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VOLUME 17, ISSUE 4 June 2017


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Greetings loyal fans and new friends!

Welcome to June in Memphis where it's easy to be GREEN, be HEALTHY and have FUN! School's out, so check out some of the great ways you can get out of the house and get some exercise aside from running, biking and playing sports in your neighborhood or nearby park. For example, check out the specials being offered by our friends at Kroc Center, Golf and Games, The Dive Shop and Get Air Trampoline Park in Collierville. Just an hour or two of playing at any of these locally-owned, family-friendly establishments will burn lots of calories while having tons of FUN! It's a great way to work off your Pancho's Cheese dip and chips snack and yummy desserts you can get at Otherlands and The Cupboard, where you can also enjoy fresh and healthy meal choices any day of the week! On rainy days, check out Malco Kids Summer Film Festival picks and try their healthier choices in snacks. Please remember our sponsors when making decisions to get out with your family this summer. They help make this fun and educational magazine possible for FREE in 25 cities in the Mid South and online at So what are you waiting for, the HEALTHY FUN is waiting for YOU!

Peace and Love, Jabberblabber

Editor's note: For over 8 years, "Be My Pen Pal" has been a popular and regular feature in Jabberblabber Magazine. Children from all over the Mid-South write letters to Jabberblabber on a regular basis. Our purpose is to improve letter-writing skills as well as promote the use of language, sentence structure, penmanship and postal practices of the US Mail. The format we provide begins with "Dear Jabberblabber" and ends with "Sincerely" with space in between for children to write a letter. Children also send letters written on their own paper. When Jabberblabber receives mail, he reads each one aloud to his team. Then, they handwrite letters back to each child and include a nice shiny sticker! Here are just a few of the many letters he receives on a daily basis:

Dear Jabberblabber, I had fun at your birthday party. I liked meeting you. Thank you for the Secret Life of Pets movie. I loved it so did my twin sister Sophie. Also, thanks for the popcorn, drinks, pizza, cupcakes and goodie bag full of candy. I love you Jabberblabber! Sincerely, Spencer Anthony, age 8, Arlington TN

Dear Jabberblabber, How long have you been making JBs? I think you've been making them for fifty-five years. Anyway I think everyone I know gets JBs. My mom, dad, cousins, aunt, uncles and grandparents. So a lot of people get Jabberblabbers. And I love them too. How many do you make a month? I think you make at least 11,000,732. Thank you! :-) <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Sophie Claire Anthony, age 8, Arlington TN Dear Jabberblabber, It is really good that you want to show people how to write to people. I like receiving letters myself. I work at Jack Pirtle's on Jackson Avenue. I am a people person. Sincerely, Rachelle V. Burgins, age 60, Memphis TN Dear Jabberblabber, I love you. You make me smile. [drawing of Jabberblabber] Sincerely, Kadynce Hemingway, age 7, Memphis TN




Teaching Children & Families How To Respect the Earth & ALL of its Creatures

Jabberblabber loves to be outside in the summer! He loves to play Frisbee as much as he loves to play basketball. There is one hidden in this magazine. See if you can help him find it.

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Editor: Theresa Andreuccetti


Art Director: Nikki Schroeder

Contributing Writers: Gerard J. Billmeier, Jr., M.D., Sponsorship Sales: Theresa Andreuccetti and Sam Dunn Volunteers: Angela Andreuccetti and Donna Gafford


The Act of Kindness!

Kindness is like a muscle. For some it may be naturally stronger, but every person can build that muscle with practice. And practicing kindness can be simple if we build it into our routine. Here are some ideas to get your routine started: Be kind to each other each and every day. Say hello, good morning, and goodbye with a handshake, high five, or hug. From small gestures, like talking to someone new at school or helping someone pick up their bags when they drop them, to bigger acts like donating food to the homeless or cleaning up a local park, being kind can be easy and fun! Color the drawing below. Be creative and think kind thoughts while you color!


SEND in your masterpiece for the UCOLORIT random drawing!

Name ______________________ Address ____________________

City _______________________ State__________Zip__________ Age________

Complete the form and mail to: Jabberblabber 415 South Front, #114 Memphis, TN 38103 Make sure to follow all directions! The winner will receive a Jabberblabber bookmark, folder and sticker. The winner will be announced in September 2017!

Congratulations to the March winner: Juliana, Bartlett, TN, age 6!








By Gerard J. Billmeier, Jr., M.D., FAAP

Many children are thinking about summer camp this year – some for the first time in their lives and others for a repeat experience at a favorite summer camp. If your child is considering camp this summer, you as a parent can make your child’s experience there a healthy, safe and enjoyable one.

It is well known that camps help children build peer relationships, independence, leadership, self esteem and willingness to try new experiences. It is crucial that parents and medical providers work together to evaluate the camp and the child in order to determine the best match available. Before choosing a camp, parents should assess their child’s interests, abilities, health status and overall well-being. Plan to schedule a pre-camp health evaluation through your pediatrician or primary care provider. Areas of concern in such an evaluation should include: • Complete health history and physical examination. • Review and update of standard immunizations. • Arrangement for continuation of regular medications. • Providing camp officials with a current summary of medical or psychological needs. To help prevent homesickness which is a very common distress, particularly among first time campers: • Involve your child in selecting the camp and preparing for it. • Discuss camp as a positive experience and openly discuss homesickness. • For first time campers, arrange a practice sleepover away from home with trusted friends or relatives. For further advice on this subject, contact your pediatrician, your local American Camp Association office or the camp you are considering.




See how many things on the list you can check off this summer!




by Nikki Schroeder


of the month!


What does a cloud wear under it's raincoat?

answer on page 22

What is a boomerang that doesn't come back?

Make a copy of this puzzle or get several Jabberblabbers so that all the passengers in the car can play. As you are riding, look for different road signs. Mark the signs you see. The first player to get 5 spaces in a row, wins!


See if you can find the 8 differences in the two photos. Sponsored by:

3600 East Broadway Street - West Memphis, Arkansas 870.735.6466

717 North White Station Road - Memphis, Tennessee - 901.685.5404 Pancho’s “famous” cheese dip is available in over 350 stores!


There is a container of Pancho’s Cheese Dip hidden somewhere in this magazine. See if you can find it.



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k i r by p i n e s. c o m

Grandparent of the Month - Joyce Matlock

Joyce Matlock’s parents taught her to love the Lord and each other. They also taught her to work hard, get an education and simply be happy.

This education came from a farm in Vossburg, Mississippi, where her Daddy said, “On the farm, I raised corn, cotton and girls”.... Joyce said there were four of them. She attended Mississippi Southern, now University of Southern Miss, and became a research technician. She married M.E. (Jim) Matlock and they had 3 children. She now has 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Joyce likes to read and to play Rummikub in her spare time. One of the most interesting trips she has taken was a three week car trip from Amsterdam to Munich. She is also a certified tree farmer, but her main focus is to just be happy.

Congratulations, Joyce, for being Jabberblabber’s Grandparent of the Month!

Joyce with her great-grandson, Lennon

Follow along with Jabberblabber Bingo each month to WIN a fun pack!

For the next 3 months we will print the BINGO card shown below. Each month you will be given a question that has a numeric answer. Our first card was printed in May! Block out that answer on your bingo card. When you get BINGO, you can mail one of your completed BINGO cards in for a chance to win a Jabberblabber fun pack. There will be an entry form in September’s issue. You must be at least 60 to win!

June Question:

How many total keys are on a piano?

Block out the correct answer on your card below. Keep your card and keep playing for the next 3 months to WIN.


TWENTIETH CENTURY 1. Which cartoon character says "What's up, Doc?"

2. What followed the names of Rowan and Martin in the classic 60s comedy series? 3. In which decade of the 20th century was Jane Fonda born?

4. In which decade of the 20th century did Elvis Presley shoot to fame? 5. In which decade did Elvis Presley die?

6. What did Tony Bennett leave in San Francisco?

7. Which American actor refused his Oscar awarded for The Godfather?

8. Which group backed Buddy Holly?

9. Lindbergh wrote about his New York to Paris flight in which book? 10. Who became the world's first billionaire in 1916? 11. How is Shirley Beaty better known?

12. The first modern cassette was produced in which decade?

13. Burt Lancaster won an Academy Award for which movie?

14. Which John travelled in space over 35 years after his first flight?

15. Where was the USA's worst nuclear accident, in 1979?


answers on page 22




At the Kirby Pines Mother’s Day Cookout!

Answers to Get Air trivia on inside cover: All 3 answers are C Answers to Veggie Facts on page 7: 1. C 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. B Answers to the Riddles on page 14: Thunderwear! A Stick! Answers to the Grandparents Trivia on page 19: 1. Bugs Bunny 2. Laugh In 3. 1930s 4. 50s 5. 70s 6. his heart 7. Marlon Brando 8. The Crickets 9. Spirit of St. Louis 10. John D Rockefeller 11. Shirley Maclaine 12. 40s 13. Elmer Gantry in 1960 14. Glenn 15. Three Mile Island Answers to Flo the Drain on page 21: Circle ALL the words except “water” Answers to JabberGenius on page 20:



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