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Design your itinerary If you have an extra day in São Paulo you may decide what to do considering a theme or a region of the city

Custom Tours

Nine amazing routes, according to different profiles and interests, are suggested. Each one has a list of activities that last all day long, from breakfast till the wee hours. Museu da Língua Portuguesa

Must-see neighborhoods

Attractions in this section are organized according to the neighborhoods and regions that gather most hotels and tourist sights, so you can have fun and enjoy the city any time you wish. Indications fall into categories: Attractions, Accommodation, Food, and Nightlife. a cultural day

Rua João Cachoeira

the span of 74 m, a result of a daring project by Lina Bo Bardi. Inside, it shelters one of the most important art collections in Latin America, with works by artists like Monet, Raphael, Renoir, Picasso and Van Gogh. This collection, which totals 8,000 pieces, is usually displayed in themed exhibitions. The underground area of the museum holds a large exhibition area, plus an amphitheater, a shop and a restaurant.


São Paulo is also a place for teaching and learning, the pillars that support the movement of creative cities around the world (read more on page 12). To incorporate new experiences into your trip, the routes include some suggestions of short-length duration courses. Featured suggestions EVENING

If you manage to walk along the 2.8 km of Paulista Avenue, you will stumble upon other cultural attractions. Closer to Praça Osvaldo Cruz lie the Casa das Rosas (Av. Paulista, 37, 3258-6986), whose activities are focused on poetry and literature, and Itaú Cultural (Av. Paulista, 149, 2168-1777), with exhibitions of video art and multimedia languages. At the opposite end of the avenue, Conjunto Nacional (Av. Paulista, 2073) holds regular exhibitions in its corridors, which are covered in Portuguese mosaic. The gallery also shelters a unit of Caixa Cultural (3321-4400) and the Livraria Cultura (3170-4033), a mega bookstore with cultural activities.

COURSES Visiting so many museums and art galleries in São Paulo may raise the desire to deepen your knowledge on the subject. MASP (Av. Paulista, 1578, 3251-5644, offers an introductory course on art history with lessons taught within the premises of the museum, providing an overview of the visual arts. On the other hand, the Course on Art History at MIS (Av. Europa, 158, Jardim Europa; 2117-4777, mis-sp. emphasizes contemporary art and its relationship with technology and digital media, covering from the Renaissance to present days.

If you decide to see a play to wrap up your night, the city usually has on display dramas, comedies and musicals. Bela Vista is home to several theaters like Sergio Cardoso (R. Rui Barbosa, 153; 3288-0136), Ruth Escobar (R. dos Ingleses, 209; 3289-2358) and Abril Theater (Av. Brig.Luis Antonio, 411; 2846 -6060). After the spectacle, the right choice for dinner are the Italian cantinas. Roperto (R. 13 de Maio, 634, Bela Vista; 3288-2573) has four

Another haven for hungry stomachs in the downtown area is Avanhandava Street. A former meeting point of artists, it was revitalized in 2007 and became a boulevard with flower beds and a special pavement. Take your time to sample the antipasti and the pasta served

lounges and many tables; the highlight on the menu is the tasty polpettone, their specialty.

at Famiglia Mancini (R. Avanhandava, 81, Centro, 3255-6599).

Photo credits: Jair Magri

Services All the attractions and establishments are followed by their addresses and phone numbers (the area code for São Paulo is 11). Before setting out, check times, prices, and schedules – or book a table, for restaurants. Shops are usually open from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 6pm; shopping malls are open from 10am to 10pm and, on Sundays, from 2pm to 8pm.



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One of the most pulsating metropolis in the world, São Paulo is much more than a great place for doing business. Taking a day off is the fir...

Fique mais um dia  

One of the most pulsating metropolis in the world, São Paulo is much more than a great place for doing business. Taking a day off is the fir...

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