive team. “My first two years I was thinking, ‘man, I might not ever figure it out.’ But I stayed on it. I tried to stay as positive as I could. And finally, I figured it out,” Wingo said. It also figured that the player so often pulled late in games would be responsible for some of the most clutch moments in Gamecock history. Wingo delivered a two-out, game-tying RBI single in the 8th inning of the Gamecocks’ 2011 CWS series opener against Florida. A half-inning later, he made a diving stop of a bases-loaded grounder to preserve the tie. The next night, with South Carolina leading the series 1-0, he chopped an 8th-inning single to give the Gamecocks a crucial insurance run. He finished as the College World Series Most Outstanding Player, batting .333 with 6 hits and 4 RBI. Holbrook says that perseverance – from offensive non-factor to Omaha MOP - will resonate with players. “He didn’t listen to what was going on in the newspaper or media, or people trying to analyze his batting average, or people trying to tell us we should get another player. He kept working and trying to improve.” And in that, Merrifield says the true nature of

Wingo’s personality comes forward, the one that will make him an ideal coach. “I can tell you right now that nobody has more knowledge or passion for the game than Scott,” he said. *** There he stands, on a sun-drenched October afternoon at Carolina Stadium, shagging throws beside the batting cage for assistant coach Brian Buscher. It’s not a shock, but in his garnet pullover, white pants, and garnet cap pulled low, Wingo doesn’t look much different from his playing days. He picks up short-hops with ease. A light scruff frames his face. He remembers a major league scout approaching him during the Spring of his junior year at South Carolina. “I don’t know where you’ll go if ¬you go,” the scout told him. “But I know one thing: you’ll be a great coach one day.” “I always remembered that,” Wingo said. He’s kept quiet during the beginning of fall practice (imagine that). But Wingo says he’s eager to share the wisdom from his own playing days. “My best attribute as a coach would be realizing you’re going to fail in this game. Continue to keep on bringing it every day,” he said. Assistant coach Sammy Esposito agrees. “Usually if things come very easily, it’s hard to translate that to a player. But with him going through the ups and downs of hitting, it might teach him a little bit more,” he explained. He’s already commanded the respect of the current Gamecocks. Junior shortstop Marcus Mooney has a unique connection to Wingo: his older brother Peter was Wingo’s double-play partner on the Gamecocks’ 2011 national title team. Mooney recalls the conversation he had with his brother upon learning that Wingo would be returning as student assistant. “He said, ‘That’s awesome. You better listen to him. He knows what he’s talking about,’” he said. Standing in front of the Carolina Stadium backstop, Holbrook gazes out at his new student assistant. “I never thought for a moment that he wanted to be a coach. I thought maybe Scott didn’t have the patience. But he’s so even keeled now. His demeanor has totally changed because he’s watched Coach Tanner. He’s watched all of us. He’s been through the minors,” Holbrook said. But above all…. “Wingo’s a winner. That’s why we’ll benefit from him being in our dugout.” He can laugh now. The player they so badly wanted to replace is now the player they’ve so warmly welcomed back.

10 • Spurs & Feathers

October 15, 2014

Spurrier analyzes 2014 freshman class by glenn snyder Contributing Writer The storyline of the 2014 South Carolina football recruiting class might not be the talent that made it to campus, but the signees, especially on defense, who did not qualify. Among those who did not make it were defensive ends Dante Sawyer, Kalan Ritchie and Jhaustin Thomas and tackle Dexter Wideman. Two others, who were academic casualties, were FB Joe Blue and DB Darin Smalls. Coach Steve Spurrier sat down with Spurs & Feathers to assess the progress of the class. LB Bryson Allen-Williams: “Bryson is playing a bit (6 games, 10 total tackles, 4 QB hurries, 1 fumble recovery). He’s doing OK. He needs to learn to stay on his feet. He’s one of those guys who likes to dive to make tackles. He should really be a good player here.” TE Kevin Crosby: “We probably need to redshirt K.C. with the other guys we have at the position. Next year he will have a chance to start when we play two tight ends in the game. He’s coming along well.” WR Shaq Davidson: “Little Shaq is doing fine. He’s being redshirted this year. He has

shown flashes on the scout team of being an exDB Chris Lammons: “Chris has been playcellent wide receiver in the future.” ing some (3 games, 1 tackle) and has been getWR Terry Googer: “Terry is a big kid who ting better every week. There is a chance that gives us that big wide receiver. He has been he could become a starter later on this season, hampered by a hamstring injury maybe in the next game. He is a most of the year and he’s being good talent.” redshirted. We have hopes that DE Blake McClain: “Blake has he’s going to be a good one.” been hampered by a foot injury DB Wesley Green: “Wesley and is being redshirted. We like his was pretty highly recruited work ethic and we think he has a and had a chance to go a lot of chance to be a good defensive lineplaces. He actually chose to redman moving forward.” shirt this year while he gets acWR Tyshun Samuel: “Deebo climated to school. He certainly is working hard on the scout team has a chance to be a starter next and is being redshirted. He has year.” shown good skills, catches the ball DB Al Harris, Jr.: “Al, Jr. is well and we really think he has a Photo by Allen Sharpe chance to be a good receiver for us playing a bit (6 games, 17 total tackles, one for loss, 3 pass in the future.” breakups). He’s playing like a freshman right QB Michael Scarnecchia: “We really have now, makes a few mistakes here and there, but hopes for him. He’s a very bright kid and a good we feel that he is going to really develop into an worker with a wonderful attitude. We think he’ll outstanding player.” compete for the starting job next season.” DT Abu Lamin: “Abu is a junior college kid DB D.J. Smith: “D.J. is playing a little bit that is rotating in there at defensive tackle (6 now (5 games, 6 total tackles, 1 pass breakup) at games, five total tackles). He’s is doing okay in safety. He’s made good progress and will probthere and he just needs to keep working.” ably play a lot the rest of the season.”

DT Taylor Stallworth: “Taylor is playing a bit (3 games, 1 tackle). He needs to get a little quicker and a little stronger. He has all the tools to be an outstanding defensive tackle. This spring will be important for him. OL Donell Stanley: “Donell had a wrist injury that required surgery and he’s being redshirted. We think he has the talent to compete for playing time, possibly a starting position next year.” OL Malik Young: “Malik is doing fine. He’s a really big kid who moves well. Like a couple of others if he continues to work hard he will certainly be in mix for playing time next season. Spring will be an important time for him.” “We had more academic casualties this year than any year I’ve been here,” the HBC said. “We maybe need to try to be a little more careful about who we recruit, but on the other side these were outstanding players that had a lot of offers. The defensive lineman, especially, could have really helped us this year, but they came up a little short academically. “The guys who are here have doing fine, working hard and trying to get better. We believe that if they continue to do so that they all have a chance to be outstanding players here,” Spurrier concluded.

October 15, 2014

Spurs & Feathers • 11

12 • Spurs & Feathers

October 15, 2014

South Carolina Football Roster # Name Pos. 1 Damiere Byrd WR 1 Rico McWilliams CB 3 Nick Jones WR 3 Chris Lammons CB 4 Bryson Allen-Williams LB 4 Shaq Roland WR 5 Darius English DE 5 Brendan Nosovitch QB 6 Connor Mitch QB 6 Chris Moody SS 7 Shon Carson TB 7 Wesley Green CB 8 Shamier Jeffery WR 8 Kaiwan Lewis LB 9 Deebo Samuel WR 9 Sharrod Golightly SPR 10 Skai Moore LB 10 Perry Orth QB 11 T.J. Holloman LB 11 Pharoh Cooper WR 12 Michael Scarnecchia QB 12 Brison Williams SS 13 Tyler Hull P 13 Grant Davitte QB 14 Shaq Davidson WR 14 Ali Groves CB 15 Austin Hails QB 16 Zack Cimaglia K/P 17 Chaz Elder FS 17 Dylan Thompson QB 18 Cedrick Cooper DE 18 Patrick Fish P 19 Terry Googer WR 19 Landon Ard PK 20 T.J. Gurley SS 21 Marcquis Roberts LB 21 Andrew Bunch WR 22 Brandon Wilds TB 22 Jamari Smith CB 23 Larenz Bryant SPR 24 D.J. Smith DB 25 Kadetrix Marcus FS 26 Jasper Sasser FS 28 Mike Davis TB 28 Jonathan Walton LB 29 Elliott Fry PK 29 Matrick Belton WR 30 Darius Paulk FB 30 Sidney Rhodes CB 31 Al Harris Jr. CB 31 Jordan Diaz FB 32 Rod Talley TB 33 David Williams TB 34 Jonas Price K/P 34 Mason Harris DE

Hgt. 5-9 5-11 5-7 5-10 6-1 6-1 6-6 6-1 6-3 6-1 5-8 5-10 6-1 6-0 6-0 5-10 6-2 6-1 6-2 5-11 6-4 5-11 6-2 6-3 5-11 5-10 6-2 6-1 6-2 6-3 6-2 6-0 6-4 5-9 5-10 6-1 5-11 6-2 5-10 6-0 5-11 6-1 6-0 5-9 6-0 6-0 6-4 5-8 5-10 5-11 6-1 5-10 6-1 6-2 6-3

Wgt. 170 184 168 172 231 176 241 221 211 210 201 176 198 228 192 187 213 204 234 201 189 208 207 180 170 187 220 170 195 218 225 194 210 178 194 216 173 222 197 220 189 194 203 223 228 165 215 199 182 162 236 201 214 165 235


Hometown/High School/Last College Sicklerville, N.J./Timber Creek Hampton, Ga./Lovejoy Moore, S.C./Byrnes Sunrise, Fla./Plantation Ellenwood, Ga./Ceder Grove Lexington, S.C./Lexington Powder Springs, Ga./McEachern Allentown, Pa./Central Catholic Raleigh, N.C./Wakefield McDonough, Ga./Henry County Scranton, S.C./Lake City Lithonia, Ga./Martin Luther King St. Matthews, S.C./Calhoun County Pleasantville, N.J./St. Joseph Inman, S.C./Chapman Decatur, Ga./Southwest DeKalb Cooper City, Fla./University Ponde Verda, Fla./Ponte Verda/Florida State College Stone Mountain, Ga./St. Pius X Havelock, NC./Havelock Fleming Island, Fla./Fleming Island Warner Robins, Ga./Northside/Fork Union Military Mount Airy, N.C./Mount Airy/Guilford College Columbia, S.C./Irmo Gaffney, S.C./Gaffney Stone Mountain, Ga./Stephenson Collinsville, Ill./Collinsville Charlotte, N.C./Myers Park/North Carolina A&T Union City, Ga./Banneker Boiling Springs, S.C./Boiling Springs Lithonia, Ga./Lithonia Shelby, N.C./Burns Atlanta, Ga./Woodward Academy Rock Hill, S.C./South Pointe Cairo, Ga./Cairo Powder Springs, Ga./McEachern Mt. Pleasant, S.C./Bishop England/Presbyterian Blythewood, S.C./Blythewood Jacksonville, Fla./Fletcher Charlotte, NC./Vance Marietta, Ga./Walton Stone Mountain, Ga./Stephenson Jacksonville, Fla./Wolfson Atlanta, Ga./Stephenson Daphne, Ala./Bayside Academy Frisco, Tx./Prince of Peace Christian Columbia, S.C./Keenan/Hampton Columbia, S.C./Richland Northeast/North Greenville Easley, S.C./Wren/Western Carolina Fort Lauderdale, Fla./St. Thomas Aquinas Hamilton, N.J./Hamilton West Laurens, S.C./Laurens/Gardner-Webb Philadelphia, Pa./Imhotep Charter Cockeysville, Md./St. Paul’s Fort Oglethorpe, Ga./Ridgeland

Coaches Steve Spurrier - Head Coach Deke Adams - Defensive Line Kirk Botkin - Linebackers/Spurs Grady Brown - Secondary/Assistant Special Teams Coordinator Shawn Elliott - Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive LIne G.A. Mangus - Quarterbacks/Tight Ends Joe Robinson - Special Teams Coordinator Everette Sands - Running Backs Jamie Speronis - Associate AD/Football Operations Steve Spurrier Jr. - Co-Offensive Coord/Wide Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator Lorenzo Ward - Defensive Coordinator Joey Blake - Director of Football Nutrition Robbie Liles - Director - Recruiting Operations Patrick Shine - Administrative Coordinator - Recruiting Scott Spurrier - Quality Control Coordinator (Offense) Shaq Wilson - Quality Control Coordinator (Defense)

# Name Pos. 35 Shannon James DB 39 Demetrius Smalls DB 40 Jacob August TE 41 Kyle Morini LB 41 Connor McLaurin FB 42 Jordan Diggs SPR 43 Benjamin Russell DB 43 Garrison Gist FB 44 Gerald Turner FB 44 Gerald Dixon DE 45 Brandon Sturdivant FB 46 Cedrick Malone SPR 47 Drew Williams LS 48 Nick McGriff TE 49 Garrett Shank SS 49 Devin Potter TB 50 A.J. Cann OG 51 Cody Waldrop OC 51 Devin Washington DE 52 Phillip Dukes DT 53 Corey Robinson OT 54 Clayton Stadnik OC 55 David Johnson DE 55 Na’Ty Rodgers OT 58 Ryland Culbertson LS 59 Coleman Harley LS 65 Brock Stadnik OG 69 D.J. Park OT 70 Alan Knott OC 71 Brandon Shell OT 72 Donell Stanley OL 74 Mason Zandi OT 75 Will Sport OG 76 Mike Matulis OT 77 Malik Young OL 80 K.J. Brent WR 81 Rory Anderson TE 82 Caleb Hines WR 83 Carlton Heard WR 84 Matthew Harvey WR 85 Kane Whitehurst WR 86 Kevin Crosby TE 87 Sean Odom WR 88 Drew Owens TE 89 Jerell Adams TE 90 Cody Gibson TE 90 Taylor Stallworth DT 91 Blake McClain DE 92 Gerald Dixon, Jr. DT 93 Deon Green DT 94 Kelsey Griffin DT 95 Michael Washington DE 97 J.T. Surratt DT 99 Abu Lamin DT

Hgt. 5-7 5-11 6-6 5-10 6-0 6-0 6-0 5-10 6-2 6-2 6-2 6-0 6-2 6-0 6-0 5-10 6-4 6-2 6-3 6-3 6-8 6-3 6-1 6-5 6-4 6-1 6-5 6-4 6-4 6-6 6-4 6-9 6-5 6-5 6-3 6-4 6-5 5-11 6-0 6-8 5-11 6-1 6-0 6-6 6-6 6-7 6-2 6-3 6-3 6-4 6-2 6-3 6-2 6-4

Wgt. 153 170 247 221 243 217 175 260 250 274 218 201 201 220 203 203 311 309 221 323 344 273 275 280 267 246 287 328 280 333 346 301 291 307 318 192 227 160 188 22 8 169 230 190 238 242 278 293 265 323 289 310 237 310 302


Hometown/High School/Last College Florence, S.C./South Florence Bluffton, S.C./Bluffton Columbia, S.C./Cardinal Newman/Fork Union Warner Robins, Ga./White Knoll/Gray Military Raleigh, N.C./Garner Fort Myers, Fla./Island Coast Atlanta, Ga./Woodward Academy Rock Hill, S.C./Northwesterm Goose Creek, S.C./Goose Creek Rock Hill, S.C./South Pointe Fort Mill, S.C./Nation Ford/York Tech Camden, S.C./Camden/Coastal Carolina Irmo, S.C/Dutch Fork Gainesville, Fla./Gainesville Marietta, Ga./Lassiter Granite Falls, N.C./South Caldwell Bamberg, S.C./Bamberg-Ehrhardt Seffner, Fla./Armwood Orlando, Fla./Jones Manning, S.C./Manning Havelock, N.C./Havelock Greensboro, N.C./Western Guilford Lithonia, Ga./Lithonia Waldorf, Md./McDonough Laurens, S.C./Laurens Academy Aiken, S.C./South Aiken Greensboro, N.C./Western Guilford Dillon, S.C./Dillon Tyrone, Ga./Sandy Creek Goose Creek, S.C./Goose Creek Floydale, S.C./Latta Irmo, S.C./Chapin Milton, Fla./Pace Boynton Beach, Fla./Park Vista Pelzer, S.C./Woodmont Waxhaw, N.C./Marvin Ridge Powder Springs, Ga./McEachern Cornelius, N.C./Hough Athens, Ga./Clarke Central/Gardner-Webb Rock Hill, S.C./Rock Hill Duluth, Ga./Chattahoochee/Arkansas Bamberg, S.C./Bamberg-Ehrhardt Orangeburg, S.C./Orangeburg Prep Charlotte, N.C./Ardrey Kell Pinewood, S.C./Scott’s Branch Tallahassee, Fla./Lincoln Mobile, Ala./Murphy Jacksonville, Fla./Sandalwood Rock Hill, S.C./Northwestern Windermere, Fla./Olympia Buford, Ga./Mill Creek Allendale, S.C./Allendale-Fairfax/S.C. State Winston-Salem, N.C./Parkland Fayetteville, N.C./Trinity Christian/Fort Scott C.C.

Spurs & Feathers • 13

October 15, 2014

Furman Football Roster # Name Pos. 1 Jordan Snellings WR 2 Trey Robinson FS 3 Andrej Suttles WR 4 Gary Robinson WR 5 Rodney Anderson SS 6 Thomas Brown SS 7 P.J. Blazejowski QB 8 Terry Robinson WR/QB 9 Tyler Langenfeld QB 9 Harris Roberts QB 10 Marcus McMorris LB/NIC 11 Dillon Woodruff QB 12 Reese Hannon QB 13 Jamarri Milliken CB 14 Reggie Thomas CB 15 A’lencio Graham WR 16 Hunter Townes PK/P 17 Duncan Fletcher TE 18 Richard Hayes III NIC 19 Lane Christian QB 19 Evan Jager WR 20 Donovan Franks CB 21 Nick Miller CB 22 Ernie Cain FB 23 Joe Farrar CB 24 Tanner Skogen RB 25 Antonio Wilcox RB 26 Hank McCloud RB 28 Adekunle Olusanya FS 29 Cole Feigl RB 29 Stuart Smith LB/NIC 30 Issac Garcia RB 31 Byron Johnson LB 32 Kealand Dirks RB 33 Ridge Gibson FB 35 Gary Wilkins DE 36 Luke Cuneo CB 36 Joe Schosky CB 37 Parker Polhill CB 37 Trent Silfies CB 38 Sean Rusnak SS 38 Hunter Tremaine SS 39 Brad Meccariello SS 40 Nic McBride LB 41 Reeves Rogers LB/NIC 41 Luke Smith FS 42 John Mackey DT 43 Brad Minter LB/DE 44 Charlie Anderson FB 45 T.J. Warren LB 46 Cory Magwood LB

Ht. 6-2 6-2 5-10 6-0 5-11 6-2 6-0 5-10 6-2 6-3 6-0 6-0 6-1 5-10 6-0 5-11 5-11 6-4 6-0 6-2 6-3 6-0 5-9 6-0 5-10 5-11 6-1 5-9 5-11 5-10 6-2 5-10 6-1 5-11 5-11 6-3 5-6 5-10 5-9 5-8 5-11 5-11 5-11 6-2 5-10 5-11 6-0 6-1 6-1 6-2 6-2

Wt. 190 206 182 194 191 200 182 182 183 178 202 210 214 186 180 171 201 222 190 165 202 188 167 214 193 198 195 195 194 188 179 203 221 235 213 240 160 174 160 169 185 190 189 198 204 170 263 226 243 216 228

Yr. R-Jr. So. R-So. R-Sr. R-Jr. R-So. Fr. Jr. Fr. Fr. R-Sr. R-Fr. Jr. R-So. Jr. Fr. R-So. So. So. Fr. Fr. R-Fr. So. R-Jr. Fr. R-Jr. Fr. R-Sr. R-Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. So. Fr. Fr. R-Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. R-Sr. Fr. R-Fr. R-Fr. Fr. R-Jr. So. R-Jr. R-So. Jr.

Hometown/Previous School Atlanta, Ga. / Marist Spartanburg, S.C. / Dorman Dallas, Ga. / East Paulding Hephzibah, Ga. / Hephzibah Nashville, Tenn. / Ensworth Seneca, S.C. / Seneca St. Augustine, Fla. / Bartram Trail Hephzibah, Ga. / Hephzibah Massillon, Ohio / Jackson Cumming, Ga. / North Forsyth Newberry, S.C. / Newberry Christiana, Tenn. / Riverdale Greer, S.C. / Greer High Point, N.C. / T.W. Andrews Abbeville, S.C. / Abbeville Lawrenceville, Ga. / Flowery Branch Greenville, S.C. / Christ Church Episcopal Columbus, Ga. / Brookstone Greensboro, N.C. / Dudley Waynesboro, Ga. / Burke Academy Orlando, Fla. / Lake Highland Prep Altamonte Springs, Fla. / Lake Brantley Kennesaw, Ga. / North Cobb Atlanta, Ga. / Woodward Academy Tucker, Ga. / Tucker Woodstock, Ga. / Woodstock Fitzgerald, Ga. / Fitzgerald Tampa, Fla. / Tampa Catholic Tampa, Fla. / Sickles Dallas, Texas / Highland Park Knoxville, Tenn. / Knoxville Catholic Charlotte, N.C. / Olympic Swansea, S.C. / Swansea Clemmons, N.C. / West Forsyth Marietta, Ga. / Walton Covington, Ga. / Alcovy Ashland, Mass. / Dexter School Taylors, S.C. / St. Joseph’s Catholic Suwanee, Ga. / Greater Atlanta Christian Center Valley, Pa. / Southern Lehigh Greenville, S.C. / St. Joseph’s Catholic St. Petersburg, Fla. / Shorecrest Prep Hilton Head, S.C. / Hilton Head Academy Lyons, Ga. / Vidalia Tampa, Fla. / Plant North Augusta, S.C. / North Augusta Chattanooga, Tenn. / Baylor Hueytown, Ala. / Hueytown Montgomery, Ala. / Montgomery Academy Chattanooga, Tenn. / Ooltewah Varnville, S.C. / Wade Hampton

Coaches Head Coach: Bruce Fowler Assistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks: Tim Sorrells Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Jimmy Kiser Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers: John Windham Special Teams: Antonio Goss Defensive Line: Jimmy Lindsey Running Backs/Recruiting Coordinator: Norval McKenzie Cornerbacks/Safeties: Mark Moehring Offensive Line: Scott Smouse Assistant Defensive Line: Ricky Spradling Tight Ends: Duane Vaughn Director Of Football Operations: Jordan Sorrells

# Name Pos. 47 Caleb Hollis P 47 Noah Mitchell RB 48 Andy McMillan P/HO 49 JonCroftHollingsworth PK/P 51 Dru Duke LB 52 Joe Turner OG 53 Preston Furry LB 54 Charles Emert OG 55 Carl Rider LB 56 Jack Bryant OG 57 Jordan Hawkins NT 58 Mike Sharpe SS 59 Jacob Powell LB 60 Danny LaMontagne SN 61 Jerry Langan LB 62 Matthew Schmidt C/OG 63 Harrison Magee C 64 Justin Floyd OG 65 Ryan Marks OT 66 Tank Phillips C/OG 67 Zach Thier LB 68 Nolan Sanders OG 69 Terrell Bush OG 71 Harrison Monk OT 72 Danny Palmer NT 73 Grayson Weber C 74 Sebastian Rice OT 75 Jaylan Reid NT 77 Jackson Buonamia C 78 Chris Wade OG 79 Aaron Black OT 80 David Dingess WR 81 JD Tuten WR 82 Chad Scott WR 83 Bradford Lemmons WR 84 Ajay Williams TE 85 Andy Schumpert WR 86 Hunter Branch WR 87 Kevin Mall TE 88 Logan McCarter WR 89 Kedar Bryant TE 90 Shawn Boone DE 91 Brian Nwokolo DE 92 James Elliott DE 93 Connor Jackson DE 94 Daniel Butler DT 95 Brian Ross DT 96 Alexander Saucer DT 97 DeAndre Thornton DT 98 Chinedu Okonya DE 99 Ira McCune DT

Ht. 6-0 5-8 5-10 5-10 5-11 6-3 6-0 6-2 6-2 6-3 6-1 6-1 6-0 6-0 5-11 6-3 6-2 6-4 6-4 6-2 5-11 6-2 6-3 6-4 6-2 6-5 6-5 5-11 6-2 6-4 6-6 6-5 5-10 5-11 6-2 6-4 6-4 6-0 6-2 6-1 6-3 6-2 6-3 6-3 6-2 6-4 6-5 6-4 6-1 6-2 6-3

Wt. 186 192 177 155 165 275 225 286 217 277 290 200 210 212 216 285 287 270 288 307 228 251 317 274 270 286 294 267 278 286 260 216 171 175 175 239 188 180 237 177 232 246 226 227 239 267 257 259 270 210 261

Yr. Fr. Fr. R-So. Fr. Fr. R-Jr. R-So. R-Sr. Jr. Fr. So. Fr. Fr. Jr. So. Fr. R-Jr. R-Jr. R-Sr. R-Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. R-So. R-Sr. R-Sr. R-So. Fr. So. Fr. R-Fr. R-Jr. R-Fr. R-So. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. R-So. R-Fr. Fr. R-Sr. R-Fr. R-Fr. Fr. Fr. R-So. R-So. R-Fr. Fr. Sr.

Hometown/Previous School Franklin, Tenn. / Independence Nicholasville, Ky. / Lexington Catholic Ancaster, Ontario / Christ School (N.C.) Greenwood, S.C. / Greenwood Easley, S.C. / Easley Roswell, Ga. / Roswell Norcross, Ga. / Marist Statesboro, Ga. / Statesboro Suwanee, Ga. / North Gwinnett Atlanta, Ga. / Woodward Academy Jacksonville, Fla. / Wolfson Buffalo, N.Y. / Canisius Statesville, N.C. / Statesville Snellville, Ga. / Brookwood Chinchilla, Pa. / Abington Heights Stokesdale, N.C. / McMichael Jacksonville, Fla. / Mandarin Cartersville, Ga. / Cartersville Cumming, Ga. / North Forsyth Nashville, Tenn. / Montgomery Bell Academy Columbia, S.C. / Gilbert Lebanon, Tenn. / Lebanon Tuscaloosa, Ala. / Tuscaloosa Academy Charlotte, N.C. / Providence Longwood, Fla. / Lake Brantley Sarasota, Fla. / Cardinal Mooney Grayson, Ga. / Grayson Marietta, Ga. / Hillgrove Snellville, Ga. / Brookwood / Air Force Prep Charlotte, N.C. / Independence Dallas, Ga. / East Paulding Nashville, Tenn. / Ensworth Ridgeland, S.C. / Thomas Heyward Academy Suwanee, Ga. / North Gwinnett Columbia, S.C. / Dreher Elm City, N.C. / Beddingfield Brentwood, Tenn. / Brentwood Birmingham, Ala. / Mountain Brook Melbourne, Fla. / Viera Sevierville, Tenn. / Sevier County Jacksonville, Fla. / Providence Lithia, Fla. / Newsome Jamestown, N.C. / Ragsdale Franklin, Tenn. / Christ Presbyterian Academy Tallahasse, Fla. / Florida State University School Enterprise, Ala. / Enterprise Century, Fla. / Northview Houston, Texas / St. John’s School Fairburn, Ga. / Creekside Riverdale, Ga. / Riverdale Marietta, Ga. / Hillgrove

14 • Spurs & Feathers

October 15, 2014

Depth Charts for October 18, 12 p.m. South Carolina OFFENSE WR: 1 Damiere Byrd -OR- 4 Shaq Roland 8 Shamier Jeffery WR: 11 Pharoh Cooper 80 K.J. Brent WR: 3 Nick Jones 85 Kane Whitehurst 83 Carlton Heard LT: 53 Corey Robinson 74 Mason Zandi LG: 50 A.J. Cann 65 Brock Stadnik C: 70 Alan Knott 54 Clayton Stadnik RG: 51 Cody Waldrop -OR- 75 Will Sport RT: 71 Brandon Shell 55 Na’Ty Rodgers TE: 81 Rory Anderson 89 Jerell Adams 90 Cody Gibson QB: 17 Dylan Thompson 10 Perry Orth -OR- 6 Connor Mitch FB: 41 Connor McLaurin 31 Jordan Diaz TB: 28 Mike Davis

OFFENSE FLK: 3 Andrej Suttles 82 Chad Scott LT: 71 Harrison Monk 74 Sebastian Rice LG: 66 Tank Phillips 54 Charles Emert C: 77 Jackson Buonomia 66 Tank Phillips RG: 52 Joe Turner 63 Harrison Magee RT: 54 Charles Emert 64 Justin Floyd TE: 17 Duncan Fletcher 87 Kevin Mall SE: 1 Jordan Snellings 80 David Dingess QB: 11 Dillon Woodruff 7 P.J. Blazejowski FB: 22 Ernie Cain 30 Issac Garcia RB: 26 Hank McCloud 25 Antonio Wilcox 24 Tanner Skogen

5-9, 170, Sr. 6-1, 176, Jr. 6-1, 198, Jr. 5-11, 201, So. 6-4, 192, Jr. 5-7, 168, Sr. 5-11, 169, Jr. 6-0, 188, Jr. 6-8, 344, Sr. 6-9, 301, So. 6-4, 311, Sr. 6-5, 287, So. 6-4, 280, RFr. 6-3, 273, So. 6-2, 309, So. 6-5, 291, Jr. 6-6, 333, Jr. 6-5, 280, RFr. 6-5, 227, Sr. 6-6, 242, Jr. 6-7, 278, Sr. 6-3, 218, Sr. 6-1, 204, So. 6-3, 211, RFr. 6-0, 243, Sr. 6-1, 236, Sr. 5-9, 223, Jr.

Sicklerville, N.J. Lexington, S.C. St. Matthews, S.C. Havelock, N.C. Waxhaw, N.C. Moore, S.C. Duluth, Ga. Athens, Ga. Havelock, N.C. Irmo, S.C. Bamberg, S.C. Greensboro, N.C. Tyrone, Ga. Greensboro, N.C. Seffner, Fla. Milton, Fla. Goose Creek, S.C. Waldorf, Md. PowderSprings,Ga. Pinewood, S.C. Tallahassee, Fla. BoilingSprings,S.C. Ponte Vedra, Fla. Raleigh, N.C. Raleigh, N.C. Hamilton, N.J. Atlanta, Ga.

22 Brandon Wilds 33 David Williams 7 Shon Carson

6-2, 230, Jr. 6-1, 222, RFr. 5-8, 201, Jr.

Blythewood, S.C. Philadelphia, Pa. Scranton, S.C.

DEFENSE DE: 44 Gerald Dixon 6-2, 274, SO. 34 Mason Harris 6-3, 235, JR. DT: 97 J.T. Surratt 6-2, 310, Sr. 99 Abu Lamin 6-4, 302, So. 93 Deon Green 6-4, 289, So. DT: 92 Gerald Dixon, Jr. 6-3, 323, Jr. 52 Phillip Dukes 6-3, 323, Jr. 94 Kelsey Griffin 6-2, 310, So. 90 Taylor Stallworth 6-2, 293, Fr. DE: 5 Darius English 6-6, 241, So. 34 Mason Harris 6-3, 235, Jr. MLB: 21 Marcquis Roberts 6-1, 216, So. 8 Kaiwan Lewis 6-0, 228, Jr. 11 T.J. Holloman 6-2, 234, So. WLB: 10 Skai Moore 6-2, 213, So. 28 Jonathan Walton 6-0, 228, So. 4 Bryson Allen-Williams 6-1, 231, Fr. SPUR: 9 Sharrod Golightly 5-10, 187, Sr. 42 Jordan Diggs 6-0, 217, So. 23 Larenz Bryant 6-0, 220, So. CB: 31 Al Harris, Jr. 5-11, 162, Fr. 24 D.J. Smith 5-11, 189, Fr. 3 Chris Lammons 5-10, 172, Fr.

Rock Hill, S.C. FortOglethorpe,Ga. Winston-Salem,N.C. Fayetteville, N.C. Windermere, Fla. Rock Hill, S.C. Manning, S.C. Buford, Ga. Mobile, Ala. PowderSprings,Ga. FortOglethorpe,Ga. PowderSprings,Ga. MaysLanding,,N.J. StoneMountain, Ga. Cooper City, Fla. Daphne, Ala. Ellenwood, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Fort Myers, Fla. Charlotte, N.C. FortLauderdale,Fla. Marietta, Ga. Sunrise, Fla.


5-10, 182, So. 5-11, 175, So. 6-4, 274, So. 6-5, 294, So. 6-2, 307, Sr. 6-2, 286, Sr. 6-2, 278, So. 6-2, 307, Sr. 6-3, 275, Jr. 6-2, 287, Jr. 6-2, 286, Sr. 6-4, 270, Jr. 6-4, 222, So. 6-2, 237, So. 6-2, 190, Jr. 6-5, 216, Jr. 6-0, 210, Fr. 6-0, 182, Fr. 6-0, 214, Jr. 5-11, 213, Fr. 5-9, 195, Sr. 6-1, 195, Fr. 5-11, 198, Jr.

Dallas, Ga. Suwanee, Ga. Charlotte, N.C. Grayson, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Statesboro, Ga. Snellville, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Roswell, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. Statesboro, Ga. Cartersville, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Melbourne, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Christiana, Tenn. St. Augustine, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. Charlotte, N.C. Tampa, Fla. Fitzgerald, Ga. Woodstock, Ga.

DEFENSE DE: 35 Gary Wilkins 6-3, 240, Sr. 92 James Elliott 6-3, 227, Fr. DT: 97 DeAndre Thornton 6-1, 270, RFr. 57 Jordan Hawkins 6-1, 290, So. DT: 42 John Mackey 6-0, 263, Jr. 95 Brian Ross 6-5, 257, So. DE: 99 Ira McCune 6-3, 261, Sr. 90 Shawn Boone 6-2, 246, Sr. MLB: 31 Byron Johnson 6-1, 221, So. 43 Brad Minter 6-1, 226, So. WLB: 46 Cory Magwood 6-2, 228, Jr. 45 T.J. Warren 6-2, 216, So. NIC: 10 Marcus McMorris 6-0, 202, Sr. 18 Richard Hayes III 6-0, 190, So. LCB: 13 Jamarri Milliken 5-10, 186, So. 21 Nick Miller 5-9, 167, So. RCB: 14 Reggie Thomas 6-0, 180, Jr. 20 Donovan Franks 6-0, 188, RFr. SS: 5 Rodney Anderson 5-11, 191, Jr. 6 Thomas Brown 6-2, 200, So. FS: 2 Trey Robinson 6-2, 206, So. 6 Thomas Brown 6-2, 200, So.

Covington, Ga. Franklin, Tenn. Fairburn, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. Chattanooga, Tenn. Century, Fla. Marietta, Ga. Lithia, Fla. Swansea, S.C. Hueytown, Ala. Varnville, S.C. Chattanooga, Tenn. Newberry, S.C. Greensboro, N.C. High Point, N.C. Kennesaw, Ga. Abbeville, S.C. AltamonteSprings,Fla. Nashville, Tenn. Seneca, S.C. Spartanburg, S.C. Seneca, S.C.

*These depth charts are taken from the listings from each team’s previous game. Spurs & Feathers goes to print shortly after the conclusion of each game. Please visit over the course of the week for updated depth charts.**


20 T.J. Gurley 25 Kadetrix Marcus 6 Chris Moody 17 Chaz Elder 26 Jasper Sasser 12 Brison Williams 1 Rico McWilliams 30 Sidney Rhodes

5-10, 194, Jr. 6-1, 194, Sr. 6-1, 210, So. 6-2, 195, So. 6-0, 203, RFr. 5-11, 208, Sr. 5-11, 184, So. 5-10, 182, Sr.

Cairo, Ga. StoneMountain,Ga. McDonough, Ga. Union City, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. Warner Robins, Ga. Hampton, Ga. Easley, S.C.

6-1, 170, So. 5-9, 178, Jr. 6-0, 165, So. 5-9, 178, Jr. 6-2, 207, Sr. 6-0, 194, Sr. 5-8, 201, Jr. 5-11, 201, So. 5-11, 201, So. 6-4, 267, Sr. 6-2, 201, So. 6-0, 194, Sr. 6-2, 207, Sr.

Charlotte, N.C. Rock Hill, S.C. Frisco, Texas Rock Hill, S.C. Mount Airy, N.C. Shelby, N.C. Scranton, S.C. Havelock, N.C. Havelock, N.C. Laurens, S.C. Irmo, S.C. Shelby, N.C. Mount Airy, N.C.

SPECIALISTS P: 49 J.C. Hollingsworth 5-10, 155, Fr. PK: 49 J.C. Hollingsworth 5-10, 155, Fr. KO: 49 J.C. Hollingsworth 5-10, 155, Fr. SN: 60 Danny Lamontagne 6-0, 212, Jr. HLD: 48 Andy McMillan 5-10, 177, So. PR: 3 Andrej Suttles 5-10, 182, So. KOR: 18 Richard Hayes III 6-0, 190, So. 13 Jamarri Milliken 5-10, 186, So.

Greenwood, S.C. Greenwood, S.C. Greenwood, S.C. Snellville, Ga. Ancaster, Ontario. Dallas, Ga. Greensboro, N.C. High Point, N.C.

SPECIALISTS KO: 16 Zack Cimaglia 19 Landon Ard PK: 29 Elliott Fry 19 Landon Ard P: 13 Tyler Hull 18 Patrick Fish KR: 7 Shon Carson 11 Pharoh Cooper PR: 11 Pharoh Cooper SSN: 58 Ryland Culbertson LSN: 47 Drew Williams H: 18 Patrick Fish 13 Tyler Hull

October 15, 2014

Spurs & Feathers • 15

16 • Spurs & Feathers

October 15, 2014

There is no sense in pointing fingers I never read the posts on the sports websites was simply not enough talent to overcome I have access to because I learned years ago their shortcomings against the competition that there are always more negative comments they faced. than positive. There are always those so-called I don’t listen to the critics, but over the last “fans” who believe that winning decade, I have learned to listen the National Championship is to Steve Spurrier. Everyone the only acceptable outcome of has to know by now that he a season. pulls no punches. He calls it Without looking, I know the like he sees it, and what he has Monday-morning quarterbacks said repeatedly in recent weeks are blasting Defensive Coordiis, “we’re not as talented as we nator Lorenzo Ward, and I’m thought we were.” told some are suggesting it’s Of course that opens crititime for the HBC to retire. I uncism of the recruiting, but all derstand the frustration, I really Glenn Snyder the “experts” believed Carolina do. We all thought this season Inside was recruiting the right playwas going to be as good as, or Look ers and so, of course, did the even better than, the last three, coaching staff. It’s not that but that ship has sailed. I would, however, urge there aren’t good players in the program all of you thinking about jumping ship to step overall; there just aren’t many “difference back, take a deep breath, and understand that makers” on defense. seasons like the Gamecocks are going through A few weeks ago, I wrote that I thought a happen to every program. few pieces of the puzzle were missing. As I Look at Florida. In a state overflowing with prepared for my annual freshman report with talent, of which UF has a built-in advantage, Coach (page 10), I had one of those “aha mothe Gators were 4-8 last season, and you ments” revelations he confirmed during our can’t blame it all on poor coaching. There conversation.

Before I get to that, let me ask this question. How much better do you think the defense would be (and that’s the main issue here, right?) if Kelcy Quarles and Victor Hampton hadn’t decided to leave early? Can you imagine what – not just their playing ability – but their leadership would have meant to the unit? If you read the first paragraph of the freshman report you will discover a Spurrier-era record six signees did not qualify. Want to guess which side of the ball five of the six were on? Three of the non-qualifiers – Kalan Richie, Dante Sawyer and Jhaustin Thomas – are defensive ends, and according to Coach would have likely played, but the kicker is Thomas. A first-team NJCAA All-American and SWJCFC Defensive MVP, the 6-6, 255-pounder, “who we thought was a fast defensive end coming off the edge-type guy we don’t have right now,” Coach Spurrier said. There is a good chance Thomas could have been one of those missing pieces to what has been a non-existent pass rush. The other two defensive non-qualifiers were 6-4, 270-pound Dexter Wideman, the

consensus top-ranked lineman in the class, and Darin Smalls, considered a top prospect at safety. A part of an outstanding season is always an element of luck, a bounce of the ball, a key penalty that goes your way, or an opponent doesn’t bring its “A” game. If you look back over the last three seasons you can find dozens of plays that went the Gamecocks way. For a team still struggling to find its confidence those plays don’t come as frequently. Coach Spurrier has made no excuses for the performance of his team, and neither am I. A couple of those plays that I’m talking about and the Cocks are 5-1, but they aren’t, and as fans we have to live with that reality. There is no sense in pointing fingers or calling for someone’s head. The fact is that until the players dedicate themselves to buying into their coaching, to giving maximum effort on every play, to having each other’s backs, the rest of this season will be a struggle. Let’s hope the weekend off will give the coaches and players alike time to refresh their minds and bodies and rededicate themselves to being a better football team. It’s a great time to be a Gamecock!

October 15, 2014

Spurs & Feathers • 17

Homecoming makes way for floats, festivities By Ed Girardeau Contributing Editor

Sumter Street and finishes on Greene Street in front of the Russell House. Everyone is invited to attend and line In the early 20th century, the Unithe streets. versity of South Carolina celebrated “We are participating in the Homeits first Homecoming around a week- coming Parade with fraternities, long set of events and a football game. sororities and everyone else in it,” Not a lot has changed in the 21st cen- Lancaster said. “One of our very own tury; just the number of people. employees is going to be riding in the With the State Fair in town, an parade with his date. He is very exappropriate name Under the Carocited to ride in it in a '71 red Mustang lina Big Top celebrates a weeklong with white interior.” Homecoming at the University that Brittons has organized a Homekicks off on Monday, Oct. 13 from coming celebration in conjunc11-2 in front of the Russell House on tion with the week’s events called Greene Street with entertainment, “Welcome Home, A Southern Style free food and giveaways. Homecoming” and the celebration Brittons on Devine will participate will be held on Friday and Saturday for the seventh year in a row. Perry during store hours, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Lancaster, co-owner of Brittons, is on Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on excited about being involved again. Saturday. “We'll be out there with Southern Safran’s Antiques and The GameTide kicking off the week. There will cock Shop, located at 1015 Whaley be DJs, Cocky and it's just a kickoff Street, will participate with framed show,” Lancaster said. pictures of scenes from around the On Friday is the annual Homecom- University lining the store at Briting Parade that begins at 3 p.m. in ton’s. Mike Safran, a graduate of front of the historic Horseshoe on USC in 1983, recalled participating in

to play on the field. Everyone was dressed up where if you didn't have a coat and tie on then you weren't dressed,” Levinson reminisced. “Things have evolved, but you still do see a lot of people who do dress up. It's just fun and festive.” Discounts will be available to USC Alumni cardholders as well as all Gamecock Club cardholders. You will be able to go by the store and have your picture made with Cocky and register to win free Gamecock apparel from Brittons, located at 2818 Devine Street in Columbia. “We just want to display the tradition of Homecoming from the standpoint of not just football playphoto Submitted By Mike Safran’s antiques and the gamecock shop ers, but fans themselves,” Levinson explained. “We want to look at tailgating, what people wore to games the Homecoming Parade. ing the focal point in both.” “Ted Hamelin (a South Carolina Lucky Levinson, co-owner of Brit- back in yesteryear compared to today. sports artist) was a fraternity brother tons, said that Brittons has a 60-plus We've been around a long time, so our tradition and the Carolina tradiand helped design and construct the year tradition of being involved in float that I pulled in the parade in University activities and remembered tion are all tied in together.” 1979 and 1980,” Safran remembered. how going to the games used to be. Mike Kucharski contributed to this “We won first place both years for “Years ago for games, nobody article. our float with big George Rogers be- looked like they were getting ready

18 • Spurs & Feathers

October 15, 2014

Cone looking to build on summer success by Mike Kucharski Contributing Writer

help him going into his sophomore season. “I think you’ll see a totally different player than what you saw last year out of Gene Cone,” South Carolina sophomore outfielder Gene Holbrook said. “I have the upmost confidence Cone found some success as a freshman in 2014 in him that he’s going to be a fixture in our and really took another step forward in summer lineup the next two or three years and hit at the league competition. top of our lineup. He’s a new player. He’s got a Cone started 30 games and played in 45 hitsense of confidence about him that he might not ting .221 while playing stellar defense for the have had last year. He’s made a big jump, so I’m Gamecocks last spring, but he made a bigger excited about his increased role.” splash for the Florence RedWolves in the Coast- Cone said that he used the summer league to al Plain League. Cone hit a league-best .385 work on things that he wanted to improve upon, (62-for-161) in 43 starts with 18 doubles, two but could not get the chance to work on during triples, 25 RBIs and 40 runs scored. He boasted the season. a .468 on-base percentage and hit .314 in eight “This summer I was just working on little playoff games on his way to being voted the stuff that I thought that I could get better on; 2014 Coastal Plain League Hitter of the Year by things that during the season I recognized that the CPL head coaches. I needed to get better on,” Cone explained. “It South was nice getting in there, getting some more Carolina head reps and getting right back into here, so I’m alcoach Chad ready ready to go. I had basically 170 at bats this Holbrook said summer, so it’s just kind of picking up where I that Cone’s left off hopefully. success both “I kind of wanted to work on my basestealing in the summer - I stole a couple of bags this summer, but not All Gamecock baseball league and quite as many as I wanted to. I wanted to work for the Game- coverage sponsored by on laying off the breaking ball, the back-knee DiPrato’s cocks will breaking ball. I swung at that a lot this year, so

I worked on that this summer too,” Cone commented. Holbrook said that he expects Cone to compete for the starting centerfield role this fall. “We have Gene Cone and (freshman) Clark Scolamiero who are going to battle it out in centerfield. I think that’s where it’s going to start,” Holbrook said. “I know Gene has the experience. Because of the summer he had and the confidence that he has going right now, he might be the leader in the clubhouse so to speak. Clark is a very talented kid. He can really run and throw; he’s athletic. We brought him in here to be our centerfielder. The comforting thing for me is if Clark and Gene are playing at the same time, I’ll know that I have two centerfielders playing at the same time.” Holbrook compared Cone defensively to another great Gamecock defensive centerfielder and fan favorite, saying “Gene is more along the lines of Jackie (Bradley Jr). He may be a step slower than Clark, but he makes up for it with great reads and great jumps, kind of like Jackie did.” Cone also showed off his arm in right field last year, tallying three assists and one double play for the Gamecocks. Cone knows that the battle with Scolamiero and the depth of the outfield will push him to

photo by allen sharpe

Cone was named the 2014 Coastal Plain League Hitter of the Year this past summer. improve and help all of the players as well. “It makes us go out there and give our all every day, practice, fall scrimmages, everything. It’s actually kind of nice having somebody on your heels all the time or even in front of you. It makes you want to get better every day,” Cone said. Cone said of his goals for the fall that he just wants to improve and prepare for the 2015 season, saying “I just want to get more reps so hopefully during the spring I can just walk right into it.”

Spurs & Feathers • 19

October 15, 2014

Gamecock Radio/Television Information

The Gamecock Sports Network from IMG College counts 23 affiliate stations for the 2014-15 season. For Sirius/XM subscribers, follow the Gamecock Radio Twitter (@GamecockRadio) page for weekly updates on channel information for Gamecock broadcasts. The weekly Carolina Calls show will air from 7-8 p.m. on the flagship station of the Gamecocks, WNKT-FM (107.5 FM), and over the Internet at The show takes place each week at Wild Wing Café, located at 729 Lady Street in the Vista. Inside the Roost South Carolina Athletics Director Ray Tanner and Derek Scott from the Gamecock Sports Network from IMG College host an hour long radio show every Monday night at 7 p.m. from Hilton Columbia Center in the Vista. The show is broadcast on 107.5 FM and features discussions on current issues with Ray Tanner and interviews with coaches and athletics department staff. South Carolina-Furman television The game will be televised by the SEC Network. Please check local listings.

2014-15 Radio Affiliates

City Call Letters Frequency Football Abbeville WZLA-FM 92.9 X Johnston/Aiken WKSX-FM 92.7 X Allendale WDOG-FM 93.5 X Anderson WRIX-FM 103.1 X Camden WPUB-FM 102.7 X Camden WCAM-AM 1590 X Charleston WWIK-FM 98.9 X Chesterfield WVSZ-FM 107.3 X Columbia WNKT-FM 107.5 X Florence WHYM-AM 1260 X Florence WFRK-FM 95.3 X Gaffney WZZQ-FM 104.3 X Gaffney WZZQ-AM 1500 X Greenville/Spartanburg WROO-FM 104.9 X Hilton Head WVGB-AM 1490 X Hilton Head WVGB-FM 94.5 X Myrtle Beach WSYN-FM 103.1 X Newberry WKDK-AM 1240 X Rock Hill WRHM-FM 107.1 X Seneca WSNW-AM 1150 X Seneca WSNW-FM 94.1 X

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October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014

South Carolina Athletic Events: This Week

Wednesday, Oct. 15 ** Volleyball vs. Florida.......................................................................................... 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16 ** Women’s soccer vs. Florida............................................................................... 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 17 ** Women’s cross country at Crimson Classic.................................................................10 a.m. ** Men’s swimming and diving at Georgia Tech.............................................................4 p.m. ** Women’s swimming and diving vs. Notre Dame.......................................................4 p.m. ** Men’s soccer at Florida Atlantic....................................................................................8:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 18 ** Football vs. Furman.................................................................................. 12 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 19 ** Women’s soccer vs. Ole Miss...................................................................... 1 p.m. ** Volleyball vs. Texas A&M.......................................................................1:30 p.m. Thursday-Monday ** Women’s tennis at USTA/ITA Carolina Regional Championships ................All Day ** Men’s tennis at ITA Carolina Regional ...........................................................All Day Friday-Sunday ** Women’s golf at Mercedes-Benz Collegiate Championship............................... All Day Saturday-Sunday ** Men’s golf at Camden Collegiate Invitational............................................................ All Day Tuesday, Oct. 21 **Volleyball vs. Coastal Carolina................................................................... 6 p.m. **Men’s soccer vs. NC State............................................................................ 7 p.m.

Bold................................................................................................................. Home game

Spurs & Feathers • 21

The Furman Game

Site: Williams-Brice Stadium Time: 12 p.m. EST

TV: SEC Network (check local listings) Radio: Gamecock IMG Sports Network Series: South Carolina leads 27-20-1 In Columbia: South Carolina leads 14-8-1

photo by allen sharpe

22 • Spurs & Feathers

October 15, 2014

Upcoming Events: Gamecock Club NYC Gamecocks Game Watching Party When: Every time the Gamecocks play football this season. Where: The NYC Gamecock Club home, The Mason Jar, at the intersection of 30th Street and Park Avenue. Come out and enjoy Gamecock Football with the best NYC Gamecock fans you will ever meet. Enjoy drink specials, giveaway items, cool raffle items, great food and dozens of TV’s with only Gamecock Football! Wear your game-day gear, take a photo with our inflatable Cocky mascot and be proud to be a Gamecock in NYC! If you are not at Williams-Brice, you want to be here!

Charlotte Gamecock Club Watch Party When: Every time the Gamecocks play football this season. Where: Icehouse in Southend; 2100 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28203. Guaranteed to watch the game, listen to the audio with free parking, free entry and right off the light rail. Come watch the game with

plenty of Gamecocks with Gamecock trivia, specials and a revenue share to help the University!

DC Gamecocks Game Watch Party When: Every time the Gamecock play football this season. Where: Greene Turtle Ballston: 900 N Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA or Redline DC: 707 G Street, NW, Washington, DC. Join your fellow Gamecocks at Greene Turtle Ballston for “2001,” “Sandstorm,” the Game-Cocks chant and the other great traditions you miss so much from Columbia. As always, we will host a raffle, provide free Gamecock swag, and offer great food and drink specials. Food: $5.00 Chicken Quesadillas, Hog Hammers, Chicken Tenders, Sweet Potato Fries, and Fried Pickles. Drinks: $3.00 for 16 oz. Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite Yuengling, Budweiser, Bloody Mary, and Mimosas; $5.00 for Firefly, Fireball, and Jager Kickoff is at 7 p.m. We look forward to seeing you all there or at our D.C. game watch location, Redline DC.

Spartanburg Gamecock Club October Meeting When: Thursday, October 16, 7 p.m. Where: Spartanburg Downtown Marriott Convention Center Topic: Annual “mid-season review and player update” Guest Speaker: Chris Clark (Gamecock Central Recruiting Analyst) All Gamecock fans are welcome and Admission is free!

Jacksonville Gamecock Club Florida Weekend When: Nov. 14-15 (Bus Tickets sales cutoff is Oct. 15) The Jacksonville Gamecock Club invites all Carolina fans to Jacksonville to prepare to beat the Gators again! November 14 & 15, 2014. Reserve your bus tickets and party tickets now! Friday night party starting at 7 p.m. at Jacksonville Marriott @ Southpoint; cost is $20 per person with The Sensational Epics performing. Game day bus ride on Nov. 15 five hours prior to kickoff; leaving from Jacksonville Marriott @ Southpoint with a coast of $40

per person, does not include ticket to game. Hotel accommodations at Jacksonville Marriott @ Southpoint, Gamecock Club rate $79/ night. 904-296-2222. Make checks payable to Jacksonville Gamecock Club, 2948 3rd Street South #328, Jacksonville Beach, FL 322505847. Please include email for confirmation. Any questions call: Belk Ingram: 904-2545969,; Rod Brace 904-755-4041,; Dane Hall 904-591-4877,; Rick Williamson 904-699-7952,

Fairfield County November Meeting When: Tuesday, Nov. 18; 6 p.m. Where: Fairfield Cove Restaurant, 1418 US Hwy. 321, S. Winnsboro, S.C. There will be door prizes and drawing for prizes at the meeting. All Gamecock Club members and fans are invited. For more information call Gene Schofield - 803-337-8850 or Chris Blackwelder - 803718-3276.

Spurs & Feathers • 23

October 15, 2014

Unique views sponsored by Unique Expressions

Early Sunday morning, I put the finishing early and built through the first five games. touches on my column following the Ken- When would we put the new quarterback tucky loss and went to my email to send it to in? Finally, trailing late to Alabama, Brian Hand. There was an email from one Taneyhill took the field and threw his first of our advertisers telling me pass. It was intercepted and to hold off on their upcoming returned for a pick-6. So much ads. By the time of the email it for the new king. had come after the meltdown In the week that followed, an Saturday night. open date in the second week Who could blame them I of October as a matter of fact, thought. As the game ended it there was a team revolt, askwent through my mind, “how ing that Coach Sparky Woods did I get myself into this? And resign. I can remember where how can I get out of it?” I think I was in the car when I heard all of us, fans, coaches, playabout it on the radio. That ers, cheerleaders and mascots was just great. We probably Ed Girardeau couldn’t believe what was hapwouldn’t win another game Contributing pening here. the rest of the season I thought Editor Perhaps we should go back in (maybe the way we all felt aftime and remember. We could ter last Saturday’s ending). go back to 1998 and 1999. Then there were the I wasn’t there in the locker room when twin seasons of 3-6-2 of 1986 and 1991. For Coach Woods addressed the team, but the the purpose of this demonstration, however, story is that he told them that they could we will take another year. put on the pads and head to practice and I take you back to 1992. Our maiden voy- those who didn’t want to play, clean out age into the SEC. We started the year 0-5. your lockers, go home and your scholarship On that team was a freshman by the name is revoked. Everybody went to practice. of Steve Taneyhill. The murmurs began Taneyhill started the next game against

15th-ranked Mississippi State. For those of us there, who will ever forget the first time he took his helmet off, tossed it in the air, and pretended to hit it out of the park? Of course, you can’t do that now, but that was some day and the Gamecocks won, 21-6. USC went on to win four of the next five, including a classic 24-23 win over 16thranked Tennessee ending Johnny Major’s career, losing at No, 11 Florida, 14-6, and beating Clemson in Death Valley, 24-13. If you think I am suggesting that we need to put in a new quarterback you have missed the point. You can’t tell the story without including Taneyhill in there (and his antics at the time are fun to recall). Dylan Thompson has 1,577 yards passing through six games and a 61.1 percent ratio completion to attempts. Duplicate those numbers in the second half and he will be 48 yards short of Todd Ellis’ single-season record (with a bowl game to go) and the percentage rate would put him in the top-10 at USC for a season all-time. I have no doubt we have the best quarterback on the team starting. No, the point was that in 1992 we may have lost hope, but a few changes were

made and things turned around. The good news here is we are 3-3 and have plenty to still play for. Reality is we should be 5-1. The team that will play Furman this upcoming Saturday is still the same team that beat Georgia and East Carolina and both are ranked in the top-20. I really believe that the team that wins the East will have three losses. I think that the winner in the West may very well have two losses. How glad are we that we are not playing in that division this year? That’s not to say that I think we will win the rest of our games and win the East, but a lot of games still have to be played and let’s see where this thing ends up. Those of us that have endured the years know that in the end we’re still going to be Gamecocks. Oh yeah, and the advertiser at the beginning of the story? We talked and they are back in. They are Gamecocks! We may get upset at times, but if we’re one thing we are loyal to Carolina! In fact, here at the halfway point we can all take the same advice: relax and enjoy the rest of the season. Who knows? Maybe we will win all six. Why not us?

24 • Spurs & Feathers

October 15, 2014

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