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The PictureBooks

EDITORIAL Enjoy pictures of a roadtrip with “The PICTUREBOOKS” to the CzecH Republic to play two gigs in České Budějovice and Praha.

Words by Claus Grabke Photos by Gerd Rieger/Sprocket Shooter

Wolters, GER tour through the on Novemver the 15thBasti we embarked on a little CzecH Republic. “Final Skateboards”, the leading CzecH skateboard manufactorer had invited us yet again and this time they held two parties to premiere the new “Thrasher” video in Budweis and Prague. Our little bus was filled with the members of “Claus Grabke”, “The Picturebooks” and photography-legend Gerd Rieger. Our first stop however wasn’t in CZ at all, it was merely in our hometown of guetersloh, germany. “The Picturebooks” opened up for an “AC/DC”-coverband called “Barrock“…wow…the stage was completely oversized, 25 meters wide, with huge cannons on both ends and a count of 20 marshallcabinets. here’s a foto of Fynn Claus Grabke, who not only sings and plays guitar in “The Picturebooks”, but also plays bass in his father’s band “Claus Grabke”. Onstage frenzy in guetersloh…hells bells!

gerd really likes taking pictures of people driving…the guy doesn’t own a car, so i guess it’s in part wishful thinking… here we are…got our motor running… you know the story!

get some sleep while you can, the rule of the road. maddin and fynn, sleeping away.

sorting out passports to avoid hassle.

having a cig-break at the CZ-border.

it is kinda hard to follow road-side directions in CZ, because they will mostly lead you to the next city only and you need a good map. this particular map was drawn for us by a gas station assistant somewhere in brno, CZ. what was she trying to say? looks like an artefact from the blairwitch-project to me!

this is fynn’s “VOX AC-120”. This amp once belonged to Ina Deter’s Guitarist!

“The Picturebooks� on stage in Budweis. Small Stage, great crowd! Thanx for Coffee and Pizza and of course the good original budweiser-beer.... we needed it!

gettin’ aggro in budweis

tim raising his bass in appreciation of the budweis-crowd

tim raising his voice as well...

we´re on the go...all the time!

philipp “maddin� mirtschink on the drums.... that drumstick broken already?

Checking some Video footage from the gigs.

No need to throw the TV set out of the window if you can have some fun with good ole towel fight.

doing laundry on tour is the hardest thing. maddin came up with this idea to get his shirt dried by the next morning.

some bedside-fun

Hannes Ackermann, GER – Backflip

Hannes Ackermann, GER – Whip

Hannes Ackermann, GER – Supermanflip

“THE PICTUREBOOKS”, budweis hostel, early in the morning

whoever said it’s not far from the hostel to the bus‌

on tour, you´re either waiting on someone or waiting on something to happen…anyways: lots of waiting…

unloading our gear into the bunkr-club in prague.

drummer’s view, Bunkr Club, prague

Fredrik Johansson, SWE – Backflip

good idea, just use your snare-skin as a setlist!

effect-board on stage

gettin stamped to get in

local talent

< Fynn’s fender “mustang” headstock

tim, half man, half animal

tim, on stage, prague

Jack Rowe, USA – Heartattack

loads of sexy dancers in this town

Jack Rowe, USA – Tsunami Backflip

“THE PICTUREBOOKS” on stage in prague, Bunkr-Club


crowd appreciation

fynn singing into his guitar....

another hotel, another morning. after a while they all feel the sameâ&#x20AC;Ś only the bed-quality differs. the bed in the middle was terrible

a room with a view >

packing up

maddin got given this card. free admission to sexy-shop â&#x20AC;Ś

Many sights to be seen in prague „monster magnet where there too … seeing the same sights as us …“

hungry musician

< you could rent this guy for a walk through prague.


Remi Bizouard, FRA – No Nack

Remi Bizouard, FRA â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Superman



The Picturebooks on tour  

On tour with the Picturebooks to Praha and Budweis.

The Picturebooks on tour  

On tour with the Picturebooks to Praha and Budweis.