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FALL 2016

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Ward Center 25th Anniversary pg. 20

A Message from the Head of School


In Memoriam

Joanne P. Bartlett, President Clifford B. Lull III, Past President Jennifer L. Collins ’95, Vice President Rev. Mark Stanley, Vice President John F. Wakeman, Vice President Elise A. Butler ’83, Secretary Pamela S. Schutz ’72, Treasurer Penny Bach Evins, Head of School

Dear St. Paul’s School for Girls Community, I am thrilled to share this issue of Spiritus with you. One of the more challenging parts of my role is to decide the “one thing” or “few things” to share with those who ask about our school. There is plenty worth acknowledging, though I often speak about our bold and courageous community of unique girls who use their education and ethics to improve their world. They include our current students, recent graduates, and accomplished alumnae making a difference in various industries and fields. With every opportunity, I share that SPSG is an outstanding school where authentic joy, purposeful learning, and lifelong connections are timeless hallmarks. Our girls consider SPSG their home away from home; some things never change! Our cover story takes a look back 25 years ago to the creation of the Ward Center and reflects on the rich history of the arts at SPSG. Our school proudly offers a multitude of signature and innovative programs that highlight experiential learning. Our students, whether proficient and naturally drawn to the arts or wanting to try something new and gain confidence on stage, in front of a blank canvas, or within our distinguished dance program, have always demonstrated creativity and a sense of fearlessness. As there are many topics worth sharing about our school, there are many students worth highlighting. The spotlight on Sophie Nasrallah ’16 found on page 30 is sure to capture your attention. A remarkable student, Sophie spent countless hours gaining real-world experience while determining if invasive vines could be used as a sustainable and alternative energy source through her Scholars project. Her enthusiasm was contagious, which is why we all anticipated her time at the podium during Prayers. Regardless of topic, Sophie’s passion was unmistakable. Sophie is one of many students who are exposed to connections and opportunities for life through the SPSG network and experience. Through the second in a series of Portrait of a Graduate profiles, we continue our focus on alumnae who live our mission and inspire us as well. Current Gators have an insatiable appetite for challenge and a desire to be change agents for what is near and dear to their hearts and minds. Our graduates live our mission and lead with a moral compass. With a focus on the individual student and full support for our entire community of students, our young women are energized and empowered to not only explore their boundaries but also live beyond them. SPSG’s loving and wise faculty and staff are wholeheartedly dedicated to their craft and I thank them and our trustees, the tireless volunteers who think, plan, craft and give their time, talent, and treasure on behalf of our great school. Along with their efforts and everyone who generously supports The Gator Fund, our endowment, and the Ivy Society, we are able to provide the opportunities of today’s SPSG and work toward the bright future we imagine. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you this year. It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve on behalf of our great school. Best,

Penny B. Evins Head of School

On the cover, left to right: Naomi Atogho ’22, Kaylee Workman ’18, Aidan Eck ’21, and Michael Acker ’16

Remembering Mrs. Fambrough By Mariceleste Miller ’86

Zee Fambrough. Just saying her name brings a picture immediately to my mind. Rosy apple cheeks beneath eyes crinkled up above an ever-ready and definitely infectious smile, which spoke of the wonderfully warm and caring heart embodied within a woman small in height but big with compassion. I have no doubt that if you knew Zee, even a little, you have the same vision springing into your mind as well.

Tracy Bacigalupo Ann S. Barry ’76 Scott Burger Patricia C. Carroll ’76 Crystal S. Edwards ’93 Mary Baker Edwards ’77 Carlos Fernandez Evelyn A. Flory, Ph.D., Honorary Dana Foley George W. Gephart, Emeritus Stephen W. Guy Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Ph.D. John “Jack” Huppler Leo J. Kelly III James A.C. Kennedy, Emeritus Lila B. Lohr, Honorary Dr. Marlene R. Miller R. Carl Pohlhaus W. James Price IV, Emeritus David P. Scheffenacker Michael D. Sullivan Ann Teaff Mary Ellen Thomsen, Honorary James A. Vlk Mary Frances Wagley, Honorary Tehma Smith Wilson ’96 Scott Winn

I had the supreme good fortune to know Zee both as a student during my years in the Upper School at St. Paul’s School for Girls and later, after college, as a colleague. Each experience expanded on the other and I was improved by her presence in my life. As a student, I had Mrs. Fambrough for biology class in the 10th grade. We spent most of our time in Room 103, which pales in comparison to the resources in the lab classrooms at the school these days. I enjoyed every minute of it as Mrs. Fambrough’s enthusiasm encouraged participation and exploration by her students. You did not want to disappoint that cheery disposition, though she would always be supportive no matter what. She made the subject matter interesting with her own brand of motivation. One very memorable example was our week learning about the Chesapeake Bay—a topic close to her heart—which culminated in the “dissection” of blue crabs. That was hands-on classroom knowledge at its best and to this day whenever I open a crab, I think of Mrs. Fambrough. She had a passion for science and a love for nature which was palpable and, as her students, our worlds were enriched and our views expanded by her instruction. After college when I was determining the direction for my career, my relationship with Mrs. Fambrough changed from student/teacher to that of colleagues. She was preparing for a sabbatical to complete the writing of a textbook with her husband, Doug, and I was in the process of completing my master’s in teaching. Our worlds thus overlapped; she needed a long-term substitute teacher and I needed to complete a semester of student teaching. How thrilling it was in my early 20s to feel trustworthy enough that a former teacher would ask me to take over the responsibility of her students to complete the second half of their academic year. Even without Zee’s physical presence there, her influence and faith in my abilities helped me to grow and I truly was blessed with the amazing students she shared with me that year. Zee returned as Department Head and I was able to experience her guidance on a daily basis. She was always a calming presence and her quiet leadership kept a diverse group of personalities focused on furthering the educational experiences of St. Paul’s School for Girls students.

Fall 2016 Contributors Head of School Penny B. Evins Editor Noelle Hewitt Editorial Offices 11232 Falls Road P.O. Box 8000 Brooklandville, MD 21022 443-632-1028 Contributors Jessica Bizik Alexis Blair ’08 Amy Bortner Cynthia Garland Haley Brown Mahonski ’99 Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86 Alysa Porter Nancy Stromberg Edee Waller Photography Anna Clifford ’07 John Davis Photography Galeone Photography Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard, Staff Photographer Spiritus is published by St. Paul’s School for Girls. Reader comment, as well as information of interest, is always welcome. Notification of change of address may be sent to the Development Office at St. Paul’s School for Girls. St. Paul’s School for Girls makes every effort to include all submitted Class Notes but reserves the right to edit for clarity, length, and content. St. Paul’s School for Girls does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions and financial aid policies, employment practices, and other school-administered programs.

In writing this, I also realized I had another unusual connection with Zee while a student. During our Upper School years, Zee and Doug welcomed one of my classmates, Margaret, into their home and family. The particulars are hazy (high schoolers can be a little self-absorbed), but I do remember the peace and joy it brought to Margaret during a critical time in her youth. This is a prime example of the caring soul which Zee was and will be in our memories as she enveloped those around her in answering their needs and meeting them wherever they were. Those crinkly eyes coupled with that rosy smile shared her warmth unconditionally.

The Zee Science Speaker Series was established at SPSG in honor of Zee Fambrough and her exceptional teaching. The series assists the school in bringing notable women in science to present and work with students in the classroom. If you are interested in making a gift to the fund, contact the Development Office at 443-632-1020.

Zee was a many-faceted individual and these are just a few of my interactions with and impressions of her over the years I knew her. She touched others through her love of music and her lasting impacts on her students cannot be overlooked as careers and success in the sciences and beyond by many young women were the result. I feel certain that I can say we—all who knew and loved Zee—were dismayed to learn of the terrible illness which befell her and caused the slow, debilitating decline that extinguished the light we knew. Zee Fambrough was a special lady who looked for and found the good in the people she met and the world she experienced. She will be missed. Mariceleste Miller, a Wagley Scholar, graduated from SPSG in 1986. She holds an undergraduate degree from Smith College and a graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University.  Mariceleste is the Chief of Water Resource Engineering at DS Thaler & Associates, Inc. and a registered Professional Engineer.  A member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Smith, Mariceleste is also a charter member of SPSG’s Cum Laude Society. 97

14 20 39 65 Q&A: Naa-Adei Kotey

Ward Center 25th Anniversary

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Written by Mariceleste Miller ’86

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Remembering Mrs. Fambrough

Board of Trustees

Welcome New Board Members Please join us in welcoming our newest trustees, Carlos Fernandez SP ’85, Dana Foley, Steve Guy, Jack Huppler, and Carl Pohlhaus SP ’83. All will serve a three-year term, which started July 1. Dana Foley

Carlos Fernandez SP ’85 Dana’s daughter, Claire, is a member of SPSG’s Class of 2020 and her son, Michael, graduated from SP in 2016. A graduate of Harvard College, Dana previously served on various boards in Pittsburgh and worked in the marketing industry. She recently participated in SPSG’s marketing study undertaken by Edwards & Co. and serves on the Trustee and Governance Committee and Strategic Planning and Operations Committee of the Board. An active member of the SPSG community, Dana may be found volunteering in the school store, The Swamp. Dana and her husband, Brendan, enthusiastically support the arts, athletics, and all things SPSG.

Stephen Guy Steve and his wife, Jeanette, have two children at the St. Paul’s Schools: Grace ’22 and Jackson SP ’21. He works as a Managing Director and Group Head of Business Services at KPMG Corporate Finance, LLC. Steve began his career at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New York. Jeanette devotes her time and energy to SPSG as President of the Parents’ Association. Together, Steve and Jeanette serve and support the school in a myriad of ways.

Carlos and his wife Stacey have three daughters, alumnae Nevi ’13 and Niqui ’16 and student Lexi ’19, and a son who attends SP, Carlos ’22. Carlos began volunteering with the Board as a visitor to SPSG’s Investment Committee during the 2015–2016 school year. He works as a Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor, Senior Investment Management Consultant at Morgan Stanley. Carlos is a member of the St. Paul’s School Class of 1985.

John “Jack” Huppler

Carl Pohlhaus SP ’83 Carl is the father of SPSG student, Caroline ’23 and sons Matthew, St. Paul’s Class of 2018 and Gavin ’15. After serving six years as a trustee at St. Paul’s School, Carl has joined the SPSG Board as a joint trustee. During his tenure on SP’s Board, he chaired the Philanthropy Committee and served on the Finance, Trusteeship, Executive, and Liaison Committees. He also chaired the Financial Sustainability ad-hoc Committee. Carl is a Managing Director at CGA Capital LLC. Carl’s wife Tracey is an educator and active volunteer at SPSG. 2

Educated at the University of Wisconsin, Madison as a chemical engineer, Jack spent his career in Texas working for Exxon and Texas Oil and Gas, ultimately retiring from EOG Resources, Inc. A former vice president in the energy sector, Jack is a grandparent of two SPSG students: Caroline ’20 and Julia ’23. He is an active SPSG volunteer taking part in Junior Leadership Day as an interviewer and assisting in the Development Office. Jack and his wife Priscilla are retired and enjoy traveling internationally and playing golf.

Farewell to Trustees The following volunteers completed their time as trustees and we are grateful for their dedicated efforts on behalf of St. Paul’s School for Girls.

Above, left to right: Gary Marino, John Saxton, Marilyn Warshawsky, Clifford B. Lull III, SP ’78, Kim Goetze Burch ’79, Peter Austin, and David Wells Gary Marino Gary joined the Board of Trustees in 2007 and served on the Development and Audit Committees until 2009–2010. He and his wife, Timmy Ruppersberger, served as chairs to the Annual Fund during the 2005, 2006, and 2007 school years. Their daughter Morgan graduated from SPSG in 2006 and their son Taylor graduated from SP in 2004. As a reflection of their time and dedication, Gary and Timmy were inducted into the Eleanor Buchanan Rogers Society in 2007. Gary served on the Executive

Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee in addition to chairing the Audit Committee during his tenure. John Saxton John Saxton served St. Paul’s School for Girls as either an active or emeritus trustee for 23 out of the past 24 years. He was first elected to the SPSG Board in 1992 while his daughter, Debbie Saxton Graf ’95, and son, Jeff Saxton SP ’93, were students on this campus, and served as President of the Board from 1994–1997. During his 3

Board of Trustees

first tenure as a trustee, he served on the Education Committee, Nominating Committee, Executive Committee, Lower School Feasibility Committee, Head Search Committee, Capital Campaign Committee, and Finance Committee, and served as Chairman of the Audit Committee. John was recipient of the Trustee Service Award in 1999 due to this extraordinary commitment and work on behalf of SPSG. He was re-elected as a voting trustee in 2008, serving as a Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee and then Chair of the Liaison Committee. He served as a joint trustee with SP from 2008–2016. Also, he was awarded the Robert Pollock Trustee Service Award in 2016. John generously underwrote the publishing and printing costs of “Through All Our Days,” the history of SPSG written by former faculty Mary Bready and released during SPSG's 40th anniversary. John and his wife, Leslie, were instrumental in the Playground and Tot Lot renovation and the celebration of St. Paul’s Plus’ 20th anniversary in 2010. John and Leslie are both members of the Eleanor Buchanan Rogers Society, having been inducted in 1997 and 1995, respectively. The Saxtons’ commitment to SPSG will extend to future students through the Saxton Family Scholarship. Marilyn Warshawsky Marilyn joined the Board in 2010 and, over the course of six years, served on the Audit, Strategic Planning, and Trusteeship Committees. She also chaired the Trusteeship & Governance Committee and served on the Head of School search committee, which brought former head Lila Lohr back to SPSG as Interim Head from 2012–2013 and Penny Evins as 10th Head of school. Throughout her tenure, Marilyn was instrumental in redrafting Board bylaws. She and her husband, David, established the Warshawsky Family Visiting Scholars Program in 2007. Their daughter, Jennifer Warshawsky Zigrino, SPSG Class of 1990, resides in Colorado. Clifford B. Lull III, SP ’78 A 1978 graduate of St. Paul’s School, Clifford’s insight into SPSG may have begun through his sister, Paige ’80. As a father of SPSG student Meredith and alumna Allie ’10, he became further interested in SPSG as his daughters began their years on campus at St. Paul’s Plus where his wife, Whitney, served as President of Plus’ Parents’ Association. Before and after becoming a trustee, Clifford lent his time and talent to a number of SPSG initiatives and committees. Elected a trustee in 2006, Clifford served on the Development Committee, chairing it in 2008–2009, and the Executive Committee, serving as secretary to the Board in


2007–2008 and as vice president from 2009–2012. In 2012, he was awarded the Robert Pollock Service Award. Clifford was named President of the Board of Trustees in 2013 and will serve the school as past president for the 2016–17 academic year. Kim Goetze Burch ’79 An active SPSG volunteer, Kim began chairing the Development Committee in 2009 after serving on the committee since 2007, when she became a trustee of the school. In addition to those duties, she served on the Trustee Committee, Executive Committee, Liaison Committee with St. Paul’s School, and in 2013 as Vice President of the Board of Trustees. Over her many years of service, Kim has presented the Randolph Macon Book Award at the Academic Awards Assembly and the Trustee Award at graduation. She received the Distinguished Alumna Award in 1989, the Lannie Semans Smallwood ’66 Alumnae Scholarship for her daughter Quinn ’12 nine years later, the Eleanor Buchanan Rogers Society Award in 2013, and the Robert Pollock Service Award in 2014. Kim’s son Spencer is a member of St. Paul’s School Class of 2009. Peter Austin Peter was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2013. During his tenure, he served on the Finance Committee and Investment Sub-Committee. He and his wife, Heather, served as Annual Fund Chairs during the 2012–2013 school year. Peter’s role as Head of Fixed Income Solutions at T. Rowe Price provided valuable experience to SPSG. Peter and Heather are the parents of Emma, SPSG Class of 2015, Noah, St. Paul’s School Class of 2013, and Aaron, St. Paul’s School Class of 2015. David Wells David was named to the Board of Trustees in July 2008. He and his wife, Nancy, are the parents of Shelby ’13 and Haley ’16, as well as uncle and aunt to Lauren Gunter ’07. An avid fan of Gator lacrosse, as well as a dedicated trustee, David spent an extraordinary amount of time on the SPSG campus. His trustee service included Treasurer of the Executive Committee, Chair of the Finance Committee, a member of the Leadership Council during the “For Our Girls” endowment campaign, and the Strategic Planning and Ad Hoc Committee. In addition, David served on the Ward Center Board as well as the Head of School Search Committee that brought Penny Evins to SPSG. David’s strong leadership and philanthropy ensured the vibrant financial future of SPSG.

PORTR AIT of a GRADUATE second in a series At St. Paul’s School for Girls, we believe that learning should be futurefocused. By the time our students leave us, they know their own strengths and abilities. They know how to take initiative. They have a healthy respect for the abilities and the perspectives of others. They are compassionate and empathetic young people. They are globally aware and understand and respect other cultures. Most of all, they become young women of deep integrity, appreciative of the gifts they have been given and committed to using their talents for the good of the world.

TOVAH DORSEY, DVM ’04 ELLA KINGSTON ’15 LAURA NASRALLAH ’87 Read about these graduates.

 5

Portrait of a Graduate

SPSG was a time of special growth and self-determination when I learned the benefit of paving my own way. It has been crucial in my daily professional life to show initiative and take risks that have the potential to determine a pet’s fate.

When Tovah Dorsey was a little girl, her dad used to bring home some unusual gifts—starting with a turtle he rescued crossing the highway. One by one, a menagerie of furry, feathered and scaly creatures followed—usually when his coworkers’ kids decided they no longer wanted them. “I ended up with all the misfits,” Tovah says with a laugh, admitting she was “kind of an oddball” herself back then. “I liked horseshoe crabs and praying mantises—and I carried baby garden snakes around in my pocket."

“In human terms, I am like an emergency room physician combined with a pediatric interventionist,” she says, explaining that treating animals is similar to treating babies and toddlers, because they can’t use words to communicate what’s wrong. Criticalists perform some surgeries and CPR as needed—and they also provide long-term care for patients in the ICU. If you’re picturing “Grey’s Anatomy” for animals, you’re not far off. Tovah’s job is high-adrenaline and high-stakes—and she pulls plenty of overnight shifts with her fellow doctors. Much of the excitement comes from waiting to see who (or what) walks through the double doors.

Tovah’s love affair with animals began shortly after her sixth birthday, “On an average shift, we might have 60 animals in our care—both small when her family adopted a chocolate Lab she named Penny Daisy and exotic—ranging from mild to very severe,” she says. “We see dogs, Dorsey. In high school, her SPSG classmates voted her “Most cats, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles, a fair amount of birds, and Likely to Star in an Animal Planet Show.” (We’re still hoping even a giraffe or two.” (The giraffes come from small local zoos and stay to see that happen.) on the “large animal” side of the hospital.) “Every day is a challenge that I welcome with open arms despite the So what’s the most exotic animal Tovah has treated so far? “A wallaby,” uncertainties,” says the Emergency & Critical Care Resident at the she says. Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, who lives in Millford, Mass., with her fiance, dog, and cat. Her long-term Working in critical care requires a supreme amount of self confidence, goals include going into private practice as a criticalist. which Tovah says she cultivated at SPSG by taking on leadership roles in the Black Awareness Club, Jewish Awareness Club, Community Criticalists are a fairly new and rare specialty that requires four Alliance, Peer Education, and other extracurriculars. She also played years of additional education after veterinary school. Tovah got her volleyball and basketball. DVM in 2012 from the Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine, where she did an internship in small animal surgery. Now she’s in the third and final year of her Tufts residency, which includes intensive training on the most up-to-date techniques for diagnosing and treating life-threatening illnesses. 6

“SPSG was a time of special growth and self-determination when I learned the benefit of paving my own way,” she says. “It has been crucial in my daily professional life to show initiative and take risks that have the potential to determine a pet’s fate.”

TOVAH DORSEY, DVM ’04 HEALTHY RISK TAKER “A healthy risk taker who embraces challenges, demonstrates initiative, and is resourceful and resilient.”

While the ER is a frenetic and occasionally even dangerous place, Tovah has learned the art of keeping calm and helping others do the same by treating them with dignity and compassion. “I’m often faced with raw emotion—whether sadness or anger— but I never let that impact the care I provide to my patients. I’m not only an advocate for the animals, but also serve as a teacher, mediator, and confidant for owners,” she says. That means being up front about the realities of their pet’s condition, counseling them about their options, and comforting them throughout the decision-making process. “If someone decides they’re emotionally or financially unable to move forward, we’ll never judge them for that,” she says. “There are lots of factors involved and we understand people need to make the best choice for their pets and their families.” That said, Tovah prides herself on being resourceful—doing everything within her power to save an animal, despite the prohibitive cost of health care. And she regularly reminds owners they’ve done the best they can, too. “In some critical situations, you just don’t have enough time to get an animal to the hospital. There’s no fault in missing some small symptom,” she says. “Other times the injury or illness is just so severe, there’s nothing the owner could have done to change the outcome.” Taking on the emotions and idiosyncrasies of every client in rapid succession is no small feat.

Most days, resilience wins. But occasionally even veterinary superheroes break down. “That’s when we count on our colleagues to pull us through,” says Tovah, noting that ER doctors simply “get each other” and understand why certain losses get under their (otherwise thick) skin. “Sometimes just knowing the medicine behind the most difficult cases helps us support and care for each other.” Tovah enjoyed similar camaraderie at SPSG, where she says the Class of 2004 bonded over everyday girl stuff—and big social issues, including racial justice. Some of her fondest memories include working with her peers to facilitate King’s Vision Day and the AIMS Student Diversity Conference. “Our class really stuck together and fought for things we believed in,” she says. “Just in the time we were there, we really moved our school forward.” Since then, Tovah has established a mentoring program for young students to expose them to the veterinary field, while fostering positive human/animal relationships. She’s also a bit of a pioneer in the profession itself, where young females are becoming the new majority, even though white males still hold most of the leadership positions. “Sometimes owners will still ask me if I’m the lead on their pet’s case or if I’ll be performing their surgery,” she says. “So we still have a ways to go. But as students at SPSG, we were taught to go out into the world and leave a positive mark. This is one way I’m making mine.” 7

Portrait of a Graduate

Many of my peers were terrified to talk to our professors at Parsons School of Design at first. But St. Paul’s School for Girls fosters this idea that you can have a close relationship with your teachers. That’s hugely important in this setting, because you can’t just turn to the student next to you and say, ‘How do you build a lampshade?’ They have no idea either!

Ella Kingston ‘15 has always been a carve-your-own-path kind of girl, including her decision to transfer to SPSG from a nearby independent school in the 10th grade. “It’s an unusual year to transfer, but I was fortunate to already have great friends at St. Paul’s School for Girls—and I knew that’s where I’d be happiest as a student and an artist,” says the rising sophomore at Parsons School of Design, who is also an avid painter and the daughter of a needlepoint designer. “At my previous school, I could only take two art classes—and, in terms of portfolio building, I knew that would put me so far behind. So I rolled down Falls Road and never looked back.” That healthy, risk-taking spirit comes through loud and clear on “Freckles in the City,” the blog Ella started last year to document her innovative work at Parsons, along with her sometimes zany adventures in the Big Apple. She posts recaps of personal triumphs—from finding the best Duane Reade in town to weathering the first big snowstorm—along with adorable photos from her part-time job as a dog walker, which she found on an Uber-like app called Wag. (Now that’s a true millennial.) “Some people pledge fraternities and sororities, I feel like I pledged New York City,” says the now 18-year-old alumna. “At first it was like I had been dropped in an international fishbowl of adults, but I was determined to figure it out.” 8

The fishbowl analogy also holds true for Parsons, which is renowned for its challenging foundation year. Students either sink or learn to swim in a sea of foreign materials, tough feedback, and stiff competition. To some, it feels more like a shark tank. “I saw fear become a downfall for many students,” says Ella, noting that five or six freshmen from her dorm just packed up and left. “But SPSG instilled enough confidence in me that I was able to keep my head above water.” So Ella stuck it out, even after nearly cutting off a finger during her first big project. It was for a course called Space/Materiality, a hands-on intensive in 3D building where students are first exposed to the woodshop and laser cutters. The assignment: To build a giant ball inspired by ancient geometry out of a tubular material. Ella chose copper pipes and string. “It was brutal. The only thing I’d ever constructed before was a pinch-pot out of clay, and I struggled for so many hours that my fingers were bleeding,” she says. “I was mortified, but I emailed my professor a photo of my hand and asked him for help, even if I had to take an F for the assignment.” When Ella walked into class the next day with bandaged fingers and a sphere that would have made Archimedes turn over in his grave, the professor neither coddled nor scolded her. He just said, “We’re going to finish this together right now.” And three hours later they did.

ELLA KINGSTON ’15 INNOVATIVE THINKER “An innovative thinker with the skills and knowledge to ask compelling questions, seek multiple perspectives, and create original work.”

“Many of my peers were terrified to talk to our professors at first. But SPSG fosters this idea that you can have a close relationship with your teachers,” she says. “That’s hugely important in this setting, because you can’t just turn to the student next to you and say, ‘How do you build a lampshade?’ They have no idea either!” What could have been a colossal failure ended up being one of Ella’s most formative college experiences. She nailed her next 3D design assignment—still has the funky light fixture to prove it—and started tapping more into the part of her brain that lights up when tackling new challenges and finding innovative solutions for everyday problems. In Sustainable Systems the following semester, she created a still life out of trash that she collected from recycling bins for a week. She also mastered the bandsaw to craft a wooden comb stained with coffee for a faux-aged look. But it was Making Meaningful Things that solidified Ella’s professional passion and prompted her to change majors, which is both common and encouraged at Parsons. Originally, she thought she wanted to be a graphic designer based on some great classes she took with Mrs. Speaks in Upper School. She actually won the art show senior year with a typography-inspired project where she meticulously handcrafted an ornate alphabet. But it turns out Ella’s happy place lies at the intersection of form and function, so she’s now officially a Product Design major.

Her favorite invention so far? A blue lucite nightstand that folds up like a drawbridge when you’re not using it—perfect for small spaces. It also has a hole for a USB cord, so you can charge your mobile phone at night. Brilliant. “I’m not sure exactly where I’m going, since sophomore year is the first time you really get to dig in and explore a specific discipline. But I’m taking classes called Tools and Furniture Design, so who knows? I could end up working for Stanley Black & Decker or West Elm,” she says. Switching majors was a bit of an I-told-you-so moment, as Ella remembers a common thread from the SPSG speakers series, where nearly all the notable women talked about twists and turns in their career paths. She also strongly believes SPSG prepared her well for learning and potentially working in a creative culture. “We had a great group dynamic in Mrs. Waller’s AP Art Studio class, where students learned to give and receive feedback,” she says. “I learned when to trust my own voice, but also that nobody’s work is untouchable. Today, I’m not looking for my professors to say my project is the best they’ve ever seen, but the best I’ve ever done. Now go do something even better.” Ella’s favorite tradition last year was sitting around the kitchen table with her roommates, swapping creative ideas and feedback. Hopefully she’ll learn how to build a kitchen table soon, since her new apartment currently has no furniture. Ah, college. 9

Portrait of a Graduate

What can you begin to master now that will be very difficult later, such as close reading of literature, work on languages, a strong math foundation? This is the time to recognize your learning life as deeply your own and a privileged place, a field or playground that you can develop with creativity and joy.

Conventional wisdom says there are three topics that should be off limits in polite conversation: sex, politics, and religion. Laura Salah Nasrallah ’87 talks about them nearly every day as a Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School. As a historian, not a theologian, Laura’s primary goal is for her students to come away with a nuanced understanding of ancient religious texts in the context in which they were written. Sometimes she even takes students abroad to explore archaeological sites that help them re-imagine Roman civilization through that lens. While Laura clearly digs the past, she also believes scholars must understand how early Christian texts are interpreted and appropriated in contemporary religious practices, life, and popular culture. One day, she and her students might talk about the phenomenon of purity balls in the U.S. or the building of the Museum of the Bible in D.C. Another day, they might end up discussing a presidential speech, Kanye West, or even a Facebook meme that quotes a Bible passage to support polygamy. “Whether it’s a hip-hop song, a cartoon, or video blog, I love when my students expose me to things I’ve never heard or seen. They’re way cooler than me,” she says with a laugh. Sometimes, though, their discoveries are quite profound. After the Newtown shootings, for example, one of Laura’s students shared a video about a blacksmith who turns guns into gardening tools. It’s 10

a symbol of peace that harkens back the Old Testament, where both Micah and Isaiah cite weapons turned into farming equipment. Hot-button topics invariably come up each semester, including women’s rights, race relations, and how different denominations approach LGBTQ issues; however, the debates rarely get heated. While her students come from diverse backgrounds and belief systems, they all treat each other with dignity and respect—united, Laura believes, by a fundamental understanding that some ancient texts still hold a great deal of power in our society. In some cases that means there’s a little self-censorship that goes on. But Laura works hard to maintain a learning environment that’s both intellectually demanding and democratic. “Sometimes the role of the teacher is to get out of the way and see the transformations and learning that happen when students bring their own experience and framework to the classroom,” she says, noting that she teaches both undergraduate and graduate students who have a wide range of professional interests, from becoming lawyers to working at NGOs or actually teaching or preaching doctrine. Laura’s academic passion stems from her personal history, which includes living in Beirut as a small child. Her family was evacuated during the civil war in the 1970s and they moved to Atlanta. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., her parents enrolled her in a Southern Baptist private school, where they taught the Bible as completely foundational.

LAURA NASRALLAH ’87 LIFELONG LEARNER “A lifelong learner who demonstrates intellectual curiosity and a passion for new ideas. ”

“From a very young age I was aware that religion could cause a lot of friction and war,” she says. “So the combination of those contexts really spurred my interest in trying to critically understand the study of religion, as well appreciate my family’s Christianity and my own identity as a Christian.” A lifelong learner to the max, Laura became a professor so that she could remain a student forever—and she continues to be inspired by the faculty at SPSG. “Now that I’m a teacher, I can’t believe the amount of time, energy, and patience they gave to their task,” she says. “I think particularly of Mrs. Ridenour [then Magee] who cared deeply for heart and mind, and whose intelligence and vulnerability in teaching religion I carry to this day.” “Also, Mrs. Nekola’s high standards deeply formed me as a researcher and writer,” she continues. “She was well known among the girls for teaching a class called The American Dream. And my English teacher, Mrs. Durfee, once suggested that I could write throughout the day in my head, then put it down on paper later. That’s a near daily practice in my life now.” Laura is currently working on a book titled “Archaeology and the Letters of Paul,” where she’s using archaeological resources to think about the recipients of those letters.

cityscapes of Rome and the Greek East—and they struggled with economic deprivation and things like infant mortality. They also had lots of religious options, so it’s a fascinating topic.” Laura does a great deal of writing and research in the summer, and her now 12-year-old son has joined her on trips to England, Greece, and Cyprus for conferences and meetings with collaborators. Back home, she lives with her husband and two more kids—both daughters, ages 8 and 5—in the metro area not far from Harvard. Laura fondly recalls the openness and intimacy of the St. Paul’s School for Girls campus, and says her friendships are still like a buoy for her, even though she’s far away from her classmates. To the SPSG girls of today, she offers this big, beautiful advice: Think broadly. “The current educational and economic environment in the U.S. may make you want to rush to find a niche, a job, a specialty—and that’s great,” she says. “But what else feeds your life and intellect? What can you begin to master now that will be very difficult later, such as close reading of literature, work on languages, a strong math foundation? This is the time to recognize your learning life as deeply your own and a privileged place, a field or playground that you can develop with creativity and joy.”

“Sometimes they agreed with him; sometimes they opposed him,” she says. “These diverse communities lived and moved within the 11

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Naa-Adei spent the past 10 years at Flint Hill School, a co-educational, college preparatory, independent JK–12 day school in metropolitan Oakton, Va. She began as an Upper School English teacher before serving as the English Department Chair and Senior Class Dean. As chair of the English Department, Naa-Adei established departmental vision and goals; oversaw instructional and grading practices; led the development, implementation, and supervision of curriculum content; provided continuing support, mentoring, and evaluation to all department members; and managed special programming. She taught at Paul Public Charter School and Georgetown University prior to her tenure at Flint Hill. A graduate of Smith College, Naa-Adei also earned a Master of Education from the University of Virginia. She was a Harvard University poetry fellow in 2008 and a Georgetown University writing fellow from 2001—2003.

“Each single-sex school imbued in me the certitude that anything and everything was possible if I were able to dream it; that a woman’s voice mattered, and that what was paramount was what that woman did with that voice.”

1) What attracted you to SPSG and the position of Academic Dean? In researching the school, I was very much drawn to the notion of a place that encouraged its young women to develop an authentic voice all of their own, and I saw tangible proof of that mission when I came to campus. I was impressed by the questions the girls asked: one middle schooler wanted to know how I planned on ensuring that the STEAM program would grow over the next several years because she had found her passion in the Makerspace program. Another student wanted to hear about how I thought diversity and inclusion ought to be authentically incorporated within all aspects of the curriculum. A senior spoke of her gratitude to faculty members who did not allow her to hide in her shyness, and who worked with her to gain confidence in her ideas and share them with her peers. I loved walking around and seeing the girls talking and laughing—there seemed to be an air of such joy

permeating the hallways. Throughout my interactions that first day, and the many which followed when I visited the school this past spring, I realized that something quintessentially amazing was happening in the building—it was something that allowed these girls to speak with passion and conviction about the incredible experience they were having as SPSG students. When I interacted with the faculty, what was quickly evident was the deep and abiding love they held for the girls. Without exception, each one mentioned how the girls inspired him or her to reach within for their very best. They exuded an awesome sense of family and camaraderie, and I wanted to be part of that. 2) What were you most looking forward to in joining the SPSG community? I wanted to be part of an educational family who meets students where they are and gently challenges them to 15


discover that there is so much ability and strength within them. I wanted to be part of a team who continually strove to be at the cutting edge of pedagogy so that they could teach their girls in the best manner possible. I wanted to be part of a team who made a difference in their students’ lives. I look forward to fully immersing myself in SPSG’s culture. I want to be able to attend games and recitals, and continue the interesting conversations I’ve begun with individuals from all parts of the community. 3) As you begin your first year at SPSG, what do you want the SPSG community to know about you? I love getting to know people. I am at my best when I can engage in a conversation with someone and walk away understanding how that person came to formulate his or her unique perspective. I like discovering new things that I did not know beforehand and being challenged to reassess or reevaluate my perspective because of a new conversation. The world is replete with discovery and opportunity if we are willing to pause and talk to people. I would say that I’ve been incredibly fortunate in life to be able to pause in some fairly interesting places around the world. I was born in Ghana, West Africa, raised in London, spent an incredible year studying and eating my way across Italy, and I look forward to one day going to the ancestral home of my husband’s family in Japan. I’m blessed to have family and friends who are a wonderful composition of cultures, races, ethnicities. I understand that I believe the incredible things that are possible at a school such as ours because I am a product of single-sex education—St. Marylebone School for Girls in London and Smith College in Northampton, Mass. Each one imbued in me the certitude that anything and everything was possible if I were able to dream it; that a woman’s voice mattered, and that what was paramount was what that woman did with that voice. 4) What is your overall vision for SPSG and what are your personal goals for your first year? My goal is to be part of a team comprised of adults as well as students who are committed to ensuring our curriculum is the very best possible and that it is reflective of the multiple experiences within our building. I would love to see us grow stronger in our interdisciplinary practice in authentic ways. I want to be instrumental in asking faculty to continuously, deliberately, and thoughtfully reflect on their practice. For them to always think about why they teach a particular lesson or unit, not just how and what they teach. I want to see that our instruction has real-world applicability. For example, if we are learning about angles and tangents, we can see it put into practice by working on an architectural blueprint. Or if we are learning about the Constitution or electoral process, we can critically assess the presidential election process. I would love to inspire faculty to work with me to approach one thing they’ve always done and seek to do it differently. And this is not change just for the sake of change, but to injecting within an activity, or lesson, or a unit— something that requires the girls to stretch themselves in a way they have not been stretched before. 5) How will you measure your success? I will know I’ve been successful in helping implement this vision if faculty are collaborating, and if students go home and report how biology and dance 16

and English are interconnected. I know I’ve been successful if faculty ask me to help them open up their curriculum and include more perspectives. 6) How would you describe your educational philosophy and/or leadership style? I believe a good education should empower the recipient. It should enable a student to question deeply and to not fear taking action. I believe in equity in education. We don’t all need the exact same things in the exact same amount, so an education that seems to be crafted from one singular mold is not an education I can stand behind. I believe in an education that is tailored to meet the individual needs and unique passions of our children. And if a student does not yet know what his or her passion is, then it’s part of the educator’s role to help facilitate the process of discovering that passion. To that end, my leadership style is predicated on the same foundation. I like to work with people to tap into and hone their strengths. How best to do that is often about being present, available, and ready to listen. 7) What would you characterize as one of your major accomplishments? Professionally, when I think about a sense of feeling accomplished, I think about the students I’ve taught and the programs I’ve been able to implement or have contributed significantly toward. For instance, having lunch or dinner with past students of mine who are now college graduates, interns on Capitol Hill, engineering majors in college, financial analysts, on their way to study abroad, or teachers at all levels of education. It’s with the most incredible sense of pride that I listen to what paths their lives have taken. 8) What drew you to the field of education? Growing up I was surrounded by incredible male and female educators. These people inspired me and taught me the importance of both reaching deep within myself and seeking broadly outside of myself to find and shape a voice that was unique to me. They helped me take risks, were there for me when I stumbled, and cheered for me so loudly when I succeeded. They gave me the gift of education that keeps paying dividends. I was drawn to education because of them, because I wanted to do a small part of what they did so amazingly well. I stayed in education because of the many students I’ve learned from along the way. 9) What are your hobbies and how do you spend your free time? I’m not sure my interests pass as hobbies exactly, but my husband and I do love to travel. We enjoy food, so moving somewhere new has opened up a myriad of possibilities when it comes to the food scene. I probably watch way too much Food Network and HGTV. The former my family encourages because it means I’m often experimenting in the kitchen, the latter fills them with a little fear because they have come home to find all of our kitchen cabinets off their hinges because I saw how “easy” it was to repaint them and update one’s kitchen. Since our move, I’ve been taking several long walks with our dog, Coco. He loves the mile road that stretches from our front door to the end of our road, but is not always a fan of the return journey. We’ve had many a philosophical standoff about just when to turn back home. Truth be told, he tends to win most of them.


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 embers of the Cum Laude Society from the Class of 2016 * M

ˆMembers of The Scholars Program from the Class of 2016 17


Acceptance and Matriculation List The University of Alabama

University of Hartford*

Roger Williams University

Albright College*

Haverford College

Rutgers University

Allegheny College*

Howard University*

Saint Joseph’s University*

American University*

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Saint Michael’s College*

The American University of Paris

James Madison University

Salisbury University

Barry University

University of Kentucky*

San Diego State University*

Boston University

Lincoln University*

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Brigham Young University

Loyola University Chicago*

Santa Clara University*

Bryn Mawr College

Loyola University Maryland*

Seattle University*

Bucknell University

Lynchburg College*

Seton Hill University*

University of California, Davis

University of Mary Washington

Siena College

University of California, San Diego

University of Maryland, Baltimore County*

Skidmore College

Carleton College

University of Maryland, College Park*

University of South Carolina*

Case Western Reserve University

Marymount Manhattan College*

University of St. Andrews

Centre College*

McDaniel College

St. Mary’s College of Maryland*

College of Charleston*

McGill University

Stevenson University*

Clark Atlanta University

Mercer University*

Swarthmore College

Coastal Carolina University*

University of Miami*

Syracuse University*

University of Colorado at Boulder

Middlebury College

The University of Tampa

Concordia University - Montreal

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities*

Temple University*

Curry College*

University of Mississippi*

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

University of Delaware*

Mount St. Mary’s University*

Towson University

Denison University*

Muhlenberg College

Trinity College Dublin

University of Denver*

The College of New Jersey*

University of the Virgin Islands-St. Thomas

Dickinson College*

New York University

University of Vermont*

Dominican University of California

North Carolina A&T State University*

Villanova University*

Drew University*

University of North Carolina at Wilmington*

Virginia Commonwealth University

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Virginia Tech*

Emerson College

Northeastern University

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Fairfield University*

Notre Dame of Maryland University*

Wagner College*

Florida Atlantic University

Ohio University*

Washington College*

Florida Gulf Coast University

Ohio Wesleyan University*

University of Washington

University of Florida

Old Dominion University*

West Virginia University*

Fordham University*

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Whitworth University

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Pennsylvania State University

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Furman University*

University of Pennsylvania

University of Wisconsin, Madison

George Mason University

University of Pittsburgh

The College of Wooster*

The George Washington University*

Point Park University

Wright State University

Georgetown University*

Randolph-Macon College*

Georgia Southern University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute*

Gettysburg College*

Rhodes College*

Goucher College*

Roanoke College*

Hampton University*

University of Rochester


*Indicates colleges or universities that awarded students merit-based or athletic scholarships. Over 66 percent of the young women of the Class of 2016 earned scholarships and honors.



“NO MATTER HOW BEAUTIFUL THE BUILDING, IT ONLY MATTERED IF MAGIC HAPPENED INSIDE ...” A 25th Anniversary Oral History of the St. Paul’s Schools’ Ward Center for the Arts By Jessica Bizik

When The Ward Center for the Arts opened its doors a quarter century ago, it also ushered in a new era of achievement that endures today at the St. Paul’s Schools. Drawing upon the combined talents of more than 1,000 students from St. Paul’s and St. Paul’s School for Girls, the Ward Center has mounted theatrical productions renowned throughout the region for their quality and professionalism. Moreover, the Center stands as a concrete example of the enhanced possibilities created when the St. Paul’s Schools work together. Twenty-five years since its first opening night, the idea of a joint facility completely shared by two distinct institutions is still unique among independent schools nationwide. And the realization of that shared vision is still enabling students to express themselves in deeply meaningful ways. As the St. Paul’s Schools begin a yearlong celebration of the arts in recognition of the Ward Center’s silver anniversary, we talk to some of the people whose dedication brought the facility to life, and to those whose creativity and talent sustain its vitality. In the spirit of coordination that the Ward Center embodies, both schools collaborated on this story, which will run concurrently in this issue of Spiritus and St. Paul’s Fall issue of Columns. Left, scenes form “Hairspray,” SP/SPSG Joint Upper School Production, Fall 2016 21

1 Prelude Lila Lohr: St. Paul’s School for Girls Head of School (1985–95, 2012–13): Shortly after Bob (St. Paul’s Headmaster Robert Hallett) and I arrived, the St. Paul’s Schools embarked on their annual planning retreats. To our delight (and a few people’s horror) we discovered that building an arts facility ranked near the top of both schools’ priorities lists. Immediately we saw the benefit of teaming up. Financially, it made so much sense. But also, we strongly believed that uniting our cultures around the arts would have huge benefits for our students. Robert Hallett: St. Paul’s School Headmaster (1985– 2002): I’ve always believed the arts are an essential part of any child’s education, That’s how we define ourselves 22

and develop as human beings. But there was no genuine fine arts program at either school back then. St. Paul’s provided the trebles for the choir at St. Paul’s Church, which of course they still do. But there was no St. Paul’s Singers, no Upper School choral group ... Lohr: The schools had flirted with coordination in the past—allowing girls to take physics, Spanish, and German at St. Paul’s. And a few boys had braved the trip down the hill for a handful of electives like studio art. But at that point, most of the teachers who worked at the two schools had never even met. Hallett: Some of the early skepticism came from trustees and others who believed sports would end up taking a back seat to the arts. Well, I was a collegiate athlete—and if you know anything about Baltimore and St. Paul’s, there’s no chance that would have ever happened … and it didn’t. But even some students expressed their opposition. One candidate for Student Council ran on a platform of building a new gym instead of an arts center—and won!

Lohr: In many ways, it felt like we were coordinating an arranged marriage. Like any relationship, it came with compromises. For example, at first SPSG wasn’t so keen on adding dining facilities. St. Paul’s had to understand that their younger sisters (whose oldest alumnae were women in their 40s) weren’t in a position to raise half the money. We also worked out an elaborate ownership agreement for the building, which amounted to the pre-nup.

Setting the Stage The two boards voted to approve plans for an arts center in spring 1987. By fall architect James Grieves ’51 (known for designing Baltimore’s award-winning Center Stage) began working on preliminary sketches. St. Paul’s trustee William F. Ward, Jr. ’63 and his wife, Deborah, gave $1.25 million to support construction of the Center, which would be named in memory of Mr. Ward’s parents, Virginia and William F. Ward, Sr. Cliff Low SP ’65, Theater Manager: One day the school registrar came up to me and said, “You’re wanted in the new Headmaster’s 22

office immediately.” I thought, “Oh, boy. What board member’s favorite song did I mess up in last night’s production?” But when I walked into Bob Hallett’s office, he was sitting there with Lila Lohr and Jim Grieves—and they had the plans for the Ward Center sitting on the table. Bob said, “Cliff, I hear you know a little something about the technical side of theatre.” That was true. I was originally hired to teach chemistry, but I did tech work for the shows as my contribution outside the classroom. So I made a few suggestions about lighting circuits and microphone inputs and went about my business. When groundbreaking took place on Sept. 27, 1990, every student received their own plastic hard hat to celebrate. A few months later, a sign reading “Thanks, We Did It!” hung above the Ward Center logo on the entrance gates— indicating the capital campaign had gone off without a hitch. Lohr: The truth is, I always knew it would happen. Once both sides got to know each other, we all just felt like, “Wow, this is so much smarter and more fun together.” Hallett: I really give the trustees a lot of credit for rolling up their sleeves and ultimately making this shared dream a reality. We raised something like $5.5 million to build the darn thing.

Low: When the building opened in January, there was no center director yet, so I just walked in and said, “I’ve got this,” to help until Paul Tines came on board. That’s how I got my foot in the door. Three years later, they moved my office down to the Ward Center and I finally got my dream job: fulltime sound and lighting guy.

The Curtain Goes Up More than 75 students were involved in producing “The Music Man” which opened on April 23, 1992, and was directed by Margie Farmer and Liese Frutchey of SPSG. Ward Center director Paul Tines arrived the following September and theatre was officially pronounced “cool” on campus. Paul Tines, former Director of the Ward Center (1992–1997): When I arrived at the St. Paul’s Schools [from Choate Rosemary Hall], my job was to bring the two arts departments together. Sometimes it felt like trying to unify the Sharks and the Jets! But I have to say, by the end of my tenure, the turf war had ended and we were officially one arts department. Lohr: There was an immediate impact when Paul arrived—and it was clear we had picked the right guy. The truth is, no matter how beautiful the building was, it only mattered if magic happened inside of it. Paul’s energy and commitment to both schools was

extraordinary, as were his standards for production and education, including cross-fertilization of the arts across all other disciplines. Tines: I spent a lot of time working with the kids on social issues. In the first two years we put on “The Inner Circle” (a play about AIDS) and “Hush” (which is about date rape). Pretty risky stuff in the early’90s. But my feeling was (and still is): We can’t keep doing shows like “The Man Who Came to Dinner” and expect students to show up. It’s just a yawn for the kids. Hallett: It was so thrilling to see the theatrical productions come to life. It just validated everything we knew was possible. Suddenly students who didn’t realize their peers had talent saw it right there on display. It did an awful lot to increase respect—not only between the sexes, but also boys for boys and girls for girls—and between the two schools. Tines: I remember saying to Bob and Lila on opening night for “The Inner Circle,” “Look at all the lacrosse sticks lined up in the back.” So I started casting jocks and took the kids on field trips to see all different kinds of theatre. Pretty soon, we could do things 1 like Molière and Shakespeare and the kids still showed up.


3 1. “Arsenic and Old Lace,” SP/SPSG Joint Upper School Production, Spring 2016 2. The Ward Center under construction 3. Joint Middle School production of “Into the Woods,” 2015–2016 4. Meredith Awalt ’15 and the cast of “The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” SP/SPSG Joint Upper School Production, Fall 2014

4 23

2016–17 Arts Calendar Oct. 24 Joint Middle School Art Show Runs through Nov. 28 in the Ward Center Gallery Nov. 4–5 and 10–12 “Hairspray” Joint Upper School Musical Production Ward Center Theater Tickets required, 7 p.m. November 29 SPSG Middle School Choral Concert Chapel, 7:00 p.m. Dec. 2 Joint Upper School Choral Concert Old St. Paul’s Church, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 6 SP Middle School Concert Chapel, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 13 Lower School Winter Concert Chapel, 7 p.m. Jan. 5 Joint Upper School “Body of Work” Art Show Reception Octagon, 7 p.m. Jan. 7 Music Lessons Rectials Octagon, 1 and 3 p.m. Jan. 19 Visiting Artist Reception Ward Center Gallery, 7 p.m. Feb. 2–4 “Peter and the Starcatcher” Joint Upper School Production Tickets required, 7 p.m. Feb. 20 Joint Middle School Art Show Runs through March 24 Feb. 24–26 “The Lion King Jr.” Joint Middle School Musical Production Tickets required, see website for showtimes April 3 Joint Upper School Juried Art Show Ward Center Gallery Runs through May 5 April 7–8 Spring Shorts Student-written and directed works Acting Lab, 7 p.m. April 19 SP Upper School Choral Concert Chapel, 7:30 p.m. April 20–22 Joint Upper School Spring Theatre Production Tickets required, 7 p.m. May 2 SPSG Middle School Choral Concert Chapel, 7 p.m. May 9 SP Middle School Concert Chapel, 7:30 p.m. May 11 Jazz Band Performance Octagon, 7:30 p.m. May 12–13 “We Will Rock You” Spring Dance Performance Ward Center Theater, 7 p.m. Tickets required. May 15 Lower School Art Show Runs through June 6 Ward Center Gallery May 16 Lower School Art Appreciation Event Octagon, 4:15–6 p.m. Lower School Choral Concert Chapel, 6 p.m. SP Middle School Theater Presentations Acting Lab, 7:30 p.m. May 17 SPSG Upper School Choral Concert Chapel, 7 p.m. May 18 and 21 4th Grade Production Ward Center Theater, 7 p.m. May 20 Music Lessons Recitals Ward Center Octagon, 1 p.m. June 4 The Dance Conservatory (TDC) Performance Ward Center Theater, 4 p.m.


It probably didn’t hurt that Tines chose to stage Shakespeare in the garden with fireworks and flaming torches. In fact, his high standards for production values were embraced by faculty, staff, and students who had the creativity, talent, and desire to achieve them.

Behind the Scenes Jared Eberlein SP ’00, playwright, arts educator, columnist for We had this crackerjack faculty who were always finding ways to break the mold chorally or through stagecraft or choreography (even wrangling the guys who had lots of left feet). They were true working artists and they created an environment where no human being or role was expendable. I remember one classmate, John Dell, never wanted to be on stage, but he was really mechanical. He was into cars and Bobcats and his dad owned a construction company. So the shop teacher Ken Hankins tapped into that. When we did “Grapes of Wrath,” they built a flatbed truck that could be “driven” by actors and we all piled into it. And in 1997 when we did “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” they built a turntable set where the stage crew worked like hamsters behind the scenes to keep the show moving. It was some crazy level stuff. Hallett: Ken Hankins was just incredible. He was a master potter as well. He actually made it rain on stage during the “Grapes of Wrath.” He and Cliff Low were just at the top of their games and played a big role in the media coverage we got for our shows. We sometimes beat out professional theaters in getting a full-color photo and review on the front page of The Baltimore Sun’s Arts section. Low: Those years were spectacular and allowed everyone to show off their capabilities. Sometimes we’d get a little arrogant about it—and we still do. I’m always telling the kids, “You know we’re putting on a professional production here that just happens to have high school leads in it, right?” They take it just as seriously as we do. And there’s a reason for that. We are teaching theatre here, not providing an activity. The kids are learning every minute they are in the Ward Center. We’re not just trying to get the schools together for a fun time. In 1997, Tines returned to Choate to become director of its art center. He was replaced by Darryl Harper, who directed the Ward Center until 2004 and is now Chair of the Music Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. Lee Mueller, Director of Ward Center Operations (1999–present): Darryl truly coordinated the arts programs at both schools. He developed the program of section heads, with one person leading all the dance offerings, and the same for choral music, visual arts, and theatre. He developed a communication network for the arts that went beyond the Ward Center, and was instrumental in bringing the faculty into the vision for a coordinated program. Edee Waller, Art Teacher, whose 37-year career at SPSG has included service as the school’s first Art Department Chair and Gallery Manager: Bringing all the arts faculty together empowered us across both campuses. Instead of having tiny departments of one or two people in each division, we were the biggest department on campus. The Center became a catalyst for increased emphasis on all the arts across both schools. Theatre pieces under Paul ended up getting us in the paper, but all the arts were involved—singers, visual artists, musicians, and dancers. [See sidebar for a full list of artistic offerings at the St. Paul’s Schools.] John Smedstad, St. Paul’s Upper School Director of Music (2006–present): Though our robust and diverse arts offerings have long since outgrown the Ward Center, the building remains a testament to our schools’ ongoing commitment to provide every student with aesthetic experiences that rival those of any other area school.  My choral students appreciate the tremendous community support for their high-caliber artistic endeavors, endeavors that seek to enrich and not merely entertain.  Every child possesses the innate desire to express creatively, to be a part of something bigger than themself.  For 25 years, the Ward Center has nurtured this desire.

A Catalys for Arts Across Campus

In the Spotlight As Ward Center programming continues to thrive and grow, so do the students who participate in them. After a few classes graduate, it becomes clear that the arts have a lasting impact on the people and professionals our alumni become. Eberlein: I was asked to name a favorite memory from the Ward Center—and, not to be subversive, but that’s impossible. Every minute I spent in that building led me to the same conclusion: This is what I’m made for. This is life for me. Twenty years later, I’m still at it. Alan Wiggins SP ’01, Broadway performer (currently appearing in “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”): It’s funny to say, but I think the most impactful moment for me was in 8th grade, when I tried out for “Peter Pan” and didn’t get the lead. My ego was bruised, because I felt I had already proven my talent. This is coming from a guy who jumped on a picnic table at age four and yelled “I NEED A STAGE!” at the top of his lungs. But I ended up playing the Indian and had a great time. That was my first real opportunity to learn some humility; how to be a team player in the arts. I took that lesson to heart … and to Broadway. Erika Jaeggli ’95; Visiting Visual Artist, 2016: Simply the dedication of such an amazing space to the arts had a big impact on me. The Ward Center was definitely the most beautiful building on campus, filled with light and views. Leaving the main academic building to enter a space devoted to the arts made it a sanctuary—and this this concept of having “a space of one’s one” has stuck with me. Today, I maintain a studio in the arts district in Dallas, separate from my home. Wiggins: Looking back, I’ve come to realize how hard the entire faculty worked to support me. I struggled with academics because I didn’t always connect with the subject matter. I was a good guy; everybody liked me. But I was also kind of bratty in that I wanted to sing and dance all the time and didn’t do my homework. They stayed on me and made sure my academics came first. But they also saw my talent and passion, so they never wrote me off. I appreciate that to no end. George Johnson, the chorus teacher, was a favorite of mine—and a mentor for me all through high school. Last year he came to see my show in New York, which was so much fun! Also, I’ve kept in touch with Liese Frutchey, who let me take her dance classes, even when I was the only boy. They’ve both been very vocally proud of my success. Jaeggli: I remember doing some “right brain” activities with Mrs. Oster that really got me out of my controlled, perfectionist mindset. When I returned as a visiting artist last fall, I really enjoyed meeting the current students. These kids had a huge range of ideas from political to poetic—and it was clear that they felt like their voice mattered. As a teacher, I encouraged them to make a point beyond a pretty picture, to really say something in their work.

Assuming New Roles Theatre teacher Christina Kemmerer arrived in the summer of 2012. A fellow faculty member suggested “The Music Man” (which had played on the same stage 20 years before) for the fall musical. Chris and the kids pulled off the classic flawlessly, earning her the trust and admiration to try something a little—shall we say, grittier?—the next year. Chris Kemmerer, Upper School Theatre Arts Director: We encourage our students to take healthy risks—and, as faculty, we do the same thing. I think I started hitting that stride my second year when we put on “Urinetown.” I just knew that particular group of seniors was so dynamic and so funny, they needed a vehicle like that to show off their talents. It turned out to be a tremendous success and people still talk about that show today. I think they were shocked at how smart the script is. Many parents walked out saying, “That was as good as things I’ve seen at Center Stage.” (We’ve heard that about “Macbeth” and “Shrek,” too.)

The Ward Center is the nexus for arts programming at the St. Paul’s Schools that ranges across multiple locations on both campuses. A sampling includes: Visual Arts The Ward Center houses Visual Arts courses for both Middle Schools, and the Ward Gallery features exhibitions by prominent professional visual artists throughout the year. Graphic Arts courses are held at SPSG and the SP Upper School, while the St. Paul’s Middle School boasts a nationally renowned woodworking program. Music The Ward Center is the home of the SPSG Middle School music ensembles, Upper School Jazz Bands, and Upper School Choirs: SP Singers and Concert Chorale, and SPSG Ivynotes and Saints. SP Concert Chorale Tours internationally every other year; SPSG Saints have toured internationally, and have performed the national anthem at Baltimore Orioles’ games. The Crusader Choir and SPSG Middle School music programs have consistently earned superior ratings at area music festivals, and appeared extensively in the community. Dance SPSG maintains two dance studios for curricular and extra-curricular dance programs as well as SPSG Middle School theatre. The Dance Conservatory (TDC) welcomes students from multiple area schools to their many after-school offerings. Theatre In addition to the Ward Center, theatre students enjoy the use of the state-of-the-art SP Acting Lab that houses SP Middle School and joint Upper School theatre classes. Our Lower School 4th grade musical production returns to the Ward Center in Spring 2017. Lower School The Lower School’s visual arts and Kodály-based music programs are recognized for their innovation and excellence throughout the region. The Lower School regularly hosts visiting visual and performing artists.


an appreciation for the arts and different cultures at a very young age. We want our students to be futurists and historians. I’m so proud to say we recently reinstituted art history classes at St. Paul’s School for Girls after a 10-year hiatus.

Mattie Bayne ’15 in “Blithe Spirit,” SP/SPSG Junior/Senior Production Class Show, Spring 2015 Mattie Bayne ’15, Sophomore, University of Southern California: I’m studying Film and TV Production at the number one program in the country, one that accepts only 50 people each year. I’m firmly rooted in the belief that I’d never be here without the challenging arts curriculum at the St. Paul’s Schools. Miss K’s directing class rocked my world. I’m also a playwriting minor and co-founded a skit comedy troupe—both of which she inspired. Kemmerer: At many schools the theatre teacher is a one-person band, where you spend most of your time trying to cobble productions together. But we have a dedicated arts staff at the St. Paul’s Schools, which means I’m able to focus on artistic vision—truly helping our students grow as actors and human beings, while ensuring our four-year theatre kids graduate with a diverse resume of challenging material that shows off their strengths, not their weaknesses. Zack Ruchkin SP ’16, Freshman, American University: The best thing about theatre is it takes you out of your comfort zone and never puts you back. When I found out I got the lead in “Flowers for Algernon” last year, my hands were shaking. Playing a character with developmental disabilities requires so much restraint and respect— and it could really make the audience uncomfortable if I messed it up. But in those situations, you don’t have time to secondguess yourself. You just get to work and know your theater family will support you. Bayne: I remember the first improv game we played in freshman acting class. Everyone got so embarrassed, but it broke down barriers so we could feel comfortable expressing ourselves. By senior year, I had no problem 26

playing the medium in “Blythe Spirit” where I had to flail around on the ground chanting like I was possessed. Theatre is the ultimate communication tool. You’re no longer afraid to speak your mind. And you learn not to reject things, just because you feel a little uncomfortable in the moment. Taking kids out of the four walls of the classroom and continually placing them in a position of appropriate artistic vulnerability goes a long way in cultivating empathy and creating strong bonds between boys and girls, students and teachers, that feel more like family. Charlie Seymour ’17: Nearly all my best friends are guys. My peers at other single-sex schools don’t get it. They’re like, “No way is that even possible!” Their interactions with boys are just so much more awkward. But we’re more like a family here. For the first few years I was hesitant to admit I was “a theatre kid.” But by junior year, I realized just how cool that really is. Now I totally embrace it.

Encore Since arriving in 2013, school heads Penny Evins and Dave Faus have enthusiastically supported an enhanced arts program as a vital piece of their shared vision for increased coordination between SPSG and St. Paul’s. Penny Evins, Head of School, SPSG: Growing up in New Orleans and having a grandmother in New York City, I was incredibly fortunate to develop

Dave Faus, Headmaster, St. Paul’s: Our school strives to teach students about the importance of balance in their lives. Today, we have so many boys who participate in both high-level athletics and artistic pursuits. They’re stretching themselves to try new things and finding passions that will last them a lifetime. Ethan Alexander SP ’18: When my parents and I were touring high schools, the Ward Center sold St. Paul’s for me. As soon as I saw that booth with all the Broadway-level equipment, I knew I had to go here. And I’m so lucky that Mr. Low agreed to offer me an internship during his last year here. You have to earn his respect, but he gives it back. He’s an incredible boss and taught me so much about his craft. Even though I’m a tech guy, I still connect with the theatre family. The actors give me feedback that allows me to further my creativity through them. Some artists use paint or clay to express themselves. I play with lights. I’m happy I go to a school that offers a medium for sharing my ideas and emotions. Evins: The arts also offer a just-right space for students to come together, breathe the same air, and gain an appreciation for diversity of thought and self expression. Afterward, students can return to their respective buildings, where every girl and every boy can be a leader without the restraints of gender in the developmental stages that are so sacred. Seymour: I’ve definitely tapped into my inner leader in the Ward Center. I think it was “Spring Shorts” last year that pushed me over the edge. I was one of three producers who were in charge of every creative and logistical detail for the festival, including narrowing down tons of student submissions to six plays that had a cohesive thread and putting the whole thing together.

"The arts are a wonderful way to express civic pride and connect students to the roots of our city. But we also have a vision of the city coming to us—making the Ward Center a hub for experiences that deepen those relationships."

–Penny Evins But here’s what really got me: When we broke the news to the students whose plays weren’t selected, every single one of them said, “OK, how else can I be involved?” So we empowered them to become directors, actors, to join the crew. My best friend Owen even volunteered to workshop one of the plays with a fellow student to make it even stronger. The collaborative spirit at the St. Paul’s Schools is really inspiring. Owen Halstad SP ’17, Fine Arts Association (FAA) Representative: There’s an expression actors use—“living truthfully in imaginary situations”—and I think that authenticity carries over into the real world. Sure, when you’re in a play, you often spend months pretending to be someone else. But somehow it also helps you figure out who you really are. In 2014, Evins and Faus established a new joint position, hiring John Hendricks as Dean of the Arts to help develop a cohesive vision for theatrical, musical and visual arts at the St. Paul’s Schools and position both schools (and their students) for success in the next 25 years.

us to achieve greater national recognition, and created so many relationships with leaders in the Baltimore arts community. Hendricks: These days kids have access to the globe at their fingertips, but we don’t want them to miss what’s happening in their own backyards. It’s one thing to do plays and talk about social issues; it’s another to go out and see firsthand how the arts can play a role in unifying, strengthening, or healing communities. We’re not just growing good artists here, we’re growing good citizens. Evins: One high point for me last year was the “Identity” dance concert that three senior girls produced around some work we had been doing on inclusivity in Baltimore and the greater world. It was all about social identifiers; a true celebration of both the individual and the collective human race. I can’t think of a better way to show our

mission has been delivered, as it was the hearts and minds coming together to show how much these students had learned over the years, and how they will choose to live beyond the gates of the St. Paul’s Schools. Faus: It’s not unusual for a student who never thought of himself or herself as an artist to find previously undiscovered talents. Suddenly they have a new way to express themselves creatively, and a new perspective to see the world all around them. Evins: It’s quite intentional that we chose “Hairspray” as the fall musical celebrating our 25th Anniversary season. The arts are a wonderful way to express civic pride and connect students to the roots of our city. But we also have a vision of the city coming to us—making the Ward Center a hub for experiences that deepen those relationships. We are truly on the cusp of something quite extraordinary here.

Dorrien Russell in “The Wiz,” SP/SPSG Joint Upper School Production, Fall 2013

John Hendricks, Dean of the Arts: On my first visit to the St. Paul’s Schools, I was immediately struck by the warmth of the campus. There’s a kindness that pervades everything here, and the kids are truly unique. They enjoy engaging adults in conversation and exhibit great character with one another. I strongly believe the arts have contributed to that culture. Evins: John is such a wonderful, gentle human being. He’s easily become one of the most beloved representatives of our schools and the coordinated programs. He’s helped 27



Faculty Profile

Edee Waller, or Miss Finney at the time, launched her career at St. Paul’s School for Girls nearly 40 years ago in 1979. After graduating from St. Lawrence University and having worked part time at the Baltimore Museum of Art and as an art teacher at St. James Academy, she interviewed with Mary Ellen Thomsen, SPSG’s third headmistress, and was hired at the young age of 23. Little did she know that teaching at SPSG would be her life’s work. When she arrived, there were approximately 270 students in the entire school. She taught all of the art classes, 5th through 12th grade, and approximately 150 students each week. Her seniorlevel class, Studio Art, had about 10 students and only one or two completed an AP portfolio. As she recalls, “A few brave St. Paul’s School students would take my class, but that was the extent of art coordination.” She also found great joy in teaching Art Appreciation, a mix of both studio assignments and art history lessons, to freshmen. “I loved that class because every girl in the 9th grade had me three times a week. Given my regular interaction with those students, I also became the 9th grade Class Dean,” she said. As the school continued to grow, part-time art instructors, first Peggy Ridgely and then Ann Oster, were hired to help Edee with her teaching load. In addition, in January 1992, classes moved to the Ward Center and every student began to have more opportunities to elect to take art. With the increase of coordinated Upper School classes with students from St. Paul’s School, Edee took on leadership roles in the arts as the Department Chair and Gallery Manager, and volunteered to be on various school committees. She also served as a faculty representative on the Board of Trustees, gaining a broader vision and understanding of our school. “I decided I wanted to be more involved in the life of the school, so I applied for the Upper School Dean of Students position in 2004,” she said. “At this time, I was also completing my Master of Arts in Teaching at Notre Dame of Maryland University. I was grateful for the exposure and study of new and innovative educational pedagogy of our ever-changing world,” she said. Over the next eight years, Edee served as Upper School Dean of Students and continued to teach AP Studio Art to seniors. However, all students enrolled in the course, not just a few, were required to complete an AP portfolio. As Upper School Dean of Students, she enjoyed working with student leadership and upholding the values of our beloved school.

coaching, noting each individual’s strengths and applauding these skills while commenting on areas in need of improvement. It is a process that involves probing, and I believe the best teachers ask many questions,” she said. “My role is to be a good role model and remain organized, positive, honest, and consistent. I take pride in my work and I want my students to do the same.” “I also relish talking about St. Paul’s School for Girls, our Episcopal tradition, our close bond to our brother school St. Paul’s with coordination,while at the same time, an education that empowers girls. Our beautiful campus, our morning community time in Prayers, our small size, our global programs, our challenging curriculum, and our rich offerings in the arts are some of the many things that I am proud of to expound upon.” The most rewarding component of her work is the "a-ha moments" when she sees students gain a sense of pride in their work. “This happens every year when students develop a sophisticated sense of artistic expression—I usually become wildly enthusiastic in my critique and the entire class laughs at my excitement.”

“Our beautiful campus, our morning community time in Prayers, our small size, our global programs, our challenging curriculum, and our rich offerings in the arts are some of the many things that I am proud of to expound upon.” Having taught at SPSG for nearly four decades, former students are now colleagues, and Edee loves seeing their growth and maturity from their days as students. “The school feels like home, and the alumnae, my colleagues, and the students are my family. We have cried together, laughed together, and continue to trust one another,” she said. “Today, education is student centered and individualized. And realworld connections are hugely important,” said Edee. “Creating art is a form of personal expression, and students create better when they can articulate why a subject feels important to them. I want students to feel connected to the material and its purpose,” she said.

In 2013, still wanting to challenge herself and work more closely with her colleagues, she applied and was selected to lead as the Interim Middle School Head for a year. “I enjoyed reconnecting with younger students and contributing to the important work of their education,” she said.

This year, as the Upper School Dean of Students, she supports student-life activities and discipline. With segments of her day often relating back to alumnae, she feels she has come full circle. “I hear them speak about the importance of their education, their connections to the SPSG community, and how they interact with the world,” she said. “I spend half my time with current students and the other half with former students—how lucky am I?”

Since then, she has taken on a more diversified role, assisting in the Development Office, serving as a sophomore Class Dean, and returning to a familiar role as the Upper School Dean of Students, in addition to teaching History of the Western World in Perspective and AP Studio Art. “Teaching Studio Art to seniors has remained the one constant in my career,” said Edee. “While teaching, I am

Luckily for our community, Edee intends to remain at SPSG until she retires. “One day, I will play more golf, continue to travel, and enjoy the outdoors, all with my husband, Al. But at the same time, I will hope to still find time to connect back to SPSG in some way,” she said. “Life has a way of directing one’s path when least expected, so I look forward to taking new steps, wherever they may lead me.” 29




“Everybody calls me The Goat Girl,” says Sophie Nasrallah ‘16, straightening her uniform skirt in the science hallway a few weeks before graduation. “You know how Bill Nye is the face of science for little kids in America? I guess that’s what I’ve become for some girls at St. Paul’s School for Girls.”

“The other kids literally thought I was mute when I went to first grade. I just always liked animals more than people,” she says.“I guess somewhere along the way, I just forgot you’re supposed to be embarrassed to be a nerd. I’m like a professional nerd now.”

Part of that transformation occurred in middle school when Sophie started doing theatre at SPSG, where she found her tribe and selfThe moniker stems from Sophie’s four-year journey in the Scholars Program, where students do independent research under the direction confidence. By 2016, she had become President of the Improv Club. of teacher and advisor Linda D’Apolito. In the past, girls have done “Doing improv helped my research and vice versa,” says the comedic everything from test gym equipment for antibiotic-resistant bacteria actress, noting that both require a just-roll-with-it attitude. to predicting fashion trends with a mathematical formula. Plus, science can be pretty darn funny ... and hijinx often ensue. But none have garnered the affection—and standing ovations—from For example, she once returned from summer vacation to find her students like Sophie. For her project, she invited 18 goats from designated grazing plot had been turned into a parking lot. Another Harmony Church Farm in Lutherville to come to campus for lunch— year, the superstar goats were overbooked and the porcelain vine had specifically to munch on porcelain vine, an invasive species that can already died by the time they showed up (après frost) in November. suffocate trees and deny them of sunlight. “It was mortifying because I had made this big announcement over “When I present my project, I set the scene like a sci-fi movie with a the loudspeaker saying “THE GOATS ARE COMING!” says Sophie, monster called Plantzilla,” says Sophie, who discovered the dastardly cringing just slightly. “So I decided to just let them eat privet head and vine on a nature walk freshman year. “Somewhere between that gather data on both plants.” and talking about goat feces, I can usually capture most people’s “That’s grad-school-level thinking,” D’Apolito inserts with pride. Now imagination.” in her third year at SPSG, she inherited the Scholars Program and has Originally, she hoped to turn the goats’ digestive enzymes into an helped transform it into a cohort-style experience so students can eco-friendly herbicide but ran into complications. She later burned learn more from her and each other. their feces, along with the vine itself, to see which might serve as a Students apply at the end of their freshman year, then take a Research better alternative energy source. Methods class with her the next fall. That’s a process-driven class The results: Using a calorimeter made out of a soup can, she where they learn how to write hypotheses, design experiments, use determined you could theoretically use a 5.22-kilogram bag of statistics—and overcome their fears. harvested porcelain vine to power a light bulb for 19 days. As for what “We’ve created a culture where going to college depends on having the comes out of the goats? The results looked even more promising. right answer and getting good grades, so the kids are often scared of “Sophie has done so much in the way of PR for STEM,” says her having the wrong hypothesis,” says D’Apolito. “As a department, we’re advisor, D’Apolito. “When she presents her research, I’m on the trying to get them to realize that most of the time they will be wrong. sidelines reminding her to be serious, be professional. She just We learn more from science when it’s not what we expect.” responds with ‘But I have to entertain them!’ And the truth is, she Sophie shocked a few people when she took a healthy risk earlier this does both beautifully.” year. She discovered a Swarthmore College professor who was doing a Sophie’s vibrant individuality and book smarts also have struck a similar project on invasive species—and emailed him out of the blue chord with many folks outside of the SPSG community. Ecologist to ask if they could meet to discuss their work. Dr. Harold Beck is a big fan—and so are his grad students at Towson “All of the science teachers were like, ‘Oh my gosh, did you hear what University. As part of a mentorship through the Scholars Program, Sophie just did?’” says D’Apolito. “It was totally her idea, her initiative. she’s joined them for field research examining the impact of deer Her enthusiasm and dedication. Most kids would have asked one of us overpopulation on native wildlife. first. Not Sophie, she just did it.” She has also earned media attention and several prestigious awards And it paid off big time. for her research. She was a national finalist in the Siemens’ “We Can Change the World Challenge” and her project received both an The professor invited Sophie to come spend an afternoon with honorable mention and a top honor from the Association for Women him at Swarthmore and tour the campus. By the time you read Geoscientists at the Baltimore Science Fair. this article, she will have started her first year of college. She has “That’s when it really clicked for me,” says Sophie. “This is working. People care about it. I’m going to help the environment.” It’s hard to believe all of this is coming from a young woman who was painfully shy as a child. She preferred playing in the woods with her brother capturing pet worms and giving them names like George.

not declared a major, but thinks she might study biology or environmental engineering.

“I definitely want to help the world; that’s always been on my agenda,” Sophie says. “And I’ll keep trying to show people that everyone can love science. To me, science should be a verb.” 31




1/ Catherine Waterhouse ’20 and Olivia Cocks ’20

2/  Malcolm Watson (son of Sarah Watson, Technical Director/Resident Designer) with SPSG Gator Mascot (Charlie Seymour ’17) 3/ Kaylin Smith ’21, Christy Ferrens (Interim Upper School Head), and her daughter Anna Ferrens ’21 4/  Linda D’Apolito (SPSG Science Dept. Chair), Leighton Eber ’19, Kerrigan Rogers ’19, Devan Conrad ’19, and Jordan Sweeney ’19 5/ Tina Hobbs (Upper School Class Coordinator Chair), Yvonne Ragland (PA Treasurer), Jean Rottinghaus (Middle School Class Coordinator Chair)

2 10/ Barb Ryland, Stephanie Ryland ’24, and Greg Ryland 11/ Bailey Boner ’18 with father Michael Boner 12/ Angelina Pino ’21 with mother Lisa Pino (also mother to Allyson Pino ’17) 13/ Members of the Class of 2020 14/ Zoe Nivens ’20, Carmella Burger ’21, Abbi Klein ’21, Abby Mudd ’20

6/  Jalen Dickerson ’20 and Morgan Tillman ’20 7/  JoJo Ragland ’21, Matt Ragland, SP ’23, and Eric Ragland 8/  Naa-Adei Kotey (Academic Dean) chatting with fellow Gators 9/ Head of School Penny Evins with Eliza Sollers ’21

15/ Rachel Labes (SPSG Math Dept. Chair), Reilly Kelly ’20, Wendy Kelly (SPSG Accounting Associate and mother to Reilly), Sabrina Kelly, and Michelle Stoll (SPSG English Teacher)



5 32




11 10 7




15 33



SWAMP SOIREE Alumnae, parents, friends and faculty joined together on March 5 to celebrate all things green and white at the inaugural Swamp Soiree. Guests enjoyed the sounds of Arty Hill & The Long Gone Daddys while bidding on unique auction items and sampling food and beverages from eight local businesses. The evening was a tremendous success as a result of our dedicated volunteers, generous corporate partners, and committed community members who assisted SPSG in raising over $72,000 for The Gator Fund and alumnaesponsored scholarships. Thank you to all who provided sponsorships, attended the event, purchased raffle tickets and participated in the auction.

1/  Roland MacKenzie, Thea Winn, Scott Winn 2/  Tevera Stith ’93, Isabel Coulter Nussbaumer ’90 3/  Patricia Pachilis, Lori Pirisino, Argiro Trintis 4/  Penny and Sam Evins 5/  Nicole Ripken ’91, Jeff Jenkins, Jill Crooks Karpovich ’91 6/  Melanie Ponsi, Patti Steinberg, Christy Mathis, Gary Mathis 7/ Janet Williams, Tina Hobbs 8/ Tessa Laspia Frederick ‘87, Meeghan Truelove ‘87, Joy Koch McPeters ‘87, Alicia Hay Matthai ’87, Jennifer McNamara Hamed ’87 9/  Chandler Morse, Annie Smallwood Morse ’95, Troy Wilson, Montanna Wilson 10/ David Wells, Beth Greskovich, Chris Gray, Tammy Gray, Nancy Wells 11/ Jeanette Guy, Nicole Brummer ’94




3 34










Join alumnae, parents, and friends at the second annual Swamp Soiree on Saturday, March 4, 2017. The evening will include dinner, live music, dancing, an auction, and more to benefit The Gator Fund and alumnae-sponsored scholarships. For information or to volunteer, contact the Development Office at 443-632-1012 or visit


I support The Gator Fund because I love St. Paul’s School for Girls’ compassion towards

educating girls and dedication to serving the community. Each week, the girls are helping to raise awareness through service and outreach. In addition, over the last several years, the partnership with St. Paul’s School had become very strong and has made this campus an outstanding place to be.


Nell Tapscott Goetze ’89 P ’18

To make your gift to The Gator Fund, please visit 36

Green & White Weekend 2017 Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6 SAVE THE DATE! Join fellow SPSG alumnae and current and former faculty for GREEN & WHITE WEEKEND 2017 festivities. We look forward to celebrating reunions with alumnae classes ending in 2 and 7.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit or contact Amy Bortner, director of alumnae & parent relations, at 443-632-1038 or 37


You believe the sky is the limit for your child. At St. Paul’s Plus, so do we. Your child is intelligent, curious, and fun-loving. At St. Paul’s Plus, we strive to develop the unique potential of each child—intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Our goal is to create a positive and nurturing atmosphere where your son or daughter will feel safe to explore and learn. We know children learn by doing and interacting with their environment, which is why our program challenges and supports active learning based on each child’s developmental stages. We are dedicated not only to the growth of the whole child, but to our families. Partnering with parents is a vital part of our school.

Applications are accepted year-round. Schedule your tour by calling 410-823-0061. 38

11232 Falls Road | Brooklandville, MD 21022




An Update from the Board President

Dear Friends of SPSG, There is only one way to report it: 2015–16 was a remarkably successful year for St. Paul’s School for Girls. Under the outstanding leadership of Penny Evins—and through the inexhaustible efforts of SPSG faculty and staff—the school has continued on an exceptionally exciting ascent. Among the year’s highlights: The Association of Maryland Independent Schools concluded its evaluation of SPSG by extending our accreditation for the next 10 years. In its report, the AIMS visiting committee commended SPSG for “truly living its mission in all aspects of school life” and praised it for the “noticeable joy that pervades the school.” The conclusion of Penny Evins’ three-year term as Head of School was followed by a three-year extension of her contract—an expression of the trustees’ strong endorsement of the school’s direction under Penny’s headship. The inaugural year of The Gator Fund was a resounding success. The end-of-year total of $718,000 raised far exceeded our $650,000 goal—and represented a 16 percent increase over 2014–15 annual giving. Truly noteworthy is the fact that 100 percent of faculty made gifts to The Gator Fund. Those who know the school best, and who faithfully serve it and our girls, are also investing in SPSG. The more than 300 guests who attended our first-ever Swamp Soiree helped raise more than $72,000 for the school. The resounding success suggests that you consider an early purchase of tickets for this year’s event. As we began the 2016–17 academic year, our enrollment stood at 412, an increase from last year. In a challenging climate for independent schools—and in an especially competitive Baltimore market—SPSG’s excellence continues to be recognized by families who have many school choices. (Another important indicator: Middle School retention stands at 99 percent.) To all who showed support for SPSG—whether with gifts of time or treasure—the trustees join me in thanking you for this generous show of support. As I conclude my term as trustee president, I am greatly optimistic as I report that Joanne Bartlett has been elected to a three-year term as the next president. Her service began on July 1, 2016. Joanne, a former SPSG coach, administrator, and mentor to our girls, knows our community well and has been an outstanding trustee leader over the past three years. With Penny, Joanne instills in us the utmost confidence that the coming years will be marked with continued, measurable success for our students and for this great school. Sincerely,

Clifford B. Lull III, SP ’78, SPSG P ’10 President, Board of Trustees St. Paul’s School for Girls gratefully acknowledges the support of its donors. The Annual Report on Giving lists the names of individuals and organizations who contributed to SPSG from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. Contributions received after June 30, 2016, will be acknowledged in the 2016–2017 Annual Report on Giving. Every effort has been made to make this report as accurate as possible. If you uncover an omission, misspelling, or misplaced acknowledgement, we sincerely apologize. Please let us know of these and any personal information updates by contacting the Development Office at


Annual Report

BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2015–2016 St. Paul’s School for Girls has 28 voting members on its Board of Trustees. This year, members of the Board contributed $207,918 to The Gator Fund, accounting for 29 percent of the total amount raised. Mr. Peter S. Austin Head of Fixed Income Solutions T. Rowe Price, Inc. Tracy A. Bacigalupo Partner Morrison & Foerster, LLP Ann S. Barry ’76 Director Security Consulting Ross & Baruzzini Mrs. Joanne P. Bartlett Retired Educator Kimberly Goetze Burch ’79 Community Volunteer Mr. Scott D. Burger President, Americas PANDORA Elise A. Butler ’83 Principal Butler Consulting Patricia C. Carroll ’76 Partner Brown Advisory Jennifer L. Collins ’95 Senior Vice President LaSalle Hotel Properties Crystal S. Edwards ’93 Assistant Dean of Academic Administration and Lecturer in Law University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Mary Baker Edwards ’77 Principal Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver Ms. Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Ph.D. Dean, School of Education; Professor Education American University Mr. Leo J. M. Kelly III Managing Director, Partner Kelly Wealth Management – HighTower Advisors Mr. Clifford B. Lull III, SP ’78 President North Charles Street Design Organization Mr. Gary D. Marino Senior Managing Director/Baltimore Branch Director RBC Wealth Management

Marlene R. Miller, MD MSc Professor, Pediatrics and Health Policy & Management Vice Chair, Quality and Patient Safety, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Chief Quality Office, Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins Medicine Mr. John A. Saxton President and CEO The Sheridan Group Mr. David P. Scheffenacker, Jr. President Preston Sheffenacker Properties Pamela S. Schutz ’72 Retired President and CEO Retirement and Protection, Genworth Rev. Mark Stanley Rector Old St. Paul’s Church Mr. Michael D. Sullivan Private Investor Ms. Ann Teaff Retired Head of School Mr. James A. Vlk Managing Director, Capital Markets Bank of America Merrill Lynch Mr. John F. Wakeman Vice President, T. Rowe Price Group Inc. Vice President and Portfolio Manager T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. Mrs. Marilyn Warshawsky Community Volunteer Mr. David K. Wells Managing Member Kennady Realty, LLC Tehma Smith Wilson ’96 Owner, Invested Management, Inc. Attorney, Law Office of Tehma H. Smith Mr. Scott Winn Founder and CEO RAKKOON 41


SPSG Operating Revenue Sources

Tuition Income $ 10,695,653 Annual Giving 718,743 5% 6% Other Income 664,150 443,110 Endowment Income Total Operating Revenue $ 12,521,656


Tuition Income Annual Giving Other Income

Operating Expenses

Endowment Income

Educational Programs 5,295,255 1,049,117 Facilities and Maintenance 570,741 Capital Improvements Technology 346,674 Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships 1,875,255 General and Administrative 2,827,589 Principal and Interest Payments on Building 442,668 Total Operating Expenses $ 12,407,299 Operating surplus




SPSG Operating Expense Sources

SPSG Annual Giving

Educational Programs


Unrestricted Contributions $ $573,369 23% Designated Annual Fund Gifts Financial Aid 95,778 Faculty Enrichment 27,751 9,640 Arts 15% Athletics 12,205 3% 5% General Operations Total $ 718,743


Capital Improvements Technology Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships 8%

Senior Gift 35,094 Other Non-Operating Gifts 264,261 Total Annual Giving $ 1,018,098 Scholarships Funded by Outside Organizations $ 141,555 Gifts To Named Endowment Funds 112,197 Total Giving $ 1,271,850 Annual Giving Constituent Report

General and Administrative Principal and Interest Payments on Building

SPSG Giving By Constituency 7%


Alumnae 116,699 500,694 Current Parents 8% Grandparents 67,055 Faculty & Staff 10,654 1% Former Parents 86,791 7% 49% Friends 168,671 Foundations 67,534 (Percentage of total dollars Total $ 1,018,098 17%

raised by constituency)


Facilities and Maintenance

Alumnae Current Parents Grandparents Faculty & Staff Former Parents Friends Foundations

Annual Report

LEADERSHIP VOLUNTEERS 2015–2016 Development Committee of the Board of Trustees Kim Goetze Burch ’79, Chair Joanne P. Bartlett Elise A. Butler ’83 Crystal S. Edwards ’93 David Scheffenacker Michael D. Sullivan Ann Teaff James A. Vlk John F. Wakeman Scott Winn Kelly Nocher Riepe ’01, AA President Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86

Parents’ Association Executive Committee Scott Sweeney, Past President Christine Hobbs, Upper School Lead Coordinator Jean Rottinghaus, Middle School Lead Coordinator Kimberly Zaharris, Secretary Lisa Blandino, SPSG/SP Liaison

Alumnae Association Executive Committee Kelly Nocher Riepe ’01, President Tori Weitzel ’05, Vice President Nicole Brummer, ’94, Past President Emily Boote Chasney ’88, Treasurer Helena Cignarale Ilardo ’04, Secretary

Parent Gator Fund Volunteers Claflin Hall, Class of 2017 Christopher McGovern, Class of 2017 Kelly McGovern, Class of 2017 Barbara Ryland, Class of 2018 Patricia Steinberg, Class of 2019 Lori Pirisino, Class of 2020 Jill Schiebel, Class of 2020 Jennifer Schneider, Class of 2022 Roland MacKenzie, Class of 2023 Scott Winn, Class of 2023

Senior Gift Committee Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. S. Campbell, Co- Chair (Dorsey Hoff ’83) Mr. and Mrs. J. Seth Hamed, Co-Chair (Jennifer McNamara ’87) Stacey Brooks Tracy Dockman Elizabeth Greskovich Katherine Liotta Lisa Meier Allyson Reynolds

Alumnae Reunion Planning Chairs Helen Brooks ’66 Molly Darrell ’71 Ann Barry ’76 Margaret McAdam Ondov ’76 Erica Johnson-Meadows ’81 Kathleen Fitzgerald Johnson ’81 Katherine Price ’86 Courtenay Wells Arendt ’86 Jill Crooks Karpovich ’91 Shawna Dillon Garliss ’91 Jennifer Pollock Mueller ’96 Jennifer Girard Smith ’96 Amy Cavanaugh ’01 Brooke Davidson ’01 Kelly Nocher Riepe ’01 Ashley Knight Decker ’06 Meriel Colglazier Colglazier ’06 Blake Hargest ’06 Christine Hepler Morris ’06 Emma Brooks ’11

Alumnae Class Secretaries Karen Berger Yeagle ’63 Ozzie Johnson Cowan ’64 Hollace Martin Hamilos ’65 Joeann Jones Fossland ’66 Carol Remington Foglesong ’67 Mary Colt Creighton Navins ’68 Janet Wang ’69 Linda Chandlee ’70 Holly Hooper Leachman ’71 Sharon Spencer ’71

Marilyn Amaimo Guzinski ’72 Melanie Morris Long ’73 Karen Whitehorne Babcock ’74 Susan Boyce Cole ’75 Dorothy Brooks Laufman ’76 Ann Greenbaum ’77 Kathleen Hurley ’78 Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan ’79 Norene Law Cusick ’80 Amy Millhouser Dupuis ’81 Julie Kiefer Donlon ’82 Joanne Toland Holden ’82 Rebecca Sadtler Williams ’83 Janet Lord ’84 Elizabeth Ridgely White ’84 Elizabeth Stieff Stein ’85 Mariceleste Miller ’86 Katherine Price ’86 Sarah Usher ’87 Heather Morgan Vogel ’88 Laura Hammond Swoboda ’89 Cara Loughlin ’90 Rebecca Ortiz Cottrell ’91 Missy Salihi Smith ’92 Kelly Prill Decker ’93 Erin Knoska Crist ’94 Rachel Strutt Lassman ’95 Jennifer Pollock Mueller ’96 Julia Adams Koenig ’97 Molly Jackson ’98 Meredith Strutt Mighty ’98 Haley Brown Mahonski ’99 Ellen Brooks Delaplane ’00 Patricia Johnson Bernardini ’01 Cori Brooks ’02 Scarlett Corso ’03 Vani Takiar ’04 M. Carey Smith ’05 Caitlin Harbold Hutcheon ’06 Suzanne Boone ’07 Davis Garcia Lush ’07 Katelin Hatfield ’08 Hayward Sawers ’09 Courtney Neubauer ’09 Justine Heritage ’10 Sydney Novak ’11 Margaret Perry ’11

Brenasia Ward-Caldwell ’12 Catherine Gillespie ’12 Abigail Knipp ’13 Caroline Ponsi ’13 Paige Stickevers ’13 Tiffany McKee ’14 Kaci McNeave ’15 Lauren Archer ’16 Ellen Killefer ’16

Gator Tennis Open Michael Boner Sean Bray Kelly Breschi Tina Hobbs Kelly McGovern Debbie Prout Christie Root Kelle McPeters Sawers ’82 Marilyn Talabis

Swamp Soiree Kelle McPeters Sawers ’82, Co-Chair Patti Steinberg, Co-Chair Courtenay Wells Arendt ’86 Jennie Blenckstone Boyce ’88 Nicole Brummer ’94 Kim Goetze Burch ’79 Jeanette Guy Helena Cignarale Ilardo ’04 Kelly McGovern Rusty Pachilis Melanie Ponsi Jamie Seymour James A. Vlk Tori Weitzel ’05 Kim Zaharris


LEADERSHIP DONORS 2015–2016 A leadership gift is defined as a contribution to St. Paul’s School for Girls of $1,000 or greater.

Founders Circle ($25,000 +) Anonymous Ayco Charitable Foundation (The Pamela S. Schutz ’72 Charitable Gift Fund) Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wakeman Mr. Harry K. Wells

Leadership Circle ($15,000 +) Mr. David P. Scheffenacker, Jr. Baltimore Education Scholarship Trust Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Cowan (Ozzie Johnson ’64) Mr. and Mrs. John W. Harbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. M. Kelly III Mr. and Mrs. Robb L. Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Sollers III

Epistle Club ($10,000 +) Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Austin Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart Mr. Joshua Hall and Mrs. Kimberly Goetze Burch ’79 Mr. and Mrs. John Huppler Mrs. Andrea B. Laporte The Leroy M. Merritt Charitable Trust † deceased 44

The Cupid Foundation (Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Plank) Mr. and Mrs. John A. Saxton Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vlk

Levering Club ($5,000 +) Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Anyadike Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Bair Baltimore Community Foundation Ann S. Barry ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Bartlett II Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Blandino Branch Banking and Trust Company Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Burger Mrs. Jean Class Mr. Brett D. Clifford and Elise A. Butler ’83 Jennifer L. Collins ’95 Karinne Brunson Crossland ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dockman Mary Baker Edwards ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel N. Evins V Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Greenstein Mr. and Mrs. J. Seth Hamed (Jennifer McNamara ’87) Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Lull III Mary Jean and Oliver Travers Foundation, Inc. Maryland Line Handling Dr. Peter J. Pronovost and Dr. Marlene J. Miller

Pandora Jewelry Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Pirisino Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Rogers Spirit of Hope Children’s Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Sullivan The Greater New Orleans Foundation (The Jill Moses Kohlmann Fund) Mrs. Mary Frances Wagley Mary Jenkins Waldon ’86 Mr. and Mrs. David K. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Scott Winn Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas York

Headmistress Circle ($2,500 +) Tracy A. Bacigalupo Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Bollinger (Jennifer Gunning ’89) Mrs. Nancy Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. S. Campbell (Dorsey Hoff ’83) Patricia C. Carroll ’76 Mr. William F. Chew III † Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan ’79 Mrs. Lize Davis Mr. Salvatore DiPietro Dunbar Armored, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Dunbar Douglas M. Fambrough, Ph.D. and Savitri Gauthier

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Fernandez Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund George S. Rich Family Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Goetze (Nell Tapscott ’89) Mr. and Mrs. Claflin Hall Mr. Jack L. Harvey Hawthorne PNC Family Wealth Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hennessy Mrs. Karen S. Kennedy Kramon & Graham, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Lee Mr. Gary D. Marino and Ms. Timmy Ruppersberger Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McGovern Mr. Timothy Mullin and Ms. Tricia O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Nelson Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pellington Mr. Jonathan R. Price SPSG Parents’ Association SPSG Student Government Association Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Stricker Ms. Ann Teaff and Mr. Donald McPherson United Building Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Walker III Mr. and Mrs. Drake Zaharris

Annual Report

1959 Society ($1,959 +) Anonymous SPSG Alumnae Association Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carroll Linda M. Chandlee ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hollingshead Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Libby Dr. and Mrs. David Nasrallah Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pohlhaus Mr. and Mrs. David S. Prout Dorothy Grant Reed ’76 Mr. and Mrs. George Riedel Angela Walker Riemer ’91 Kelly Nocher Riepe ’01 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Scott, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Stamper Mr. and Mrs. John P. Waterhouse Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Wunder

Spiritus Gladius Club ($1,000 +) Mr. and Mrs. Albert Antlitz ArmadaGlobal Erin Gamse Becker ’85 Mr. Winston Blenckstone and Ms. Barbara Fegley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles, Jr. Holly Harper Chabbott ’84 Coffey & Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. D. Wayne Coffey Colnitis Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kent W. Darrell, Jr. Mrs. Jeanne R. Day Mr. and Mrs. Craig Diamond Exelon Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Farber Dr. Robert E. Fischell Sc.D. Laurie Hooper Fisher ’77 Dr. and Mrs. Elias G. Ghandour Dr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Gilarsky Dr. Heidi B. Ginter ’89 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Greskovich Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Gugerty Mr. Frederick N. Jurgens Mrs. Bette Kenzie Mr. and Mrs. Saul E. Kerpelman Holly Hooper Leachman ’71 Mr. and Mrs. George E. Linthicum III Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Liotta Ms. Lila B. Lohr Ellen McCausland Lord ’77 Paige H. Lull ’80 Mrs. Dorothy Lykos Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Mangan Maryland Screen Printers, Inc. Mrs. Kathryn R. McKew

Carol Carman Mettam ’67 Mindshift Technologies Laura Ciekot Newell ’99 Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program Mr. and Mrs. William Nussbaumer (Isabel Coulter ’90) Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pappas Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Pfeifer Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Lee Grady Rashkind ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Rauch Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Rosa Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rottinghaus Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Seymour, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Smith (Amissa Salihi ’92) Tehma Smith Wilson ’96 Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel Soudry Read Murray Timken ’99 Diane E. TenHoopen ’76 Mr. and Mrs. George E. Thomsen Beverly Wheeler Tilghman ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Turner Alexandra Hoff Waesche ’79 Mr. and Mrs. David Warshawsky Katherine Hennessy Weigman ’80

Young Alumnae Club ($150–$499) Hannah E. Bair ’14 Anna L. Blake ’14 Rachel L. Cook ’06 Ashley B. Decker ’06 Julia M. Gill ’13 Katherine C. Gill ’11 Alexandra R. Harper ’13 Kelly M. Mangan ’08 Morgan R. Marino ’06 Tiffany McKee ’14 Jordan R. Riger ’14 Christa A. Stoehr ’09 Rachel K. Yaffe ’15



Class of 2016 Senior Gift The Senior Class Gift is a longstanding tradition at St. Paul’s School for Girls. Each year, our senior class families supplement their gift to The Gator Fund by selecting a project that is a priority at SPSG. This year, the Class of 2016 chose two projects: a new keyboard for use in Prayers and Chomps, a concession stand located next to our athletic fields. Sixty-eight percent of the Class of 2016 along with 67 percent of their parents contributed over $70,000 to the senior gift effort.

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Eric Andrews Jamie E. Andrews ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Antlitz Callie Antlitz ’16 Mr. and Mrs. John C. R. Archer, Jr. Lauren Archer ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Barton, Jr. Paige Barton ’16 Mr. Carroll L. Bond III Ms. Parivash Bond Sara Bond ’16 Aissatou Boye ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Brooks Ellen Brooks ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. S. Campbell (Dorsey Hoff ’83) Annie Campbell ’16 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Canatella Mrs. Jean Class Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Class Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cole, Jr. Mr. Charles Connolly Bridgett Connolly ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeVeau Rachael DeVeau ’16


Mrs. Michelle L. DiPietro Mr. Salvatore DiPietro Courtney DiPietro ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dockman Natalie Dryer ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Fernandez Dominique Fernandez ’16 Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Fisher Carlin Fisher ’16 Mrs. Marie Gemma Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Gemma Alyssa Gemma ’16 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Greskovich Kathryn Greskovich ’16 Mr. and Mrs. J. Seth Hamed (Jennifer McNamara ’87) Wesley Hamed ’16 Ms. Deborah Harman Mr. and Mrs. Brian Harrington Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Hirsch (Jennifer Pierson ’82) Katherine Hirsch ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Y. Hoff Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. M. Kelly III Erin Kelly ’16 Alexandra Kennedy ’16

Mr. Richard H. Kern Sonal Khosla ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Kovens Rachel Kovens ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Kowalewski Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lehman Dr. Elizabeth Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Liotta Elizabeth Liotta ’16 Elizabeth Lipskiy ’16 Morgan McDonnell ’16 Mr. and Mrs. F. David McNamara, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Meier Elizabeth Meier ’16 Mr. Douglas K. Moll Ms. Erica Mundell Dr. and Mrs. David Nasrallah Sophie Nasrallah ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Pfeifer Johanna Pfeifer ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Kirvan H. Pierson, Jr. Payton Poindexter ’16 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Prout Parker Prout ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Reynolds Olivia Reynolds ’16

Ms. Carolyn Roberts April Roberts ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Rosa Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Rosario, Sr. Caroline Rosario ’16 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Smith, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton O. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith Kacey Smith ’16 Avery Smith ’16 Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel Soudry Isabelle Soudry ’16 Ms. Amy E. Stefhon Emily Stefhon ’16 Layne Taber ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Tracey Emma Tracey ’16 Xiaoyu Wang ’16 Mr. and Mrs. David K. Wells Haley Wells ’16 Kathleen Wolford ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Wunder Megan Wunder ’16 Jasmine Young ’16

Annual Report

GATOR FUND 2015–2016 The newly named Gator Fund had an impressive year raising $718,000 in support of St. Paul’s School for Girls and surpassing our goal by $68,000! We are thrilled to report that 100 percent of our Faculty and Staff members made a gift. In addition, participation increased for both our current parents and alumnae, reaching 61 percent and 25 percent respectively. 

CURRENT PARENTS Class of 2016 Participation: 73% Gordon Campbell and Dorsey Hoff Campbell ’83 and Seth Hamed and Jennifer McNamara Hamed ’87, Chairs Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Eric Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Albert Antlitz Mr. and Mrs. John C. R. Archer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Barton, Jr. Mr. Carroll L. Bond III Ms. Parivash Bond Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. S. Campbell (Dorsey Hoff ’83) Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Class Mr. Charles Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeVeau Mrs. Michelle L. DiPietro Mr. Salvatore DiPietro Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dockman Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Gemma Mr. and Mrs. William C. Greskovich Mr. and Mrs. J. Seth Hamed (Jennifer McNamara ’87) Ms. Deborah Harman Mr. and Mrs. Brian Harrington Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Hirsch (Jennifer Pierson ’82) Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. M. Kelly III Mr. Richard H. Kern Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Kovens Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Kowalewski Dr. Elizabeth Lehman

Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Liotta Mr. and Mrs. John F. Meier Ms. Erica Mundell Dr. and Mrs. David Nasrallah Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Pfeifer Mr. and Mrs. David S. Prout Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Reynolds Ms. Carolyn Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Rosa Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Rosario, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel Soudry Ms. Amy E. Stefhon Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Tracey Mr. and Mrs. David K. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Wunder

Class of 2017 Participation: 63% Claflin Hall and Christopher and Kelly McGovern, Chairs Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Anyadike Mr. and Mrs. George L. Baker III Mrs. Georgeanna L. Bishop Mr. Timothy L. Bishop Ms. Teresa Blake Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Blandino Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Boardman Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Crawley Mr. and Mrs. Kent W. Darrell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Gaines, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Elias G. Ghandour Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Gugerty Mr. and Mrs. Claflin Hall Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hite Mr. Michael R. Jones and Ms. Suzanne Bailey-Jones Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jones (Cynthia Eshman ’83)

Dr. Elizabeth Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. LeVanis II Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McGovern Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pellington Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Pirisino Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Porter Mr. Jonathan R. Price Mr. and Mrs. James R. Prusak Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pursley Dr. Patricia Quigley Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Root Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Seymour, Jr. Mr. Peter Sheehan and Dr. Lisa Sheehan Dr. and Mrs. Peter P. Stamas Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Stickevers Mr. and Mrs. Gregg B. Stoehr Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Trintis Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Van Beek Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Walker III Mr. William E. Warmkessel and Ms. Ann O’Shea-Warmkessel Mr. and Mrs. Drake Zaharris

Class of 2018 Participation: 48% Barbara Ryland, Chair Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. George J. Arendt III (Courtenay Wells ’86) Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Boner Mr. and Mrs. E. Gillet Boyce II (Jenifer Blenckstone ’88) Mr. and Mrs. Sean Bray Mr. and Mrs. David Bridgelall Mr. and Mrs. Kent R. Chalmers Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Chmar Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Cooke

Ms. Denise Galambos Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Goetze (Nell Tapscott ’89) Mr. and Mrs. Kevin V. Harte Mr. and Mrs. Vance G. Hobbs Mr. C. Bryant Jowers and Mrs. Carlean Rhames-Jowers Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Kowalewski Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McCusker, Jr. Dr. Peter J. Pronovost and Dr. Marlene J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Xango U. Moreland Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Neuberger Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Pachilis Mr. and Mrs. David S. Prout Mr. and Mrs. George Riedel Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Ripley Rev. Mark Stanley and Rev. Mary Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Teodori Mr. and Ms. Stephen K. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Tracey Mr. Anthony J. Van Vliet Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Winters

Class of 2019 Participation: 79% Patricia Steinberg, Chair Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Baker (Louise Frenkil ’82) Ms. Wanda A. Bell-Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Booth Mr. Marc Boulay Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Conrad, Jr. Mrs. Elsa Cordova Mr. and Mrs. James R. Culp Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dockman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dripps, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Feron 47

Gator Day

Gator Day was a chomping success raising over $157,291 from 388 donors in 24 hours! We could not have achieved this success without our 39 parent and alumnae volunteers sharing, emailing, and tweeting their Gator love. Mr. and Mrs. James Frederick (Tessa Laspia ’87) Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Fry Mr. and Mrs. Todd B. Garliss, Jr. (Shawna Dillon ’91) Ms. Jillard H. Healy Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Holden (Jody Toland ’82) Mr. and Mrs. Nasir Hussain Mr. and Mrs. David Issing Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kingston Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pappas Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Pfeifer Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Ponsi Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pursley Mr. Jorge A. Ramos and Mrs. Claudia Maltos-Ramos Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Habib Sartipy Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sawers III (Kelle McPeters ’82) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schindler Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Startt Mr. and Mrs. Mark Steinberg Ms. Jennifer A. Summers Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Turner Ms. Millicent A. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wakeman Mr. David Warner and Rev. Maria Cristina Paglinauan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Wille Mr. and Mrs. DeForest Williams, Sr. Ms. Deborah Williamson Ms. Joanna Wise Mr. and Mrs. Stuart F. Wolffe Mr. and Mrs. Brian Znamirowski

† deceased 48

Class of 2020 Participation: 71%

Class of 2021 Participation: 69%

Lori Pirisino and Jill Schiebel, Chairs

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Bair Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Bollinger (Jennifer Gunning ’89) Mr. and Mrs. E. Gillet Boyce II (Jenifer Blenckstone ’88) Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Burger Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ferrens Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Frey III Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Greenstein Mr. and Mrs. John P. Higinbothom, Jr. (Catherine Redmond ’86) Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Iglehart Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Karpovich (Jill Crooks ’91) Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Marino Mr. Vincent Oula and Dr. Lee-Gardie Jean Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Persons Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Reh Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Roger-Dalbert Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rottinghaus Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Russell Mr. and Mrs. David Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Eric Smith (Amissa Salihi ’92) Mr. James Smith and Ms. Maria Blackburn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Sollers III Ms. Jennifer A. Summers Mr. Riccardo Tavoletti and Mrs. Isabella Gianfrancesco Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wiley

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Bret Bortner Mr. and Mrs. E. Gillet Boyce II (Jenifer Blenckstone ’88) Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Breschi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Culotta Mr. and Mrs. Craig Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Doak Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Friedman Dr. and Mrs. Elias G. Ghandour Mr. and Mrs. John W. Harbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Craig Harcum Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Hardon Mr. Thomas Hennessy and Ms. Leahanne Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Evan Klein Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Lee Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. McGill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Milleson, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy N. Mudd (Christina Scheidt ’88) Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nivens Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Norton Ms. Latonya Phipps Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Pirisino Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rego Mr. and Mrs. Siromani Roberts Mr. Robert Ruby and Ms. Holly Selby Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sawyers Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schiebel Mrs. Jill Stallings and Mr. Michael P. Stallings, Jr. † Ms. Marilyn K. Talabis Mr. Alex Voultepsis and Ms. Roanthi Tsakalas Mr. and Mrs. John P. Waterhouse Mr. and Mrs. Michael Windebank Mr. Wayne Yaffe and Ms. Linda Yaffe

Class of 2022 Participation: 54% Jennifer Schneider, Chair Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan Cherry Mrs. Heather Cook Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Covahey Mr. and Mrs. Kent W. Darrell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Diamond Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Guy Drs. Thierry and Charlotte Huisman Mr. C. Bryant Jowers and Mrs. Carlean Rhames-Jowers Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Libby Ms. Karla Moses Mr. and Mrs. David Schneider Dr. Michael Schwartz and Ms. Janet Lyston Mr. and Mrs. David W. Stamper Mr. Robert Talesnik Mr. and Mrs. John Talmage Mr. and Mrs. James C. Veatch Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Warder Ms. Kristin A. Watson

Class of 2023 Participation: 77% Roland Mackenzie and Scott Winn, Chairs Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Carr Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cookley Mr. and Mrs. Samuel N. Evins V Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gaines Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gajewski Ms. Sharon L. Gasior Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Greenstein Mr. and Mrs. Craig Harcum Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harner Ms. Michelle Lamoureux Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Lorden Ms. Kirsten J. MacKenzie Mr. Roland R. MacKenzie II Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. McDonald Drs. Howard and Laura Perell Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pohlhaus Drs. Simeon and Margaret Schlossberg Mrs. Jill Stallings and Mr. Michael P. Stallings, Jr. † Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Stricker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Windebank Mr. and Mrs. Scott Winn

Annual Report

PARENTS OF ALUMNAE Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Allen, Jr. Mrs. Dorothy M. Anderson Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Awalt Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Banknell Mrs. Jean Barry Mr. and Mrs. Septimus Bean Ms. Kathryn E. Benjes Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Blackman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Blake Mr. Winston Blenckstone and Ms. Barbara Fegley Mr. Jamie Blomeier and Ms. Ann T. McKenzie ’83 The Hon. and Mrs. A. Gordon Boone, Jr. (Judith Chew ’66) Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Boote, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Burch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. Burton Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Carroll Mr. Brett D. Clifford Mr. and Mrs. D. Wayne Coffey Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cole (Susan Boyce ’75) Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Colnitis Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lynnwood Cook II Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Cowan (Ozzie Johnson ’64) Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Ramsey Crosby (Paulette Helms ’73) Mr. and Mrs. David M. D’Amelio Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Day III Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Decker Jeanne Hurley DeMos ’80

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Dickson III (Elizabeth Holden ’82) Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Dungey (Robbin Sadler ’68) Mr. Pierce Dunn and Ms. Barbara Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. John O. Dunning, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. James W. Eagan, Jr. Mr. Roger K. Eve Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Farber Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Furlong (Amy Hall ’83) Mr. and Mrs. John A. Galateria Mr. Marvin Egolf and Ms. Cynthia Garland Dr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Gilarsky Mr. Michael W. Gill Mr. Armand F. Girard Mr. and Mrs. John W. Goering (Gail Gaumnitz ’78) Dr. and Mrs. Nelson H. Goldberg Dr. Carlton C. Greene Mr. and Mrs. G. Todd Guntner Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gutierrez Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Haines Mr. Joshua Hall and Mrs. Kimberly Goetze Burch ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hallahan Jennifer Ordeman Harbold ’77 Ms. Joan C. Hammond Mrs. Althea H. Hardman Mr. Jack L. Harvey Ms. Robilyn A. Heath Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hennessy Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Y. Hoff Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hollingshead Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hook IV Mr. Franklin Johnson and Dr. Pamela Scott-Johnson Kathleen Fitzgerald Johnson ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Jones, Sr. Mr. Frederick N. Jurgens

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Vernon B. Kearns Dr. Mark Kelly and Dr. Tyra DeCarlo Mrs. Karen S. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Saul E. Kerpelman Dr. and Mrs. Nagi Khouri Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. William Kirk, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Knipp III Ms. Sevilla A. Koch Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kommalan Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Kreps Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lalley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Laziuck Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Levering IV Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Lull III Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mack (Missie Dix ’79) Mr. Steven Magras and Ms. Denise Weeks Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Mangan Mr. Gary D. Marino and Ms. Timmy Ruppersberger Mr. and Mrs. Vernon G. Marvel, Jr. Mr. Robert S. Maslin III Mr. and Mrs. F. David McNamara, Jr. Mr and Mrs. W. Douglas McPeters (Joy Koch ’87) Rev. and Mrs. Daniel S. Meck III Mr. and Mrs. Robb L. Merritt Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Mettam (Carol Mettam ’67) Dr. Ann C. Morrill Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Nelson Dr. Philip S. Norman Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ordeman Dr. and Mrs. David G. Owen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Peace (Merle Obrecht ’69) Mr. and Mrs. David W. Philips

Mr. and Mrs. Kirvan H. Pierson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vadivel T. Pillai Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Ponsi Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Rauch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Riehl Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Riger Mr. John H. Riggle Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Ripley Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Andre Rougeot Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sawers III (Kelle McPeters ’82) Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sawers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Saxton Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Scheidt Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schindler Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Seymour, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cleon M. Shutt, Jr. Mr. John Springer and Ms. Michelle Hooper ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Stansky Mr. and Mrs. Gregg B. Stoehr Mrs. Maureen Suelau Ms. Carolyn D. Talucci Mr. Roger Thunell and Dr. Cheryl Parks-Thunell Mrs. Adrienne Toland Mr. and Mrs. Theodoros Vlahoyiannis (Eleanor Courpas ’83) Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vlk Mrs. Gail B. Wachter Mrs. Nancy G. Waller and Mr. Alan M. Waller, Sr. † Mr. and Mrs. David Warshawsky Mr. and Mrs. John P. Waterhouse Mrs. Ethel Weber Mr. and Mrs. William W. Whitty, Jr. Mrs. Karen L. Wilt Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Yaffe Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas York Drs. Paul and Deborah Young-Hyman

† deceased

Matching Gifts Count for More

Corporate matching gifts enhanced the Annual Fund by close to $30,000 in 2015–16. To determine if your employer is eligible to match charitable contributions contact your human resources office. You may double or even triple your contribution to SPSG! Contact Haley Brown Mahonski ’99, Director of The Gator Fund, at 443-632-1014 with any questions.


GRANDPARENTS Mr. George Benson Mr. Winston Blenckstone and Ms. Barbara Fegley Mr. and Mrs. Guy Boulay Mrs. Dorothy C. Boyce Mrs. Nancy Bradford Mrs. Carolyn Burger † Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Calvert Mr. and Mrs. James G. Canatella Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Carroll Mrs. Jean Class Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cole, Jr. Mrs. Ann Conrad Mrs. Nancy Culp Mr. and Mrs. John H. Doak Mr. and Mrs. James A. M. Douglas Mrs. Alice F. Duncan Mrs. Hermenia Dunning

Mr. and Mrs. Roland R. Eppley Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Gasior, Sr. Mrs. Marie Gemma Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Dixon Gibbs, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Godwin Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hallahan Mr. and Mrs. Erroll Hay Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Herlth Mr. and Mrs. John Higinbothom Mrs. Moira Hoen and Mr. Frank J. Hoen, Jr. † Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Y. Hoff Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Holthaus Mr. and Mrs. John Huppler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kazlo Mrs. Sandra Lee Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lehman

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Linthicum III Mrs. Dorothy Lykos Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mack Mr. and Mrs. Clark F. MacKenzie Mr. Robert S. Maslin III Mr. and Mrs. John McBride Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. McGovern Mrs. Sue McKenna Mr. and Mrs. F. David McNamara, Jr. Mrs. Julia Miller Mr. Douglas K. Moll Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Moreland Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Morrill Drs. Teodulo and Wilhelmina Paglinauan Mr. and Mrs. Kirvan H. Pierson, Jr. Mr. Michael Pirisino Mr. W. James Price IV

Mrs. Ruth Richards Mr. Richard Ruby Mr. and Mrs. William B. Sawers, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Scheidt Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Shepard Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Smith, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton O. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Rick Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Spratley Mr. and Mrs. William Stamper Mrs. Adrienne Toland Mr. and Mrs. Alex Tripoli Mr. Harry K. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Welsh Ms. Sevalyn White Mrs. Joan Witmer Ms. Mary Ziehl Mr. and Mrs. Walter Znamirowski

† deceased

Grandfriends’ Day This beloved annual tradition, allowing family to enjoy a day in the life of an SPSG student, took place in November. Grandparents and grandfriends of middle school students experienced a special morning of student choral music, dance performances, a Thanksgiving chapel service, and classroom visits. 


Annual Report

SWAMP SOIREE Soiree Sponsors $7,500

Gator Sponsors $1,000

Anonymous Branch Banking and Trust Company Pandora Jewelry

ArmadaGlobal Mindshift Technologies

Bayou Sponsors $2,500 Dunbar Armored, Inc. Kramon & Graham P.A. United Building Services, Inc.

Barrel Sponsors $500 Brummer Orthodontics Distribution International The Finney Search Group Hertzbach & Company P.A.

K & C Grounds Maintenance, Inc. Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver Odorite Company of Baltimore Printing Specialist Corporation RSM US LLP Rudolph’s Office Interiors, Inc. The Seymour Family Mary Ellen and Bill Whitty

Partners Claddagh’s Pub DuClaw Brewing Company Eleven Courses Catering & Event Co. L.R. Landscaping Liberatore’s Ristorante & Catering Pappas Seafood Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering Talucci Fine Foods Trigger Agency




Carol Brooks Currotto Karen Shackelford Moore

Class of 1970 18%

Class of 1963 42%

Confetti Club Carolyn W. Brooks Sandra Bond Brown Joeann Jones Fossland Paula Varga Nyitrai Nancy McCormick Odette Elizabeth Hammann Schwindt

Confetti Club Priscilla Powell Adams Heather Cook

Confetti Club Helen Bergland Reilly

Gator Club Susan Williams Cooper

Gator Club Jane Weddell Hammann Jill Hatch Munder Gail Stapf Smith Karen Berger Yeagle

Class of 1967 22%

Gator Club Caroline Taylor Bright Elizabeth Holland Anne Duer Myers


Class of 1964 47% Spiritus Gladius Club Ozzie Johnson Cowan Confetti Club Jane Kommalan Gallagher Susan Finney McNeely Gator Club Betsy Stewart Gustin Nancy Wilson Halgren Hope Smith Pollard Jill Grimmer Zupancic

Giving Clubs Founder’s Circle $25,000+ Leadership Circle $15,000 to $24,999 Epistle Club $10,000 to $14,999 Levering Club $5,000 to $9,999 Headmistress Circle $2,500 to $4,999 1959 Society $1,959 to $2,499 Spiritus Gladius Club $1,000 to $1,958 Green & White Club $500 to $999 SPSG Club $250 to $499 Confetti Club $100 to $249 Young Alumnae Club $150 to $499 Gator Club $1 to $99


Class of 1965 26%

Spiritus Gladius Club Carol Carman Mettam SPSG Club Carol Remington Foglesong Kathleen Hill Hosford Gator Club Lindsay Montgomery Louise Carter Potter

Class of 1968 25% Spiritus Gladius Club Lee Grady Rashkind Confetti Club Cynthia Patterson Lochte Martha Shelhoss Anne Forbes Taylor

Gator Club Robbin Sadler Dungey Green and White Club Patricia Caples Bennett-Greenwell Mary Colt Creighton Navins Confetti Club Holly Martin Hamilos Gator Club Louise Cockey Joyce Fisher-Hills Janet Ruth Walczak

Class of 1966 50% 50th Reunion Spiritus Gladius Club Beverly Wheeler Tilghman SPSG Club Judith Chew Boone Michelle Kupiec Kempske Alice S. Marquess Woodward

Class of 1969 33% Green and White Club Merle Obrecht Peace SPSG Club Catherine Solter Pollock Barbara C. Shelhoss Mary Forbes Witter Confetti Club Gillian Christie Karen Young Gator Club Katherine Armstrong Gaudet

Confetti Club Lynn Callahan Casey

Class of 1971 39% 45th Reunion Spiritus Gladius Club Holly Hooper Leachman Green and White Club Nancy Lalley Rueckert Confetti Club Sally Norris McCabe Gator Club Joan Strutt Armstrong Cynthia Cook Barlow Leigh Cochrane Molly Darrell Katharine Bolton Hammond Meredith Sargeant Harrington

Class of 1972 12% Founder’s Circle Pamela S. Schutz Confetti Club Kendall Shackelford Allen Joan McDorman Thomas

Class of 1973 16% Confetti Club Polly Helms Crosby Elizabeth Wright Gator Club Carol Lee Nickerson Griffin Claire Stieff

Class of 1974 29% SPSG Club Carol Lothrop Broadbent

Class of 1975 9% Confetti Club Barbara Britt Coltharp Gator Club Susan Boyce Cole

Class of 1976 39% 40th Reunion Levering Club Ann S. Barry Headmistress Circle Patricia Carroll Spiritus Gladius Club Diane E. TenHoopen Confetti Club Dr. Henrietta Smith Laustsen Dorothy Grant Reed Gator Club Kathleen Cook Dorrie Brooks Laufman Marion Gaines Mullan Beale Cockey Saul

Class of 1977 33% Levering Club Mary Baker Edwards Spiritus Gladius Club Ellen McCausland Lord Green and White Club Laurie Hooper Fisher Confetti Club Georgia Emory Smith Pamela Casey Ullman Gator Club Ann G. Greenbaum Jennifer Ordeman Harbold

Annual Report Class of 1978 18% Gator Club Traci Davis Gail Gaumnitz Goering Anne Waller McAvoy Deborah White

Class of 1979 52% Epistle Club Kim Goetze Burch Headmistress Circle Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan Spiritus Gladius Club Alexandra Hoff Waesche Green and White Club The Hon. Judith C. Ensor Abigail Reith Gore SPSG Club Kathleen Gavin Confetti Club Missie Dix Mack Elizabeth Berndt Powell Hyland Patterson Schaller Parker Sutton Anne Mattson van den Berg Gator Club Mary Beth Hennessy Crane Sandra Wareheim Doelle


SPSG Club Laura Salladin

Class of 1980 48%

Class of 1983 31%

Confetti Club A. Lindsay Sheehan Bradley Amy Millhouser Dupuis Jaleh Hagigh Erica Johnson-Meadows Leanne Weber Kreis Elizabeth Morrison Rosborg Margaux Schneider

Levering Club Elise A. Butler Headmistress Circle Dorsey Hoff Campbell

Headmistress Circle Tracy Bacigalupo Spiritus Gladius Club Paige Lull Katherine Hennessy Weigman SPSG Club Elizabeth Hollingshead Furlong Confetti Club Jennifer Adams Jeanne Hurley DeMos Gator Club Anonymous Norene Law Cusick Anne Cole Heydrick Margaret Hoffman Michelle Hooper Eleanor Bailey Knox Marian Vlasak-Paz Winslow Bouscaren Waxter Courtney Naughton Whiting Linda Mathias Wolfe

Class of 1981 56% 35th Reunion Green and White Club Janice Bledsoe

Gator Club Anastacia Wiedenhoeft Brice Jean Slaughter Gearon Kathleen Fitzgerald Johnson Martha Eshman Manning Julia Olmedo Jane Wehland Patterson

Class of 1982 25% Green and White Club Jody Toland Holden SPSG Club Jennifer Pierson Hirsch Kelle McPeters Sawers Confetti Club Louise Frenkil Baker Julie Kiefer Donlon Gator Club Elizabeth Holden Dickson Jennifer Cook Wiegand

Confetti Club Laura Ruhl Emery Amy Hall Furlong Cynthia Eshman Jones Mary Page Michel Eleanor Courpas Vlahoyiannis Rebecca Sadtler Williams Gator Club Ann McKenzie

Class of 1984 15% Spiritus Gladius Club Holly Harper Chabbott Confetti Club Sharon Toomey Page Gator Club Julie Shutt Richardson Elizabeth Ridgely White

Class of 1985 39% Spiritus Gladius Club Erin Gamse Becker

Blingo Bingo

In late January, SPSG students with their mothers and special friends, enjoyed an afternoon of bingo fun. Blingo Bingo, held in the Commons, included fantastic prize baskets generously donated by each grade level, festive dÊcor designed by our talented volunteers, and raffle prizes.


SPSG Club Lisa Salladin Childs Confetti Club Ann Hennessy Bomleny Carter Michel Brigham Elizabeth Hardiman Laurel Mattson Nelson Elizabeth Stieff Stein Gator Club Anonymous Christy Ford Crain

Class of 1986 69% 30th Reunion Spiritus Gladius Club Kimberly Stevenson Parks SPSG Club Anonymous Anne O’Connell Northrop Katherine Price

Giving Clubs Founder’s Circle $25,000+ Leadership Circle $15,000 to $24,999 Epistle Club $10,000 to $14,999 Levering Club $5,000 to $9,999 Headmistress Circle $2,500 to $4,999 1959 Society $1,959 to $2,499 Spiritus Gladius Club $1,000 to $1,958 Green & White Club $500 to $999 SPSG Club $250 to $499 Confetti Club $100 to $249 Young Alumnae Club $150 to $499 Gator Club $1 to $99


Confetti Club Courtenay Wells Arendt Melissa Forman Bomeisler Nancy Oates Cozzens Natalie Eve Fell Catherine Redmond Higinbothom Carolyn Crook LeBlanc Mariceleste Miller Renata Lewis Sawada Elizabeth Millan Schuncke Leslie Shreve Gator Club Jennifer Ritchie Blanco Mary Hinds Earle Julia Hedeman Hooper Allison May Jackson Heather McPeters Amanda Terry Mellor

Class of 1987 26% Levering Club Jennifer McNamara Hamed Confetti Club Jenifer Cromwell Tessa Laspia Frederick Alicia Hay Matthai Sallie Toomey

Gator Club Joy Koch McPeters Meeghan Truelove Sarah Usher

Class of 1988 19% Green and White Club Jenifer Blenckstone Boyce SPSG Club Christina Scheidt Mudd Confetti Club Anonymous Emily Boote Chasney Gator Club Elizabeth Dugan Hobbs Mary Madden Elizabeth Belcher Riley Heather Morgan Vogel

Class of 1991 42% 25th Reunion 1959 Society Angela Walker Riemer SPSG Club Nupur Parekh Flynn Shawna Dillon Garliss Confetti Club Anne A. Fullenkamp Jaime True Jezovnik Jill Crooks Karpovich Joy Masseaux Emily Gleason Reymer Nicole Ripken Alicia Douglas Waxman

Class of 1989 18%

Gator Club Bronwyn Doeller Carmel Rebecca Ortiz Cottrell Ann Young Frisbie Stephanie Adams Germano Shannon Sullivan Phillips

Headmistress Circle Jennifer Gunning Bollinger Nell Tapscott Goetze

Class of 1992 15%

SPSG Club Kelly Cowan Colhoun Heidi Ginter

Spiritus Gladius Club Amissa Salihi Smith

Confetti Club Anne Whitescarver Brown Gator Club Lisa Maslin Doherty Tiffany Boone Leech

1990s Class of 1990 23% Spiritus Gladius Club Isabel Coulter Nussbaumer Confetti Club Doris Chung Kwon Gator Club Cara Loughlin Jocelyn Hammond Lundgren Neile Hartley Messer Catherine Miller Lilly Smith Richardson

Confetti Club Michelle Walker Musgrove Hannah Flatau Pirone Gator Club Jill St. Clair Ambrose

Class of 1993 23% Green and White Club Crystal Edwards SPSG Club Suzanne Myers Adler Confetti Club Michelle Ward Calk Emily Veenis Gulden Tevera D. Stith Gator Club Sybil Greene

Class of 1994 14% Green and White Club Nicole Brummer Confetti Club Anonymous Muriel Genadry McLachlan Gator Club Katharine Loughlin Melanie Wachter Whipple

Class of 1995 51% Levering Club Jennifer L. Collins SPSG Club Annie Smallwood Morse Confetti Club Gwendolyn Furr Deborah Saxton Graf Deborah Marvel Hershfeld Sepideh Razavi Sallee Gator Club Megan McClure Abbruzzese Aurachalee Musikabhumma Bollinger Lindsy Perlman Frango Adrienne Ripken Harmel Diane Day Hilleary Erika Moravec Jaeggli Audrey Comly Kennedy Rachel Strutt Lassman Sarah Burns Marinacci Danielle Brewster Oster Tice Burke Pell Nancy Sawyer Sheridan Marian Getschel Yanega

Class of 1996 28% 20th Reunion Spiritus Gladius Club Tehma Smith Wilson Green and White Club Meredith Hanley Brotman Confetti Club Megan Laziuck Anecharico Emilie Kirkland MacFarlane Bridget Mitchell Pekrul

Annual Report

Bull Roast

In May, over 200 daughters, fathers, and special friends attended the annual Bull Roast. This year the theme was “Maui in May” and the celebration included an evening of games, contests, and great food on the Ward Center lawn.

Gator Club Christina Carter Kathryn Coffey Celentano Allyson Coffey Hocker Martha Kommalan Hoffman Eleni Lampadarios Maria Lampadarios

Class of 1997 13% Confetti Club Julia Adams Koenig Elizabeth Hoyle Ramsey Gator Club Anonymous Devin Cunningham

Class of 1998 15% Green and White Club Katherine Rauch Bailey Confetti Club Alyson Bowyer Dunn Elizabeth Eden Kathleen Ahearn Fus Gator Club Meredith Strutt Mighty Victoria Vince

Class of 1999 74% Spiritus Gladius Club Read Murray Timken Laura Ciekot Newell Green and White Club Jessica Mering Hardin SPSG Club Tiffany Mullan Confetti Club Hilary Polk-Williams Awad Elizabeth Dunning Eugene Caroline Taylor Florea Kristen Blackman Hohenstein Erin Gutierrez Matt Jessica Schmitt Owens Gator Club Allison Ramsdell Chen Alicia Brummer Dotterrer Lauren McCartin Foley Melissa Mardelli Jenkins Paola Sardi Madueno Haley Brown Mahonski Erin Oglesby Kiersten Huber Pearce Holly Freedman Radel Ciara Zachary

2000s Class of 2000 27% SPSG Club Jayme Katz Rose Acoraci Zeck Confetti Club Jill Haak Bohnenkamp Margaret Kallmyer Klaes Katherine Kennedy Reinemund Dasha Rettew Gator Club Nina Diemer Diehl Jennifer Landsman Erdman Ann McComas Kury Morgan Moses-Allen

Class of 2001 73% 15th Reunion 1959 Society Kelly Nocher Riepe Green and White Club Crickett Herrmann Kasper

Confetti Club Patricia Johnson Bernardini Elizabeth Murray Horich Ingrid Goldberg Sara Hodges Ismart Bonnie Wilt Knight Meredith Alcarese Lorenzen Solmaz Sarhaddi Anne Dorrance Steenhoek Gator Club Amy Cavanaugh Joanna Fourtinakis Margaret Spies Freeman Lauren Davis Hammerbacher Caitlin Herron Anjali Sara Bonner Hughes A. Meredith Jakubowski Levi Lauren Porter Martin Sabrina Murray Paige Unitas Prossner Jennifer O’Neil Purcell Kelly Jaeger Ruggieri Julie Goode Smith Lauren Whitty Sally Boesel Wilson Brin Blucher Zink

SPSG Club Brooke Davidson


Class of 2002 16%

Megan Wilt Carol Clifford Wright

Class of 2008 10%

Katherine Gill Margaret Perry

Green and White Club Tara B. Lalley

Class of 2005 21%

Confetti Club Kirsten Goldberg Kelly Mangan

Gator Club Emma Brooks Natalie Decker Gabrielle Dowell Emily Egolf Catherine Galateria Lillian Hugo Shaniqua Jones Eleanor Knipp Kells Lynch Caroline Mata Christine Prevas Megan Pruitt Kellie Rogers

SPSG Club Adriene Boone Allison Schindler D’Anjou Gator Club Veronica Delgado Braden Hassett

Class of 2003 9% Green and White Club Aja Hill Gator Club Melissa Coffey Brooks Elizabeth Edison Alison Waters

Class of 2004 56% Spiritus Gladius Club Kara Colnitis Pudenz Green and White Club Anne Talucci Dupont

Giving Clubs Founder’s Circle $25,000+ Leadership Circle $15,000 to $24,999 Epistle Club $10,000 to $14,999 Levering Club $5,000 to $9,999 Headmistress Circle $2,500 to $4,999 1959 Society $1,959 to $2,499 Spiritus Gladius Club $1,000 to $1,958 Green & White Club $500 to $999 SPSG Club $250 to $499 Confetti Club $100 to $249 Young Alumnae Club $150 to $499 Gator Club $1 to $99


SPSG Club Helena Cignarale Ilardo Confetti Club Laura Suelau Whitney Mettam White Gator Club Anonymous Courtney Curlett Kamins Jessica Benson Ashley Bruno Kathryn Buffington Catherine Onnen Chasen Emma Connor Tiara Jones Freeman Marcelle Grano Katherine Gutierrez Leslie Koch Bronwyn Lewis Wesley Michael Elynor May Monks Christina Battles Parker Victoria Schwaner Melissa Shepard Vani Takiar

SPSG Club Victoria Weitzel Confetti Club Maria Makris Megan Del Monte McKenzie Lee Pine Gator Club Erica Collins Amara Hall Ebony Harley Julia Bassett Morrow Hannah Mudge Nina Rawtani M. Carey Smith Janice Wagner

Class of 2006 19% 10th Reunion SPSG Club Morgan Marino Confetti Club Meriel Colglazier Rachel Cook Ashley Decker Kendall Thibeault Gator Club Eliza Ayers Anna Chay Curren Molly Farber Courtney Fields Jill Whitty Jill Connor Zurowski

Class of 2007 14% Confetti Club Nadia Abdulghani Lindsey Messmore Gator Club Victoria Banknell Anna Clifford Courtney Cole Alison Murphy Lily Rougeot Addie Tower

Gator Club Kristina Beese Barbara Knipp Burke Melanie Gilarsky Kelly Muedeking

Class of 2009 27% Confetti Club Christa Stoehr Gator Club Danielle Berman Kathryn Cathell Elizabeth Ann Morrill Cisek Anna Conley Taylor Corey Kelly Cunningham Alexa Curley Esther Duvall Sarah Gillman Adele Hawley Emily Nelson Courtney Neubauer Hayward Sawers Kirsten Smith Michele Tehan Rebecca Yaffe

2010s Class of 2010 8% Confetti Club Justine Heritage Gator Club Arianna Cignarale Sarah Cisek Molly Ford Lauren Schumacher

Class of 2011 28% 5th Reunion Confetti Club Lindsay Farber

Class of 2012 5% Gator Club Katherine Burch Catherine Kreps Madeline McClinton Kate Ramsdell

Class of 2013 13% Confetti Club Julia Gill Alexandra Harper Gator Club Alexis Cisek Emma Meck Caroline Ponsi Noelani Schulmeyer Shelby Wells

Class of 2014 7% Confetti Club Hannah Bair Anna Blake Tiffany McKee Jordan Riger

Class of 2015 3% SPSG Club Quinn Conrad Gator Club Rachel Yaffe

Annual Report

FACULTY AND STAFF Anonymous Diana Allen Debbie Awalt Susan Ballenger Lisa O. Banknell Jason Barnett Lucille Ann Blackman Amy Bortner Melissa Coffey Brooks ’03 Kathryn Buffington ’04 Dana L. Burton Derick Chana Anna Clifford ’07 Ian Cohen Natasha C. Cooper Jason Creeger Linda D’Apolito Jeanne R. Day Sofia DeJesus Agatha M. Diver Shannon Duckett Samuel N. Evins V Penny B. Evins Laura Feigus Christina S. Ferrens Phyllis S. Flenniken Heather Flower-Rogers Sarah Fry Cynthia J. Garland Shawna Dillon Garliss ’91 Joanne Gill Margaret S. Green Amy M. Hassan Jon Hathorn Caroline Hebditch

John Hendricks Noelle C. Hewitt Erin Howland Megan Hudson Kendall Hunter Ali Jacobs Jill Crooks Karpovich ’91 Wendy Kelly Christina E. Kemmerer Paige E. Knipp Elizabeth Lightfoot Thomas E. Linz Bernie Lockhart-Gilroy Jamie Louzan Haley Brown Mahonski ’99 Kelly M. Mangan ’08 Nancy Marbury Aisha Mason Laurie May Ann T. McKenzie ’83 Brenna McKew Kathryn R. McKew Annie Smallwood Morse ’95 Erin Moyer Lee Mueller Sabrina T. Murray ’01 Ken Nagle Maki Okamoto Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86 Barbara Peco Alysa Porter Whitney Price Elizabeth Ransom Katherine Rickman Amy Scarborough Katie Scorza Charlotte R. Smith Christine Soudry Kimberly Speaks

Jill Stallings Michelle J. Stoll Nancy Stromberg Christine Szala Thomas Travers Stefanie C. Wainwright Eleanor F. Waller Vicky Wang David L. Warner Sarah E. Watson Diane Webbert Rebecca Whitaker Daniel Williams Montanna Wilson Joanna Wise James Wisniewski Janet Wolfe Emily Ziegler

FORMER TRUSTEES Mrs. Jean Barry Mr. Christopher H. Bartlett II Erin Gamse Becker ’85 Mrs. Barbara J. Bonnell Mr. Howard S. Boote, Jr. Mrs. Nancy Bradford Mr. Brett D. Clifford Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan ’79 Ozzie Johnson Cowan ’64 Molly Darrell ’71 Mr. Kevin R. Dunbar The Hon. Judith C. Ensor ’79 Mr. Jonathan E. Farber Laurie Hooper Fisher ’77 Kathleen O. Gavin ’79 Nell Tapscott Goetze ’89

Mrs. Marcia Goldberg Holly Martin Hamilos ’65 Elizabeth G. Hardiman ’85 Mr. Jack L. Harvey Mrs. Marie Hennessy Mrs. Bette Kenzie Mrs. Andrea B. Laporte Ellen McCausland Lord ’77 Mr. Robb L. Merritt Carol Carman Mettam ’67 Michelle Walker Musgrove Mr. J. Richard O’Connell Merle Obrecht Peace Mr. Jonathan R. Price Claire D. Stieff ’73 Parker Sutton ’79 Joan McDorman Thomas ’72 Beverly Wheeler Tilghman ’66 Mr. William C. Trimble, Jr. Mr. David Warshawsky Mr. William W. Whitty, Jr. Elizabeth M. Wright ’73 Karen Berger Yeagle ’63

FRIENDS Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Abrams Mrs. Dawn Adams Mrs. Jean W. Adams Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Bartlett II Mrs. Barbara J. Bonnell Bridge Marathon Club Ms. Eileen Bushong Mrs. Gretchen Christophel Douglas M. Fambrough, Ph.D. and Savitri Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. David Faus Dr. Robert E. Fischell Sc.D. 57

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart Mrs. Patricia M. Goff Mrs. Carolyn Gorsuch Mrs. Jaleh T. Hafizi Mrs. Bette Kenzie Ms. Christine Langr Mrs. Andrea B. Laporte Ms. Lila B. Lohr Mrs. Mary Looney Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Nelson Mrs. Lynn K. Pforr Mrs. Gertrude R. Pierce Mr. William H. Porter Mr. David P. Scheffenacker, Jr. Mr. Kevin Sottak Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Spencer SPSG Alumnae Association SPSG Class of 2016 SPSG Parents’ Association SPSG Student Government Association Mrs. Sarah E. Stehman Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Sullivan Mr. Jon Sussman Mr. Stephen W. Sutton Ms. Ann Teaff and Mr. Donald McPherson Mrs. Catherine J. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. William C. Trimble, Jr. Mrs. Sarah B. Uebersax Ms. Anjanette Wiggins Mrs. Barbara A. Williams


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Over 40 parents, alumnae and friends gathered on a beautiful fall day to play in SPSG’s Inaugural Gator Open tennis tournament. After tennis, participants gathered at Ivywood to socialize over lunch, receive player gift bags, and shop for activewear compliments of sponsor Spunkwear. Additional sponsors included Bollinger Energy and Maryland Screen Printers, Inc. Thanks to their generosity the event was a morning of spirited competition and fun. 59

ENDOWMENT AND SPECIAL GIFTS 2015–2016 Founders Circle ($25,000+) Anonymous Samuel Ready Scholarships, Inc. Mr. Harry K. Wells Leadership Circle ($15,000+) Ozzie Johnson Cowan ’64 Cowan Systems, LLC Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wakeman Epsitle Club ($10,000+) Mr. and Mrs. John A. Saxton Levering Club ($5,000+) Ayco Charitable Foundation (The Pamela S. Schutz ’72 Charitable Gift Fund) Baltimore Community Foundation Karinne Brunson Crossland ’75 Mrs. Mary Frances Wagley Mary Jenkins Waldon ’86 Headmistress Circle ($2,500+) Mr. William F. Chew III † Mr. Timothy Mullin and Ms. Tricia O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Nelson 1959 Society ($1,959+) Linda M. Chandlee ’70 Dorothy Grant Reed ’76 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Scott, Ph.D. Spiritus Gladius Club ($1,000+) Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles, Jr. Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan ’79 Mary Baker Edwards ’77 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Heidi B. Ginter ’89 Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86 Mr. and Mrs. George E. Thomsen Green & White Club ($500+) Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Bollinger (Jennifer Gunning ’89) Karen Townsend Byrd ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. S. Campbell (Dorsey Hoff ’83) Patricia C. Carroll ’76 Holly Harper Chabbott ’84 Kathryn Jennings Clark ’84

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Jane Wehland Patterson ’81 Mary Beirne Pearre ’74 Janet R. Pedrazzani ’88 Jillian C. Randolph ’15 Dorothy Grant Reed ’76 Beale Cockey Saul ’76 Hyland Patterson Schaller ’79 Pamela S. Schutz ’72 Elizabeth H. Siegfried ’73 Georgia Emory Smith ’77 Sandra L. Stevens ’90 Diane E. TenHoopen ’76 Natalie J. Tyler ’76 Jennifer St. Clair Waddell ’90 Mary Jenkins Waldon ’86 Lou Anne Plumhoff Wellford ’81 The Hon. Alexandra Nichols Williams ’74 Elizabeth M. Wright ’73 Former Trustees Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles, Jr. Mr. William F. Chew III † Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan ’79 Katherine A. Courpas ’84 Ozzie Johnson Cowan ’64 The Hon. Judith C. Ensor ’79 Laurie Hooper Fisher ’77 Kathleen O. Gavin ’79 Ms. Tricia D. O’Neill Mr. David Warshawsky The Hon. Alexandra Nichols Williams ’74 Elizabeth M. Wright ’73 Friends Mrs. Rosalind Ehudin Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Evelyn A. Flory, Ph.D. Mr. Bradley D. Noles Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Spencer Mr. Stephen W. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. George E. Thomsen Mrs. Mary Frances Wagley Ms. Anjanette Wiggins

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ENDOWMENT AND CAPITAL FUNDS Brown Poetry Mr. and Mrs. A. MacDonough Plant Debbie Abbott ’87 Memorial Scholarship Jenifer A. Cromwell ’87 Evelyn A. Flory, Ph.D. Fund Mrs. Rosalind Ehudin Evelyn A. Flory, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Spencer Mr. Stephen W. Sutton Stacey Ellen Hooper ’72 Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Laurie Hooper Fisher ’77 Linda King Award Ann T. McKenzie ’83 Cameron L. O’Neill Mullin Fund Mr. Timothy Mullin and Ms. Tricia O’Neill Ms. Thomasine Parrott Jillian Randolph ’15 Mr. Stephen W. Sutton Mr. Harry K. Wells Jean Nekola Scholarship Fund Louisa Lothrop Affleck ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Bollinger (Jennifer Gunning ’89) June L. Bouscaren ’78 Meredith McShane Brooks ’76 Sally Morrison Brown ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. S. Campbell (Dorsey Hoff ’83) Patricia C. Carroll ’76 Holly Harper Chabbott ’84 Lynn MacLea Chambers ’76 Linda M. Chandlee ’70 Kathryn Jennings Clark ’84 Heather E. Cook ’74 Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan ’79 Katherine A. Courpas ’84 Elizabeth D. Covington ’77 Jenifer A. Cromwell ’87 Karinne Brunson Crossland ’75

Mary Baker Edwards ’77 Helen Norman Elmore ’78 The Hon. Judith C. Ensor ’79 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Laurie Hooper Fisher ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. Furlong (Amy Hall ’83) Elizabeth Hollingshead Furlong ’80 Katherine Armstrong Gaudet ’69 Kathleen O. Gavin ’79 Heidi B. Ginter ’89 Mr. and Mrs. J. Seth Hamed (Jennifer McNamara ’87) Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Hirsch (Jennifer Pierson ’82) Elizabeth R. Holland ’70 Mr. John Springer and Ms. Michelle Hooper ’80 Kathleen B. Hurley ’78 Nancy Leighton Koenig ’69 The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. David Leighton Sally Norris McCabe ’71 Ann T. McKenzie ’83 Anjali Gupta Mehta ’88 Laura S. Muench-Nasrallah ’87 Martha B. Murray ’75 Northrop Grumman Foundation Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86 Jane Wehland Patterson ’81 Mary Beirne Pearre ’74 Janet R. Pedrazzani ’88 Dorothy Grant Reed ’76 Beale Cockey Saul ’76 Hyland Patterson Schaller ’79 Elizabeth H. Siegfried ’73 Georgia Emory Smith ’77 Sandra L. Stevens ’90 Diane E. TenHoopen ’76 Natalie J. Tyler ’76 Jennifer St. Clair Waddell ’90 Mary Jenkins Waldon ’86 Lou Anne Plumhoff Wellford ’81 The Hon. Alexandra Nichols Williams ’74 Elizabeth M. Wright ’73

Learning Services Fund Mr. Harry K. Wells Marbury Fund Mr. and Mrs. Luke Marbury Mary Ellen Thomsen Writer-in-Residence Fund Mr. and Mrs. George E. Thomsen Middendorf Endowed Scholarship Ayco Charitable Foundation (The Pamela S. Schutz ’72 Charitable Gift Fund) Carol Remington Foglesong ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wakeman Saxton Family Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. John A. Saxton Rosalind Levering Turf Field Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Cowan (Ozzie Johnson ’64) Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Nelson Vision Campaign Mr. William F. Chew III † Mary Frances Wagley Scholarship Fund Baltimore Community Foundation Mariceleste Miller ’86 Mrs. Mary Frances Wagley Karrie Walton ’83 Scholarship Fund Karen Townsend Byrd ’83 Ann T. McKenzie ’83 Mary Page B. Michel ’83 Mr. Bradley D. Noles Mr. and Mrs. James L. Scott, Ph.D. Janeva Wiggins ’00 Scholarship Fund Anjanette Wiggins Mrs. Sheila Ray Wiggins Warshawsky Visiting Scholars Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. David Warshawsky

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LEAVE YOUR MARK ON THE FUTURE OF ST. PAUL’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS It’s true. By making us the beneficiary of your will, you’ll help guarantee our financial strength tomorrow, without affecting your cash flow or your family’s financial stability today. It’s an easy gift to help our girls and their teachers for generations to come. © 2016 Not intended as legal or investment advice.

For more information about becoming a member of The Ivy Society, contact Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86, Director of Development at (443) 632-1020,

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THE IVY SOCIETY Established in 1959 in its current location in Brooklandville, Maryland, St. Paul’s School for Girls has been fortunate to have the generous financial support necessary to implement and sustain the ideals of the founding Headmistress, Rosalind Levering. She believed that there was a great need for a school where the emphasis was on “the fullest possible development of personality, a school small enough and flexible enough to help each child individually develop maturity in judgment, discrimination and perceptiveness, and to have a high standard of values.” Many agreed with her, and the school has grown, thrived, and flourished since then, sustained by voluntary contributions of time and financial support. In 1992, the Board of Trustees created the Ivy Society to recognize those members of the community who have named St. Paul’s School for Girls as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Originally a small group, the Ivy Society has grown to include trustees, alumnae, parents of alumnae, grandparents, faculty and staff, and friends of the school. Members of the Ivy Society enjoy knowing that their gift will help the school prepare for the future. Members of the Ivy Society feel personal satisfaction knowing their planned gift will help ensure a strong, sound financial future for St. Paul’s School for Girls. We invite you to contact Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86, director of development, at 443-632-1020 or to determine how a planned gift not only benefits you, but best suits your long-term financial plans. Tracy A. Bacigalupo Mrs. Edward C. Beetem II Mrs. John C.G. Boyce, Sr. Mrs. Nancy Bradford Mrs. Mary Bready Julie E. Bundy ’78 Mrs. D. D. Caples Mrs. Anne A. Chapin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clarke Mr. Ian Cohen Mrs. Sian Colglazier Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Day III Mr. and Mrs. George Diver Mrs. Sandra Durfee Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Edwards, Jr. (Mary Baker ’77) The Hon. Judith C. Ensor ’79 Douglas M. Fambrough, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Farber Evelyn A. Flory, Ph.D. Mrs. Tacy Levering French † Elizabeth Hollingshead Furlong ’80 Ms. Cynthia J. Garland Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Geddes Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gephart Mr. John Gillespie and Dr. Monica Gillespie Mr. Armand F. Girard

Laura M. Green ’79 Ms. Helen C. Hall Mr. J. M. Dryden Hall, Jr. and Mrs. Marcia C. Hall † Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hall Holly Martin Hamilos ’65 Meredith Sargeant Harrington ’71 Mrs. Marie R. Hennessy Mr. Louis J. Hofferbert Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hollingshead Mrs. Bettie S. Holmes Mrs. Mary Green “Greenie” Harrison Hooker Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Hoyle Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Iddings Mr. John P. Jaeger Erica Carroll Johnson-Meadows ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Vernon B. Kearns Mrs. Carol N. Kelly † Mrs. Isabelle Kilmer Mr. and Mrs. William Kirk, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F. James Knittle, Jr. Ms. Lila B. Lohr Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Lull III Mrs. Janet Lull Mary A. Madden ’88 Mrs. Josephine W. Marbury Nancy and Luke Marbury Meredith Strutt Mighty ’98 The Moss Family

Caroline G. Ober Mr. Robert L. Oster and Ms. Lori Mulligan Mrs. Clementine Peterson Mrs. Warwick B. Plant Mrs. Robert Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Price Mr. W. James Price IV Deirdre Wilson Redmond ’78 Mr. William L. Reed Mr. and Mrs. James L. Scott, Ph.D. Mr. Stephen D. Seymour Mr. J. Michael Sloneker and Ms. Donna Sills The Hon. George D. Solter Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Spencer Jessica L. Stephens ’97 Tevera D. Stith ’93 Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Thomas, Jr. (Joan McDorman ’72) Mrs. Mary Ellen Thomsen Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Tilghman, Jr. (Beverly Wheeler ’66) Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vlk Mrs. Mary Frances Wagley Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Waller, Jr. Janet Colt Wang ’69 The Hon. Alexandra Nichols Williams ’74 Mr. Harold E. Wilmoth Elizabeth M. Wright ’73 and Mr. Charles Holman

† deceased 63

Donor Profile

Steve and Debbie Awalt The entrance to The Ward Center for the Performing Arts reminds us of how and why it was built, its spiritual and financial foundations are permanently etched into the stained glass panels in the theatre’s foyer: “Two Schools — A Shared Vision” rests above the names of the many benefactors whose time and money led the schools from a vision of an exemplary performing arts center to a facility that manages dozens of productions and hundreds of theatre classes each year.

Left to right: Meredith ’15, Debbie, Madison ’11, and Steve Awalt

In 1990, over $5.8 million was raised to establish the Ward Center for the Arts, however, it takes regular donations, small and large, from a variety of donors to keep it operating and up-to-date. In December 2014, St. Paul’s School for Girls parents Steve and Debbie Awalt (Madison ’11, Meredith ’15) made an in-kind gift of upgraded and additional wireless microphones, allowing nearly the entire cast of the musicals and plays to be professionally and invisibly amplified, along with a set of heavier duty wireless microphones to be used by middle school actors and actresses. The gift included software, training, and electronic mixing equipment to make it all work. For the Awalts, this gift reflected their daughters’ best experiences, and the best that St. Paul’s School for Girls had to offer. Steve, a business lawyer in Towson, described their motive for making the gift in-kind, “We made our gift because we want other girls to have the same and better experiences that our girls had. Our gift was directed to the Ward Center because we wanted St. Paul’s School for Girls and St. Paul’s School to continue to have the best facilities and equipment to stay competitive with theatre programs at other schools. Over the years, we found the productions to be uniformly excellent—professional and entertaining, as well as educational in the best way.“

“We made our gift because we want other girls have the same and better experiences that our girls had. Our gift was directed to the Ward Center because we wanted SPSG and SP to continue to have the best facilities and equipment to stay competitive with the theater programs in other schools.”

Debbie, an employee in the admissions office at SPSG, reflected on her interest in the school as a whole, and its commitment to theatre. “On the academic side, small classes where girls receive personal attention, coupled with high expectations, demonstrated the value of an independent school education, week to week, and year to year. Madison and Meredith responded very well to teachers that required much of them, in part because they knew and respected those teachers; this was especially true in the theatre department—they benefited from first-rate instruction in the classroom, followed up by very demanding expectations in the after-school musical and drama productions. We are pleased by the way that St. Paul’s School for Girls maintained a deep commitment to theatre arts both in the classroom and on stage. Our girls would both say that they grew and learned as much onstage as they did in the classroom.” The Ward Center became a hub of the Awalt’s SPSG experience; they described attending every musical and play, and observed how shows and actors evolved as a production’s performance run continued. Over the years, they saw students—including their daughters—develop from the back of the chorus line to lead roles. They watched 17-year-olds deliver meaningful, mature performances of some of the great works in dramatic theatre. Seeing so many shows allowed them to observe the quality of the performances, as well as the shortcomings with the equipment. There would be great productions and striking individual performances, but at times, the sound quality would be lacking, a microphone would fail, static would overrun a line, voices at the rear of the cast could not be heard. Steve spoke of the relationships they formed with the staff at the Ward Center and how that affected their choice of gift, “Over the years we became close with the staff—Chris Kemmerer, Cliff Low, Lee Mueller, and John Hendricks—and we developed an idea of what the program needed to continue in its ability to produce first-rate productions, and to be a social and educational hub for both schools. We also felt that the best thing we could do when Meredith graduated was to provide direct support to what we believed was the best aspect of our experience. Because of our relationship with staff and our knowledge of what was needed, making a gift to fund the wireless microphones and sound equipment was the right thing to do.” And why go to a show every night it plays, don’t you already know the outcome? “If it were lacrosse or volleyball, we’d go to every game,” the Awalts said. “With a program this strong, and the kids so committed, there is something new and worthwhile to see every night.”


CLASS NOTES Call for Class Notes & Updated Contact Information

Please send news and photos directly to your Class Secretaries. For classes without secretaries, email your news to Digital photos, 300 dpi or higher, saved as jpg files are accepted. Only photos with adequate resolution will be published. Don’t forget to include specific details in your caption. To update your record, contact Amy Bortner, director of alumnae and parent relations, at or call 443-632-1038. We look forward to hearing from you and reconnecting you with SPSG!

Pictured: Alison Knott DeGryse ’95 65

Nineteen Sixties 1963 Karen Berger Yeagle, Class Secretary Linda Hammann Wilson completed one of the items on her bucket list when she and a friend spent two fantastic weeks in Hawaii. Linda also took a cruise to the western Caribbean, and later this summer she will be spending time visiting her sister Betsy in Tennessee. Of course her grandsons occupy quite a bit of her time, and she continues doing water aerobics with her friends, taking mini day trips, and going out for lunch. Karen Gruber Jeffery’s daughter, Kate, married this past year, and Karen’s husband, Larry, was the officiant at the wedding. The wedding was a country weekend event, with many of Kate and husband Zach’s friends camping in the meadow. According to Karen, “most of the guests landed in the pool after much dancing.” Kate and Zach now live in Vancouver, where Kate is teaching and Zach is working on his master’s degree in Industrial Design. Karen and Larry will be visiting them for a week, looking for orcas in Desolate Bay and near Quadra Island. After Mom and Dad visit, Kate and Zach will be embarking on a month-long trip paddling on the Peel River in the Northern Yukon. Gail Stapf Smith celebrated her 70th birthday with three parties! One of Gail’s best pieces of news is that her sister, Kathy, has successfully recovered from lung cancer and is doing well. Gail is extremely proud of her and was with her sister all the way through this ordeal. Gail’s daughter, Amie, her husband, Nadeem, and their three children live in New Jersey, where Nadeem was made chairman of his department at Sloan Kettering. Gail’s son, Neal, and his wife, Simone, live in Reisterstown with their little boy, Ruben, who just finished first grade. Gail enjoys working two days a week, and she also enjoys garden club and her book club. She and Bob, who is now retired, have moved to a condo in Mays Chapel. They have also spent the month of March in Siesta Key, Fla. for the past several years, as well as spending time with Amie and her family at their beach house in Delaware. Jill Hatch Munder is staying home this summer but in September will be taking a trip out West to visit the National Parks. She and her family went to a new area in Florida called Bradenton during the month of February and had a wonderful time. It is hard to believe that her grandson, Alex, just got his driver’s license. Jane Weddell Hammann and husband Gordy took a trip to Ireland in the spring, saw many sights, and she says they enjoyed visiting “all the pubs we could find.” Jane found the people so very friendly, and she and Gordy had a great time. Gordy is still working, but he is cutting back a bit so the two of them can spend more time in Florida. When Gordy does retire, they will be spending more time down there. Their oldest grandson is going into his junior year in college, and their six other grandchildren are doing well! Clara Burnett Tordella is doing well. Fortunately, her stroke in 2013 was a small one, and Clara can enjoy her life and time with her family. She has three grandsons. Lucas (7) lives with his parents in Silver Spring. He attends school in Howard County, where his mom is a media specialist. He has been placed in advanced classes and loves school. Clara’s other two grandsons live in California near Los Angeles. Max is just 2, and Zac is now 9. To quote Clara, “Who knew my world would be populated by so many men!”


Helen Bergland Reilly recently spent two months in Maine. All of her children and grandchildren arrived to visit them in various stages. Tom continues to work from home as a registered investment adviser, and Helen is working with clients as a certified personal trainer. After three years, they have finally finished updating their home in Greenspring Valley. Both of her daughters, Sarah and Lloyd, live in Roland Park with their families. Sarah has a child who attends Friends School, one who begins college this fall, and another attends McDonogh, where her father is a Lower School science teacher. Lloyd’s son is at St. Paul’s and loves playing lacrosse, and her daughter has one more year at Calvert. Between the two of them, Helen and Tom have nine grandchildren, and they all live in Baltimore. What a wonderful family! Lee Pieper Kakel wrote to me that she really has no news; however, I happen to know that she spends quite a bit of time with her grandchildren. I do know that she “gives a helping hand” to her daughter Jennifer, who has four very cute children. Jennifer’s children are quite the swimmers, as they are on our pool’s swim team. Judy Kitchen Mattis seems to be all over the world! She traveled to Belize and Disney World with her son and one of her granddaughters; then to Switzerland and Italy for backpacking, riding the rails, and avoiding all of the big cities; and then hiking in the Alps and the Dolomites. As if this were not enough, Judy is still busy with her farm animals, the hay, her cats and dogs, and of course, spending time with her grandchildren. As for me, Karen Berger Yeagle, I am still teaching part time. I get to go to lots of lacrosse games, as my grandson Colson (8) plays. His dad (my son, Lance) coaches Colson’s lacrosse and soccer teams. Lance continues to play lacrosse all year long, and his family lives in Perry Hall. My daughter Meredith and her family live in Wilmington, Del. Meredith’s husband is a partner in a law firm, and they have two wonderful children. Aubrey (8) attends Friends School, and she swims on a team during the year. She also plays the violin. Their son Charlie (10) goes to the University School at the University of Delaware. My oldest son, Jarrod, and his family live in the Anneslie neighborhood of Baltimore. Both Ben (8) and Elliott (5) will be attending Stoneleigh Elementary School this year. My sister and I will go to Cape May in September for our yearly trip. Just let me say thank you to all of you in our class for responding to my email asking you for class news. I think that we had more news than we have had in the past several years.

1964 Ozzie Johnson Cowan, Class Secretary Good news from Jane Kommalan Gallagher: retirement! I am sure that Johns Hopkins University is in chaos without her, but boy is she happy to be footloose and fancy-free! Jane is enjoying their lovely vacation home in Ligonier, Pa. and spending quality time with family and friends. Her hubby Mike is still the best teacher at Towson University, and Jane tells me he is hugely popular with the students! Their sons, Michael and Devon, are happy and successful in their lives and careers, so our Jane is content. Ellen Wakefield Yenawine recently spent three weeks at her son Chris’s home in Lake Geneva, Switzerland! Ellen is busy spoiling her two granddaughters, Sophie and Ellie. The renovated 15th century house is in a tiny village on Lake Geneva, which Ellen could see from her window. Ellen spent some time in Maryland with her son PJ and his family before

she crossed the pond. Her hubby Gardner’s grandchildren arrived when she got home. Life is primarily and happily about family. She and Gardner continue to teach Sunday school and stay involved with youth group work, which keeps her young. Ellen sends love to all! Susie Finney McNeely is spending the summer at her beautiful Nova Scotia home, where all of her kids and grandchildren visit with her. There are 16 grandchildren! This summer, the 3-year old twins visited with Susie’s brother, Jan. I think we should have a reunion there! Susie is still recovering from eye surgery, but—thank goodness—she can still drive! Her children live nearby in Charlottesville, so she’s never lonely. Jill Grimmer Zupancic is looking forward to spending some time with the family at their home in Ocean Pines. Bill is still working, and Megan is doing well. Their dog, Penny, continues to run the house, all five pounds of her! Peggy Young Chambliss now lives in Panama City, Fla. Lee Higgenbotham Turowski is still living near Annapolis. Both Lee and Art are retired and enjoying a peaceful life near the Bay. Their daughter, Laura, lives nearby, and their son, Carson, is married with a baby. Bunny McManus Vedros and Pat are doing fine, but they have decided to sell their beautiful house in Seabeck, Wash. and spend their time in their house in Henderson, Neb. They love it there and enjoy seeing all four seasons. Bunny said they had a fabulous trip doing the Northwest Passage on a beautiful French ship. It took three weeks to cross from Greenland to Nome, Alaska. They spent time in Lisbon and Porto and met friends in Paris before heading up to Greenland. Bunny and Pat are hoping to meet friends in St. Bart’s in February. Bunny also said they may move east in the future. It seems Pat has a huge family in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida! Kathy Bosley Franklin is still in Taneytown but no longer drives. She sees quite a bit of her darling brother, Jimmy. Carol Gruber Price still lives in enchanting Lenox, Mass. and enjoys her two grandchildren. They are growing up so fast! They are, of course, her reason for living. Nancy Wilson Halgren has the best news ever! A grandson was born in September 2015 to her daughter Eleanor and her son-in-law, Joe. By the time you read this, he will be walking! Her other daughter, Annie, and her son-in-law, Jason, dote on 5-year-old Fiona, who keeps everyone on their toes! Nancy and Don love babysitting! Nancy celebrated her 70th birthday by having a family crab feast, flying Maryland crabs up to Massachusetts. Nancy has been working the White Elephant booth at her church fair for over 25 years. Don is still serving on just about every town committee and has finally cut back on his patent business. They absolutely love their antique house in Manchester-By-The-Sea, where they’ve been for over 40 years! Another shout out to Hope Smith Pollard and John, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past June! Their two sons, John D. and Timothy, and their wives threw a big party. Joe and I were sorry to miss it! Hope has retired from her job at Gilman, but John continues to enjoy teaching at Notre Dame of Maryland University. Their pride and joy are their grandchildren: Elizabeth, who is at St. Paul’s lower school and Ian, who is in New York with mommy and daddy. They also love to babysit!

Class Notes Alison Christie Tucker has recovered from her knee surgery after last year’s harrowing trip in the middle of a war in Turkey. She passed on travel this summer and decided to redo her bathroom instead. Never bored, Alison is working part time in a high-end boutique in Portsmouth and loves working at a day care center several days a week. They call her the “reading lady!” She works with the 3- to 4-year-olds, trying to get them reading ready. Alison enjoys bringing in books about wild animals and working individually with the children. Her sister, Jean Christie Farquhar ’67, and her hubby, Ian, invited her to join them as they globe trot around the world next year, and she’s still trying to decide. They do back-to-back multi-week cruises, and she might join them on one. Alison is also very involved in an athenaeum, a scientific and literary association. There are only 12 left in the world, and you have to be invited to join. Alison archives very old photos. She loves history, particularly related to the American seacoast. If you visit Portsmouth, Alison is your go-to guide! Her granddaughter, Eli, is 16 this summer, and her son, Barrett, still lives in California near San Francisco.

a chance to write back. Then, on Friday morning, we spent an hour in the Crane Library, each of us was paired with a girl to chat and answer questions. One funny question we were asked was, “Did you wear spandex under your uniforms?” We replied that we wore petty-pants and had to kneel on the floor to make sure our uniforms were long enough! Things have changed in the last 50 years! We have lost four classmates: Lannie Seamans Smallwood, Barb Neely Sample, Patti Schall, and Lynn Bray. St. Paul’s did a beautiful memorial service on Saturday morning in remembrance of the 10 SP class of ’66 deceased classmates, and at the last minute, they included our classmates! They shared each person’s name and lit a candle for them. Fourteen of us were there for all or some of the reunion events. It was good to catch up with Susan Williams Cooper, who came to our class dinner on Saturday night. We hadn’t seen her for the last 20 years! I am living in Tucson on a wonderful property that borders State and National Parks. My husband, Bub, who is happily retired and loves to play tennis and travel with me. My two kids and three grandkids are also here, which makes for plenty of family play! Life is good.”

Anne Hamilton Birely’s husband, Carter, passed away peacefully on July 31 surrounded by family. Anne thanks everyone for their prayers and love. Carter is at peace at last. Anne, we will keep you in our thoughts.

Lynn Brooks (our ultra-endurance competitor!) came on Friday on her way to her new house on the Eastern Shore for the 5th grade event and the wonderful luncheon with Head of School Penny Evins. Lynn is retired but doing quite a bit of volunteering. She married Barbara, her partner of 27 years, in 2013.

We are also sending thoughts and prayers to Dana Zinn Aumann. Her husband, Kurt, passed away this summer after battling cancer. Kurt was a loving husband and father. He will be missed. As for me, Ozzie Johnson Cowan, life is good! My grandsons are all healthy. Jody’s house was finally finished, and both daughters were back in Sherwood for the summer. Joe and I fit in a little travel and spent the winter in Florida. (We are definitely and defiantly old!) Joe is semi-retired, still living on the golf course, and still working out to stay healthy. I am fully retired, out of the sun, and I figure walking up and down the stairs counts! Our grandsons—Howdy, William, Warry, Conor, and Ryan, ages 6 to 15—keep us hopping. That’s about it for 2016. SPSG is lucky to have Penny Evins as Head of School. I wish I had a granddaughter to send there! The faculty and staff remain top notch and family oriented. Here’s to all of the girls of the sixties! Keep those cards, letters, and emails rolling in, and remember to support dear old SPSG!

1965 Holly Hamilos, Class Secretary

Elise Boyce looked great as she popped in for the 5th grader meeting before having to run off for other obligations. Helen Brooks told us her “grandchildren are growing like weeds! They are three girls and two boys, ranging in age: 13, 10, 8, 4, and 2 years old. They keep me very busy, as all of them live here. Lots of fun and laughs! I am very blessed. Life is good.” Sandy Bond Brown came north from South Carolina with husband Greg. They have three kids and six grandkids. She says she loves riding her buckskin Quarter Horse, Dallas. She and Greg are both retired. Judy Chew Boone has five children, eight grandchildren, three dogs and two cats! She also has her houses in Florida, Maine, and Ocean City. To our delight, she brought her daughter Tiffany (also an alumna) to our Saturday dinner! Betsy Hammann Schwindt and her husband, Bill, came up from Tennessee. They have a house on the Outer Banks in North Carolina and are planning a trip to Antarctica next year! She has two talented daughters and a 6-year-old grandson.

Holly Hamilos writes: “I have not received any mail from you, so I assume that all is well in your life at this time. I hope that you are enjoying the leisure of retirement as much as I am. It’s a wonderful time of life to be able to do exactly as you please and pursue new interests. I am deeply saddened to inform you that we lost two of our classmates this year: Susan Peck Knott and Joyce Fisher Hills. I extend deepest sympathy from our class to their families. Please stay in touch and be safe as you enjoy the coming year.”

Nancy McCormick Odette is living on 26 acres in Monkton but is transitioning to a smaller home in Hunt Valley. She and her husband, Larry, have also recently bought a home in Sanibel, Fla. She has two children and two grandchildren. She volunteers for several charities, including her church and a wildlife rehabilitation reserve.


Paula Varga Nyitrai is celebrating 49 years of marriage to Lou. She has been a realtor for the last 22 years and keeps busy with rentals and investment properties. She has one son and two grandsons.

Joeann Fossland, Class Secretary Joeann Fossland writes: “Our class celebrated our 50th reunion this year and had a wonderful time! We were all appreciative of the way we were feted by the school. The high point for most of us was the pairing we had with the 5th graders. They had sent us notes before we visited, and we had

Sargie Marquess Woodward still teaches at Jemicy School. She volunteers at her church and stays busy with tennis, gardening, and walking. She is married to Joe.

Beverly Wheeler Tilghman lives with her husband, Richard, on the Eastern Shore in the Lloyd family house. They love to travel with their daughter Elizabeth and have visited every continent, but not the moon, yet! She and Richard both do

a lot of volunteering and love being the 12th generation of caretakers to own the Wye House. Libby Maxwell Houserman, Caryl Mitchenfelder Baetjer, and Susan Kessler Gordon were in touch and had family situations that prevented them from joining us for Green & White Weekend. Susan Kessler Gordon updated us by email about the good things that happened this year: “Two good things: I won a nationally advertised poetry contest and am going to have a book of poetry published in the fall by Concrete Wolf Press. I also found a new job. I am now working for Villa Maria in Frederick as a counselor. I love it.” Candi Gifford Bonney has reconnected with us. She lived in Italy for a while and is now back in North Carolina! Next year, I hope to share news about Ellen Dale Adams, Martha Hatch, Meg Hooker Hanssen, Lucia Humes, Nancy Patterson Hawkland, Wendy Pfeiffer Rurka, Mary Ellen Shanklin Buchness, and Susan Warren. Hopefully, they will read this and give this class secretary a call or email! We are hoping everyone is well and enjoying life! Michelle Kupiec Kempske said, ”One of the best things that happened this year for me was seeing and spending time with some of my classmates. I totally enjoyed catching up, and more important, getting to know some of my classmates better. It seemed that even though we are older now, we can still learn things from one another. I learned from Beverly, Joeann, Helen, Sandy, Paula, and Nancy. We are (at least I am) still ’green and growing.’ That being said, I guess I am not yet ’ripe.’ And that is a good thing, because ’when you are ripe, you begin to rot.’”

1967 Carol Remington Foglesong, Class Secretary Our 50th Reunion is coming! Mark your calendars now for May 5–6, 2017. Barbara Berger wrote that she recently adopted a 3-yearold Boston terrier (previously owned by her wonderful veterinarian). Now her terrier and her 3-year-old mutt are great buddies. Barbara’s two other dogs passed in the spring and are in a better place now. She had an amazing trip to South Africa. She saw great safaris and animals, and the scenery in Cape Town, with the two oceans and mountains, was beyond serene and spectacular. In June 2016, Barbara went to Panama and Peru, including Machu Picchu, which was also beautiful—though landing in the mountains of Cuzco was a bit dicey. It also took a while to adjust to the altitude while climbing Machu Picchu! She travels with a group of six people, and they have a great time. Barbara still volunteers at the elementary school and loves having her great-nephews over for sleepovers. Also, she still loves going to Cape May with her sister every September. Carol Carman Mettam chimed in to say that this summer will (most likely) be the highlight of her year. Her daughter, Whitney Mettam White ’04, graduated from London Business School in mid-July with her MBA. To celebrate, Carol, Whitney, Whitney’s husband Kyle, and Holt (SP ’05) traveled to South Africa—first to a couple of safari locations, and then to Cape Town. As she wrote this, Carol and Ron were sitting in the British Airways lounge at Dulles airport, waiting to take off for London to attend Whitney’s graduation. This trip was on their collective bucket list for a long time, and all of them were stoked to visit!


Jean Christie Farquhar’s biggest news this year is that she is finally a granny! Jonathan Alexander Farquhar was born on March 12! Of course, he’s the cutest baby in the world! They have also been traveling again. In January they went to Hawaii and then down to Costa Rica to pick up the sailing ship, the Sea Cloud II, for a two-week cruise that ended in Barbados. They then went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for eight days, followed by a trip to Santiago, Chile, where they loved every minute of the charming city, lovely people, and amazing scenery. They also made a three-week trip to France and Italy via China, mainly to see their old friend Bill. France was terribly cold and wet, but Italy was wonderful as always. Jean is still painting lots of horses, dogs, and cats, and she loves getting to play granny! Kathy Hill Hosford says that life is busy, which is a good thing, as it keeps her young. She and her husband, Chip, just had their sixth grandchild in May, so lately she has spent a lot of time helping their daughter-in-law with her new baby boy, Mack. Chip and Kathy got away for a week in July to go camping and eat a little lobster in Maine. This fall they are planning a camping trip to Arizona, and they hope to take the two older grandkids on their first weekend camping trip. She just saw a recipe for staying young in Lancaster Farmer (she bets we all read this weekly publication as well): a 94-year-old farmer has been married to the same woman his whole life and is still farming—so don’t stop farming! Stephanie Livie Velleggia shared that her most exciting news is that she’ll be returning to Paris to be with her daughter, Alexandra, and her son-in-law, Nathan, for the birth of her first grandchild in December 2016! Alexandra accepted a threeyear position in Paris with Euler Hermes in 2015 as the global director of marketing. Her son, Michael, has been the general manager of the Towson Tavern for three years. He was recruited for the position from the Capital Grille in downtown Baltimore. The restaurant business is clearly in his DNA. Steph has returned to the working world on a part-time basis, three days a week in the gallery at Monument Sothebys International Realty in Roland Park. They’re located in the tudor shopping center with Petit Louis. This year was also a good year for travel. She went to Telum, Mexico, with her brother and his wife, visited her cousin Michelle in San Diego, and spent the Christmas season in Paris with her daughter and son-in-law, with a visit to Munich to see her brother and his family. Lindsay Montgomery sent word that this summer she and her two dogs are traveled around the Northeast in her new R-Pod travel trailer. She took it south to Asheville, N.C. on its maiden voyage in May, where she met up with her godson, Patrick Ober and his other half, Colleen. Lindsay stayed at Wee Two Island for a few days, and then traveled to her friend’s cabin with the travel trailer. She volunteered at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival the third weekend in July, then went back to the island for one and a half weeks with friends. She is looking forward to adventures and misadventures on the road. Who knows where she will turn up next? Linda Riepe Perl reported that everything is pretty much the same with her. She and her husband, Larry, are still toggling between their house and her mother’s, spending every night with her. It is nice being in her old home again. Linda is still working for Strong City Baltimore, which is very busy and has grown substantially in the past several years. It’s nice to be a part of such a viable organization. Larry left his job at the Sun Media Group and will be having knee replacement surgery in early September. He is going to the same doctor who replaced both of Linda’s mother’s knees when she was in her eighties!


Carol Remington Foglesong hasn’t had much opportunity to totally unpack suitcases and wash clothes during the first six months of 2016, and she is still working full time, although retirement is edging closer. She went on a fabulous, inspiring, and joyous trip around the bottom third of South America (Buenos Aires to Santiago), which took 18 days. She also takes semi-regular trips, about every six to eight weeks, to Baltimore to see her mom at Broadmead. Her son’s wedding in New Braunfels, Texas in April went off spectacularly, followed by a work trip to Provo, Utah, a girls’ weekend at a beach house in May, a trip to Rochester, Minn. as a friend’s health surrogate in June, followed by a week in Memphis for the merger of two professional organizations into one. Phew! Lou Warren Edmunds wrote: “As most of you know, I have been battling stage IV lung cancer since September. It has been quite a journey, with all the ups and downs that make a journey into an adventure. What has surprised me is that the ups have far surpassed the downs. Mostly I have learned that I am not making this journey alone but have had support, love, and tools given to me by friends, family and strangers alike. They have humbled me, inspired me, and gotten me this far. Many of you are from the class of 1967, and no words can convey how much your cards, letters, and visits have meant to me. I have received the greatest letter from Nancy Jones as well as others, and feel Carol and Steph’s support daily. I do plan to kick cancer’s ass, as it has kicked mine for a time. So stay with me, class, and when this is over, hand me a mic and we can all sing some Motown!” Karen Zeller Kennedy says that not much out of the ordinary is going on with her and her family. Her husband, David, is looking at retirement soon. Her grandson is growing up. Their youngest girl is getting married at the end of August in Boston. She and her husband-to-be declined to let Karen accompany them on their honeymoon! She’s taken occasional trips to New York City and Washington, D.C. with friends, continued birding and gardening, and so on. Somehow the bucket list keeps getting longer!

1968 Mary Colt Creighton Navins, Class Secretary Our class news is a little slim this year, but here is what I have. Peggy Wise Clark is still a busy retiree in Frederick County, Va. She is still on the Frederick County School Board with another two years to go. She and Basil now have four grandchildren. Their son Andrew has two boys that Peggy and Basil watch while the parents work, and their son Stephen has a son and a new daughter, so Peggy is quite busy these days. Nora Locke May has spent a great deal of 2016 recovering from a knee replacement and hand surgery for carpal tunnel and arthritis. Thank goodness her husband was an excellent nurse. Her daughter, Grier, is still in Winston-Salem and is working for Hanes. I, Mary Colt Creighton Navins, had a very busy second half of 2016. Our daughter, CJ, her husband, Mike, and our grandson, Luke, added another baby boy called Colt in January, and our son, Lee, and his wife, Margot, also had a baby boy called Casey in May. The Navins family spent two weeks this summer in Little Compton, R.I. I hope everyone is well.

1969 Janet Colt Wang, Class Secretary No news submitted

Nineteen Seventies 1970 Linda Chandlee, Class Secretary Jill Creighton McNamara reports two weddings and two new grandbabies. She has closed her store and is now working from her website. She and Paul are spending more time in the Del Rey area of Florida and loving summers in Lewes. Her mom is doing well at age 90 and loves living at Edenwald. Yay, Mrs. Creighton! Mary Hobbs Hansen has some sobering news in that she has been diagnosed with stage III lymphoma. However, she is asymptomatic and says that, due to her great faith in God, she knows she is cured. The biggest blessing from this is that her husband, Jim, who traveled extensively for his job, is now only traveling one week a month. This is certainly an answer to prayer, Mary says. Her email was positive and upbeat, and she is living life to the fullest. She and Jim love their 55+ community in South Carolina, with Charleston only 25 minutes away. Liz Holland traveled to Ireland last fall. For those of us who are friends on Facebook, she posted some gorgeous pictures, so we know she had a great time, despite the notable Ireland rain! Peggy McDorman McKisson retired at the end of this school year. Happy retirement, Peggy! Rhonda Rollins stays busy with her horse rescue. She says they are now down to 24 rescues. Two have recently gone to wonderful homes, which is what rescue is all about. Gussie Zapffe Thompson says that their ranch survived all the Texas flooding, and all the horses, ducks, and dogs are well and happy. Quoting here: “I love it all! Seeing the stars at night, having great neighbors, letting our animals run, and most important, being able to go outside in pajamas, and no one sees me, or cares!” Her husband, Phil, is still being followed at MD Anderson Hospital for his lung cancer. The experimental drug he has been taking is working its magic, and he is doing very well. Great news, Gus! As for me, Linda Chandlee, I rented an apartment in Florence, Italy, for two weeks in the spring. What a fabulous trip! I think my new favorite place to visit is Italy. I am starting to pack up my apartment, as I have bought a house in Cambridge, Md. I’ve been in Washington, D.C. for 22 years now and am longing for a quieter life. All are welcome to visit. One very sad bit of news was the death of our friend and classmate Sarah Gearhart last fall.

1971 Lee Spencer and Holly Leachman, Class Secretaries Lee Spencer reports that she has just moved into a house she had kept for rental for many years. She went in the opposite direction and upsized! She knocked herself out to transfer her face-to-face human sexuality course to an online format. Now, she can teach from anywhere there’s Wi-Fi! Her son, Chase,

Class Notes










1/ Class of 1971 GWW Reunion Party. L to R: Haley Brown Mahonski ’99 Director of The Gator Fund, Molly Darrell ’71, Jody Strutt Armstrong ’71, Treena Bolton Hammond ’71, Merrie Sargeant Harrington ’71, Amy Bortner, Director of Alumnae & Parent Relations 2/ Class of 1971 in grade 6 3/ Merrie Sargeant Harrington ’71 with her “clients” 4/ SPSG 1977 Classmates: L to R Laurie Hooper Fisher, Jenny Orderman Harbold, Nancy Wells Graham, Ann Greenbaum, Cookie DeVincentis Schneider, Nan Wagner, Beth Roberston Kiefer


5/ Luke (2) and Jackson (5), grandsons of Holly Hooper Leachman ’71


6/ 1976 classmates 7/ Mimi McAdam Ondov ’76 with her grandchild 8/ Grandson of Dorrie Brooks Laufman ’76 9/ Cindy Cook Barlow ’71 and her grandson, Peyton Robert Rice 10/ Marion Gaines Mullan ’76 and family


is studying art at Arizona State University. Her husband can’t seem to give up making money. Julie Wright writes: “We have just celebrated our first family wedding. Daughter Sara’s oldest daughter, Charlotte Gormley, was married in June at Caves Farm with all nine of her cousins, assorted aunts, uncles, and Evelyn in attendance. This mob of 28 is spread across Washington, D.C., Maryland, Texas, Colorado, and Massachusetts, so it was the first time we were all together in eight years. I am marching toward the golden age of Social Security and can’t wait! Until then, I am still immersed with my business running a boarding and training facility for all age and level riders. We show locally and compete in the Interscholastic Equitation Association with high school and middle school riders. In fact, we are trying to form a team of SPSG riders this fall. I still see Merle Obrecht Peace regularly and godchild Laura Peace Campbell ’97 when she is in town from New Jersey. Canby Rush Page writes: “Life is wonderful! I’m still doing tons of riding and training of off-the-track thoroughbreds, as well as taking care of our farm, which is a piece of heaven on earth. I have the best husband in the world, and the boys (now men!) are local and doing well. I am blessed!” Paige Wagers Smith writes: “Hugs to all from me. Other than being single now and going to Bethany Beach sometimes, I don’t have much news. I went to New York City and Montauk in June. Like last year, I’ll say again that I love boating. I am hoping that some of you share my desire to be on the water and not just near it, although that is pretty awesome too. The beach is my favorite place to be.” Mary Maulsby writes: “I still live in the mountains of northern New Mexico. I love it here. Bill and I built a house over a tenyear period and made it as artistically as we could. I made all of the decorative tile over two years. We brought down about 2,000 pounds of multicolored quartzite rock from our hillside, and he made the most beautiful wall I have ever seen. I also have a blog called Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature, and the address is: marybmaulsby. I love taking pictures and writing some. Taking nature pictures is mostly what I like to do these days, since I let my psychotherapy license expire this year. I do still do my SpiritWalks, though. Bill and I still have an office in Albuquerque for our Wetland Restoration Company, called Zeedyk Ecological Consulting, LLC. Bill is 81 now, so he is beginning to pull back some, but he is so passionate about it, and his techniques are really catching on everywhere. I love to go with him on projects, but I haven’t been to one for a while. I have a movement disorder that limits some things. It’s nothing fatal, but it is a real drag. I am mostly very happy. I have many friends, and live on a piece of land that I love, in a house I love, with my husband, whom I adore, and our awesome dog Mattie. Nancy Lalley Rueckert writes: “We moved to Colorado and are living in Longmont while building a house in Broomfield. We love it here and enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as having access to outdoor activities in such a beautiful setting. 2016 is proving to be another very busy year. In addition to two moves, we are very excited to have a second grandchild due soon in San Francisco, and my stepson Nathan is getting married in September. Sally Norris McCabe writes that construction continues on her house. She remains very busy with her business, Next Step Baltimore. Check it out at She’s the energizer bunny and does a fabulous job!


Merrie Sargeant Harrington continues with year-round clients at her pet care business, I Sleep with Dogs. This year she traveled to Sanibel, Nantucket, and New York City. Currently she is recovering from a Colles’ fracture, a very serious injury that displaces your wrist backwards. In addition, she broke her arm in three places, dislocated it, and pulverized her wrist! However, she hopes to be back on the tennis court soon. Dale Allen writes: “There’s not much new here in Glen Burnie. As of August 31, my husband Ed and I have been married three years! Ed is looking forward to a new job as Maryland State Inspector, though we don’t know where yet. I have a twin stepson and stepdaughter, a dog, two cats, two birds, and six fish. We hope to retire in a few years in Florida!” Jody Strutt Armstrong writes: “I became a registered nurse, and my hubby works for Mid-Atlantic Sports Network as a sound engineer for the Orioles and Washington Nationals. We are happy empty nesters; our oldest son, Justin, is marrying his gal of 12 years in February 2017, and Bailey, our younger son, is almost finished at TSU.” Cindy Cook Barlow is now a partner at Prompta Consulting Group based in Toronto, Canada. She still conducts leadership programs specializing in Emotional Intelligence to companies around the world. She’s ecstatic to finally have a human grandson (not just canine ones)! Peyton Robert Rice was born June 29 to her younger son, Andrew, his wife, Jen, and Tucker, her canine grandson. Treena Bolton Hammond writes: “Greg has retired after 24 years as an attorney at Allstate, and he took on a new job with another attorney part-time. I am starting my 26th year teaching at a preschool. I still love it, as no day is ever the same. My son Jason and his family moved closer to us, and I love it. They have my two beautiful grandbabies, Madeline (5) and Henry (2). Madeline will be starting kindergarten in the fall—the same one Jason and my daughter Allison went to—and Henry will start a class for 2 year olds. Allison will be going back to school in the fall to become a physical therapy assistant. There’s not much else going on—just enjoying life, going down to Fairview Beach, Va. a lot, and playing with the grandkids.” Jan Culbertson writes: “I am still working for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department after over 25 years in the ecosystem resource program. I have been working with project partners from other state and federal resource agencies to create and enhance an intertidal marsh in Dickinson Bayou, near Texas City, Texas. I secured over $1.4 million dollars in grants for design and construction of this project, which was completed by September. I look forward to planting this marsh with volunteers from Sea Scouts, Power Squadron, local schools and universities, and Galveston Bay Foundation’s assistance in the near future. I cannot believe it has been eight years since I earned my doctorate. The years pass so quickly as you get older. I still feel young and fit, but the sun has done its work on me since I am always outside working on boats and in the marsh. I have been wondering if the rest of my classmates are feeling the same wear and tear on their bodies.” Molly Darrell writes: “I continue living with my brother Skip and my sister-in-law Janice in Cockeysville. I am happily single and planning to remain so! I work a lot as an independent companion and caregiver for elderly folks—at least more elderly than us. We had our 45th class reunion in June. Jody Strutt Armstrong, Leigh Cochrane, Treena Bolton Hammond, Merrie Sargeant Harrington and I had a fun

dinner at Ding How, although we missed the rest of you. I hope to see everyone there at our 50th in a few years!” Chris Bowers writes: “I wish I had something exciting to contribute to the class news, but things are pretty much the same as last year. My family is doing well. Clarke and I will probably do a trip somewhere in the fall, and I spend a lot of time with quilt making and related activities, which brings me so much happiness. The more time goes by, the more I appreciate the connections I have to the class of ’71. I think it’s really special to know so many high school friends after all these years.” Leigh Cochrane writes: “Travel and nature is the theme of my year. I had a great trip to Montana in June. The first week was in Whitefish, which is 15 miles from Glacial National Park. We spent the second week in Bozeman. I am now in love with Montana’s clean air and healthy green living. Ellen and I also continued our tradition as annual US Open spectators and walked the High Line while we were in New York City. I am still volunteering as a Baltimore County Master Gardener and Master Naturalist. Also, my husband Ron and I have been working for almost six years on a wildlife habitat restoration project on our five acres, approximately one mile from SPSG. (After rereading this, retirement is looking better and better!) Elaine Young Bundy writes: “Things have been busy this year! My daughter Bethany was married in October. My youngest daughter, Lisa, also gave birth in January to our newest granddaughter, Chloe. That adds to the burgeoning number of ten grandchildren that Mark and I have! I’m continuing to work full time at University of Maryland as an Assistant Professor. I also see patients as a nurse practitioner at an allergy and asthma clinic, and I continue to play the cello in the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra, which I absolutely love. When we can, we spend weekends at our wonderful condo at the beach.” Lucy Palmer Dileo writes: “My only news is a 35th anniversary trip to France in May with my husband, John. We went to Normandy beaches and Bayeux, then to the French Open in Paris, and finally to Provence, following the footsteps of Van Gogh and Cezanne.” Holly Hooper Leachman writes: “This has been an interesting year for us. Both Jack and I have had some health problems and a couple of operations. We are both healing and doing better, so here’s hoping next year will be a lot healthier! On the happy side of life, we are expecting our third grandson in August. We will have three wonderful little boys to keep us busy! Jack and I celebrated 43 years of marriage this August and hope for many more. Love to all!” Jane Lott writes: “I am busy working at the Art Gallery of Ontario coordinating all the programming for children and families. It’s a creative, ever-changing, and dynamic job. My daughter just finished her M.F.A. in Tromso, Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, and is moving in the fall to Copenhagen to pursue an art practice that centers on videography, queer ecology, and queer feminist discourse. My son is a computer technology specialist, born of many years of video and computer games in our basement! My husband is retired and sails a 35' boat all summer on Lake Superior in northern Ontario. I get there when I can, and to our beloved cottage near Kingston. All in all, we lead really busy, crazy, diversified lives that center on our home in Oakville, outside Toronto.” Eleanor Durham Waickwicz writes: “I’m still working for a dog walking company and enjoying it. I’ve also started golf lessons this spring and am having fun. My husband and I have enjoyed several trips, and we visited Napa in September

Class Notes and Hawaii in January. Our daughter is now engaged, so I’m planning the wedding, which will be next year.”

1972 Class Secretary Open Debi Smith Jaynes writes: “My husband Richard and I moved in March to a brand new home, downsizing as so many of us are. It’s still plenty big, with a huge lanai that houses our pool, several hundred orchids, and many other plants. Richard had a hip replacement in August and was back to playing golf in four weeks! I’m stewarding and judging about 15 horse shows each year. I stick to the East coast and enjoy seeing my horse friends and the different landscapes! I trek to Miami frequently, hunting different orchids and bromeliads, braving the heat and coming home with all sorts of goodies. We orchid people are addicted to our plants!”

1973 Melanie Morris Long, Class Secretary Rebel Boykin’s news is short and sweet: “Houseboat living— ain’t life grand!” Ann (Boo) Leutritz Blucher writes: “We welcomed our third grandchild at the end of August, Leighton Louise Zink, who will hopefully be a Gator some day (and of course will be on the Green Team with her sister, Arden Alexandra). Tommy (T4) is the oldest and is an awesome big brother. We celebrated the wedding of my daughter, Jackie, and her husband, Adam, in September with Molly, Rebel, Susan Ohrenschall Baxter, Polly Helms Crosby, Paddy Dugan, and Melanie Morris Long. It was super fun dancing to “Brick House!” Thanks again to Rebel and Molly for hosting a great party on the Lone Star house boat. Tim and I had our big 35th anniversary in September; he’s the best hubby in the world. I am still working at M&T Bank as a Mortgage Loan Officer at Greenspring Station. Tim is still working in Philadelphia and traveling throughout the United States, England, and China. Chris Zapffe Anderson writes: “I am still teaching at Montana State University, planning to retire in 5 years. Aside from teaching and making work for exhibition since fall 2011, I have been writing textbooks on photographic processes, both experimental and 19th century processes. By 2017 I will have authored four and co-authored one (in Chinese). I never set out to be a writer; it was just a way of organizing information in one tidy place, and then it ended up being a book. For the last two, Routledge has been my publisher. After each one I tell myself I will never write again. It takes a lot out of you! On the home front, we have 10 grandkids, who we never see often enough, and lots of travel when the school year ends. We made it to Cuba this year before the American onslaught and loved it. Fran Rulon-Miller updates us with a “Howdy all! I enjoyed my summer in Colorado. I am sorry I did not make it to see you at Susan’s, but maybe next time. On August 27 I was in Red Lodge, Mont. with a friend attending a Rocky Mountain Round-Up with a group called Sisters on the Fly, the largest outdoor women’s group in the United States. This membership-based community supports women in their journey to get up, get out, and become more adventurous! Their one rule for events and outings is: “No men, no kids, be nice, and have fun!”

Carol Lee Nickerson Griffith writes: “Art and I are spending a couple of weeks at a time, every few months, at our son and daughter-in-law’s house in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee.” Kathy Slack writes “I was recently in the Windy City at the National Association for Teachers of Singing, a six-day conference. Life rolls along smoothly in good old Maine. I retired from teaching as an adjunct instructor from the University of Maine system; it had been almost 30 years! I am now just teaching voice at a community music center in Yarmouth, as well as from my new home in West Bath. I have almost 20 voice students ranging in age from 9–58, and I love it! I have performed some lately. Carol Lee surprised me during her visit to Maine last year, when I was in a show called “Bad Girls.” I’m still with the main squeeze, Paul, and we’re traveling, laughing, playing Pickleball, and patronizing comedy clubs together. Renee graduated from Tufts University, where she studied the effects of trauma on very young children, and she is now working for a research firm in Cambridge. She has a great apartment in the same town, so I love visiting her. I have a new dog named Fu “Foo” Manchu. He’s a cross between a Schipperke and Pomeranian, so his look is way cute! I am grateful for so much in my life, including all those awesome years at SPSG!! Polly Helms Crosby is keeping busy by working at Chico’s part time and enjoys buying as much as selling!! She’s also working out to keep her body from mid-life aches and pains! She is still hanging with Paddy Dugan who, after 19 years living in Sarasota, Fla., says, “I’ve moved back to Baltimore, and I love being back! I enjoyed going back to SPSG after about 40 years to help out with alumnae weekend, and I was amazed at the beautiful transformation. I had fun with Judy Chew Boone trying to figure out where all the old classrooms were back in the day. I moved to Mays Chapel and am busy with my interior design business. I just launched a new website I built if you want to check it out: I’ve had fun spending time with Polly in Rehoboth, and I look forward to visiting my family in Ocean City. It’s so great to be near my family again!” World traveler for this year is Nicole Schultheis, who writes: “I am relaxing in my stateroom on the Norwegian Star, crossing the Baltic Sea, after a busy day touring the medieval town of Tallinn, Estonia. Our next stop is St. Petersburg, Russia. This is my first vacation, ever, without my laptop. I’m having a blast!” Claire Stieff has retired and is now a grandmother. She celebrated her 37th anniversary with Peter and is enjoying her granddaughter, Charlotte. Her Facebook page shows some of her beautiful work! Congrats, Claire! Elizabeth “Sieggy” Siegfried was honored in the Herald Tribune online Arts section. Check it out at http://ticket. Congrats on “CIRCUS!” As for me, Melanie Morris Long, I am working and consulting with nurses and childcare providers about how to give medications. I’m looking forward to our reunion in 2 years!

1974 Karen Whitehorse Babcock, Class Secretary I hope all is well and that you enjoyed your summer. I heard from very few people this time. Try to keep in touch and send me your news at

Betsy Keller is still living and working in the Princeton, N.J. area. She and her partner, Kevin, bought a home in the quaint town of Hopewell, N.J, and Betsy is enjoying becoming closer to Kevin’s three adult children. Betsy recently moved her mom, Bee Keller, to a lovely retirement community in Hightstown, N.J. Betsy enjoys cooking, decorating, and going into New York for occasional exhibits and plays. If you are ever in the central New Jersey area, please get in touch! Janet Jarmolow Hoy is still enjoying life in Chapel Hill, N.C. and lots of sports, theater, and lectures. Janet and Pat recently bought a house on Smith Mountain Lake in southwestern Virginia and love escaping the heat of the city in the summer. Pat is still working, so they split their time between North Carolina and Virginia. There’s lots of space if anyone wants to visit! Janet is working on the presidential campaign; she says no matter what side you’re on, this will be an important election! Carol Brukiewa Currotto’s company, Currotto Design, LLC, was two years old in April 2016. Interior design for health care, senior living, and corporate organizations is the heart of her workday. Weekends are packed with family, gardening, beekeeping, and hiking the Appalachian Trail with a dear friend; they have walked over 1,500 miles! Her husband Gene has retired, and Carol even has an occasional dinner waiting for her now. The kids are all grown and gone, but they are all very close. Carol occasionally sees Cyndi York Sullivan’s parents at Broadmead, along with former Head of School Mrs. Wagley and former faculty Mrs. Minkowski. She also sees Sandy Nichols Williams around the neighborhood. To quote Carol, “We who keep in touch from our class of ’74 are blessed to be connected and gathering several times a year. Life is getting shorter now that 60 is upon us, but it’s not over, so let’s keep the gatherings going!” Carol Lothrop Broadbent has had an active year. Her youngest daughter, Julie, married Keith LaRue in October 2015. Julie now lives in Tacoma, Wash. and is the director of the Tacoma Historical Society. Her daughter Jennifer is in the Executive MBA program at Columbia Business School and working full time in New York City. Her daughter Amy is expecting and due soon; luckily, she lives10 minutes away! Congrats to Carol on being a first time grandma! Carol left her position at the Church of the Savior last fall and took a job at a law firm, which didn’t work out. She enjoyed the summer off. Her husband Brian turned 60 in May, and they took his dream trip on safari to Tanzania and Kenya. It was amazing! Chris Bowers-Paris writes: “My new job is going well. I am a Licensed Outpatient Therapist at Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute. Miah turned 40 this past October, and she is working on her doctorate and teaching full time. Jay is living in Tacoma, Wash. and painting houses. Beth is busy with her three kids. My 14-year-old granddaughter loves marching band, and my 13-year-old grandson loves Marine Cadets. Kate and her husband and three kids live in the Grand Canyon National Park, and she teaches at the Grand Canyon School. Tina and I celebrated our tenth anniversary of legal marriage this past March! Our 23-year-old son, Darrin, works for the state at the same place that Tina works. All is well! As for me, Karen Whitehorse Babcock, I’ve had a year of ups and downs. We were in Anguilla last winter for our annual visit, and Jon took me on a fabulous river cruise on Uniworld for my 60th in April: stops at Amsterdam, France, Germany, and Switzerland. At the end of May, Mom fell again and ended up back in assisted living after a stint at GBMC and Lorien Rehab. I was in Baltimore for over a month and would have


loved to see some of you, but circumstances precluded getting together. We spend nearly every weekend on the boat and have been having a blast taking our kids, family, and friends throughout the Cape, Islands, and New England. My son Brian was married to Katie Murray on September 24 in Annapolis! Bryan is still working at Hopkins and completing his master’s in Emerging Media at Loyola. My son Christopher is still working at Restoration East and pursuing his degree in Electrical Engineering. My son Riley will graduate from Virginia Tech this winter with a degree in Computer Engineering. Life is good! Please, please keep in touch. I’m hoping to organize something for Fall 2016 and will keep you posted. Miss you all!

1975 Susan Boyce Cole, Class Secretary Anne Patterson writes: “I finished my third year as Mt. Desert Island’s Adult Education Director. For the first time in decades, this program has grown tremendously. While it is a huge challenge, it is extremely rewarding. I’ve also recently become a Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteer. In the meantime, I will respond to local house fires and other local situations, but in the future I expect to be deployed to areas around the country that are experiencing disasters. My daughter Erin (28) will soon finish her paramedic program and will continue working toward a bachelor of science in Public Health. She and her merchant marine husband, along with their golden retriever, Bear, and some chickens, live in Brooklin, Maine. My son Ben (30) continues to be self-employed as a computer/ technology specialist. He enjoys motorcycle riding, practices poi (swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns), and hikes frequently. Laura Ness Peffers writes: “I retired this year and married my longtime boyfriend. We have three westies who keep us busy! Bonnie Barnhart Kramer writes: “All is well in hot Colorado. I’m doing lots of home improvement projects that have been neglected for years: rebuilding the back deck, replacing the split rail fence, remodeling the kitchen, etc. I already replaced the roof, the gutters, and the carpet with hardwood floors. I retired last year, and it has been great to design my own days with no alarms. Both kids are still here at the house working on getting other living arrangements, but it is hard to rent here in Denver because rates are so high. Bob is turning 60 this year. He is still with Wabash Trailers as branch manager, looking forward to retiring in a few years. We’re thinking about eventually moving back East to be near the water for our retirement home. Last year was a hard one for our family, with my mom passing in April and her sister passing in August. It was a sad year for us all. I still miss Mom, but I have lots of great memories of summer on the East Coast. Anne King Wilson is still living in Hanover, N.H. She has a small architectural design firm that is approaching its 30th year in business. Her focus is residential renovations and additions. You can check out her web site at Anne and her husband Jack’s youngest, Julia, started at Union College this past year. She is on the crew team, and they spent the spring traveling to her regattas. Their oldest daughter, Eleanor, married Francisco Richardson of the Dominican Republic this past December. They now live in Boston. Anne is happy to have her back in New England after living several years in the Dominican Republic and Mississippi. She sends her best to all her classmates.


1976 Dorrie Laufman, Class Secretary It’s hard to grasp that it’s been 40 years since we graduated, but here we are! Ann Barry and Carolyn Ortwein were so gracious and kind to host our reunion in their new home, formerly the home of faculty Mrs. Marbury! It was a beautiful spring day, and we had the best time, much like the good ol’ days at SPSG! In addition to Ann and Carolyn, our group consisted of Anne Foard Adams, Dottie Grant Reed, Eileen Connelly, Kathy Cook, Laurie Sheehan Crawford, Mimi McAdam Ondov, Marion Gaines Mullan, Trish Carroll, Peggy Pierson, and me, Dorrie Brooks Laufman. Head of School Penny Evins and Director of Development Kimberly Parks ’86 stopped by for a brief meet and greet, as well as announcing the distinguished alumna award to Trish for her hard work and dedication on the school board! Go Trish! Mimi McAdam Ondov writes: ”I love being a grandmother, and in retirement, I finally have enough time to make each second count. (That’s in between trips to the gym and going to lunch with friends and family!) In my spare time, I joined forces with Lynn McLea Chambers and Dottie Grant Reed to start the Jean Nekola Scholarship Fund. We encourage everyone to keep giving so that future hard-working SPSG students with gumption can continue to succeed. In a snapshot, life is great!” Marion Gaines Mullan writes: ”Our daughters Megan and Bayley graduated from college in 2014. Now they are making their way in the world. Megan is working for T. Rowe Price in Owings Mills. Bayely is working for Thrive Market near Los Angeles, Calif. Our daughter Amy is a junior at Elon University studying public health. My husband Robert and I celebrate our 35th anniversary this year, as well as our 33rd year in our business, Mullan Nursery Co. Inc., where we are grateful to create beautiful landscapes, edible gardens, and gorgeous Christmas light displays with our amazing team of long time employees.” Trish Carroll writes: ”I’m still living in Roland Park and have been working at Brown Advisory for 22 years. I’m also in my third three-year term on the Board of Trustees at SPSG. It’s been great reconnecting with the school, classmates, and other alumnae!”

1977 Ann Greenbaum, Class Secretary I am pleased to report that the Class of ’77 has lots of news, but we are anxiously awaiting news from many fellow classmates so that we can plan and include them in the 40th reunion in 2017. Please contact me at Lauren Knatz writes that she has “designed a patientcentered music program to deliver acoustic traditional folk music to Grane Hospice’s most vulnerable patients across York, Lancaster and Dauphin counties in Pennsylvania.” She is “presently recruiting and training musicians to service these areas.” Her work is really quite amazing, as you must remember her musicianship, which she uses now with seniors to promote well-being through reminiscing. We are hoping to get together soon. Pam Casey Ullman and her husband Lee are still lawyering but are dividing their time between Spring Island, S.C. and Pennsylvania. They hope to be full time in South Carolina within the next year or two.

I, Ann Greenbaum, am still teaching at Towson University part time and officiating women’s lacrosse, basketball, and volleyball. Our USTA tennis team (including Key Wagner, sister of Nan Wagner Brown) won at the local level this year and are heading to Regionals. My grown daughters are happily relocated (in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. and Denver, Colo.). I don’t see them very often, and I miss them! I may be moving someday to be closer to them. Several ’77 alums met at Mt. Washington Tavern in June for dinner, to have some good cheer, and to discuss the reunion next year. Nan Wagner Brown and Cookie DeVincentis Schneider provided lots of enthusiasm and energy to the gathering while we reminisced about our lives in the ’70s and forward. Beth Robertson was there and shares that “both my kids live nearby, so we get together frequently. Lindsey is an architect and works on a lot of commercial projects. Her current project is Foundry Row in Owings Mills (a town center sort of development). My son, James, (he goes by his first name now) is in his final year of dental school at University of Maryland downtown. I am still doing work in the financial services arena and am self-employed, which gives me a nice amount of flexibility. In my spare time, I go to the gym a lot and sometimes run into Laurie Hooper Fisher in a yoga class we both like. I also like to read and am in a book club with a nice group of women from the gym. I see Gail Gaumnitz Goering ’78 regularly from SPSG. I just got together with her last weekend for the Friday night band in Hunt Valley town center.” Nancy Wells Graham also attended our meet-up, is living in Annapolis, and welcomes visitors. She is still teaching 1st grade on the Ft. Meade base and is the math lead for the school. In her spare time she is biking and spinning a lot.

1978 Kathy Hurley, Class Secretary Lucy Berndt reports she has finished her third year of teaching math at St. Patrick Catholic School in North Carolina. She spends part of each summer on Martha’s Vineyard working for her brother during the month of June and some of July. Suzanne DeGarmo Fogarty writes that over the last year her family has had to withstand several difficult events, including the passing of her father and her oldest brother, Donald. Additionally, her sister Karen was severely hurt in a car accident in the summer of 2015. Thankfully, Karen is making an impressive recovery. Despite these hard times, many wonderful things have blossomed. Her daughter Olivia and her fiancé, Logan, graduated from University of Baltimore Law School magna cum laude in May and are excitedly planning their wedding for May 2017! Her daughter Claire is assisting with social communications and marketing at a local athletic club. Her youngest daughter, Chandler, will finish her last semester at University of Delaware this fall. In addition to commuting to and from school this past spring, she is also completing her 200-hour yoga teaching certification. Her most exciting news, however, is that she had a beautiful baby girl, Aria Raine Fogarty, on her and Christopher’s 30th wedding anniversary in August 2015. She and her family are so excited to have a baby at the house! Gail Gaumnitz Goering wrote that her daughter Cara Goering ’05 was married September 17, 2016. Her daughter Lauren has finished her doctorate in physical therapy and is working for Hunt Valley Physical Therapy. Her youngest, Will, is soon to be a Calvert Hall senior and has his college plans well mapped out. Gail is still working as a

Class Notes physical therapist for Rehab At Work, where she has been for almost 19 years.

name, so he is now Grand Premier Regional Winner Mautrix Saladin.”

Daisy Deeley Gutberlet writes that she lives in Freeland, Md. and works as a personal trainer at ACAC in Timonium. Her daughter Allie is living in New Zealand. Her son Dan is working in southern California at Apricot Lane Farms. Her daughter Maggie is a sophomore at University of Maryland studying government and politics, and Caroline, the youngest, will be a junior at Hereford High School. Not surprisingly, Daisy has lots of animals: pot-bellied pigs, dogs, cats, a pony, a parrot, etc. Daisy is also great at rescuing injured or orphaned wildlife and keeps us entertained via her Facebook page. She has lots of wonderful animal pictures and videos!

Sandy Doeller Wareheim lost her dad unexpectedly after knee surgery in November, which has been difficult. Sandy and Ti’s older son, Nick, will be completing his second year of his master’s in mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins before he heads to Norfolk in the spring. Their younger son, Colin, is in his senior year of high school and has been busy with the college search process. We came back from a wonderful trip in June where we chartered a sailboat in the British Virgin Islands with Kathy Wurzbacher Corrigan and husband Brian. Ti and Nick were our captains!

Becky Brandt Weitzell writes that she has had a couple of updates. She started a new job with a company called Navigant Consulting in their Global Investigations and Compliance Division. She has spent the majority of her first eight weeks working in Riga, Latvia, a very lovely city with lots of history. She is great with sharing pictures of her work travels via Facebook. She is hoping to be on another project with travel: Dubai, Florida, or New York. Her daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Chaffman, just completed her freshman year at West Virginia University while earning Dean’s List both semesters. Her two other ’children,’ goldendoodles Fred and Ginger, are living the good life as evidenced by their happy photos on her Facebook page! Anne Waller McAvoy writes: “This has been a full year for change in our family. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to my dad after his battle with pancreatic cancer. In April our daughter Liz was married, and we are thrilled to welcome Eric Gabriel to our family! Audrey is beginning her second year studying OT in grad school and loving it. Will is entering his senior year at University of Richmond. I had a fantastic year with my kindergarteners, as well as my new assistant and partner Megan Anecharico ’96, a fellow Gator! Mac is enjoying his mountain biking and gardening this summer. As I write this I am sitting on Mt. Adams in Washington state, where I have been participating in a Climb for Hope to raise money for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis research. Life is full, and I feel blessed!” As for me, Kathy Hurley, not much is different. I have lived in same house in Rockville, Md. for the past 22 years. I worked at Potomac Home Health Care as the Mental Health and Social Work Supervisor. I have worked for PHHC for the past 20 years. It is now part of Hopkins Medicine, and we have had to switch our electronic medical records to EPIC. I had been considering going back to school to become a mental health nurse practitioner, but EPIC has used up all my brain cells! I may just stay a nurse psychotherapist!

1979 Kathryn Wurzbacher Corrigan, Class Secretary Parker Sutton writes: “Along with my daughter Emory, who will be a freshman at St. Mary’s College in southern Maryland this fall I fell into the world of cat shows a little more than a year ago. We have an Egyptian Mau named Saladin, and we were showing him at the breeder’s request. He did really well and granded quickly, so Emory and I were hooked. The two of us traveled to shows from Richmond to Brockport, N.Y. It was wonderful mother-daughter time. A few weeks ago, we drove to Georgia to an awards dinner, because Saladin was a regional winner for the year! A cat’s titles are added to his


Kim Goetze Burch writes: “Quinn graduated from Wake Forest University in May and has started as an Equity Analyst with Wells Fargo in New York City. Spencer is in the biotech sector with Russel Reynolds Associates in Boston. I just completed my ninth and final year on the SPSG board and hope to stay connected in other roles. I am still very involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation board and look forward to more responsibility in the future. Josh and I still enjoy traveling and cherish our time with family and friends in Nantucket and Naples.

Nineteen Eighties 1980 Norene Law Cusick, Class Secretary It was great to hear from many of you! Hopefully we can catch up soon with a mini reunion instead of waiting until 2020! Jeanne Hurley DeMos’s big news is that she has moved to Sparks. She and Mike renovated an old farmhouse and moved in July. Jeanne says it will be great to be closer! Mike and Jeanne are in yoga teacher training and plan to teach children and families. Jeanne completes the training in September. They are going on a yoga retreat in France in June and also visiting Spain. Jeanne is working at Hopkins Bayview, where she recently celebrated her 20-year anniversary. She is wrapping up her certifications in play therapy and sand play and starting to make plans for a private practice. Peggy Hoffman recently had a chance to catch up with Emily Cromwell, who was in town doing work for her family foundation. In June, Peggy had a great trip to the Outer Banks where she stayed with Jennifer Adams. Peggy’s husband, artist Minas Konsolas, currently has an exhibition at the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. Emily Cromwell lives near Portland, Maine with her daughter. She recently got together with Dori Martin Dowdell and her husband Scott in the White Mountains, where they had a fantastic time reminiscing and taking in the sights. Michelle Hooper and John are celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary. In the fall, after 30 years in one location, Michelle’s office is moving to Clipper Mill. Their son Jake is getting married in Birmingham this summer and will live in Huntsville. Daughter Morgan ’10 and her husband moved back to his hometown on Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle. Daughter Cassie ’13 is starting her final year of undergrad and will study in Prague in the spring. Michelle says that it is tough having them all so far away, but their two dogs, two cats, two birds, and fish help to keep them company! Beth Doetzer Easton’s daughter Victoria ’15 finished her freshman year at Montana State University on the President’s list (all that good SPSG training!) and was back working in Avalon, N.J. for the summer. Graham lifeguarded at Roland

Park Pool this summer and will be a senior at Boys’ Latin next year. Gavin is living at home, making jewelry, and doing yoga. He worked as a camp counselor this summer. Beth and her family just returned from an awesome trip to Costa Rica. Beth says, “What a beautiful country! We had a wonderful trip.” Karen DeGarmo Keyser and her husband Peter’s oldest daughter Amanda is a junior at the College of Charleston and is heading for a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. She is majoring in marketing and just completed a marketing internship. Their daughter Molly graduated from Roland Park Country School and was an honor roll student. She will be attending Tulane in New Orleans in the fall. Peter and Karen will be empty nesters, but plan to travel to see their girls. Sadly, Karen’s father passed away last September and her oldest brother died of cancer in April. Karen has been recovering from a terrible car accident that occurred in July of 2015. She says she feels “blessed to be alive.” Katie Sadler McDonald started working part time, so her trips to Maryland are now limited. Her daughter Kelsea and sonin-law Mike sold their house in Virginia and will be moving to Florida. Her son Mac and his fiancée Jenn built a beautiful house in New Freedom, Pa. Mac is still teaching at Boys’ Latin and just finished his eighth year there. Mac and Jenn are hoping to get married in the summer of 2017. Katie is looking forward to another family wedding! Katie and Ray love living in Florida and love having visitors! Chris Elfert Burman has been working for Bond Distributing for 30 years. Her husband Ed retired from Bond last year and is enjoying retirement! Chris and her husband bought a new 40-foot luxury travel trailer last year and have been taking long weekend trips. They will be taking it this fall to Punkin Chunkin, where they hope to defend their first place title! The Burmans are still rescuing dogs. Their latest rescue, Kimber, has neurological issues, but he is a bundle of love and handsome, too. Chris has been taking him on the weekends to Brightview at Mays Chapel. He is the best therapy dog for many of the residents. Last fall Jennifer Adams helped to start First Flight High School’s first girls’ lacrosse team. Ralph and Jennifer took a trip to Vermont last fall and two trips to Delaware. She had a great time with Peggy Hoffman and Minas, who visited in the beginning of the summer. Ralph and Jennifer are finishing up the last two big Pine Island Reserve houses, working on a bath remodel and another big addition. In between, Ralph and Jennifer remodeled their own bath. In the fall, they plan to head back to Vermont and plan to get to Baltimore in the near future as well. Courtney Naughton Whiting has a new job working as an admissions hospice nurse for Gilchrest Services. It is a great company and very rewarding work. Her son Key is off to SCAD in the fall. George, her youngest, is still at home and will be a junior in high school this fall. Daughter Missy spent spring break touring colleges in Florida and Georgia. She visited with Katie Sadler McDonald and Ray during her time in Florida. Beth Hollingshead Furlong and her husband Doug are busy planning two weddings in 2017! Katie’s wedding is in April. She is a lawyer and lives in Baltimore. Bridget’s wedding is in August. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and is in nursing school. Tommy is a junior at University of Maryland, College Park. Beth just celebrated five years as the development director for the CollegeBound Foundation. CollegeBound provides college advising, scholarship, and grants for Baltimore City public high school students. After 28 years as a lawyer, Doug is the CEO of Tissue Banks International (TBI),



2 1

5 4

1/ Class of 1986 Green & White reunion party 2/ Sallie Toomey ’86 and daughter Maddie 3/ Liz Sawyers Stewart ’87


4/ Lindsay Sheehan Bradley ’81 and family 5/ Sons of Lauryn McDonnell Morris ’88 6/ Jaleh Hagigh ’81 and son Jake 7/ Amy Millhouser Dupuis ’81 with daughters Molly and Emma 8/ Class of 1981 classmates Erica Johnson Meadows, Elissa Morrison Rosberg, Leanne Weber Kreis, Kathy Fitzgerald Johnson





Class Notes which works to cure corneal blindness. In March, Doug and Beth traveled with TBI to India and Bangladesh. Karen Williams-Fox says Dori Martin Dowdell stopped in her store this past July. Karen says it was so great to catch up with her and meet Scott. Karen has joined the growing ranks of motorcycle riders in our class. She says she is just a beginner, so she is sticking to the quiet roads for now. Eleanor Bailey Knox’s daughter Margaret Rose, 25, was married on June 25. She was the fourth bride to wear the wedding gown that was made by Eleanor’s grandmother: Eleanor, her aunt, and her mother also wore it. Her son Johnny is 22 and a rising senior at Virginia Tech, and her youngest son, Graham, is 19 and entering Auburn in the fall. Eleanor says, “Oh happy day!” Becky Texter Arlauskas, her husband Joe, and her son Seth are doing well. They are still enjoying life in Carlsbad, Calif. Seth enters 9th grade in the fall. Becky spends most of her free time either taking Seth to and from baseball games or watching him play. Becky started a new job this spring with a different pharmaceutical company. Although she enjoys the work, she finds that she is ready to slow her work life down. Becky and her family had a sad spring with the passing of her beloved stepfather in March. They are trying to adjust to their loss, but Becky says, “all in all, life is good.” Gail McCormick Lamb says that she loves living in Jensen Beach, Fla. Her daughter Molly is in nursing school at Essex Community College. She is studying to become a registered nurse. Gail’s son Michael lives in San Diego.


Amy Millhouser Dupuis, Class Secretary Jane Wehland Patterson spends as much time as possible avoiding answering the question, “What will I do now that my children are grown up?” So far the answer is parent care, volunteering, running, biking, hiking, skiing, home remodeling, and travel. She has also started a small consulting service to teach people to use their Apple devices. She enjoyed the 35th reunion weekend and is looking forward to the next one. Leslie Nipkow’s mom passed away suddenly last October, so she has been dealing with major life changes. In April, Leslie and her husband, Jeff, packed up their New York City apartment and bought a beautiful historic house in New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward. This means she is driving, only 35 years later than the rest of the class. She is writing screenplays and finishing her essay collection (after a few years off to beat breast cancer), which will be published next year. This winter she is playing Ma Joad on stage in a Louisiana production of Grapes of Wrath. Carol Anne Bundy had her first solo show in Paris titled “Portraits Méditatifs” from March 7 through June 18 at La Maison de la Chine. A one-day forum was held on the history and modern day usage of the I-Ching at the Maison during the show. For Carol Anne, the biggest thrill was when Monsieur Dominique Sennelier, third generation owner of the famous eponymous art store in Paris across from Le Louvre, came to her opening to see all of his vibrant oils displayed in her paintings. She plans on spending more time in New York this fall with both of her sons now in universities there. After traveling to Italy and Greece last summer, Eleanor Horine Collyer’s plans this summer have kept her homebound. She finally got her right knee replaced in

June, and her husband, Rick Coffin, took good care of her. Her daughter Samantha is spending the summer working in the Aquaponics greenhouses at Delaware Valley University, where she will be entering her sophomore year. Twin daughter, Elizabeth, is working for Echo Hill Outdoor School as a teaching intern for the summer and will be returning to McDaniel College in the fall to continue her studies in psychology. Leanne Weber Kreis is still happily married to George and lives in Crownsville, Md. Their son Phillip is working in commercial real estate in Los Angeles, and their daughter Katie is a rising junior at The University of Georgia. Leanne still enjoys boating on the Severn River, traveling, and gardening. She is still working as a manufacturer’s representative for contract furniture. She had brunch with Erica Johnson Meadows, Elissa Morrison Rosborg, and Kathy Johnson in Annapolis in June. Erica Johnson Meadows, her husband David, and their son Rocky moved back to the United States in April. David has retired from 28 years with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping (UNDPKO). Erica left her international school in Kosovo, which just received its accreditation, and she will look for employment stateside in education or public health. Erica said that attending the May reunion was enjoyable, as was seeing classmates who she had not seen in many, many years. Reunions continued over the summer, as Erica got together with Helen Mattson Stephenson and her family when they were in town from Florida for an Orioles game. Erica also won some money at the Preakness by betting on a horse for the first time! Liz Ordeman Blizzard continues to enjoy British life as a physical therapist in the Yorkshire countryside, living on top of beautiful Ilkley Moor. She and her partner, Nick, enjoy hiking, camping, cycling, and golf. Liz squeezes in as much running and fitness as possible, though her days are pretty full managing her physical therapy clinic ( She made it back for our reunion and hopes classmates will find time to stop by if in England. Liz is very proud of her son Morgan, a registrar eye surgeon in Leeds, and his brother, Jack, a fashion photographer in Los Angeles. Margaux Schneider and Udo are a giant step closer to finishing the total remodel of their place on Greenwood Lake in New Jersey. To get away from all the dust, they headed to the Grenadines for a week of sailing over the winter, and then Margaux headed to India with a group of flight attendants. Now it’s back to work! She flies to Europe most of the time, including Milan, Munich, Zurich, and Geneva. Margaux was bummed to miss the class reunion but wants to give Kathy a shout out for putting it together, getting the fancy SPSG wine glasses, and opening her house so graciously. The last few months have been all about family for Lindsay Sheehan Bradley. Everyone gathered for her son Ryan’s wedding in Princeton in January. Mother’s Day was spent with her two grandchildren, Luca and Quinn, in Toronto. In June, both daughters and their son-in-laws visited Lindsay and Bob in Normandy, France, where they now live. They enjoyed some wonderful time together and capped off the visit with a Springsteen show in San Sebastián, Spain. Lindsay is ready to enjoy another football season in Le Havre. Last season, Bob’s team missed out on promotion to League 1 by only one goal!

a management role, which is what she did in Baltimore for over 20 years. She is working as the Manager and Technical Director of Echocardiography and Vascular Labs for Florida Heart Associates, which is the largest cardiology group in private practice in southwest Florida. The other piece of good news is that she is much closer to family. Sophie’s mother has been living on Fort Myers Beach for the past 10 years, and she is now only a short ride away. Sophie spent the last four years living and working in the field of ultrasound in Orange Beach, Ala. and then St. Simon’s Island, Ga. Martha Eshman Manning and William celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary and Maggie’s graduation from high school in May. Tom Eshman, Maggie’s grandfather, was in Ruston, La. for Cedar Creek School’s graduation and for Maggie receiving the United States Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award. In August, Maggie will be a freshman at Southern Methodist University, Martha and William’s alma mater. In November, Martha will celebrate her 18th year as a clinical specialist with Genentech A Member of the Roche Group. Martha wishes she could have celebrated her 35th high school reunion this year with her classmates but promises to be at their 40th reunion in 2021! Jaleh Hagigh is wondering where the time has gone after celebrating her son Jake’s 18th birthday this year. Jake is enjoying high school, and Jaleh is grateful for the talented teachers who help him learn how to communicate and engage with the world. It helps that Jake is a flirt! Jaleh is in her 20th year at Elon University, where she serves as Director of Campaign Communications and Events. She loves talking about Elon with SPSG families and catches up with them whenever they tour Elon’s campus. As for me, Amy Millhouser Dupuis, I celebrated 16 years with my company, Sanofi. I continue to manage national philanthropy, with a focus on cash and disaster relief drug donations. My daughters, Emma (14) and Molly (18), are doing great. Emma is headed to high school in September, and Molly will be studying biology and neuroscience at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Not sure where she got the science genes—definitely not from me! I think everyone who attended our 35th would agree that it seems like just yesterday when we graduated. Can’t wait for the 40th! Special thanks once again to Kathy for organizing the 35th!

1982 Julie Kiefer Donlon, Joanne Toland Holden, Class Secretaries Julie Hoff Sawyer writes: “My husband Doug and I are getting closer to being empty nesters, with two boys in college (Teddy at Denison and Davis at Elon) and Josie entering the Upper School at McDonogh. I am still working at PressBox, a local sports media company in Baltimore owned by an SP alum, and the company just celebrated 10 years. When I am not working to pay for the kids’ education, I volunteer as the co-president of Teddy’s Denison Lacrosse Parents Association, as well as McDonogh’s Parents Association. Audrey Allen is in the process of moving back over the pond. She relocated to Washington, D.C. in August with her girls, Natalia and Ruby, who will be attending school in Potomac. Her son Luc (18) has been on a gap year adventure in Nepal and southeast Asia. He will join Audrey and the girls in D.C.

Sophie Dritsas has moved to sunny Fort Myers, Fla. She is excited for the move because she will be getting back into


while he applies to colleges in the States. Audrey is looking forward to returning home after over 20 years. Jenny Pierson Hirsch writes that her oldest, Kathy ’16, just graduated from SPSG. Almost everything about graduation is the same as when we graduated (except for the celebratory bottle of St. Pauli Girl beer!). In case you don’t remember, we were the first class to add a white rose to the ivy bouquets because our yearbook theme was a rose. The girls now have three roses! I am not sure Kathy appreciated how very exciting that was for me. Kathy will swim in college, and the other two will continue to swim for North Baltimore Aquatic Club. Tommy will be in 8th grade at Gilman, and Holly will be in 4th grade at Odyssey. Heather Shreve lives in Hampstead, Md. Her daughter Emilia (17) starts college this fall at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Lee (14) attends Hereford High School. Heather has started a company, SHREVE Interactive, which incorporates the writing, publishing, and speaking she is currently doing. She is also actively working on selling her three screenplays and researching for her eighth book, Once A Colonel, a historical novel based on her grandfather’s life in the Army from 1920 to 1945. Heather stays busy selling her other books at speaking events, working out, and consulting and editing to help clients to get their books on Amazon. Kelle McPeters Sawers is selling real estate in Baltimore. Hayward ’09 is living in Federal Hill, working for the Ravens in Corporate Sales, and coaching JV lacrosse at SPSG. Walker SP ’13 has moved to Hilton Head, where he is working and hanging at the beach. Shelton ’20 finished 9th grade at SPSG. She had a great year, and she loved being “back in the saddle!” Their biggest news is that they moved to Old Lutherville to a smaller house. It was a bit of a project, but they are thrilled with their new digs. Cynthia Fraser is in her 18th year as marketing director at an international landscape architectural firm. She also continues to volunteer at Good Shepherd on their Communications Committee and as a Chalicist. She had a nice surprise in February when the Washington, D.C. office of Central Casting called her. She has been on file to be an extra in “House of Cards” just for fun. They wanted her for a small speaking role in a new Bollywood movie, which was being filmed in New York City, Maryland, Los Angeles, and India. Translated, the movie is called “ What is Life?” It’s a typical romance with a Bollywood twist. It’s based very loosely on the life of the executive producer, who now lives in Middleton, Md. The scene was shot at the Frederick Library. She had a scene with the star, Manjari Fadnis, and she was very gracious. The movie is due to be released November 18! Erika White is still showing dogs and enjoying a partial retirement after closing her boarding kennel. She is still living in southern Pennsylvania with her partner of 15 years, Chip. They are getting ready to sell their two properties and two businesses to head south. They are looking forward to enjoying a slower life and the ability to focus on just the dog shows. Erika’s daughter Alex (25) is working for a restaurant chain as a regional manager opening and promoting their new chain of pizza restaurants. The newest, Lotsa, is in Towson. Her son Anthony (24) is also working in the food industry catering and running a food truck. With both kids on their own, life has taken a wonderful yet unfamiliar turn. She and Chip are looking forward to some exciting new adventures together! Kelly Goetze Long splits her time between Hunt Valley, Ocean City, and Naples, Fla. (where her parents live). Ah, the life of


empty nesters! Her children, Keegan (22) and Mac (20), are both in college now. Her husband Dave is with Goetze Candy Company carrying on the family business. Liz Holden Dickson writes: “Frank and I officially became empty nesters in the fall, which was definitely something new and different. Of course I missed having the kids around, but I can’t say that it was all bad. Frank made many new friends who work at Eddie’s because they cook a much better dinner for two than I do! My son Tommy ’12 graduated from Virginia Tech in May with a mechanical engineering degree and will be moving to Michigan at the end of July to work for General Motors. We are really happy that he is employed but sad to have him moving so far away. My daughter Emily ’15 just finished her first year at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond. Going to visit has been great, as Richmond is such a fun city, and I have had a chance to reconnect with some old college friends. I am still working, designing kitchens, baths and anything else that comes my way, and was excited to recently be included in Home & Design’s 100 Top Designers.” Hope Tarr is in her eighth year in New York City and still loving it. She is finishing up IRISH EYES, her women’s historical fiction debut set in Gilded through Jazz Age New York, as well as coauthoring her first (feature film) screenplay! An early autumn hiking trip to Cornwall, England with her boyfriend and partner, Raj, is in the works. Kendell Shaffer is still living in Venice, Calif. She runs an AirBnB in their back house, which has been super fun—she has met people from all over the world. (Please visit!) Currently she’s working for a writer/producer doing development work, researching things like police corruption and the latest street drugs, reading drafts of scripts about Dolly Parton, and contacting celebrities by phone. Her book, KALIFORNIA BLU, has had much interest as both a TV show and film. Probably the most fun thing to report is that Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads signed on to produce a show she co-created called “Growing Up Indie,” following lives of teen rock bands. Her kids are both in high school and keeping her busy. She is on the board of a new school called STEAM and still volunteers as a screenwriting teacher for at-risk youth. Jenny Cook Weigand had an emotionally challenging 2015 marked by several tragic events, but she has come out on the other end still counting her blessings. She has made another move, this time from the sunny beaches of Solana Beach, Calif. to the beautiful mountains of Manitou Springs, Colo. In early 2016, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training. Jenny continues to give golf lessons in the summertime at Grenadier Island Country Club in the Thousand Islands of Ontario, Canada, as well being a production assistant for CBS Sports for several PGA tournaments a year. She also still mans the home office year round that keeps The Teddy Roosevelt Show (a.k.a. her husband, Joe) on the road and moving forward. Her daughter, Sam, is now 18 and figuring out her future. The new golden retriever in the pack is named Cali and brings so much playtime, joy, and love to all. Whitney Stemler Riley splits her time between Sparks, Md. and Wilmington, N.C. Gavin (25) is working and living in Sparks. Austin (24) is a hairstylist in Wilmington. Whitney is a diehard Ravens fan and can be seen at all home games sporting the purple and black. As for me, Julie Kiefer Donlon, I am living outside of Seattle in Kirkland, Wash. My oldest child, Caroline (19), will be a sophomore at University of North Carolina, Wilmington,

where she spends time with Whitney Stemler Riley. They are peas in a pod! For me it’s been wonderful reconnecting with Whitney; I sometimes feel we are back in 1975 (and so do our husbands when they are with us). Kiefer is in the process of applying to college, mostly in the South. Kellen is 13, and while empty nesting is in our future, we still have a ways to go. I am working at Anthropologie and love it. I get to chat with great people and wear amazing clothes! I’m hoping to come back East one day for good. And for me, Jody Toland Holden, I am still living in Monkton, Md. Addie ’19 is a sophomore at SPSG (with Kelle Sawers’ daughter Shelton and Louise Baker’s daughter Shelby!). My son, Mark, graduated from St. James Academy this spring and will start at SP Upper School in the fall. I spend a lot of time in my car! I work part time at St. James Academy in the front office and Admissions, and when I am not working or in the car driving, I am riding my beloved horse, Maverick. A huge thank you to Virginia Veiga Bryant for being our Class Secretary for nine years! We had a great time hearing from so many of you and hope to see everyone at our 35th Reunion!

1983 Rebecca Williams, Class Secretary No news submitted

1984 Beth Ridgley White and Janet E. Lord, Class Secretaries Katrin Adam McManus writes from California that she and her husband started taking singing lessons in a course entitled “Singing for People Who Can’t Sing.” She has enjoyed it immensely and says, “I can almost say now that I am able to sing.” Her daughter Ella started taking horseback lessons, despite the fact that (or because?) her mother is extremely afraid of horses. Katrin started the German International School in San Francisco, and it has now grown to a K-5 campus. She will be working there next year teaching German and English. Birthday celebrations (the big 50!) continue apace, with fun times by our classmates archived on Facebook. Tina Courpas celebrated her 50th—recall she was born on the Fourth of July—in Ocean City with her whole family, capped off by a BBQ with old friends. She is looking forward to much joy in the decade ahead. One of our classmates reports a big move for her family: Becky Pittman Latrobe packed up and headed to Florida this year! We wish Becky and family well in their new home. Margaret Shera is in her 27th year of teaching in the Baltimore County school system. She is spending time taking care of her mother and is kept busy with Rascal, her dog. She enjoyed the summer off and has been following political developments with some trepidation. Debbie Andersen Seabold continues to enjoy success as a business founder and owner at Tulip Clothing, and she is also busy raising her children, Harrison (13), Lily (10), and Ryan (9). Elizabeth Warmington Garcia continues her work at the Children’s Guild. She has moved again within Baltimore and is enjoying downtown life with her husband Michael.

Class Notes We were sad to learn this year that Beth Powell Holmes, currently living in Wilson, N.C., lost her mom several months ago after a long illness. We are wishing her and her family well after a difficult period of time. Cyndi Tittel Eicholtz is still working in the travel industry in Columbia, Md., doing extensive work in the corporate travel sector for a tech company while continuing with leisure travel business on the side. She reports that Cole (17), a senior at Towson High, started training at Cockeysville Volunteer Fire Company in August. Blake (16) will be a junior at Towson, and he is working this summer at Cyndi’s company learning about network engineering. For her 50th, she and a friend went to West Palm Beach, and she celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary last November. I, Beth Ridgeley White, have been busy with my new role as assistant manager of the Talbots in Cross Keys. My free time is spent cooking, entertaining, and cycling. This year I enjoyed a cycling vacation to Vermont and another trip to Colorado. Beth and I (Janet Lord) enjoyed an SPSG cocktail hour at the newly renovated Valley Inn. A highlight of my year was a trip to Miami for an Amnesty International USA conference. I tuned into the local NPR station to hear our very own Wanda Myles on the morning show. Later, I met up with Wanda and some of her friends to enjoy an evening at an outdoor café. I spent some wonderful time this year in the mountains of Western Maine with my family. My international human rights law practice has taken me far and wide, including recent trips to Myanmar, Vienna, and Istanbul. I have enjoyed keeping in touch with former faculty Mrs. Nancy Marbury and Mrs. Linda King during the past year.

1985 Dianna Von Briesen, Elizabeth Stein, Class Secretaries At our 30th reunion last year, our class discussed how each time we see each other, the years melt away because of the special connections we all made at St. Paul’s School for Girls. I always look forward to the reunions and can’t wait for the next one in 2020! Ann Hennessy Bomleny is busy with her family and businesses. Her oldest son, Nick, is headed off to Boston College for his freshman year. Her daughters, Meghan and Katie, will start their junior and 7th grade years, respectively. Ann keeps busy with her expanding apparel business, Anchor Custom Apparel, and she is the owner/director of Storm Select Lacrosse. Ann and her husband, Nick, live in Windemere, Fla. Last year Ann was visited by classmate Carter Michael Brigham. Jill Woodward says that everything is going well with her family. Her oldest son is in college at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash. Her youngest son is at Boys’ Latin and will be going into 5th grade. Her middle son is getting ready for his senior year at Park School and is considering going to University of California, Berkley or Jill’s alma mater, University of Chicago. Jill teaches English as a Second Language at an adult learning center, as well as continuing to paint in her studio at the Mill Center in Hamden. Jill is hosting a friend from Quebec that she made when she was an exchange student her junior year at SPSG. Lisa Salladin Childs and her husband, Austin Childs, are doing well and enjoying their home in Monkton. Emma, their oldest child, has transferred to MICA and is pursuing a major

in fine arts. Her sister Camille goes to The Harbour School and is happy that her older sister is close enough to see. Patricia Diaz Lyons and her husband, David, have been living in Richmond for 20 years. Patricia enjoys her business doing editorial and wedding photography, which keeps her busy and traveling to fun places. Patricia’s oldest son is headed off to University of Virginia in August. Her son Spencer and daughter Dylan are enjoying school and keeping their parents up past their bedtime waiting for them! Julie Wolfe Huston is still living in Maine and working at L.L.Bean. Her daughter and son-in-law have moved to Texas, so Julie does not get to see them as often as she would like. Julie’s grandson is now 2 years old. She loves being a grandmother! Julie’s son has moved to Massachusetts to work for Mitre. Julie keeps busy being an EMT for two towns and taking care of her many animals. Betsy Stieff Stein and her family are doing well. Not much new to report. Her four children are getting ready for school: the eldest will be a senior, the twins will be juniors, and Jonah will be in 6th grade. They all swim year round, and that keeps the family busy. Betsy says it is a crazy life, but fun. Darolyn Milburn is working at Johns Hopkins as a nurse anesthetist. She loves working at Hopkins because of the amazing people and because she has the opportunity to participate in Hopkins’s renewed commitment to their community outreach. Darolyn recently participated in a panel of health care professionals speaking to high school students about careers in the health field. In her free time, Darolyn mentors young ladies with a focus on community service, scholarships, and leadership. With whatever time is left, Darolyn spends time with girlfriends or plans relaxing getaways. Laurel Mattson Nelson says that not much has changed recently for her and her family. They still live in Richmond. Laurel works part time at a K-8 Episcopal school handling middle school applicants. Her oldest son, Matt, will be a senior this year, and they are in the throes of the college selection process. He plays basketball and baseball non-stop. James will be a freshman this year, and he plays football, baseball, and basketball. Laurel and her husband, Brooks, spend lots of time watching their sons compete. Both boys are also excellent students. Laurel knows that she will get more time for her and Brooks in a few years when the boys have gone to college, but she will miss the crazy times with her boys! Mary Veiga and her family are doing great. Her husband got his real estate license a few months ago and is loving the work so far. Her son Noah (23) is studying psychology at Towson University. Her youngest son, Callaway, is 9. Mary is painting house portraits and landscapes along with teaching fine art at The Mitchell School of Fine Art. She and her husband have purchased a weekend house on the Eastern Shore on Tilghman Island, which is “eye candy for the artist.” There are breathtaking views and sunsets, her favorite subject matter. She shows her work in St. Michaels at a Gallery called Ouvert, participates in Plein Air Easton, and paints and shows in Baltimore. Lisa Hardiman says that her family is doing great. Her oldest child, Torben, just finished his freshman year at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Her daughter Berit is a rising senior at Roland Park Country School, and her youngest, Halden, will be a freshman at Gilman School this fall. Lisa and her husband, Erik, have closed down the Let’s Dish stores in Maryland and Northern Virginia and opened a similar concept which is

exclusively online called Everspoon. They are fresh, flash-frozen meals delivered to your door, where they can be stored in your freezer until you are ready to cook. Lisa continues to work in residential real estate, having moved to Monument Sotheby’s International Realty in Roland Park in January. Ellen Hagigh is still working at Earth Wood & Fire. She sees lots of alumnae, teachers, and old friends there. She lives in Federal Hill and is catching as many Orioles games as possible. Ellen is waiting for Ravens football to start so she can enjoy the three seats she has for the games. Erin Gamse Becker has been living in Guilford near Bryn Mawr, where her daughter Rose just finished her freshman year, and Gilman, where EJ just finished 4th grade. Erin is class parent for both children and serves on the board at Gilman. Erin recently joined the board of the United Way of Central Maryland. Erin enjoys cooking, taking pottery classes at Clayworks, and traveling often as a family. She has a 3-year-old dog, a rescue named Keke. Erin recently visited SPSG and had a great time with faculty Edee Waller. Lynn Holden Carhart and her family love living in Montclair, N.J. with great people, good schools, and lots to do. Lynn is working part time for a small marketing firm, and Jim is still with the same firm (Walleye Trading) in New York City. Ellie is heading off to high school, which is freaking Lynn and Jim out a little bit. Jake will be starting middle school next year. He is a huge nerd and proud of it! As for me, Dianna von Briesen, I have been living in Phoenix, Md. with my husband, David, and our gaggle of pets: Cosmo, Tigger, Beary White (all cats) and the newest edition, a silver lab named Luna. I have lost several pairs of shoes, innumerable rolls of toilet paper, and my heart to that sweet dog. David loves his job at CareFirst. It keeps him hoping. For the last year, I have been working in residential real estate as a transaction coordinator for a Realtor. I am getting ready to get my license to sell real estate. I am excited for this new chapter in my life to get going. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings to all my wonderful classmates!

1986 Katherine Price, Class Secretary The class of 1986 met at school for our 30th reunion. It was great to catch up with everyone who attended. Thanks to Courtenay Wells Arendt for donating the Gator cut out for our pictures! Afterwards, several went over to the ’86 SP reunion at Jimmy Murphy’s SP ’86 home. Who has aged better, the boys or the girls? Only those who attended know! Hope to see the rest of you at the 35th!

1987 Betsey Usher, Class Secretary Amy Presser Kimball says she and the boys are “finding our feet and finding our way” with the help of many friends since the tragic passing of her husband, Joe, in December. She, Linus, and Eamon went on their annual trek to Rehoboth Beach this summer to spend some time with the Kimball part of the family in Easton. Liz Sawers Stewart started a home-based business called Twisted Vine Terrariums. She sells on Etsy, at craft fairs, and in stores where she lives in Portland, Ore. Adam built her an eyecatching display and helps Liz by bending vintage state license


plates to create planters. Brodie is 13 and Zoë is 11; both play competitive club soccer. Kimberly Murphy Boeve is gradually raising a garden that will be beneficial to pollinating insects. She’s teaching a neighbor child to sew and continuing to quilt her own projects while keeping up with family and making sure that Casco the cat is happy. Stacy Hermann Sauerhoff’s twins are starting their senior year in high school, and Stacy teaches elementary special education. She says that life is as busy as ever. Alicia Hay Matthai and Stuart moved and both changed jobs; Alicia has a new role within Innerworkings. She went through a full hysterectomy that included follow-up due to complications. The Matthais are happy being closer to town and love their new home. John Hay was at Camp Pasquaney for seven weeks this summer; his parents traveled to New Hampshire in August for vacation and to retrieve him. Jennifer McNamara Hamed says her family had a great year. Wesley ’16 graduated from SPSG this June and will be attending Elon University. Jenn plans to reconnect with Stephanie Dahl Sigmond on that trip. Jack SP ’14 finished his sophomore year at Middlebury College and will be spending all of his junior year at the London School of Economics, where the Hameds are planning to visit him. Connor SP ’19 completed his freshman year at SP. The family traveled to Costa Rica this year where they treetop zip-lined and surfed. They’re living at Bethany again for the summer. Heather Barrett Russo was working at Goodwill on a temporary basis and loved it. Her church, Epiphany Episcopal, is helping her to get another six-month stint. Heather says she sees Laura Klaunberg Mensh and Amy Ward on a regular basis. Brandon is attending college at the University of Miami and has a part-time job at Panera. Heather’s big news is that she got hearing aids. Amy O’Donnell Metzger’s Jack will be a junior at Tulane, majoring in business and psychology. Greer graduated from Garrison and is heading to the University of Delaware in the fall. Stuart has her learner’s permit. Bennett graduated from lower school at Odyssey and will move on to their middle school. She’s helped at Good Shepherd Camp this summer and loved it. Hutch is doing well in school and likes the ropes course camp at SP. Amy is starting her third semester and will graduate with her M.F.A. next summer, and Don continues to master the grind of the Washington, D.C. commute. Jen Cromwell reports that she and daughter Kyra, now 15, will head to Italy for two weeks at the end of July. They’re excited to take this adventure together exploring Venice, Florence, and Rome. Jen says, “Life is good in a lovely, ordinary kind of way.” Sarah Ridgely Sullivan went to Cameroon in December to drill wells for clean water and visit an orphanage that she hopes to support. Sarah still lives in Silo Point with her dog, Fletcher, and bikes to work at Brassica. Meeghan Truelove switched careers and joined Schumacher, which she says is like getting a crash-course in business from an on-the-job perspective. When not taking business classes through Harvard’s online program and Columbia’s School of Continuing Education, or an intensive course about the history of jazz with historian Phil Schap, she’s accepting regular freelance writing and editing gigs. Amy O’Donnell Metzger visited Meeghan in New York City with two of her kids. Upcoming trips include: The North Fork of Long Island, Berkshires, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, Maine,


and Rhode Island. Meeghan and Joy Koch McPeters are continuing their quest to conquer the entire Appalachian Trail, section by section (they’ve covered over 300 miles!), and they went with another friend to Culebra. Meeghan seems to be taking advantage of all New York City offers by volunteering at a documentary photography and film center in the Bronx, studying Spanish, and regularly visiting museums and live music venues. Speaking of Joy, she and Doug are planning a trip to Zambia this fall, and boated all summer when they could find time. Joy moved Marinalife’s office to a floating barge at a marina overlooking the Baltimore harbor and near a place she and Sarah meet for drinks. Mandy Knittle Harber enjoyed a vacation in Ely, Minn. with Joe and Tatiana, where they traveled down a mineshaft, saw wolves at the International Wolf Center, and kayaked and canoed on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Becky Macys Lynch and Steve will celebrate 18 years of marriage this October. Finney is 16, Lolly is 12, and both still love theatre. The family spent a week in New York City with their theatre troupe, where they saw three Broadway shows and were taught dances and songs from the cast of “School of Rock” and “Something Rotten.” Becky completed a Spartan Super Race at Wintergreen: 9 miles, 5,500 feet of ascension change going up and down the mountain 11 times, and 29 man-made obstacles. Whew! She and three teachers she works with named their team “The Young Bucks and the Old Bat.” The Lynches travel to promote their company, Montebello Kitchens, and were visited by Melinda Cooke-Vandaveer her husband Kevin and daughter Yvah at the opening of MOM’s at the Rotunda. Suzanne Lentz reports that she is thriving in Seattle as an energy intuitive. She launched Botany of the Soul (, a product-based business to “align the energy in the body and our surrounds.” She and Pope are working another three-week season for Burning Man. She traveled to Texas, Los Angeles, and Portland, Ore. Their adorable pup Giovanni continues to steal hearts. Tessa Laspia Frederick has one daughter going into her sophomore year at SPSG and another entering 8th grade at Maryvale. Her son will be a 5th grader at Riderwood. All three were at camp in Maine this summer, after which the family headed to Nantucket to visit her mom and stepfather and connect with five of her six siblings. Tessa is celebrating her 25th year at her law firm. Sallie Toomey’s Maddie was in “The Wizard of Oz” this spring as Aunt Em. They dined with Tessa recently. Sally also went on a cruise to Bermuda. Corinna Koepp’s Noah (16) spent an exchange semester at SPS. Leo, age 18, graduated from Gymnasium and received the best diploma of the year. He qualified for the youth world championship track and field in 10 km race walking, so Corinna and family traveled to Poland to watch. Leo will start law school in the fall. Lale is finishing elementary school and will transfer to the same Gymnasium that Noah and Leo attended, and Ivo can´t wait to start school in September! Corinna works at the University Hospital Charite in child and adolescent psychiatry. Pam Hameroff Stevens works at a small private school as the fine arts coordinator. Alexander is 21 and attends Rhodes College, where he plays soccer and studies computer science. Madison (18) just graduated from high school and will be headed to Furman University in the fall. Bella loves theater

and will be a freshman in high school this fall. Ron and Pam celebrated their 25th anniversary this year. You may have already heard the sad news that Elizabeth Yarema’s father, Carl, passed away recently after being in a car accident. Amy Ward has had an amazing year. She got married, and was promoted to human resources manager at LifeBridge. She and Susan vacationed in Puerto Rico and Oregon, and went to a dude ranch in Wyoming this summer to horseback ride, fly fish, and hike in The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. As for me, Betsey Usher, I’m heading out for a week at Canyon Ranch with a group of women from Nashville. I have a few short work-related trips coming up, and I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Donna Weyrich Franzmathes in Fort Worth, where she lives. My mom moved here to Nashville last fall, which has been nice, though also disruptive. It’s given me an excuse to “retire” from two boards and several volunteer commitments, and I’m figuring out what to do with myself next. The best news of all is that the wonderful Jen Cromwell has agreed to take over as class secretary! Thank you all for the wonderful experience of again connecting with you. I have truly enjoyed it. Have a terrific 2016!

1988 Heather Morgan Vogel, Class Secretary Jennie Blenckstone Boyce writes: “Gillet SP ’88 and I just got back from Colorado, where we hiked Rocky Mountain State Park. Grace ’18 is a junior, Sarah ’20 a freshman, and Eliza ’22 an 8th grader, all at SPSG. College visits will begin for this family in the fall. Gillet and I are celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss this year in September as well!” Jody Betz Eber writes: “I started working part time and love it! Mark is still with Imre. Graeme will be a senior at Hereford High School and is going to University of Tampa for school and lacrosse the following year. Leighton will be a sophomore at Hereford High School and has begun looking at schools, trying to find a good college where she can play field hockey. Winnie will be entering 7th grade at Hereford Middle School. She is very active in everything from art to sports. She doesn’t know what her favorite sport is right now, but she’s leaning toward either field hockey or lacrosse. We have two new Gators! Hildry just started 5th grade and Leighton just started the 10th grade. Both are beyond excited! We have been busy with a bunch of sports trips, as well as vacations to Cancun and Florida. We’re hoping that Santa will once again send us on a winter trip this year!” Lisa Dugan Hobbs writes: “I still have the same job, house, and husband. Ramsay will be in 9th grade at Notre Dame Prep next year. Ramsay and I visited Robin Jarrett Grace and her kids in Boston in June.” Lauryn McDonnell Morris writes: “I am still working part time at The McNor Group. I volunteer at Jacksonville Elementary School, where two of our sons, Spencer and Dylan, attend school. My husband, Curt, is doing very well at Foulger Pratt and has been there for over nine years now. He enjoyed coaching our son Justin’s travel basketball team. Our oldest son, Tucker (15), had an excellent year as a freshman at Dulaney High School. He played on the JV basketball team there. Justin (12) had a great first year at Cockeysville Middle School in 6th grade. He plays club soccer for FC USA of Maryland and plays on two basketball teams. Spencer (9)

Class Notes loved 3rd grade at Jacksonville Elementary School and plays travel basketball and flag football. Dylan (7) had a great year in 1st grade at Jacksonville Elementary School and has now started travel soccer, as well as basketball and lacrosse. As far as vacations, we had an awesome time in St. Augustine, Fla. in April. We went to Lavallette, N.J. to Curt’s family’s house at the beach in June. Congratulations to our niece Morgan McDonnell ’16 who graduated from SPSG in June!” Heather Morgan Vogel writes: “Connor is 15 and is a freshman in high school, and Blake is 13 and in 7th grade. In March, Connor went to Spain on a school trip. While he was gone, Blake and I went to San Francisco. We had fun visiting Alcatraz, and we also biked across the Golden Gate Bridge. In May, Blake went to New Zealand for a cultural exchange/ ice hockey trip. He had fun playing ice hockey, but I think the highlights of his trip were bungee jumping, paragliding, and jet boating. Last Christmas, Scott, Connor, Blake, and I went to Florida.” Lisa Waidner Vega writes: “It has been a year of many changes for me and my family. In January, my mother was diagnosed with late stage Alzheimer’s disease and passed away in early May. My father, husband, and I had a simple but beautiful Catholic burial for Mom near Dad’s home in Bethany Beach, Md. Also, Tony and I are packing up to move again. I accepted a new position at the University of West Florida in Pensacola as a Research Assistant Professor, where I will be able to establish my own research program as well as teach students. We are looking forward to moving back to a beach area, but without the cold winters! We adopted an abandoned cat, simply named Kitty.” Nancy Younan and her husband, Brandon Webster, live in Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. with their adorable 4-yearold daughter, Marie. Nancy is a psychiatrist in private practice, and Brandon owns Gallery 2112, showing mid-century modern art and design. Marie loves Ocean City, swimming, and dressing up as Elsa.

1989 Laura Hammond Swoboda, Class Secretary Lisa Maslin Doherty reports that she is very busy with her two boys, who are 13 and 9, and she spends her life on fields. When she’s not cheering on her boys, she enjoys playing tennis. She loves seeing classmates for dinner. Jessica DiCicco Ferrill helped out with SPSG mock trial again and hosted an SPSG senior at her office for her senior project. She writes: ”Caroline will start middle school (6th grade), Charlie 4th grade, and Charlotte 3rd grade at Cathedral in the fall. We started the summer off with the annual vacation in the Outer Banks, which was wonderful. Other than that, the kids have done a few camps here and there, participated in swim team, and hung out at the pool.” Ellen Adler O’Connell writes: “I continue to live in Bethesda with my husband, Matt, and our two sons, Liam (13) and John (10). Liam stays busy with several sports, including ice hockey, basketball, baseball, and cross country. John loves making movies on his iPad and all things Minecraft. We recently adopted another dog, so we now have a 3-year-old Saint Bernard and a 1-year-old mutt. I am Associate Director of Lab Tests Online (, a patient education web resource about lab tests, for AACC in Washington, D.C.” Heidi Ginter writes: “The good news for me is that I got a promotion in May. I am now the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Services for the company I have been

working for since July 2013. The company is called Health Care Resource Centers. We operate 16 methadone clinics in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut treating patients with opioid use disorders. When I switched from practicing full-spectrum Family Medicine to adult Addiction Medicine, I had no idea I would be on the front lines of trying to save people from dying as part of this opioid overdose crisis! More people die from opioid overdoses than from car accidents now. If anyone you know is suffering from the disease of addiction, please help them get treatment.” Eve Hurley Wabst reports that there is not much new with her this year. Last summer, she and her son were in Europe (London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Assissi, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri). This fall he will be studying Marine Biology at Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Va. They have been traveling to basketball tournaments for her husband’s AAU basketball organization, Black Rock Fury. They went to Chicago in April, which was fun. Her daughter, Keely, is going into her sophomore year at Smithsburg High school. Eve is still working as a special education and autism paraprofessional. She had wrist surgery in September after being injured by a student a while ago, but her wrist is almost back to full use. Finally, I, Laura Hammond Swoboda, enjoyed my summer with my family. This year we traveled to New York City, Hilton Head Island, Dewey Beach, and made a few other fun trips with family and friends. I am about to be the co-president of the PTA at my son’s school and enjoy volunteering there often. I hope that everyone is well and enjoying their summers!

Nineteen Nineties 1990 Cara Loughlin, Class Secretary Lilly Smith Richardson writes: “My father moved in with us last summer, so that has been an adventure! My 11-year-old daughter, Lucy, has type 1 diabetes and leads our family in fundraising efforts for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation each year. We still enjoy spending a couple of weeks at Pawleys Island, S.C. each summer with our extended family. I have enjoyed being back at St. Paul’s a few times each year when my son Ben (13) has participated in cross country meets.” Katharine Weiskittel writes: “We have had another fun year. We went to Italy last summer to celebrate my husband Tim’s 50th birthday. We met up with Neile Hartley Messer and her family in Naples at Christmas time. We’re spent August in Fenwick Island, Del. for the first time.” Neile Hartley Messer writes: “I’m still living in Greenwich, Conn. with my husband, Chad, and three daughters. My oldest daughter, Hartley, is headed off to The Taft School in September. I have started coaching middle school field hockey and lacrosse at Greenwich Academy, which is an all-girls school similar to SPSG. I absolutely love working with girls this age and being able to go to work in my Lululemon! I hope you and everyone else in the Class of 1990 is doing well.” Cara Loughlin writes: “I’m still working at the county library in Cleveland. I got to meet a couple of my favorite authors last year: Neil Gaiman and Jennifer Lawson. My partner, Michael, and I went to the Detroit Jazz Fest last year for the first time and are going again this year.”

1991 Becky Ortiz Cottrell, Class Secretary This spring, the Class of ’91 celebrated their 25 year reunion. It was great to catch up with so many of our classmates, some of whom I hadn’t seen in 25 years! Thank you again to our classmate Shawna Dillon Garliss, and to her husband, Todd Garliss, for hosting such a wonderful party! In addition to catching up with our classmates, we were lucky enough to catch up with some of SPSG’s finest Class of ’91 and many of our old teachers. A special thanks to faculty Mrs. Day and to former faculty Mr. Watt, who were both there to celebrate this special weekend! Nupur Parekh Flynn came to our reunion looking fabulous! It was great to catch up with her and her husband and to see them so successful and happy. Linda Owen came to the reunion, and it was so nice catching up with her after all these years. She and her husband are very happy and are raising a beautiful family. Stephanie Adams Germano is still the CFO of Belair Road Supply Co., and her daughter Jenna ’23 started 6th Grade at SPSG this fall! Congratulations Jenna! Jill Crooks Karpovich is still working at SPSG. Her daughter Wyeth ’21 is in 8th grade,and Marta ’25 is in 4th. Her husband, Todd Karpovich, recently wrote and published his first book, Skipper Supreme. Alicia Douglas Waxman reports that she was recently at the Beaches Turks and Caicos and had a wonderful time! Other than that, she is still running her children around to all their various activities and loves being a stay-at-home mom. Emily Desa Leslie reports that she is living in Matthews, Va. with her 3-year-old daughter, Eloise Leslie. After six years of marriage, Emily and her husband have separated and are cordially co-parenting. Emily’s first book of original poetry, A Man of Her Word. has been published by Underground Books. She was very excited to read at the New York City Poetry Festival in late July. Carol Bollman Bouchard reports that she is still happily living in Colorado, doing her art, and spending time with her family and dogs. J’aime Marie Deltuva True reports that she and her husband were married September 5, 2015. Congratulations Jamie! Jamie also graduated from Johns Hopkins University in May. She is currently a teacher and researcher whose areas of focus are ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities. Her husband, Gene, owns a technology company focused on small business solutions. They love living at the top of the bay in northeast Maryland and spend as much time as possible outside playing with their kids. They also found time to run a program in their community called ‘The Salute to Cecil County Veterans’ that attracted about 12,000 people to fundraise for veterans and watch an awesome Independence Day fireworks display. She says life is great! Nicole Ripken says that she, her husband, Jeff, and their daughter, Mily, recently returned from a heritage tour of China with their adoption agency! They visited Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, and Yangshuo. She said it was an amazing trip! Mily is a rising 7th grader at Roland Park Country School, and she will start her fourth year dancing at SPSG this fall. Nicole, like the rest of us, wants to thank Shawna for hosting our 25th reunion this May, and she said it was so wonderful to see everyone.






5 7



1/ Class of 1991 Green & White Weekend Reunion Party 2/ Laura Connelly Rippel ’96 and family


3/ Children of Libby Hoyle Ramsey ’97 4/ Becky Ortiz Cottrell ’91, Jennifer Brummer Tributo ’91 and Jill Crooks Karpovich ’91 5/ Niqui Fernandez ’16, Nevi Fernandez ’13, Lexi Fernandez ’19, Avery Smith ’24 and Kaylin Smith ’21 at the 2016 GWW Legacy Breakfast 6/ Children of Michelle Ward Calk ’93: Gabriella, 14 months and Jaxson, 2 1/2 years 7/ Children of Julie Adams Koenig ’97, Jacob and Avery 8/ Jen Bolt Batson ’96 and family 9/ Children of Erin Knoska Crist ’94, Declan and Carys 10/ Daughters of Katie Wertheimer Cairns ’94, Parker and Paige

9 80


Class Notes








11/ Carrie McCall Ventura ’94 and daughter Lily

14/ Meg Garliss Brooks ’91 and daughter with SPSG math teacher, Jeanne Day

12/ Saira Baig ’94 and Renato Rotondo Jr. SP ’92 at their wedding on June 9, 2015

15/ Buffy Razavi Sallee ’95 and family

13/ Jen Pollock Gibbs ’96 and daughters

17/ Mily Jenkins, daughter of Nicole Ripken ’91

16/ Son of Danielle Brewster Oster ’95


Katie Day Jasinski reports that she and her husband, Dan, moved to Ocean City, Md. this past June. Dan is enjoying his new job, and they are soaking up the beach life. Their son Patrick is enjoying college and will be a sophomore at Towson University this fall. Ryan will be a senior at Loch Raven this year, leading the percussion section of the marching band. Lily will be a sophomore at Stephen Decatur High School. Jennifer Brummer Tributo flew in from Costa Rica and spent the week in Baltimore just for our 25 year reunion. That was awesome! As for me, Becky Ortiz Cottrell, I am still living in Towson and raising my three children. Brooke will be a junior at Towson this fall, Meghan is starting middle school at Dumbarton, and Peter is in his last year at Stoneleigh Elementary. We recently spent spring break in Costa Rica. While there, I was able to visit family and catch up with Jennifer Brummer Tributo. It was a wonderful time! Other Class of ’91 alumnae present at the 25 year reunion included: Kathleen Diaz Cahill, Meg Garliss Brooks, Emily Gleason Reymer, Rachel Young Rubin, Kerry Rich Prior, Mary Branch Foard, as well as Carter Sieck McDonough, Mustafa Razzak SP ’91, and Jason Timoll.

1992 Missy Salihi Smith, Class Secretary Sarah Little Butler and her husband, Drew, are both still practicing law in Charleston, S.C., but what they enjoy most is spending time at their home on Folly Beach with their three children: Jackson (10), Brooks (9), and Madison (7). They are excited to share that they are expecting a baby in October! Sarah also happily reported that her brother, Brad SP ’96, his wife, Emily, and their two children, Barrett and Wiley, visited from their home in London in July. Kathy Razavi Calleja is still living in Arlington, Va. She loves watching her sons play baseball and vacationing in the Outer Banks. Kathy recently returned from a shark tour in Key West, where her husband grew up. She also said she ran into Michele Walker in Washington, D.C. Jenny Richtsmeier Lukovsky and her family moved from Connecticut to Cooperstown, N.Y. this past January. Jenny joined the faculty at SUNY Delhi in the Veterinary Science Technology Department, which allows her to practice and teach, and she loves it! Her children, Madeleine (8) and Finn (5), have been having a blast in their new home and enjoying time at Lake Otsego. Jenny’s husband, Matt, is a registered nurse at a hospital in Cooperstown. Lynn Davies continues to be busy with her psychotherapy practice in Towson, which she has been doing for 16 years! Lynn loves her time with her daughters, Clara (10) and Rachel (7). Nazi Moghbeli is in Philadelphia, where she is a cardiologist at Penn. She is the mom of three, a daughter, age 12, and sons, ages 8 and 4. Nazi continues to work on her art in her spare time. You can take a peek on her website, www. She returned to SPSG this past year to speak at Prayers and was able to spend time with faculty Mrs. Waller. As for me, Missy Salihi Smith, Eric SP ’89 and I are still in Hunt Valley and Sherwood Forest in the summer. I enjoy being a mom to my two daughters, Kaylin ’21 (13) and Avery ’24 (10). Avery graduated from the lower school this spring, where she was president of the school. She is super excited to join her big sister down the hill at SPSG this fall. Kaylin will be in


8th grade this year and vice president of the middle school. She went to Echo Hill this past year. It was so much fun for me to listen to her experiences and be able to share my memories with her.

possible so that she can enjoy experiencing childhood. She has already picked up a ton of Japanese! This is Heather’s third stint in Japan, and she loves being back, for however long it lasts!


Carey Kasten and her partner, Jared, have been busy renovating their family’s new apartment in New York. Their son Felix (5) just finished kindergarten at a dual-language Spanish-English elementary school. Tobias (2) loves to visit school and can’t wait to start at Dos Puentes in a few years. Carey continues to work at Fordham University teaching Spanish literature and culture. This past year she was the faculty director for service learning and enjoyed working together with students and local community partners in raising awareness about social justice issues in New York City.

Kelly Prill Decker, Class Secretary Danielle Franks is still living in Lutherville with her long-time beau, Jonathan. They share their home with six cats, one of which they are fostering to be a candidate for adoption. Danielle took a summer position working for a nursery, and she has enjoyed being outside all day playing with flowers and working on her tan! Speaking of tans, Danielle and Jonathan are considering a move to Florida, so if anyone wants to meet up in the southland, let her know! Michelle Ward Calk and her husband, Howard, have two small (and active!) children who are keeping her super busy! Jaxson is 2.5 years old and loves airplanes, cars, trains, and just about anything that moves. Gabriella is 14 months old and trying to get rid of her spaghetti legs and start walking. Michelle has been in national sales with Constellation Energy for the past nine years in Baltimore. Her family continues to visit the Dominican Republic each year to spend time with Michelle’s family and to see her mom, who winters there. Michelle sent in an adorable photo of her two children. Liz Low Harlan has a major accomplishment to report: the successful opening of her own preschool in the fall of 2013! The school is named Davenport and currently has 130 students and 20 faculty members. Next year, they will be sponsoring a Baltimore County speech and language program. Liz is excited to provide a great service to the region while also providing a fantastic learning experience for her faculty, which they would not ordinarily get in a traditional classroom environment. Congrats, Liz! Liz bought a house in Sparks last year, where she resides with her two sons, Reid (11) and Tyler (13), both of whom are almost taller than she is! Stephanie Weintraub Bloom emailed from London, where she has been living for over 15 years now. Her two sons, Colin (12) and Lucas (10), are growing up in the English school system (yes, they have British accents!), and Stephanie noted that this experience has been real cultural learning for her family. Instead of lacrosse, she is watching cricket matches, and instead of basketball, her boys are playing rugby! She says that living abroad has afforded them many opportunities to travel, and she is very grateful for all that her family has been able to do and experience. Tevera Stith is still living and working in Washington, D.C. and loving her role as the Director of KIPP DC’s “Kipp Through College” division, which is a college access and completion program that supports students from underserved communities. Next year, her team of 12 will support more than 1,300 students. Beyond the joy that she derives from her career, Tevera has found a church in the area that she loves. She is enjoying helping with G-Zone, the children’s ministry, as well as with the new members ministry. Heather Spector Hallman reports that after living in San Diego for nearly 10 years, where she earned her doctorate in anthropology, her family moved to Tacoma, Wash. Last June, they made an even bigger move: back to Japan! Heather’s husband has a position at the University of Tokyo, and her 4-year-old daughter has started a Japanese kindergarten program that is solely play-based. Heather is happy to have her outside of a formal learning environment for as long as

Suzanne Myers Adler reported that she and Eric are still living in Bethesda, Md., where Suzanne serves on the medical faculty of George Washington University in the endocrinology department. She is keeping busy with all the sports and school activities of their daughter (15) and son (13). They also have three dogs, two of whom are 16 years old! They are cherishing every day and every week they have with their senior pets! Alison Rafferty Ouchna took a fun camping trip this summer with her girls. Mia, her oldest, just graduated from the 5th grade and looks just like her mom! She especially enjoyed the lazy days of summer with her family. Tina Lignos is living in Timonium with John Antoniades, an orthopedic surgeon to whom she has been happily married for nearly 13 years. Her daughter Eleni (11) will be entering middle school in the fall, and Lilly (9) will be starting 4th grade. Tina has her own law firm, which specializes in estate planning. She is able to work mostly from home, which gives her the flexibility to attend her girls’ school events. Tina and her family enjoyed a two-week vacation to Naples, Fla., despite a frightening encounter with a large sea creature, which turned out to be not a great white shark, but a harmless manatee. Kelly Levin Colon’s 16-year-old self never would have predicted that in 2016, she would be living in Reisterstown, about 10 minutes’ walk from her old childhood home in Glyndon! Sadly, Kelly’s father passed away two years ago, but she is grateful that he lived a long, happy, and healthy life and died on the golf course, doing what he loved. Kelly lives with her son Eli, who is now 5.5 years old and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Kelly reports that he is a genius, who at age 4 was already doing multiplication in his head. Kelly is working for a water treatment company and happy to be helping people get access to better quality water. Kelly recently reestablished contact with our classmate Tiffany Thomas Taylor, who Kelly reports is living in Eldersburg, Md. with her son and daughter. As for me, Kelly Prill Decker, I am still living with my husband Jeffrey in a canyon just north of Los Angeles, where I enjoy visits from coyotes and wild peacocks while still being close enough to the city to pursue acting. Highlights from this past year include a feature film where I portrayed Michael Madsen’s girlfriend (look for Devil’s Domain out in 2017!) and starring on-stage in Beyond Therapy. I also serve as president of the local civic association, where we fight to preserve the last vestiges of rural and equestrian life in L.A. I very much enjoyed catching up with so many of our classmates, and I’m looking forward to our 25th reunion in just two years!

Class Notes

1994 Erin Knoska Crist, Class Secretary Joelle Mandato Marr’s big news is that their daughter, Siena, graduated from high school this past June. She is carrying on the family legacy and attending Reed College in the fall. Siena played lacrosse all four years of high school at Oregon Episcopal School (Joelle is certain you all can appreciate the irony here). Her team made a trip to the state semi-finals and ended up third in the state this year. They took a family trip to Switzerland in July to celebrate the milestone. Saira Baig and Renato Rotondo Jr. SP ’92 were married June 9, 2015, and recently welcomed a daughter, Arianna Iman Rotondo. Nicole Brummer started her own orthodontics practice in October 2014: Brummer Orthodontics. It’s been great! She also just moved out of Federal Hill to Mays Chapel. This has been a particularly interesting year for Jessica Cox Abbott and her family, as they moved to Brussels in November and added their third child in April. After 21 months in Memphis, Tenn., for her husband’s job, he was chosen to work a brief 22-month tour at NATO headquarters. Despite arriving at a very dark time for Western Europe (the Paris attacks occurred five days after their entry into Belgium, and they obviously experienced their own horrific events last March), they’ve managed to immerse themselves in the culture and enjoy the opportunities of easy travel throughout Europe. They’re loving it! Susie Creamer and her wife, Lisa, welcomed James Robert to the world in November 2015. Jimmy is so much fun! Susie loves her job as director of the Audubon Center in Baltimore, where she is busy engaging multicultural communities to improve bird habitat locally. She still travels when she can and keeps in touch with many Gator alumnae. Rachael Knodell Bennett is spending her second year in Doha, Qatar with her family after moving there in September 2015. She is currently a stay-at-home mom to Finn (11), Electra (9), and Jagger (4). While she misses London (though is happy to have traded rain in for constant sun!), she still visits Guy’s family there throughout the year and spends summers in Maine. This past June she celebrated her 40th birthday with 72 friends and relatives in beautiful Puglia, Italy. Definitely the highlight of the decade so far! Carrie McCall Ventura lives in Warwick, R.I. with her husband, correctional officer Danny Ventura, their daughter Lily (3.5) and their whippet named Falkor. Carrie’s a stay-at-home mom. They live in a small beach town in a pink house and have been enjoying family time on their new boat. All that art school she attended is coming in handy with the arts and crafts projects she does with Lily. Katie White Gilman continues to teach in Baltimore County. She is enjoying the crazy busy life as a working mom of three: Bridget (7), Spencer (5), and Colin (4). In addition to their twolegged kids, Katie and Johnny are the proud parents of two rescues, Winter and Blake. Katie enjoys being able to keep up with many classmates and friends. Melanie Wachter Whipple and her family of six are still living in the Atlanta area. This past year she launched a new venture making and selling “HeadWhipz Headbands,” super-cute, nonslip headbands for women and girls. Her company makes custom orders for girls’ sports teams. They sell in both private and public school stores as part of their spirit wear, as well as wholesale to many boutiques up and down the East Coast.

Katie Wertheimer Cairns and her husband Matty have two girls: Parker (2) and Paige (1). They live in Baltimore.

trip to Disney in April. There is nothing like seeing Disney through the eyes of a child! We can’t wait to do it again soon!”

As for me, Erin Knoska Crist, like most of my classmates, I entered a new decade this year and am trying to pretend that I never thought 40 was old. We kicked off the year with a cruise to the Caribbean with my parents, my brother, and his wife. The kids had a blast and have already planned their next trip! My girlfriends and I celebrated in Miami in March, and then we had one last hurrah back in Chicago in May! We’re also trying to fit in a trip to Belgium to visit the Abbott clan before they return to the states. (I need to take advantage of this “turning 40” thing while I can!) So all in all, 40 has started off well for me!

Jenifer Pine is an artist in Savannah, Ga.

1995 Rachel Strutt Lassman, Class Secretary Tice Burke Pell and her husband, Peter, live in Manhattan with their two children, Carter (3.5 years) and Tommy (18 months). Tice recently started as the vice president of sales at a venturebacked startup called Rocketrip. Pear Musikabhumma Bollinger and her husband, Bill, recently made a new addition to their family, a Boston terrier named Lou Forster Bollinger. Pear works part time as a community aide at the Baltimore City Health Department and as a medical biller at an optometrist’s office in Fulton. Buffy Razavi Sallee writes, “I’m still teaching English to freshman and seniors and kicked off the two-year process to get national board certification this year. My daughter, Isabella, just finished 1st grade and is celebrating summer by plowing through the Harry Potter books at an exciting rate. We surprised her and my son, Noah (age 5 and entering kindergarten), with a visit to Universal Studios on our summer kickoff trip back to our old life in Los Angeles. Izz was in her happy place with all of the Harry Potter madness, and the rest of us were just happy to be back at the beach again. Everyone is good.” Diane Day Hilleary writes that she can’t believe she has a daughter entering high school! Her son will be in 4th grade this fall, and both kids are still attending the school where her husband, Jim, works. Diane is enjoying their new house in Atlanta and the flexibility of running her own business providing therapy for women and girls. Danielle Brewster Oster writes, “Laurence and I and the boys, JD (9) and Rush (7), are doing great living in Baltimore. We are lucky to have gone on some great trips together this year, including Cabo and Park City, Utah. I am doing a lot of fundraising and development work for some nonprofits. The boys seem to have picked up my passion for horseback riding, and we love to do that together. Maybe they will be future steeplechase jockeys!” Audrey Comly Kennedy is so excited for the fall, as she will be working as a preschool teacher at Central Presbyterian in Towson. Mom to Grayson (9), Piper (8), Hadley (6), and Scarlett (3), she’s eager to get back into the classroom after having been at home with her kids for nearly ten years. Audrey and her husband, George, live in Stoneleigh and are actively involved in their community, church, and school. Beth McClellan Buchal writes, “Dan and I are doing great. I took a break from teaching to stay home with the kids. My daughter Anna will be starting kindergarten in the fall. The twins, Adalynn and Andrew, will be two in November. The kids are definitely keeping me busy! We took our first big family

Marian Getschel Yanega writes, “I can’t believe how big our kiddos are getting! They are 5, 9, and 11 and make me feel old! To compensate for that, I will be teaching 2 year olds at Redeemer Parish Day School in the fall, and I am so excited! The kids are all at The Odyssey School, and we feel so blessed to have such a wonderful school in our backyard. We spent five weeks in Fenwick Island, Del., then were off to the lake in Canada, and then to Maine for the month of August.” Rachel Billian Clark writes, “I continue to live in North Carolina and work at Duke Hospital in an outpatient psychiatry clinic as a therapist. I have two children, Ella (6) and Drew (2), who keep me busy.” Amy Douglas Cohan welcomed a son, Douglas Riggs, in February 2016. Amy writes that they are enjoying life in Houston and having a baby in the house again! I, Rachel Strutt Lassman, still live in Northern New Jersey, and my boys are 7 and 9. I recently completed my first of two years of Montessori Teacher Training and also worked in a 3- to 6-year-old classroom. It was a whirlwind of a year, getting back to work and school after nine years home with my kids, but after motherhood, I feel that it is my true calling. My husband and I celebrated turning 40 by taking the boys on a trip to Denmark and the Norwegian Fjords this summer. It was spectacular! As always, catching up with the class of 1995 is a highlight of my year! If I missed you, please update me with your email:

1996 Jennifer Pollock Gibbs, Class Secretary We all had a great time celebrating our 20th reunion in May. I can’t believe it has been that long. None of us look a day older than our 10th reunion! Sheila Ravendhran reports that she and Max Fischer have just celebrated their ninth anniversary. Their youngest daughter, Veda, turns 1 this summer, and she loves chasing her older brother, Rishi (3), and big sis, Meena (6). Sheila is leaving her pediatric hospitalist position at Baltimore Washington Medical Center to join a private practice in Woodlawn and is both nervous and excited to take the plunge into primary care pediatrics! Emilie Kirkland Macfarlane is enjoying life with her husband and twin boys and just moved to a new home in Devon, Pa. The boys and working at Lilly Pulitzer keep her happy and busy! It’s been an exciting time in New York City, as Jen Bolt Batson is now running three studios: two yoga and Pilates studios with The Yoga Room, along with Workout Factory, a fitness studio, all under the same ownership. She writes, “Our yoga and fitness community has shown me that NYC truly encompasses a coming together in the midst of the world’s unrest. I’m still teaching the art of relaxation with Yin yoga throughout the week. This is also our studio’s seventh year of organizing free outdoor events with breathtaking Manhattan skyline views. I’ll be teaching the final class of the season at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City on September 4, a sunset practice on Pier 1 overlooking the Hudson River and the city beyond. At home, my daughter Riley just turned 5. Riley has been involved with the Queens Zoo and was featured in a New York Times article on bison, which became


our national mammal in time for this year’s Fourth of July celebrations. Other than that, we’re keeping busy exploring the city, getting out to the beach, and visiting our families in Tennessee.”

Jennifer Girard Smith is still in Crofton and working at Doctors Community Hospital. She enjoyed seeing everyone at the reunion, and a huge thank you goes to her for all her help organizing our event!

Caroline Keating McGlynn continues to work in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. After trying cases and heading a geographic bureau for the last thirteen years, Caroline was appointed this spring to run two specialized units, the Gun Violence Task Force and the Violent Crime Strategies Unit. She now investigates and prosecutes firearms straw purchases and conducts long-term violent crime and gang investigations while managing a team of prosecutors, law enforcement agents, and intelligence analysts. She partners with local and federal agencies in the effort to identify and prosecute sources of illegal firearms and related gun violence in Philadelphia. Caroline travels nationally to speak and train prosecutors and law enforcement officials on these topics while she also continues to personally handle trials and active investigations. Caroline and her husband, Joe, enjoy spending time with family and love to travel!

As for me, Jennifer Pollock Gibbs, we moved last fall, and we are having a blast walking to school and living in a neighborhood surrounded with good friends and wonderful families. Our house is a little crazy with six kids, but more fun and happy than I can express. I love residential real estate, and I’m learning how to balance all the kids’ activities with working full time! We are all getting excited for the wedding in the fall and the family-moon cruise to follow. Hadley starts middle school, which is hard to believe, but she is definitely more ready than Mom and Martin! I am sad to have missed you all at the reunion but loved hearing all the stories and seeing the pictures. Keep in touch!

Gillian Lucas Blauvelt moved to Virginia and is teaching kindergarten and 1st grade at the first public charter school in Northern Va. She was married in March on a Caribbean cruise. Molly Thompson Robinson was her maid of honor.

Keelan Diana recently moved from Baltimore to New York and is an Associate at an intellectual property firm, Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP. She also married her longtime partner, Morgan, in December 2015. The ceremony was in Barcelona, on the winter solstice, and was lovely, even if they couldn’t take their dogs with them! Keelan and Morgan are settling into life in New York, canines included.

Katie Coffey Celentano’s biggest news is that she and Matt welcomed a son, Rosario Michael (Rio), in April. Rio is named after his great grandfathers and arrived in a huge hurry (a half hour). He was born at home and came just a few minutes before the midwife could get to their house. She writes, “It was wonderful to recover at home and to introduce his big sisters the next morning when they woke up. We’re adjusting to life with three little ones and enjoying living in Sparks. I was sad to miss the reunion and hope everyone is well.” Bridget Mitchell Pekrul moved back to Baltimore this June and is enjoying getting reacquainted, as she has not lived here since graduating SPSG! Scott, her husband, is working at Sheppard Pratt, and Bridget is focusing on getting her daughter and house settled. She hopes to resume work in the field of hospice and palliative medicine, in which she completed a fellowship in 2015. Her daughter, Natalie (4), is adjusting well to her new life in Baltimore and especially loves the National Aquarium. Laura Connelly Rippel has just finished her 14th year teaching acting at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Fla. She started a new position this past fall as Director of the Fine and Performing Arts Program. Also this past year, her older daughter, Ava, started pre-K at Bolles, and Laura loves having her there! Her younger sister, Lyla, is 2.5 years old and does everything her older sister does. She writes, “My husband Ryan and I also own a printing and sign company in Jacksonville, which Ryan runs, but anyone who is on my Facebook will see his true passion is sand castles. We do try to get to the beach with the girls any chance we get.” Allyson Coffey Hocker shares, “It was great to see so many classmates at our reunion. We moved last year to a little horse farm in Monkton. We’re learning all the time and loving it. The boys, now 8, 6 and 3, have lots of room to play and a few more years before they are fixing fences themselves!” Megan Laziuck Anecharico just moved to a new house in Phoenix, Md. and loves it! They are close to her in-laws and brother and sister-in-law. The kids are enjoying more nature in their backyard. Megan teaches at St. James Academy, and her boys attend as well. She feels blessed every day to teach where Jack and Sam are students. Life is good!


1997 Julie Adams Koenig, Class Secretary

Lanie Pappas McHale is living in the Monkton area with her husband, Scott, her daughters, Eleanor (5) and Harlow (3), and their mastiff, Chloe (6). Lanie is still working at Stanley Black & Decker managing customer fulfillment for U.S. exports. Libby Hoyle Ramsey is doing well with her power yoga studio, Dancing Dogs Yoga, in Greensboro, N.C. Her three children, Scott (7), Margot (5), and Jenna (3), are busy as ever. Libby founded a one-day mother daughter sports camp called Play Like A Girl, which has been an awesome way to engage girls and their moms in sports, play, and fun. She thinks they may have to call North Carolina home for good! Congratulations to Dana Bendos Rausch on the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Diem Marie. Dana’s son, Callen, is an excellent big brother. Callen is growing up fast and will be going to kindergarten in the fall. Dana and her husband Adam are in the process of finding a new house, and they are excited to start this new stage in their lives. As for myself, Julie Adams Koenig, my husband, Keith, and I recently bought a new house in Frederick, Md., and we love our new neighborhood. We stay busy with our two children, Jacob (9) and Avery (5), and our crazy dog, Marley. Jacob is involved in karate, cub scouts and little league baseball. Avery enjoys gymnastics and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I can’t wait for our 20th reunion next year!

1998 Molly Jackson, Class Secretary No news submitted

1999 Haley Brown Mahonski, Class Secretary Elizabeth Dunning Eugene and her husband, John, welcomed their third child, Isaac, this year. He is a smiling, joyful baby, and his big sisters adore him.

Melissa Mardelli Jenkins and her husband left Ireland after five awesome years and have been living in Charleston, S.C. for the past year. She works at an ABC affiliate in the advertising and marketing department. She also recently accepted an adjunct professor position at the College of Charleston starting in the fall! She will be teaching an advertising and integrated marketing communications course to marketing majors. She and Gary continue to travel as often as possible with trips to Portugal, Iceland, and Italy on the horizon. Jess Schmitt Owens is still happily living in Philadelphia, Pa. Don’t worry, she is still a die-hard Ravens fan! She and her husband just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary, and her oldest is off to Kindergarten in the fall. She is passionate about her work as a therapist with adolescents in a north Philly high school who have been victims of trauma and other adverse childhood experiences often related to poverty. She sends her love to all! Kristen Blackman Hohenstein and her husband, Ray, welcomed Charlotte Elizabeth on March 9, 2016. She is doing really well, and they love being her parents! Kristen recently returned to work full time in Oncology Administration at the Duke Cancer Institute. Laura Ciekot Newell loves working at Apple! While she’s enjoying the fast pace, exciting opportunities, and amazing travel, she’s also looking forward to another new adventure: starting a family with Jay Newell (‘97 SPS) and their new addition due mid-August! Holly Freedman Radel is still enjoying living outside of Washington, D.C. with her husband and their dog, Billy. She loves checking out her SPSG classmates’ photos on Instagram, so Class of ’99, definitely reach out to her @hollyandbilly (of course, that’s named after her dog and not her husband)! She continues to lead marketing and communications at a global nonprofit for private capital investment in emerging economies, EMPEA. She has recently been keeping busy helping to launch the EMPEA Institute, a new global research and education entity, and talking with investors around the world about companies blossoming in developing countries and the investment opportunities they bring. Read Murray Timken and her husband, John, are quite busy. They recently moved and are expecting their second baby due in December. I, Haley Brown Mahonski, can’t believe that my big girls, Delaney and Alison, are already 5th graders, and that Caitlin just turned 1! Our family enjoyed a visit to Deep Creek this summer, along with a number of other camping trips, and we are looking forward to a trip to Disney World this fall.

Two Thousands 2000 Ellen Brooks, Class Secretary Jen Boone Eisenberg had her third child, Colin, in May 2016. Jenny is busy as a stay-at-home mom. Morgan Moses-Allen is going into her sixth year at Orbis, Inc. as head of the Washington, D.C. office in human resources, business development and marketing. She lives in Arlington, Va. In February 2016, Morgan and Eleni Popomaronis Bowden were in the wedding party of Solmaz Sarhaddi (’01). Camie McComas Kury has two sons. Aiden is headed to 1st grade at Boys’ Latin, and Connor attends pre-school at

Class Notes Timonium United Methodist. Camie tutors, volunteers, and stays busy running the kids to soccer and lacrosse practices.

all very excited to welcome a little boy in December. Sara is still working for T. Rowe Price.

Jenny Landsman Erdman is still an attorney at Landsman & Ronald doing litigation. Her husband, Rob, is a partner at Howanski, Meadows & Erdman doing family law. Jenny has two boys: Declan, who is 3, and Ryker, who is 1.

Sara Bonner Hughes left her job working as a lawyer in New York City and moved to London in February with her husband and their son Leo. Leo turned 1 at the end of June, and they are excited to welcome another little one early next year. Sara has been keeping busy with women’s clubs and alumni clubs and loves London life.

Maggie Kallmyer Klaes had a baby in the fall of 2015, a little boy named Charlie. Maggie and her husband, Brad, are over the moon about being parents, and it doesn’t hurt that Charlie is the coolest! Maggie is still working for Connections Education and volunteering at church. Michelle Sack Wiener is working as an emergency room nurse and raising her three beautiful children, Eva, Linley, and Wyatt, with her husband, Mike. Jill Haak Bohnenkamp lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Brian, and 1.5-year-old daughter, Gabrielle. Jill is on the faculty at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the National Center for School Mental Health, where she works on research, practice, and policy initiatives to increase and improve school mental health services for youth across the country. Stefanie Eisen Boardman is in her ninth year working at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Allergy Department. She is also the school nurse at her children’s school part time. Her beautiful girls keep her busy. Julia is 4 years old, and Rachel is 5.5. Jasmine Brown is a freelance graphic designer and spent time in Guatemala this summer. Rose Acoraci Zeck married Jay Zeck in November 2015. Eleni Popomaronis Bowden served as her matron of honor, and Virginia Sanders, daughter of Victoria Guroian Sanders, served as her flower girl. Rose is still working as an intellectual property attorney in Washington, D.C. Victoria Guroian Sanders gave birth to her third child, a virile boy named George Battle. He joins his brother, Harris, and his sister, Virginia, to complete a triumvirate of tiny dictators! Victoria continues to write from home for a political non-profit, which she does marginally well so long as her children can be bribed to behave with refined sugar and junky television. She and her family live on the Potomac River in a riverboat. As for me, Ellen Brooks Delaplane, I am still working in advertising and living in Baltimore with my husband, Channing. Victoria Guroian Sanders was in my wedding, as were my sisters, Clare Donofrio and Lucy Donofrio ’11.

2001 Patricia Johnson Bernardini, Class Secretary Sally Boesel Wilson loves life in Annapolis and staying home with her two girls, Isabelle (5) and Penelope (3). Sally is very involved in the girls’ school. Kelli Sussman Jarvis and her husband, Alec, are expecting their first baby at the end of July. She is working as in-house counsel at the National Basketball Association and still living in New York City. Meredith Alcarese and her husband are still in New York with their son, Mac, who will be one in August. Meredith is working part-time for an architecture firm and loving the flexibility to work and be home with Mac. Sara Hodges Ismart and her husband moved to Lutherville with their daughter, Emma, who will be 2 in October. They are

Joanna Fourtinakis is still living in Greece with her two little ones, Emma and Markos, and is super excited for Brooke and Caitlin to visit in a few months. Meredith Jakubowski Levi and her husband, Nick, welcomed their second son, Connor, at the end of January, and their son Ben will be 3 in August. They spent the Fourth of July holiday on Lake Michigan. Also, Meredith celebrated her 10th year at Eli Lilly! Lauren Demme moved to Guam and loves island life: lots of hiking, beach time and stand up paddle boarding with her dog Nahla. Kathryn Andrews O’Neill is still teaching at McDonogh and loves it! Will is 5 and will be starting kindergarten in the fall, and Taylor is 3. Ashleigh Brodsky is doing marketing, business development, promotions, and event planning. She recently gave up city life for a 258-acre farm in Bel Air and enjoys learning the farm life. She currently has 40 animals, including a mini donkey named Ferris Mueller! Meg Spies Freeman is still in Franklin, Tenn., with her husband and their sons Wells (5.5) and Gray (4). Kelly Nocher Riepe and Alec welcomed their daughter, Lucy, in December. Ingrid Goldberg left New York City, moved to Boston, and now runs investor relations at Abiomed! She also recently completed a year-long renovation on a home built in 1895. Tonya Taylor lives in Stamford, Conn. and works as a medical science liaison with Shire in the neuroscience division. She’s been traveling quite a bit for work but has gotten in some vacation as well, to Costa Rica, Montreal (with Sabrina), and South Africa in September. Julie Goode Smith and her husband, Tim, moved from Virginia to Ann Arbor, Mich. Julie is in the process of launching her online marketplace and blog. Kristen Conklin Flank and her husband welcomed another boy in March, Pierce Hamilton. Charlie (3) loves his new job of big brother! Kristen recently celebrated the one-year mark at her practice, The Neuroscience Team in Towson. Audrey Goldberg enjoys living in Annapolis with her daughter, who will be 5 in January. She has a private Rolfing practice out of her home and has taken up Argentine Tango in her free time! Aside from dancing, Audrey also spends time trail running and stand up paddle boarding. Sabrina Murray is still teaching Spanish at SPSG, coaching Badminton, and acting as the Junior Class dean. Paige Unitas and her husband, Mark, still love life in Annapolis. Paige is still working for Corporate Housing Co. (Chris Julio’s company, SP ’01). Lele Murray Horich and her husband, Chris, are still in Washington, D.C. Lele is the middle school learning specialist at Bullis School in Potomac, Md.

Kelly Jaeger Ruggieri is living in Annapolis with her husband and two yellow labs. She works for Trident Funding doing recreational financing for boats, RVs, and airplanes. Emmy Brooks got engaged in June! She and her fiancé live in the West Village in New York City. Emmy still works in PR on celebrity beauty brands. Lauren Davis Hammerbacher and her husband welcomed a baby boy, Jay, in June. They also moved into a new house in Bel Air the same week! Lauren is still working at Finalsite. Solmaz Sarhaddi got married in February in Los Angeles. She is still working in entertainment law in Beverly Hills. Elizabeth Prenger Lawson is still in Baltimore with her husband and two children, Wells (4) and Blythe (2). She runs her own interior design business with projects in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Lauren Porter in still is Los Angeles with her husband, Arik, and their kitties, Alice and Hatter. She signed with a new agent and was recently cast in a web sitcom called “Unleashed.” Her short film “Painless” finished its festival run and is waiting to hear back from distributors. Crickett Herrmann Kasper and her husband, Matthew, welcomed their son, Magnes Alexander, in June. She and Matthew just finished their second year teaching at the Shanghai American School and returned to China at the end of the summer to continue. Before baby arrived, they did a good bit of traveling to Vietnam, Thailand, Qatar, and New Zealand. Bonnie Wilt Knight is still working at Whiting-Turner and living in Towson with her husband and two girls, Molly (4) and Kate (2). Brin Blucher Zink is working full time as a buyer at Smyth Jewelers. She has three little ones at home, Tommy (6), Arden (3), and Leighton (10 months). Tommy is in 1st grade at Calvert and the girls will both be at Good Shepherd in the fall. Erin Sloneker is still living in New York City and working at Major League Baseball selling and servicing international marketing partnerships. She’s traveled a bunch for work this past year—Australia, Panama, Mexico, and Puerto Rico—and will be heading to South Africa, Germany, Barcelona, and South Korea in the near future. Brooke Davidson is living downtown in Baltimore, working for Bayer Healthcare, and playing tennis in her free time. Erica Hay is in her seventh year working as a Baltimore City Police Officer. She recently became a certified group fitness instructor at Merritt Athletic Clubs and teaches body combat. Anne Dorrance Steenhoek and her husband welcomed their daughter, Alice “Allie” Ruth, in April. Big brother Peter is 3. They are still living in Arlington, Va. Lauren Whitty got engaged in July. She is still teaching at McDonogh. Sarah Sloane got married in October. She still works at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and teaches yoga. Pam Melera bought a house, got married, and graduated residency all in the same week! She will be starting a trauma and critical care fellowship at UF Health Shands Hospital in Jacksonville in August. As for me, Patricia Johnson Bernardini, I left my job, after 10 years, to stay home full time with Logan (1). It’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! We are still living in Paoli, Pa.



1 2


5 4 1/ Courtney Cole ’07 and son Michael 2/ Violet, daughter of Alison Clarke Gentile ’03 3/ Lucy Michelle Riepe, daughter of Kelly Nocher Riepe ’01 4/ Elynor May Monks ’04 and husband Derry with sons Teddy (3) and Oliver (1) 5/ Children of Stephanie Bendos Sullivan ’02 6/ Gabrielle Bohnenkamp, daughter of Jill Haak Bohnenkamp ’00

6 86

Class Notes

there were 4 Class of 2004 group photos--I only used one because they look like it is the same group and space is limited. This one best quality and pirate theme cute!... ???


8 7/ Class of 2004 classmates: Ryan Sloneker, Helena Cignarale Ilardo, Melissa Shepard, Kara Colnitis Pudenz, Courtney Curlett Kamins, Ashley Bruno Gaughan 8/ Madeline Koehn, daughter of Rosina Ciattei Koehn ’04 9/  Allie Lippincott ’05 and her dog 10/ Clare Anderson ’05 11/  2007 classmates Amaris Maxwell, Chelsea Carico, and Addison Tower


12/ Laura Suelau ’04 and Brittany Rytter Skipper ’04

9 12

11 87




3 1/ Sheza Nasir ’05 with family on her wedding day 2/ Rose Acoraci Zeck ‘00 and husband Jay Zeck at their November 2015 wedding. Eleni Popomaronis Bowden ’00 served as her matron of honor, and Victoria Guroian Sanders ’00 on far left holding daughter of Virginia Sanders who served as her flower girl 3/  Downey Talucci Dupont ’04 and husband Tim Dupont



4/ Carol Clifford Wright ’04 and husband Tim Wright 5/  Lee Pine ’05, Samantha Wright, Carol Clifford Wright ’04, Anna Clifford ’07, Sofia Rutka ’04 at the wedding of Carol Clifford Wright 6/  Left to right: Courtney Fields ’06, Caitlin Sloane Donati '05, Brin Blucher Zink ’01, Jackie Blucher Ariosa ’05, Liz Schwarcz ’05, Hannah Mudge ’05, Megan DelMonte McKenzie ’05 at Jackie’s wedding 7/ Nina Rawtani ’05 and husband Collin Baker on their wedding day at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Maryland



8 88

8/ Lucy Donofrio ’11, Clare Donofrio, Victoria Guroian Sanders ’00 and friends at the wedding of Ellen Brooks Delaplane ’00 9/  The wedding party of Solmaz Sarhaddi ’01


Class Notes

2002 Cori Brooks, Class Secretary Wow! It’s been 15 years! It was great seeing so many of you at the reunion! Adriene Boone is still working with the federal government, but in a new agency. In April 2015, Adriene accepted a communications analyst position in the Office of the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Outside of work, Adriene continues to explore the world, having visited the following places in the last year: Cartagena, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Iceland, Bermuda, and Dallas. During her stop in New Orleans, she was able to spend time with former SPSG dance teacher Liese “Fru” Hammontree.

Stephanie Diemer was married in Baltimore on April 25, 2015 to Sean Smith. She is also now working as a contractor at the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute at Shady Grove in Rockville. Anna Lodwick Love has been working at the clothing company Rag and Bone as a technical designer helping to develop and produce the women’s ready-to-wear garments. She is also working on the pieces for the SS17 runway show. She lives in Brooklyn, goes to the beach every weekend, and is learning to play piano! Julie Sturm Carolan and her husband just bought a house last December. She is working part time as a nurse at Union Memorial and just had her baby boy, Thomas Daniel Carolan, on May 6, 2016.

Stephanie Bendos Sullivan writes, “We have really been enjoying our time living in Prague! On April 11, 2016, we welcomed our third child, John ‘Jack’ Edward Sullivan. We have enjoyed traveling around Europe this summer before we move back to the states later this year.”

Claire Edelen graduated last year (May 2015) from the University of Texas at Austin with a Master of Architecture. Since graduating, she has been working for an architecture firm in Philadelphia and is happy to be in closer proximity to her SPSG gal pals!

Allison Schindler D‘Anjou, her husband, Eion, and their son, Gavin (2.5), are still living in New York City. In August, Allison delivered a second child, a son. Allison works for CPI, a global investment professional recruiting firm specializing in placing individuals and teams on behalf of private and public investment firms. She’s recently become involved in Good Sports (, an organization that aims to give all kids the lifelong benefits of physical activity by providing new equipment, apparel, and footwear to those most in need.

Carrie Thieman Locke has been living in the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas) for the last nine years and absolutely loves it. She got married almost two years ago down there and can’t imagine living anywhere else, although she still loves to visit Baltimore often. She and her husband don’t have kids yet, just two awesome dogs. They started a boat charter business a few years ago, which she manages full time. They plan on being there for the long haul, in case anyone wants to come visit!

2003 Scarlett Corso, Class Secretary Lauren Vitrano is living in North Bethesda with her husband, Jimmy. They purchased a condo in November 2014, and they’re enjoying being homeowners. She is still working as a business development manager for the same architecture/ engineering and consulting firm that she has been with since 2007. She and Jimmy traveled frequently in the past year. Most recently, they went to Napa and Sonoma in June, where they went to the winery (Frog’s Leap) where they got engaged back in 2013! She still keeps in touch with Farah Saeed, as they met up at a Ravens tailgate in December and try to get together when they’re both back in Baltimore. Nicole Brynes recently graduated with her doctorate of nurse practitioner (DNP) degree in Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Care from the University of Pittsburgh. She moved to Bristol, R.I. with her husband, Dr. Samuel Hoffman, to pursue an exciting job opportunity, and enjoys living a stone’s throw away from the ocean. Jessica Carico is an infant teacher at St. Paul’s Plus. She bought a house in Catonsville a couple of years ago, where she lives with her cocker spaniel Stella. Katie Kunhardt Schweizer has had a very exciting year! She and her husband, Sam, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ronan Corbett Schweizer, on September 10, 2015. Ronan keeps Katie and Sam on their toes as a very mobile and opinionated 1-year-old. A mere six weeks after Ronan’s birth, the new family of three became homeowners as they moved into their very first home in Hyde Park, a neighborhood of Boston. At the start of 2016 and after four months of maternity leave, Katie began work at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where she works in business development.

Parker Scott Slaton welcomed a son, John Hawley, on February 5, 2016. Big sisters Cole (4) and Ibbie (2) are delighted to act as little mommies. Parker and her husband are still living in Newark, Del. Aja Page Hill recently had her second baby, Ari Madison Hill, born on July 11—free Slurpie day! Ari was born 20 months to the day after her big brother, Ryder, who is being an excellent big brother. Aja and her husband, Walter, recently moved out of Baltimore City to Reisterstown and are enjoying the exchange of sirens and car sounds for frogs and crickets. Chloe Young-Hyman Sundburg still loves living in Denver, Colo. In September, her son, Charlie, was born. He is a super happy, healthy, and not surprisingly, very tall baby. Jenny Sharp continues to live in Atlanta, Ga., and work for Emory Healthcare. At Emory University Hospital Midtown, she is the early mobility coordinator and lead intensive care unit physical therapist. Jenny has also been teaching at Emory University School of Medicine’s Physical Therapy Program for the past three years. Jenny and her husband, Brian, are expecting their first child in September 2016. Sara Kennedy got married at the end of May 2016! Caitlin O’Connor and Chloe Young-Hyman Sundberg were in the wedding party, and Claire Edelen, Alexandra Eagan, Melissa Coffey Brooks, Jenny Sharp, and Kristin Connelly attended. After working as an epidemiologist since 2011 at the University of Maryland’s Institute of Human Virology, Sara switched jobs earlier this year to work for Jhpiego, a large international health organization that often sends her to countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. She is also still running a nonprofit on the side that supports locally run health care and social service organizations in Nigeria. Allison Clarke Gentile is living in New Jersey with her husband, Andrew, and their daughter, Violet. They celebrated Violet’s first birthday on July 14. Violet loves chasing and playing with her French bulldog brother and sister, Rosie and Stanley.

I, Scarlett Corso, have been busy here in Baltimore developing my legal practice. After five years of practicing insurance defense with Franklin & Prokopik, P.C., I accepted a position practicing personal injury in April 2016 with Gilman & Bedigian, LLC in Timonium, and I have hit the ground running. I continue to live in Canton in downtown Baltimore and welcome any alumnae who have any legal questions or alumnae questions—feel free to ask! Thank you to everyone from my class who took the time to submit.

2004 Vani Takiar, Class Secretary 2016 seems to be an awesome year for everyone! You all had so much good news to share, and it is amazing how many new little members we have added to our family! Here is what some of you are up to: Catherine Onnen Chasen lives in Phoenix, Md. with her husband Brandon, their two boys, Brandon, Jr. (3) and Brooks (15 months), and their lab, Troy! She and Brandon are expecting their third baby in January 2017. Catherine greatly enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and keeping her boys very busy. She visited with Kara Colnitis Pudenz earlier in the year and got to meet her son, and then went to Puerto Rico with Laura Suelau in March! Annie Wagner Jubb and her husband, Jerry, are grateful for the arrival of their first child, a son named Emerson Rhodes Jubb, in mid-September. They reside in Annapolis, Md. where Jerry works with Pyramid Builders, and Annie continues to enjoy mentoring young women in Arlington, Va. In January of 2016, Wesley Michael accepted a new position at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a physician and executive recruiter. That same month, she was engaged to Jason Yampolsky and moved to the East Village in Manhattan. They are planning for a June 2017 wedding in the Catskill Mountains. Bronwyn Lewis Friscia is living in Venice Beach, Calif. and is now in the dissertation-writing stage of her doctorate in International Climate Change Politics at the UCLA Department of Political Science. Still full of wanderlust, she and James took a one-year anniversary trip to Myanmar and Malaysian Borneo in April. Helena Cignarale Ilardo is living in Baltimore with her husband, their son, Charlie (2), and their dog, Remy. They look forward to the arrival of their second child in early November! Whitney Mettam White graduated from London Business School and received her M.B.A. in July. In September, she starts her new job as a management consultant with AT Kearney. Laura Suelau has been living in Denver for three years now. She works as an assistant federal public defender. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, and hosting out-of-town visitors like Brittany Rytter Skipper! All classmates are welcome! Lowell Burton is the marketing manager for REC Solar in Honolulu. She will be getting married near her home on the North Shore of Oahu in April 2017. She is also working on her second collection for her brand, Nai’a Bikinis. After seven years in New York, Danielle Solomon Turner recently packed up and headed to Atlanta. She is now a Senior Producer for CNN and loving the new gig. Outside of work, she continues to travel and explore new corners of the world. Her


most exciting trip this year, though, is back to Baltimore, to stand next to Emma Connor when she says “I do.” Courtney Curlett Kamins and her husband, Grant, bought their first home in Annapolis after spending the past five years living in Arlington, Va. They love being close to the water and exploring the area. Courtney also accepted a new job at a startup genetics company and is thrilled about this new opportunity. Jessie Benson has been internationally expanding her SUP yoga brand, FloYo, and leading teacher trainings and retreats around the globe. She also opened B’More SUP here in Baltimore. Elynor May Monks and her husband, Derry, are really enjoying living by the beach and exploring Wilmington, N.C. with friends and family. Life with two boys, Oliver (1) and Teddy (3), is completely exhausting but worth it. Elynor’s business, The Design Strategist, is thriving. Many thanks to SPSG teachers who inspired and nurtured her creativity early on! Brittany Rytter Skipper is still living in Springfield, Va. with her husband and dog. She is working in the Washington, D.C. public school system as a 5th grade teacher and instructional coach. This year she will also function as a literacy content lead. She is excited to be in Katie Buffington’s wedding in the fall. Tovah Dorsey is in her third and final year of the emergency and critical care residency at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. This fall, Tovah will wed her fiancé, Jordan, and begin searching for jobs as a veterinary criticalist. Katie Buffington absolutely loves teaching English at SPSG! Kate and her fiancé, Chris Brown, were married on September 4, 2016, at her family’s farm in Union Bridge, Md. Her matron of honor was Brittany Rytter Skipper, and other SPSG alums attended. Christina Battles Parker lives in Long Island with her husband, Stephen. She just celebrated her fifth anniversary with her company, Randstad, as area vice president. When she is not at work, Christina can be found at CrossFit, on her sailboat, at the dog park with her pup Piper Parker, or traveling abroad to places like Portugal and the Dominican Republic. Niki Deshpande Leiter is in the midst of her fellowship training in pulmonary and critical care. She and her husband, Jeff, live in Federal Hill with their dog, Taco. In her cherished free time outside hospital walls, she loves spending time outdoors. She recently learned to ski, so she hopes to try that out again this winter! Ali Diana lives in Portland, Ore., working in a hospital as a clinical social worker, providing mental health care to adults while connecting them with resources in the community. Ali is also performing in local theater, studying nursing, and exploring through hikes or camping adventures in the Pacific Northwest. Vermeka Lang is currently living in Baltimore, Md. and working as a unit manager at Travelers Insurance Company. Vermeka recently got engaged and is excited for the big day in September 2017. In her free time, she enjoys international traveling and is excited for her visit to Barcelona and Rome this year. After spending 11 years in Nashville, Tenn., Stephanie Boesel Kintgen moved to Annapolis, Md. in July 2015 to be closer to family. She and her husband welcomed a baby girl, Katherine Jacquelyn, in October 2015.


Downey Talucci Dupont married Tim Dupont in November 2015 at her grandmother’s home in Ruxton, Md. Downey and Tim are thrilled to announce they are expecting a baby, due in December 2016! Ashley Bruno Gaughan just got married this May in Washington, D.C. She continues to live in Arlington, Va. and works at Capital City Events as a senior account manager. She loves planning events in Washington, D.C. and being around close friends and family! Rosina Ciattei Koehn is the athletics scheduling assistant at Loyola University Maryland. She is working towards her master’s in Athletic Administration at Goucher College. Rosina and her husband, Pat, welcomed their first baby, Madelyn Grace Koehn, this past spring. Melissa Shepard lives in Washington, D.C., working for the Advisory Board, where she is an associate director overseeing the firm’s large scale events and VIP programs. She loves to travel and just returned from a trip to Thailand. She remains very close with her friends from SPSG. Kayleigh Langley Heaps and her husband of 10 years just installed a pool at their home in Delta, Pa., and they enjoyed spending the summer making family memories. Her daughter, Adrianna, is an all-star cheerleader and is starting second grade, while her son, Landon, just turned 3 and loves playing ice hockey. Rachel Emmel Oberc is now a program manager with General Dynamics Mission Systems but has also retained her role as the new technology project lead for her primary program. She spends the rest of her free time chasing her two kids, Nolan (4) and Norah (2), as well as her two dogs, Scruffy and Scrappy. Rachel and her husband, Tim, also recently moved to Ellicott City, as their well-loved Baltimore rowhome was getting a little too cozy for the family! Carol Clifford Wright got married in October of 2015 to Timothy Wright, Friends School ’04. Anna Clifford ’07, Sofia Rutka ’04, and Lee Pine ’05 were all bridesmaids. She is now living in Charlotte, N.C., where she works as a consultant. Emma Connor Wesoloski continues to enjoy working at the National Aquarium and was promoted to director of marketing programs. She married Scot Wesoloski on July 16 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Two years ago they bought their first home, which they share with their cat, Boh, and dog, Camden. Kate Gutierrez recently moved to Charlottesville, Va. to attend a graduate nursing program at the University of Virginia. She is looking forward to exploring the mountains, vineyards/ breweries/cideries, and acclimating to life as a ’hoo for the next two years. Marcelle Grano Williams and her husband, Ryan, welcomed Alphonse “Alphie” Ryan Williams on Tuesday, July 12, 2016. He was 7 pounds, 14 ounces, and 20 3/4 inches long. They are beyond excited to begin their journey into parenthood! Kara Colnitis Pudenz welcomed her son, Cole Jackson Pudenz, on October 12, 2015 in Tampa, Fla. In December 2015, she completed her M.B.A. from University of Florida. In June 2016, Kara accepted a position as key account manager for Nestle Ice Cream on the Target Account. Kara and her family relocated to Minneapolis, Minn. And I, Vani Takiar, am finishing my second year of pediatric dental residency in Boston; I hope to see all of our new babies soon in my office! Be well and stay safe!

2005 Carey Smith, Class Secretary Lee Pine is beginning her third year as a preschool teacher at Friends School. She continues to be heavily involved with animal rescue. She plans on getting married and pursuing a master’s degree in social work in 2017. Caitlin Sloane Donati and Jason Donati SP ’04 recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Caitlin is working in development at the Arthritis Foundation. Molly Wills is still living in Greenwich, Conn. with her sister Grace Wills ’08. She is continuing her work with The Waverly Project, which is in its fourth year! They are passionate about shifting the language between girls and women; in a pressure-free environment, TWP connects girls and young women to their passions, providing mentorship and supportive conversations. TWP is expanding into New York City this fall and launching The Gallery, a curated experience for women, becoming inspired by fellow female professionals in various creative and service-focused fields. ​​Jackie Blucher Ariosa married her husband, Adam, in September 2015. Their celebration took place in Baltimore, Md., and there were many SPSG alumnae in attendance, including her bridesmaids Brin Blucher Zink ’01, Caitlin Sloane Donati ’05, Courtney Fields ’06, Megan DelMonte McKenzie ’05, Hannah Mudge ’05, and Liz Schwarcz ’05. In the spring, Jackie and Adam moved to their new home in Mays Chapel, where they welcomed a new puppy, Daphne, to the family. Jackie is currently working as a registered dental hygienist for a private dental practice in White Marsh. Clare Anderson has been living in Denver, Colo. for six years now. She has been a freelancer since 2011, teaching yoga, doing Thai massage, holistic health coaching, and herbalism consultations. After five years of working for herself, she is going into business with her fellow herbalist friend. They opened Rhizome Apothecary late this summer in the heart of Sunnyside, one of Denver’s older, charming neighborhoods! She is so excited to bring more awareness to plant-based medicine and spread the love for small batch and artisanal goods to the community. Aside from business, her boyfriend of three years (also an entrepreneur in specialty coffee) and her cat, Edward, live happily in a lovely home near the lake. Allie Lippincott is still living in San Francisco and working as Associate Apparel Designer at Lucy Activewear. She has a dog named Jasper and a household of cactus plants. She spends a lot of her free time making her own clothes and accessories, in hopes of one day having her own store! Courtney Williamson graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Theory. She is busy with the launch of her new company, AbiliLife, where she is the CEO and leader of a biomedical engineer team that develops products for Parkinson’s disease patients. Courtney founded the company in honor of her late mother, Antoinette Williamson. Courtney’s free time consists of traveling and taking advantage of all that Pittsburgh has to offer. Cara Goering was married in September. She is still working at Kennedy Krieger High School and living in Federal Hill. Sheza Nasir continues to work as an attorney in Baltimore, but now lives in Bethesda with her husband. They were married last August in a celebration with family and close friends.

Class Notes Nina Rawtawni married Collin Baker on June 4, 2016, at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Maryland. They are currently living in Washington, D.C. while Nina finishes her last year of anesthesiology residency at Georgetown University. Carey Smith is working as a registered nurse in cardiac surgery at Hopkins. ​She is also in school pursuing her master’s degree as a nurse practitioner.

2006 Caitlin Hutcheon, Class Secretary Sara Turner is going into her fifth year and last year of studying clinical psychology with a pediatric focus. Alex Kahn writes: “I recently purchased my first home with my fiancé, and we plan to rent it out most of the year. I am working full time as a photographer and videographer, finally required to travel for work to exotic locations around the world, and my fiancé comes with me everywhere. I’m currently in the final phases of my largest documentary film project yet, which will be premiering this winter at a big theater in Boulder, Colo., for anyone who lives close and might want to come see it!” Elise Morrow-Schap had a busy year, moving to Manassas, Va. and starting her job as the assistant director of admission at Browne Academy in Alexandria, Va. She enjoys working in an independent school community because it feels so much like home! Elise also completed her master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education and is excited to see what’s next in this crazy adventure called life. Meghan Smith is entering her sixth and hopefully final year of a clinical child psychology doctorate program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. Marissa Flaherty writes: “I am still in Baltimore, finishing up the second out of four years of my psychiatry residency at University of Maryland Medical Center and Sheppard Pratt Hospitals. It’s been a wonderful journey. I love working with my patients and find it tremendously rewarding! My boyfriend and I enjoyed traveling a lot this summer and also attending a lot of weddings of close friends near and far. I have been enjoying hanging out with family and friends and enjoying the hometown feel of our wonderful city.” Vaughn Willse is still in Baltimore working at Humanim Behavior Support Services as a behavioral consultant/BCBA, LBA. She is planning her wedding, which is in November 2016, and she is marrying Dr. Christopher Bullock. They also have two cute dogs. Christine Hepler Morris is working at Element Fleet, a company that manages fleet vehicles for companies that give their employees company cars. She is in the Legal Department and handles litigation for drivers and clients. Courtney Fields writes: “I am still living in Chicago and working for the Evans Scholars Foundation. Since my little brother passed away in October, we were able to create the Jaxon Fields Endowed Named Scholarship to send multiple Evans Scholar caddies to college every year, free of tuition and housing costs. We have received so much strength and love from the SPSG and SP communities and feel so lucky to be a part of this special place. In other news, I also just got engaged, and I am excited to plan an August 2017 wedding!” Rachel Cook is living in Baltimore and working as director of brand development at Sagamore Spirit, a start-up rye whiskey company. She oversees the marketing and communication strategy for the brand and has learned to craft some pretty good whiskey cocktails along the way. Rachel is also a part-

time MBA student at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Christina Boarman has been with Under Armour for almost six years. On June 1, she just began a new role as merchandising manager for women’s and youth product apparel, footwear, and accessories covering all of our Latin American and new market regions. On August 1, she moved to Panama in Central America to work in the Latin America office for two years. She is fluent in Spanish and extremely excited for this next chapter in her life. She also recently bought and flipped a home and enjoys stand up paddle boarding. As for me, Caitlin Harbold Hutcheon, my husband and I moved on to our next military duty station: Monterey, Calif. I also decided to change career paths and started a practice as a birth doula. We are enjoying exploring a new part of California, and I love my new job.

2007 Davis Garcia Lush, Class Secretary Bree Booker is working in military health care reform as a digital media/public affairs officer for the Department of Defense. Her focus is in epidemiology and global health surveillance. Bree is also starting her “Your News Matters” original news series on YouTube via Fromgirltogirl. Suzanne Boone started working at TEKsystems as a senior manager of operations and loves it! Courtney Cole just celebrated her son’s second birthday on July 10. She lives in Oregon and is still working for the State in the employment department. Melanie DiGeorge is living in Washington, D.C. and recently started a new job with software company Higher Logic in Rosslyn, Va. Melanie has a 2.5-year-old golden retriever named Dennis. Jen Forbes works at a software company called OpenWater and lives in Glover Park in Washington, D.C. Outside of work, she is a yoga instructor at Core Power, sculling coach at Potomac Boat Club, and freelance photographer. She also loves to cook and garden. Davis Garcia Lush is an attorney at a Richmond law firm practicing civil litigation. Liz Jacobs Jones moved to Jacksonville, Fla. with her husband, Ian, and their goldendoodle, Bella, last fall. She is running her own Etsy shop named Factor Eleven. This past May they welcomed their son, Alaric Dorian Jones. Ashley Johnson is currently earning her Master’s of Communications in Digital Media at the University of Washington. Jen Johnson lives in Raleigh, N.C. and works at Peter Millar Corporate as an account executive. She has a cocker spaniel named Molly. Alli Koch still lives with her sister Leslie Koch ’04 in Washington, D.C. and works at LivingSocial. Katherine Kozelski bought a home in Canton with her boyfriend, Sean. She works at TEKsystems as a social media coordinator. Kasey Levering bought a house in Manasquan, N.J. Rachel Levin is currently working at a school for kids with special needs and is also teaching yoga to kids in New York City. Amaris Maxwell is working in human resources, just bought a new car, and is celebrating her two-year anniversary of being a homeowner.

Arin Mossovitz Liebman got married on July 3, 2016. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and works as an attorney in New York practicing civil litigation. Leah Parker just celebrated three years working on the public relations team at Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C. She also works part time in the nightlife industry around the city and is living in Arlington, Va. This summer she spent time in Miami, Fla., as well as Cape May, N.J., and she hopes to go to Los Angeles, Calif. to visit family. Kellan Reed bought a house in Canton with her boyfriend, Will, and is still working in procurement at T. Rowe Price. Laura Ruppersburger was admitted to the Maryland Bar in December 2015. She is an assistant state’s attorney at the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City. Caitlin Thompson adopted a pit bull named Randy who is slowly but surely becoming friends with her cat named Leo. She is currently studying for her LCSW-C exam. Melissa Weinstein is still living in Los Angeles, Calif. She’s in her third year as a manager of international sales and marketing at GRB Entertainment and in her second year with Stella and Dot. She still has an unhealthy obsession with Mets baseball.

2008 Kaitlin Hatfield, Class Secretary Lizzy Zimmerman Matusky got married on July 17, 2015, at Pond View Farm in White Hall, Md. Fellow classmates in attendance included Kelly Mangan, Symone Johnson, Rebecca Opfer, Kathryn Marsiglia, Jamie Bare, and Liz Hecht. More recently, Lizzy has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Charlotte Ann, on July 10, 2016. Now into her second year of teaching, Jamie Bare has continued to enrich minds teaching business education at Dulaney High School. Her classes include both business management and introductory computer science. This year, she will be taking on even more resbility as the coach of the girls’ varsity golf team. She is currently living in Canton with fellow classmate, Rebecca Opfer. After graduating from American University’s School of Law in 2015, Cori Stedman has remained in Washington, D.C. to work for the Broadcasting Board of Governors as a member of the general counsel as part of their fellowship program. Jessie Hendrick Scheerer married Brian Scheerer SP ’08 on July 3, 2015 in an outdoor ceremony at the Chesapeake Bay Country Club. Among the many SP and SPSG graduates in attendance, the bridesmaids included fellow Gators Caitlin Herman, Kristina Beese Clayton, Alexis Blair, Kathleen Mack, Melanie Gilarsky, and Jenny Scheerer Young. On June 17, 2016, Kristina Beese said, “I do” to her best friend, Ryan Clayton SP ’08. SPSG bridesmaids included Jessie Hendrick Sheerer, Alexis Blair, Kathleen Mack, and Kerri Clayton ’15. Kristina currently works as a development coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association. After honeymooning in Greece, she and Ryan returned to their home downtown where they live with their dog, Dasher. Always one to think outside the box, Dana Shaw proposed to her loving boyfriend, Tom Pike, on May 23, 2015. The two will be married on September 25, 2016. In 2015, Rachel Kelley packed up her things and moved to Gainesville, Fla. in pursuit of higher education. This year she continues her work in the Ph.D. program in Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida.


Also continuing her education in sunny Florida is Caitlin Herman, now in the third year of her doctorate in Psychology at Nova Southeastern University.

dietitians. In the fall, she will start a full-time job in the University of Washington Athletic Department as a sports dietitian.

varsity lacrosse coach at a local high school, Pine Richland, and coaches a club team, Pittsburgh Premier Lacrosse Club, in the summer and fall.

Trading in Washington, D.C. for Durham in 2015, Brianna Elliott left her editor position at Oceana after a year in order to pursue a master’s degree in Coastal Environmental Management at Duke University. As part of this program, she is researching how proposed seismic airgun blasting and offshore drilling along the East Coast could affect sea turtle behavior. This summer, Brianna is interning with Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources as a Protected Species Conservation and Policy Intern.

Christa Stoehr recently moved to Annapolis, Md. She still works in finance at Northrop Grumman in the Baltimore area. Christa is actively involved at SPSG, coaching the JV lacrosse team alongside friend and former teammate, Hayward Sawers.

Danielle Guilio started her own company about two years ago called DG Home Renovations. She’s been buying, renovating, and reselling homes (a.k.a. flipping houses) in the Baltimore area.

After working in Philadelphia as an Architectural Historian for Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, in 2015, Maggie Smith relocated to San Francisco to take a position with Page & Turnbull, a historic preservation architecture and planning firm. So far she loves the California lifestyle. Barbara Knipp Burke tied the knot on September 12, 2015, in the Adirondacks. Fellow ’08 graduates Caroline Cochrane and Gracie Wills served as bridesmaids. Barbara and her husband live in San Francisco, Calif. Alexis Blair returned to SPSG as Director of Strategic Communications at the start of the 2016–2017 school year, after two years at Laureate. In the winter of 2015, Alexis was selected as one of 30 young professionals to participate in the 2015 GIVE Program through Business Volunteers of Maryland, and she now serves on the Advisory Board. In a surprise sunrise proposal, Caroline Arrabal got engaged to her boyfriend of five years, Nick Nosbisch, on August 22, 2015. The couple plans to marry in late September. In 2015, Symone Johnson was named the recipient of the John A. Knauss marine policy fellowship, through which she has been able to work in the executive branch of government on national policy decisions affecting ocean and coastal resources. On October 17, 2015, Kirsten Goldberg married Casey Hingtgen surrounded by family and friends in Chatham, Mass. Kyleen Breslin recently finished up two months backpacking across Europe, one month in Asia, and one month in Australia. After returning to the United States in August, Kyleen moved to New York to start her first year of law school. Our intrepid class secretary, Katie Hatfield, has taken on more responsibility in her capacity as sales support team lead in the REO department of mortgage servicing company BSI Financial Services. She has more recently become a member of the Junior League of Washington, a devotee to boutique cycling studios, and remains treading water in the Washington, D.C. dating pool.

2009 Hayward Sawers, Class Secretary Katie Sobczak is currently living in Sarasota, Fla., spending her weekends on the boat or beach! She is an account manager for a software company that develops and manages a customer relations management suite. Aisha Mumtaz is getting married in August! She is in her final year of medical school at George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. She is excited to graduate in May 2017. Meredith Price just finished her M.S. in Sport Nutrition. She worked for the United States Olympic Committee in Rio, working with acrobat and combat sports as one of the sports


Courtney Neubauer just celebrated her third anniversary working as a human resources generalist at North Star Group in Harbor East, which is a short walk from her house in Fells Point. She enjoys the convenience and excitement of living in downtown Baltimore. In the fall, Courtney will begin working towards her M.S. in Human Resources Development at Towson University. Sarah Gillman is going on three years in New York City, still working at WhoSay creating branded content with celebrity influencers. She was very excited to get a puppy in August! Kirsten Smith is still living in Washington, D.C. and working at the Advisory Board Company. She is now an implementation consultant and works with colleges and universities across the country to implement a student success platform that allows institutions to better support students, leading to improvements in graduation and retention rates. Danielle Berman is still working in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area as managing director for The Brewer Group and keeping busy! They recently graduated their first class of 36 professional athletes with their MBAs from the University of Miami and hosted a Sport4Development Summit with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly this spring. She also recently traveled with their nonprofit foundation to Guatemala to promote violence prevention alongside several of their Global Ambassador athletes. Kate Evans finished her position as an account manager at Inplace Marketing (a real estate marketing agency) in Tampa, then moved to San Diego August 1. Liz Cisek finished up her M.B.A. and has been a financial analyst at Alex and Ani’s corporate headquarters for the past year. Samantha Murray is going into her second year as the Assistant Sports Information Director at Stevenson. Julie Ruppersberger is currently working as a Portfolio Manager at Cayenne Properties, a real estate investment company in Columbia, Md. Jenn Beigel just graduated in May from Simmons College with her master’s in Library and Information Sciences with a concentration in Archives Management. She is currently living in Manchester, N.H. and working as a Technical Services Librarian at Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, N.H. Emily Weiss was living in Rwanda, where she was teaching English to displaced Burundian university students in a refugee camp through a partnership with Peace Corps and Save the Children. In August, she returned to the States to start her Master’s at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. Brooke Stokes is currently working as an Account Manager at Alliance Abroad Group, an international recruitment company in Austin, Texas. She moved to Texas almost a year ago now! Brittany Fradkin is currently working in marketing for Dick’s Sporting Goods as a broadcast media buyer in Pittsburgh, Pa. She was also recently assigned the position of in-house subject matter expert on women’s lacrosse. She is an assistant

Rebecca Yaffe graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing,. She begins working at Hopkins in their medical ICU starting this October! Ashley Barnes has been working for the last year at a building and infrastructure engineering firm in Catonsville. She primarily competes for the mechanical and electrical jobs within universities and healthcare facilities throughout the East coast. She also helps to coordinate any and all aspects of marketing for the company. Maria Kafarakis is working at the Carlyle Group in partnership accounting in northern Virginia. She will be graduating in December with a Master’s in Accounting from the University of Maryland, College Park. Alexa Curley graduated from University of Baltimore School of Law with her J.D. In the fall, she will be returning to the Baltimore City Solicitor’s Office in the Legal Affairs Division for the Police Department. Kate Cathell is in her third year at the Calverton School. She recently started a new position as the associate director of communications. Esther Duvall continues to work for Evergreen Health in Baltimore and has been on some exciting trips this year. She went on a beautiful camping trip to Maine and went to Fiji to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity! Her pet cat, Minnie, continues to be one of the coolest cats in Baltimore. Hayward Sawers is working as the suite services coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens and has been involved with the SPSG JV lacrosse team with Christa. She lives in Federal Hill. Samantha Wright Leigh lives in Corona, Calif. with her husband, Charles (Chip) Leigh (SP ’10). She is a third year Ph.D. student at the University of California, Irvine where she studies shark ecology and physiology. Her research has been recognized by organizations such as the National Science Foundation and the National Geographic Society. She has also appeared on the PBS Kids television show SciGirls and on an episode of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Twenty Tens 2010 Justine Heritage, Class Secretary No news submitted

2011 Margaret Perry, Class Secretary Dervla McDonnell writes: I’m in my second year of graduate school, pursuing a Master of Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College of Public Policy and Management. I will receive my degree in May 2017. I am also the executive director of Future Tenant, an interdisciplinary arts and performance space in downtown Pittsburgh. Check us out at!

Class Notes



1 1/ Jordan Riger ’14, performs on stage with The Rep actors in their production of “To Kill a Mockingbird” at the University of Delaware 2/ Caroline Ponsi ’13, a senior at Lafayette, working with the nonprofit organization she started 3/ Shakira Keyser ’13 (in yellow shirt) with the BADU (Black Americans Demonstrating Unity) club

Lee Bruch writes: “I work at Johns Hopkins University in the development office for the Sheridan Libraries and University Museums. I am also getting my Master of Arts in Museum Studies from Hopkins on the side. I just moved to Canton with Grace Wickwire and Caffrey Walsh, so hit us up if you’re ever in the neighborhood!” Christine Aliceanna Prevas writes: “I’m a librarian at the Woodlawn branch of the Baltimore County Public Library and a receptionist and substitute teacher at SPSG.” Norie Knipp writes: “In September, I will begin my second year of teaching English in a French high school in western France.” Shaniqua Jones writes: “I’ve gotten a raise at Argos USA, still planning a wedding, and possibly sprouted my first grey hair—the latter is still being determined. Let me know if you’re in town!” Chelsea Clough writes: “I’m doing multimedia content creation for Abel Communications, which is a PR firm in Hampden. Some example projects are all photo and video content for the new Brick Bodies website, a recipe video series for Medifast, and some video editing for STX about their athletes competing in the Olympics!” Alissa Meister is a second year Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience at Penn State Hershey, working in a lab that studies the relationship between the brain and the gut. Her doctoral project focuses on studying Necrotizing Enterocolitis in premature NICU infants and in a rat model, specifically the relationship between vagal dysregulation and stress. Megan Shaw is finishing up 11 months of service in her AmeriCorps fellowship at a children’s literacy nonprofit in Los Angeles, where she had the opportunity to work in Los Angeles Unified School District schools as a coordinator, literacy trainer, and volunteer. She also worked with organizations such as the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth

Development to help provide the greater L.A. community with literacy training, resources, and access to books. In September, she moved to Ireland! She will be pursuing a Master of Arts in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at University College Dublin. Mary Waesche is working at Padonia Park Club as a camp counselor for the fifth summer in a row, and she’s interviewing out the wazoo for a teaching job in Baltimore County. Hannah Smith writes: “Number one, I miss you all and am so sad I didn’t get to go to our reunion! I was locked away finishing my thesis. I graduated from Boston Architectural College in May with an Interior Architecture degree. I received the honor of being valedictorian and took home a couple of awards, so it was a good finish! For my thesis, I designed a pediatric autistic therapy center that explored the limits and opportunities of design for healing. As for work, I’ve been a designer at the same architecture/interiors firm in Boston for over a year and a half, and I still love it. Also, Emily Stansky and I signed a lease on apartment together and are moving in soon! Everyone come visit!” Katie Cole writes: “I’m still living in New York City working as a content strategist for a technology startup, CloserIQ. We are a recruiting agency utilizing technology to help sales professionals find tech sales jobs in the city. This will be the start of my second year with the company. I still continue to freelance write for the fashion industry as well! It’s good to see all of you kicking butt.” Caffrey Walsh just moved back to Baltimore from Charleston, S.C., where she was completing her student teaching in a 2nd grade class from August through December. She spent the last two months in Barcelona, Spain teaching English to high schoolers. She is eligible to be an elementary school teacher in Baltimore County and City and hopes to make a decision on a school soon!”


Catherine Galateria writes: “I’m living in Washington, D.C. and working for Chairman Kevin Brady of the House Ways and Means Committee. Let me know if you’re ever in the area.” Madison Awalt writes: “I’m living it up in New York City! I’m about to go into my second year at Michael Howard Studios, the acting conservatory I’m doing up here.” Elle Carroll writes: “I live in Baltimore and work at the headquarters for a company called Dunbar Armored (we have the big red trucks you may have seen). I work in their sales department as a sales trainer, so I train the men and women that come into the company to sell our services. I have been with the company a little over five months now!” Sarah Marie Hefner writes: “I graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Accelerated BSN program on July 22 and will start working by September, after I take my boards. I’m moving to Philly and am trying to figure out interviews/offers/ apartments/life by the end of the month. Being an adult is hard—please take me back to the senior room with endless naps and Panera treats! Miss you all!” Lucy Donofrio writes: “I’m living in Baltimore starting a fellowship in August with The Choice Program out of UMBC. I’ll be working with youth in the juvenile justice system, specifically partnering with an alternative education school in west Baltimore trying to combat the school-to-prison pipeline.” Chloe Howard writes: “I’ve been in San Francisco almost a year now, and I’m still working as a business consultant for Applied Predictive Technologies. I have quite a range of clients: take-and-bake pizza, department store, arts and crafts retail, outdoor retailer, and pet hospital. I like what I do and the company is great, but I’m starting to think about what might be next. I like the Bay Area, so I bet I’ll stick around here for a while.”


Katherine Gill writes: “I am living in Fells Point and still working at Johns Hopkins in the Neuro Critical Care Unit. I love it a lot! I am starting to look into schools that offer Family Nurse Practitioner programs and will be hopefully applying within the next year.” Hope Kerpelman writes: “I just moved to San Francisco, and I am working in the marketing department at Kiva. The organization allows ordinary people around the world to give a micro-loan online to people and entrepreneurs in developing nations. It’s a pretty cool idea and it’s going great so far! If you’re ever in the area, let me know! I hope everyone is doing well!” Alex Kagwima is back home in Baltimore working at an ad agency, TBC Inc., as the receptionist. She’s hoping to eventually move down south or back abroad working in PR. Kate Leahy lives in New York City and works in the sales department for Yelp, Inc. as an account executive. Alex Hand just hit her one-year anniversary at Stansberry Research as a member services consultant. She is starting to take on some accounting aspects of the job and is excited to start this new chapter at the company! She’s currently living in Federal Hill with two roommates and their mutt, Hootie. Melanie Kimmel lives in New York City and currently dances full time for a company called Rioult Dance NY. They are a modern dance company that tours and performs all over the country and overseas. She also teaches yoga classes at a few studios, one of which is a chair yoga class that consists of two awesome 95-year-old best friends, which is endlessly amusing. She is preparing to apply for her master’s in Social Work in a year. Ilaria Caturegli just finished working for a medical device startup in Baltimore called Clear Guide Medical and has also been volunteering as an EMT up in Pikesville. In August she started medical school at the University of Maryland. Grace Wickwire is so excited to be moving to Canton with Lee Bruch and Caffrey Walsh. She is currently working as a marketing associate at Ellin & Tucker, an accounting firm on Pratt Street. Carly Mata is finishing up her first year of graduate school for speech-language pathology. One more year to go, and then freedom! In the fall she’ll be working in the ICU at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Paris DeYoung got her master’s in Forensic Neuroscience & Psychology at NYU and spent the past year working as a Forensic Case Manager at Brooklyn LINK (an alternative to incarceration program for severely mentally ill Rikers inmates). She finished her contract with LINK this summer and will begin law school in the fall to pursue mental health law more directly. She also spent the past two years as a rape crisis and domestic violence advocate at Bellevue Hospital and other hospitals in New York City. Maggie Windsor graduated nursing school in May 2016 and works at Greater Baltimore Medical Center on the best unit ever, an ENT/neuro/orthopedic post-surgical floor. The doctors, nurses, and staff are amazing and respectful to all. She worked at GBMC throughout nursing school, along with another job within Towson’s nursing program that continues to impact her today: tutoring, mentoring, and coaching nursing students from all over the world. They taught her just as much about their amazing, beautiful cultures as she taught them in nursing classes.


Kellie Rogers writes: “I am currently living in Annapolis and working at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. While my full-time position ended in August, I was hired to work part time on their sustainable farm as I continue to pursue careers in the environmental field on the bay. I recently became a Certified Maryland Master Naturalist, which was a really great experience, and I am looking forward to spending even more time learning and working outdoors. I love it here in Annapolis! I often make time for kayaking, fishing, and promoting local foods and farms, as well as fostering and working with dogs for the Anne Arundel County SPCA.”

This year has been a busy one for Brenasia Ward-Caldwell. She finished research with a team of women who are in her research program at the iSchool Inclusion Institute. They were published in March 2016 for their qualitative analysis of the media and the Sony Hack. Additionally, she interned this summer for Cisco as a business analyst in Raleigh, N.C.

Lindsey Bønd lives in New York City and works at the NBA in the compensation and people analytics team. She is also taking a class in data analytics.

Breechaye Milburn graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a minor in Spanish Language and Cultures, a Certificate in Women’s Studies, and Phi Beta Kappa honors. This fall, she will be attending Howard University to obtain her Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in Community, Administration, and Policy Practice. She hopes to open her own private counseling practice in the future, as well as work at the policy level on issues that primarily and disproportionately affect women and children in African American communities.

Margaret Perry writes: “I have officially been living in New York City for a year working for Morgan Stanley in Equity Sales & Trading. I recently moved to the West Village, and I am training for the NYC Marathon this November!”

2012 Catherine Gillespie, Brenasia Ward-Caldwell, Class Secretaries Maggie Seymour graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in English-Theater. She is currently performing throughout the country with a show she co-wrote, “15 Villainous Fools,” a two-woman clowning adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. (Check out their Facebook page or website, and Next fall she will start an apprenticeship in education at Trinity Rep in Providence, R.I. Meghan Seery graduated magna cum laude from Furman University in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science. She started an accelerated 15-month Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Emory University this August. Tory Holmes graduated with honors from the College of Charleston with a B.S. in Athletic Training and presented her undergraduate research at a national conference. She is now attending Ohio University for the next two years for her master’s degree and working at a local high school as the athletic trainer. Catherine Gillespie is currently attending Appalachian State University in Middle Grades Education, with a double concentration in Math and Social Studies and a minor in LGBT Studies. She is a site coordinator for Eye to Eye National, a mentoring movement for different thinkers. She is a founding sister for Alpha Gamma Delta’s Nu Alpha Chapter. Lastly, she is an independent consultant for Rodan+Fields Skincare. Natalie Drake graduated from Millersville University magna cum laude in May and accepted a teaching position with Dorchester County, where she began teaching fourth grade in August. Since graduating from NYU in May 2015, Nikita Chaudry has spent the last year between stage, film, and dance projects in New York City. While performing, she worked at NYU, The Stage Theater School, and Equinox. Her passion for activism still runs strong; this fall, she will be in and out of touring the country with a theater company, using art to educate college campuses about dating violence and sexual assault. She also co-curated and performed in Tamasha, a festival of South Asian Performing Arts in New York City that took place September 26 to October 2. Stay updated at!

McKenna Flaherty graduated from Berklee College of Music this spring. She released an EP this past winter titled “Fuel Up,” and she will be recording a full-length album this fall. She moved to Nashville, Tenn. to follow her dreams and continue to pursue a career in songwriting.

Katie Kreps graduated from University of Maryland this past December with a double major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. She started working for Deloitte as a marketing specialist in February, having the opportunity to work on Deloitte’s Olympic Sponsorship Marketing team. Evan Mitchell graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and Spanish. She will be attending Columbia University in the fall for a master’s in Health Policy. Kendall Surhoff graduated in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Japanese from University of North Carolina. She completed all four years on the varsity swim team, and she went back to UNC Chapel Hill in August to begin another degree in clinical laboratory science. Emma Riegel will be graduating from Duquesne University in December with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is thinking about moving to Hawaii to start her teaching career. Quinn Burch graduated from Wake Forest University magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Enterprise Management and a minor in German. She is now working for Wells Fargo Securities in New York City. Brooke Boyd graduated from the University of Virginia as a four-year member of the varsity women’s lacrosse team. She now lives in Washington, D.C. and works as a credit analyst in commercial real estate lending for a firm called CapitalSource. Allie Corey graduated in May from the University of Maryland, College Park with a major in elementary education and a minor in second language education. After graduation, she moved home to Baltimore and was a long-term sub at Lansdowne Elementary School in Baltimore County for the rest of the school year. She begins full time at the same school teaching third grade this fall. Allyson Fiery graduated from Virginia Tech with a major in human development and a minor in psychology. She will be attending Towson University in the fall for a two-year master’s program in Child Life, Administration and Family Collaboration. Kendra Brown graduated from Old Dominion University in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences.

Class Notes Currently, she is attending Johns Hopkins University to pursue a Master of Science in Biotechnology! Lauren Steedman graduated from University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Hearing and Speech Sciences with a minor in Human Development. She is beginning a two-year program at University of Maryland in the fall to obtain her Master of Arts in Speech Pathology. Meghan Burns will be graduating from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in aerospace engineering in 2017, a little later than usual because she took a co-op junior year with NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base. She will stay at Virginia Tech until 2018 to simultaneously get her master’s in aerospace engineering and B.S. in ocean engineering. Until then, she spends her summers working for Naval Air Systems Command at their flight test headquarters in Patuxent River, Md. She still rows and coaches for the rowing team. Fun fact: She’s been living with Alex Makar for the last three years and will be until she graduates this winter. Yay Gator Hokies! Melanie Blank graduated from Denison University in May with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience. In July, she started a position as a research specialist in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh. Alexis Cisek is spending the summer in Rhode Island at the Alex and Ani headquarters completing an international business development internship. She is excited to complete her Business Economics degree with a French minor, and she is set to graduate early next year. She hopes to use her early graduation as an opportunity to travel.

2013 Caroline Ponsi, Paige Stickevers, Abigail Knipp, Class Secretaries Ali D’Amelio is going to graduate in May 2017 with a dual major in Economics and International Business and a minor in Business Law and Corporate Governance. This summer she interned with Ernst & Young in Times Square, New York City. Jessie D’Amelio just graduated a year early from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. She plans to pursue a career in graphic design while also engaging in freelance and personal studio artwork. Nevi Fernandez is going to be a senior on the Johns Hopkins women’s lacrosse team. This summer she interned with the Baltimore Ravens ticket sales and operations program. Kelly Johnson is going into her senior year at Virginia Tech. She has been working as a deputy clerk in the Montgomery County Circuit Court as well as a political activist intern for the Virginia Democratic Party. Kelly also works for New Virginia Majority, a non-partisan organization aimed at registering millennial voters and engaging them in political process. She was elected as president of the Virginia Tech Young Democrats and vice chair of the Women’s Caucus for the statewide Virginia Young Democrats. Kelly also has a chair position in the Pi Beta Phi sorority and recently joined Phi Alpha Delta. Shakira Keyser has taken great pride in being the community service outreach coordinator for BADU (Black Americans Demonstrating Unity). She has just been elected as the vice president for next year’s term. BADU has been her greatest joy during her academic career, and she feels as though she is able to make the greatest impact as a part of this club. Abby Knipp recently returned from her semester abroad studying classical acting at the London School of Music &

Dramatic Arts. She backpacked for a month after her studies, visiting Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, Rome, Genoa, Cannes, and Barcelona. She resided in Boston, Mass. for the summer and worked on a new play called “The Cuts” with fellow students and alums, which will premiere in the Out of the Box festival. Abby is also interning with Anthem Theatre Company. She is preparing for her final year at Boston University and earning her B.F.A. in Acting.

and is on track to graduate this spring with a psychology major and marketing minor.

Haley McDonnell is a member of Syracuse Women’s Lacrosse Team, participating in the ACC Championship and Final Four 2016 this year. She earned the highest GPA on her team and received the Stevenson Scholar Award, given to athletes who achieve a 4.0 for a full semester. Haley also became a trained escalation workshop facilitator for One Love Foundation. She started her two-year research capstone for the honors program about competitive advantage in the nonprofit sector, which will culminate in a thesis she hopes to publish. Haley is interning at a hedge fund and asset management firm in Stamford, Conn.

Shelby Wells is headed into her senior year at Penn State, where she is still playing lacrosse and majoring in kinesiology. Her team had a very successful season this year and made it to the final four. After that, her lacrosse team took a ten-day trip to Greece and The Netherlands in June. Shelby lived at home this summer and worked at a gym called Sweat Performance, where she also gave lacrosse lessons. She headed to Lake Placid in August for a lacrosse camp with some friends from Penn State.

Emily Miller is a rising senior at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. Since transferring to Trinity, she has been the Transfer Ambassador to many new students. She is a German major and a creative writing minor and is very passionate about what she is studying. Trinity has been the most amazing school for her, she says; she is very lucky to have the friends, classmates, professors, and community there that she had been looking for. Natalie Miller is a rising senior at Loyola University here in Baltimore after transferring from the University of Delaware. Attending Loyola has been rewarding and exciting, and she is very glad to be continuing her studies there. Natalie is majoring in German and has recently been accepted into the accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching program at Loyola. The program will center in Baltimore City, and she will be getting her degree in Social Studies. Natalie is very excited for this wonderful opportunity here in Baltimore. Caroline Ponsi is a rising senior at Lafayette College. Studying Consumer Behavior & Marketing, a major she designed, she is very involved on campus. She is the president of her sorority, Delta Gamma, and started her own nonprofit organization that gives athletes the opportunity to serve the homeless every Thursday of the school year. This summer she is working at Rainmaker Sports & Entertainment, where she works with many clients, including athletes and coaches, on building their marketing materials. She even brought in a new client. Caroline also runs a popular food Instagram account called @SeeMoreEatMoreBmore for the Baltimore area! Paige Stickevers is finishing her time at James Madison University and will graduate with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and a minor in Exceptional Education non-teaching. She is on the executive board of JMU’s University Program Board, one of the largest student-run organizations on campus, and plans events for students. She is director of photography for her school’s chapter of Spoon University and is a chair for Gamma Phi Beta, as well as being a founding member of both chapters. Paige hopes to pass her GREs and head to graduate school for a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 2017. Amanda Sutor is headed into her senior year at the University of Michigan. Amanda stopped playing lacrosse this past fall and went abroad to Barcelona, Spain for her spring semester. She worked and lived at home for the summer, visiting friends from Michigan on the weekends! Amanda is getting excited about returning to school this fall for her last year of college

Courtney Wagner had a fun and exciting year filled with soccer and travel. Her Messiah College team went to the final four for Division III soccer. After the season ended, Courtney went to Loreto, Mexico to study economics. This summer she lived in Pennsylvania and played on a semi-pro team to help train for her upcoming season.

2014 Tiffany McKee, Class Secretary Destiny Cherry has achieved the distinction of Dean’s List for her fourth semester in a row. She works on campus as a tour guide and student tutor. She recently accepted a position as a supplementary instructor, in which she will be assisting Rider University freshmen in the subject of sociology. Sara Johnson, a rising junior at Dickinson College, has declared a sociology major with a minor in environmental studies. This past semester, she was accepted into Dickinson’s Mediterranean Mosaic Program, where she had the opportunity to conduct fieldwork in Italy for three weeks. Through this program, Sara was able to learn more about current migration trends and interview locals about their experiences. During her sophomore year at the University of Maryland, Kate Meyers was accepted into the R.H. School of Business as a finance and marketing double major. Already a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, she has also been selected for membership to the National Society of Leadership and Success. Along with her academic achievements, Kate was selected to serve on the nomination committee for her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, and elected onto the executive board as the Chief Panhellenic Officer. Kate was also selected to attend the Kappa Alpha Theta Grand Convention. Jordan Riger had a wonderful sophomore year at the University of Delaware. She was accepted into UD’s competitive communications program and will be majoring in interpersonal communication with minors in theatre performance and law. She made Dean’s List twice this year and plans to attend law school after college. Jordan also made her professional theatre debut this past spring with The Resident Ensemble Players (The REP) in their production of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” and performed with them again in their production of “RED.” She is looking forward to performing with The REP in the spring of 2017. Olivia Soudry has completed two years of her specialization in biochemistry at Concordia University in Montreal. She interned at Johns Hopkins Hospital over the summer, working in psychiatry, and she published an article in Drug Safety about the side effects of antiretroviral therapy. She will finish her undergraduate years in the pre-med program at UMBC. She plans to continue working at Hopkins and hopes to spend more time at SPSG as a substitute teacher!


2015 Kaci McNeave, Class Secretary No news to submit

2016 Ellen Killefer and Lauren Archer, Class Secretaries The Class of 2016 begins their first year of college at the following schools: Albright College American University Brigham Young University Bucknell University Carleton College Coastal Carolina University College of Charleston College of William and Mary Curry College Denison University Dickinson College Elon University Fairfield University Franklin and Marshall College Georgetown University Gettysburg College Howard University James Madison University Loyola University Maryland Lynchburg College Marymount Manhattan College McGill University Middlebury College New York University


Ohio University Pennsylvania State University - All Campuses Randolph-Macon College Rhodes College Rutgers University-New Brunswick Saint Joseph’s University Saint Michael’s College San Diego State University Seattle University St. Mary’s College of Maryland Swarthmore College Temple University The College of New Jersey The College of Wooster The George Washington University The University of Alabama Towson University Trinity College Dublin University of Delaware University of Denver University of Hartford University of Maryland, College Park University of Miami University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh University of Richmond University of San Diego University of Vermont University of Virginia Villanova University Virginia Tech Wright State University

In Memoriam Our sympathy and prayers go to the families who lost loved ones between December 2015 and October 2016. Alumnae Joyce B. Fisher Hills ’65 Susan Peck Knott ’65 Current Parent Michael P. Stallings, Jr. Former Faculty Joan Wilcox Creighton Zarelda “Zee” Fambrough Janet S. Powell Former Parents Richard S.W. Barroll Eleanor M. Barnhart Charles H. Bowyer Joan Wilcox Creighton Ann Marie Cumor June Hermann Michael W. Jackson Doris Kaestner Monro Barbara A. Nipkow Bharti S. Parekh Janet S. Powell Nicholas Scott Price Lynn S. Staples Phyllis A. Waidner Alan M. Waller, Sr. Charles Edward Wehland Roseanne Veiga Joanna R. vonBriesen Carl John Yarema, Sr.

A Message from the Head of School


In Memoriam

Joanne P. Bartlett, President Clifford B. Lull III, Past President Jennifer L. Collins ’95, Vice President Rev. Mark Stanley, Vice President John F. Wakeman, Vice President Elise A. Butler ’83, Secretary Pamela S. Schutz ’72, Treasurer Penny Bach Evins, Head of School

Dear St. Paul’s School for Girls Community, I am thrilled to share this issue of Spiritus with you. One of the more challenging parts of my role is to decide the “one thing” or “few things” to share with those who ask about our school. There is plenty worth acknowledging, though I often speak about our bold and courageous community of unique girls who use their education and ethics to improve their world. They include our current students, recent graduates, and accomplished alumnae making a difference in various industries and fields. With every opportunity, I share that SPSG is an outstanding school where authentic joy, purposeful learning, and lifelong connections are timeless hallmarks. Our girls consider SPSG their home away from home; some things never change! Our cover story takes a look back 25 years ago to the creation of the Ward Center and reflects on the rich history of the arts at SPSG. Our school proudly offers a multitude of signature and innovative programs that highlight experiential learning. Our students, whether proficient and naturally drawn to the arts or wanting to try something new and gain confidence on stage, in front of a blank canvas, or within our distinguished dance program, have always demonstrated creativity and a sense of fearlessness. As there are many topics worth sharing about our school, there are many students worth highlighting. The spotlight on Sophie Nasrallah ’16 found on page 30 is sure to capture your attention. A remarkable student, Sophie spent countless hours gaining real-world experience while determining if invasive vines could be used as a sustainable and alternative energy source through her Scholars project. Her enthusiasm was contagious, which is why we all anticipated her time at the podium during Prayers. Regardless of topic, Sophie’s passion was unmistakable. Sophie is one of many students who are exposed to connections and opportunities for life through the SPSG network and experience. Through the second in a series of Portrait of a Graduate profiles, we continue our focus on alumnae who live our mission and inspire us as well. Current Gators have an insatiable appetite for challenge and a desire to be change agents for what is near and dear to their hearts and minds. Our graduates live our mission and lead with a moral compass. With a focus on the individual student and full support for our entire community of students, our young women are energized and empowered to not only explore their boundaries but also live beyond them. SPSG’s loving and wise faculty and staff are wholeheartedly dedicated to their craft and I thank them and our trustees, the tireless volunteers who think, plan, craft and give their time, talent, and treasure on behalf of our great school. Along with their efforts and everyone who generously supports The Gator Fund, our endowment, and the Ivy Society, we are able to provide the opportunities of today’s SPSG and work toward the bright future we imagine. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you this year. It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve on behalf of our great school. Best,

Penny B. Evins Head of School

On the cover, left to right: Naomi Atogho ’22, Kaylee Workman ’18, Aidan Eck ’21, and Michael Acker ’16

Remembering Mrs. Fambrough By Mariceleste Miller ’86

Zee Fambrough. Just saying her name brings a picture immediately to my mind. Rosy apple cheeks beneath eyes crinkled up above an ever-ready and definitely infectious smile, which spoke of the wonderfully warm and caring heart embodied within a woman small in height but big with compassion. I have no doubt that if you knew Zee, even a little, you have the same vision springing into your mind as well.

Tracy Bacigalupo Ann S. Barry ’76 Scott Burger Patricia C. Carroll ’76 Crystal S. Edwards ’93 Mary Baker Edwards ’77 Carlos Fernandez Evelyn A. Flory, Ph.D., Honorary Dana Foley George W. Gephart, Emeritus Stephen W. Guy Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Ph.D. John “Jack” Huppler Leo J. Kelly III James A.C. Kennedy, Emeritus Lila B. Lohr, Honorary Dr. Marlene R. Miller R. Carl Pohlhaus W. James Price IV, Emeritus David P. Scheffenacker Michael D. Sullivan Ann Teaff Mary Ellen Thomsen, Honorary James A. Vlk Mary Frances Wagley, Honorary Tehma Smith Wilson ’96 Scott Winn

I had the supreme good fortune to know Zee both as a student during my years in the Upper School at St. Paul’s School for Girls and later, after college, as a colleague. Each experience expanded on the other and I was improved by her presence in my life. As a student, I had Mrs. Fambrough for biology class in the 10th grade. We spent most of our time in Room 103, which pales in comparison to the resources in the lab classrooms at the school these days. I enjoyed every minute of it as Mrs. Fambrough’s enthusiasm encouraged participation and exploration by her students. You did not want to disappoint that cheery disposition, though she would always be supportive no matter what. She made the subject matter interesting with her own brand of motivation. One very memorable example was our week learning about the Chesapeake Bay—a topic close to her heart—which culminated in the “dissection” of blue crabs. That was hands-on classroom knowledge at its best and to this day whenever I open a crab, I think of Mrs. Fambrough. She had a passion for science and a love for nature which was palpable and, as her students, our worlds were enriched and our views expanded by her instruction. After college when I was determining the direction for my career, my relationship with Mrs. Fambrough changed from student/teacher to that of colleagues. She was preparing for a sabbatical to complete the writing of a textbook with her husband, Doug, and I was in the process of completing my master’s in teaching. Our worlds thus overlapped; she needed a long-term substitute teacher and I needed to complete a semester of student teaching. How thrilling it was in my early 20s to feel trustworthy enough that a former teacher would ask me to take over the responsibility of her students to complete the second half of their academic year. Even without Zee’s physical presence there, her influence and faith in my abilities helped me to grow and I truly was blessed with the amazing students she shared with me that year. Zee returned as Department Head and I was able to experience her guidance on a daily basis. She was always a calming presence and her quiet leadership kept a diverse group of personalities focused on furthering the educational experiences of St. Paul’s School for Girls students.

Fall 2016 Contributors Head of School Penny B. Evins Editor Noelle Hewitt Editorial Offices 11232 Falls Road P.O. Box 8000 Brooklandville, MD 21022 443-632-1028 Contributors Jessica Bizik Alexis Blair ’08 Amy Bortner Cynthia Garland Haley Brown Mahonski ’99 Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86 Alysa Porter Nancy Stromberg Edee Waller Photography Anna Clifford ’07 John Davis Photography Galeone Photography Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard, Staff Photographer Spiritus is published by St. Paul’s School for Girls. Reader comment, as well as information of interest, is always welcome. Notification of change of address may be sent to the Development Office at St. Paul’s School for Girls. St. Paul’s School for Girls makes every effort to include all submitted Class Notes but reserves the right to edit for clarity, length, and content. St. Paul’s School for Girls does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions and financial aid policies, employment practices, and other school-administered programs.

In writing this, I also realized I had another unusual connection with Zee while a student. During our Upper School years, Zee and Doug welcomed one of my classmates, Margaret, into their home and family. The particulars are hazy (high schoolers can be a little self-absorbed), but I do remember the peace and joy it brought to Margaret during a critical time in her youth. This is a prime example of the caring soul which Zee was and will be in our memories as she enveloped those around her in answering their needs and meeting them wherever they were. Those crinkly eyes coupled with that rosy smile shared her warmth unconditionally.

The Zee Science Speaker Series was established at SPSG in honor of Zee Fambrough and her exceptional teaching. The series assists the school in bringing notable women in science to present and work with students in the classroom. If you are interested in making a gift to the fund, contact the Development Office at 443-632-1020.

Zee was a many-faceted individual and these are just a few of my interactions with and impressions of her over the years I knew her. She touched others through her love of music and her lasting impacts on her students cannot be overlooked as careers and success in the sciences and beyond by many young women were the result. I feel certain that I can say we—all who knew and loved Zee—were dismayed to learn of the terrible illness which befell her and caused the slow, debilitating decline that extinguished the light we knew. Zee Fambrough was a special lady who looked for and found the good in the people she met and the world she experienced. She will be missed. Mariceleste Miller, a Wagley Scholar, graduated from SPSG in 1986. She holds an undergraduate degree from Smith College and a graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University.  Mariceleste is the Chief of Water Resource Engineering at DS Thaler & Associates, Inc. and a registered Professional Engineer.  A member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Smith, Mariceleste is also a charter member of SPSG’s Cum Laude Society. 97

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