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St Paul’s Parks Sub Group Minutes of meeting 4TH November 2009 at Family Learning Centre. Present PB - Pete Bullard (Chair Ext Env), resident OR - Oli Roberts, BCC Parks Projects JH – Jane Hartock – Pierian Centre OJ – Olga Jennings – Unitarian Trustees TA - Teija Ahjokoski – Head Gardener DD – Dianne Dodd – St Paul’s Unlimited Project Manager. SW – Susan Wildman, Unitarian Church MH – Miles Harris – Community Park Officer Apologies JM - Janine McCretton, resident JC - Jo Crowson – Circomedia BK - Bejide Kafele – Places for People 1. Matters Arising PB to look at astro turf on Ludlow Green PB to arrange tour of local area for MH 2. St Agnes Park and St Paul's Adventure Playground The proposals have now received planning consent. OR advised that tender process has started and hope to start works in early December. OR showed the group the final plans, which were discussed. It was agreed that the bollards in from of St Agnes Lodge entrance should be removed as not felt necessary with a gate in place. An image of the table tennis was requested for the next meeting. It is the Caloo Diabolo and a web link to the table is: It was confirmed that the majority of the grass area’s will remain unchanged, and will be a place for informal sports such as cricket. OR onfirmed the route of the lighting and that existing lighting will also have new luminaries fitted to improve light quality. The larger sections of timber from the trees felled in the park will be left and used as informal seating, climbing structures etc… OR showed a detail plan of the mound which will have boulder steps at the rear, climbing boulders and landscaping at the front. OR confirmed that Tom Rawlings was organising a residents meeting to discuss the programme of works and any concerns on 18th November and that there would be Tree planting in the park on the 25th November.

3. St Paul’s Park Lighting – order has been placed and lighting will be installed once all materials received by contractors. OR to progress knee rail, power supply installation, additions to fencing to stop climbing under it. OR met with climbing wall specialist, who advised it would be best to fit a wooden and fibreglass structure to the wall rather than use the same climbing points in the wall. OR to discuss with John Knowlson in play, noted there may be a heritage impact. OR advised that delivery of sculptures has been delayed and these are now unlikely to be fixed in place until December. The artist Olaf Breuning will be visiting on the 7 th November to do a photo shoot in the park, which will involve volunteers with balloons. PB was concerned about damage /decay to benches. OR and MH agreed to visit the park to look at this. 4. Brunswick Cemetery OR presented the latest plans, which will shortly be submitted for planning approval. The landscape architects oversaw the excavation of trenches on the site, which have provided information on the depth of underlying graves buried in the 1980’s and what level changes can be achieved. The revised plans reflect that the two monuments with railings are both buried and require ground levels to be significantly reduced to enable the restoration of the railings. The layout has changed around both these monuments and it has meant the site will generate a reasonable amount of spoil, which the design proposes to reuse on site by creating a small mounded area with a spiral path. SW asked OR to contact Michael to ask him to confirm a meeting with Hew Locke the artist, who is developing new idea’s for the art work in the cemetery. TA confirmed she is particularly pleased with the planting layout in the cemetery, which should be both attractive and beneficial to wildlife, such as butterflies. 5. Head Gardener and Community Park Officer TA gave an update on her work and MH gave an overview of his role. 6. Other Parks Discussion around the street scene of Grosvenor and Ashley Road. Noted hat there will be fireworks display at Portland Square on 5 th November. 7. AOB Date of next meeting December 2nd 2009 Family Learning Centre 2pm

SPU Parks Group minutes Nov 09