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Happy Summer!

Back to school is Super Cool, after all, we get to spend lots of time with our friends! We see them in the classroom, in the cafeteria, at assemblies, on field trips and much more! Another thing we get to do at school is PRACTICE. Practice makes PROGRESS! We practice spelling, math, reading, studying, sports, band, and many other subjects. We also practice language, social skills, manners and being kind to others. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted, no one wants to be bullied. Right? So with that in mind, we can all make an extra effort this year to practice love and acceptance with EVERYONE at school, including fellow students, teachers, school staff and visitors. By the end of the year, you will feel great and be more awesome than ever! Have a great first month back to school and remember to always BE GREEN LIKE ME! Learn more by clicking BE GREEN at my web site, where you can also read this entire magazine from your phone or computer. COOL!! Peace and Love, Jabberblabber

Editor's note: For over 8 years, "Be My Pen Pal" has been a popular and regular feature in Jabberblabber Magazine. Children from all over the Mid-South write letters to Jabberblabber on a regular basis. Our purpose is to improve letter-writing skills as well as promote the use of language, sentence structure, penmanship and postal practices of the US Mail. The format we provide begins with "Dear Jabberblabber" and ends with "Sincerely" with space in between for children to write a letter. Children also send letters written on their own paper. When Jabberblabber receives mail, he reads each one aloud to his team. Then, they handwrite letters back to each child and include a nice shiny sticker! Here are just a few of the many letters he receives on a daily basis:

Dear Jabberblabber, I think you are awesome! I love your magazines! I have so much fun doing them. I want to be your friend. I want to get your picture, so please send me one. I hope you liked my letter. Sincerely, Mary Thomas, age 8, Memphis

Dear Jabblbabber, You are very intelligent + I am going to become a member. It's so cool to be green. Please come surprise my mom Aug 9 you got my address. You inspire people to do good things, that's what's a role model. I am a big fan and I always try to look for Jabber in the public library at Benjamin Hooks but they're out. I love Jabberblabber. P.S. I received your letter. Sincerely, Rayalle Burnett, age 9, Memphis Dear Jabberblabber, I like to send and receive letters. I'm about to be in your club. I love to be your pen pal. I live in Raleigh it is so much FUN. Sincerely, Kendall T. Hardin, age 9, Memphis

Dear Jabberblabber, I haven't written you a letter for a while! I'm really excited to go to my new school. It's a charter school for grades 6-12. Also can I get another "Be Green Like Me" card? Also, sorry I didn't make it to your birthday party. Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Malaci AKA Navy Ranger, age 11, Memphis




Teaching Children & Families How To Respect the Earth & ALL of its Creatures

Jabberblabber can’t wait to write his Pen Pals back! He has a brand new GREEN pen! It’s somewhere in this magazine. See if you can help him find it.

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Hot Air Balloon Facts!

The first human-carrying flight technology was the hot air balloon. While unmanned balloons have been around in some form for thousands of years, the first untethered flight with people on board was in 1782. The large balloon on top is called an ‘envelope‛. It holds hot air created by a heat source known as a burner. The burner creates an open flame by burning a mix of liquid propane and air. Hot air balloons are buoyant because the hot air inside the envelope has a lower density than the colder air outside. Passengers typically stand in a wicker basket beneath the envelope. While most envelopes have a standard balloon shape, others are designed to look like animals, cartoon characters and other fun objects. The top of the balloon usually has a vent which allows the pilot to control the speed of ascent/descent (along with the burner). Hot air balloons can fly to amazing heights, the world record is over 68,900 feet. It‛s tough to breathe up there so oxygen is needed from around 16,400 feet. The temperature inside a hot air balloon is usually kept below 248 Fahrenheit. A typical envelope is made from nylon with a melting point around 446 Fahrenheit. Using the color chart, fill in the hot air balloon below. Pick any color you like for all the areas marked “1”.


SEND in your masterpiece for the UCOLORIT random drawing!

Name ______________________ Address ____________________

City _______________________ State__________Zip__________ Age________

Complete the form and mail to: Jabberblabber 415 South Front, #114 Memphis, TN 38103 Make sure to follow all directions! The winner will receive a Jabberblabber bookmark, folder and sticker. The winner will be announced in November 2017!

Congratulations to the May winner: Grace Elizabeth Wade, Olive Branch, MS, age 7!




Tips to Ease the Transition to Full-Day School

By Jessica Efird

I’ve had my share of unrealistic expectations of mothering, so I shouldn’t have been surprised that when my older son began full-day school, it was far from what I’d imagined. I expected my son’s first full day of school to be a smooth and happy experience; however, like many children, he had to transition emotionally, physically and mentally to being “on” for a whole day. He spent the first weeks—which turned into months—coming home, as we deemed it, a grumposaurus.

When I started talking to some mommy friends, I found solace in the fact that I was not alone. Here are tips to help you and your child survive the transition to full-day school:

Practice the school routine prior to school starting.

To help your child adjust, plan to shift their schedule from summer to school mode before school starts. Shares Lee Nodes, a mom from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, who has worked as a counselor and special education teacher, says, “Routine, especially at home, is so important. We start the early-to-bed routine several days before school starts in the summer to get the kids used to it, so it isn’t a shock.”

Adjust their lunch schedule to their school’s timing.

Sarah Sheridan, a fifth-grade teacher in Rockford, Illinois, suggests, “You can contact your school to find out when your child will be eating lunch. A child who is used to eating at 11 a.m. can get hungry if their scheduled lunchtime isn’t until noon.”

Reduce morning stress on school days.

Reducing stress in the morning can help make the whole day turn out better. Be sure to lay out school clothes at night and give your kids plenty of time to eat a healthy breakfast. Helping them with their morning routines can prevent stress too. “Give kids a pictorial checklist. You can download great pictures to match your child’s list of things to do … down to the exact backpack they will be heading off to school with,” suggests Jennifer Bailey, a teacher and autism consultant who is mom to two elementary-aged boys.

Refresh and encourage your child while they are at school.

No, you can’t attend school alongside your child, but don’t underestimate the value of a note or other reminder in their lunchbox. Sheridan reminds parents, “For the youngest students, missing their parents can be a real concern. Family photos can be a reminder for the nonreaders that their parents will be waiting for them at the end of the day. Whether it’s a photo taped in a lunchbox or a small photo on a yarn necklace, it can be a real comfort.”

Create a home environment that allows after-school downtime and sharing.

Whether you pick them up at school or they arrive home on a bus, children coming home from full-day school will most likely be ravenous and needing to relax. Bailey’s advice to parents is simple: “No trying to ‘talk’ about [their day] until we have their basic needs met—hydrate them, snack them, rest time.” Allow your son or daughter some time to play outside or in their rooms, before talking about their day. But then, whether during dinner or at bedtime, allow them to unload. Nodes finds with her family that “Right before bedtime is the best time to talk to them. … They seem to be an open book at that time of night.”

Practice patience.

The first week of full-day school may be a big shock for your whole family, but be patient, as the tiredness and grumpiness may linger beyond that week. Sheridan explains, “For younger grades it takes much longer, around winter break, for students to slip into their schedule, whereas upper-elementary students take a few weeks to fall back into their routines.” Bailey agrees. “It takes our whole family a good month to get into the groove of the school year. … Try to limit overscheduling.” Lastly, if your efforts don’t seem to be working, be flexible. Nodes concludes, “Adjust routines if needed. Are they getting enough sleep, food, et cetera? Anything else going on at school?” By keeping your patience, you will help ease the transition to full-day school for your child and, perhaps just as important, yourself!


Jessica Efird is a writer and blogger at Before blogging, she worked on Capitol Hill covering education policy. She is a wife and mom to two young boys.

Parents and Kids




By Gerard J. Billmeier, Jr., M.D., FAAP

Seems like summer vacation just began and here it is time once again to prepare children for returning to school. This month I’d like to offer a few basic tips to ensure school readiness from the standpoint of good health.

Annual Physical Exam

Regardless of what grade your child may be entering this school year, an annual medical checkup is a wise idea. While it may not seem urgent, a yearly complete physical exam by your pediatrician or family physician is an important part of your child’s total health care. This checkup, especially for those children entering school for the first time, might include: • Height, weight and blood pressure measurement; • Vision and hearing screening; • Complete, unclothed physical exam including sports-related areas when appropriate; • Review and update of required immunizations; • Discussion with child and parent about school experiences, peer relationships, family conflicts and day to day stresses; • Dental screening and advice on dental care.

A valuable spin-off of this annual checkup might be referral for needed services such as educational diagnostics, vision or hearing remediation, dental care or mental health and counseling services.

An added bonus of such an exam might be what’s known as anticipatory guidance or counseling for parents in such areas as safety (bikes, automobiles, guns), proper nutrition or sexuality issues depending on the child’s age and understanding.

School Shots

Also known as required immunizations, school shots are mandated by law as a prerequisite for school attendance. Such shots are safe and effective preventive measures for your child entering the school environment and its inherent daily exposure to multiple sources and contacts.

Your pediatrician, family practitioner or Health Department nurse will advise you on which shots are need by your child for school entry plus any booster shots to ensure proper immunity.

Modern day vaccines have been proven to be both safe and effective for your child to ward off many infectious and contagious diseases. This small inconvenience to you and your child will provide years of protection and peace of mind.

Be sure to discuss meningitis and HPV vaccines for your adolescent child. Ideally between the ages of 11 and 13 years, these two vaccines are recommended. Both are safe and provide protection for potentially serious diseases.


Most school age children use a backpack to carry books, school supplies and other daily necessities to and from classes. This can often amount to a considerable weight load for a child. When used properly, a backpack can be a good choice for carrying heavy and awkward items, distributing the weight evenly and leaving the hands free.

Improper backpack usage can place undue strain on the back, neck muscles and the joints of the spine and shoulders. Some important features to look for when selecting a school backpack are: • Double shoulder straps which are adequately padded. Avoid narrow straps. • Lightweight construction to minimize the final weight load. • Waist strap to better distribute the load. Proper usage of the backpack: • Avoid carrying the pack over one shoulder. Always use both straps to avoid spinal curvature. • Restrict maximum load to 20% of the child’s weight; e.g. a 50 pound child should carry a pack weighing no more than 10 pounds. • Lift a loaded pack with the knees bent thus lifting with the thigh muscles rather than stressing the back. • Rest periodically and transfer some items to a school locker if not immediately needed in class.

This current back-to-school season is an ideal time to take a look at your child’s total health and perhaps avoid problems before the busy school year begins. Contact your pediatrician or family doctor soon and schedule that annual checkup. You and your child will be glad you did.

Sources: Caring For Your School-Age Child, American Academy of Pediatrics








of the month!


1. What does a nosey pepper do?

2. What do you call a fake noodle?

3. What is it called when a cat wins a dog show?

answers on page 22


See if you can find the 8 differences in the two photos below.

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Grandparent of the Month - Jeannie Valentine

Jeannie moved to Kirby Pines from her home in Olive Branch, MS. Married for 47 years, Jeannie and her late husband Fred had 3 children, 3 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Jeannie's grandchildren have a ball visiting her at Kirby Pines, especially during family events like their wonderful Mother's Day cookout. They also enjoy the beautiful grounds, walking the trails and playing in the playground are among their favorite activities. Jeannie was a housewife and mother while Fred was an air traffic controller after serving in the U.S. Air Force in Germany. When you meet Jeannie, you’ll find her very friendly and fun-loving. She is a sure fit for the Kirby lifestyle. Jeannie’s interests run the gamut from knitting to ballroom dancing. She enjoys, swimming, walking, exercising, traveling, cruising, sewing, crocheting, wood-working, reading, gardening and playing bridge. She can literally run circles around her grandchildren who are instrumental in keeping her young! Active in her professional sorority, Beta Sigma Phi, Jeannie has served as council president and was named “Girl of the Year.” Traveling to England, Scotland, Hawaii, The Bahamas and Mexico are experiences Jeannie enjoys sharing. Jeannie also enjoys yearly vacations with her grandchildren in Gulf Shores, AL. Congratulations Jeannie and thanks for being a GREAT grandparent!

Follow along with Jabberblabber Bingo each month to WIN a fun pack! For the next 2 months(August / September) we will print the BINGO card shown below. Each month you will be given a question that has a numeric answer. Our first card was printed in May! Block out each answer on your bingo card. When you get BINGO, you can mail one of your completed BINGO cards in for a chance to win a Jabberblabber fun pack. There will be an entry form in September’s issue. All the questions are on the last page of the online magazine at You must be at least 60 to win!

August Question:

How many days did it rain while Noah was on the ark? Block out the correct answer on your card below. Keep your card and keep playing through September to WIN.


Jeannie with her family at the Kirby Pines Mother’s Day Cookout


PRESIDENTIAL Can you draw a line from each US president on the left to the person who succeeded them?

1. Richard M. Nixon

Andrew Johnson

3. Warren G. Harding

Richard M. Nixon

2. Franklin Pierce

4. Rutherford B. Hayes 5. James Madison

6. Lyndon B. Johnson

7. Harry S. Truman

8. Theodore Roosevelt

9. George Washington

10. Franklin D. Roosevelt

11. James Carter

12. Dwight D. Eisenhower 13. Abraham Lincoln

14. William McKinley


Theodore Roosevelt Calvin Coolidge

Dwight D. Eisenhower John Adams

Harry S. Truman Gerald R. Ford

Ronald Reagan

William Howard Taft James Monroe

James Garfield

James Buchanan John F. Kennedy

answers on page 22





Answer to the Veggie Puzzle on page 7: 1. B 2. B 3. B 4. C 5. C Answers to the Riddles on page 14: 1. It gets JALAPENO business! lol Get it? . . . ALL UP IN YO business!!!! 2. An IMPASTA 3. A “Cat Has Trophy” (catastrophe)! Answers to the Grandparents Trivia on page 19:

1. Gerald R. Ford 2. James Buchanan 3. Calvin Coolidge 4. James Garfield 5. James Monroe 6. Richard M. Nixon 7. Dwight D. Eisenhower 8. William Howard Taft 9. John Adams 10. Harry S. Truman 11. Ronald Reagan 12. John F. Kennedy 13. Andrew Johnson 14. Theodore Roosevelt Answers to JabberGenius on page 20:




k i r by p i n e

sponsor Grandparent of the Month - Joyce Matlock

Joyce Matlock’s parents taught her to love the Lord and each other. They also t get an education and simply be happy.

This education came from a farm in Vossburg, Mississippi, where her Daddy said sponsor sponsor corn, cotton and girls”.... Joyce said there were four of them.

She attended Mississippi Southern, now University of Southern Miss, and became She married M.E. (Jim) Matlock and they had 3 children. She now has 6 grandc great-grandchildren.

Joyce likes to read and to play Rummikub in her spare time. One of sponsor the most in taken was a three week car trip from Amsterdam to Munich. k i r by p i n She is also a certified tree farmer, but her main focus is to just be happy.

Grandparents Month - Ed and Mary Scott Congratulations, of Joyce,the for being Jabberblabber’s Grandparent of the Month!

JoyceScott with her great-grandson, Ed and Mary didn’t have to go Lennon far to move to Kirby Pines. They had been living in Me kkiirrby Subdivision prior to joining Ed’s brother, Dr. Joe Scott. Ed graduated in 1950 from Georgia byppiinnT electrical engineering and worked for Esso Engineering in Mississippi for 4 years. Then he decided to change careers, became a physicianJoyce and ended Matlock Joyce Matlock up practicing internal medicine in Whitehaven for 34 years. Joyce Matlock’s parents taught to love For the next 3 months we willEdprint BINGO card shown below. Joyce Matlock’s taught her her to love the the Lord Lord and and each each other. other. They They also also t andthe Mary have 3 sons, 8parents grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. get an education and simply be happy. Each month you will be given They a question thatan haseducation a numeric answer. and simply have get traveled quite extensively overbe thehappy. years. Ed’s favorite trip was to k i r by p i n Our first card was printed in May! Block out that answer on your bingo Europe andThis Normandy Beach, while Mary, an twin, visited herwhere sister her education came from a farm in Vossburg, Mississippi, Thisofeducation came from a farm inidentical Vossburg, Mississippi, where her Daddy Daddy sai sa card. When you get BINGO, you incan mail one your completed BINGO Nigeria where she was doing missionary work. They both enjoy the movies corn, cotton and girls”.... Joyce said there were four of them. corn, cotton and girls”.... Joyce said there were four of them. Mary cards in for a chance to win a Jabberblabber fun pack. There will beand an like all kinds of and theater. Both are avid readers music, Bragorgos 1. Which cartoon character says "What's up, Do entry form in September’s issue. You must be at least 60 to win! She attended Mississippi Southern, now University of Miss, and especially classical and great hymns. They play bridge and spent many She attended Mississippi Southern, University of Southern Southern Miss, and becam becam Mary Bragorgos of Cordova, TN, was married tonow Nicholas Bragorgos forShe 42 years. Their family She married M.E. (Jim) Matlock and they had 3 children. now has 6 grand playing She tennis. married M.E. (Jim) Matlock andSt.they hadHospital 3 children. She hasand 6 grand grandchildren. She graduated in 1969 from the Joseph School of now Nursing worke June years Question: 2. Whatasfollowed the names of Rowan and Mar great-grandchildren. Baptist Hospital for 29 years, from where she retired a great-grandchildren. How many total Congratulations keys are a and piano? Ed Jr. with wi Ed Mary for being Jabberblabber's Grandparents comedy series? Charge Nurse.on Nicholas passed away in 1998. Walker and Joyce likes to read and to play Rummikub in her spare time. One of most in Block out the correctof answer on your card below. the Month! Joyce likes to read and to play Rummikub in her spare time. One of the the most Kirby iP taken was a three week car trip from Amsterdam to Munich. She and husband traveled to Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the Keep your card and keep playing for her the next 3 months to WIN. 3. In which decadetoofMunich. the 20th century was Jan taken was a three week car trip from Amsterdam Middle East. Another trip to Israel, especially to Jerusalem, is on aa certified tree farmer, her is to just happy. Mary’s wishShe list.isisInalso addition to historical in but Jerusalem, she focus She also certified treeevents farmer, her main main focus just be be happy. 4. but In which decade of istheto20th century did Elvis recalls it as a beautiful place with wonderful people and good Congratulations, Joyce, for being Jabberblabber’s Grandparent of the Month! shopping. Mary recalls riding a camel as her most interesting Congratulations, Joyce, for being Jabberblabber’s Grandparent of the Month! thing she has experienced. Her music preference and 5. isInCountry which decade did Elvis Presley die? For the next four months we will print the BINGO card shown below. Joyce with Lennon Western. She is rightly proud of simultaneously raising 4 great-grandson, boys while working as a registered Joyce with her her great-grandson, Lennon Eachand month be given a question has a numeric answer. nurse wifeyou of awill traveling salesman. Skillsthat in multi-tasking made it all happen6.without What did Tony Bennett leave in San Francisco undue Block “trauma’. out that answer on your bingo card. When you get BINGO, you Have fun helping your grandkids answers on page 22 can mail one of your completed BINGO cards in for a chance to win a 7. Which American actor refused his Oscar awa She is now residing at Kirby Pines and looking forward to making new friends and finding an Jabberblabber fun pack. There will be an entry form in August’s issue. outlet for her talents and interests. Congrats Mary, you're Jabberblabber's Grandparent of You must be at least 60 to win! theFor month! next 3 months MaryBuddy with herHolly? family at the Kirby 8. Which group backed For the the next 3 months we we will will print print the the BINGO BINGO card card shown shown below. below. Each month you will be given a question that has a numeric answer. May Question: Each month you will be given a question that has a numeric answer. Our first was May! Block answer your 9. Lindbergh wrote about his New York to Paris Our How first card card was printed printed May! Block out out that that answer onhas? your bingo bingo many livesininis itcan rumored that a completed caton card. When you get BINGO, you mail one of your BINGO card. When you you answer can mail your completed BINGO Blockget outBINGO, the correct on one yourofcard below. cards aa chance to Jabberblabber fun There will 10. Who became the world's first billionaire in 1 cards in in for foryour chance to win win Jabberblabber fun4pack. pack. There will be be an an Keep card and keepaaplaying for the next months to WIN. 1. entry form in September’s issue. You must be at least 60 to win! 1. Which Which cartoon cartoon character character says says "What's "What's up, up, Do D entry form in September’s issue. You must be at least 60 to win! 11. How is Shirley Beaty better known? For the next 3 months we willQuestion: print the BINGO card shown below. June June 2. Each month you will be given aQuestion: question that has a numeric answer. 2. What What followed followed the the names names of of Rowan Rowan and and Ma Ma How many total keys are on a piano? comedy series? How many keys on answer a piano? 12.comedy The firstseries? modern cassette was produced in w Our first card was printedtotal in May! Blockare out that on your bingo Block the answer on your below. card. When you getout BINGO, you can mail your completed BINGO Block out the correct correct answer onone yourofcard card below. Keep your card and keep playing for the next 3 months to 3. which decade of was Ja 13. Burt Lancaster won an 20th Academy Award cards in for your a chance to win Jabberblabber fun 3pack. There will be an Keep card and keepa playing for the next months to WIN. WIN. 3. In In which decade of the the 20th century century wasfor Ja entry form in September’s issue. You must be at least 60 to win! 4. which decade of the did Elvi 14. Which John travelled space over 35 year 1. What actress starred incentury Who’s Afra 4. In In which decade of thein20th 20th century did Elv July Question:



Follow along with Jabberblabber Bingo Grandparent of the Month -each month to WIN a fun pack!

Grandparent of the Month -

1. Why did the ice cream Follow along with Jabberblabber Bingo truck break down? Grandpare each month2.toWhat WINdid a fun thepack! newspaper say to the ice cream?


of the month!Follow Follow along along with with Jabberblabber Jabberblabber Bingo Bingo each each month month to to WIN WIN aa fun fun pack! pack!

Follow along with Jabberblabber Bingo each month to WIN a fun pack!

How many strings are on concert pedal harp?


Crossword P

3. How do astronauts eat their ice cream?

Block out the correct answer on your card below. Keep your card and keep playing for the next 2 months to WIN.



5. which decade did Presley die? 15. Where was the USA's worst nuclear acciden 5. In In which decade did Elvis Elvis Presley die?

2. Who wrote the book entitled "In C

6. 6. What What did did Tony Tony Bennett Bennett leave leave in in San San Francisc Francisc answer

Grandparents 3. Who American sang theactor song, "Going to the 7. 7. Which Which American actor refused refused his his Oscar Oscar awa aw 8. group backed Buddy Holly? 8. Which Which Buddycar Holly? 4. Whatgroup yearbacked did most models


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