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Where next?

“Delivering the best possible outcomes for every individual. Without compromise”

A unique, award-winning service “For young people with lives at a

employment’ provision which offers a

• Therapeutic Care

crossroads, TraxCare can deliver a

diverse range of engaging education,

spectrum of award-winning integrated

innovative vocational training and

residential and education solutions

employment opportunities to our young

• Bespoke Integrated Care & Education

with quality therapeutic care, in a safe,

people through our associated community

nurturing environment.

interest companies.

Through our integrated approach and

As an independent organisation and

the delivery of individually tailored

in recognition of the initial high levels of

therapeutic care plans, we’ve proved

care required by young people entering

that we can transform the lives of young

our care, we’re able to taper our provision

people with complex, challenging

and charges on a reducing scale to

behaviours. Accommodation is provided

deliver the best possible outcomes for

in our high quality, contemporary, 1-4

every individual and best value for

bed residential units set in semi-rural

commissioning authorities.”

communities. What sets TraxCare apart from other

Paul Hurd

providers is our unique ‘education to

Paul Hurd, Head of Service

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

• Individual Care Plans • Emergency Referrals

Fulfilling every young person’s potential To achieve the best possible outcomes, young people at TraxCare enjoy high levels of personal safety in an environment where they are positively encouraged to develop confidence, self esteem and appropriate attachments. Unique amongst UK carers, Trax has achieved Go4it recognition, a leading national award which demonstrates a culture of creativity,

• Making learning a positive and enjoyable experience • Promoting creativity, innovation and a positive attitude to risk across all activities • Encouraging personal responsibility, self-reliance and positive self image • Promoting independence and self worth.

innovation and adventure, for recognising and developing the full potential of every young person:

“Nurturing young people from isolation to integration”

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

“Breaking through the barriers to effect positive change”

Individual Therapeutic Care Plans Therapeutic care is at the core of the daily working practice of the TraxCare team. Many young people arrive at TraxCare having experienced a series of broken care placements and have become a risk to themselves or others.

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) • Psycho dynamic therapy • Analytical psychotherapy • Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing

They struggle to establish meaningful relationships

Therapy (EMDR), as recommended by NICE

and often have undiagnosed or untreated mental


health issues in need of specialist intervention.

Therapists assess each individual’s needs and

TraxCare offers in-house professional psychological

tailor therapeutic interventions to address a wide

assessment, after which individual therapeutic

range of issues and histories:

care plans are delivered by our team of fully recognised and accredited therapists. They utilise the most appropriate therapeutic techniques to help the young people come to terms with their past, deal with their present, and look forward to

• Attachment disorder • Early trauma • Abuse • Self-harm • Depression • Separation • Sexualised behaviour • Anger management • Substance abuse

their future:

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

“Truly engaging education focusing on individual needs”

Education & Vocational Training Engaging in Innovative Education TraxCare offer young people a unique choice of bespoke educational and vocational courses at their training centres. The focus is on building self-esteem and attaining nationally recognized

TraxCare’s training is delivered by Ofsted registered TraxAcademy which offers courses in: • Key Skills: Literacy, Numeracy & IT • Land-based Studies

qualifications which provide a pathway to adult

• Animal Husbandry / Equine Studies


• Horticulture

We place a strong emphasis on the importance of

• Motorsport Marshalling

developing social skills, life skills, citizenship and

• Beach Ranger

employability skills, and actively promote opportunities to participate in local community life.

• Motor Mechanics • Insulation Engineer • Independent Living Skills • Health & Safety

DfES approved facility no. 888/6093

• Employability Skills • Arts & Crafts, Music

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

Work Experience & Employment Transitional Care Plans Unique to TraxCare, we can assist young people reaching the age of 16 to make the move from care to independent living through our ‘Moving:On’ program - a range of residential training programs

• Trax Windsports Centre – working in partnership with the local authority, JCP and DWP, providing supervision and safeguarding to the public, whilst maintaining a clean and environmentally friendly beach on the Fylde coast.

providing accommodation, vocational training

“Preparing young people for life beyond care”

courses and paid part time / full time employment positions in our associated community interest companies: • T rax Energy Solutions – working with Job Centre Plus (JCP) and the government’s DWP to offer young people in care the opportunity to train and work alongside local young people in the energy sector.

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

“Trax is like one big family. It’s a calm, quiet environment, where I’ve done really well.”

Profile at Referral Stage

Semi-Independent Program

Case Study -

• Referred on a short term basis due to Foster Placement breakdown

• Young person A was given the opportunity to remain in the placement and engage in the Trax Moving:On program to develop independent living skills and vocational training

Young Person A

• Female aged 15yrs • Absconding • Not attending education • Serious behaviour issues • Breakdown of family relationship

Initial Care Plan

• Vocational Training with TraxAcademy gaining nationally recognised qualifications • Pathway Program – developing life skills and key skills • Work Experience – customer service, lifeguard, hotel and catering

• Accommodated in a TraxCare residential home

Personal Outcome

• Engaged on the Trax Time:Out activity program: comprehensive schedule of activities was provided with full supervision and support of a diverse professional staff team

• Young Person A was soon living in a modern semi-rural community with local part-time employment and a placement at a local college

• Outdoor Activities – camping, canoeing, fell walking, horse riding

• Matured into a confident young person with lots of choices in terms of future career direction and sufficient skills to live independently and enjoy life

• House Activities – dance class, hair and beauty, shopping, cooking, gym and trips out etc. • Enrolled into TraxAcademy – vocational training • Family Contact – contact was organised and fully supported with financing of journey, or accommodation for visiting family or friends

• Raised self-esteem and confidence • Built valuable positive relationships

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

“There’s lots of training you can do. Now I’m confident I can get a job.”

Long-term placement

Education Program - TraxAcademy

Case Study -

• Male aged 16yrs

• Enrolled on a practical program of mechanical engineering, construction and plant training.

Young Person B

• OCD, EBD, learning difficulties leading to social isolation and aggressive behaviour • Lack of social skills, self-help skills or independent living skills • Absconding, making himself vulnerable • Multiple residential placement breakdowns • Formerly in a secure placement for welfare reasons at Kyloe House

Care Plan – TraxCare • High supervision to establish consistent boundaries without the need for a secure environment • Psychological assessment and personal therapeutic program to modify behaviour • Supervised Daily Activity Plan with varied range of activities: Territorial Army, 5-a-side football, RSPCA dog walking scheme, gym, catering course • Fully supported with financing of journey, or accommodation for visiting family or friends

• Kept to a regular routine of attendance at education, out-of-school activities, work experience and part-time employment • 1:1 tuition in key skills: literacy, numeracy, IT and communication • Independent living skills: Pathway program, cooking, cleaning, budgeting • Social skills – Trax behaviour management program

Personal Outcome • Learned to control his anger and tolerate others • Learned and adapted his social skills and behaviour • Raised his self-esteem and belief in his abilities • Achieved nationally recognised qualifications in a variety of construction, land based, engineering and customer service vocational courses • Developed his independent living skills • Moved into a semi-independent provision within his local authority and is now working in a hotel

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

We always go the extra mile... “The benefits of being in a stable placement are evident in the positive emotional and behavioral development achieved.”

Since our launch in 2000, Trax has worked with

people, providing essential continuity, in otherwise

over 20 local authorities nationwide establishing

fragmented lives.

an enviable track record in achieving positive outcomes for the young people we care for.

If you are interested in Trax Group services and wish to talk to a local authority social worker

One of the keys to our success is the long term

about their experience of placements with

relationships we establish: even after leaving our

TraxCare, don’t hesitate to call us today

care we give support and guidance to young

on 08448 794 796

Senior social worker

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

Making a Referral Placements can be made and bespoke care plans provided quickly through our specialist referral centre who will ensure that making a referral is as speedy and efficient as possible: • Guaranteed confirmation of placement within 60 minutes – Latest Ofsted reports supplied – Local authority references supplied – Tailored care plan & costs supplied for bespoke programs • Same day placements available • Nationwide staffed pick-up service available

“When a young person’s behaviour puts them beyond traditional care provision, there is an alternative to a secure placement”

• Planned placements and mobility programs available • Accommodation in modern, 1-4 bed, semi-rural residential units

24 hour referrals: 08448 794 796

“We’ll do everything we can to take the pressure off you”

tel: 01772

731832 |


01772 731871 |

Riverside Park, Wallend Road, Preston PR2 2HW

24hr referrals 08448 794 796 – see inside back cover for details

Trax Care Brochure 2010  
Trax Care Brochure 2010  

A brochure to represent the services Trax Care has to offer. Designed and produced by Sprout Creative at Unit Communications.