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Hi Friends!

"What is Jabberblabber?" "Is Jabberblabber a boy or a girl?" How old is Jabberblabber?" These are just a few of the common questions we receive from our readers. So this month, we're giving you the scoop! Jabberblabber is a multi species, male creature born in the imagination of the cartoon character, "Benjamin." Benjamin is a bright, creative, only child of a single mom and when he was 10, he created an imaginary character with super powers. Jabberblabber is also 10 years old but he never gets any older. He's famous for jabbering about all things FUN in his free magazine each month. He is a friendly herbivore who loves to eat, dance and learn new things. He likes to think of himself as a "voice for the voiceless"...trees, plants, animals, babies, the fact, he jabbers a lot about how to protect them. Jabberblabber's famous mantra is "BE GREEN LIKE ME" and he sees everything, so when an environmental "mishap" occurs like littering, idling, running the water needlessly or leaving the lights on in an unoccupied room, he appears as a super hero to teach families a more earth friendly practice. He's also good at reminding people how to be GREEN in his GREEN club - which anyone can join for FREE (see pg. 20). Last but not least, he's a loyal pen pal . . . if you send him a letter, he will hand write and mail a letter back and include a cool sticker! WOW!! So there you have it...all things Jabberblabber! Now you're in the KNOW! Happy Back to School! Love, Team Jabberblabber

letters from Jabberblabber’s Pen Pals!

Dear Jabberblabber, Hola amigo. Mellamo Brianna. Mi cumpleanos es el ocho de mayo 2001! Me gusta mucho Jabberblabber! That means: Hello friend. My name is Brianna. My birthday is on the 8th of May 2001. I like Jabberblabber very much! As you can see I speak Spanish and English. I am Puerto Rican so all of my family speaks Spanish!! Write back soon! Sincerely, Brianna Peyton, Age 12, Memphis, TN Dear Jabberblabber, This is my second letter to you and I am so excited. I loved the funny page for this month! It was very funny! The calendar was great too. Good Job! Sincerely, Annie Lively, Age 7, Little Rock, AR Dear Jabberblabber, I want to know how much fun you have every day. I really love your magazines. I hope that you have a nice summer! Please write back very soon! JABBERBLABBER YOU ROCK!!! Sincerely, Stella Cooley, Age 7, Memphis, TN Dear Jabberblabber, I really like the "FINDIT activity. It is very cool. I also really like the jokes too. I love that you like to BE GREEN. Write back soon! Sincerely, Claude Fox, Age 7, Memphis, TN Dear Jabberblabber, I love reading your magazine and doing the activities! I also love learning new things that are in the magazine. Last but not least I love the Jabber Jokes. The magazine keeps me very entertained. Sincerely, 3 Lucy Fox, Age 9, Memphis, TN



Teaching Children & Families How To Respect the Earth & ALL of its Creatures

Jabberblabber lost his dictionary. He loves to learn new words. His dictionary is somewhere in this magazine. See if you can help him find it .

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Jabberblabber is published monthly by Jabberblabber, Inc. 1985 Madison Ave., #7 Memphis, TN 38104 901.278.5002 • facebook: jabberblabber memphis

Editor: Theresa Andreuccetti


Art Director: Nikki Schroeder

Assistant Editor: Katrina Sears

Contributing Writer: Gerard J. Billmeier, Jr., M.D. Education Coordinators: Jeffrey laper and Jeff Martin Volunteer: Larry Perkins

Winners for may 2013

Congratulations! Age 0-4: Henry Oattis - mEMPHIS, tn Age 8-10: Leina Reape - bartlett, TN Age 14-17: Joanna smart - Memphis, tn


Age 5-7: Angela J. - Memphis, tn Age 11-13: Emma Pounders, - Memphis, tn

age 18-120: Mack alders - germantown, tn



“Dear students, the summer has ended. The school year at last has begun. But this year is totally different. I promise we'll only have fun. We won't study any mathematics, and recess will last all day long. Instead of the pledge of allegiance, we'll belt out a rock-and-roll song.

We'll only play games in the classroom. You're welcome to bring in your toys. It's okay to run in the hallways. It's great if you make lots of noise. For homework, you'll play your Nintendo. You'll have to watch lots of T.V. For field trips we'll go to the movies and get lots of candy for free.

The lunchroom will only serve chocolate and triple fudge sundaes supreme." Yes, that's what I heard from my teacher before I woke up from my dream. -Kenn Nesbitt

Use your imagination and LOTS of color to finish this back to school picture.


Winners will be announced in Nov. 2013

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Healthy Children, Healthy Planet This month's topic:


Did you know that students will create an estimated 18.1 billion tons of waste by the end of a school year? Cutting back and being more eco-conscious with daily activities and decisions can make a big difference. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

10 Eco Friendly Tips

1. Take a cloth bag or insulated lunch bag instead of brown paper sacks. 2. Pack food in reusable containers instead of plastic baggies.

3. Purchase recycled paper products, more available now than ever before. 4. If you must drive to school, consider carpooling. If you live close by, encourage children to walk with friends.

5. Encourage your child to recycle at school in the classroom and cafeteria.

6. Put drinks in a thermos instead of using disposable water or juice bottles.

7. Suggest that the school install a water-filtration system that would make bottled water unnecessary.

8. Purchase solar powered calculators.

9. Use rechargeable batteries for MP3s and other hand held devices.

10. Whenever possible, purchase LOCAL food for snacks and lunches.

Remember, LEAD YOUR CHILDREN BY EXAMPLE! You can use the same tips and duplicate them for yourself at work and at home. Do your part this year . . . remind your child that every little bit counts when it comes to saving our planet. Great Kid’s Menu - organic apple juice, organic low-fat white or chocolate milk and FREE Ice Cream! No styrofoam! Eco-friendly to-go containers.


4 Locations in the Memphis Area: 3473 Poplar Ave. Ste 102 - Memphis 1199 Ridgeway Rd - Memphis 1585 Chickering Lane - Cordova, TN 6A Stonebridge - Jackson, TN We Cater and Deliver www.

Organic Ingredients go into dozens of menu items and on the Salad Bar! 0% Artificial Trans Fats • 0% Processed MSG • 0% Nitrites 0% Artificial Colors and Dyes • 0% High Fructose Corn Syrup


Book of the Month

For Children . . . The Family Book

For Parents & Teachers. . . Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation's children.

By Todd Parr

The Family Book celebrates the love we feel for our families and all the different varieties they come in. Whether you have two moms or two dads, a big family or a small family, a clean family or a messy one, Todd Parr assures readers that no matter what kind of family you have, every family is special in its own unique way.

Parr's message about the importance of embracing our differences is delivered in a playful way. With his trademark bold, bright colors and silly scenes, this book will encourage children to ask questions about their own families. Perfect for young children just beginning to read, The Family Book is designed to encourage early literacy, enhance emotional development, celebrate multiculturalism, promote character growth, and strengthen family relationships.

They provide free educational materials to teachers and other school practitioners in the U.S. and Canada. Their self-titled magazine is sent to 450,000 educators twice annually, and tens of thousands of educators use their free curricular kits. Their teaching materials have won two Oscars, an Emmy and more than 20 honors from the Association of Educational Publishers, including two Golden Lamp Awards, the industry's highest honor. Scientific surveys demonstrate that their programs help students learn respect for differences and bolster teacher practice. Receive Teaching Tolerance magazine twice a year at your school. Subscriptions are free for teachers.

Parents and Kids



The Memphis Farmers Market

The Memphis Farmers Market is a weekly, non-profit, outdoor market featuring local farmers and artisans. The market showcases locally sourced produce and food items and locally produced arts and crafts from the Mid-South region and also serves to educate the community about eating local, nutrition and food choices. Among its many attractions, you can enjoy live music and weekly themed events and programs as well as fresh squeezed lemonade and fresh coffee while you shop. Starting in the 2008 season, the Memphis Farmers Market began supporting a new environmental philosophy and policies designed to encourage the use of recycled materials at the market, promote the use of alternative transportation to the market and increase awareness of all the environmental benefits of buying locally grown foods. They will be communicating this philosophy through their vendors and volunteers at the market, as well as in their digital and print communications. The market offers recycling bins and encourages market patrons to shop with reusable bags and totes.

The market is a non-profit organization supported by an all volunteer Board of Directors and funded by fund-raising initiatives, grants, memberships, sponsorships and vendor fees. When: Saturdays, April thru October, 7 am to 1 pm, rain or shine Where: Central Station, S. Front Street at GE Patterson in the Historic South Main District, Downtown Memphis. Cost: Free Parking: Free parking adjacent to the market. Congratulations Memphis Farmer's Market, for BEING GREEN LIKE ME in Memphis!


Parents and Kids

Parents and Kids




By Gerard J. Billmeier, Jr., M.D.

Summer always brings with it many insects such as mosquitoes and ticks as well as the diseases they transmit including West Nile virus infection and Lyme Disease. Last month in this column, we talked about impetigo, or skin infections, commonly the result of insect bites. Now let’s look at the safe use of insect repellents as a method for reducing and even eliminating insect bites in children and their attendant risk of disease.

Repellents are available in many forms including aerosol sprays, lotions, creams and even towelettes. Some are impregnated into wearable items like bracelets. The most common agents include:

• DEET (diethyl-m-toluamide) may be the most common active ingredient in insect repellents, and is both safe and effective if used properly. It is available in varying strengths from 5-100%, but concentrations over 50% have no added protection. The Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends using up to 30% strengths of DEET in children, but does not recommend its use in children under 2 months of age. DEET can also damage synthetic clothing and certain plastics such as eye glasses and watch crystals. • Picardin or Icardin has been used in Europe and Australia for years, has low toxicity in humans, is well tolerated on the skin and does not damage fabrics or plastics.

• PMD (para-Menthane-3,8-diol) is the active ingredient in lemon eucalyptus oil, and is similar in action to DEET. It should not be used for children less than 3 years of age.

• Citronella and other botanical oils are generally inferior to DEET, picardin and PMD.

Safe Use of Repellents

• Avoid DEET in children younger than 2 months of age.

• Avoid lemon eucalyptus oil in children less than 3 years of age. • Do not use repellents under clothing.

• Avoid products that combine repellents with sunscreen. • Avoid using repellents over cuts or irritated skin. • Never allow small children to apply repellents themselves. • Avoid use of repellents near foods or beverages.

• Always reapply repellents after getting wet or excessive sweating.

• On returning indoors, wash skin areas from repellent or bathe the child.

• If a rash appears from repellent use, wash the areas with soap and water, contact your pediatrician or call the U.S. Poison Control Center at 800.222.1222 for guidance. Despite using repellents, your child may still incur mosquito bites. Caution the child about scratching the area, and dab on a little alcohol or calamine lotion. Keep all areas clean to prevent skin infections.


Parents and Kids

Source: AAP News, June 2013





by Nikki Schroeder




2. What do smart birds like to study?

3. How do you always get straight A’s?

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. - Woody Allen


What happens to a hamburger who misses a lot of school?

answers on page 26

4. Why did the computer sneeze?

5. What is clean when it's black and white when it’s dirty?





Prove That Warm Air Needs More Room

As its temperature rises, air starts to act a little differently. Find out what happens to a balloon when the air inside it heats up with this fun science experiment for kids. What you'll need:

Empty glass bottle • Balloon • Pot of hot water (not boiling)


1. Stretch the balloon over the mouth of the empty bottle. 2. Put the bottle in the pot of hot water, let it stand for a few minutes and watch what happens. What's happening? As the air inside the balloon heats up it starts to expand. The molecules begin to move faster and further apart from each other. This is what makes the balloon stretch. There is still the same amount of air inside the balloon and bottle, it has just expanded as it heats up. Warm air therefore takes up more space than the same amount of cold air and it also weighs less than cold air occupying the same space. You might have seen this principle in action if you've flown in or watched a hot air balloon.



See if you can follow the trail of odd numbers from start to finish!





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k i r by p i n e s. c o m

Grandparent of the Month - Lou Bethay

Lou Bethay is the proud mother of 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and another on the way! The most wonderful and joyous time of the year for Lou is when the family gets together every Thanksgiving. She keeps up with the many little ones in her family through her children, who add new pictures regularly to her digital photo frame. In her spare time, she is an avid springtime gardener and enjoys watching the birds that visit her feeders. She also enjoys playing Bridge with friends, an activity she refers to as “grandmother card therapy”. She is a credit to Kirby Pines, where she lives and volunteers for many of their fun activities. Congratulations, Lou, for being Jabberblabber's Grandparent of the Month!


1. Who played Bret's cousin Beau on the original 'Maverick' series? A. James Garner B. Ned Kelly C. Jack Kelly D. Roger Moore

2. Steve McQueen had an early television success in which western series? A. 'Alias Smith and Jones' B. 'Wanted: Dead or Alive' C. 'Gunsmoke' D. 'Lancer'

3. Another successful movie actor, Burt Reynolds, played on which popular TV western series? A. 'Navajo Joe' B. 'Dan August' C. 'Gunsmoke' D. 'Hawk'

4. Another real oldie! Do you remember the family series 'Bachelor Father'? It predated 'Family Affair' by a decade. Who played the bachelor playboy Bentley Gregg raising his niece Kelly (Noreen Corcoran)? A. Robert Young B. Bob Cummings C. Carl Betz D. John Forsythe

5. A British import from the sixties, 'The Saint' starred a British actor who later did his stint as James Bond. Which actor was this? A. George Lazenby B. Roger Moore C. Sean Connery D. Timothy Dalton

6. 'Love That Bob' wasn't Cummings' first television series. In 1952 he starred in a short-lived show with Julie Bishop. What was the name of that show? A. 'Private Secretary' B. 'Mr. Peepers' C. 'My Hero' D. 'Life of Riley' 7. Everyone remembers Patrick McGoohan as Number 6 in 'The Prisoner' series (1967). However, three years prior he starred in another British spy series known in the U.S. as 'Secret Agent'. What was the original British title of this series? A. 'Rendezvous' B. 'Code Name: Danger' C. 'Danger Man' D. 'Dead Secret' 8. The 1957 television version of the popular movie 'How to Marry a Millionaire' co-starred Merry Anders and a soon-to-be television superstar. What was the name of this actress? A. Elizabeth Montgomery B. Barbara Eden C. Joan Collins D. Lucille Ball 9. Which of the following starred Henry Fonda as Simon Fry? A. 'O'Hara for the Defense' B. The Defenders C. Lawman'

D. 'The Deputy'

10. A pre-"Mannix" Mike Connors starred as the unnamed undercover agent in this series from 1959 to 1960. What was the name of the show? A. 'Run For Your Life' B. 'The D.A's Man' C. 'The Investigator' D. 'Tightrope'


Answers on page 26



See if you can find the 8 differences in the two photos above. Time Yourself... how fast can you find them?


Having fun at The Baptist Health Fair and all around town!

Answer to the Veggie Facts on page 7: 1. Vitamin A 2. 16 feet 3. 18 lbs. 4. medicine 5. 10,866 6. purple, white, red or yellow Answer to the HEALTHY HABITS QUIZ on page 13: 1. D 2. D 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. C Answer to the JOKES on page 16: 1. He will have a lot of ketchup time. 2. Owl-gebra! 3. By using a ruler! 4. It had a virus. 5. A blackboard. Answers to GRANDPARENTS TRIVIA on page 23: 1. D 2. B 3. C 4. D 5. B 6. C 7. C 8. B 9. D 10. D Answers to the CIGNA bonus questions on the back cover: a POTATO

Answers to JabberGenius on page 24:


answer on page 26

Jabber Blabber August 2013