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Protz Studio is an architecture, design, and visual arts practice based in Tucson, Arizona. We focus on interiority, atmosphere, and interface with the environment to generate innovative material and visual narratives. Our architectural designs strive to provoke the senses, engage the imagination, and evoke a feeling of timelessness. We provide a full range of architectural services— from concept development to construction administration—and we’re intimately involved with the craftsmanship of all we do, working with builders and fabricators through every phase of every project. Our studio also specializes in the custom design and production of ceramic tile artworks. We’ve produced pieces for a range of commercial and private clients, using active research and experimentation to create pattern-based pieces that explore nuances of material. Often, we integrate our ceramic tiles into our architectural projects, empowering them to work together to create transformative interiors.

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Protz Studio_Tile Lookbook_2019  

Protz Studio_Tile Lookbook_2019  

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