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A publication of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church ● Williamsburg, IA No. 5 ● May 2011

Vision Statement: be a church where you can SEE Christ What have you done for me lately? This is a common attitude in the world today. I especially notice it in sports. Many coaches get fired for one bad season after three good ones. A player has a tough year and so the fans want to get rid of them. It happens elsewhere, but that’s the one thing that stands out By the most in my mind. Rev. James We often have short memories. I was thinking this was a new thing, but then I remembered back Parks to the Israelites of the Old Testament. From the beginning of history humans have often had this attitude. Days after Moses, with God’s help, leads the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt the people have forgotten God’s provision and they want to go back into slavery because it was not easy living in the desert. The kings of Israel would go back and forth remembering God’s commands and then forgetting them. It may have been because of this short term memory that God gave the people of Israel many feasts and festivals to celebrate. I counted 9 yearly celebrations that the people were called to remember. These celebrations varied in focus from the Passover, where they remembered their delivery from slavery, to the Festival of the Firstfruits, to give thanks for the beginning of the barley harvest. There are others like Yom Kippur and Hanukkah. Each of these festivals or feasts were to help the people remember and celebrate, not what God had done most recently, but remember how often God had been there. I share this as we celebrate that WE ARE UNDER 4! As of our March building loan payment, we owe under $400,000 on our building loan. We need to celebrate this because just 6 years ago the project before us was a $1.2 million building project. And to think in 6 years we have paid over $800,000 is something we have to praise God for. Now that is what God has done lately, but I still remember back to that Sunday in November of 2005 where we needed $5,000 to have enough money to buy our property. We thought we would try to take one offering and get this amount. Several people were not sure we could do that in one Sunday, but when it was all counted $10,000 was given. Even before that one member recently was sharing with me that this congregation looked at numerous properties, but something was always wrong with what was available. Then all of a sudden our current property became available and very shortly we had an agreement to purchase the property. They believe God was closing doors until the right place for us was available. So, not only has God been blessing us recently, but God has a history of working with us and through us. I don’t know if we need to start having feasts and festivals to celebrate these great memories of God working in miraculous ways, but I do know that we should never forget. If you have a story of how God did something wonderful through this congregation I would love to hear it. I would like for us to take a Sunday at the end of May to share those stories. We need to regularly share how God has been working. It does our hearts good to share and also blesses those who hear. So give me a call, email or text and let me know your story of what God has done for you lately.

Congratulations! Confirmation Class of 2011 Davis Axmear, Annie Axmear, Worship Services in May Allica Bacon, Jackson Culp,  May 1st—Confirmation Sunday Trevor Feckers, MacKenzie  May 8th—Mother’s Day Grimm, Elise Guenther, Trevor  May 15th—Senior Sunday Haasis, Juliann Hollensbe,  May 22nd—Day of Blessings Skyler Jones, Helaena  May 29th—Memorial Day Sunday Nunnelley, Terra Rathjen, Mitch Stahl, and Bailey Westfall. Join us May 1st at our worship Honor that special mom services to welcome these youth in your life on into our congregation as members of St. Paul’s UMC. Mother’s Day, May 8th

Senior Recognition Sunday, May 15th We want to congratulate our seniors who will be graduating from high school this May. Justin Gingerich, Ashly McMillan, Zack Milder, Eric Pope, Kiley Ritchie, Jessica Stahl, and Evan Zalenski will be graduating from Williamsburg High School. We will recognize our seniors in our Sunday services on May 15th with a reception for them from 9:3010:15am in the Fellowship Hall. The Furman Book Scholarship will also be presented to one of these seniors on that Sunday.

Saturday, May 7th 4:30-8:30pm $12 per child with a $30 maximum per family for the youth to provide games, supper, snacks, and activities for the kids to enjoy including a movie on the big screen to end the night. Each child can bring pj’s to wear during the movie. Sign up and pre-pay at the Sign-up Station in the Sanctuary by Sunday, May 1st.

Summer Games Jr. Red Wheel Sale The families with children going to Summer Games Jr. will be taking pre-orders for delicious Red Wheel foods. Be sure and order items by Sunday, May 15th. Parents of kids going can pick up extra pre-order forms from Tina Schafbuch.

Discipleship Team Meeting Wednesday, May 11th 6:30-8:00pm This meeting is for Discipleship volunteers, parents and everyone who is excited about making disciples of Christ with our children, youth and adults! We will be reflecting on this past school year as we also vision and plan for next school year. Come join us in Classroom A if you would like to help others experience Christ!

Children’s Church Challenge! The trustees are challenging everyone to “adopt” a child for $50 so our kids can have a children’s ministry area in the fellowship hall. Currently the elementary children use the fellowship hall on both Sundays and Wednesdays, which creates a lot of noise causing difficulty hearing. In order to accomplish this goal we will be constructing a collapsible wall to section off the classroom area and help control some of the noise, but still making it usable for church wide functions. Estimated cost is $10,000 which can be raised by 200 people donating $50. Help us raise money for our children’s ministry area! Check out the bulletin board in the sanctuary as we celebrate our progress. Every $50 we receive, a child will get “moved” into the bulletin board church. Lets make sure all of our children have a place to grow. If you have questions or are interested in learning more about the project, talk to one of the Trustees (listed on the bulletin board by the offices).

Serving Christ outside our doors! “Iowa County Relay for Life” and the “American Cancer Society” Watch for more information regarding these wonderful programs. You’ll have the chance to participate in the Relay for Life 5k at Tanger and another run later this summer. We will be supporting these with our May Love Offering

Time for a Fiesta! Wednesday, May 4th 6:00-7:30pm Your whole family is invited to join us for this fun night as we honor our discipleship volunteers and celebrate a great school year! Sign up at the Sign-up Station in the Sanctuary and plan to bring a side dish or salad to share (main dish and dessert being provided).

Women’s Potluck Lunch, Thursday, May 5th at 12:00 Noon All women are invited to bring a dish and come for an hour of great food and fellowship. Children are welcome as well as friends and co-workers, so we hope everyone can join us for this lunch hour.

Kinze Picnic Fundraiser Once again, our congregation has been given an opportunity to work at the Kinze Picnic this summer to raise money for our ministries. We need 13 volunteers Saturday, July 23rd from 7:30am-5:00pm (shifts cannot be split). Volunteers will raise approximately $95/person for a total of $1,235. Volunteers must be 15 years old and 25% of our group must be 18 or over. Each volunteer will be given the option of designating where their portion will go within the church. You can designate the money you raise to the general fund or building fund. Or have it be assigned to the Mission Team or Discipleship Ministry. This could be a great way for anyone going on mission trips or youth events to cover some of their costs. A sign-up sheet is at the Sign-up Station in the sanctuary. All slots need to be filled by July 8th. If you have questions, please contact the church office.

A special thank you to Jason Kersten this month! Although he’s our Facility Manager, a major part of his role is technology. In the last couple of months, we have had to replace some sound equipment as well as our projector which both broke down. It was estimated to replace everything would cost around $13,000 and with Jason’s hard work and research, we were able to replace it all for just over $6,000. Great job Jason, we appreciate all your hard work! Trustee and Finance Committees

Green Thumb Needed! With our growing garden in the church (all our indoor plants), we would love a volunteer to come in and help keep them green and growing. Some of the plants need a little more attention than what they are currently getting. Any pointers would be welcome also! Contact Sonja in the church office with any suggestions or if you can help.

Welcome New Members!

Joel & Julie Carr (Abby, Ethan)

Tom & Brooke Drahos

Darla Gorsh

Joys Congratulations to Tom & Brooke Drahos on the birth of their son, Weston Thomas born April 26th.

Not Pictured: Jim & Sarah Lentz (Ashley, Brenna, Bennet)

Weston Thomas Drahos (10 minutes old)

Congratulations to Kathy Jones with the birth of a new grandson Noah Andrew Meyer, to her daughter Abby and husband Andy on April 16th. Also congratulations to Bill & Sheryl Neal with the birth of their first granddaughter, Addison Nicole Kay, born to their daughter Amy and husband Ryan on April 18th.

Concerns Sonja Parsons and family with the death of her grandmother on April 25th. Continue to lift up in prayer those who are recovering from surgeries and hospitalizations. With Luke being deployed recently, we’d like to encourage everyone to drop a quick note to Luke and/or Erikah Messamer. Being separated, they both would love the extra support and to hear from you all. LCPL MESSAMER, Lucas John 1/12 HQ BTRY DET 1 (SEC PTL) UNIT 44105 FPO AP 96607-4105 and/or Erikah Messamer 3167 Hapawai Lp Kailua, HI 96734

Jeff & Shelley Shoemaker (Koby, Kaleah, Lily)

World Prayer Focus “Tobacco” Tobacco use is the second highest cause of death globally and is currently responsible for killing one in 10 adults worldwide. On May 31st each year, WHO (World Health Organization) celebrates World No Tobacco Day, highlighting the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocating for effective policies to reduce consumption. More and more countries are fighting back against the epidemic of tobacco by requiring that packages of tobacco show the dangers of the product's use. Tobacco is the number one preventable epidemic that the health community faces.

Through knowledge and prayer we can change the world.

Financial Footnotes This is a great time for our church family to be celebrating. We just went through the Lent season and celebrating Easter. There is nothing better to celebrate than God giving us his only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our salvation and then for him to raise up from the dead to sit at the right hand of the Father. St. Paul’s has even more to celebrate as our building loan is now “Under 4” ($400,000). What a joy to have paid off over $800,000. We also get to celebrate our recent annual brat sale which despite the horrible weather made a profit of around $1,400. The finance committee would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked and donated items, Powell’s for the tents, the Iowa County Fair Board for the grill, Roehrkasse’s for the meat and storage, and all who came out to support our church. One more thing we need to celebrate is your giving. We have a very generous church and thank you all for that. God will continue to bless you for your generosity. John Mohr, Finance Committee

Vital Statistics Worship Attendance April 3 282 April 10 243 April 17 336 April 24 354 As of 3/31/11 Total Tithes/General Offering - $66,017 Total Other Income - $4,591 Total Expenses - $73,075 The ANCHOR is a publication of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church 803 Clearview Drive, PO Box 559, Williamsburg, IA 52361 Phone: 319-668-2288 Website: Lead Pastor: Rev. James Parks ● Email: Associate Pastor of Discipleship: Rev. Helen Parks ● Email: Director of Congregational Care: Teresa Fleming ● Email: Administrative Assistant: Sonja Parsons ● Email: Facility Manager: Jason Kersten ● Email: Discipleship Assistant: Jennifer Schwenke ● Email: Coordinator of Children’s Discipleship: Tina Schafbuch ● Email: Choir Director: Steve Manning Organist: Sue Heitmann St. Paul’s UMC office hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm Mon. - Fri. Editor: Sonja Parsons Deadline for news for the June ANCHOR is May 20th. Email info to Sonja or drop it off at the Church.

“You are young, but do not let anyone treat you as if you are not important. Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them with your words, with the way you live, with your love, with your faith, and with your pure life.” 1 Timothy 4:12

Hey kids! Congratulations on the GREAT performance of “Donkey Tales”! You touched so many hearts with the amazing songs and scripts you memorized. On behalf of the volunteers and myself, I want to thank you for this past AMAZING school year! It has been a wonderful, God-filled experience and we can’t wait to get together with all of you again this fall. REALLY..we CAN’T wait! This summer we are going to have EZ-JAM (Jesus and Me) right after the opening praise songs during the 9:30am EZ Worship service. Experience “13 Very Bad Days and How God Fixed Them.”  May 1st-Noah’s Bad Day  May 8th-Joseph’s Bad Day  May 15th-Moses’ Bad Day  May 22nd-Daniel’s Bad Day  May 29th-Jonah’s Bad Day Need a break from Mom and Dad? Remind them of Parents Night Out, Saturday, May 7th, 4:30-8:30pm. There will be games, supper, snacks and activities, plus a movie on the BIG screen to end the night (bring some pj’s to change into for the movie). Have Mom or Dad sign you up by this Sunday, May 1st. See you there!! Also, Wednesday, May 4th from 6:00-7:30pm, bring your whole family for a fun-filled time of food and games. Don’t forget to say thank you to your adult helpers. See you soon!! Tina Schafbuch

SPUMY NEWS  Sunday, May 1st 8:30am & 10:30am—Confirmation

Sunday  Wednesday, May 4th 6:00-7:30pm—Fiesta Potluck &

Fun  Saturday, May 7th 4:00-9:00pm—Helping with

Parents Night Out * All 6th graders and older can come raise money for SGU while giving parents a night off.  Wednesday, May 25th 6:00-8:00pm—School’s Out Scavenger Hunt * We will enjoy a night of fun “scavenging”, great food and crazy conversations!  Sunday, June 12th 5:30-7:30pm—Pizza at the Parks’ * Come and hang out at 704 W. Welsh St. with Pastors James and Helen. There will be food, fellowship and games!  Sunday, June 26th 4:00-7:00pm—SPUMY Family Cook-out and Ice-Cream Churning * This is our annual event that welcomes our new 6th grade families to SPUMY while we make ice-cream for the 4th of July Celebration! Every family can bring a side dish or salad to share!

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May 2011 Anchor Newsletter  
May 2011 Anchor Newsletter  

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