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welcome My name is Nicole Swartz. I'm an entrepreneur and attorney. I collaborate with female entrepreneurs on starting and growing successful companies. I work with some of the best apothecary, apparel, stationary, housewares, and gourmet brands in the market today. I founded my first company, an apothecary brand named Dolly + Delilah, in my mama’s kitchen. Within a year, I grew this side hustle into a successful company with national press coverage, worldwide distribution, and a thriving bottom line. I'm also a corporate attorney. I graduated from Tulane Law, was published in top law journals, and worked with the geniuses over at The Walt Disney Co., to launch and grow their new brands. In 2015, I combined my business + legal skills and launched Sprout as my way of investing in our entrepreneurial community. I created these resources because I know exactly what it takes to build a successful company, and I want to help female entrepreneurs make it happen. Through these pages, I invite you to learn more about me and my work with female entrepreneurs. Nicole Swartz, Attorney + Owner Sprout Law

about me half entrepreneur § I founded Dolly + Delilah, an apothecary brand, in my mama’s kitchen. § Fresh out of college and without a job, I spent the first few months in hustle mode: selling my products at local fairs and shops. § I quickly secured international distribution and our products are now sold in beautiful boutiques around the world. § My products are often featured in places like Conde Nast Traveller, New York Fashion Week, the Golden Globes Giftbags, and Extra Tv. half attorney § I graduated from Tulane Law, one of the top 50 law schools in America. § My research was published in the Journal of Technology + Intellectual Property § I worked with The Walt Disney Co. to protect their intellectual property (aka their brand.)

speaking My presentations teach entrepreneurs the practical skills necessary to create a successful company and leave them with plenty of inspiration to make it happen. I’ve shared my knowledge and experience at entrepreneurial events across the country, and I’d love the opportunity to share my expertise with your audience. I am available for presentations, workshops, and panel discussions. All of my speaking engagements can be customized to 30, 60, or 90 minutes to fit your event. I deliver thoughtful and inspiring discussions in the following areas: Company Formation § Launch Party: Starting a Successful Product Based Business § More Money, More Problems: Why Your Company Needs to Go Legit § Goal Digger: Forming the Company to Match Your Dreams Brand Protection § Trademark 101: Creating + Protecting a Strong Brand § Working With Consultants: You Don’t Own S#*T (+ How to Fix That) § Blogger Endorsement Deals: The Good, The Bad, The Crazy § Ad Therapy: Promoting Your Brand Online Without Breaking the Law Increasing Profitability § Label Me Legal: Packaging Requirements for Product Based Businesses § Landing Dream Deals: Secrets to Wholesale, Sales + Distributor Contracts § Website Policies: Happy Customers + a Healthy Company § Mastering Your Taxes: Business Expenses to Save Your Bottom Line

§ Like a Boss: Hiring Your Dream Team Without Money, Tears, or Whiskey Keynotes § Don’t Forget to Have Fun: A Journey From Legal Briefs to Beauty Products § Make it Happen: Now is the Only Time to Follow Your Dreams § My Favorite F Word is Failure: Turning Mistakes into Magic § Finding Your Tribe: The Power of Female Collaboration § The Hustle Myth: Why Working Harder Hurts You + Your Company

say hello I’d love to connect with you. I’m available for questions, comments, interviews, panels, and speaking engagements.


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