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North America’s Real Estate Brokerage Alternative turn-key brokerage | one-time set-up fee | lifetime business support | greater profits

vision and milestones

to build an international real estate brokerage network that provides current broker owners and start-up brokers a viable, low-cost alternative to traditional franchise options; while providing greater tools, support and profitability through a managed services and agent productivity platform.

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formed in 2009 as Berube and Company, REALTORS developed managed services platform opened Savannah office with investors in 2010 sold Washington, DC beltway market in 2011 changed name to STAGES Premier, REALTORS in 2011 formed SRS to support SPR in 2011 october 2012 formed serviceWOLF that provides a target list of 4700+ brokerages to support, convert or top agents to begin start-up brokerages. currently discussing STATE purchase plans with SC and West Florida. closed over $550MM in volume to date recently formed STAGES Premier of CANADA sold the Nova Scotia Province opening STAGES Premier of Nova Scotia and an office in Halifax expanding into North Carolina launched SELECT program in partnership with duPont REGISTRY

industry snapshot 2012

•  • 

top 500 brokerages in the US in 2012 sold $645B in volume with 2,290,269 sides average commission income is 2.85% per side which equals $18.4 B in GCI (gross commission income)

•  • 

501 through 1339 in the US in 2012 sold $119.4B in volume with 669,141 sides. average commission income is 2.85% per side which equals $3.4B in GCI


the top independent firm was Long & Foster (Chantilly, VA) with $22.5B in volume and 65,912 sides.


assuming that STAGES Premier, REALTORS could represent .005% of the marketplace, we would generate 3.822B in volume, with $108M in GCI. Our 4% fee would equal $4.32M Assuming that STAGES Premier, REALTORS could represent .05% of the same marketplace, we would generate $38.2B in volume, with $1.08B in GCI. Our 4% would equal $43,570,800.


spr vs. franchise

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one time set-up fee no transaction royalties turn-key solution (business ready) broker focuses on recruiting, training and retaining agents managed services ensures consistency greater agent productivity variable opex greater profits / higher support services viable exit value

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

initial franchise fee / annual fee transaction royalties not a business ready solution broker focuses on recruiting, training and retaining agents and day to day branch management little to no consistency 20 / 80 agent productivity fixed opex (in slow times too) profits squeezed by franchise requirements large working capital requirements lack of brand value

marketplace malaise

marketplace malaise (2)


market caps of trulia and zillow show that the marketplace is rewarding their efforts to bring some control to a historically challenging business environment


trulia and zillow are improving the buying process for the consumers at one level, while in effect taking money from agents and closing them out of the deal to some extent at another level


stages premier, realtors is improving the real estate experience for both consumers and agents through operating efficiency and consistency practices that translate into a better experience for consumers and greater earnings for agents and brokerages

spr vs. web giants


realtor consumer advertisers

realtor consumer



•  trulia and zillow are using web services to aide the consumer through a more efficient process of buying a home, reducing realtor value and full access to consumer •  trulia and zillow rely on money and inventory from agents marketing through their web services – thus creating a slightly competitive relationship •  agents pay to advertise their listings, so trulia and zillow get more users and sell more advertising •  neither trulia or zillow provide the necessary human capital that is needed to support both agent and consumer

•  spr provides a more efficient set of business processes and technologies that either empower the consumer through an agent, or a consumer directly, still benefitting the agent •  trulia and zillow are just tools •  spr provides the necessary human capital to support both the agent and consumer •  large network of happy agents and consumers lead to larger money options

industry issues at a glance and how SPR fixes them • 

broker productivity - the job of the broker is to recruit, train and retain. too often, brokers are bogged down in the minutiae of the day to day operations of running a branch. even if they have staff, they still need to manage and guide that staff, taking away from the time they should be recruiting, training and retaining. With Stages Premier, REALTORS much of the operational burden is relieved and handled by the agent service center (asc).


agent productivity – the job of the agent is to get new clients and close deals. like the brokers, the agent is too is bogged down by the minutiae of the transaction. with STAGES Premier, REALTORS much of that is taken off of their plate. STAGES assists with listing input, e-marketing and contact database management, transaction management, and freeing the agent to deal with their clients and/or to get new clients.


brokerage overhead / shrinking profits - brokerages are faced with high franchise fees and/or high overhead and shrinking profits. as the industry changes and becomes more virtual and remote in an effort to contain these costs, the STAGES Premier model solves this problem perfectly. the managed services provided by agent service center allows for brokerages to have smaller office space. brokerages do not need to provide office space for admin staff and personnel since the operations are handled mostly from the agent service center. this also helps to boost the bottom line as personnel costs are reduced (no payroll taxes or benefits). the transaction fees also ensure that the brokerage is not paying admin staff during slow times. services are paid for as needed. also, as the brokerage grows there is no need to hire additional staff. the transaction fees remain at a constant rate based on actual transaction flow.

consistency matters brokerage, agent and consumer

•  •  •  • 


loyal customers (agents and consumers) are the single most important determinant of long-term growth and margins. what should you be offering these customers to stay loyal - in a word ”consistency”. confidence and trust - a brand is a promise and the ability to deliver the promise consistently is what creates success. consistency with independent contractors - customers see a company as a single entity, and as a result, they expect the same level of performance in all of the interactions - no matter who they deal with. STAGES Premier, REALTORS addresses these issues head on my it’s centralized approach to handling all transaction in a consistent and efficient manner. over time this will translate in a highly respectable agent base and brand campaign that will be associated with excellence.

unique growth opportunities

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

growing number of defections from national brands explosive number of start-up brokerages expected in the next 10 years parallel industries getting into real estate (mortgage, insurance etc.) attractive business model for builders and developers significant consolidation opportunities exist partnership with SRS will provide exposure to many potential owners partnership revenue opportunities are unlisted, but significant managed services platform greatly reduces fixed OPEX

spectrum branding built on managed services

residential / fixed fee / fsbo referral network


residential / luxury referral network


competitive advantages

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

low barrier to entry low start-up costs branch in a box owners focus on business growth, not non-revenue activities pay for support services on a per transaction basis (as needed) protected areas managed support services structured exit “upside” world-class technology real-time compliance technology residual income program for agents based on transactions luxury affiliation with duPont REGISTRY

agent benefits

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greater listing and closing support better work / life balance – more profits per transaction dedicated support services turn-key email marketing and crm social media management for agent listings innovative mobility solutions global referral network FSBO sales capture programs automated lead distribution system mobile apps buying consortium health, dental, vision, life insurance RS-5 transaction profit sharing through other SPR offices on-going training / free to agents agent coaching / business planning awards and recognition programs reduced fee relocation referrals international brand – SPR SELECT

service fee pricing CHOICE HOME SALES


fair pricing model, whereby home buyers and sellers have a choice in their real estate service and typically will pay less that traditional commission rates


real estate fees based on the value of the real estate service and NOT the value of a sellers home, which in some cases, is irrelevant to an agents commissions


virtual rebate program that rewards consumers for activities that benefit the agent and the homeowner


establish referral network to improve branch sales and signature services


agents get paid along the way, instead of only at closing

why STAGES Premier instead of going on your own?

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license not a “franchise” consolidated services / economies of scale time to cash flow greatly reduced training is real-time instead of wait and learn low set-up fees (we put the fees to work for the branch) substantially lower overhead over traditional office* easy start up – “Branch in a Box” world-class technology, world-class human element behind the technology network of like minded professionals that want independent ownership, but a brand affinity partnership between corporate and branch, each side has obligations to success branch office in communities lessen the emphasis on large operations collaborative environment / knowledge sharing buying consortium

brokerage growth challenges

Future Growth requires Broker Focus on Non-Rev efforts

Recruiting 15 - 25 Agents ~ 1 year (best case)

Broker Challenges •  •  •  • 

START UP or Existing Firm

•  Ramp Up Time ~6 months to Year


Motivation vs. Core Competencies Competing with Agents Tools and Support to attract producing agents Sales Management and Business Expertise not there Consistency of Services as compared to more established Brokerages Money = Time / Distractions

average national opex metrics

•  •  •  • 

salaries and payroll advertising and marketing occupancy other

41.7 10 27.1 15.8

17 5 18 8



on average, the SPR brokerages have seen a 38 to 40% improvement in closed gross profit (cgp) to the bottom line of the brokerage. this is based solely on hard cost savings. other benefits to add to total revenue not considered, but realistic – increased agent roster size and utilization, increased side per agent, lower payroll and other employment expenses, reduced fixed expenses for agent support services. each office will see varying results based on occupancy and other costs.

target audience


agents looking to expand their real estate business from an agent status to ownership of their own brokerage, but are fearful of large cash outlay, lack of systems knowledge, extended time frames to get brokerage components in place and feeling of isolation in the industry.


brokers, currently in franchise models (which follow traditional models mostly associated with brick and mortar operations, large staff, high turnover in agents) who are looking for a real estate business that offers a “plug and play” system that keep start up and operational costs low, and agent recruiting and retention levels high.


franchise conversions

managed services branch

Managed Services - Branch Level P








a better real estate experience


Agent Management t Distribute and Collect all new hire paperwork t Process all forms and add to Associate Branch File (cloud server) t Transfer any listings into company from previous brokerage t Build agent profile in brokerWOLF t Build agent website and make branch updates in globalWOLF (template) t Email agent Welcome Pack containing all new logins, passwords and company messages t New agent announcements to company and agent email databases t3&$PNNJTTJPO-JDFOTF.BOBHFNFOU t Process Agent Billing (Broker Charged Monthly Fees) t1SPWJEFBHJOH"3SFQPSUTUP#SPLFS t Out-process departing agents

Listing Management t Build transaction management checklist t Enter listings into MLS and Paperless Transaction Management System (PTMS) t Enhance listings in WOLFconnect and globalWOLF t Create property webpage in WOLFconnect / mapping / enhancements t Create office slideshow / virtual tour deck (if applicable) t Create Just Listed e-flyer and send to office / agent databases t Maintain listing process checklist / audit for completeness and timeliness t Email 30/60/90 day listing review reminders to agents t Create property flyer / postcards, send hi-res PDF to agent / print house (upon request) t Manage / update and enhance any brokerage syndication subscriptions t Manage all communications with MLS

Closing Management t Paperless transaction administration and closing checklist audit t Provide broker with file completness reporting and enforcement tools t Update / remove listing from marketing / syndications when sold/exp/wd t Update property status with MLS t"MFSUCSPLFSEBZTQSJPSUPDMPTJOH 'JOBM#SPLFS3FWJFX

t Closing administration in brokerWOLF t HUD update, commission reconciliation t Commission disbursement (EFT) (Optional) t Package and Distribute Closing Documents (CD) t Just SOLD E-Flyers / Social Media and MLS Updates t File Closing Management Corporate Cloud

Technology Management (see branch / services pricing for any additional cost details) t Branch Technology Platform Administration t Telephone System t Email Systems t Set-up of Branch Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pintrest t Listing Syndication Management t Mobile Phone Application Set-up and Lead Distribution t3&"-503$0.MJTUJOHTFOIBODFNFOU tF.FEJB%JTUSJCVUJPO 0OMJOF"EWFSUJTJOH 3FDSVJUJOHBOE"HFOU%BUBCBTF.BSLFUJOH

t Cloud server set-up and Management t MLS Coordination and ongoing issue management

Accounting Compliance Making sure your STAGES office is in compliance with the various boards, commissions and state entities, is an often overlooked element of running a brokerage - until it is TOO late. STAGES Compliance Services makes sure the details are handled - Commissions Management, MLS and State Board Compliance, Agent Licensing, Expense Management and Tracking, 1099 issuance and much more - all included for being a STAGES branch.

STAGES Premier, REALTORS USA Corporate Offices 110 Hammond Dr. NE Suite 410-143 Atlanta, GA 30328 855.MY.STAGES (697.8243)

signature Specialized all-inclusive virtual assistant services for busy real estate professionals and teams.

•  •  •  •  • 

agent management (virtual hr department) listing management closing management technology solutions and management accounting and compliance

•  • 

license model, not a “franchise� set-up fee goes to work for the branch

•  •  • 

majority of OPEX collected on a per transaction basis reduced sta / occupancy costs creates more eďŹƒcient and consistent consumer experience

agent productivity services









Specialized all-inclusive virtual assistant services for busy real estate professionals and teams.

a better real estate experience

R E A L T O R S®


Signature Package Pricing

Signature Package t Upload additional photos & tour links to all listing services tWrite creative descriptions and captions on photos in MLS tAssign lockbox & setup Showing Feedback site tCreate two page flyer - 5 template choices tCreate a property advertisement with tTrulia: Claim listing to agent account, add verbiage, photos & tour links tZillow: Claim listing to agent account, add verbiage, photos & tour links Enhance agent account by adding verbiage, photos & tour links tSet up Custom Search for Seller

Signature Social (includes Signature) tSend Agent all links and PDF Flyer tPost Listing to Agent's Personal Website or Blog tCreate QR Code for marketing materials tCreate YouTube video, upload to Agent YouTube channel tPost Listing on Agent's Facebook Business Page tPost on Twitter and Schedule 3 Additional Tweets tPost Open House flyer/announcement on Twitter tPost Open House flyer/announcement on Facebook Business Page tUpdate/Create Listing on Agent's Personal Programs (V-flyer, RealBird, etc) tCompile Marketing Statistics for First Month and Send to Agent

Signature Signature Social Signature Select Contract to Close

$185 $270 $750 $385 one-side $490 two-sides $160 terminated

Agent Website Website Maintenance Agent DB Marketing Agent Social Postings Agent CRM Campiagn Listing Book

$300 $30 per hour $150 per month $20 per listing $300 one time set up $250

GeneralS ervices

$30 per hour

STAGES Premier, REALTORS USA Corporate Offices

. 110 Hammond Dr. NE

Suite 410-143 Atlanta, GA 30328

Signature Select (Includes Signature and Signature Social) tCreate property placards tCreate Listing Book for Property including Features/Improvements Page, Utility Info, School Info, etc tSelect print material for Property 855.MY.STAGES (697.8243)

tReceive and review the contract, addendums and additional documentation; note deadlines and special stipulations tConfirm Escrow has been at Title Company (or with Attorney) and Earnest Money has been deposited; Obtain copy of EM Receipt and provide to necessary parties tSend 'Introductory' email or call and notify all parties that we are working on the Agent's behalf and the Transaction Coordinator will be the central point of contact tAt the Agent's request, fill out Broker Sales Processing/Commission Sheet based on Agent's specifications tSet advance reminders for all contract deadlines tConfirm buyer docs have been received by the Loan Officer and the Appraisal has been ordered/scheduled tUpdate Agent via email or phone as needed; copy agent on all correspondance tConfirm that Termite Inspection has been ordered and ensure copy of Termite Report is provided to the Title Company, if required tConfirm Buyer Home Inspection has been ordered/scheduled and notify all parties tEmail, fax or mail any additional documents received and pertaining to the transaction to the necessary parties, as needed tCommunicate with Lender or Loan Processor for status, and update Agent tConfirm HOA contact information has been provided to the Title Company and Lender if applicable tConfirm Title Company/Attorney has received Seller's payoff information tRemind Agent of deadlines and help to oversee that all contingencies and stipulations are met on a timely basis tConfirm Lender has received Buyer's Homeowner's Insurance Policy tCoordinate Buyer/Seller meeting or signing appointment times with Title or Attorney office. Schedule the closing with all parties. tConfirm loan docs arrive at Title /Attorney prior to Closing tConfirm Home Warranty has been ordered by Closing Coordinator or Agent. Obtain copy of Order Confirmation, provide to Agent/Attorney. tFollow up with Title Company /Attorney and Lender to confirm parties have received all necessary documentation for closing tRequest copy of Preliminary HUD for the file and forward to the Agent for their review prior to closing/Signing Appointment tObtain utility provider information from Seller and transfer this information to the homebuyer with a reminder to contact Utility companies ahead of move-in tIf needed, order closing gift for client like gift certificates, online orders, etc



•  •  •  • 

agent support at transaction level social media and marketing contract to close business planning

•  •  •  • 

cost effective support services for busy agents and teams billed at transaction closing reduces license law risk for brokerages dedicated staff

mobile solutions

proposed network us

•  Per office sales price is $10 – 20,000.00 for any single office •  low monthly management fee, most other fees transaction based •  Goal is 600 US offices over 15 years •  CITY, STATE and REGIONAL purchase opportunities on a case by case basis. •  5% retained in each office •  Combination of Licensed and Corporate Owned Stores

pro-forma united states worst case WORST CASE  -­‐  US  

Year 1   10  

Year 2   30  

Year 3   40  

Year 4   55  

Year 5   70  

Branch Set-­‐up  Fees   Per  TransacGon  Fee   Technology  Fees   CHOICE  Program  

170,000.00 200,000.00   108,000.00   108,000.00  

510,000.00 800,000.00   432,000.00   432,000.00  

680,000.00 1,600,000.00   $864,000.00   $864,000.00  

935,000.00 2,700,000.00   $1,458,000.00   $1,458,000.00  

1,190,000.00 4,100,000.00   $2,214,000.00   $2,214,000.00  

Total Revenue  







Expenses Branch  Set-­‐up   Per  TransacGon  FEE   Technology  Fees   CHOICE  Program   Services  Expenses  


$60,000.00     $120,000.00       $90,000.00       $48,000.00       $318,000.00      

$180,000.00     $480,000.00       $270,000.00       $192,000.00       $1,122,000.00      

$240,000.00     $960,000.00       $720,000.00       $384,000.00       $2,304,000.00      

$330,000.00 $1,620,000.00   $1,215,000.00   $648,000.00   $3,813,000.00  

$420,000.00 $2,460,000.00   $1,845,000.00   $984,000.00   $5,709,000.00  

Gross OperaCng  Income  







Management Salary   Admin   Rent   UGliGes   Misc  Occupancy   Insurance   Supplies   Technology   Tradeshows   Professional  Fees   MarkeGng  /  AdverGsing  

$200,000.00 $40,000.00   $24,000.00   $1,200.00   $1,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,500.00   $1,000.00   $25,000.00   $10,000.00   $40,000.00  

$200,000.00 $40,000.00   $24,000.00   $1,500.00   $1,250.00   $2,000.00   $1,500.00   $1,000.00   $40,000.00   $10,000.00   $60,000.00  

$325,000.00 $65,000.00   $24,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,500.00   $4,000.00   $1,500.00   $1,000.00   $40,000.00   $20,000.00   $80,000.00  

$425,000.00 $80,000.00   $24,000.00   $2,200.00   $2,000.00   $4,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,000.00   $40,000.00   $20,000.00   $100,000.00  

$425,000.00 $80,000.00   $24,000.00   $2,500.00   $2,500.00   $4,500.00   $2,500.00   $1,000.00   $40,000.00   $25,000.00   $125,000.00  

OperaGng Expenses  Total  














pro-forma united states management case Management Case  -­‐  US  

Revenues Branch  Set-­‐up  Fees   Per  TransacGon  Fee   Technology  Fees   CHOICE  Program   Total  Revenue  

Year 1   15  

Year 2   35  

Year 3   60  

Year 4   75  

Year 5   110  

255,000.00 900,000.00   324,000.00   648,000.00  

595,000.00 3,000,000.00   1,080,000.00   2,538,000.00  

1,020,000.00 6,600,000.00   $2,376,000.00   5,778,000.00  

1,275,000.00 11,100,000.00   $3,996,000.00   $9,828,000.00  

1,870,000.00 17,750,000.00   $6,372,000.00   $15,768,000.00  






Expenses Branch  Set-­‐up   Per  TransacGon  FEE   Technology  Fees   CHOICE  Program   Services  Expenses  


$90,000.00     $540,000.00       $270,000.00       $288,000.00       $1,188,000.00      

$210,000.00     $1,800,000.00       $900,000.00       $1,128,000.00       $4,038,000.00      

$360,000.00     $3,960,000.00       $1,980,000.00       $2,568,000.00       $8,868,000.00      

$450,000.00 $6,660,000.00   $3,330,000.00   $4,368,000.00   $14,808,000.00  

$660,000.00 $10,650,000.00   $9,292,500.00   $7,008,000.00   $27,610,500.00  

Gross OperaCng  Income  







Management Salary   Admin   Rent   UGliGes   Misc  Occupancy   Insurance   Supplies   Technology   Tradeshows   Professional  Fees   MarkeGng  /  AdverGsing  

$300,000.00 $80,000.00   $36,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,000.00   $3,000.00   $3,000.00   $3,000.00   $40,000.00   $20,000.00   $40,000.00  

$345,000.00 $80,000.00   $36,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,250.00   $3,500.00   $3,000.00   $3,000.00   $60,000.00   $20,000.00   $60,000.00  

$500,000.00 $120,000.00   $36,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,500.00   $4,500.00   $3,000.00   $3,000.00   $80,000.00   $20,000.00   $80,000.00  

$675,000.00 $160,000.00   $36,000.00   $2,500.00   $2,000.00   $6,000.00   $3,500.00   $5,000.00   $150,000.00   $27,500.00   $100,000.00  

$800,000.00 $300,000.00   $36,000.00   $2,500.00   $2,500.00   $8,000.00   $4,000.00   $5,000.00   $150,000.00   $30,000.00   $125,000.00  

OperaGng Expenses  Total  














pro-forma united states best case Best Case  -­‐  US  

Year 1   25  

Year 2   45  

Year 3   75  

Year 4   100  

Year 5   150  

Branch Set-­‐up  Fees   Per  TransacGon  Fee   Technology  Fees   CHOICE  Program  

425,000.00 4,375,000.00   945,000.00   4,050,000.00  

765,000.00 12,250,000.00   2,646,000.00   11,340,000.00  

1,275,000.00 25,375,000.00   $5,481,000.00   23,490,000.00  

1,700,000.00 38,875,000.00   $9,261,000.00   $39,690,000.00  

2,550,000.00 69,125,000.00   $14,931,000.00   $63,990,000.00  

Total Revenue  







Expenses Branch  Set-­‐up   Per  TransacGon  FEE   Technology  Fees   CHOICE  Program   Services  Expenses  


$150,000.00     $2,625,000.00       $787,500.00       $1,800,000.00       $5,362,500.00      

$270,000.00     $7,350,000.00       $2,205,000.00       $5,040,000.00       $14,865,000.00      

$450,000.00     $15,225,000.00       $4,567,500.00       $10,440,000.00       $30,682,500.00      

$600,000.00 $23,325,000.00   $7,717,500.00   $17,640,000.00   $49,282,500.00  

$900,000.00 $41,475,000.00   $12,442,500.00   $28,440,000.00   $83,257,500.00  

Gross OperaCng  Income  







Management Salary   Admin   Rent   UGliGes   Misc  Occupancy   Insurance   Supplies   Technology   Tradeshows   Professional  Fees   MarkeGng  /  AdverGsing  

$400,000.00 $120,000.00   $38,000.00   $3,000.00   $1,000.00   $4,000.00   $5,000.00   $8,000.00   $100,000.00   $50,000.00   $80,000.00  

$450,000.00 $120,000.00   $38,000.00   $3,000.00   $1,250.00   $4,500.00   $5,000.00   $8,000.00   $100,000.00   $50,000.00   $90,000.00  

$625,000.00 $160,000.00   $42,000.00   $3,000.00   $1,500.00   $5,000.00   $5,000.00   $8,000.00   $150,000.00   $50,000.00   $120,000.00  

$800,000.00 $160,000.00   $42,000.00   $3,500.00   $2,000.00   $7,000.00   $5,500.00   $20,000.00   $200,000.00   $65,000.00   $200,000.00  

$855,000.00 $225,000.00   $48,000.00   $3,500.00   $2,500.00   $10,000.00   $6,500.00   $30,000.00   $200,000.00   $75,000.00   $350,000.00  

OperaGng Expenses  Total  














proposed network canada

•  Per office sales price is $10 – 20,000.00 for any single office •  Goal is 80 US offices over 10 years •  SRS services revenue opportunity once the office up and running •  INDIVIDUAL, CITY and PROVINCIAL purchase opportunities on a case by case basis. •  5% ownership retained in each office •  Combination of Licensed and Corporate Owned Stores •  Sold the Province of Nova Scotia, currently establishing initial operations in Halifax.

pro-forma canada Worst Case  -­‐  CANADA  

Year 1   10  

Year 2   15  

Year 3   30  

Year 4   50  

Branch Set-­‐up  Fees   Per  TransacGon  Fee   Technology  Fees   CHOICE  Program  

200,000.00 500,000.00   108,000.00   108,000.00  

300,000.00 1,250,000.00   270,000.00   270,000.00  

600,000.00 2,750,000.00   594,000.00   $594,000.00  

1,000,000.00 5,250,000.00   1,134,000.00   $1,134,000.00  

Total Revenue  






Expenses Branch  Set-­‐up   Per  TransacGon  FEE   Technology  Fees   CHOICE  Program   Services  Expenses  


$60,000.00     $300,000.00       $90,000.00       $48,000.00       $498,000.00      

$90,000.00     $750,000.00       $225,000.00       $120,000.00       $1,185,000.00      

$180,000.00     $1,650,000.00       $495,000.00       $264,000.00       $2,589,000.00      

$300,000.00 $3,150,000.00   $945,000.00   $504,000.00   $4,899,000.00  

Gross OperaCng  Income  






Management Salary   Admin   Rent   UGliGes   Misc  Occupancy   Insurance   Supplies   Technology   Tradeshows   Professional  Fees   MarkeGng  /  AdverGsing  

$100,000.00 $40,000.00   $24,000.00   $1,200.00   $1,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,500.00   $1,000.00   -­‐   $10,000.00   $40,000.00  

$100,000.00 $40,000.00   $24,000.00   $1,500.00   $1,250.00   $2,000.00   $1,500.00   $1,000.00   $15,000.00   $10,000.00   $60,000.00  

$100,000.00 $65,000.00   $24,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,500.00   $4,000.00   $1,500.00   $1,000.00   $15,000.00   $20,000.00   $80,000.00  

$100,000.00 $80,000.00   $24,000.00   $2,200.00   $2,000.00   $4,000.00   $2,000.00   $1,000.00   $15,000.00   $20,000.00   $100,000.00  

OperaGng Expenses  Total  













unique properties | unique services


stages premier, international

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genesis of international, cross brand, captive referral network unique properties | unique services invitation only separate revenue stream branch / agent participation custom signage for participants agent can participate without brokerage joining discounted referral fees in-network / corporate share international affiliation with duPont Registry branch model publication and ad revenue separate fund will be raised marketing through SPR in 2013, other brands in 2014 strict approval process

Exceptional properties require exceptional attention and through the SPR SELECT™ real estate marketing program you can rest assured that your property will receive the attention needed to stand out among the competition.

It all starts with excellence in the field. SPR SELECT™ leverages the best of SRS CORE SERVICES™, world-class marketing programs through renowned luxury affiliations, and most importantly the experts that make it all come together - the sales executives. SPR SELECT™ listings receive the domestic and international exposure needed to draw in the buyers, but it is the sales executives that get the deal done!



stages premier, international

bob smith, abr 202.123.4567 direct stages premier, washington 202.123.4567 broker

SPR SELECT™ offers many unique benefits to both home buyers and sellers. 



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Invitation only agents based in large part on their long-term commitment to providing exceptional client services and a proven track record of success. Specialty print collateral and signage Enhanced listing syndications (, Zillow and Trulia) International syndication Dedicated social media campaigns / specialty drip marketing SPR cloud based technology platform for ease of communication and collaboration. Marketing and promotion through the duPont REGISTRY* Strategic lead generation and property enhancement through national REALTOR database. International referral service and direct marketing of your unique property

sprselect FEATURED PARTNER the worlds premier luxury marketplace


as a member elite agent program of the renowed duPont REGISTRY™, SPR SELECT™ will offer exposure for your unique property that includes: t 420,000 unique visitors t over 1MM monthly property searches t exposure in over 209 countries t over 8.8MM monthly we page views t 200,000+ digital magazine subscribers

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