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A publication of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church ● Williamsburg, IA No. 6 ● June 2011

Vision Statement: be a church where you can SEE Christ

By Rev. James Parks

Helping the next generation SEE Christ.

During June and July this year we are going to focus on lessons we can learn about living our faith from the book unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity…And Why it Matters by David Kinnaman. This book, full of research conducted by the Barna Group, a well respected Christian research organization, will give us insights into how the Mosaic (born between 1984 and 2002) and Busters (born between 1965 and 1983) generations view Christianity. Knowing how they view Christianity is important for two reasons. First, we are called by God to pass on our faith to the next generation. God wants all people to know his love, so we need to keep pointing the next generation to the cross. Second, the views of Christianity by the next generation continue to grow in negativity. In 1996, 85% of people outside Christianity had favorable opinions of Christianity (15% had no opinion or bad opinions). In 2006, young outsiders said that 38% have a bad impression of Christianity. In ten years negative views have more than doubled. Also, when interviewed and asked about their view of Christians, these generations of people outside Christianity said 91% see Christians as antihomosexual, 87% see Christians as judgmental, and 85% see Christians as hypocritical. The three most common descriptions used for us are negative views. We are becoming so well known for what we are against, instead of being know for who we are. Is all of this our fault? No, not necessarily, but unless we understand how better to respond to the next generation those negative images will continue. Kinnaman says, ―We are not responsible for outsiders’ decisions, but we are accountable when our actions and attitudes—misrepresenting a holy, just, and loving God—have pushed outsiders away.‖ (p.14) So we will look at what has pushed them away and see how we can change our response. This is not about becoming more popular or watering down the faith. It is not to accommodate outsiders. It is about engaging the next generation with our passion and love of Christ. I believe that understanding how we are seen can help us to reevaluate how we have been living out our faith. It can help us to become more authentic and passionate about our faith in a holy, loving God. Below is a list of the negative views held of Christians, and we will focus on what this teaches us about living out our faith. So join me over the summer months as we focus on Next: Helping the next generation SEE Christ.

June 5: June 12: June 19: June 26: July 3: July 10: July 17: July 24: July 31:

Introduction to UnChristian Get Saved! Sheltered Hypocritical Worship in the park with First Presbyterian Too Political Guest Speaker: Frank Camp from Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) Antihomosexual Judgmental

Women’s Potluck Lunch, Thursday, June 2nd at 12:00 Noon All women are invited to bring a dish and come for an hour of great food and fellowship. Children are welcome as well as friends and co-workers, so we hope everyone can join us. Ad Council and Committee meetings will be Monday, June 27th. There will be no Ad Council in July. Committees are responsible to schedule their own meeting in July if they choose to still meet.

Women of Faith Reunion Saturday, June 11th from 6:00-8:00pm Ladies! Plan to come to the church for a Women of Faith Reunion! We’ll start off with a fellowship time at 6:00pm so bring an appetizer to share, then at 7:00pm we’ll move to the Sanctuary for WORSHIP! We’ll have the ladies from both Praise Bands that went to Women of Faith join together to present songs from the conference followed up by Pastor Helen doing a devotional. We’ll also have a time for sharing! It will be so wonderful to hear about your experiences from this inspirational weekend! If you know of someone who wants to come next year, invite them to come along! There will be an opportunity to reserve your seat for next year! As part of the fun, we’ll have some great items to give away as door prizes for those who attend! Please contact Christy Axmear at (319) 664-6160 or if you can make it so we can try to have a headcount.

Ice-Cream Makers Needed! The youth of our church and their families will be making ice-cream on Sunday, June 26th and need to borrow ice-cream makers. Please bring your icecream maker to the church kitchen by the morning of Sunday, June 26th. Thank you for supporting our SPUMY kids.

Serving Christ outside our doors! “Iowa County Food Bank” We will be supporting the Iowa County Food Bank in June. Food items can be brought in and dropped off in the grocery carts in each entry way. Monetary donations will be given to the food bank for non-perishable items that need to be purchased. Some items needed are: macaroni & cheese, peanut butter (plastic jar), nutritious cereals, oatmeal, canned fruit, soups that are a meal and Kleenex.

Church-Wide Fun Night Sunday, June 12th 5:00-8:00pm Everyone in the church is invited to join us for food, fellowship and fun! Hot dogs, drinks, and dessert will be provided, just bring a side dish or salad to share. After the meal, there will be snow cones (outside only), a bouncy tent, kickball, football and more outdoor activities. If you want, bring your outdoor chairs and games and plan to enjoy a fun summer night with your church family! Airport Drivers Needed for our Puerto Rico Mission Team! We ask that you continue to be in prayer for our Mission Team as we travel to Puerto Rico Tuesday, June 14th-Tuesday, June 21st. We have two groups flying out of the Moline Airport and need drivers to drop-off and pick-up. Please contact Pastor Helen if you are available to drive to Moline on Monday, June 13th in the evening or Tuesday, June 14th in the early morning or Tuesday, June 21st in the evening. You will be reimbursed for gas and mileage. Please consider supporting this mission trip by being an airport driver. 2011 VBS “Shake it Up Café: Where Kids Carry Out God’s Recipes” Monday, August 1st-Thursday, August 4th 9:00-11:30am At our Vacation Bible School ―Shake it Up Café‖ our kids age 4 through 6th grade will learn how to shake up their lives to become better followers of God. Our kids will explore and experience recipes for living out God’s Word. We will get cookin’ with heaping helpings of Bible fun and special servings of crafts, hands-on mission work, food science and great music. * Volunteers are needed for our “Shake it Up Café VBS. Please contact Pastor Helen at if you would like to help. We will have a VBS Volunteer meeting on Sunday, June 26th at 7:00pm and hope that everyone can make this meeting as we get excited about this year’s VBS!

It’s not too late to experience camps this summer... Family Camp at Pictured Rocks, Friday, July 1st 5:30pm to Saturday, July 2nd 2:00pm Pastors James and Helen hope that you will join their family for an overnight at Pictured Rocks camp in Monticello, Iowa. This camp experience is for all ages and includes games, nature, singing, swimming and much more. $150 per family includes a private bathroom with shower that can sleep your whole family plus Friday’s supper, Saturday’s breakfast and lunch. For $100, your family can tent camp next to a shower house. After the activities end at 2:00pm on Saturday, your family is welcome to stay another night free, but will need to provide your own food. Registration forms are available on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall and are due by Sunday, June 12th.

Summer Games University, Monday, July 11th-Friday, July 15th Summer Games University is a week long camp experience that is on the campus of Grinnell College. Youth 6th-12th grade, participate in small group Bible studies along with group games and satellites of their choice. Satellite options include: Drama, Science, Art, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, Photography, Scrapbooking, Video Games, Swimming, Mission Projects, and Dance Team. SGU Worships are evangelical experiences where biblical events are shown through demonstrative experiences such as prayer services and a crucifixion pageant. SGU costs $275 per youth, but you can still participate in the Ice-Cream fundraiser to help lower the cost. Turn in Registration forms and $ to Pastor Helen by Sunday, June 12th.

Summer Games Jr. at Camp Wesley Woods, Sunday, July 24th 4:00pm to Wednesday, July 27th 11:00am This summer let your elementary child experience camp ―Summer Games‖ style! Pastor Helen will be taking our kids ages 8-11 to Wesley Woods to enjoy Christian fun and fellowship while experiencing the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Camp activities include: Outdoor Games, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Broken Arrow Pond, Low Ropes Course, and 3 nights at Camp Wesley Woods for $200. Small groups and Worships will be the heart of Summer Games Jr. as we allow the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of our graduated 2nd-5th graders! Registration forms are available on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall and are due by Sunday, June 12th.

Congratulations to our High School Seniors and Confirmation Class! Front L-R: Terra Rathjen, Skyler Jones, Trevor Feckers, Mitch Stahl, MacKenzie Grimm, Allica Bacon Back: L-R: Annie Axmear, Helaena Nunnelley, Elise Guenther, Davis Axmear, Juliann Hollensbe Not Pictured: Jackson Culp, Trevor Haasis, Bailey Westfall

L-R: Kiley Ritchie, Jessica Stahl, Eric Pope, Ashly McMillan, Justin Gingerich, Zack Milder, Evan Zalenski

Joys & Concerns

Children’s Church Challenge Update! The trustees are challenging everyone to ―adopt‖ a child for $50 so our kids can have a children’s ministry area in the fellowship hall. Currently the elementary children use the fellowship hall on both Sundays and Wednesdays, which creates a lot of noise causing difficulty hearing. In order to accomplish this goal we will be constructing a collapsible wall to section off the classroom area and help control some of the noise, but still making it usable for church wide functions. Estimated cost is $10,000 which can be raised by 200 people donating $50 (1 child). At this time, we’ve had 32 children ―moved‖ into the church on the bulletin board. Help make sure our children have a place to grow and help us raise money for this area!

The Finance Committee is currently looking at an e-giving (electronic) option for tithes and offerings to the church. Watch for more details if you think this would be something you’d be interested in using.

We would appreciate everyone's help eliminating the risk of peanut exposure to our daughter, Jayden. The last test she had indicated a more severe allergic reaction to peanuts which continues to be life-threatening to her. We ask that you please try to keep this in mind when bringing food in to the church. Proper cleaning and sanitizing after events would also help minimize the risk of exposure to her. There will be signs posted in the church as a reminder of the danger that peanuts are to Jayden and we will continue to inform our church family of any changes with her. Thank you for your help in protecting our daughter and keeping the church a safe place for Jayden to be. We are working on a peanut policy with the church so that everyone can be better aware and work on keeping our church as peanut free as possible. Thank you, Jason & Jackie Kersten Kinze Picnic Fundraiser Farmers Market Fundraiser We still need volunteers to help with Friday, June 10th 4:00-6:00pm the Kinze Picnic on Saturday, July 23rd from 7:30am-5:00pm. Volunteers must Here’s another chance to raise $ for summer camps (kids and adults)! Bring in your crafts be 15 years old and 25% of our group and packaged/labeled baked goods by must be 18 or older. Each volunteer will raise around $95 each and be given 10:30am on Friday, June 10th to sell at our Williamsburg Farmers Market. Items can the option of designating where their portion will go within the church. This include breads, cakes (no whipped topping or frosting), doughnuts, bars, pastries, cookies, could be a great way for anyone going biscuits and pies. We can not sell meat pies, on mission trips or youth events to soft pies (with milk or custard) or products cover some of their costs. Sign up by containing custard or cream fillings. Contact July 8th at the Sign-up Station or Tina Schafbuch with any questions. contact the church office.

World Prayer Focus: “Blood Donation” WHO (World Health Organization) chose June 14th as the day to recognize the millions of people who save lives and improve the health of others by donating blood. This day highlights the need to regularly give blood to prevent shortages in hospitals and clinics, particularly in developing countries where quantities are very limited. The annual event focuses on motivating more people to become blood donors. It demonstrates how health systems and policy-makers work to make blood transfusions safe and accessible to people worldwide.

Through knowledge and prayer we can change the world.

Baptisms on May 22nd:  Matti Rebelsky, daughter of Jed & Danene Rebelsky  Isaiah Baughman, son of Steve & Angie Baughman Continue to lift up in prayer family and friends of Phyllis Jellings with her death on May 1st.

Vital Statistics Worship Attendance May 1 356 May 8 253 May 15 299 May 22 235 As of 4/30/11 Total Tithes/General Offering - $85,910 Total Other Income - $6,886 Total Expenses - $98,576 The ANCHOR is a publication of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church 803 Clearview Drive, PO Box 559, Williamsburg, IA 52361 Phone: 319-668-2288 Website: Lead Pastor: Rev. James Parks ● Email: Associate Pastor of Discipleship: Rev. Helen Parks ● Email: Director of Congregational Care: Teresa Fleming ● Email: Administrative Assistant: Sonja Parsons ● Email: Facility Manager: Jason Kersten ● Email: Discipleship Assistant: Jennifer Schwenke ● Email: Coordinator of Children’s Discipleship: Tina Schafbuch ● Email: Choir Director: Steve Manning Organist: Sue Heitmann St. Paul’s UMC office hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm Mon. - Fri. Editor: Sonja Parsons Deadline for news for the July ANCHOR is June 20th. Email info to Sonja or drop it off at the Church.

―You are young, but do not let anyone treat you as if you are not important. Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them with your words, with the way you live, with your love, with your faith, and with your pure life.‖ 1 Timothy 4:12

Summer is here!! Time to play in the water, dry off in the sun, and play outside. Our June is filled with fun too! 

June 10th 4:00-6:00pm – We will be selling baked goods on the square during the Williamsburg Farmers Market to continue our fundraising for all of our summer camps. Start making your crafts and cookies now. Contact Tina Schafbuch for more information. June 12th 5:00-8:00pm – Join us for a fun, BOUNCY outdoor event – have your parents bring your favorite dish for the potluck and come enjoy hot dogs, snow cones, a bouncy tent, and outdoor games!

Our EZ-JAM (Jesus and Me) services this month are continuing from ―13 Very Bad Days and How God Fixed Them‖ right after the opening praise songs during the EZ Worship service.    

June 5: Mary’s Bad Day June 12: The Disciples’ Bad Day June 19: Lazarus’s Bad Day June 26: Jesus’ Bad Day

SPUMY NEWS  Sunday, June 12th 5:00-8:00pm—Fun Night * Invite your friends to come join us for a church-wide fun night! Hot dogs, drinks, and dessert will be provided, just bring a side dish or salad to share. After the meal, there will be snow cones (outside only), bouncy tent, kickball, football and more outdoor activities. This would be a great night for SPUMY to challenge the adults in the church to a game of kickball! * This is the last chance for you to get your friends signed up for SGU. Your final $ will be due on June 26th.  Sunday, June 26th  4:00-7:00pm—SPUMY Family Potluck and Ice-Cream Churning Party * We will welcome our new SPUMY kids and their families at this event. Families can earn $ for SGU. Remaining $200 minus fundraiser $ will be due for SGU. Every family can bring a side dish or salad to share!  7:00pm—Vacation Bible School Volunteer Meeting for those assisting with VBS.  8:00pm—Possible SPUMY Overnight-There is a possibility of us having a SPUMY lock-in this night and helping Pastor James with his SGU video. More details later, but check and see if you might be able to mike this fun SPUMY afternoon into an overnight event!

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June 2011 Anchor Newsletter  

June 2011 Anchor Newsletter