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Design is making patterns... Look through our catalog—choose individual designs or mix-and-match. Or, collaborate with us on a custom design. With all of our tiles, the overall pattern emerges during installation—we provide instructions and a few simple rules, but the builder completes the work to reveal the final pattern. All of our tile is made-to-order. Each one is hand-printed on bisque and kilnfired. As a result, each tile has minor variations and imperfections in glaze coat, coloration, and edge quality, which adds character to the tiles and the aggregate field of tile. The standard tile is 6"x6" square. Other shapes and dimensions are available by special request—see page 6. Select from the base and glaze colors on page 7, or request a custom color and we'll do our best to meet your specific needs. If you like what you see, please get in touch! We’re happy to provide samples and cost estimates as needed. hello@protzstudio.com


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Protz Studio_Tile Lookbook_2019  

Protz Studio_Tile Lookbook_2019  

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