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(R. Agostinho Gomes, 2988, Ipiranga, 20616649), only 600m from the Sacomã station. This very popular bar has reinforced its culinary and is now preparing pasta and meats to satisfy any hunger and taste. In this neighborhood, the attraction is the Museu Paulista (temporarily closed), also known as Museu do Ipiranga, which occupies an imposing palace within Independência Park (Av. Nazareth, s/n, Ipiranga; 2273-7250). It shelters a collection of objects and documents from the time Brazil was an empire – even the mortal remains of Dom Pedro I are there, in the Capela Imperial, inside the Monumento à Independência. If you need to snack something to line your stomach late in the afternoon, stop by Bar do Nico (R. Moreira e Costa, 538, Ipiranga; 2273-4811) and enjoy the appetizers.

Courses In addition to free concerts and popular shopping streets, São Paulo also offers courses that cost little – or nothing. São Paulo Cultural Center (R. Vergueiro, 1000, 3397-4002) offers a course with live models, which consists of drawing and painting lessons based on the observation of the human figure. The space also offers comics and fanzines workshops, with drawing, writing and sequential art classes. The participation results in the production of a commemorative fanzine, related to the 30th anniversary of the complex.

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Evening The varied attractions at the SESI Theater (Av. Paulista, 1313, 3146-7405 and 3146-7406) are good choices for the evening entertainment, since the theatrical and musical performances usually have popular prices or are simply free. In this case, tickets are distributed one hour before the beginning of the presentations. But it’s good to arrive a little earlier, so as not to run the risk of lining up just to see the tickets gone before your turn. The units of SESC (, scattered around the city, also provide several activities, including exhibitions, lectures, workshops, sports activities and many shows on the stages of their theaters. Keep an eye on the units Vila Mariana (R. Pelotas, 141; 5080-3000) and Pompéia (R. Clélia, 93, 3871-7700), which usually have lots going on. On the surroundings of SESC Vila Mariana,

a nice place to have dinner with no surprises in the bill is Sobaria (R. Áurea, 343, Vila Mariana; 5084-8014), where you can discover the delights of the cuisine from Mato Grosso do Sul. Meats and sausages come in hearty servings, always accompanied by cassava; the curiosity on the menu is the sobá, a dish of Japanese origin, common in the state due to the influence of Eastern immigrants who went there to work in local agriculture. Another option in the region is Innominato Osteria (R. Joinville, 561, Vila Mariana; 55719839). Plates of stuffed pasta are enough for two, as in most typical Italian cantinas. If you prefer, sit in the lounge of Baalbeck (Al. Lorena, 1330, Jardins, 3088-4820) and you’ll find good-quality Arabic dishes like chich barak (cooked ravioli with curd) and desserts such as atayef (cream sweet and nuts).


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Fique mais um dia  

One of the most pulsating metropolis in the world, São Paulo is much more than a great place for doing business. Taking a day off is the fir...

Fique mais um dia  

One of the most pulsating metropolis in the world, São Paulo is much more than a great place for doing business. Taking a day off is the fir...

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