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Students, you are enrolled in the Marine Corp Engineer school. Your order are as follows:  Build holding cells for the POW's in our conquered territory. You will work in groups of 3 /4 complete your assignments. o Complete holding cells blueprints for the POW's they are assigned to secure. The scale factor for the blue prints must be accurate for building the actual holding cells. o Build the actual holding cell or cells for their POW's. The prism should be a scaled model of the blueprints o Construct POW Prison Camp using Google Sketch Up 8 Data Protocol Identify the scale factor you used. Parts Blueprint / Net Actual figure



H of prism


Area [B]




Mission Report Requirements:  Complete the 3-D figure  Mark all dimensions, (l, w, prism h)  Draw the net of your prism. Label the vertices, faces and bases.  Complete the table for your prism  Construct an actual Triangular, Trapezoidal, Pentagonal, etc. Prism [NO SQUARE OR RECTANGULAR PRISMS]  Using Google Sketch Up 8 - Construct a POW Camp. o General's Head Quarters o Soldiers' Barracks o Dining Facilities o POW Barracks o and a minimum of one other facility that would be on a military base

Mission POW's