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Happy September, Friends!


Many times when we get sick, we have to take medicine to get

well. But there are some ailments that can be prevented and treated naturally, like depression and stress. Have you ever

heard that old saying "Laughter is BEST medicine"? Well, it turns out it's TRUE and we now have science to back it up!

Studies show that laughing with others releases endorphins in

the brain—our homegrown feel-good chemicals. Laughter has an

effect similar to antidepressants and is one of the best tools we have for dealing with stress. Did you know that laughter

also protects your heart? Research has shown that laughter

has an anti-inflammatory effect that protects blood vessels

and heart muscles from the damaging effects of cardiovascular disease. Laughter also contagiously forms social bonds. That‛s

why when someone starts laughing, others will laugh even if

they‛re not sure what everyone is laughing about. If you're like

me, your favorite thing to do is LAUGH, so why not do it as

often as possible? Find out what makes you laugh and do more

Jabberblabber laughs so hard his eyes water. There is a box of tissue hidden in this magazine. See if you can help him find it.

of it!

Be Green (and FUNNY) like Me! Peace and love, Jabberblabber

Editor's note: For over 8 years, "Be My Pen Pal" has been a popular and regular feature in Jabberblabber Magazine. Children from all over the Mid-South write letters to Jabberblabber on a regular basis. Our purpose is to improve letter-writing skills as well as promote the use of language, sentence structure, penmanship and postal practices of the US Mail. The format we provide begins with "Dear Jabberblabber" and ends with "Sincerely" with space in between for children to write a letter. Children also send letters written on their own paper. When Jabberblabber receives mail, he reads each one aloud to his team. Then, they handwrite letters back to each child and include a nice shiny sticker! Here are just a few of the many letters he receives on a daily basis:

Dear Jabberblabber, I saw the photo in your magazine of my sister and me from YOUR birthday!!! I'm the boy in the orange kool-aid shirt. My sister is next to me. Also, thank you for inviting us to your birthday!!! Sincerely, Noah Gross, age 9, Memphis

Dear Jabberblabber, My name is Lucy Klumpp. I haven't ever written to you before but I would like to say I love your newspapers. When I got this Jabberblabber I was at the YMCA. I was so excited to get the Jabberblabber because I haven't gotten it in a long time. Sincerely, Lucy Klumpp, age 9, Southaven, MS Dear Jabberblabber, I live to eat. I like to shop. I like to play cards. I like to dance. I like to color. I like to sing. I like to bowl. I like to cook. I like to ride. I like to go to the movies. I like to watch TV. I like to go to the zoo. I like to swim. Sincerely, Vicki Lynn Anderson, age 56, Memphis Dear Jabberblabber, I love being your Pen Pal. I hope I can go to your next birthday party. How do I get in your birthday party? I hope you like my pictures. [drawings included] Have a good day. Sincerely, Zuleyma Berlin, age 11, Memphis


Teaching Children & Families How To Respect the Earth & ALL of its Creatures


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Fascinating Facts About Laughter

Rats laugh when they‛re tickled, and the more they play together, the more they laugh. Psychologist Jack Panksepp first observed laughing rats in the 1990s; he needed special equipment to hear it, as rats‛ laughs are very high pitched. If you're laughing, you're far more likely to be surrounded by others. The critical laughter trigger for most people is another person, not a joke or funny movie. The saying "laugh and the whole world laughs with you" is more than just an expression: laughter really is contagious. The sound of laughter triggers regions in your brain, which is involved in moving your facial muscles to correspond with sound and prepare to join in. Children laugh easily and often, but adults may forget to make room for laughter in their daily lives. If you can, incorporate laughter into your daily routine by finding what makes you laugh. Remember that you‛re more likely to laugh in the company of others, so try to find the humor in life when you‛re spending time with friends and family. Some experts recommend 15 to 20 minutes of laughter a day, much like you should exercise regularly and eat your vegetables. Color the drawing below. Use lots of creativity while choosing your colors.


September 2017 SEND in your masterpiece for the

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Make sure to follow all directions! The winner will receive a Jabberblabber bookmark, folder and sticker. The winner will be announced in December 2017!

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Complete the form and mail to: Jabberblabber 415 South Front, #114 Memphis, TN 38103

Congratulations to the June winner: Aniela Riddick, Memphis TN, age 8




Happy IS Healthy! (Laughter Benefits Mood and Wellness)

by Uele Siebert

It is quite common to associate good health and wellness with diet, exercise, and sufficient sleep, as science has proven the importance of these factors as fundamental to longevity and quality of life. Optimal and efficient functioning of our body’s systems rely on the nourishment provided by a balanced, nutrient rich diet, which is the proper fuel needed to sustain an active lifestyle, complemented by uninterrupted, regular periods of rest which allow our minds and bodies to recharge. While abundant information and resources are available to assist and support our efforts to achieve optimal health -- from nutritional cooking classes, community gardens, bike lanes, community centers, the greenline, free fitness magazines, and more -there is a component of health and wellness that is often overlooked, even absent from our conversations about health - the benefits of fun and laughter!

In our society we are often taught to achieve our goals at any cost; subsequently, we unwittingly sacrifice some of the fundamental joys of living in the process. Remember as a child hearing phrases like , “lighten up,” “enjoy the ride,” and “live, love, laugh”? We have only to observe children in the process of unstructured play to know they don’t lose an ounce of imagination or drive when they’re enjoying what they are doing. In fact, quite the opposite is true, for children are naturally inclined to explore and discover when their curiosity is unrestricted. Witness how much joy and laughter children bring to their activities when they aren’t constrained! Some of the most effective and memorable teachers in a child’s life are the ones that create and encourage a fun atmosphere where laughter in learning is the correct answer. A subject that could potentially foster anxiety in a child can be transformed simply by making the process of learning stress free and enjoyable! Not only does laughter create joyful conditions and outcomes in our lives, it also directly affects our health by decreasing our stress hormones, cortisol, and elevating our happy hormones, endorphins. Ample scientific studies have determined that laughter can reduce pain, boost our immune system, and benefit our overall mood, in addition to many other benefits. Does something as simple as a prescription for daily doses of laughter for good health seem too good to be true? Why not put it to the test yourself by conducting a study within your family, place of employment, or any community setting of your choice? Make a game of it by engaging in spirited fun with others, noting the mood and energy levels of the participants before and after. If you prefer a less direct approach, simply observe people in any social situation wherever you may be. Do you notice any differences between those who are laughing and those who are not?


Whatever you choose the effects will be felt by you, so by all means keep laughing, too!

Parents and Kids




By Gerard J. Billmeier, Jr., M.D., FAAP

In general, most fevers in children do not require medication for treatment. Usually fevers of less than 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius) are not harmful unless your child is subject to febrile seizures or has a chronic illness. Your child's behavior rather than the degree of temperature is the more important thing to be alert to. If your child has a fever but is still playful and eating well, concern should not be as great as in a feverish child who is sleeping profoundly or acting irritably. Of course, any child under 3 months of age with fever needs immediate medical attention in which case your pediatrician or family physician should be called.

Treatment Suggestions Without Medication:

• Keep the child's room and the home temperature comfortably cool.

• Encourage extra liquids like water, diluted fruit juice, electrolyte solutions (e.g. Pedialyte) or popsicles. • Moderate activity in the house, but not strict bed rest.

• Until the source of the fever is known, restrict contact between the feverish child and other children, the elderly and any person who may have compromised immunity such as cancer patients.

Keep in mind that fever is a natural response to many illnesses which are self-limited in nature. Should your initial efforts to comfort a febrile child be inadequate, a tepid sponge bath and/or oral acetaminophen or ibuprofen may be used. Sponging is preferred over oral fever meds especially if the child has an allergy to either acetaminophen or ibuprofen or if the child is vomiting and unable to retain oral meds. When sponging the child in a shallow tub with lukewarm (not cold) water, keep the room temperature at 75 degrees F. or so, and never use rubbing alcohol which can cause serious problems from skin absorption and inhalation. Cool sponging can lower the fever by one or two degrees in less than an hour, however, if the fever is unchanged or the child is actively resisting, remove him from the bath and recheck the temperature in 30-45 minutes.

Always ask for medical advice if a fever reaches 105 degrees F. or beyond, or if complications arise such as seizures, extreme irritability or inability to arouse the child. Resources: American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) |








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1. What did one toilet say to the other?

2. Why couldn't the pirate play cards?

3. Did you hear about the robbery last night?

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Grandparents of the Month - Berry and Betty Terry

Berry and Betty Terry moved into Kirby Pines August 11, 2014 from Decatur, Alabama where they have lived the last 15 years.

Berry has been with Kirby Pines since the beginning of 1981, first serving on the Advisory Board prior to being elected as a Director in 1984. He has served as Secretary/Treasurer of the Psalm Board since 1992 and continues to do so.

Berry is retired from the US Air Force and after retirement he entered into full time ministry. He and Betty are very involved in mission work and have made mission trips to Belize, Central America, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama and Kentucky. Betty was born in Kaiser, Arkansas where her mother taught school and her father was employed by the Lee Wilson Company. Betty and family moved to Conway, Arkansas, where her mother taught Berry in the 6th grade, where the two first met. Betty’s mother, Mrs. Pearl Wilson passed away on January 31, 1992, while living at Kirby Pines.

Berry and Betty both enjoy traveling, especially by train or cruise. Betty enjoys cooking and baking and was pleased to find her oven at Kirby was large enough to do it all! They have 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. On August 2, 2017, they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. Congratulations Berry and Betty!!!

Betty and Berry with their family

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September Question:

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*Past Questions: March: How many lives is it rumored that a cat has? April: How many total keys are on a piano? May: How many strings are on a concert pedal harp? June: How many days did it rain while Noah was on the ark?




Here's a GREAT activity for your students!

Copy this page and test their knowledge of

State Capitals!

Fill in each state’s capital using the list at the bottom.

Alabama ___________________

Montana ___________________

Arizona ____________________

Nevada ____________________

Alaska _____________________ Arkansas __________________

Nebraska __________________

New Hampshire ____________

California __________________

New Jersey ________________

Connecticut ________________

New York ___________________

Colorado ____________________ New Mexico ________________

Delaware ___________________ North Carolina ______________ Florida _____________________ North Dakota _______________ Georgia ____________________ Ohio _______________________ Hawaii _____________________

Oklahoma __________________

Illinois _____________________

Pennsylvania _______________

Iowa _______________________

South Carolina _____________

Idaho ______________________

Oregon _____________________

Indiana _____________________ Rhode Island _______________ Kansas _____________________ South Dakota _______________ Kentucky ___________________ Tennessee _________________

Louisiana ___________________ Texas ______________________

Maine ______________________ Utah _______________________

Albany - Annapolis - Atlanta - Augusta - Austin - Baton Rouge - Bismarck Boise - Boston - Carson City - Charleston

Cheyenne - Columbia - Columbus - Concord - Denver - Des Moines Dover - Frankfort - Harrisburg - Hartford - Helena

Honolulu - Indianapolis - Jackson - Jefferson City - Juneau - Lansing - Lincoln Little Rock - Madison - Montgomery

Maryland ___________________ Vermont ____________________

Montpelier - Nashville - Oklahoma City - Olympia - Phoenix - Pierre - Providence

Michigan ___________________ Washington ________________

Salem - Salt Lake City - Santa Fe - Springfield - St.Paul - Tallahassee

Massachusetts ______________ Virginia _____________________ Minnesota __________________ West Virginia _______________

Mississippi _________________ Wisconsin __________________ Missouri ___________________

Wyoming ___________________

Raleigh - Richmond - Sacramento Topeka - Trenton

Answers are on page 25 of the online magazine at


At Dixon’s Summer Camp and around Memphis!

Answer to the Veggie Puzzle on page 6: 1. C 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. B Answers to the Jokes on page 14: 1. You look a bit flushed! 2. Because he was sitting on the deck. 3. Two clothes pins held up a pair of pants! Answers to the Flo Puzzle on page 23:

Meat Drippings, Salad Dressing, Butter, Veg. Oil, Sauces, Margarine, Lard

Answers to the Cigna Bonus question on the back cover: 1. Cough / Respiratory problems

Answers to JabberGenius on page 20:



answer on page 22

Answers to the Teacher’s Page State Capital Puzzle on

Alaska - Juneau Arizona - Phoenix Arkansas - Little Rock California Sacramento Colorado - Denver Connecticut - Hartford Delaware - Dover Florida - Tallahassee Georgia - Atlanta Hawaii - Honolulu Idaho - Boise Illinois - Springfield Indiana - Indianapolis Iowa - Des Moines Kansas - Topeka Kentucky - Frankfort Louisiana - Baton Rouge

Maine - Augusta Maryland - Annapolis Massachusetts - Boston Michigan - Lansing Minnesota - St. Paul Mississippi - Jackson Missouri - Jefferson City Montana - Helena Nebraska - Lincoln Nevada - Carson City New Hampshire Concord New Jersey - Trenton New Mexico - Santa Fe New York - Albany North Carolina - Raleigh North Dakota - Bismarck

Pennsylvania - Harrisburg Rhode Island Providence South Carolina Columbia South Dakota - Pierre Tennessee - Nashville Texas - Austin Utah - Salt Lake City Vermont - Montpelier Virginia - Richmond Washington - Olympia West Virginia Charleston Wisconsin - Madison Wyoming - Cheyenne Ohio - Columbus Oklahoma - Oklahoma City Oregon - Salem

in Nigeria corn, wherecotton she was missionary wo anddoing girls”.... Joyce sai cards in for a chance to win a Jabberblabber fun pack. There will beand an like a and theater. Both are avid readers entry form in September’s issue. You must be atand leastgreat 60 tohymns. win! Southern She attended Mississippi especially classical They pla1 She married M.E. (Jim) Matlock an years playing tennis. 2 great-grandchildren. How many total Congratulations keys are onEda and piano? Mary for being Jabb page 21 Block out the correctofanswer likesbelow. to read and to play Ru on Joyce your card the Month! taken a three week car trip f3 Keep your card and keep playing for the next was 3 months to WIN.

June Question:

She is also a certified tree farmer Follow along with Jabberblabber Bingo 4 Congratulations, Joyce, each month to WIN a fun pack! for being Ja5

BINGO cardgreat-grandson, shown below. For the next four months we will print the Joyce with her Lennon Each month you will be given a question that has a numeric answer. 6 Block out that answer on your bingo card. When you get BINGO, you can mail one of your completed BINGO cards in for a chance to win a 7 Jabberblabber fun pack. There will be an entry form in August’s issue. You must be at least 60 to win! For the next 3 months we will print the BINGO card shown below. 8 Each month you will be given a question that has a numeric answer. Our How first card was printed inisMay! Block out that answer onhas? your bingo 9 many lives itcan rumored that a cat also you enjoys yearly vacations withcompleted her grandchildren card. When you Jeannie get BINGO, mail one of your BINGO in G Block out the correct answer on your card below. cards in for your a chance to win Jabberblabber fun4pack. There will be an 1 Keep and keepa playing for the next months to WIN. C entry form incard September’s issue. You must be at least 60 to win! 1

Follow along with Jabberblabber Bingo each month to WIN a fun pack! May Question:

June June Question: Question:

How many total are How many with total keys keys are on on aa piano? piano? Bingo Follow along Jabberblabber Block out the correct answer on your card below. Block out the correct answer on your card below. each month to WIN anextfun pack! Keep 33 months Keep your your card card and and keep keep playing playing for for the the next months to to WIN. WIN. For the next 2 months(August / September) we will print the BINGO card shown below. Each month you will be given a question that has a numeric answer. Our first card was printed in May! Block out each answer on your bingo card. When you get BINGO, you can mail one of How manyBINGO strings ona chance concert pedal harp? your completed cardsare in for to win a Jabberblabber Block out the correct answer on your card below. fun pack. There will be an entry form in September’s issue. your card and playing for the months to WIN. at AllKeep the questions are keep on the last page ofnext the 2 online magazine You must be at least 60 to win!

July Question:

August Question:






How many days did it rain while Noah was on the ark? Block out the correct answer on your card below. Keep your card and keep playing through September to WIN.




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1. Why did the ice cream truck break down?

2. What did the newspaper say to the ice cream?

3. How do astronauts eat their ice cream? answers on page 22


1. What does a nosey pepper do?

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